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I beg your pardon? I have no desire or interest in multiple intimate relationships. As I have stated before, once I commit, I am a one woman, monogamous man. I do not give my heart freely or willingly to just anyone.

Spoons is it for me. She is more than enough and well worth having all of my attentions and my heart. Nothing about that is a waste, mortal.

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That’s Perfectly fine!

Who’s first?

“Oh no…”

“Looks like we have a volunteer.”



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Originally posted by jjpgotinfinite

“Don’t Encourage him Brother!!”

“Whatever wizard.. you’re next.”


“My favourite thing about Sarah… I think it would have to be how unbelievably stubborn she is. She doesn’t give herself enough credit in how well she keeps me on my toes.”


“There I said it! Your turn!”

“I have quite a bit to choose from here… but I think I’ll go with the fact that she is fiery enough to keep up and had a matching ego to mine. We frequently indulge in verbal footsie.”


“That wasn’t so difficult as you tried to make it seem.”

“Shut up”

“My turn now?”


“Easy Mr. Ruffled Feathers~”


Originally posted by lokitty-blog1


“-Okay! OKAY! Break it up. I’m going”


*Sigh* “Well I.. it wasn’t uncommon to find women who fawned all over me in Midgard. Cate just treated me like a normal guy. Gave me a kick in the pants when I needed it. Though don’t tell her that. Power goes to her head faster than Loki.”


“Prove me wrong and I’ll shut up.”


“He rules the more traditional acting half of Nyrheim. As well as making the front of over half the news magazines as the classiest and humble monarchal couples to date with his queen Sarah. How’s that?”

“You know, sometimes I don’t know if you have a hate boner for each other or just a boner.”

“Well at least he stood up for me.”

“Oh don’t start.”

“And Thor, neither Maddie or Sarah fawned over you either.”


“T-there were other things, I was told to pick a favourite! Cate is… she’s- I’VE TALKED ABOUT HER BEFORE IN ANOTHER QUESTION CAN YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!?”

“Awww. The Noble King Thor getting all huffy~”

“Hypocritical much?”

“I have no clue what you mean.”

“Me either.”

“You were goading him on it not 5 minutes ago!!”

“No idea what you’re talking about.”


Originally posted by comealong-jawn

“You must be losing your mind, Brother.”


“Don’t you ‘Brother’ me you little-”


Thank you for the question anon!

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Anything philosophical, Pythagoras, or books pertaining to new spells. Frigga did provide me with some Midgardian greats such as, Proust “A la recerche de temps perdus”, and Platos Republic “Shadows on the Cave”. On reflection, when I’ve been particularly under stress, or merely wish to indulge, I gravitate towards poetry. Some angry verses, some lament.

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