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#ask curious or nosey questions
floralflowerpower · a month ago
What do you think of fake dating yourself fics and following that social media fics
Now having those two things in mind danny pretending to fake date himself and using the fact " he doesn't want to see his boyfriend get hurt" as the reason he leaves when ever there's ghost fights and " that he was avoiding his crush" when asked about just after Danny phantom showed up and it as a social media fic where everyone gets in this drama online and people outside the town end up watching and enjoying the drama of it all
Listen, Anon.
I am Fake Dateing AU trash. I love reading that stuff.
Weather it be due to Danny trying to be creative about hiding his secret.
Or because it's a pitch pearl AU where fenton has to hide or protect Phantom somehow.
It's like the perfect level of angst and hijinx / humor.
A++++ good troupe
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floralflowerpower · a month ago
Ello, this is the anon from earlier. Do you got any suggestions for bby Danny fanfics?
Honestly, your going to hate me.
But most of the baby Danny fics I have read have been one shots on tumblr.
So I horribly don't remember their names 😅💕
Does anyone have any suggestions for Anon?
This is a continuation of their first ask
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floralflowerpower · a month ago
Yes Wes is Fannon 😅💕
Well sort of. He is in the show as a background character. He just didn't have any speaking lines or a name.
I am not the person to ask about his history much.
I was on hiatus when he was created.
So I was just as shocked as you when I came back. Granted I was more confused then anything because I hadn't seen a fandom wide OC before.
I think that's super unique to the Danny phantom community and its super cool 💕💕💕
I actually have used Wes a few times myself.
This is an old fic I wrote for DP side hoe week this year.
Read here
Here's the post I made after first discovering Wes and his brothers 😅💕
Read here
I am actually using him in my upcoming invisobang fic too.
Well sort of.
It's his descendant and his vlog.
You'll see what I mean later 💕
@parkers-picz liked the idea😅
Tumblr media
I can't wait to show you guys💕💕
I also low key ship him with Danny and it is 1000% @redead-red fault 🤣💕
You should all join us in rare pair hell.
Their ship name is #unidentified flying ship
And it is a fantastic pairing 💕
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floralflowerpower · a month ago
You said Chester is an old OC before, that was part of another story you wrote a long time ago but deleted. Do you have any other cool old OCs? I normally hate OCs but I have fallen in love with all of yours. I'd take a bullet for Chester no cap!
Okay why do I feel like this anon is someone from the dark ages server cause we were just talking about this last night *squints in suspicion*
Like I'm not even kidding.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Also the ship Dark ages is king Dark/ clockwork and is amazing if you want to read anything with it in it😅💕)
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floralflowerpower · a month ago
What's your opinion on going dragon, if you've seen any of it? I've been seeing Jake Long x Danny Phantom contents on my dash lately, so I was wondering if you may have an insight on that.
I honestly am a horrible multi shipper so I would probbs like it.
There's only a handful of ships I don't tolerate and those are all adult / minor ships Or incest 🤮
But as long as it doesn't fall into those categories and its wholesome I will ship it💕💕
And I love American dragon. It was a great show!!💕
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