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#ask game
kkshowtunes · 18 hours ago
Musical Theater Kid Ask Game!
💕- What is your favorite musical?
💖 - Favorite show you’ve been in?
❤️- What’s a show that makes you feel pumped up
🧡- What’s your favorite character from a musical?
💛- Favorite role you’ve had?
💚- What’s a show you don’t like the plot of?
💙- What’s a show that makes you really sad?
💜- What’s an unpopular opinion you have about a show?
🥴 - Tell us about a time you auditioned for something and didn’t get the role
🥰- Tell us about a time you auditioned for something and got the role
🌝- Have you ever had a stage kiss?
🤯 - Have you ever auditioned for a broadway show? If so, which one?
😍- Have you ever had a celebrity crush on a theatre star? If so, who was it?
🤪 - Have you ever sung showtunes in an ihop/applebees/food joint?
🧐 - Which musical do you think is overrated?
😴- Which musical do you think is underrated?
😕- What’s a show you used to be your favorite but isn’t anymore
💅- Have you ever had a crush on someone in your cast? If so, tell us about it
💧- Can you cry on cue?
🤣- Can you fake a laugh?
🎼- Can you sing?
🩰- Can you dance?
💭- What’s your dream role?
🏆- Is there a Tony win you thought wasn’t deserved / stolen?
🚿- What’s your favorite song to sing in the shower?
🚗 - What’s your favorite song to sing in the car?
⭐️- What’s your favorite broadway star?
📺- What’s your favorite movie musical/ musical tv show?
📜- What’s your opinion on Hamilton?
🍎- What’s your opinion on Dear Evan Hansen?
👑- What’s your opinion of SIX?
♟ - What’s your opinion on Falsettos?
📰- What’s your opinion on Newsies?
💊- What’s your opinion on Be More Chill?
🎶- What’s your favoite Sondheim musical?
🎵- What’s your favorite Andrew Lloyd Webber Musical?
🎤- What’s your favortie Lin Manuel Musical/ Movie?
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rat-zuki · 20 hours ago
You collect something? You give me the "I buy books and intend on reading them but never do" vibes???
I DOOOO. not really books, i’ve gotten much too deep into fanfiction to like.. give a fuck about fiction unless it’s about ME. though i have a lot of nursing/medical textbooks. buuuuut..
i collect ROCKS!
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worldcylinder · 11 hours ago
tMG asks
Favorite song?
Favorite album?
Favorite single or EP?
Favorite Going To song?
Favorite Alpha song?
Lofi or hifi?
Favorite lofi album?
Favorite hifi album?
Favorite unreleased song?
Most underrated song?
Most underrated album?
Most overrated song?
Most overrated album?
Give me a hot Goats take.
Have you read any of JD's books? What did you think?
Funniest song?
Worst song? Not your least favorite, I mean objectively the worst.
Best song? Again, not your favorite, but objectively the best.
Least favorite song?
Least favorite album?
Tell me your favorite line/s from a song you love.
Got a goto feelin-shitty song?
A song that cheers you up?
A song you didn't know about for ages and then found one day and became obsessed with?
Favorite song to sing along to?
Saddest song?
Favorite live track?
Give me a good JD quote or tweet or something.
How did you get into the Mountain Goats?
Are you a tMG snob? Like for real tho.
People are always saying like "oh the Goats stopped being good after [album]." Are you one of them? What's the album?
Rec me a tMG blog.
Ever been to a live show? How many?
How much merch ya got?
Vinyl. Thoughts?
What's a song that you think deserves a close listen or 10? Why?
A song that is really, really personal for you?
A song that you just don't get?
A song you can't listen to?
A track with great instrumentals?
A track with great vocals?
A lyric that just obliterated you the first time you heard it?
A lyric you cannot fucking stand?
Got a Goats-only playlist you wanna share with the world? Post the link and tell me about it.
Got a highly specific song interpretation you wanna share?
The Goats have an obscenely huge discography. How much of it have you actually listened to?
How obsessed are you with tMG lore?
Do you only listen to the Mountain Goats?
Gimme a link to a cool Goats thing you want everyone to know about.
Rant about a song or album or blog post or whatever that you think is great or interesting or maybe extremely terrible. I don't care, just pick something Goats-related you have thoughts on and go ham.
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the-black-bulls · 5 hours ago
Nozel isn't attractive at all 💀 the braid is just 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree
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portraitoftheoddity · 3 hours ago
Ok, I’m curious...
For those of you who don’t know me personally, how do you picture me/my aesthetic? 
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woundthatswallows · 12 hours ago
mutuals send me an emoji and i'll make u a playlist of songs that i associate with u / think have your vibes..
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dwellordream · 4 hours ago
Viserra daughter of Aerys and Quentyn; kisses for soothing!
She wakes up screaming, fresh from a nightmare in which the Usurper’s men stormed Dragonstone.
Her mother was wailing in agony as an axe split her belly open, and the gargoyles and stone demons came to life to chase Viserra down the dark corridors, until she burst out onto a balcony with the raging sea below.
She could hear them coming for her; she had no choice but to jump and hope to fly.
Instead, she fell. In her dreams, she always falls, plummeting like a stone into the icy sea.
Warm arms wrap around her; she shudders and spits, thrashing wildly before she recognizes his smell and touch. Quentyn always smells faintly of orange and cloves, and his skin is smooth besides the hair on his arms and stubble of his cheeks.
She sobs aloud and relaxes slightly into his embrace.
“It’s alright,” he says. “It was just a dream.”
Outside, the night birds of the pyramid’s lush gardens are chirping. Meereen is still asleep. Her city. The one she carved out for herself, the one she promised she would not abandon, and its people.
Quentyn wants her to return to Westeros with him, before her sister and the boy Aegon can claim it for themselves. Viserra is less certain. Some days she is convinced. Her throne, her birthright, the loyal houses waiting for her, the tyranny of the Baratheon regime-
Yet Meereen is hers. And war with her own sister- Viserra has never been able to quite grasp how to be kind to Dany. But she still loves her, though her birth killed their mother. Targaryens should not war with one another.
If Viserra could strangle the life from the Pretender Aegon’s neck, she would. But he is half a world away. And Daenerys and he both have dragons too- Viserra fears Rhaegel could never defeat them both.
“Lay down,” Quentyn is easing her back besides him in bed. “You’re shaking.”
“I’m fine,” she snaps, but she is weeping. She buries her face in his thick neck like a little girl, though she is twenty three, five years his elder.
He shushes her like a babe, entwining his stocky legs with hers, rooting a hand in her thin silvery blonde hair. She sniffs, then stills.
In the morning, everything will make more sense, she tells herself. She will know where to go from here.
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the-black-bulls · 5 hours ago
Gray should be able to cuss
strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree
Like, just look at her... she’s on edge 24/7; she will cuss for the silliest of reasons and this, in fact, is canon.
Case in point:
Tumblr media
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shatouto · 2 hours ago
📥 What is your fave fic to receive comments/messages on?
hahaha my short-term, instant-gratification-inclines brain usually just wants comments on the most recent thing i've posted at any given moment
but if i were to think about it, i guess the fics i like receiving comments on are the more... conceptual fics i've written? like hold gently and let go or when we cut our hair. or even Sacrilege
(then again, i also love commenters yelling at me when i end on cliffhangers or whump the characters too much, which mostly applies to the more angsty stuff i've written, like Sacrifice or a little more loool)
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ship ask game: hunter/edric (idk if you're that far through yet)
Don't Ship It
Why don't you ship it?
I don’t hate this ship. I don’t even have too much against it? It’s just not my cup of tea. I’m too far gone into Jerbric at this point (they kinda, sorta spiraled into becoming one of my biggest comfort ships) and I think Hunter should get therapy first and foremost. He has a lot to work through, and I don’t like that a lot of people make his character all about a ship.
They’re also a bit too similar for my taste? I’m more of an opposites attract kinda person. Luz and Amity work because of how different they are, and because these differences are exactly what the other needs. I see that in Viney and Emira. I see it in Edric and Jerbo. I don’t see it in Hunter and Edric.
Also even though I obviously don’t have an issue with people hc-ing him a different way, as an acespec lacking rep I’ve grown kinda fond of headcanoning Hunter as aroace honestly. My boy deserves so much platonic love, but I’m not sure I can ever picture him in a relationship. I feel like he wants to be loved so much, and having him figure out he’s actually not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship of any kind would make for an interesting narrative. I feel like he’s always thought himself broken to an extent, because the only “affection” he receives is a warped, abusive one. Love is something he has to earn, if he doesn’t he’s punished. And I feel like he’d really struggle when he figures out that maybe he doesn’t want a partner because that feeds right into the fears caused by him never receiving love. “I’m broken because I can’t love anyone” is part of many aroace stories, and I really love to imagine him eventually finding his happiness in friends and found family that treat him the way he deserves to be. (I also like the narrative because environmental aphobia plays no part in it. Nobody tells him there’s anything wrong with the different way he loves—he just struggles to embrace it at first because he’s never experienced healthy familial love before and is raised to think the abuse he experiences is normal, and that every familial relationship is like this. He thinks the only way he could experience a good kind of love would be through something totally different, like a romantic relationship that he apparently doesn’t even want—so he thinks that maybe he can only ever experience the bad familial love… but then he finds out it’s not always like that, and that he is lovable. Because obviously romantic love isn’t the only kind that can be good.)
…I got a bit carried away there. Oops.
I also just really wanna up the amount of aspec rep in this fandom in general, I’ve barely seen any.
What would have made you like it?
Good question. At this point? I honestly don’t know, because, as stated, too attached to my aroace Hunter headcanon and Jerbric. (It’s actually very funny, I don’t think I’ve ever grown attached to a crack ship before this fandom, and between Jerbric and Vinira I now have two that I’d sell my soul for.) Maybe if they had actual canon interactions that showed them having chemistry?
Despite not shipping it, do you have anything positive to say about it?
I 100% why people like it. I love both characters, and for what it’s worth, I think they’d get along really well. I do actually wanna write Hunter interacting with the twins eventually, there’s so much fun hijinks potential and I think they could be very close friends under the right circumstances. I just can’t see them together on a romantic level.
Ship ask game
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saradika · 17 hours ago
Hello lovely Jess, for the writing game: I’d love to see the scene in The Bodyguard and the Betrothed where she tries to run away from Din and he catches her from his perspective? x
Oooo Sam, this is a great POV! Thank you so much for this request! 💕 It was fun to dive back in (but hopefully not give too much away!)
Din's POV from the end of The Bodyguard and the Betrothed - Chapter 2.
Din Djarin x F!Reader
Rated G - 800(ish) words
Tags - I think just angst! And a quick chase scene.
(From A Certain Point Of View Ask Game✨)
She walks slightly ahead of him, sullen and sloped-shouldered as the weight of the large bag seems to crush her frame. He would have offered to take it - to shoulder the weight himself - but he knew what it was like to have almost nothing, the desperation of everything you owned being in one small place.
He can’t help but replay the memory as he walks behind her, the look in her eyes when she first turned turned around the in Palace. The mix of anger and curiosity, then the sharp slap of betrayal when she recognized him. Then, the way her jaw set, her pretty face smoothing blank as she turned back around.
The path curves sharply in front of him, she’s a few steps ahead when he hears her gait change, the harsh pounding of feet instead of steady, dragging footsteps.
"Osik-" He's cursing under his breath as he rushes forward, seeing that she has taken off at a sprint, legs leading her past the hanger, the pack swaying on her back.
He had picked up on her tense expression, pinched, strained muscles, but he had thought it was the shock - not because she had been planning an escape. His legs are moving before he has to think, taking himself down the path after her.
She was a few steps ahead, but he was fast, and unluckily for her - this was his job. He has to pull himself out of the mind of a bounty hunter as he closes the distance though, pushing away from the thrill, the wild thrumming of his blood as his body reacts automatically to the chase.
This wasn't a criminal, hardened from years of violence.
This was just a girl.
He could have captured her earlier, used his fibercord to bring her to the ground, or hit her with a stun from his blaster. Instead, he lets her work out some of her frustration, lets her run just a little bit further before his legs really begin to pump, finally bringing himself level to her running form. And then, he is making a hard cut to the right, his arms reaching out like the beginnings of an embrace.
Gravity tilts as he crashes against her, and a mix of compassion and instinct takes over as he twists in the air, ensuring that his form hits the ground first. The packed earth crushes his armor into his flesh, biting and sure to leave a mark, her weight pressing him into the dirt as his arms close around her waist.
Their inertia has them rolling one more time, her body rolling under his as his heels dig into the ground to slow them to a halt. As he catches his breath, He lifts his hips from her soft form, before the weight of his Beskar bruises her further.
She’s dust-covered, and he’s surprised when she doesn’t fight back; just tilts her head so she can look at him while she coughs, sucking in breaths of air.
He’s about to move when he hears her voice, raspy and harsh, from the fall or her emotions - he can't tell.
“Did you know?”
Din’s hand tightens around her wrists, an automatic reaction to his confusion - he isn’t expecting this. Why, out of all the questions she could have, why she would ask this one.
Not “why me” or “why did this happen”- no, it was a direct accusation, as if his part in this role was the true betrayal.
He doesn’t know what to say, so instead he makes himself move, shifting her until she’s sideways beneath him as his hips straddle her thighs. His hand adjust, moving from their position low under her pack, bringing her wrists around to her front.
Her teeth snap together, and her jaw grits. He doesn’t miss the way her lips part, voice cracking as she asks again, “Did you?”
The sharp intake of air comes from his own lungs this time as her head turns, both her eyes coming into this view - full of fire and anger and he can’t look away. The gathering tears tip over, leaving a streak down her cheek, cutting through the dirt.
But he still can’t form an answer, doesn’t know the words to explain - how to make her believe that this wasn’t his intention.
Some sort of resignation settles in her eyes at his prolonged silence. Her forehead tilts back slowly down, her skin kissing the dusty ground beneath them, unable to look at him any longer.
She inhales a breath and exhales, but the sound is wet and choked, and it hits him like a bolt to the chest.
"I am sorry," And Stars, he is, he's sorry for all of this - even the things he can't help. He shifts his weight as he rises, his hands sliding up to her biceps, pulling her unsteadily to her feet. "But I have to take you to your new home. I can't let you go."
Din can’t help but be thankful for his helmet as her tears begin to fall.
I am working on Chapter 3! I hope to have it out soon 💕
(Tags: @lastphoenixrising, @spideysimpossiblegirl, @aerinkebiinkads, @thefact0rygirl, @xgoldenjenny, @the-siren-writes-it, @stardust-galaxies, @thatonedindjarinfan, @altarsw, @kat-r-in, @justanotherblonde23, @fuckyeahbeskar, @xxdisappearwithoutatracexx, @blue-and-yellow-jjk-pjm, @aerinkebiinkads, @xgoldenjenny, @lastphoenixfalling, @buckethead-over-heels, @over300books, @amneris21, @mysticalgalaxysalad, @reader-without-a-cause, @zinzinina, @clanoffetts, @ladyopress, @themaydecemberist, @delusionsxfgrandeur, @rexsjaigeyes, @thiccumz, @herb-welch, @mandaloriandin, @bobas-missing-codpiece, @sgtdogmastyle)
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the-black-bulls · 22 hours ago
Neither Finral and Noelle should have to grovel to their families, if they want to try to have better relationship with their siblings that’s fine, but the emotional abuse shouldn’t be disregarded.
Also Finral and Noelle should be closer, like I want them to learn how to do laundry…Ex/exiled royals unionize against shitty parenting and siblings
strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree
And for both opinions! Finral and Noelle’s friendship has a lot of potential; in fact, all the exiled nobles should’ve had a better friendship with Noelle. Am I the only person who finds Noelle’s lack of interactions with Gauche, Henry and Grey (not a noble, but she was abused by her family too) really annoying?
Also I can’t agree with you more about their families. I personally think Finral and Langris relationship was handled nicely, but for Lumiere’s sake, the parents don’t deserve Finral’s kindness, and as far as I’m concerned he’s still very exiled and is not planning to kiss their sorry asses so he can get the girl he loves. As about Noelle, I’ll not accept her family (Nozel very included) until she bitch-slaps each one of them (starting with Nozel) or they apologize to her without dragging out their excuses.
Don’t get me wrong, I understand where both of them are coming from. This is still poorly done and poorly handled and forced, and an irritating representations of family abuse victims. Why don’t we get more situations like Vanessa’s with the Witch Queen?
Back to Finral and Noelle’s friendship, I read some stories that highlight their beautiful dynamic. Let me know if you want to check them.
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dwellordream · 20 hours ago
omg you are doing prompts again?? how about cat/cersei kisses 14 or 26!!
Cersei is in a foul mood, made worse by her pregnancy, Jaime’s absence, since his own plump little fish of a wife is also with child back at the Rock, and Robert’s habit of still coming to her after a night of drinking to insist she pleasure him in other ways.
When she hears low voices outside and then footsteps at the door, she bristles, convinced she’ll be unable to hold her tongue tonight. Yet it is not a drunken Robert swaggering into her chambers but her own Tully fish.
And unlike her younger sister, the sight of Catelyn does not fill Cersei with rage, but another kind of frustration entirely.
“I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of you all day,” she says waspishly as Catelyn approaches the bed where she is lounging, wearing nothing but a robe of golden silk, trimmed with black Myrish lace.
In the lamp light, Catelyn’s dark auburn hair burns like embers in a grate, and the deep blue of her gown brings out her eyes.
“I had business to tend to, Your Grace,” she says dryly. “My husband’s correspondence to sort through.”
Once Cersei thought Catelyn would wed Jon Connington and she Rhaegar. Instead they found themselves saddled with two far inferior men, in her view.
“You have greater business with me,” Cersei insists. “Robert wants a tourney when our son is born. You must tell your husband to convince him to hold it at Casterly. I can take no more of this city. And I want my son born at the Rock.”
Catelyn sits beside her, frowning. “You are already too far gone to be traveling west-,”
“I was not asking for your opinion,” Cersei snaps. “You will do as your Queen instructs.”
Catelyn looks at her coldly, then leans over and kisses her, all fire, little tenderness. Cersei smirks against her mouth and tugs her closer.
It matters not. Cersei prefers it like this. Why do cats bat at the fish in the castle pond?
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astroninaaa · 16 hours ago
new ask game if you had to guess a fun fact about me what fun fact would you guess
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thenicestnonbinary · 21 hours ago
SC Jane in D4? I want the sad alien queen to feel pretty again
She deserves nice things!!
Tumblr media
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sioirsebhan · 7 hours ago
got tagged by @lightdescending! thank you friend <3
list 15 songs you’ve been listening to a lot recently:  
digger - great grandpa
you are the apple - lady lamb
cloudbusting – kate bush
dandelion - big thief
boy with a coin – iron & wine
baby birch - joanna newsom
headfirst slide into cooperstown on a bad bet - fall out boy
decatur, or, round of applause for your stepmother! - sufjan stevens
highly emotional people - marina and the diamonds
schopenhaur in berlin - emperor x
sumer – rostam
pay your way in pain - st. vincent
雨 - ichiko aoba
消极掰 – jolin tsai
我要给世界最悠长的湿吻 - tanya chua
tagging @chocochipbiscuit @littleplant1998 @themarveloussea @post-futurism @holzerwettshirtcontest @minoan-ophidian @ebbet @acerinky (no pressure) and YOU if you want to join in!!
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