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piecesofffme · 2 days ago
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wolfsheart-blog · 2 days ago
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Hello 👋🏻 🍁🐺!
Photo: Wolves Playing by Athena Mckinzie
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fridaystar · 21 hours ago
For me LH started to become just a regurgitation of first arc stuff after the first few chapters - I would have loved it if there was more stuff from before she was deputy - that stuff was so good
yeah the second half was soooo boring for that reason lol, it's basically just leopardfur getting angry at fireheart and graystripe for 15 chapters but like we already knew all that from TPB... I would have loved that too, that period right before rusty joins the clans where redtail oakheart and deadfoot are deputies etc is one of my favorite "eras" in the books but they always aggressively timeskip through it
I will say one theme I did really like throughout the book was how leopardfur responded to grief with either fury or despair depending on if she assigns blame to herself or someone else
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sunshine-and-bikinis · 15 hours ago
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Tumblr media
Bored at work 😩 ask me anything!
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mostthingskenobi · a day ago
Didn’t you have a post on Obi-Wan’s complex relationship with touch or something about how he holds himself?
Hello Anon! I do have something kind of like that. I wrote a post about how Obi-Wan's physical interactions with Satine are very different from his interactions with other people. Here's a link to it:
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a-l-y · 2 days ago
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Hello 👋🏼
Probably all forgotten who am I by now as I haven’t posted for a while 😂
Since my last post, I have potentially two diagnoses. I have confirmed pericarditis, however, my health isn’t getting better with medication specifically for this. So I’m now being tested for cancer and autoimmune diseases. Not something at the age of 22 you want to hear.
This took a while for me to digest, however, I can now see the brighter side of it. If it is this specific type of cancer, it is very easy to treat. If it is an autoimmune disease, there is medication I can take to hopefully alleviate the symptoms I am experiencing.
I don’t want to jinx anything as I seemed to last time I said this 🤞🏼 but these past few days I have actually been feeling a lot better! I have managed to watch my boyfriend race and then go to the prize giving/ party afterwards too! Don’t get me wrong, I am still not right and in pain, but a lot better than I was! So fingers crossed it continues 🤞🏼
If you have any questions, feel free to ask ☺️
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nordleuchten · 2 days ago
Hey! I love your work about Lafayette and I'm slowly going through your posts,there are so many! :D I have 3 random unrelated questions that you might have already answered somewhere, so feel free to ignore them if you have. 1) what's your reasoning behind choosing to use "La Fayette" rather than "Lafayette" as he mostly styled it himself? I know the (possible) reasons why he did that, just curious about you. 2) where does your URL come from? And 3) have your ever written about the Hermione?
Hello echo-bleu,
it is always great to hear that what I am doing here is not merely for self-amusement but that people enjoy it :-)
You asked three questions so you shall receive three answers.
First - the spelling. I mainly spell La Fayette the way I do out of habit. The first book I ever read about La Fayette (Memoirs of the Marquis de La Fayette, Major-General of the Revolutionary Army of the United States of America, 1825 by Fredrick Butler) spelled him in two words and that somewhat stuck with me. Furthermore here in Europe he is quite often still referred to as “La Fayette” instead of “Lafayette”. “La Fayette” is furthermore the “original” spelling of the name. His ancestors spelled themselves this way (although it should be noted that we have letters from his grandfather that probably say “Lafayette”) and it is also the name that appears on official records (La Fayette’s marriage contact for example). He himself spelled his name any way he wanted. Many editors of his papers have unified the spelling but a look at the handwritten originals shows you that he wrote “Lafayette”, “LaFayette” and almost any other variation one can think of. Some people say that there is no letter that has a space between the La and the Fayette while other people (myself included) would argue that there are letters with such a spacing. Same goes for his friends and acquaintances - you see different spellings in their writings and sometimes even different spellings in one and the same document. “Lafayette” in one word though is definitely more time efficient to write and easier to remember, especially for his English speaking friends. The Marquis also often used abbreviations of his name, in that case it was most often “LA”, “L.F” or “L.F.” and the placing of the dots can be used as an argument that La and Fayette were intended to be separate. Some of the most well regarded La Fayette-scholars could not agree on the spelling. It seems that that now and then many people were unsure of the spelling and that La Fayette himself more or less did not care and with all this confusion going on I stick to what I initially learned and came in contact with - although I am aware that it is not the most traditional choice to say the least.
You sometimes also see the theory that the purposely changed the spelling of his name with the onset of the French Revolution but this theory is mostly discarded now. I just recently read an essay by Louis R. Gottschalk on the whole spelling matter (an article I only partial agree with, but then again, who am I to disagree?) and he explained that there is not really much evidence for such a statement. There is the writing of one rather questionable biographer to back this up and the circumstance that apparently Adrienne purposefully changed the spelling from “la Fayette” to “Lafayette” during the Revolution.
Second - I chose the URL “nordleuchten” because it reminded me of my home, northern lights and lighthouses (and because that one was still available ;-))
Third - yes and no. I have a number of pictures from Hermione here on the blog and also mentioned the ship several times in my posts but there is no post solely dedicated to this special ship. If you would like, I could make one in the future :-)
I hope you have/had a phenomenal day!
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bamfbuddie · a day ago
It's like that last scene shocked me into forgetting everything that came before that. 😱😱😱
But several hours later I am now gathering all the buddie goodness I can collect for my review. There were choices that were made here and I refuse to be told differently 😉😌
Oh man, sameeee.
I swear to god if Lou is dead dead imma be pissed.
But also yesssss. I’ve just been reblogging everything buddie from this episode especially since my blogs been dead for half a year and collecting dust.
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sp00kywitchbabe · a day ago
Color ano style of panties? Would we be lucky enough to see?
I’m not wearing any 😛 & okay but only because you asked so nice 🥰
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monstersandmaw · 2 days ago
I just laid down to take a nap and charge my phone, and I look up and see this in my doorway, lol
Tumblr media
(I said something about going for a car ride earlier so I think she's asking me when I'm gonna pick my butt up and drive her around)
aww give her cute snoot a snuggle for me
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Ok this kinda embarrassing and the first time I’ve requested anything but, yk how you mentioned public bedding in ur zuko x of pinned post. Do you think u could write something abt that? Obviously no pressure and if ur uncomfy just ignore me.
Oh, love, don't be shy! I promise, you're welcomed here and free to drop an ask or request anytime~
And, it's your lucky day, because the public bedding may or may not be canon in Limerence 👀 Hence, here are tiny snippets of my rough drafts if I were to write this. Because it's totally not canon Zuko and Yue get married or something and this happens- totally doesn't happen 🍵
Tumblr media
AU: Limerence, Bedding Teasers
Pairing: Zuko x Fem. OC (Ying Yue Jiang)
Tumblr media
Shy, straddling Zuko’s lap with an intense blush.
His fingers were gliding over my arms, feeling the fabric that decorated my skin. I was so nervous, trembling, unable to stop fiddling with the band of his pants as my hands rested over the space between us. Our noses were just touching as his warm breath fanned over my skin.
“Love, we don’t have to do this.” Zuko hummed, a charming smile of comfort.
I could feel his warmth through the sheer fabric, my head tilted upwards as I stared at Zuko’s lips.
Today was the most magical day in my life.
The vows, the dancing, dressing up as a princess of my dreams while my dads and everyone else cheered and celebrated. Everyone I cherished, I loved, family and friends were all there for me.
But most importantly, I can finally call Zuko, my husband.
Dreaming of this moment since the day I laid eyes on him, an instant connection I never thought one could experience. I bit my lip, a silence filling the room that for a moment, the fact that there was a crowd behind us was forgotten.
Purposely making my back face them, as I sat over Zuko’s legs, hugging his thighs. My touch was easing its way up to his chest, enjoying the feeling over his skin under me as I caressed the faint scars that littered.
I was tired, exhausted from all the emotions, but seeing Zuko like this. Shirtless, hair loose, my blush deepened.
There wasn’t a doubt in me that I was nervous, but another part was so curious. Memories of every time we had almost been caught while we were having fun; from the quickies in the study, the garden. The thrill, idea, of someone watching us.
“Just what are you thinking about,” Zuko purred, his finger tapping my lips, and I realized how heavy my breathing had begun.
Wetness beginning to grow and stain the front of my panties, embarrassed at how I had just been caught fantasizing. But the smirk on Zuko’s face grew before rolling his hips against mine.
My eyes widened, hitching a breath because he was hard.
The head of cock, rubbing against my core, causing the fabric of my panties to rub against me. I bit down a moan, my head tilting downwards as my eyes fluttered shut at the sudden bolt of pleasure.
“A-ah, Zuko-” I shyly stumbled and Zuko groaned, bucking his hips against me, causing me to tense as my mouth to part.
Tumblr media
“I haven't even fucked you yet, and look at them.” Zuko chuckled into my ear as I arched my back against his chest. The arm that looped over my knee stopped me from pressing my legs together, twitching as his finger continued to tease.
I struggled to breathe, head tossed as my hips jerked, seeking his touch as he flirts with my cunt.
His cocky smirk pressed against my neck, loving how my eyes fluttered shut when he rolled my clit. It was a touch that left one to desire, his fingers on either side, sliding back and forth. The slickness that drips between my legs, a puddle of my cum pooling underneath.
"It's so sensitive-" I gasped.
But my movements, the whine that left my lips, it was such a contradiction. My hips are rolling, despite pleading, another knot building.
"Mmm, but look love. They want to see, see how you gush for me."
His words were a demand, and my body obeyed. Forcing my gaze to lift, meeting the eyes in front of us. It was too much, body flushing red, breathing hitched, "They're all staring at you, love."
Zuko's right. Shifting in their spots, faces twisted in a mixture of arousal and shame. Unable to look away, but they continued to stare, to gawk. Hypnotized by how I twitch and arch, humping Zuko’s hand out of desperation to feel more.
A few of them letting their palms rest in front of them with flushed cheeks, their knees buckling. They were- I gasped as Zuko let his fingers spread my folds, his middle finger happily rubbing that pleasurable button.
The robe that barely stayed on my shoulders finally began to tumble, bunching at my elbows as I tried to muffle my cries. It felt good, so overwhelming and Zuko groaned into my ear.
I was unintentionally rubbing against his bulge nestled perfectly behind my ass.
"Fuck, at this rate, they're not gonna make it for the best part," Zuko snickered as he stared at the audience that daringly got closer. Bucking into the fabric of their clothes, just how Zuko rutted me from behind. Groaning as I pushed myself further into his embrace, wanting to feel the heat from his body, how his cock twitched.
No longer bothering to hide their stares, they saw my toes curl, my hands falling over Zuko's thighs as my pitch grew. My nails dug into the fabric of his silk robes as I struggled to contain my moans. A wave of embarrassment at the eyes that watched, but it was intoxicating.
So dirty, yet I couldn’t stop making a mess-
"They're so fucking thirsty, love. They look like you, drooling. Wishing to know how you taste. Should I let them?"
I shook my head, gasping as his rubbing never stopped but rather got more intense. My hips were jerking into his hand, "N-no."
"Mmm, and why not, love?"
"Cause I only want you," I whined, and Zuko chuckled into my ear, placing possessive kisses over my neck. Humming in utter bliss, his kisses turning into bites. The sting after his teeth left marks over my skin, arching further as his touch began to speed up.
Tumblr media
My arms reached before me, hands gripping whatever I could.
Skin dewy, sweat beading down my forehead as another moan left my lips. Zuko's hands along my hips were deathly tight, forcing my hips upwards while he grunted.
One sharp thrust, his balls slapping against my cunt, that sent a wave of pleasure up my spine. All I could do was gasp his name out because it felt so damn good.
With every roll, it felt like Zuko went deeper, my walls squeezing him painfully because every drag of his cock was causing me to shudder. A new orgasm was building before I could even process the last.
The sounds of our breathing grew, and the intensity only increased as my eyes darted upwards, another wave of guilty pleasure washing over me because everyone was watching so intensely.
The looks of pained struggle on the guards’ faces, giving up entirely of not trying to watch. Their mouths hanging, eyes glued at how I gasped and cried out. My hair was a chaotic mess as Zuko tugged, beckoning me closer, loving how my back arched into him.
“Fuck, you love this, don’t you, love?” Zuko hissed as he felt me clench around him.
I whined, wanting to hide my face in shame because it was so painfully true. Everyone heard my times with Zuko, my screams, my begs. But for them to see, witness first-hand what they were always curious about.
Tears bubbled because I could feel myself tensing around Zuko’s cock, my breath caught in my throat.
“Again?” Zuko teased before his hand began to snake down my hips over my stomach. My eyes widened, already knowing what his plan was, and I shook my head desperately.
“D-don’t, Zuko. I-I’ll-”
Skimming down my stomach, already finding what he was seeking. The pads of his fingers happily parting my folds to let his fingers rest on my clit. His thrusts were growing, using my body to pump himself, hitting that spongey part inside of me that had me seeing stars.
My vision was getting spotty, trying to speak words, but I was merely blubbering nonsense. Zuko was cooing into my ear, encouraging, excited to see me break- “Cum for me.”
I could feel myself gush around him like a dam breaking, his thrusts never stopping, his fingers continued to rub furiously. It was a loud scream as I could feel my juices drip down my legs, painting his with my cum, and Zuko could only groan from behind as I squeezed him.
“Fuck, baby-”
“I-I can’t stop.” I cried, my body convulsing, another wave hitting me, “Maybe this will be a nighty thing, fucking you in front of a crowd. Having you cockwarm while we’re in meetings.”
And my cheeks continued to burn because the thought didn’t seem frightening but a blessing at this point.
Tumblr media
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Disclaimer: I do not own any Avatar characters besides any original characters I have created.
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benjamin-red · 2 days ago
Milky lindi me cai bn uwu *le mueve la colita y se sonroja mientras baila en fornite re epico, pero se cae en cum y se cambia a movistar*
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subbykittypurrs · 21 hours ago
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pweety please🥺
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