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athenagrantnash · 2 days ago
Ohhhh mannnn but Ghost Whisperer!au
Maddie stares at Bobby in evident confusion, starting to ask him 'who's th--' only to stop herself when she realizes he can't actually see the boy and girl who follow him around, trying to hug him with spectral arms.
Oh my god 😭😭😭
Okay I really need somebody to fic this, because it would be unbelievably perfect.
When she finally tells him that his kids are still there, and a ghost only sticks around because of unfinished business, a part of Bobby’s heart shatters. It wasn’t bad enough that he ripped away the years they should have had because of his mistakes, but to find they aren’t even at peace??
He hadn’t thought the pain in his heart could get worse. He was wrong.
But then Brook pipes up, and says that she and Bobby Jr. can’t go because their dad wants to say goodbye to them. And they love him too much to leave him without letting him have that.
And Maddie tells Bobby the real reason they’re still there, and Bobby is completely overwhelmed. Love and grief intermingling until he can barely speak past the lump in his throat.
And finally, several years after he lost his children, through Maddie he’s finally able to tell them how sorry he is, how much he misses them, how much he loves them. He finally gets to say goodbye. And they tell him through Maddie that they’re not angry at him for what happened, and they’re so happy that he has two new kids to love because “you were really good at loving us, so we know you’ll be good at loving them too.”
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saintzjenx · 6 months ago
Reblog this and ask me any question, about anything. I'll pull tarot card(s) and use my intuiton to give you the answer.
Oh I'll also choose randomly too🥳 Whichever or whoever I feel more drawn to energetically will be picked and I'll stop when I feel like its time:") This is my way of giving back to you guys even just a little bit haha
Lets have some fun loves,
saint jenx🪐
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prettyplumpkitty · 23 days ago
Those eyes mmm
Thanks so much anon!
Tumblr media
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thenutcrackerus · a month ago
Also, may i ask who voice acted the speech if you don't mind me asking?
That, you'd have to ask my friend @businesstiger, as the song is by them! I'd love it if you'd give them a follow, they make music for EODLS and both my games!
It's called Loonch from the I'm Glad You Exist album! (Which is also the theme of the title screen for Phantasma, I Think I Exist, it's just slowed down!)
Anon: Ademas, puedo preguntar quien interpreto la voz en el discurso si no le importa que pregunte?
Mi respuesta:
Eso, tendrias que preguntarle a @businesstiger, ya que la cancion es de ellos!
Se llama Loonch del album I'm Glad You Exist! (Que tambien es el tema de la pantalla de título de Phantasma, I Think I Exist, simplemente se ralentizo!)
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theh0bbitt · 14 days ago
it has been two years since I initially posted this! so I’ve decided to make another one: hobbit & lotr ask 2.0 (including some silmarillion questions)
who is your favorite actor from the franchise?
what’s your favorite fan fiction for Tolkien’s universe?
what’s your favorite fan art?
what group is your favorite? the fellowship or the company?
which movie is your favorite over all?
which movie is your least favorite?
who is your favorite character?
least favorite character in the franchise?
favorite character arc? this doesn’t have to be the same as your favorite character.
favorite tolkien meme?
do you have any favorite Tolkien blogs?
do you own the book series?
do you own more than one version of the book series?
have you read the silmarillion?
who would you most likely be if you were in the hobbit? the lotr? the silmarillion?
the ship you keep coming back to.
...hate with a burning passion. like that’s underrated.
have you ever written fan fiction for Tolkien’s universe?
choose one: Legolas or Aragorn?
Samwise or Frodo?
Fili or Kili?
Gandalf or Saruman?
Merry or Pippin?
Thorin or Bilbo?
Gollum or Smaug?
Melian or Glorfindel?
Galadriel or Beren?
the hobbit or the lord of the rings?
which movie do you wish you could watch all over again for the first time?
have you ever read anything about the lore behind Tolkien’s creation? whether it be the history, fun facts from his son, etc.
have you ever ate like a hobbit for fun? would you?
has the hobbit, the lotr or the silmarillion influenced your life in any way?
favorite scene in the franchise?
which character would you bring back to life in a heartbeat?
which character would you bake a cake for?
which character would you give a saltine cracker and a piece of cardboard to?
in your opinion: who is the funniest character?
who is the meanest character?
...the kindest character?
...the mom friend?
which characters should have ended up together?
which character(s) would you keep away with a six foot pole?
what in the Tolkien universe shocked you the first time you learned about it?
what two weapons would you use?
what’s your favorite custom? dwarven hair braiding? hobbits giving away gifts instead of receiving them on their birthday? etc.
which movie ending did you like the best?
...the least?
which book ending did you like the best?
...the least?
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cosmicfunnies · 9 months ago
Starry Late Night Q& A
Tumblr media
While i slowly try to finish my pluto collection, and hopefully (and finally) work on comics, feel free to ask me any question.. 
Have a good night. 
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athenagrantnash · 21 days ago
I have so many thoughts and questions regarding Taylor's last scene in today's episode(her crying while looking at an article about a doctor being found guilty)
Okay but like... I think we're all guessing that those are her parents in the article, which is HEARTBREAKING because she would have only been about 10 at the time of all that.
So in one move she lost her mom, watched her dad get accused of the crime, and then lost him.
And also? What if Kelly is her middle name? After all this she legally changed her name so that she wouldn't be associated with everything that went down with all that! It also explains why she is always so fully and completely invested in the truth, and ALSO why she was so sad when Buck was telling her last week about the prisoner who just wanted to see his kid.
And honestly? It even explains perfectly why she was so intent on filming what was going on with Bobby in Dosed. Maybe if somebody had been there filming when her mom OD'd... maybe her dad wouldn't have been blamed for it. It's like what Megan said... she was interested in finding the truth in that story, and she had to make sure that that truth didn't get twisted
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ask-pokemonranger-rai · 4 days ago
Hi Ranger Rai! Why does my Togekiss think that anything smaller than her is her baby? Anytime we come across a small Pokémon or plant or even sometimes people she insists on taking care of them. Her current favorite is my new Cranidos. I don’t think he minds though?
Well thats pretty natural.
Despite being a majority Male, Togekiss are very protective and caring.
But it has been noted that females might be more affectionate.
Of course without a nest or small community of babies to care for, usually a togekiss will feel compelled to protect and nature the youngest or smallest pokemon in a team.
If you have time, maybe let it volunteer at a nursery or daycare so it can care as much as it wants.
There are programs where they can stay and if it's a flying type, usually can leave when it wants, so it would still be able to participate either you.
Tumblr media
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prettyplumpkitty · 8 months ago
Your boobs are so perfect!
Thank you so much anon. I really appreciate you taking the time to tell me so.
Tumblr media
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inkedbutch · 4 months ago
damn bitch you always be wanting asks. what are you, a slut for attention?
Tumblr media
but fr i just love interacting with y’all
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thenutcrackerus · a month ago
You have an idea on how the world map would look like after the Takeaway War, or is it roughly the same after the 1930's?
Tumblr media
It looks like this afterward!
(There's a lot more countries, like the rest in the world, this is just an examplee, hehe!)
Germany got a lot bigger after the Takeaway war, and the U.S. decided to leave Germany alone after it, not taking it over at all, it was the only war in the EODLS universe!
In fact, after the Takeaway war, no more countries got taken over, everyone had their own country to themselves and was at peace X)
(I just noticed the colors for the Kaninchengesellschaft party logo is the same colors as the German flag, haha!)
Anon: Tiene alguna idea de como se vería el mapa mundial despues de la guerra de llevar, o es mas o menos igual despues de la decada de 1930?
Mi respuesta: Se ve asi despues!
(Hay muchos mas paises, como el resto del mundo, esto es solo un ejemplo, jeje!)
Alemania se hizo mucho mas grande despues de la guerra de Takeaway, y los E.U. Decidieron dejar a Alemania en paz despues de ella, sin apoderarse de ella en absoluto, era la unica guerra en el universo EODLS!
De hecho, despues de la guerra de Takeaway, no se tomaron mas paises, todos tenian su propio país para ellos y estaban en paz X)
(Acabo de notar que los colores del logotipo de la grupo de Kaninchengesellschaft son los mismos que los de la bandera alemana, jaja!)
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Ezekiel kink list??? 😳
Oooh, this is a good one! I think he would have a few:
- Some erotic humiliation - depending on the mood of both him and his partner
- Edge play
- Impact play - he definitely enjoys smacking his partner
- Mind compulsion - I feel like he would just watch his partner touch themselves without even them even knowing they were doing it. One of the many gifts and powers of vampires 😉
- DEFINITELY SOME BITING - again depending more so on his partner's mood (with some minor blood play too, if you squint hard enough)
If you have any more suggestions for other OC monsters I've done, let me know 😁💫
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