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01. Full name: Obake Lu

02. Best friend: Luke warmhart, my oc

03. Sexuality: Bisexual!

04. Favorite color: Hot pink

05. Relationship status: She’s single, kinda. She’s shipped with my friend’s oc Fabian and shes ambiguous with Luke.

06. Ideal mate: Someone who can take her bullshit lmao. Someone submissive and easy to control.

07. Turn-ons: She’s 16 lmao

08. Favorite food: Fried pork!

09. Crushes: Fabian and maybe Luke

10. Favorite music: Idk how to describe it, She liked weird music like the black dresses or hard rap

11. Biggest fear: Losing everyone lol

12. Biggest fantasy: Being normal again and being human.

13. Bad habits: Acting like a dick to hide her insecurities

14. Biggest regret: Killing her sister lol

15. Best kept secrets: she can keep pretty good secrets but like to be funni she used someone’s toothbrush to clean their toilet and put it back.

16. Last thought: “Don’t look at me like that!”

17. Worst romantic experience: ig when cult members try to like get up on her

18. Biggest insecurity: Her being a weak ghost

19. Weapon of choice: She just takes full advantage of her ghost powers to fuck with people’s minds.

20. Role Model: She doesn’t have any but she looks up to Nostalgia in a weird sense.

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No, I don’t know you. This is the kind of shit, that gives internet fuckbags the idea that they can slide into any girls dms/asks to degrade others without consent.

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Hard to say, “Anonymous person”. 😂 That grey face and sunglasses, just isn’t doing it for me.

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Quite a while, honestly. I only know one person that’s truly into that. It takes a special breed. Hah!

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What does being ginger have anything to do with it? Step up your game, Anon.

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Every time I hear the word “space,” I think of, like, a wide area of literal open air, so just forgive me for that, please.

But anyway, I really like space! My favourite planets are Mars and Venus, and I have multiple t-shirts with either space puns or the NASA logo on them!

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I’ll be sure to let my mutuals know you feel this way. I can venture to guess, they won’t give a flying fuck… just as I don’t. You mistake me for someone that gives a shit how some pussy-ass feels, hiding anonymously. Obviously, maturity has not hit you yet.

Good day, you fuck. 🙂

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😂😂 Wow, hey thanks. I appreciate the compliment. That’s awful kind of you to say. You must feel so accomplished, coming to my blog, anonymously I might add, to tell me this. I needed a laugh.

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