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Aaa thanks!!

1. Glimmerkit: hope- Sandstar’s first kit (and her only kit at the time), who had died pretty soon after being born. As this had happened to three of her mother’s kits, this had left Sandstar devastated and with little hope of having kits live to even be apprentices, much less warriors.

2. Dustdapple: determination- Sandstar’s mom! Overall a very determined cat, who wanted to pass that to her daughter.

3. Ashstar: strength in conviction- Ashstar had been the leader during her kithood, and had died as a result of the fighting between RiftClan and GlenClan at the time. A few weeks before his death, he had made Hickoryleap his deputy. A controversial decision, but one that Ashstar knew would lead to the bond healing between the two Clans.

4. Magpiepaw: mentoring- Her first and only apprentice, who died two days before Sandstar became the leader.

5. Hickorystar: foresight- Hickorystar became leader in a time of great turmoil. He set the groundwork for fixing the bond between RiftClan and GlenClan, And wanted the next leader after him to carry that legacy. Following Tuftear’s retirement, Hickorystar made young Sandstripe his deputy. His time as leader was short, but impactful all the same.

6. Sharptooth: courage- Sandstar’s grandfather and mentor, who taught her to be brave in the face of everything life may throw at her. Sidenote: he is also the source of her sense of humor and love of puns

7. Snipkit: love- Her tiny brother, who died barely a month after being born, had only ever know the love of his mother and siblings and wanted his big sis to feel the same.

8. Timbertail: justice- Timbertail was killed in a border skirmish before he could even see his kit become an apprentice. He gave her a life of justice, for himself and every other cat killed in the fighting.

9. Basilnose: peace of mind- As her last life, her grandmother Basilnose gave her a life to know that no matter what happened, things would eventually turn out okay.

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Ooooooh thank you!

23: Favourite relic?

I’m going by aesthetic here!

Hmmm… The rafail gem is really pretty, and probably my favourite, and I would totally wear it as a necklace if I had it. (except I wouldn’t cuz it would kill me lmao)

But I also really like Failnaught and Freikugel! They look really cool and they were fun to use! I like the way that Failnaughts arrows look!

And I love Blutgang as well! I think it looks really scary and like whoever wields it would cut you to ribbons in a heartbeat.

And lastly I also love the Fetters of Dromi! Idk why I just like the way they look!

27: Who was your strongest unit?

Oof. Okay. So in Azure Moon, Dimitri, Felix, and Dedue were my strongest! (Annette was closely behind them) In Crimson Flower, Dorothea, Petra, Hubert and Edelgard! And in Verdant wind? I don’t remember who exactly, but I remember Claude, Hilda, and Leonie being pretty strong! And Lorenz too! But that’s because I purposefully made him OP cuz I love him so much lmao! (I haven’t played SS yet) and I only just got Cindered Shadows, so I can’t say for sure yet. But so far they all seem super strong! AND OF COURSE Byleth was also very strong.

35 has already been answered!

Thank you for the ask! This was lotsa fun!

(visuals for the relics)

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99. What do you hope never changes?

hmmm there’s not much bc i think change is a p good thing usually! but id say my relationship with my family, esp my brother!! 🖤✨

i am!! i hope you are too🧚

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hey language queen you have done it again, constantly raising the bar for us all. i’d say i’m surprised but i know who you are😌✨

fjfjfj anyways the questions:

11. my birth order: tbh idk what that is but i came out head first if that’s what you’re asking🤪

34. do i believe in astrological stuff: uhh kind of yes?? ik a lot about zodiacs but tarot cards scare me chhf

36. my pet peeves: uuh goodness when someone breathes loudly, when someone gives me a rude opinion i didn’t ask for on like what i’m wearing or sumn anndd when someone leaves my room and they don’t cLOSE THE DOOR PROPERLY

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dewhf sky i do the same i always leave being one “i” jdewb lmao
it’s going to be hard to find just five works of yours, i think we can all agree your gifs are some of the best, you really manage to make them look so hd no matter what, i really admire your works a lot;; ♡

  • one - this is absolutely adorable, dwejhb his lil cheekies, pls c.c
  • two - i mean, i really miss his armsdfjwebf this gifset is pretty

self-explanatory u.u

  • three - this is still so funny to me because it’s so accurate and djewb he’s the cutest best boy ever 😔
  • four - one of my biggest weaknesses, his sparkly doe eyes and this set is perfect;;
  • five - HIS CUTE LIL DIMPLES, this is the cutest comp ever c.ç

send me ✨ I’ll answer with my top five favorite edits of yours

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backyard - did you ever have an imaginary friend?
nope, but sometimes i thought of some celebrities or characters i adored as if they’re my friends, as long as they provided me some emotional support just by their existence

shampoo - favorite scent? 
scent of a pine forest c:

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freckles - most-worn article of clothing? 
my soft gray hoodie i wear at home
my parents gave it to me for x-mas, and it’s just on an incredible level of softness, i feel like a kitten when i wear it

poppy - favorite pastel color? 
soft turquoise, i suppose

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😏- your most risky line

“Honestly, brother, there is no force on this earth that could shut your mouth.”

At that, Angor Rot chuckled under his breath. “Well, that’s not entirely true…”

Before Blinky could even consider asking what that was supposed to mean, Dictatious had cut in.

“With all due respect, dearest…” He said, a very strained grin pointed in Angor’s direction. “… I kindly request that you shut your mouth.” 

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💜- top 3 favorite lines

so far, definitely this:

Stuart gathered up his portion of the groceries, and started to go about on his way, but he looked back and said with a smile, “Besides, I know what it feels like to be…” He paused, chuckling. “… alienated.”


“You know, if you’re interested in talking about big mistakes,” Dictatious chuckled, not missing a single beat, “you should consult your parents.”


“Never better, never better! You know me, always down to hang with half-conscious super-magical morally-grey serial killers, you know how it is.” Toby laughed back nervously.

🎲- your favorite chapter/part from a multiparty series

adfshgfdgfjhg that’s still gotta be ch.6 of How To Fight A Shadow, it’s just got a lot of my favourite moments and was one of the most enjoyable for me to work on so far lol

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👀- favorite response to one of your works

hjgfgsfdgjfhkgh oh my GOSH that is hard to choose??? i adore like every response i’ve gotten tbh????? i really love @magic-and-moonlit-wings and @stix-n-bread‘s super long (and often hilarious) comments that they’ve left, i always have fun going back and re-reading them, and then there’s people like @shina-mizushima and @rosetherandomreblogger that’ve just YELLED at me over HTFAS shit and it’s great, love that energy, then there are like the people who’ve done fanart like @chase-the-freakin-stars and @trollcitrus and q and???? i could cry????? i appreciate them all so much??????? and then there’s like  @feather-dancer, @rockymountainvixen​, @xdeusxmachinax@yellowmagicalgirl​ and like honestly a bunch more people that always just leave such nice and encouraging comments and????? i’m sORRY FOR THE MASSIVE TAGGING SPAM, I DIDN’T EVEN GET EVERYBODY, BUT I JUST APPRECIATE ALL YOU GUYS SO MUCH OKAY YOU’RE GREAT I WANT YOU TO KNOW I APPRECIATE Y’ALL TAKING THE TIME OUTTA YOUR DAY TO VALIDATE MY GARBAGE I JUST WANT TO SEND YOU ALL INFINITY HUGS

💘- what’s your favorite AU? Least favorite?

i don’t have a least favourite au, all the ones i’ve seen are very cool, but my favourites are definitely @elizabethemerald‘s honest jim au and @magic-and-moonlit-wings‘s changeling!jim one in becoming the mask!

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😂- a line that made you laugh out loud

tbh there’s only ever been like three lines that’ve gotten me to actually chuckle, but my favourite has to be this one:

Stuart gathered up his portion of the groceries, and started to go about on his way, but he looked back and said with a smile, “Besides, I know what it feels like to be…” He paused, chuckling. “… alienated.”

“… What?”

Stuart just winked, waved goodbye, and left, leaving behind two very confused trolls.

it’s just so dumb and such a stupid pun but i truly believe stuart would pull something like that don’t @ me–

😢- a line that made you cry

in what’s been posted so far, there hasn’t been a particular line to make me THAT emotional yet lol (though i have recently been told that the scene where jim mourns draal in ch.5 made one of my newer readers cry… oops)

most of the more emotional lines happen later, but i’m having trouble picking out something that isn’t too spoilery, so have an unpolished line of angor being depressed:

The exhaustion in his voice had become far more apparent, and Angor Rot eventually let out the heavy breath he’d been holding in. “I just wish, for even a moment, I could remember what it feels like to have Her out of my head." 

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i’m so glad u sent this ask, you works are soooo pretty, i’m so sad i wasn’t following you;; you play so much with colors and you make everything look so aesthetic and amazing, these are some of the things i love, but it goes for basically all your gifsets djwehbf ♡

  • one - this one has such a pretty coloring, the soft colors and the gifs together make me feel so relaxed while watching it;; 
  • two - i LOVE the aesthetic of this one so much!! it’s so cool!
  • three - THIS ONE!! i gasped, it’s so pretty i might cry
  • four - this one is simply breathtaking, the fonts, the coloring, the scenes you chose jewhe alltogether it’s a lil masterpiece and i can’t stop looking at it *^*
  • five -  these are adorable PLS all the little details and how you played with colors, they’re wonderful! c.c 

send me ✨ I’ll answer with my top five favorite edits of yours

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daydreams - if you could be anything or anyone, who would you be?

it’s gonna be weird but i‘m so freaking tired of having a body,, wish i could be an incorporeal cloud,,,,, or a ghost,,,,,,,,, or some abstract clot of energy,,,,,,
why do i have to deal with illnesses or physical weakness? isn’t it stupid i could die from any silly sudden shit? 

or i wish i could be alex hirsch just for a couple of sec,, for no reason

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17: What route did you do first?

Crimson Flower! It was SOOO much fun! I was so over the top obsessed with the Black Eagles after it. They were all I ever talked about!

32: Favourite teatime?

Hmmmm…. I really like the Tea Time with Lorenz where he suggests that you should try out his hairstyle, cuz I’m always like “Pfft! That ugly abomination on your head!? Me!? HA!!!” I also like Tea Time with Petra where she explains her tattoos and her braid, cuz I love finding out about Brigid culture! Idk I like most of them really. But I have asked Dedue out to tea the most cuz I S Supported him on Azure Moon. I also have a rule that anytime I catch ANYONE being racist to ANY of the foreign staff or students, said person gets to go to tea with me.

37: Favorite paralouge?

That’s tough… I really like Marianne’s. I really like Felix’s. I really like Seteth and Flayn’s. And I really like Dedue’s too. OOH and the Dorogrid one! I DONT KNOW THEY’RE ALL SO NIIICE!!! But those are my top five in no particular order…

Thanks for the ask! (again sorry for the shitty answer I’m REALLY bad at picking favourites, but I do my best!)

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