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#ask box
i dunno if theres just different OPs with the same post circulating but i havent seen any actual like violent replies or insinuations from op or anyone? it just seems like a joke post...

Literally these are all on the thread man. If your joke is at the expense of people literally saying “hey ace people get hatecrime-d, stop that” then it’s not a good joke.

The person who said “we get it, ace ppl are a joke to you” stated it really well. Would this joke have been at all funny if there was a gay flag behind the words “stop killing us”? Absolutely not!

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What's the tutu post? I havent seen it and I just wanna know if I should be concerned >.>

its this post that was on twitter, and a screenshot has been making its way around tumblr. someone came into op’s animal crossing village and changed one of their villager’s (tutu) shirts to an ace flag with the text “stop killing us”

the reason its a problem is that its an ironic thing, people saying “ugh ace people wanna be oppressed so bad” and op and all the replies are like “this isnt gonna stop me from killing ace people” :/

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Who’s more romantic? You or C? Describe your perfect dates, one planned by her and one planned by you.

Neither one of us is over-the-top romantic. I love the idea of romance but am terrible at execution. I’m forgetful and unorganized and terrible at expressing my emotions out loud. The only reason we even made it to being a couple is because we met online and I didn’t have to actually talk to her for months. 😅 she is definitely better at execution. Much better at planning and all of that. But neither of us has ever been the big romantic gesture type. We’re both really low key when it comes to celebrating anniversaries, gift giving, and that kind of thing. 🤷‍♀️ she used to, though, when we first started dating, send me packages while I was at university. Random sometimes, sometimes for holidays or other events. I think she did it every month for like the first year. 😊

Honestly, we go on so few real dates, and always have, that it’s hard to say. C’s would definitely include some kind of activity. If we were both physically capable, I’d take her somewhere to learn how to do the trapeze. It’s always been a dream of hers. But she loves trips to museums, botanic gardens, etc. So I think that plus a nice dinner out by ourselves would probably be hers at this point.

As for me, we could just sit in our car and make out for a while and I’d be happy. 😂 but other than that, because our lives are so crazy and we don’t get to ever see each other alone or focus on ourselves, I’d love a date night somewhere a little fancy where we could actually dress up for each other. Somewhere with romantic mood lighting and overpriced but delicious food where we could sit at a corner table and make eyes at each other and play footsie under the table. It probably seems cliche but…. I could go for cliche right now.

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Charlotte Riley, Natalie Portman, Charlize Theron

ohhh boy

did i ever mention how natalie was like. involved in my gay awakening ksgsj she has a sex scene with mila kunis in black swan (which doesn’t actually happen in the story, natalie girl was going crazy, blablabla) but like. it was on my screen. i watched it. i remember just feeling so hot and having no idea that girls could just. be like that lmao

fuck charlize, marry natalie, and unfortunately charlotte has to go

send me 3 people for fmk!!

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Utah is a wonderful place, didn't expect the glorious bisexual goddess of Tumblr were from there.

yep! born and raised babyyyy

thank you anon! for complimenting me and complimenting my home. i love my valley in utah. it’s only been two weeks but i’m excited to go back to it

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since everything’s a little weird right now & most seem to be bored I thought we could play a quarantine game 💘 answer the following! 1. how has your day been? 2. what is the last thing that made you smile? 3. what’s keeping you entertained these days? 4. if you are in some kind of quarantine/self isolation: is there anything you’d like to achieve in this time? 5. post a selfie! (if your comfortable with that) 6. last but not least send this to some mutuals to keep the game going 🥰

1. Good, tired mainly. I work at Domino’s and we have been a little swamped.


3. BOTW and books I have on my phone. Just finished two by Melissa F. Olsen, the amazing author of the Scarlett Bernard and Boundary Witch series. I highly recommend you give her series a read, warning some gore is depicted in these books. Not a ton tho as that isn’t the focus.

4. Get some more of my own stories done and maybe pick up one of my old hobbies. Oh and clean my room a bit. Organized chaos works for me but that means that I do have to organize it on occasion so I can find the corners everything’s supposed to go in.

5. Nope.

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The himself concept seems more realistic given the current circumstances

Probably, but I don’t deal in too much realism around here, haha. I get you; I need an excuse to write something where he’s getting himself off. Let’s see if anyone else wants to weigh in before I get this started in the next night or two.

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Clarinet, oud, flute, accordion

Sorry I didn’t answer them earlier, I forgot the message in my ask box. Thank you.

Claritnet - Favourite cartoon? 
It has to be Tom & Jerry, but I also love Courage the Cowardly Dog. 

Oud - Who or what influences you the most?
My parents, who have always supported me. Also past experiences, creativity and my own instinct. 

Flute  Earliest memory?
Maybe not the earliest, but I think I was around 4, and remeber I scared not only my parents but my whole family by disappearing from home because someone left the gate open XD

Accordion -   What is your favourite kind/flavour of tea?
I’m dissapointed I haven’t tasted many, but my personal favourite is a mix of 7 plants: it has cinnamon, mint, liquorice, blackberries and some other plants. 

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so you aren’t going to write those plot ideas that we’re just sent in?

The asks that I posted were sent in for the plotting out loud posts that I used to do last year; writing them was never my original intention. But yeah, I don’t intend to write them/do long plotting out loud posts.

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Starkhammer au. Where justin hammer was born female.(or is trans and just has an uterus)And after both where very drunk at a party, has the dubious honor of Getting accidentally pregnant with Tony's child after their contraceptives failed (like justin was on injetions and they used condoms but still, they failed and broke)The thing is, justin is super irregular and easyly stressed so that they didnt menstruate didnt register as weird (or they kinda menstruated anyway, it happens) 1/2 😸

+ Starkhammer au: Justin dint notice until a check up when they were like almost 5 months along, And he has to tell tony, because well its sad but justin has been so busy the doesnt think he has sleept with anyone else in a good while And then obviously when justin tells tony hes skeptical (until a DNA test is done) but willing to Help with his spawn, like he himself remembers the condom he provided broke, so now he has to acompany hammer on their pregnancy. 2/2 😸

Yes. Very yes 😍

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Love your plotting<3 Do you think what would've happened if one day joung!Justin would really throw it down with his old man, so much that hr get disinherited. Ofc his father intends it as a warning, but Justin runs with it, first to be petty, then bc he can. He takes some abs different job(florist?nurse?) and is totally happy to tell his father where to show it.He meets with Tony one day, and sort of becomes his hero. Tony disinherits himself, and pretty much moves in, and opens his own shop:)

This is so cute! ❤

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Have you maybe tought about older!Justin&jailbait!Tony? Like Tony got dragged to this boooring function by Howard as punishment, and just went wondering the secong Howard wasn't looking. He found 30something Justin in his bureau, going trough paperwork, bc even that is better than the party. Tony did not want to stay, but they started talking, and Justin listened to him, and actually offered insight&maybe some books/resources? It was nice. So by the next few parties Tony is looking forward to1/2

+ 2/2 meeting Justin, who is actually the only person above a certain age who actually takes him seriously. Justin in the meanwhile is quite mistifed&a lot streamrolled by Tony’s general Tony-ness, but is enjoing the ride. I think in the end Tony decides he wants to be Justin’s kept man/trophy husband. Howard is dumbfounded, but Maria is very proud that Tony continues her family tradition of catching yourself a nice husband.v

This whole idea really entertains me :D

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So I have some tomarry thoughts! Harry is middle aged, in his youth he defeated a really bad dark lord and then lived a normal life. The wizarding world still falls over themselves about him, he basically the next Dumbledore! Tom is...Tom, still devious and ambitious and willing to step on other to get what he wants, but he isn't a murderer and is going the normal route on his way to being minister of magic. He's probably in his early thirties and is scandalously young to be running for...(1/2)

+ …minister, but he has a plan. He just needs an in with Harry-Potter-The-Man-Who-Conquered and have him endorse him, and BAM! He’ll be minister! Who would vote against the word of the most trusted man in the wizarding world? He’s practically a saint! He help rebuild their world after the war, funded orphanages, campaigned for creature rights! I don’t know where I’m going with this, but it is all hilarious to me. Plus it would be funny if Teddy is Tom’s age or older! (2/2)

Anon, I love your brain 😍

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Hi, I’m pinkven on AO3, aka the one who wrote Hourglass. First of all, tysm for reading! I hope you enjoyed and it means a lot to know someone read it. ✨ Second of all, I wouldn’t say my story was entirely based off of your art, although it did have some influence? It was a huge mix of ideas I had seen honestly! If you want me to delete it, that’s okay! And third of all, your art is amazing. Keep up the great work, 💛

hii!!! ahh i love Hourglass so much!! im sorry if i worded it wrong but i just wanted to take note of the few similarities and it made me happy to read (even if it wasnt based off of my comic thingy)! please dont delete it!! its a really good story!! thank u for messaging me!!

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Comunque raga, se pure Netflix e YouTube hanno abbassato la qualità della definizione, conviene che pure io abbassi i miei standard perché altrimenti non troverò mai nessuno nella vita. 🙃🙃🙃

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Hi, I saw where you wrote about the MC with stretch marks on her boobs, and I was just wondering if you could do something like that but with maybe a large scar? I have this awful scar between my breasts because of a glandular disorder when I was younger, and I absolutely hate it. I'm always covering up, never showing cleavage or anything. It worries me what someone is going to think when I finally decide to be intimate with them. I understand if you can't. Love your blog by the way! Amazing!!💗

I feel if I did a HC for this is would be very similar to my other one, just with a scar instead of stretch marks, HOWEVER I WILL say this.

I know I don’t know what you look like, but that DOESN’T matter


I can understand, but trust me when I say the right person/people aren’t going to care about your scar, embrace it sis if it something you have to live with 💜

i’m sorry you went through what it was you went through! 🖤

And I hope you aren’t too disappointed that I haven’t wrote something for you, but I hope these words will atleast will give you some comfort 🖤💜


Thank you for the love x

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