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masterjedilenawrites3 minutes ago
You give me Luminara vibes, because I love her but also hear me out:
U seem very introspective and wise, piecing your thoughts together well before presenting them in formats that are very hard to argue with. But you鈥檙e also kind and compassionate to others and it鈥檚 one of your bigger strengths
Oh my gosh, wow, I'm just overwhelmed by this!! 馃槶馃槝 Thank you so much, what a lovely compliment, seriously. Whoever you are, I love you and hope you are doing well this Thursday night/TBB-eve.
What character vibes do I have game
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ask-magala24 minutes ago
// im not actually dead and this blog isnt actually dead im just very busy :V
so says the person who just made an instagram account lol
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sweetmugofcocoa34 minutes ago
Assumption: you're always humming something
Considering how I'm typically listening to music, thus it's on my mind, that's pretty accurate. Though it's not always verbally. More in my head.
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moonbeam8951 minutes ago
Wait are we getting the selfie ??
For a short time.
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lifesizehysteria56 minutes ago
Just wanted to drop by and say that I love your writing! Your adamsfoster fics give me life haha. They give me the Stef and Lena I wished we could have seen more of on screen. And when you do write the kids, they鈥檙e not bumbling fuckweasels lol
HAAAA "Not bumbling fuckweasels" Best compliment, honestly! I'm so glad to hear all of this and it makes me so, so happy! Thank you so much! It's nice to know I'm not the only one still in this camp because it seems I've taken up permanent residence. 馃槉
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lifesizehysteria58 minutes ago
I have such a random headcanon for Stef and Lena. Stef can do that weird card bridge thingy after shuffling a deck of cards because she was taught how to play cards (particularly poker) by her father as a child. And Lena cannot. Idk lol I was playing solitaire and I can鈥檛 do that bridge thingy, and for some reason thought that Stef probably could.
That's cute! Though, I've always assumed most adults can do a bridge when shuffling cards so idk how I feel about Lena not being able to but if it works in your universe, then it works! That's the best part of fandom, isn't it? (As long as you resist the urge to fight ppl when your headcanons don't line up! LMAO)
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pegasister6058 minutes ago
ok ok so i first heard of you through your makoto-doesnt-get-saved-in-the-garbage-pit au, and i thought nothing of it. then i got into rhythm thief and for a blissful while, i had no idea you were in the fandom until i saw posts on ao3 and though 'hm! ive heard of them' and then my mind flashed back to your blog and ive had the biggest oh fuck moment you dont understand skdkdkd
That鈥檚 100% understandable. Every 3 months on the dot I remember Raphael exists and that he is a gift and deserves so much more than what he got.
And then I cry, rb some content, and maybe draw then dip for another 3 months.
But damn I really did just drop all of my dr aus one day. And then did not glance back.
I remember someone was writing a fic and wanted to be canon compliant with the Au and then we both just ceased. o7 to that person. I left you on read. My bad.
Time to dust off the nonexistent notes for those aus, maybe redraw some rhythm thief stuff, and maybe actually update Ashes, Ashes.
Or I go to sleep and forget. Also likely.
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kotkniemis59 minutes ago
Tumblr media
3 for every team the habs beats <3
@kotkaniemis OH MY GOD
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lifesizehysteriaan hour ago
True true. I really enjoyed Underwater, their second wedding (that make out in the rain? hell yes!) and the school lockdown. Sherri is such an amazing actress with such expressive eyebrows and just an overall expressive face. She can convey such emotion with just a look. I also loved that scene you're talking about when Stef tells Lena she's got to meet Jenna. I try to be grateful for the good we did get, but I'm also greedy hahaha
Oh don't worry, I get totally get that! It's just been long enough that I've moved on from most of the wishing for more because... it's just not going to happen. But maybe it's easier when you have your own on-going version to visit in your head anytime you want. I know not everyone has that kind of imagination. (LORD the make out in the rain is just too good, isn't it?)
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kotkniemisan hour ago
love the url !!!
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benjamin-redan hour ago
Buenas tardes uwu, como ta驴 ta bn驴
Estoy bien, saliendo lentamente del bloqueo creativo pero bien :]
Tumblr media
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lifesizehysteriaan hour ago
God dammit, Mary! I don't even have a Tumblr anymore but I just fell down the adamsfoster rabbit hole on your blog! I miss them so friggin much! I will never not be mad at the writers for cutting out Stef and Lena's kiss outside the school in the 1x09 flashback AND for cutting before Lena pulled Stef's shirt out of her jeans in 1x18! I really hope your muse and time will allow you to gift us another fic. :)
So sorry this has taken so long! Life has been absolutely bananas lately and these anons got buried in my notifications so I had to wait until I was on my computer to get to them.
I totally agree, I'll forever be salty about it. I'm long overdue for a trip down the adamsfoster rabbit hole though! I'm hoping that not working will give me a little more time for them because I just have not had it at all lately. Glad there's still a couple people hanging around, though! 馃挅
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kotkniemisan hour ago
ANOTHER URL CHANGE???? i love it tho 馃憖
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saradesuchihaan hour ago
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saradesuchihaan hour ago
Hi there! You mentioned before that you joined Naruhina Art x Fic. I have not seen your works yet. Did you post it already? I saw sneak peek of your kid Naruto in Tones' fleet before. It is so cute 馃ズ鉂わ笍 Can we get a link of your partner's story and your art?
yes, i joined nh art x fic, but my partner and i are still working on our story. don't worry, it will be out soon. i promise u will love it!!~
aaaaaaaaa little nart from one of my unreleased artworks for art x fic!! i showed it to ton and dee and ask their opinion. we gushed over how cute naruto is omooooo i gave ton permission to post a sneak peek in her fleet since she asked. ig that's where u saw it??? u'll see it again soon hahahaha
my partner and i are making sure everything is good to go before we can share it to u guys. tbh, we took this seriously lmaooo i can't say much abt it so i'm gonna shut up now AJSFGSAKJFASGFKAJ
until then, just chill. we're taking out time working on our story. sorry if it's taking so long.
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kingpattilloan hour ago
OH WE GIVIN' VIBES? You have friend shaped vibes. Good hugs vibes. Come over at 2am because your friend is dealing with a bad breakup, bringing all the best snacks vibes. Remember your coffee order vibes. "This made me think of you <3" vibes.
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odnanerfan hour ago
I can鈥檛 tell you how much I wish the series would鈥檝e leaned towards portraying Loki as mythology does!! Obvious the MCU have created their own version of him but come on! I first loved Loki when I read about him in mythology class. I was quite late joining the Marvel fandom but I also fell in love with their portrayal as well. Everything we saw of him up until the series was so awesome to me. Like we saw his earlier life with him and Thor growing up (very shortly in the first thor movie) and we saw what really made him snap, etc. It all made sense. Then the series just kinda was like 鈥榟ey that鈥檚 cool and all, but let鈥檚 just make a completely different version of him鈥.
Don鈥檛 get me wrong, the concept of the TVA is cool and like you said, it would鈥檝e been great for Doctor Strange, but it just isn鈥檛 it for Loki. They could鈥檝e done so many different things with the show that wouldn鈥檛 have ruined his character arc. Why couldn鈥檛 we have seen some of the mischievous things he got up to growing up (prior to Thor 1)? That would鈥檝e been awesome!
If they were gonna use to idea of Loki stealing the tesseract when the Avengers time traveled they could鈥檝e at least made sure he acted like 2012 Loki acted. He wasn鈥檛 soft back then. He thought everyone as less than him. He was stubborn and hard headed. He didn鈥檛 trust anyone. He didn鈥檛 listen to anyone.
The show is cool but it definitely isn鈥檛 the Loki from Avengers 1
Omg Mythological Loki is a whole nother amazing thing, I honestly wish more people looked into Norse Mythology.
And I completely agree! They abandoned something that made Loki very special. His character arc. His story with Asgard and Thor. Everything about him is gone.
The other thing is that it shouldn't be an entirely new version of Loki, but that's what they're writing, which is so strange. You're telling me that the Loki who felt insecure as a child and adult now feels whimsical enough to jest with near strangers? Idk, this feels like another case of writing something to get a new audience, while forgetting the original.
Your idea is amazing!! I really wish they showed more about Loki's youth. What's the point of showing his "future" when we already know about it? This would be a good deep dive into his character, but they're not doing that either. To be honest, it's like they just want Loki to be whatever this show needed, which is fine, it's just misplaced with the rest of his appearances.
I'll just imagine a show where Loki is more normal in my spare time 馃槶
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shihalyfiean hour ago
I'm not sure exactly how to word this, but I'm curious if you have any insight on how much 02 Hikari actually knows about the early parts of the original adventure. I assume anything she did learn would have been through Taichi, since the original group is not shown to have been very close? In particular I've always wondered just how much she knew about Patamon's death; 02 ep 17 would have been a logical time to bring it up for everyone to be aware of, but we know they did not cuz of Iori later.
It's a good question! I think Taichi definitely would have had to catch her up on a lot of it (and he had a whole two and a half years to do so, after all). It definitely was not brought up during 02 episode 17, and given how touchy Takeru is about everything related to unpleasant experiences in his past, I'm not actually sure he would have ever been able to bring himself to speak frankly to Hikari about it prior to then. In fact, I think that might be exactly why it wasn't brought up in 02 episode 17; I imagine nobody wanted to speak for Takeru in regards to his own traumatic experience in front of him, but Takeru also didn't want to speak about it himself, so it never came up despite how major of an event it was.
If Taichi never told her during the two-and-a-half year break, another possibility would be during the events of Adventure itself; there was a lot of offscreen "down time" behind the scenes that we never got to see, and I'm sure Hikari probably would have asked about things that happened before she was there. In this case, since it would be a question of "please catch me up on what's been happening in this currently relevant sequence of events," I think the other members of the Adventure group (and possibly even Takeru) would be more willing to catch her up on it because it would be of more direct relevance and urgency that she know, especially compared to a more casual commemorative event a whole three years later.
So I honestly am not particularly sure myself, but considering that Adventure episode 21 indicated that Hikari always had some degree of insight about Taichi having been somewhere without her, I imagine she herself would actively want to know what had happened once she started getting involved in these affairs, and would have been very likely to pick Taichi or someone else's brain about it. So she probably would have found out one way or another by the time of 02 (but this is really just me wildly speculating, in the end).
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ghost-partyan hour ago
Hi Rebecca! Jumping on the ask thing with something I have been wondering for a while (which maybe you have answered before and I have missed ._.). What's the story behind your tumblr blog name? (if there is one and if you are willing to share, of course) 鈾
Hi, Mari! 馃槉馃А I hope you鈥檙e doing well! I answered this question here. I鈥檝e been trying to remember why I decided on 鈥減arty鈥 instead of 鈥減arties.鈥 Maybe it鈥檚 because I鈥檓 an introvert, so one party is already more than enough for me. 馃槀
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soleiltido2 hours ago
oh dear,,, how many people do we have in tumblr jail now
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