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um.. so what are your thoughts on chunky girls who were like um thigh high socks? i have squishy thighs and um, im kinda self conscious but opinions help sometimes, i guess? - 馃

If I had the time, I’d link you to the post I’ve already made about a very similar question but I don’t have the time and it would just be too much work.

Big👏 girls/guys/people👏are👏totally👏fucking cute👏in everything👏they👏wear👏


Thick thighs being shown off with them thigh highs? Beautiful and sexy, please crush my head with them, you have the power, POWERFUL THIGHS MAN, DON’T FUCK WITH PEOPLE WITH POWERFUL THIGHS they should be praised and worshipped

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Deku: Star
Ribbit/askers: Myself
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My Desk is Opened!

Hi there! My desk is officially cleaned out and open for anyone to leave a notes and gifts for me! I just want to thank you for coming by and showing interest in me. Usually I get called dull do to my looks, but I promise there’s more than meets the eye. I can’t wait to start reading what ever you have for me. I’ll be waiting! ✌ Izuku out! ✌


Originally posted by shouto-loves-soba

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Midoriya they mean romantically


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