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#ask box open

UUUUuh guys friendly reminder that my ask box is always open to SFW content of all kind, Anon is on

please ask about Archimedes i have a need to give info about him

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Plz send asks, be it for my OCs or me, my brain is creatively dying and I NEED fuel djwjsjskssk

If u wanna by chance send yandere asks then go for it, everything goes wwww–

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Ask box is open for interaction, !MA’s, or bulling Kirumi

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First day back at work! I missed these girls 🥺

I’m working a bit on my wip now and maybe I can post it today! 🥰 But after that I am out of ideas and I appreciate any request! I am not that creative to have everyday a new idea 😬

Please send some request so I can keep posting 🙈 I doubt you guys want updates of my personal life 😂

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Originally posted by dustox4


NGL this dumbass clown ryt here is (still) shaking at the fact so many people are welcoming her back I just cant– 🥺😭❤️❤️

Anyhow, again, it’s so nice to see ya’ll again,,,!!!

Also expect all of my OCs’ arts and profiles to get updated then reblogged sooner or later

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oh for sure. we live here now. we’re buying real estate here 💕💀🥲

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send em in boys

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here is the flag, weve got great suggestions so far 

mustard yellow - hussies ugly ugly homestuck face
purple - whatever that ugly photo hussie posted here, this is the color mainly in it
white - cum
chartreuse - suggested by @walkinghypocrite in the comments of hussie’s post
red - idk, I like red and I’m making this flag its me dave this color is for me

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Heya, my day/night had been really well with only a few hiccups here and there so, thank you so much for asking about it. I hope the same for you too. Again thank you so much for liking my profile picture as I had drawn it myself a while back ago. It meant a ton and I glad you liked the art style. 

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interestingly my internet cut out for a good minute or two. immediately after watching whatever it was. i think that’s pretty telling. (2/2)

oh for SURE anything i recommend to you, i recommend it in brazen defiance of the rules of man and god :) your internet cutting out was……….the universe trying to save you from the fiery embrace of the devil :))

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THE SNOW PATROL SONG????????? all of their songs will do that to you! chasing cars! run! why would you listen to evil coldplay!!! that’s—

okay. you know what you need to snap yourself out of this, is something really so unbelievably stupid you don’t have room to be sad anymore and my FAVOURITE new (very old.) song to jolt me out of crying jags is this 💕💀✨

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mod here

Why the fuck is writing so motherfuckin hard like holy shit anyways best line from the first 600 words

“Holy fuck, who’d wanna put a cabin in the middle of the goddamn woods.”.

ok, asks are open for stuff related to cabins or not. 

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we’re all touch starved and lonely. if it helps - i love you. and here’s some fics

How (thanks to Gabriel) Dean and Castiel (accidentally) raised each other (and Sam). by Vera (Vera_DragonMuse) (spn, 70k, E, cas/dean)

Reconcilable Differences by astolat (dcu, 39k, E, clark/lex)

Family Matters by waldorph (star trek, 1k, gen)

can you play me a memory? by pasdecoeur (that’s me! that’s mine! that’s one of mine! aaaaaaaaaaaa~~~) (witcher, 6k, G, jaskier/geralt)

What Not To Expect When You’re Not Expecting It by thehoyden (x-men, 10k, E, charles/erik)

Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain (teen wolf, 35k, T, stiles/derek)

these are all set in the ulllllltra-specific sub-genre of “it’s really hard to co-parent with you while hiding the fact that i’m really in love with you” which is what really gets you in the guts when you come from a broken home :)

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Ask Box Open

Ask box open because there’s a change in my two part angst story and now they’re two separate stories for two different Fandom ahahahahahahahahahahaa

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🌺 Hello, hello! Sorry if this is a late reply, I forgot my ask box is open! (Which I encourage anyone to ask anything they wish.) 

🌺 Assuming that you get a good/neutral energy from this Brownie (they’re usually helpful spirits.) Offerings help, such as heavy cream with honey, oatcakes (or any sweet cake or sweetened bread), oatmeal or porridge. However, do not accept anything physically or in the astral realm. They usually bring good luck!!

🌺 Directly communicating with them can be done with tarot, pendulum, astral projection, creating an altar, directly talking to them and asking them out loud to show signs another way (I find dreams work well.)

🌺 You’ll know the offerings and contact worked if you see the Brownie often, sense a good presence, see floating orbs of various colours, and have your offerings disappear or the energy from them become lesser or feel lighter. I sure do hope this helped a tad bit! I recommend doing more research for your friend and finding some fae books on pdfs. My favourite book is Faery Magick - Sirona Knight. Have a magickal day! 

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every day i scream continuously into the void

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