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3. 3 fears:

  • that the people i love/ am close to will hate me because of my sexual orientation
  • abandonment
  • spiders

74. favorite animal:

penguins! they’re so cute!

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Nope. My usual sleep schedule is like 2-10am, it just works for me. But for the past few months every night my grandmother has been waking up every half hour or so, which wakes me up too. I end up staying awake since I know I’ll be up again in like 20 minutes anyways. On really bad days I take naps in the afternoon so I at least have some sleep, but overall I can’t remember the last time I had a full nignts sleep.

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26- Are you happy with the person you’ve become?

Overall yes. I like to think that I’ve turned out to be a good person, I try to treat everyone I meet with the kindness and respect they deserve. I’m not living the life I always thought I would, but I’m pleased with path I’m on. Right now I’m trying to do better for myself, by working towards a life that can make me truly happy in the future.

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3- Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.

“Someone in the hushed bar suddenly laughed raucously at how stupid everyone had become” -Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams

17- What was the last lie you told?

The last one was telling my grandmother that we’re going home tomorrow even though we’re already home now. My grandmother with dementia lives with us, and lately we’ve just been indulging her delusions, if we don’t she gets really confused and fights us on everything.

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Alrighty so to answer all these you’ll need some background about me in high school. Almost all of my friends were in the grade below me, my only friend in my grade was my buddy Madi. We had a few back to back classes together where our next class was right across the hall, so between classes we’d just hang out in the little loungy area on that hall. Madi started dating a guy, so he and his best friend Colin started hanging out with us between classes. Colin is the guy in question. I think that should do it for background info

We weren’t friends, but we were friendly ya know? We got along really well and he was easy to talk to

I did know he had a crush on me, he confessed it to Madi and she told me. He asked me out a few days after that, I said no, but I didn’t say it in an “I don’t like you back” way, it was more of an “I have a lot going on in my life right now so it’s not a good time” kinda way

We kept hanging out between classes and eventually we got on the topic of breakfast and how much I love friendlys home fries, so he suggested we go over the weekend. So it wasn’t just out of the blue asking me to go to breakfast, it came up in conversation so I didn’t think anything of it

How did it end? He asked me out again like a month after the “date” and I actually said no in an “I don’t feel that way, we should just be friends” way and he understood. Later on he asked me to prom as friends. We went and had a great time, and I haven’t spoken to him since graduation.

The end

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50- What’s your favorite kind of weather?

70* and sunny with a bunch of big, puffy clouds, and a nice breeze blowing through. Perfect weather for my flowers, not hot enough to be humid, and cool enough where I can actually do things outside without feeling sweaty and gross

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36- Do you still have feelings for any of your exes?

Ya girl had never dated anyone😬 the closest I have to an ex is my senior year prom date. He asked me out, I said no, like a month later we went to breakfast at friendlys that lasted like 4 hours. Looking back it was totally a date, but I’m oblivious to literally anybody liking me. But anyway he’s a dude, and I’m gay now so🤷🏼‍♀️

40- Do you have a crush on any of your mutuals?

I don’t really talk to anyone enough to have a crush, but if I actually sucked it up and talked to people I definitely would since I share a lot of interests with most of my mutuals

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2- What are you obsessed with right now?

I’ve gotten really into sewing recently. I found my grandmothers sewing machine that had literally never been used, and I started making some simple projects (pincushions and scrunchies mostly). I’ve had to just use scrap fabric I had lying around since all the local fabric stores are closed, but I’m really enjoying it so far!

6- Describe your dream home

A cute little house that’s still big enough for a big dog to be comfy. It would have a bunch of garden space around it for all my flowers, a porch so I could sit out when it rains, and a cool workshop out back.

29- What’s the most overrated movie?

Once upon a time in fucking Hollywood. That is a 2 hour and 41 minute movie that could have easily been 20 minutes long without changing the entire last 15 minute scene. It felt like Tarantino just trying to show off his Hollywood knowledge without any actual plot. If anyone other than Tarantino wrote it, the script would have been thrown right in the trash.

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The Tiffany problem. There’s a phenomenon in history where reality can seems too unrealistic. It’s called the tiffany problem because the name tiffany has been around since the Middle Ages, but people think of it as being an ultra modern name. So even though it would be historically accurate to have characters in the middle ages named tiffany, the perception of the name would make people consider it too unbelievable.

I actually got to use this in conversation earlier today! I was watching an old episode of jeopardy with my mum and a contestants name was Tiffany, so I went on a really long tangent about it

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