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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#ask me questions

Hey guys~!

So, I actually don’t know how to use Tumblr, AHAHAHAA which is why my entire page is so empty right now lmao.

I’m not a COMPLETE shut in (although the corona virus is admittedly affecting me and my sanity) so it would be really cool during these hard times to interact with anyone who thought it might be a good idea to follow me or like my stuff!

So please, feel free to ask me anything! I may or may not do requests for the Miya Twins (my babies oops i’m whipped) but you are free to take a chance and hopefully you can catch me in a particularly lonely mood (which is all the time now AHAHAHA I’M CRYING) and I might just whip out something quick for ya’ll. This is also an excellent time to turn into a miya twin account with both of them finally animated in sex god forms. HEHE.

I prefer to write fanfics, but I might do headcanons so if you want to request something miya twin related, I’ll try and serve!

(it’s embarrassing how whipped i am for them, i check their tags multiple times a day)

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We’re currently living within a very surreal period of time that all of us thought we would never experience. This is very much a new world, one that I’m really struggling to describe. But like every recorded moment in history.. it’s time to put pen to paper and write about how the world is healing, and hopefully so are we as a society and individuals. 📝

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Mini Takeover Participants:

Prince Adam (romantic)

Gaston (romantic)

Lefou (familial)

Stanley (platonic)

Lumiere (familial)

Prince Naveen (romantic)

Prince Kit (romantic)

Wonka (romantic)

Jefferson (romantic)

Killian (romantic)

David Charming (familial)

Regina (familial)

Bucky Barnes (romantic)

Loki (romantic)

Peter Parker (romantic)

Bruce Banner (familial)

Tony Stark (familial)

Sam and Dean Winchester (familial)

Castiel (romantic)

Samandriel (romantic)

Gabriel (romantic)

Michael (romantic for Jake Abel version only)

Peter Pan (platonic, like a little brother)

Slightly the lost boy (my son, my small bean child)

Harry Hook (romantic)

Carlos (romantic)

Mal (familial)

Evie (familal)

Jay (familial)

Gil (familial)

Hades (familial)

Chad (familial)

Ben (familial)

Audrey (familial)

Clint Barton (familial)

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hc on Kabal who feeds his daughter?

Immediately!! 🤍

  • Kabal is always witty and always jokes with her, he will try to make the airplane with the spoon with lots of indescribable sounds
  • He is equipped, puts her a bib on it that says “My dad is number 1”
    No, he didn’t buy it, you saw it in the shop and you knew he wanted it. 
  • She is good, she always eats everything, even if sometimes she spits and ends up all in Kabal’s face.
    You can’t not laugh. 
  • He is always very proud when she finishes all the food.
    He knew the plane would work!
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