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The Ranger School usually accepts official recruits by 16 to help them train and learn.

But there are some day programs for younger recruits.

These kids seemed like somewhere in the younger side.

Its definitely concerning but sometimes people are unaware or over stimulated.

I’ll be sure to let someone know.


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Cash app is $littlemisartist love 💕 OF link in bio as well 💋

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Okay, forgive me, but my brain was like:

“Gosh yeah, have you seen how she looks at you in all the videos? She’s absolutely a tyrant in every way, she’s just got that energy about her.”

And then I realized what you were actually asking and to THAT I have to say…

Yeah, no she’s got swords for fingers in one of the promotional shots, she’s got some kinda “Umbrella Corporation Monster Juice” in her blood for sure, not sure WHAT TYPE but she’s got a perfected version of some variation.

I’m fairly certain it isn’t the old T-variation though, that’s been more or less sunsetted by the Umbrella Corp for a while now… I mean Uroboros took it way beyond what was thought possible to them before, and we’re even way past THAT…

It almost feels like a perfect serum this time? She’s retained her entire personality (so it seems) and her intellect, but gained the size, strength, and mutation abilities of past versions… but she can control it on command.

So possibly this could be a T-Mold variant. Especially since we know she can communicate and possibly “control” those infected by whatever this new version is.

The Mold from RE7 made the family almost a hive-mind, so giving an upgraded version of that to those living inside Castle Dimitrescu would make sense, especially if you have what would essentially be the Hive-Queen ruling over the palace and surrounding areas.

Which would make sense since you’ve got the Hive-Queen (Lady Dimitrescu) and those controlled by the hive-mind (her daughters), and the bug imagery working with the daughters just pushes that theory further.

So, based on observation alone, I’d say a Perfected T-Mold Variant would be what Lady Dimitrescu has been infected with… and the girl can work it!

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I want some anons to play with please 🥺

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Shrek is a masterpiece.

Shrek’s version of Robin Hood is a disgrace to everything I stand for as a person.

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Well. My first teaching will be tomorrow.

I got well acquainted with some of the teachers and even saw some administrative workers that were here when I was a recruit.

So far everything seems pretty good, except for a couple of young recruits who seem a little…“rough”.

They didn’t seem like bad kids, but they were trying really hard to catch pokemon that didn’t seem like they wanted to be caught.

Some were just snatching pokemon up and handling them a bit roughly.

I had to stop them, but they weren’t too receptive to me.

I know they are young, but that really could have ended badly.

One of those pokemon was a Gloom. If it had gotten too stressed, it could have released some serious spores.

Gloom spores can be pretty strong, especially for younger trainers.

If it were a Vileplume, it could have been serious.

I’m sure they will figure it out, but it was a bit unsettling.

Oh well. I got to make sure I have my plans for tomorrow.


Originally posted by pokelockes

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Hello Anon! 🙋🏻‍♀️ Welcome! Thank you so much for reading. Honestly, you have no idea how much it means to me to know that you’re reading my words.

I’m so thrilled to hear that you’re enjoying that story!! It’s both very fun and super intimidating to write. Caspian is such a dream and I just want to do him justice… okay and maybe I also wanna give him the chance to do some swashbuckling and sailing and swimming and…

Unfortunately I have no real schedule for updates to any of my stories. They usually happen in spurts because that’s how i typically write. I would love to be more organized or at least have a better answer for you in terms of when you can expect more Caspian- alas, I cannot because I am a hot mess.

I know how the story goes from here on out. I have a loose outline and it’s going to be at least 3 or 4 more parts. I have just not been in the right headspace to write this one. I’ve been gravitating more towards I See You, Core Drive & two as of yet unreleased wips. I’m trying to take advantage of whatever mood or inspiration I have whenever it happens because it’s been slim pickins.

I also do acknowledge that I’m terrible when it comes to starting a series and then going long periods of time before finishing them. For that I really am sorry. I still plan on finishing everything I’ve started, and going forward I’m trying to have most if not all of a story written before it’s posted. So to anyone who had been waiting a million years for me to update something, I apologize and I’m working on it!

Thank you again for asking about In the Arms of the Ocean and for reading it to begin with. You really don’t know how much it means to me to get messages like this. I hope you’re having a lovely night/day/whatever time it is where you are, anon. 🖤

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🦋Random asks to spice up your life🦋

1. Which Greek god/goddess do you relate to most and why?

2. What’s your love language?

3. Which stereotypical trait about your zodiac sign do you have? Which trait do you not relate to at all?

4. Who is your favorite talk show host? Who’s your least favorite?

5. What is your favorite kind of juice?

6. What is a weird interest/obsession of yours that you probably wouldn’t bring up unless someone else mentioned they liked it first?

7. What piece of jewelry is your favorite?

8. If you were getting married, what would you wear?

9. What store would you want to live in?

10. Which restaurant/food chain is really good and refuse to take any criticism on?

11. What song makes you feel like life is worth living and makes everything feel okay and like you’re the main character and could make you cry or fall in love regardless of the actual meaning it just makes you feel whole and you consider it YOUR PERSONAL SONG?

12. What’s your favorite number and why?

13. Everyone has a dream, that vision of ourselves in an alternate reality with a career or hobby that you know won’t happen irl. What is that skill, hobby, career for you?

14. What practical subject do you wish they taught in school?

15. Which impractical subject do you wish they taught in school?

16. Who is a celebrity you fear or dislike for absolutely no reason?

17. Who is a celebrity you have zero connection to and you’ve never gone out of your way to see, hear, or indulge in their work, but would die for regardless?

18. What was the big scandal at your school?

19. What was your favorite show as a toddler?

20. What’s the story of the first time you drank alcohol?

21. Do you have a favorite vine or tiktok video/sound?

22. What is your comfort youtube video? (That video that you’ll never get tired of watching. It can be literally anything. Instant serotonin. You watch it at 3am and all is right with the world)

23. What romantic gesture would you absolutely melt over if someone did it for you?

24. Is there a location that you lowkey think doesn’t actually exist? What/Where is it?

25. Favorite animated movie?

26. A book that changed your life, made you cry, and/or when you finished it your sense of purpose was renewed or completely destroyed? lmao

27. Is there a name that nobody you know personally has that just pisses you off bc it sounds stupid? What is it?

28. Favorite color of crayola crayon?

29. Favorite early 2000s toy?

30. Favorite early 2000s trend?

Ask me, feel free to reblog, tag your friends!

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Oh my. I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever had that before?

If I have, it’s been so long ago, I don’t remember. I’ll try to remember and post it when I do!

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where is the farthest you’ve been from home?

my heart’s been to argentina millions of times

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Fuck it, I’ll be my own Valentine this year

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There is NOTHING on this Earth that can convince me that the “Merry Men” was not just the name of the polycule.

They absolutely didn’t change the name when Marian joined because everyone just knew them by that name, and she rightly didn’t care anyway.

But smug and charming Robin, his ass firmly kicked by the opposing party, sitting in the dirt and looking up at them with just the SMARMIEST SMIRK saying “You’re quite strong, aren’t you… Wont you join me?”

And WHOMEVER the other person is, at that time, is just SMITTEN and agrees… then Robin brings them back to their hideout in the forest and introduces the other TWENTY PEOPLE in the relationship and just… they’re all WONDERFUL people so of course they’re going to stay.

Little John was just the FIRST of many, and by the end of it John is just… “well at least I’ll never have a shortage of help making dinner.”

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Feeling bored and restless so let’s do a good ol’ fashion ask me anything! 

Strange head canons, questions about mine, prompts, random thoughts, unpopular opinions, actual questions,  any of it.

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Oh! I love trying all kinds of wine; however, my favorite wine is any kind of Moscato, a pink moscato is one of my favorites. Huber’s makes a wonderful Bourbon Barrel Blackberry wine that is *chef’s kiss* delicious.


Huber’s also makes a very sweet red wine, that’s delicious, too. Some very dry, red wines make my ears super red and itchy, though, so I have to be careful lol.

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I’ve just figured out how to add an ask me anything category. Hehe, I’m stupid. It took me a long time to figure it out. Now that I do finally have an ask me anything tab, go ahead & ask me anything. I’ll be open to answer. 

However, there will be certain things that I may not know the answer of cuz I’m not in every fandom nor am I familiar with every topic. That doesn’t mean I’ll avoid your questions. I’ll let u know when I don’t know something, ok? 

Pls don’t be rude when u ask me questions. I’ll block u if u send me something disrespectful such as racism, slurs, rape, anti-lgbtq+, police brutality, etc. If u give me a reason why u sent me such horrible crap, then I’ll listen & decide whether to block u or not. 

Also, I hope you’re patient with me cuz I’m very busy with many things, so sometimes I may be slow to answer your questions. I hope u all understand.

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Hiya everyone! Charmer here, ask me some questions if y'all want! My “Ask” icon is activated to do do lol

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