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#ask me anything

Ok! This is an AMCA (ask my characters anything!) I’ll give you character bios and you can ask them whatever you want! Let’s go!

Prince Destrian:

  • Who is he?

Prince of Sa'ekka, Kingdom of Men.

  • Looks?

Dark skin, short close-cropped black hair. Brown eyes. He’s most comfortable in casual clothes, which means a tunic, pants, and a cloak in the winter months.

  • What is he like?

He’s gay (very) and in love with Prince Sadon. He gets angry pretty easily. In their language, his name means “the sword of the war.” Works well with a sword but is also trained in other forms of combat. He also has a horse named Janshai.

Prince Sadon:

  • Who is he?

Prince Sadon is the prince of Bhugatan aka The Lost/Forgotten Kingdom. His kingdom and its people were forced underground by Sa'ekka many years before.

  • Looks?

Pale skin, shortish brown hair, green eyes, and freckles. Wears darker clothing due to the lack of materials and sunlight in his kingdom.

  • What is he like?

Also gay (possibly bi? Haven’t decided yet) and in love with Prince Destrian. He is the opposite of Destrian and doesn’t like fights all that much. In their language, his name means “the one who brings peace.” Isn’t very well trained in combat, but can fire a bow fairly well and has a dagger. Also, he hates his grandfather, the king.

Arynalli Anuusi

  • Who are they?

Arynalli (nicknamed Aryn) is a nonbinary researcher and librarian who studies the ancient history of their world, including its magic and laws. They live in the sky kingdom of Ae'gir with their winged friends, but is human themselves.

  • Looks?

Dark skin, short reddish-brown hair that’s been braided. Golden brown eyes. They wear clothes native to both Sa'ekka and Ae'gir.

  • What are they like?

Pansexual but not in love with anyone (yet). They don’t particularly enjoy fighting, but they’ll defend themselves and their friends. Their name in their language means “lost child of man.” Their trusted dagger, Shadowshiver, is their only weapon but they use it well. They’re besties with the princes and can be very sarcastic if they so wish.

King Tarrowyn:

  • Who is he?

King Tarrowyn is the king of Bhugatan and Sadon’s grandfather.

  • Looks?

Very pale skin, white hair, dull green eyes. Wears the robes of a king and his crown.

  • What is he like?

He’s our main villain. When he discovers that there is a path back above ground, he takes advantage of it to kidnap Destrian and hold him hostage. He ends up declaring war on Sa'ekka and is just an overall dick.

Reilly, Noelle, and Sofi

  • Who are they?

They are the three girls from Ae'gir who help the princes find Aryn.

  • Looks?

Reilly has white skin, shoulder length red hair and red-brown bird wings. Noelle has tanner skin, waist length black hair and black bird wings. Sofi has tan skin, short brown hair, and light brown bird wings.

  • What are they like?

Reilly is bubbly and happy, Noelle has anger issues, and Sofi is a very nervous person. Noelle is deaf and her girlfriend, Sofi, interprets for her. They’re all good friends with Aryn and fight later on in the war.

Additional Characters

  • Queen Ryia

The queen of Ae'gir and likes to drink.

  • King Robin

The king of Sa'ekka and Destrian’s father.

  • Queen Annika

The queen of Sa'ekka and Destrian’s mother.

  • Lady Shaedlyn

Leader of Tsi-di, the underwater empire where the merfolk live.

  • General Cassius

General of the Ae'gir army.

  • Ekhös Khreolia

An old blacksmith from the forests of Sa'ekka. Made the weapons mentioned and enchanted them with their powers.

Have fun with this! Can’t wait to see the questions!

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