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Couldnt just do one at a time huh? Fine. SPEEDRUN!

15. Your relationship status


16. What do you look for in a SO?

A person who cares about others. Basically a caring and kind person.

17. Do you have a crush?


18. When did you have your first kiss?

I think I was 13. So 14 years ago o.o

19. Do you prefer serious and meaningful relationships or casual dating/one night stands?

Serious and meaningful.

20. What are your deal breakers?

If they are racist, super religious (the really really religious ones), against lgbtqia+, or overall a evil person at heart. Also if they are cruel to animals. Thats an automatolic deal breaker.

21. How was your day?

My day was okay for the most part. Had a good dinner with my family for Thanksgiving. Very thankful for that. Kinda in a rough mindspace right now but holding on for the most part. Thanks for the ask.

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Another question from Alicepuppyangel, thank you very much!
Now friends, I need to ask: What’s your favorite Cuphead boss? Not Boss Battle, but Boss itself? Mine are the Blind Specter and Hilda Berg, and yours?
Also, the bottom image is giving me Cassino Cups vibes for some reason…
Anyways, I hope you liked, stay safe, and don’t forget to check my askblog and share with your friends! Buh-bye!

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I would say it’s probably Woman In Black. I remember seeing it as a teenager and it scaring me right to my soul. I’m not the kind of person to hide behind my hand or get shocked by jump scares but that film just hit different.

It’s not like most modern horror film because it’s built on suspense and story; not shock and gore. It’s just produced and shot really well.

Still gives me chills now


Originally posted by fuckblack

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Moss Green - You’re probably really into cottage core

I’m constantly split between the Taylor Swift/candlelit cabin/roses vibe and the scene/City architecture/neon vibe so… Probably couldn’t live a cottage core fantasy all the time.

But have an aesthetic with pictures of from my camera roll regardless :)


Cyan - You probably smell really nice

I mean… I’ve been told my natural scent is ‘the sea’ so… Take that as you want.

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friday: most self-indulgent fic you have ever posted?

answered here!

november: do you have any rituals or requirements for getting in the mood for writing?

not really! when im at school in my dorm its really difficult to set aside time so it’s a lot of trying to get stuff out in between classes and other things i have to do. at home i do like to set aside time to plan out any ideas i have or try and find inspiration, but as for getting in the mood for writing, i just kind of let it come to me!

also happy thanksgiving! i live in kentucky so we def celebrate :)

ask me stuff!

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friday: most self-indulgent fic you have ever posted?

my diana prince x reader x steve trevor fic is def self-indulgent and i know i talk about imposter a lot but that is also definitely self-indulgent and i think that’s a little obvious. and my one and only matthew crawley fic. i simply wanted to write about dan stevens bc he’s one of my favorite actors.

fortnight: what wip do you plan on posting next, if at all?

i actually dont have many wips right now, but ive got a jack fic ive been meaning to finish forever so im hoping to get that out soon. and i wanna try and get my christmas series fics out too!

ask me stuff!

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