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#ask game
was-such-a-bad-idea · 12 hours ago
🎶Music Shuffle Tag🎶
You can usually tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Put your favorite playlist on shuffle and list the first ten songs and tag ten people whoever you want! No skipping!
Ooh, seems fun nonnie!thanks!
1. Archilles Come Down - Gang Of Youths
2. Be Nice To Me - The Front Bottoms
3. Bad Idea! - GIR
4. Watamote Ending
5. ゆめみてたのあたし- Daoko
6. Jealous - Eyedress
7. This Too Shall Pass - Danny Schmidt
8. Take Me To Church - Hozier
9. Hold On - Chord Street
10. Baby Don't Cut
Tagging: @legendarytreasurerhighway @mourningmad @pekowithabat @paigeyintheclouds @shsl-shuichi-simp @takas-house-of-ivy @twisted-lies @the-local-manga-library @ultimatemoralcompasss @zhuology
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pink-flame · 13 hours ago
here’s a semi angsty promt: luke held julie as she cried quiet so she wouldn’t wake the newborn baby girl in luke’s arms, “i just wish that she was here to meet her namesake”
“I know,” Luke soothed, one hand keeping a careful grip on Rosie, the other coming up to stroke at Julie’s hair. “I wish that too.”
Julie shuddered against him and Luke struggled to put into words everything he wanted to say to her.
“I know it’s not the same but…you remember when we we were younger and it seemed like every time things were hard a dahlia would pop up?”
Julie sniffled and pulled back slightly.
“Flynn called them signs,” Julie croaked, her mouth stretching into a watery smile.
“Yeah, signs,” Luke agreed. “Well, the morning Rosie was born do you remember what was on the counter by the nurse’s stand?”
“Dahlias,” Julie answered softly, her tears starting to slow. “A vase full of dahlias.”
“I think your mom met Rosie, Jules,” Luke told her, using his thumb to wipe the tear tracks from her cheeks. “Signs.”
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cqlfeels · 15 hours ago
i've probably been beaten to it, but xiyao for the shipping meme?
You haven't, actually!
falls asleep on the couch: I wanna say JGY because 1) workaholic supreme and 2) LXC has his whole sleeping routine I don't think he'd deviate from very often. But if you get alcohol involved, then LXC for sure
makes friends with the neighbors: I bet both are quite civil and nice but the neighbors somehow never get to know anything Personal™️ about either of them
is the adventurous eater: Tbh both are diplomatic enough that neither would refuse weird food offered to them. I feel like JGY might've had enough of eating things he dislikes, though, so he's probably more the "I have a favorite dish at a favorite restaurant" type than the adventurous eater type. LXC might find it kinda fun, though, as long as he's sure nobody's feelings will get hurt if he shows he didn't like something.
hogs the covers at night: Given that LXC has spent his whole life up on a mountain and cultivating in freezing cold water, I have to say JGY just because you could probably forget LXC inside an industrial freezer and he'd be fine
forgets to do the dishes: Neither? I mean, even in an au where neither has people to do their dishes for them, they're just very annoyingly responsible and thoughtful. If one of them forgets they probably have a very good reason and they probably feel worse about it than they reasonably should
tries to surprise their partner more often: "Surprise" isn't a word I'd associate with their dynamics necessarily, but in terms of just small thoughtful things they're That Very Annoying Couple, you know? It's probably a point of honor that this remains a tie
leaves dirty laundry on the floor: Gasp! How dare you suggest such a thing! The house always looks like they're expecting guests, thank you.
stays up til 2 AM reading: Both but only LXC would feel bad about it
sings in the shower: I mean... Drunk LXC and that's it. Neither strikes me as really having this sort of habit.
takes the selfies: I'm probably being influenced by those bts pics but I'm gonna go with LXC. (Plus I think LXC would just like photography in general. It's art + capturing treasures memories. I think he'd like it even if I don't think selfies would be his go-to.)
plans date night: I mean, I hate I keep saying this, but both. Either as in they get together and plan something, or they just naturally take turns. (They're both excellent planners btw)
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mimicmew · 15 hours ago
Raz has a habit of trying dangerous stunts around the motherlobe, much to Hollis‘ distress. He’s no longer allowed to challenge the other agents to races around the HQ
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purple-winter · 6 hours ago
Exchange Game
> Ask me an intuitive question and answer the same question/a question of your choice for me.
> The length of your answer will kinda effect how long of an answer you receive.
> I may not answer all the asks I receive so please keep that in mind.
> Reblog this post.
> Anons need to sign their asks with an emoji or their initials.
> Game ends when I reblog this post with the updated status so please make sure to check the game status in the original post.
> Enjoy!!
Ask Game: Open
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carsonsweebabyturtles · 51 minutes ago
🥧 🍊
🥧: Regardless of skill, if you could bake anything right now (pie, cake, muffin, brownie etc.) what would you like to make?
I can bake. I make a mean Marmalade cake. It's like a sponge recipe with marmalade in it and a marmalade glaze. It's so good and I haven't made it in so long. So that's what I'd choose.
🍊: What is your favourite scent?
Omg, this is going to make me sound weird. Tarmacadam. When they're laying a new road I love the smell. Also if it's a really hot day you get a more subtle smell from the pavements and roads. I also love the smell of Patchouli oil.
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ashtcnirwin · 17 hours ago
5sos questions
inspired by @clumsyclifford​‘s music questions, i decided to attempt to compile a list of 5sos-related questions that i’d like to know people’s answers to, so here i am🧡
favourite album?
least favourite album?
favourite song from each album?
least favourite song from each album?
top five songs overall?
bottom five songs overall?
favourite song based on lyrics alone?
favourite song based on instruments alone?
favourite song based on melody alone?
a song that wasn’t a single but that you wish had been?
a song that was a single that you wish hadn’t been?
a song you think is overrated?
a song you think is underrated?
a song you know and like but tend to forget exists?
a song for when you’re feeling down?
a song for when you’re feeling nostalgic?
a song for when you’re feeling happy?
a song for when you simply wanna vibe?
a song that makes you hyped?
a song that indulges your emo needs?
a song that made you go “okay but....why?”
the first 5sos song you remember hearing?
the first 5sos song you remember looping?
the 5sos song that made you a fan?
if you were gonna introduce a friend to 5sos’ music, what five songs would you choose?
favourite music video?
favourite live performance?
if you could pick one song for 5sos to cover, what would it be?
top three interview/promo/live stream moments?
top three interviews/promo videos/live streams overall?
top three interview/promo/live stream moments that made you go “oh my god...why”
top three ashton moments?
top three calum moments?
top three luke moments?
top three michael moments?
top three ashton photos?
top three calum photos?
top three luke photos?
top three michael photos?
top three group photos?
top three moments of your favourite ship?
favourite hairstyle for each of the members?
what colour do you associate with each of the members?
what seasons do you associate with each of the members?
what element (earth, air, fire, water) do you associate with each of the members?
favourite piece of clothing your favourite member has worn?
if you could pick an outfit for your favourite member(s), what would it be?
how long have you been aware of 5sos’ existence?
how long did it take from you became aware of them until you became a fan?
was it the music or something else that drew you to 5sos?
realistically, what member do you think you’d get along with the best and the least (based on how they appear to the public)?
if you could pick one reality show to send 5sos on, as a group, what would it be?
what’s a type of handiwork you could see your favourite member picking up and being good at?
if you watched 5sos’ twitch live stream from the studio last month, what are three song rankings of theirs you disagreed heavily with?
something you’d love for them to do as promo for 5sos5?
what’s a theme you hope they’ll cover in at least one song on 5sos5?
what musical elements do you hope to see on 5sos5?
what’s one song from calm you really wanna see 5sos play live on their next tour?
what member do you see as the most likely to get arrested on a night out?
what member do you see as the most likely to forget their own birthday?
what member do you see as the most likely to be caught binging every single leonardo dicaprio movie?
what member do you see as the most likely to serve an elaborate lie and get away with it?
what member do you see as the most likely to end up living on a farm?
what member do you see as the most likely to go on a spontaneous month long vacation and forgetting to tell anyone?
what member do you see as the most likely to do a good job taking care of your pet?
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pink-flame · 21 hours ago
Luke was running, panicked, dream box in hand.
When they had figured out that Caleb was possessing that Nick kid, he had hoped that would be the worst of it. He hadn’t realized how much worse it could get, that the light behind Julie’s eyes could go out as Caleb slid into her mind and took control. Alex and Reggie had her…him…them…trapped in the garage while he made a mad dash for her dream box, desperate to remind her who she was the only way he knew how. Maybe it was dumb but for him every lyric he wrote was a piece of his soul a piece of what made him…him. It was the same for Julie, he knew that, he believed that so he would read her own words back to her and make her remember what she was fighting for.
Give me the first sentence of a fic and I’ll write the next five. (I have a backlog of juke baby and wedding prompts but I’ll take anything else!)
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cqlfeels · 13 hours ago
nieyao for the meme
Disaster couple! Yay!
falls asleep on the couch: Listen, it's still gonna be JGY. It's not unheard of for NMJ to do it too but... Let's just say if they're both equally about to crash, NMJ gets up and heads to bed and JGY gets up and heads to the kitchen for more coffee
makes friends with the neighbors: Once again, JGY is nice to everybody but befriends nobody and NMJ doesn't give a damn what the neighbors think but is actually open to friendship if it happens by chance
is the adventurous eater: Neither, but JGY has spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to figure out what on earth NMJ actually likes to eat and may or may not still resent it a bit that he's actually failed to find out anything concrete. It doesn't occur to him that if neither of them cares, it doesn't matter whether he ever finds out anything. In his mind he's failing at something he should be good at and it bothers him
hogs the covers at night: I maintain what I said on my 3zun answer: JGY hogs the covers, NMJ kicks them off the bed. Toss a coin to see if this makes them feel like they Complete Each Other™️ or Need A Divorce At 3AM™️.
forgets to do the dishes: NMJ. My 3zun answer to this was a chore board, but without LXC, JGY probably just ends up doing most of the chores. And I don't think he'd mind it at all unless there was something else bothering him, in which case Doing All The Dishes Is Everything That Is Wrong With His Life
tries to surprise their partner more often: Neither? Not intentionally anyway
leaves dirty laundry on the floor: I mean, you know I'm gonna say NMJ. Sorry Chifeng-zun!
stays up til 2 AM reading: NMJ is perfectly capable of staying up all night for work, for all kind of emergencies or even just to keep somebody company, but given the choice, he'd rather wake up much earlier than sleep much later. "JGY's understanding of healthy sleep habits seems to be a work in progress" is the theme of this ask game so you know what I'll say about him.
sings in the shower: ....NHS who let himself in because he has two separate copies of the keys to the house, but don't tell nieyao that because they both think he just has one and it's for emergencies only
takes the selfies: Neither but they look annoyingly great in photos for people who don't practice it
plans date night: JGY is objectively better at this and it's an actual highlight of his week. May or may not spend all the date planning the next date according to the reactions this one is getting.
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kingpattillo · 11 hours ago
☕ thoughts on more rt peeps joining in on AH vids? Anyone you wanna see more or less ?
the more, the merrier!
i wouldn't mind seeing barbara in more AH stuff. having her and trevor in the same vid together is a bonus :)
i also love whenever eric is with the AH crew because he has influenced so much of their humor and mannerisms, especially michael's. this rat man knows no bounds
and who can forget dear charlotte? oh my god, she was a riot in camp betrayal, and i'm really glad she's in last laugh's second season. i lowkey hope she wins lol
oh!! and kayla! my only exposure to her outside of podcasts and firstie stuff is the rt life vids and one off topic episode, so i'd love to see more of her!
[send me a ☕️ + [topic] and i’ll tell you my opinion on it!]
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lesbiantechno · 8 hours ago
Ask game: Foolish and Dream dsmp content makes my skin crawl I hate it I am so tired of it *stop hijacking my posts I will end you* make it an au and leave me ALONE and this goes DOUBLE for “Foolish breakd Dream out of prison because he cares 🥺” stuff. Save me.
AGREED but honestly any sibling content for Anyone makes me mad at this point
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darkwood-sleddog · 12 hours ago
Any shame for boxers and/or Chinese cresteds?
Boxers: well bred ones look like *that* person at the gym that grunts too much to get the attention of others around them.
Chinese crested: when they’re wet this is what my husband says I look like when I get out of the shower
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whitesheep80 · 14 hours ago
Thought I'd try and make my own music ask game if anyone wants to give it a go..
1. If you could only listen to one band for the rest of your life.. which would you pick?
2. Is there one song that reminds you of someone close to you that has passed?
3. What song reminds you of the year you graduated?
4. You're stranded on an island with your favorite band.. but have to banish one member? Which one gets the boot?
5. Do you listen to band members solo music?
6. Does a artist/bands political opinions bother you?
7. Are you someone who puts CDs/Vinyls back in their proper case/sleeve?
8. Have you had a poem/song written about you?
9. Have you ever written a poem/song for someone?
10. Do you remember the song that played during your 1st dance?
11. Has an band member or artist ever disappointed you and now you can't listen to them?
12. Would you buy something you fav endorsed? Even if you liked it or not?
13. Do you read Fanfic about your favorite artist/band? If yes, what's it called?
14. What's your dream lineup of 3 acts still touring?
15. What's your dream lineup of 3 acts no longer touring?
16. Name the song that just makes you want to dance naked.
17. Do you sing in the car?
18. Your celebrity crush has a sex tape leaked.. you watching it?
19. Name the song that reminds of your 1st teenage crush?
20. Do you judge people who say they love a band but can't name all the members?
21. What's your favorite record for long road trips? And why?
22. If you could ask your favorite lyricist one thing... what would it be?
23. Do you listen to bootlegs?
24. Name the song that makes you cry.
25. What's the best music biography you've read?
26. Describe your favorite artist/band in 5 words or less.
27. Do you listen to Podcasts? If yes, which ones?
28. Have you ever dressed up as your favorite celebrity for Halloween?
29. What's the most embarrassing record in your collection?
30. Have your met the person in your profile pic? If so, were you totally chill or awkward?
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pink-flame · 13 hours ago
“God i love you so much luke you have no idea”
Luke grinned down at his girlfriend who was leaning heavily against his side as they walked back to the off campus apartment they shared with their friends. He had seen her drunk before of course, he just hadn’t seen her this drunk. His first priority was taking care of her without a doubt but he couldn’t say he wasn’t enjoying her lack of filter just a little bit.
“I love you too, Jules,” He assured her as they continued their slow progress down the sidewalk. “Watch your step, that’s it, nice and easy…”
“No, you don’t understand,” Julie insisted. “I love you more than…more than…bread.”
Luke couldn’t help but chuckle.
“That’s beautiful, babe.”
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queersturbate · 2 hours ago
5, 6, 9, 10, 19??
hello anon!
from this ask game!
5. how they would describe each other?
Light describing L would go like this: He's the weirdest person i've ever seen and an arrogant asshole. At least he's clean, even if he doesn't look it.
L describing Light: He's bright, but pissy... Pretty, though.
ISHDUSODHD that's about the basic way they'd describe each other. it's all complimentary.
6. already answered here!
9. what made them realize they were in love?
hmmm i think the way they just know they fit together, ya know? and their minds worked together, how similar they are, how they complimented each other. knowing that there wouldn't be another one like the other. No one to satisfy the itch in their head they didn't know needed scratching until it happened. i think they realized just because the feeling they got around each other.
10. what are their love languages?
OO! I think L's love language would be quality time. Like just being around Light and they're both working on something together or separately. also probably just a sprinkle of gift giving. 1. because autism. self explanatory. 2. he's rich and thinks Light both deserves and doesn't deserve to be spoiled, but he does it anyway.
For Light's love language, I think it would also be quality time, and also a little physical touch. Like i imagine he has an elbow or a knee touching L's side at all times. Or even a leg resting on L. Idk. i get the vibe from him that he'd always want to be touching L once he knows he can.
19. talk about a headcanon you've never talked about before
ah i see. you want inclusive dominic content LMAO. but hmm this is hard because i literally say every lawlight thought that comes to mind. uhhh, i've talked a lot about lawlight au's with cryptids and everything, but i dont think i mentioned that I headcanon Light as being interested in cryptids in canon. I just think he'd be knowledgeable on the subject, yk since he knows about shinigami's (not saying they're cryptids) and their lore, even if they were not true. I think of his many many many books, books about cryptids and folklore around the world would be amongst them.
can you tell i fucking love cryptids.
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cqlfeels · 14 hours ago
3zun for the ship meme?
Love how I am Known™️
falls asleep on the couch: I don't think NMJ would be opposed to it but I still think JGY wins by virtue of working for just five more minutes for three hours straight
makes friends with the neighbors: Xiyao are Very Polite And Unknowable, NMJ is very scary but can manage an actual relationship with a given neighbor if they have something in common, which isn't common but it's not unheard of
is the adventurous eater: Congratulations NMJ on both losing and winning this one simultaneously! Will eat anything, will not like or dislike anything in particular. It's Just Food™️. Actually now that I'm thinking about it LXC might actually be more interested in unique food exclusively for the intellectual-interpersonal challenge of finding out something that Gets A Reaction.
hogs the covers at night: JGY hogs the covers, NMJ kicks the covers off the bed. Sometimes that works out really well, sometimes it... doesn't. Alas LXC is a Lan and therefore sleeps through it all
forgets to do the dishes: NMJ but not because he's a bad roommate or anything. It just legit doesn't occur to him that's an issue. LXC saves the day through the powers of chore boards!
tries to surprise their partner more often: I don't know that he's necessarily trying to surprise anyone, but NMJ forgets every meaningful date and tries to feed you something you're allergic to, but he also buys you a car because he's overheard you complain about taking the bus like twice and that's. That's not. Not something anyone was expecting.
leaves dirty laundry on the floor: NMJ and no, the chore board doesn't help because that's not technically a chore and if it's not written down it Does Not Exist
stays up til 2 AM reading: No one if NMJ has a say in it, which he doesn't. LXC can be persuaded to side with him on his quest, though!
sings in the shower: Eh. LXC wouldn't want to disturb, JGY is too self-conscious, NMJ's showers last like two minutes.
takes the selfies: Still probably LXC, and NMJ needs more convincing than JGY to even join because he just doesn't see the point
plans date night: Team effort! NMJ decides the general idea they're going for, JGY researches an ungodly amount of info and LXC narrows it down to like two or three options for them to pick. It's all very smooth. However spontaneous dates are destined to end in failure because good luck coordinating all their preferences without thinking in advance.
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farm-paws · 17 hours ago
Old english sheepdog
I’m not going to shame them for being large, or sheepdogs, that’s fine. I don’t care. However, it is directly counterproductive to have a sheepdog that can become wool-blind. What the fuck are you meant to do then? The wool-blind leading the wool-blind you might say. When the OES learns to shear itself we will talk.
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kingpattillo · 23 hours ago
[Coffee Cup] Gavin's Salmon Shorts (I'm on desktop so no emojis)
Tumblr media
you can use the windows key and the colon/semicolon button together to open an emoji menu, but if you don't use a windows computer, i'm sorry </3
there's not much else to say other than that they're simply iconic. for as long as i've know of gavin, one of the first things i associate with him appearance-wise are those fucking shorts.
[send me a ☕️ + [topic] and i’ll tell you my opinion on it!]
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pink-flame · 19 hours ago
“babe cmon it’s her first christmas she’s barely 3 months old she won’t even remember this, it’s okay that it’s not perfect,” julie told her husband softly, giving him a deep kiss then pulling away to kiss rosies cheek, who was contently being held in her daddy’s arms”
Luke frowned over at his wife in confusion.
“I’m not worried about disappointing Rosie, Jules,” He said as though it should have been obvious.
Now it was Julie’s turn to frown as she tried to make sense of his words.
“But when you couldn’t find your Santa suit you got so upset,” Julie pointed out.
“That’s for Reggie not Rosie,” Luke explained worriedly. “Alex and I stage this whole thing for him every year. We’re still not 100% sure he knows Santa isn’t real…”
Give me the first sentence of a fic and I’ll write the next five. (I have a backlog of juke baby and wedding prompts but I’ll take anything else!)
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