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bonesblubs · 2 days ago
A very tired wei wuxian blabbering incoherent nonsense to a politely attentive l’an wangji
Tumblr media
Lan Wangji has learned he can stem the flow if need be,,,
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genshin-impact-updates · a day ago
Hello! I have a question. Concerning the birthday art for characters, where do you get the chibi art where there is a Lumine and an Aether version?
They come from the Chinese version of Hoyolab, where they use game data to show people the version that matches their traveler, but I get them from someone who posts them to the EN site.
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sensitiveheartless · 2 days ago
Alright I found your undercover comic, and I have thoughts about crossdressing soukoku
Chuuya reads as really masculine to me, I feel like you have to fight to get him into a dress. Dazai probably made some sort of bet to get him to wear a dress.
HOWEVER Dazai would LOVE to crossdress. He would've probably volunteered for the position. He probably crossdresses in his free time. He's probably using the mission as an excuse to crossdress (and watch Chuuya's ass Chuuya kick ass).
(Another hc, a little more niche, is that Dazai has crossdressed so much for missions that he associates crossdressing with crime, so whenever he does he always commits some minor crime without fail)
Anyways enjoy my brain worms
Yes yes YES to all of this, I am absolutely losing my mind over the mental image of Dazai being this sleeper agent of crime who gets activated every time he wears a dress and now the ADA has to deal with this—
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you can take the gremlin out of the criminal organization, but you can't take the crime out of the gremlin
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kimbap-r0ll · a day ago
Rook, Crowley , Idia, crewel and Vil (seperately ) with a female reader who has cat ears and a tail? Fluff plz
Hello, thank you for the ask! Sorry this took me a bit!
Rook, Crowley, Idia, Crewel, Vil x fem!cat!reader
He thinks you’re absolutely adorable. His hands will be on you a lot
Petit chat probably will be your nickname. He follows you around a lot too.
Likes to play with your ears haha. And overall is interested in your cat-like behaviors. If he has a laser he will use it to see if you jump around to catch it lol
He’s a bird, um, probably got scared a bit at first haha
He too thinks that you’re adorable though, especially when you curl up to sleep or so
He’ll use a laser as well haha for his own enjoyment (feel free to scare him with your cat side tho!)
If you’re not nicknamed “neko” yet idk what to say
He thinks you’re ears are so cute but will be too shy to tell you. He usually just plays with them instead
He thinks your cat behaviors are really interesting too. Like if you play around with yarn he’ll watch but if not he’ll just hang around with you. It’s a vibe honestly
You have fur?! Expect a lot of touching on your ears and tail!
Won’t call you “pup” and instead “kitten” because it fits better. Often gives you headpats
Even if you aren’t very cat-like, he’ll buy you a bunch of clothes haha. Expect hand-tailored stuff from him too! Absolutely spoils you
If there’s ever a cat beastman needed in modeling, he’ll ask you about it first (plz do photoshoots together 🥹)
He’ll find ways to make your fur absolutely soft. It always feels nice when he runs his fingers through it
Matching accessories all the way. You guys look so well coordinated all the time!
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xynnoix · 2 days ago
I imagine that something that Wukong and Macaque have in common is that their ego grows when they are praised by their disciples. Something like :
MK : Monkey King is the most incredible hero in history! He single-handedly defeated various demons and entire armies of villains and-*insert zealot mode*
Bai He : Mr.Macaque is a very cool warrior! His shadow powers are amazing and he can kick his enemies and you have to invite me to his dojo from time to time and- *insert zealot mode*
The random person who only asked the time: °-°
The monkey teachers smiling and puffing out their chests (perhaps holding back tears at the words of their students)
Wukong would be really noticeable- like puffing up his chest, touching his chest gesture while shedding a tear
Meanwhile, Macaque would be less noticeable- like his tail slightly wag or smth, and a little smile, omg, the little smile he would slip out.
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laf-outloud · 2 days ago
Jared interviews are always such a joy to read! He really is such a good man, it comes across no matter what medium he’s speaking through. I especially love that he’s always thinking about the people around him and making sure that they feel appreciated. So in love with this new era where he not only gets to surround himself with actors who share his values, but that they love and appreciate him just as much as we do.
What a lovely ask! I completely agree! I love reading each of his interviews. He is so full of praise for everyone he works with, and it's obvious they love him back!
We already know Jared and Keegan get along great, and that Mitch loves him, but it was also great to read in the CBR article what Jared had to say about Coby and their relationship:
Tumblr media
Jared's living his best life and I'm so happy for him!
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askbestfateforlilfool · 2 days ago
I hope someone knows which way you're walking, Tiso. Because "falling" into the adventure is not a good start.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
tiso be like 💅
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coy-lee · 14 hours ago
Totally ain’t gonna do an all-nighter *eyes*
Tumblr media
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sphaliro · a day ago
i love ur content and artworks they are so cool
Tumblr media
I'm a simple man. I read kind words such as these, & I convert them into energy. Thank you.
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wingedcat13 · 19 hours ago
are we allowed to make ocs in the synovus universe?
I’ve had a few questions like this, or in similar veins. I’m going to try and explain my thought process here:
In terms of, can you make OCs and do FanFiction set in the Synoverse? Absolutely! I love that what I’ve written has motivated anyone enough to want to engage in it that way, from art to writing to memes. I believe in the freedom of FanFiction, and that extends even to smaller works like this.
However, what I feel is being asked less directly (and could very well be a matter of my own paranoia due to past experiences) is whether someone else can add to the Synovus ‘canon.’ And ultimately, I can’t stop anyone from doing so, or choosing to work from their own or someone else’s additions - but any work I do for Synovus and friends will be based purely on my own work, and I don’t plan on ‘endorsing’ anyone else’s contributions as ‘canon’ - even if I greatly enjoy them, and may even share them myself.
Like I said, this could simply be me being paranoid. Most of the arguments about what is canon and who can contribute that I’ve been through (as participant and arbiter) stem from Star Wars debates, which can get very… opinionated.
TL;dr - please feel free to create! Frolic! Play!
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bonesblubs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Genuinely requesting a watermarked version of just this so it can be used as a reaction image
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I got u bro
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moderncups · a day ago
For the Devil: where did you get that bottle of green liquid magic? And who gave it to you? (I'm not interested to have magic, of course. This is just for curiosity)
For King Dice: how did you feel when you had that magic? Did it give some side effects?
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sensitiveheartless · a day ago
Me think Chuuya needs some platforms now too.
In order to be taller than Dazai now they'd have to be more like stilts I think—like this:
Tumblr media
Now the battle is really on!
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birdmans · 5 months ago
would you recommend getting into succession? like what is it abt?
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xynnoix · 2 days ago
I imagine that at least once Mac followed Bai He to her school because he noticed her acting strangely. (Something sad?) And when she got to the entrance of the school she noticed that some of her classmates were bothering her, with her six ears she listened and apparently the problem was that the girl was called weird for being interested in monkey demons/warriors/ancient legends/what that many would consider as tales or legends (those guys were the typical bullies). So the next day Mac talks to Bai He and tells her that he already knows about the problem and can intervene if she wants, but the girl prefers not to say anything because "in the long run they will get tired". So the emo monkey makes a plan and when he leaves he goes to school turns into a dog he locates the bully children and starts barking and chasing them, the children escape and the chase lasted several hours, the young people have no idea where they were but they were lying on the street (because of exhaustion), then Mac approaches them still in his dog form and tells them: "And if they continue to bother her, then next time I'll be a bear = )". And it was an understatement to say that the children lost their weariness and went back to running and screaming in shock.
Oh goodness XD. I love thattt, you know, I had a similar idea
Mine was about Bai He classmates asked and bothered her about the white streaks that suddenly appeared. She has no solid answer so she just tried to avoid answering it. That was until Macaque knew about it and the next time Bai He was approached by the question again. Macaque appeared next to Bai He in his human-disguise form, his white hair side showing, and said "she got it from me, ofc. I'm her uncle. It's kinda a genetic thing." Or smth.
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laf-outloud · 11 hours ago
the day jared padalecki is finally put in prison is the day the earth will know peace
Guess you'll never know peace then?? I mean, he literally hasn't done a single thing to be put in prison for other than manufactured offenses from crazed antis. These people are so freakin out of their minds with hatred it has to be an awful existence.
So that's their ultimate goal? It's nice to know they're completely okay with wanting to imprison an innocent person. Seems that's exactly what's happened at the border... something these same people claim to be against.
There is something very disturbing about seeing people be completely out-of-touch with reality when they think an actor is the absolute worst person in the world (based on completely erroneous assumptions).
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askbestfateforlilfool · a day ago
Tiso wearing a mask? (reference to Covid and the infection itself)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
waka waka
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hraewordsmith · a year ago
deep asks that get uncomfortably personal
what’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
what is your preferred method of non-physical self destruction?
what is your favorite way to self care?
tell me about your most vivid memory, good or bad.
if anything, what would you change about your childhood?
what is something that you’ve always wanted to do but have never been able to do?
what is your fatal flaw?
what is something that gets to you that you wish wouldn’t?
do you cry? why or why not?
tell me about an insecurity you overcame.
tell me about your last failed friendship.
who do you wish you could connect with but haven’t been able to connect with?
what can make you excessively angry?
do you enjoy being lightheartedly teased? why or why not?
do you prefer to be numb or overly emotional? why?
what is a skill or talent you’ve completely lost or overlooked? why did that happen?
what was your favorite color as a child and what is your favorite color now?
what is something you can’t bring yourself to get rid of?
tell me something you don’t like telling the people you are close to.
tell me what you think others think about you.
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lapithae · a month ago
It’s morbin time
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
both vlads and my own madness enhancement gets just a little bit worse
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wingedcat13 · 2 days ago
Hiya! I just utterly blew through all four chapters of your superhero story and was curious what you're writing process was like? How long does it take you to write the various chapters?
Ahaha, good question my pal.
So, I generally write ‘from the hip’ - or just going in general, start to finish. Any time I take a break, I reread from the beginning of the portion I’m working on - for example, when I take a break on Villains Never Retire, I don’t reread Call Me Menace, just what I’ve already written so far - and edit any typos or weird phrasing as I go.
However, Synovus has largely been a writing exercise rather than a ‘serious’ endeavor. I definitely put effort into it, and I do take it seriously, but I’m approaching it with a lot more of a devil-may-care attitude. I didn’t even know who Synovus’ parents were until I started writing VNR 4.
(Y’all did want backstory)
Usually, I write in snippets. Dialogue comes most naturally to me, so I start there. Sometimes I won’t even know who the lines belong to, sometimes they’re the cornerstone for the whole character. If I’m writing in a world that exists, like when I’m working on FanFiction, I’ll pause whenever I need to look something up and figure out if X is available or if Y happened when I thought it did, usually accompanied by IRL research to shore up if the universe itself doesn’t provide an answer. (Not super in depth research, normally I just trawl Wikipedia)
When I’m working on my own works for worldbuilding, I go uh. Hm. I built the world for Tower’s Fall from the literal ground up. I know what regions are likely to grow what crops, the way the tectonic plates are laid, why the land is shaped the way that it is. Most of that will never come up, and if it doesn’t matter to you, I’m not going to tell you that kind of depth is critical - it’s a personal approach, because if I know down to my (in this case literal) bedrock, I won’t contradict myself. Things feel like they’re built on a steadier surface.
Of course, again, I didn’t start there. I started with a protagonist and a time span that shifted to become two protagonists and a different time span, and one country became three, and now I’m trying to figure out exactly how many Lords there would be to control X amount of land.
And banter. I started with a lot of banter. Heavier moments too - I have scenes where one or the other has a breakdown, and I may not ever use them. I may rewrite them entirely, have it be witnessed by a different character instead of described from the inside, or change the pieces. But I know the general vibe I wanted from it, and that gives me a chance to build.
Edit: realized I didn’t answer part of the question. It uh… it takes the time that it takes, unfortunately. I did Call Me Menace in a straight five hour shot, VNR has taken me a week or so for each piece. I don’t hold myself to a timeline or a word count goal - I just write. Sometimes that means a few thousand words. Sometimes it just means one, and that’s the word ‘FUCK’ written and deleted when I can’t figure out where to go from where the story’s at.
TL;dr - writing is like pottery. You can’t get a sculpture until you have a block of what looks vaguely like shit. Slap it down, then start shaping.
(And yes, I do actually type a lot of my writing into my phone. It’s a modern day notebook for me - something about the small size makes it easier to focus, to narrow the thoughts down into words? Again, a personal preference.)
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