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Hi~! You’re never a bother, my inbox is always open! I’m so happy that you’re looking forward to chapter 2! It’s a big motivator for me to keep writing! I got off to a bit of a slow start, mainly because I was writing a few other things. However, I’m hoping to upload it soon! If you’d like, I can add you to the taglist for when it comes out! Thank you so much for your patience! 💖🎀

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@bomberqueen17 replied to your post:

excuse what is “buffalo sauce” plz, is it just Frank’s hot sauce?? (asking as a Buffalo resident)

I think it’s the lazy man’s version of sauce for buffalo wings (as opposed to mixing Frank’s with butter/garlic/whatever else you happen to use), and as far as I can tell it’s what the pizzeria next door uses on their buffalo chicken pizza.

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Hasnt been much going on.. Wonder if we’ll ever gain traction.

Even if we dont, I think we’re all still happy to supply art and posts!

Theres a lot of us here, so I find it odd that nothing is happening with us.

Maybe someone will cause some trouble, Golden, Probably.

Hopefully she doesnt see this..

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I guess I should mention my ask box is open cause I’m not very good at coming up w cool ideas. I usually get suggestions from friends

sooo if u have any zukka aus/ideas give me a yell

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“Hmm!” Chloe hummed, running her hand over her girlfriend’s pale ass cheek. Caressing her cheek with her soft hand. The brunette lay on her stomach across her lap. Anticipating what the redhead was about to do to her. She knew very well what was going to happen. She bit down on her lip and waited for the punishment from the older woman. “How many spanks do you think you deserve for your behaviour today?” The redhead purred into the small woman’s ear. Her seductive voice making Beca squirm on her lap. “Stop squirming around! You’re not a fish!” Chloe firmly told the brunette, tugging on her hair as a warning. Knowing her girlfriend loves having her hair pulled during sex and foreplay.

F-four?” Beca stuttered out between breaths. Her breath caught in the back of her throat after Chloe pulled on her hair. Her arousal growing with every second that passed by. Patiently waiting for the redhead to start her punishment. However, the senior was making her girlfriend wait to be punished. She’d punish the brunette in her own time. The redhead wanted to take her girlfriend by surprise when she gave her the number of spanks they were currently debating on.

Four? How about seven?” Chloe questioned with a slight smirk tugging on her lips. Tugging Beca’s hair again making a shiver shoot down the smaller woman’s spine.

S-six?” She stuttered hopeful. It was only one less than Chloe suggested, but she wanted to make a deal with the redhead and take as little hits to her pert ass as she could, hoping Chloe would agree on six and not seven. Not like the brunette couldn’t handle seven strikes across her little ass. She definitely could handle more. But she thought six was a good enough number. The redhead contemplated the number for a moment before giving her answer.

“Ok. Six it is! You want my hand or the paddle? Hmm?” The redhead questioned, caressing her girlfriend’s ass cheeks again. Well, just one. The one she was going to use to strike. “Which one? You better chose now or I will.” Chloe purred as she dipped down to whisper into her girlfriend’s ear.

“Your h-hand!” Beca spoke out shakily, biting down on her lip preparing herself for the spanks from her girlfriend. It shouldn’t be something that turns her on. But here she is with a pool of wetness between her legs and Chloe hasn’t given her a spank yet. She loved when the redhead was in control in the bedroom. It drove her wild. And her libido. All she had to do was catch a glimpse of a semi-naked redhead and she was a puddle on the floor. She craved the touch of her girlfriend. The woman had talented hands, fingers, mouth and tongue. Whenever any of those things were used in the brunette she went weak at the knees.

“Good choice. Now are you gonna sit still? Because if you don’t, I’m bringing out the paddle! Understand?” Chloe husked, biting onto the brunette’s earlobe after whispering her order to her girlfriend. Beca was a squirmed and the redhead got annoyed when she squirmed as she got spanked. It made it harder for Chloe to concentrate on hitting Beca’s ass cheek. She didn’t want to hit the wrong place on her ass or even the bottom of her back and hurt her girlfriend.

“Y-yes. I-I understand.” Beca whimpered, stuttering out between breaths. The anticipation was too much for the small brunette. She wanted Chloe to hurry up and get on with spanking her. But she knew she needed to use her voice to answer the redhead or else she’d not spank her at all. “Please, spank me, Chlo. Spank me hard for flirting with that blonde girl at the bar.” Beca purred, trying to encourage the redhead to give her ass a strike.

That was all Chloe needed to hear as she raised her hand up and counted to three in her head. Getting to one she swiped her hand down and smacked her girlfriend’s ass cheek. The sound of flesh being smacked was loud. The brunette’s ass cheek wobbled at the impact of the hit. The smaller woman whimpering from the hit. A strangled moan slipping from between her lips.

Yeah, that’s it. Spank me, baby. I deserve that. I deserve my little ass being spanked for drooling over that blonde’s chest. Her tits were so big, I wish I could motorboat them!” Beca continued to trash talk to the redhead, encouraging the senior to continue giving her ass cheeks a spanking. The redhead raised her hand again and took another strike at her girlfriend’s ass cheek. A little rougher this time round. Another strangled moan brought from the brunette’s mouth.

That’s it. Right there, Chlo. Spank my little ass! I bet her nipples were so tasty to suck on.” The brunette continued to get her girlfriend to spank her harder. Her ass cheek already turning a slight shade of pink from the smacks she was receiving from her girlfriend. The next spank caught Beca by surprise. She hadn’t even anticipated Chloe raising her hand up to strike her little ass. She let a small smirk appear across her lips at the reaction her words were getting from the redhead.

That feels so good, baby. My pussy is tingling at my ass being spanked and imagining that blonde bent over the bar. Hmm.” The small woman shivered on Chloe’s lap. A deep moan escaping from between her lips as she closed her eyes and imagined her girlfriend being bent over the bar. Of course, all her naughty thoughts were about Chloe. But she had to pretend to the redhead that she was thinking about the blonde from the bar to encourage Chloe’s spanks. Another strike soon happened across her ass cheek. Biting down hard on her lip as a strangled cry slipped between her lips.

You got another little spank for my ass? I’ve been such a naughty girl. Thinking of all the things I could do to that blonde to make her cum.” The brunette continued after counting in her head that she had two spanks left. She was ready to cum herself at this foreplay she was doing with Chloe. The next strike across her now reddening ass cheek let her groan in approval out from her parted mouth and it was loud. The redhead loved hearing her girlfriend being vocal during sex. It was encouraging to hear and only egged her on more to punish the brunette.

I bet her pussy tastes real good. I love eating juicy pussies. They taste so good on my tongue. Hmm. I bet she had such a beautiful pussy. One I would destroy.” Beca purred and she got the final strike against her ass. It hadn’t even been long since the previous spank. Chloe didn’t care. She was too wound up to be gentle with the small brunette.

Get up!” Chloe ordered and shoved her girlfriend off her lap to stand up. “Hands and knees on the bed! Legs open!” She continued to order the brunette about. Beca quickly following her girlfriends orders. Excited about what she was going to get next. By the tone of Chloe’s voice and the position she’d told her girlfriend to get in, it could only mean one thing:

Chloe was going to get one of their straps and fuck her from behind. The thought alone was enough to entice a strangled cry from the back of Beca’s dry throat. She positioned herself ready for the redhead to fuck her from behind and she could feel her pussy juice dripping down her inner thigh. She bit down on her lip knowing if Chloe saw this, she’d tease her about it for sure.

The redhead grabbed their biggest strap and coated it’s length with a generous amount of lube. Beca’s pussy provided enough wetness to slide the whole thing inside her hole, but she still covered it in lube just to be on the safe side. She pulled the harness onto her body and placed the bright pink dildo in place. Proceeding to get herself in position behind her girlfriend. Beca felt the bed dip and she held her breath, waiting for Chloe to push the plastic cock inside her dripping wet pussy.

Hmphhh!” Beca strangled the moan from the back of her throat and out between her lips as her girlfriend pushed the tip of the cock inside her pussy. “Ugh! Mmm! So good.” She stuttered as Chloe eased the plastic dildo deeper inside her girlfriend. Loving the sight of it slipping deeper inside the younger woman. “Wow! So big.” The brunette grumbled once the whole length was inside her tight hole. Chloe gave her a few seconds to adjust before she started pulling out and thrusting back in at a pace she knew wouldn’t be enough for the brunette. She went agonisingly slow.

“Chlo, harder, faster!” Beca panted with every thrust her girlfriend gave with the cock slipping in and out of her hole. She wanted more. She needed more. She needed a good fucking. Harder and faster than what Chloe was giving her right now. The speed the redhead was pumping in and out of her just wasn’t enough to satisfy her needs. Her impending orgasm was sat at bay waiting for the speed to increase.

Chloe was a pleasing lover. If her girlfriend wanted harder and faster thrusts, then that was what the brunette would get. She picked up her pace and thrusted faster inside of Beca’s wet pussy, thrusting deeper inside her hole and eventually tapping the brunette’s g-spot. A spot that sent Beca into a whimpering mess. “Oh f-fuck. Yeah, baby. Right there. Ugh.” She yelled out between breaths lowering herself down on her elbows to give a different angle for Chloe’s thrusts. “Shit. That’s good.” She huffed out biting down hard on her lip.

Her mind was foggy as her pleasure intensified. However, she didn’t miss noticing the hand that slid between her legs and the thumb rubbing against her hard and swollen clit. “Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum, baby! I’m gonna cu-“ the smaller woman screamed. Chloe’s thrusts thrusting as hard, fast and as deep as she could go. All while flicking the brunette’s clit.

Beca saw stars as she strained and hit her orgasm. Her legs and arms shaking as the climax washed over her body and she came. Hard. All over the fake cock. She came so much it dripped down her inner thighs as Chloe continued stroking her clit with her nimble fingers. Helping her girlfriend ride out the orgasm.

Eventually, the redhead slid the strap from inside the brunette’s relaxed pussy. However, as she tugged out the tip at the end, Beca squirted at the loss of the cock filling her tight pussy hole. She whimpered at the feeling of her juices flowing from her pussy and her breathing became heavier. She collapsed onto the bed in a heap. Well and truly feeling spent after that orgasm. She always felt embarrassed when she squirted. But the redhead always reassured her that it was ok. That it was so hot when her juices squirted from her pussy.

Good girl, baby. That was so hot. I love it when I make you squirt for me.” Chloe purred into her ear as she laid next to her girlfriend, trailing patterns on the small brunette’s shoulder tattoo. Her fingertips burning against Beca’s skin. A feeling the small woman loved.

“I should flirt with women more often if this is the sex it leads too. Fuck, that was so good.” The brunette commented raising her head from the pillow and shooting her girlfriend a wink. A smirk appearing on her lips.

The redhead slapped her girlfriend’s shoulder with a frown on her face. “You better not, Mitchell!” She scolded. The brunette’s smirk only increased across her face. Leaning over to capture the redhead’s lips with her own. Sharing some light kisses with her girlfriend before going to sleep for the night.

Beca made a mental note to flirt again with someone at the bar in future. Especially if she was feeling a little naughty. If this was the punishment she got from it and if that was the sex, she’d be sure to do it again.

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Vielen Dank, steht leider nicht zur Verfügung sorry

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i don’t really go looking for them lol i just have so many because i’ve been a fan for a very long time! i will go through my old twitter bookmarks, ig saved, tumblr archive from my old accounts sometimes if i want to post pics that haven’t been circulated recently. it’s funny, i don’t actually think of the photos i post as rare or anything, just as new to her newer fans and less frequently revisited by old fans. thank you so much though i’m glad i can provide good content for the people 🤗🤗🤗

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That’s actually not true! Never have and probably never will. 😅

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Thank you so much again Cressida! I don’t have a lot of headcanons but I’m gonna tell what I’ve already had.


His interaction with his dads pretty funny because of he and Mello have the same temperament. They’re always arguing and it’s seems like they perceive information only by yelling. Matt just sitting around two burning asses thinking to himself: “This is fine. I’m fine.” But that doesn’t mean that they don’t love each other. To be honest, Mello really love Diedrich and worrying about him maybe too much which made him yelling at son even more. And Diedrich knows that because he’s acting the same.

Diedrich himself an amazing hacker who’s working with Ivy and Zachary in Ivy’s detective agency. He even made a special security system for their office. At the same time Diedrich is a sucker for gambling where he spend most of his money.

His relationship with Ivy and Zachary are pretty funny. They all grown together so they know each other from the childhood. Diedrich and Ivy always was some kind of rival…one-sided. Ivy never saw him as rival but he always thought that they were neck to neck. But he’s truly pissing her off. Basically we could say that Ivy and Diedrich hate each other. (Or maybe he’s really like her but can’t say that because he hate her so much)

Talking about Zach - they’re friends. More like frenemies I would say. They hanging around together but at the same can go: “HEY DIPSHIT”. The only thing they agree on is that Ivy sucks.

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