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Well we have managed to sort things out either the trainer and their Torracat.

We found it best to keep them together and send them all back to Alola.

While we here in Sinnoh can always use more fire types, the situation of these Littens would be far too much for them to adjust to.

However we will be in contact with Professor Kukui who has an Incenroar himself and is probabaly much more fit to look after these Littens.

It was pretty amazing to see such a unique combination, and I hope they all do well.


Originally posted by chasekip

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yAy thanks for another ask!
I know some people like to discuss disorders among the dexholders, but I’ve never really thought about it so these answers are off the top of my head. 

Yellow seems a bit autistic since she’s so quiet and shy. When I was younger, I was a lot like her (no I don’t have powers that can heal animals, I wish) but I was really shy. So my teachers thought I had autism (I don’t so that doctor’s visit was a waste). So maybe mild autism for Yellow.

Ruby is OCD. You can’t convince me otherwise. Look up OCD in a dictionary and you’ll see his picture. All jokes aside, he’s very obsessive and compulsive and a neat freak, so don’t even try telling me he doesn’t have OCD. (I love you, Ruby, but you’re just too much sometimes :,(

Black probably has ADHD. The hyperactivity and the lack of focus definitely makes it seem that way. But it dosen’t look too severe since he demonstrates immense focus on battling and studying pokemon.

Here are a few extras. I know that they aren’t exactly neurotypical disorders, but I’m not too educated on these so I don’t really know which category they fall into (forgive me if I say something stupid, please :)

Ruby and Sapphire have PTSD from the salemence. Kusaka kinda brushes it off as a normal fear or phobia at most, but getting attacked by a salemence has to give you some kind of trauma. 

Pretty much all the dexholders have trauma. Lots of them faced some really horrible stuff that would leave someone traumatized and two big examples are Silver and Green (f). I’m not too sure, but I think Kusaka doesn’t show everyone’s emotional trauma since it’s a children’s book and he doesn’t want it to get too heavy maybe.

So yeah sorry for the fricking essay. This is the first time I write about this and it was fun!

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So, I’ve got a lot of favourite characters from spe. DexHolders are Ruby, Sapphire, Gold, Silver (in no specific order) ((and also Black: SKREM™️!))

Other characters are: WALLY! Wallyyyyy!! kOfF™️, Prof. Birch has gained my full admiration after waiting on a tree in a storm for Emerald so yeah (but take care of your damn daughter you IDIOT), and Paka and Uji are just :’),

Easiest to write hmmm… Black comes to me pretty naturally, especially when I’m super hyper and on a sugar rush. So do Gold and Sapphire. I relate to these crazy hyper b*tches so much holy crap.

((Thanks for the ask!))



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I’m not in high school/secondary school anymore but I’ll answer it from when I was!

1) Never forgot it. I basically started to do my homework early in the mornings in school and during lunch so I didn’t really forget it. I’d have a bunch of free classes for religion so I did the majority of work there!

2) Never! We never did anything that would’ve made us be barefooted during P.E

3) A few times! Our school was extremely small with a population of about 250 students. The school has cameras everywhere and if you didn’t show up, teachers would easily come looking for you. You didn’t really have anywhere to hide either because the school was small. I spent a lot of time in classes that I knew I could make myself late for for example Art. We showed up with ten minutes left out of thirty for Irish and it felt like a Police interview. We did it a lot for classes like maths because they were a pain in the ass

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So we did a little digging and asked around.

Turns out that the Mamma Torracat was actually a trainers pokemon.

They apparently were visiting from Alola and they left her in the Daycare, however she escaped.

We are discussing what to do with the Littens.

It seems like the Torracat was simply overwhelmed and decided to take a stroll.

We are gonna make sure these little ones are taken good care of.


Originally posted by chasekip

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Hmmm. Honestly Minnie would know more about this than I would, BUT!

We usually suggest people use more natural products when cleaning themselves or pokemon as its better for themselves and the pokemon.

We use natural soaps and cleaners to help promote health and growth.

So see if you can find some kind of Bubble solution that is mainly Root Based.

Alot of roots can be extracted into solution for cleaning, similar with berries as well.

Definitely check out a farmers market and see if you can find anything that is more than 70% natural.

For example, if we were cleaning a Swinub or Piloswine, we would want the soap to be extremely natural because of how thick their fur needs to be.

If we used chemicals on them, their fur could lose protein and would become much less thick for them to survive.

So thats what I would suggest


Originally posted by corsolanite

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Hmmmm. Let’s see.

Legendary Pokemon are so elusive as it is, let alone a Mewtwo.

Without actual hands on experience it is hard to say much about your species.

I’ve read some data on you all, and know things like your type, and stats.

However I’ve also read that they aren’t too excited about humans, and are extremely powerful.

My main take away is if I see a wild Mewtwo would probably be to leave it be. They usually don’t want trouble, and won’t cause damage.

However if a Mewtwo goes on a rampage, protect others and let professionals handel it.

I would like to learn more about them but they are extremely elusive.


Originally posted by scyther-no-scything

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We are incredibly open to any and all who want to help and work in the field.

We try to make sure we can accommodate anyone of any skill set or capacity.

Some branches in Hoenn have a really great team with some prominent members on the Spectrum.

Of course we will need to do an assessment of each person (physically, mentally, and background) as we do for every person that applies.

So in complete honesty, it won’t matter much if you’re on the spectrum, if you are capable of doing alot of things outdoors and working as a team, of course we try to be as prepared for most situations and conditions.

I believe we had a recruit in school who was prone to Sezures and most of the teachers were well trained for the situation.

So depending on where the individual falls on the spectrum, and so long as they pass the assessments, usually we can accommodate them.

And if someone isn’t able to handel the physical stuff, we need people to help with things like communication, paperwork, or even working with people for educational events.

Every job is super important, even if you think it isn’t.

Communications are the way we rangers get important messages to each other across the region and the world. Without them we would be completely blind.

The paperwork helps us make sure we get funding, clearance to work in specific areas, and allows us to work in the first place. Without them there wouldn’t be a Pokemon Ranger Organization.

And the Education Professionals, they help us spread information that most people lack, and help make the world better for humans and Pokemon.

We need all of the sections of the Ranger Base to be able to work as well as we do.


Originally posted by theocaine

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Everyone! I believe I found the culprit!

Or should I say Culprits.

I just found a Momma Torracat and about 3 little Littens last night!

I spent some time this morning looking into it, and while we have been introducing more fire types to Sinnoh, we haven’t imported this species.

However, I did contact the daycare and discovered that they were indeed watching over a Torracat and its litter, but I guess she decided to do things on her own.

Now I dont believe there would have been anything wrong with these pokemon being in the wild here, but it seeing how this is a trainers pokemon, it probably would be better off with its trainer.

Now the mother is a little hyper protective right now, so I’m going to leave her and her Littens in the cage, with some food.

Once she’s a little more calm, ill be bringing her back to daycare, and contacting its trainer.

This is my first time getting to be so close to a pokemon from Alola though.

It is a pretty special treat, even if it cost me a few nights of garbage pick up haha!

I might start leaving out some food for stray pokemon in the future, after all everyone’s gotta eat.


Originally posted by corsolanite

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Hmmm. Well wild Flareon is a pretty rare occurrence. Also Eevee lines can be a bit picky with food so the chances of that is pretty slim.

Houndour is a possibility, but only time will tell.

I’ve set up some food next to my can, and I’ll be having a close eye on the situation.

I’ll keep you guys posted.


Originally posted by bbdeathz

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While that would be hilarious, and im pretty sure it isn’t the case,( I hope),

This seems like something smaller.

As for the lack of fire types, in recent years we have made an effort to introduce more fire types to this region to help balance the ecosystem.

So it wouldn’t be unheard of some fire types getting into people’s trash if they haven’t gotten used to Sinnoh’s landscape.

Just hope it isn’t a Heatran…. O-O


Originally posted by chipsprites

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My trash was knocked over again, but this time I noticed something interesting.

Theres some scratch and bite marks around the can and on some parts of my house.

And some scorch marks.

So I think I’m also dealing with a Fire Type!

I think the only reasonable course of action will be a Steakout.


Originally posted by intjdragonair

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