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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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#ask me anything

👽: Do you believe in aliens?

I do actually! I find it hard to believe that in the vastness that is space and how we’re only such a small part of the universe that there isn’t some sort of life out there! As to whether or not they’ve ever visited the Earth, who knows??

☕: Coffee Or Tea?

Technically I’m both. I love coffee in the morning and tea in the evening but if I had to pick one, life or death, it’d be coffee. My go-to is a vanilla latte!

🍺: Do you drink?

Yes I do drink! My go-to is a Manhattan or an Old-Fashioned though I also love all the fruity girly cocktails out there.

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Do you ever draw/doodle while writing or before writing. Or do you draw at all

Hey Nonny,

I am definitely a bit of a doodler, though not usually while I’m writing. But during meetings and such, the margins of my notes are filled with doodles.

For the most part, the only drawing I do is for world building purposes - maps, creatures, fashion, etc. I’ve tried my hand at drawing comics a couple times, but I find it incredibly frustrating. It’s much easier for me to translate my ideas into words.

I used to draw a lot, but at some point I realized I only had so much “creative energy” and I decided I wanted to dedicate 90% of it to writing stories. (That’s not to say others can’t do, and excell at, both simultaneously. I just felt that I couldn’t)

Which is all a long winded way of saying, nope. I don’t draw or doodle before, during, or after I write.

Thanks for asking!


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To the person that just messaged me some kind words….I would reply but for whatever reason it says you’re offline and won’t allow me to send you a message back saying thank you :) Just want to say I appreciate every message,comment, question and reply! You all are great! 😊☺ Stay safe everyone!

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im bored so….. ask me anything. and/or tell me anything. (and/or tell me your deepest grudge: see previous post)

all i ask for in exchange is your favourite flower OR any song/poem/book/movie/show/video/etc recommendation

– please note im a minor –

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Huang’s Bow and Code of Chivalry with Grail~

Huang’s Bow: What hobbies do you and your F/Os like to do in your spare time? Do you do them for fun? Or to learn a new skill to improve yourselves better?

Grail likes to train and spar with me, with and without powers. It’s nice to learn from each other’s skill set but also try to cover up weaknesses if we spot one. Who best to know each other’s skill sets than your significant others too? 

Interestingly we also like raising ‘younger Darkseid’ (it’s a LONG story). He isn’t completely… devoid of evil but he’s more merciful if you will. Yes Grail is an intimidating woman but she’s also very nurturing too.

Code of Chivalry: Looking back on your time with your F/O, do you have any fond memories of them defending your honor in any way? 

Grail has defended my honour several times against other intergalactic villains, so it’s hard to pick one event because there are so many instances to count. Although there was one instance against her brother, whom she proceeded to beat him up in a fight because of what he called me. Grail doesn’t take this too kindly to her family insulting me so I’m flattered by her protectiveness~

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What can I do to prevent bed sores?

Oh hello again darling. So that’s kind of a broader question then you might think. Basically we make sure to move me often and get me up to keep blood flowing well and to make sure I’m clean and dry. We change the sheets every other day at least and wash them with some cleaner with Clorox in it. I have a mattress protector that gets cleaned as well and we have three that get rotated often. Every three months we clean the mattress with an upholstery cleaner/floor cleaner. We plan to change the mattress each year as well if I stay in bed as much as I am currently. I also shower once a day and use ointments and an antibacterial cream on any sores or areas that start to look like they could develop sores. We also change a top sheet daily that is on me if any food gets on it.

I think that is everything I’m watching tv and eating some so I might have missed something. If anyone has any specific questions related to this I can try to elaborate.

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