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think I’ll just get a good ole shotgun then save up for an AR because I’d rather have something while I’m waiting, unless I find a used AR cheap as shit but doubt it at this time

also it’s honestly stupid as shit that it’s illegal to carry a butterfly knife or baton in public but open carrying is fine, like knives literally aren’t dangerous but how the fuck it a butterfly knife any more dangerous than a normal knife? It’s literally all based on shitty action movies where the Yakuza uses butterfly knives, same with the mafia and switch blades. 

Every weapon should be legal to open carry in every state. I get not allowing concealed carry without a license but everyone with a drivers license who hasn’t been forced into a mental hospital and isn’t felon should be able to carry any weapon they want in public. 

We need to bring back firearms training in schools. Kids shouldn’t be mystified by guns, they’re the ones who end up accidentally killing themselves or someone else when their friend shows them their dad’s guns.

Every kid should at the very least know how to use each different class of common firearms as well as know how to safely load and unload them.

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Oh, Nonnie. I have been there so many times through so much of my life. People would miss you. I’m certain that you interact with people every day who would miss you if you were gone. Who would be heartbroken.

And you matter. You matter to me. You matter to so many people. I know how hard it can be to see that some days though.

You are not burdening me with your problems. I am choosing to listen and respond. Because you matter. And there are so many other people who would choose to do so as well.

Have you tried talking to a therapist? That might help. And you can be certain they WANT to listen and help you.

But, for right now, please consider contacting a help line. The Suicide Prevention Lifeline in the US is 1-800-273-8255. If there are other specific issues that you are struggling with, I’m sure there are helplines for those as well. Please let me know and I will happily find them for you.

I’m sending you hugs and love. You matter. And please message me when and if you need to, whether it’s private chat or on anon, okay?

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