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Gah Maddy I love you so much/p!!! Thank you so much🥺! You really think so? I’m not that great.🖤💖🖤💖

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I don’t know what style you like but this was a store in our queue that fits what you are looking for! Definitely check out other etsy stores if you don’t like this. 

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Thank you so much for looking out! I’m definitely being careful and slow and patient with myself, but it definitely helps to get support from you guys, too. Thanks, kiddo!

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Hi there!

I am a Ravenclaw, my patronus probably would be a dolphin and Diagon alley is better than Hogsmeade!

Thanks for the ask!

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The first one, until I’m so edged that I need cock 🥺🥵

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Hey-hey-hey Cressida! Well I know that mention that song already but it was just as a headcanon on L’s voice. But NOW!!! THIS IS OFFICIALLY L’S SONG YOU CAN’T CHANGE MY MIND! (it just suits so well 👀)

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I’M SO SORRY! I DIDN’T MEANT TO XDD But I’m glad that you’re like it because that was in head way too long actually…

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asher is just the sweetest lil baby, and i just want to protect him from the world 🥺 i’m glad i’m not the only one who loves him

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Thank you so much! Hazel’s ficmas chapter with them had me falling for their love so quick. I love them so much, such precious babes 🥺💖

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KSJDFHLJSDHFLKSDHFLDS now why did you do that

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I’m totally okay with other people writing like little spin offs, but because the plot is still in development I’m not sure how it would go because I was going to introduce a lot of other characters in later down the line.

But yeah if people wanted to, they can totally go for it! mamasweets89 on AO3 made one with a Kageyama spin off called “Winner’s Circle” and I lowkey kinda adopted it into the deciphered universe lol

There are two characters that aren’t racers/in a gang in the deciphered universe though, and that’s Terushima and Ushijima. Partially because they play different roles in both Leia and I’s plots. Though, Shiratorizawa is still a “gang” it just doesn’t have Ushijima in it sadly LMAO

But pretty much everyone else is free game, feel free to even give the racers nicknames and cars as well if you’d like since they’re not too important to the plotline (apart from the ones I already set in stone gave everyone else though lmao, you can find them here)

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“If you are referring to the web browser, then no. According to Wikipedia, internet explorer was created by Thomas Reardon of the Microsoft Corporation.”

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Sorry for the late reply Tumblr never notifies me 😭 I’m playing red rescue team on an emulator! (John GBA lite, My Boy is also good both are for Android) if you need a link to the rom ill send it through DMs 😇

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