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💙 - I want to be your friend
🍦 - Your blog is great
🎀 - You make me smile
🍉 - I wanna talk to you more
🍒 - I wanna be in your friend group
🍓 - I wanna get to know you better

JEANS!!!!!! MY DISCORD DMS R ALWAYS OPEN… UR SUCH A DELIGHT :pleading: :pleading: :pleading:

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okay so my first answer was a little salty (not at anon, just at jkr), but like. okay so they. like, they’re the other halves of one another. they’re two pillars leaning on one another, in support and solidarity. remus thinks that Sirius is so bright he’s blinding, that he shouldn’t even be allowed to look at him. he’s a rare thing, a beating heart, and remus is so, so afraid of breaking him. 

Sirius sees remus as like, something combustible or explosive. when it’s just sitting there on its own, all innocent like, it can’t really do any harm—but when you add the right elements or drop a matchstick close enough, the whole place goes up in smoke. remus is TNT and dynamite and exciting and fascinating and dangerous, really, when one thinks about it. the sweaters and the mismatched socks and the soft tufts of brown hair falling into his eyes hide it well, but no matter what he’s still got claws, still got teeth built to bite. 

They love each other. they hate each other. they think the other is the funniest fucking person to walk the planet. remus would die for Sirius, really. would endure a thousand transformations all at once just to save him. Sirius, in turn, would take the curse on for remus. he’d eat the whole damn moon if he could, actually, just to make the pain stop. 

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Thank you! ❤️❤️

So useful talent!  I have a really good memory!  It’s not eidetic, but it’s pretty close - which is helpful when I want to remember conversations or what I did on an old work project or when I travel and navigate around :)

Useless talent!  I can play the spoons!  I typically have to be drunk to do so now, but it’s my fun party trick haha

Boat!  I could probably think about this forever - but um for whatever reason the first thing that came to mind was Equinox.  So I guess that? 

anonymously (or not) ask me any question you’d like to know about me :)

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Pine: what’s something you’ve had since you were a child?

Some toys and a blanket from when I was Very Young. They’re being kept in a storage crate in my closet right now for safety

Raccoon: have you every accidentally stolen something?

YES! I have accidentally stolen a few music books from my high school. The choir director knows this. She does not care. I stole an Italian soprano aria book and a mezzo-soprano/belter musical theatre book.

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S: survival song- andrew jackson jihad

E: evil eye- franz ferdinand

B: bad habits- fidlar

B: baby, i’m an anarchist- against me!

I: i wanna boi- pwr bttm

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Wind: what music do you normally listen to?

I will listen to pretty much whatever I think sounds good but I’ve been listening to the score (and score covers/tributes) of the Star Wars films a lot recently because it helps me write better since it contains no lyrics to distract me or screw with my brain

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M: my idea of fun- wingnut dishwashers union

A: armchair anarchism- not half bad

R: roll me through the gates of hell- mischief brew

I: indy kidz- cage the elephant

A: average men- pansy division

(can you tell i listen to a lot of folk punk)

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Thank you! 

16. Top 5 fics under 10k?

I actually read mostly shorter fic and am terrible at using bookmarks (I know!) so this is hard haha. Here are some faves:

Intertwined (The Musketeers: Constance/Milady)

Wanheda & the Hunter (The 100: Bellamy/Clarke)

you’ve been on my mind since the flood (The Great: Catherine/Peter)

in my dreams we survived (The Last Kingdom: Hild, Iseult, Uhtred)

And last I would be remiss not to include your Meanwhile in Mercia series because I am obssessed with it!! (I can’t pick one, so I pick all three)

29. Which fic have you re-read the most?

Take Me To Church (The 100, Bellamy/Clarke) is definitely a contender! It’s got that religious-guilt-laden angst + smut that is kinda my kryptonite. Plus, priest kink. 

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Bzbzjsbsbsbzhhshw i lost it at Serious Treated Crackly 😂

U know what, I’ll be the one to make this a tag on ao3, just wait and see >:))))))

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You know me! You do! 💙💙💙 I love me some good humour with deep emotional undertones!

In fact, some of my wips rn are exactly this premise! Humour and feels!

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Jsbdhshwjejeue way to call me out Danielle xD u know i have and will time and time again write this premise💙💙💙

What can i say

Lorgeskier creatureskier rights

Let. Geralt. Be. Small.

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