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4. what does it take for you to be proud of something you’ve written?

this is a really tough question. I think for fic, it needs to be something that I enjoy reading back to myself. for example, I just posted a fic a couple weeks ago (the poetic condition) that I didn’t really like it at first, but then I re-read it a couple times when going to respond to comments and realized, oh, I actually enjoy reading this myself. that makes writing fun for me, because I feel like i’ve created some of the content that I myself love to consume. I also am proud of fics which have a specific line or image that I feel is memorable - for instance, in my ‘command me to be well’ fic, like, everyone in the comments pointed out a specific line, and I was like, cool, that means I sort of connected with people, even if just for those few words. and I’m proud of that.

for original stories, it’s much more difficult - I tend to want a story to have at least a semi-original commentary or approach, but I also want the characters be, if not relatable, then sympathetic; and I want the imagery to be good, too. so I set a much higher bar for original stories, which is perhaps why I can’t think of one I’ve written which I can point to and go ‘that, I’m proud of that’

6. are your projects driven more by character or plot?

character all the way. for fic, I think it’s easy to see why - I’m here for joe and nicky, I’m not here for plot, you know? - but I think it’s true in my original writing as well, just because I find people to be so much more interesting than any weird confabulation of events an author could try and contrive.

17. how do you determine what mood each project has?

this is interesting because I’m not sure quite that I think about projects as having moods. I mean, I suppose they do, but I think it’s just a thing that sort of appears when writing. although I will say, I’m working on an original story right now that it turned out I was approaching from the wrong angle (too serious; needed humor) and so in that sense I think I it’s important to look sometimes at the topic you’re trying to convey and, if it’s dark or a heavy topic, bring some element of lightness to it so it’s bearable for the reader. but, yeah, this question is tough - a more deliberate approach to moods is probably something I need to work on in my writing.

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attached at the hip (you were never meant to live alone) 

  • Both - Kelly McFarling

don’t you know that all the ends are loose ones / both 

  • Brother - Lord Huron

How long have I known you, brother / Hundreds of lives, thousands of years 

  • Time Will Come (1967) - Tol-Puddle Martyrs

So, your soul believe that is the way / So, you stop and fade away 

  • Keep Your Head Up - Ben Howard

Oh I said I had been away, and he knew / Oh he knew, the depths I was meanin' 

  • Blind Leading The Blind - Mumford & Sons

And I need to know the name of my neighbor / I am not known if I’m not seen or heard

playlist on spotify 

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🐸 - hmmm… i am very partial to the piping plover,, just a funky little bird..

🧪 - i’m good at math but hate it, i used to be a science person but now i hate it, so i guess art :)

🪀 - video games, reading, trying to start drawing, also wanna try knitting or smthing like that!!

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Twisted Logic (Time Travel AU)

“You’ll go backwards, but then

You’ll go forwards again”

I get time travel vibes, okay? So, like, the ninja all get scattered through time? It’s the Time Twins’s fault, obviously.

And they’re all trying to figure out where and when they are and how to get home.

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17: who would be your ideal partner? jason todd from dc’s titans no i’m kidding i don’t know,,, if you have dark hair i’m probably automatically in love with you, but i don’t really have an Ideal Partner if you get me??? just people who are sweet and stuff ig

19: do you want a church wedding? no, my parents want me to because it’s tRaDiTiOn but i wanna get married in a castle or something

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[7] name a character you wouldn’t mind naming someone after.

I probably wouldn’t name an actual human after anyone, but if I ever get a fish I’m definitely naming it Laboon.

[8] do you prefer happy, bittersweet, or sad endings?

Answered 💜

[17] are there any tropes you wished were used less often?

Let’s get rid of the pervert trope in the year of our lord 2021.

[20] name a song that reminds you heavily of a specific fandom or character.

Float On by Modest Mouse gives me big Luffy vibes.

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Goodmorning Birdie!!

14. If I were to live with my best friend in an old flat in a big city, what would it look like.

Um idk. Lilac or off-white walls. Two bedrooms. A pull out couch thingy. A small kitchen. Posters on the walls. I dont know what else :P

21. Talk about my favorite bag.

I dont actually have a favorite bag? I have one that I always use but not because it’s my favorite, just bc it’s the most recent one my mom baught me lol. Its black with a gold zipper.

76. Is there anything I should be doing right now but arent?

There is always something I shouldn’t doing right now but arent. So, yes. I should go brush my teeth. And eat breakfast. And do chores. And write. And just get up and do something.

Oh well.

Thanks for the ask Birdie <3

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Ooh, both people I’ve put solidly in the naruto category before… Hmm

In this combination, I think izuku would be the elf. Leans way more into the woodland aesthetic. Lots of flowers. So many, so so many, flowers. Momo is tired of getting flowers. Momo would go for the naruto cosplay, not any of naruto’s friends here.

In reference to this

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Agate - How often do you say “I love you”?

Amazonite - What does a person have to say to intrigue you?

Alexandrite - What makes you angry?

Amethyst - Your advice to a newcomer on Tumblr

Aquamarine - 5 things you would never do

Beryl - An underrated singer in your opinion

Calcite - 5 things you want to do right now

Carnelian - How do you respond to criticism?

Chrome Diopside - What should a person do to make you start yelling at him/her?

Citrine - An overrated pop star in your opinion

Danburite - The most motivating thing you’ve ever heard

Diamond - Things you find hard to explain to your parents

Diaspore - What do you regret?

Emerald - The strangest thing in your room

Fluorite - The funniest YouTube video you’ve ever seen

Garnet - Things you’d like to hear on a bad day

Hackmanite - One of your childhood memories

Heliodor - Food you’re addicted to

Iolite - Describe your perfect date

Kyanite - The most offensive thing you’ve ever heard about yourself

Lazurite - What helps you relax in a stressful situation?

Malachite - If you got a tattoo, what would it be?

Moonstone – Your self-care tips

Mystic Quartz - Describe your style in 3 words

Morganite - Things that you will never be able to forgive

Obsidian - Sad memory from your childhood

Pearl - How would your friends describe you?

Prehnite - Name 3 of your habits

Quartz - Your disadvantages as a friend

Rhodonite - 5 songs that you most often listened to this month

Ruby - A TV-show that you don’t like, but everyone else does

Sapphire - What accessories do you wear most often?

Scapolite - Strange thing you do when you’re alone

Sodalite - Your advantages as a friend

Spectrolite - Your perfect day off

Sphene - 3 things you didn’t know/understand a year ago, but you do now.

Spodumene - Does the description of your zodiac sign match your character?

Sunstone - Have you ever cried with happiness? If so, why?

Topaz - Do you know what weather you were born in?

Tiger Eye - Worst movie you’ve ever seen

Tourmaline - The first book you really got into

Turkiyenite - A kiss on the nose or a kiss on the forehead?

Turquoise - Things that make you feel uncomfortable

Zircon - Best gift ever given to you

Zoisite - This is not a question, just know that you are a precious kitten who deserves the best in this world ❤

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Since you said please, sure

Dabi, dramatic jerk he is, Absolutely cosplays as the elf. Filthy little elf who may or may not wash his hair, but elf all the same. He revels in the discomfort of others. Hawks snaps and instead of going for the stabbing route, heroically chooses the high ground of annoying him back with Naruto cosplay. Dabi then attacks with firery ‘elf magic’ but don’t worry even though Hawks is weak to flames he makes it

In reference to this

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meta asks for writers

14) At what point in writing do you come up with a title?

at whatever point in the writing process where I understand what I want the story to be. often, my titles are hints to major themes in the story so once I know what that is, I’m golden. examples)

for us to collide: pulled from the poem by Jessica Katkoff “We kept crossing paths, near misses and almosts, when all I ever wanted was for us to collide.” which I thought was a neat little nod to Mari’s whole thing of coming and going from Gotham and running into the batfamily over and over again

what a lion cannot manage: is from an old german proverb, the full quote being “what the lion cannot manage to do the fox can” which has lots of layers for the story but the more important ones is that Izuku/Izumi is a fox yokai and the story itself is a canon rewrite making my izuku the fox and OG izuku the lion.

born of the stars: from Daniel Walsh: “You were born of the stars, dear girl; stop settling for the dust they leave behind.” and the whole fic is basically another canon rewrite focusing on girl!Lance and how she along with her cobbled together found family makes everything better through being kind and shit

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Do you ever regret joining/staying in band?

All the time :)))))

(My band program is great, but my band director himself is the most disgusting person I’ve ever met)

Thanks for the ask!

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homesick: to me, home is being with my best friend, my mind goes to one trip where we went to the beach and stayed there a night. home can also be the hill by my house, where it’s really pretty in the evenings :)

rose-coloured goggles: i’ll be honest i don’t remember one ajdajsdajd- besides those little white lies you tell to sneak some candy into your bedroom or something i never really took a whole bunch of risks

laughing: i don’t really have a best joke now that i think about it, although i do kind of like “why did the chicken cross the road?” “why?” “to get to the idiot’s house. knock knock” “who’s there?” “the chicken” it never fails to ever so slightly piss someone off ajsfhasdjf

thank you for the ask blu!!

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ooooh libra is actually in autumn, and it’s an air sign like gemini (I’m a leo)! I do fit some of the libra stereotypes though skshdhdnh

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PURPLE = I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog

The way I had to scroll through my blog to find the game again 😂

Thank you love! 💜

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