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“Are…” Alex swallows. Shakes his head. “Sorry, um, Michael?”

Michael straightens up from where he’s been bent over the hood of the nondescript SUV he’d been working on. “Yeah? I’m almost done here.”

“Sure. Of course.” Alex pauses as Michael reaches down again. “It’s just - “

Michael heaves a sigh, whirls around. “Just spit it out.”

“Are those my underwear?”

Michael shrugs, nonchalant. “Yeah. I didn’t bring a change last night. Wasn’t exactly expecting…” he makes a vague gesture between them, “you know.” He exhales. “If you’re pissed - “

Not pissed,” Alex says emphatically, and it’s then that Michael sees how dark his eyes are, sees the beginnings of a predatory grin. Alex starts for the Airstream, shedding his jacket as he goes. “Come with me. Now.”

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it’s thursday, so naturally, i just had 2 shots of tequila. if you want to ask me shit, now is a great time lmao

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:DDDDD Anakin really did put all the effort he could into getting Obi-Wan those eight kids, let me tell ya. The triplets were a bit unexpected, though. And exhausting. And I think they decided six was a sufficient number. (Everyone on the moon thinks so, too).

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“If you are not going to listen to Dr. Valenti, world-renowned expert in aliens - “

“Laying it on a little thick, there,” Max mutters.

“Ahem,” Liz says sternly, pushing Max back down against the mattress. “As I was saying, if you don’t listen to Kyle and start taking it easy, then I,” her thighs tighten around him, “am going to have to take it upon myself to make sure you stay in this bed.”

Max arches an eyebrow, eyes her bare legs. “And why would you do that, Liz?” He pulls a wrist free of her grasp, runs it down her back. “No ulterior motive, I’m sure,” he murmurs, settling his palm on her hip.

“I’d do it because I love you,” she says, swatting away his hand and repinning it above his head, “you enormously stubborn pain in the ass.”

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Hmm…well, they definitely didn’t share power equally. Visenya and Rhaenys had considerable power, but at the end of the day, Aegon was always the ultimate authority. Plus the threesome aspect seems awfully stressful. Poor Visenya! I’ve always hoped that Jon and Dany would model their reign and partnership more after Jaehaerys and Alysanne, but actually sharing power equally. 

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“Never have I ever… kissed a guy.”

Rosa, who has played the entire game with a Solo cup full of gin mere centimeters from her mouth, drops the cup entirely. “Fucking shit, Alex,” she says, scrambling backwards to avoid the growing puddle of alcohol. “¿De verdad?”

“Not even a kiss?” Maria asks, eyes a little sad.

“No,” Alex says, remembering his near-miss with Michael a bit too well.

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Haha, thanks! As of right now, I’m not sure if I’ll make the New World stuff a sequel or an epilogue; it’ll depend on how long this story takes me to write, if I need a break by that point (because this is looking like it’s going to be a LONG fic), and what people would be more interested in. As for how they’ll act around each other and the Hearts’ reactions, well, I can’t say because that would be heavy spoiler territory, and we can’t have that, can we? 😉 Thanks for reading!

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Ooooo, that’s a good one! Though I’ve never written for them, probably Sarah/Jareth from Labyrinth. Like, that’s old-school OTP right there that my BFF and I still swoon over, I still see great fanart for since it’s such a classic, and I’m frequently reminded of how much potential and nuance there is in their story during those rare moments I go back to Deviantart to read the webcomics Roommates and Girls Next Door.


Originally posted by sunmetmoon

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Over the 17 years I’ve been writing fanfic (I feel old) I’ve found the best writing practice is simply to write. The more you write, and the more tips about writing you hear and absorb, the better you become! I don’t do any particular exercises; at best I just write out ideas and see where they go and if they turn into something I want to continue or publish. However, when I find a new piece of advice that makes sense to me, I go out of my way to try to incorporate it into my writing. Also, my job involves a lot of writing, so I’m pretty much always getting some kind of practice, as I need to really consider the information I want to get across, the tone, and the right level of description.

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It was kind of a mixed bag of responses. Some of them are just like “Oh, Amy’s at it again.” While others where freaking out because that’s METAL SONIC! Unsurprisingly, Sonic was conflicted. He was happy Metal wasn’t destroyed in the war, but also… The bot is kinda evil? He’s hoping Amy can pull a miracle because he does want his counterpart to have a chance at happiness. But he’s definitely keeping a close eye out.

Shadow was confused by everything till he learned what Metal WAS. He and Infinite are on the “You all are crazy, just destroy the thing” team. He’s trying to keep an open mind because Sonic really wants to give Metal a chance. But if the bot tries to hurt Sonic even once, Shadow is fully prepared to Chaos Spear him to pieces.

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