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#ask game

Okay, listen, I thought they’d anyway be in order, but I thought about it more and:

Fuck Shoji, he’s a one man gang bang and I just need that in my life at least once, plus, he’s genuinely so sweet

Marry Deku (look away, Butter) he loves his mom too much not to be an incredible husband, he’s goal oriented, so you know he’s gonna take good care of his wife

Tenya gets a smooch

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sea green: can you fold a fitted sheet? not really, i only successfully did so when i was drunk lol

rose: favourite scent on a person? sandlewood and citrus

mahogany: your sun, moon, and rising signs. capricorn, taurus, scorpio.

mulberry: earbuds or headphones? earbuds always

chestnut: type of phone you have. the iphone 8

send me a color ask 🌈

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🌻- ive never been called positive before!

🧠- I really am so bad at getting compliments. Thank you so much 😭

🤐- I love you too!

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pick one of your favorite quotes: uhhh. “do you know why we have the sunflowers? it’s not because vincent van gogh suffered. it’s because vincent van gogh had a brother who loved him.” which is from a hannah gadsby special? she’s cool. i haven’t thought about quotes in a while though and i’ve spent like half an hour going through my list of favorites. this is a good one though and bears in trees brought it up in a post yesterday too so i’m using it shdhdf

could you live as a hermit? no i really couldn’t!!

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jack manifold: do you like the villians?

Depends on your definition of villian within the smp. I genuinely think the only villians are Dream and the Egg (Though Jack is definitely getting there). I find c!Dream interesting but I don’t like him per say. Also I want actual good things for c!BBH so no I don’t like the Egg.

tubbo: favorite build on the smp?

I love Techno and Phil’s houses. I just genuinely think they look really good. I like that it’s small. It feels cozy.

callahan: how did you get into the smp?

I’m living rent free as a voice in c!Technoblade’s head

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Same!!!!! I started watching anime when I was 5 and my first anime was Bakugan, but I don’t remember anything about it. One of my most favorite animes is Naruto and I liked Sasuke so much. I was tearing between Naruno and Sauke but as time went I started to dislike Sasuke and Naruto Uzumaki is still my crush🍥🧡

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The fact that so many people think that Bruno is so innocent and cute ball of softness annoys me so fucking much. He’s a mafioso, he killed two guys when he was 12 and joined mafia at about 14(I don’t remember the exact age sry). He is a gangster, he tortured other guys from mafia, he is NOT a cute mommy!

Also, I hate when some fans talk about pedophilia in Giorno’s outfits or ships with Giovanna. I don’t think that Araki thought about something sexual when he was creating Giogio, and all ships with Giorno are totally OKAY!

Well, Dio is a really horrible and terrifying person, but his personality and looks are so detailed and elaborated, he’s just very interesting as a character🤔

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get ready for some Angst

13) what’s the worst thing they’ve ever done (in their opinion)?

he’s done a lot of bad things. the things that weigh on him most are the way he was a burden to his parents and one time when he had to commit mercy, or put someone out of their misery. he knew it was for the better but having to kill an innocent, defenseless child haunts you for life

15) what’s their least favorite childhood memory?

hearing his parents fighting over him. he blamed himself for their fights to his dying day and wished he hadn’t been eavesdropping.

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ahhhh thank u kit, i love those vibes sm💛💛💛

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12) where did they get their mask?

they found it in the sand. it called to them. called their name through the static. Jet said to put it in the mailbox but they couldn’t just leave it. 

16) are they a good liar? 

it’s hit or miss. there’s nothing specific that they’re bad at lying about, just sometimes they can lie with a straight face and sometimes they’re just a mess 

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two very good colors! thank you so much!!!

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3) what is their gender/pronouns and sexuality?

he doesn’t use a label for his gender but on the masculine side and he/they pronouns (but people mostly use he/him). they’re aromantic and bisexual

9) what’s always in their pockets?

  • Smooth Rock™
  • random bits of rubber
  • a knife
  • hearing aids (if he didn’t take them out and forgot where he left them)
  • s a n d

10) do they believe in the Witch, DESTROYA, no one, or someone else?

the Witch. and DESTROYA, but the Witch is more important to him. he often disappears to places where She’s supposed to be, like the mailbox, to talk to Her or ask for Her help. if the crew looks around and suddenly he’s not there, that’s probably where he went.

11) what’s their most treasured possession? 

bad luck beads from his crew. he has one from each of them. they’re reminders that he is a wanted part of the crew, that they don’t resent him for his past, that they’re his friends. he has friends. 

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I’m still not familiar with the audios of 6th and 8th besides some spoilers. Of the six audios i listened, i recomend: Sympathy for the Devil, Masters of War and The Library in the Body, where David Warner plays an alternate encarnation of the Third Doctor. His interactions with a retired Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart are great, as well as with the Adventurous Archeologist Bernice Summerfield. It also shows Mark Gatiss as the Master, and David Tennant playing a cranky U.N.I.T.Y military, three years before he was cast to play the 10th Doctor on television. And as a plus, Every Dark Tought, an audio showing an adventure of Michael Jayston’s Valeyard (The Dark Side of the Doctor) with Summerfield.

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ask game: if you see this, send me an ask telling me something you’re proud of yourself for or something you’re looking forward to or tell me about something or someone you love 🌼💕

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Let’s play an ask game, maybe?

Like, you ask me questions and I give an answer for every single of it(even if it’s something embarrassing). You can also send me some of your ideas or confessions about jojo (and other anime) and I’ll write 1-2 headcanons that came in my brain

Let’s goooo!!!💚💚😃

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green: do you have a favourite flower? daisies!

turquoise: favorite sea animal? i can never choose between dolphins and turtles

salmon: how many pairs of sunglasses do you own? at least 4 or 5 pairs now

burgundy: ever ridden a motorcycle? not by myself, but before my dad died he always took me on motorcycle rides.

send me a color ask! 🌈

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