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Ugh tell me about it. 

However, for me personally, I always fall for characters who won’t make it till the end. ALWAYS. It’s like my superpower almost. The actors playing those characters will never receive the scripts of the final episodes, I’m sorry. 

So I really can’t say that spectacular end of his surprised me. Because, well, I am used to it. After tons of heart-breaking experiences, I am invincible now.

Especially taking into consideration that the character is a fictional one and the colonel who actually helped to catch Escobar is Martínez. 

Having said all these, yes anon I feel you. My heart still aches. When you love a fictional character so much and want the best for him but in the end his fate and life story are still totally up to the creators. 

All the heroes died a hero. 

And I absolutely love his way of saying the last words ‘cobarde’, oh god that was unreasonably and strangely and incredibly hot. In pain but still stubborn and proud as hell. 

Oops sorry for the babbling… I just love him OKAY😭

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My latest fandom that I’m writing/creating for is MCU - Stucky to be specific. I have been lingering on the edges of this fandom for a while but after the last film, and the need to fix-it!AUs has been haunting me - I decided to get involved and give these precious boys an ending WE deserve. I got involved in Stucky initially b/c of @vaysh11 and the stucky ANON community on LJ and have done small little things for it. But in the past year I wrote a 20K fic for it and am in the process of writing another 20K for a stucky fest (and I created a stucky tumblr blog) [ @stevedigsbucky ] so yeah… I’ve opened the door and there’s no going back. 

THANKS FOR THE ASK. (questions here)

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Oh yeah. The legendary Game Corner! I hear they have been around for years and are still growing strong.

Wonder why they never expanded?

I mean I have Skip now so I don’t think I would need to win one.

Also im not sure how comfortable I would be “winning” a pokenon.

“Lake of Rage Bars” that sounds like an interesting band honestly, haha!


Originally posted by elizabethglitch

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Thank you very much. I wanted to be able to help educate with my passion of animals and Pokemon.

I’d love to be a big name in the future and I have some huge ideas in mind already.

However ill need some help getting there, so shares, comments, and support help alot!

I’ll have some really good videos in the future if I can keep it going.

And I’m really just super glad you all like it!


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Oof. I’ve wanted to discuss my thoughts on HADESTOWN forever but never got around to it… I guess there’s no better time than now. 

This musical has been through countless developments and changes over the years and I’m happy to say I’ve been following it since the very beginning, way back when it was still just a concept album and hardly anyone knew about it. It was my go to album to pop on when I was feeling blue; it always relaxed me after a long stressful day. So I was super excited when I heard it was going to be staged and ever since the smashing NYTW production, I’ve been eagerly waiting for it to sweep the Great White Way. Then it finally did. So I was beyond ecstatic. 

That being said, I’m going to mainly focus my discussion on the Broadway version and the NYTW version, since there’s already been really great detailed posts about the other versions (you can search through my #Hadestown tag if interested; I’ve reblogged almost every thing related to the show since it’s been my obsession over the past few years). 

Ahem. So both versions have their pros and cons. I know the fandom is pretty divided between both these versions… I even know some people who aren’t fond at all of the Broadway version and only prefer the NYTW version and that’s fine (there does seem to be bias for this version in particular). I honestly like both. I’ll admit it took me some time to get used to the Broadway version. When shows transfer to Broadway, it’s inevitable that they’d undergo necessary changes.Some are good and some are bad (I’ve experienced this with all my favorite musicals… Amelie and SpongeBob just to name a few. Some of the changes I like and some things I prefer from their pre-Broadway out of town tryout versions). You can’t please everyone. These shows have large creative teams who go through lengthy processes to determine what suits the Broadway version best, so there’s always a reason for these changes. 

First let’s talk about the costumes. At first I wasn’t thrilled with the costumes in the Broadway version. If anyone remembers, I reblogged the first production photos with disdain in the tags. I thought the new costumes sucked all the color out of the NYTW costumes, replacing them with drab, dreary, ugly garments, though I did praise their historical accuracy (I think the Fates were the only costumes I actually could get behind… unlike the NYTW version, they actually ARE all dressed alike as the lyrics suggest… they remind me of a girl group… like the Carter Sisters). I was initially the most upset with Persephone’s black dress. But little did I know at the time that the black dress was not the dress she was going to wear for the WHOLE show– they had yet to release the pictures of her in the green dress we all know and love from ‘’Livin’ it On Top’’ (a new and improved version of the one she wore in the NYTW production). Once I understood the very symbolic transformation her character goes through– it made complete and total sense to me that they would bestow upon her a black dress while she joins her husband in the underworld. Now I really like the black dress! It looks like she’s going to a funeral, and that’s probably the whole point. I also didn’t initially care for Eurydice’s updated look. Everyone loved her little yellow skirt and off the shoulder top from the NYTW production. I love it too and it fits her… but now I really like Eurydice’s tomboyish look in the Broadway version. Not only does it fit the story, but it much better suits her updated character, not to mention it really ties into the whole Depression-Era setting. The thing about costume design is that it’s not always trying to create the cutest clothes or the most colorful and flamboyant for that matter. THEY NEED TO FIT THE STORY YOU’RE TRYING TO TELL. They need to tell us something about the characters, the setting and themes. What statement do these clothes make? After comparing the two versions, I have to say that the Broadway costumes fit the story much more than the NYTW costumes. Sure, the NYTW costumes are much more vibrant and pretty and I will always have a soft spot for them… and they do tie into the whole ‘’folksy’’ aesthetic they were going for, but there’s nothing in these costumes that makes me think of a 1930s-inspired post-apocalyptic  setting that Anais Mitchell wanted to convey. The costumes in the NYTW version are very hip, upbeat and modern, and they clearly weren’t aiming for historical accuracy, but with the way the music sounds (esp. if you consider the concept album), I feel like a more period approach was appropriate. Anyway, I like both costumes, and they both work well in their respective treatments of the same story, but the Broadway costumes have grown on me, and I’m glad they changed them. 

Now for the music. I love both, and I tend to listen to all three albums in a row (the concept album, the live album from the NYTW, and the original Broadway cast album). They all have their numerous differences, but the score remains relatively the same, or at least it evokes the same idea, the same sound, the same experience. I do like some of the new arrangements in the Broadway version (’’Wait for Me’’ benefited from this the most). But there are admittedly some lyrics I prefer from the NYTW version. The first ‘’Chant’’ for example. But I still like both of them honestly. 

I also like both casts. Fight me. I do much prefer  Damon Daunno ‘s version of ‘’Epic III’’ over Reeve Carney’s, but you know what? That’s neither here nor there… both songs make me cry, every single time, no matter who sings it. 

I’ve rambled long enough but yeah to sum this up, I like both versions, I don’t really have a preferred favorite. 

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It’s not that I don’t have an opinion, it’s just that I prefer not to discuss politics, because it isn’t anyone’s business. You want to pick random fights with people you don’t even know who have opposing political views than you just because you’re bored. Hence why I don’t get into political discussions–it’s a game no one wins. If you haven’t noticed, I only reblog cartoons and Broadway musicals. So it’s not like I don’t care… it’s just that I don’t care. XD

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There are still Ranches, however in the past few years, some of the farmers have been expanding and distributing products at a much higher rate.

So some of the ranches have either moved or expanded, but its pretty unchanged out there.

The Daycare has expanded when some of the old Ranchers relocated not too far, and they made a deal.

They offered the Day Care people the extra land if they would assist in raising some of their young during the busy seasons.


Originally posted by pokephrases

So far its been a very fair and beneficial trade.

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