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(anna/twilight) miss nut im so sad because my father told me about homework i don't like it my teacher ruined my life i don't like little kids cartoon pleas help me "cries"

I know that you may not want to do the homework, buut you should get it done first before anything, that way your father won’t be mad at you for not doing it


Anon: (Anna / Twilight) Senorita Nut, estoy tan triste que mi padre me hablo de la tarea. No me gusta. Mi maestra arruino mi vida. No me gustan los dibujos animados de ninos pequenos, por favor ayudame

Nutcracker: Siento que deberias hacer la tarea

Mi respuesta: Se que es posible que no quieras hacer la tarea, peroo debes hacerla antes que nada, de esa manera tu padre no se enojara contigo por no hacerlo.


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B C D I for the ask me 🤩

B - I don’t like talking on the phone so avoid it best I can, but pretty sure last person was my mother

C - I had a smooch yesterday

D - I prefer the ladies

I - I felt a pang of jealousy yesterday because I was thinking about someone and jealous of those who got to spend time with them. Not full on jealousy tho 🤷

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why don’t you tell us how to get into your heart (and no don’t take this the literal way)

Look man, even I don’t know what it wants

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If you could fuck any avenger which would it be??

Tom Holland Spider-Man

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You're a gorgeous and fun person and I'm glad I follow you because it's always koala tea.

I’m docking points from that compliment because of the pun


But thank you 🥰

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Can I be your boyfriend? I love cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and I really couldn't care less what you do so long as it's not detrimental to your well being. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Okay, but what are your ambitions

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What had been your favorite sexual experience?

All of them have been mediocre if not what I’d consider normal 🤷🏻‍♂️

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do you ever think that most anon only ask sexual things from you

I don’t really get much of any 🤷🏻‍♂️ and even then, not really. 90% of my anons are tagged, and they’re pretty genuine.

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I’ve been drinking

I’ve been drinking

Send anons 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Okay, with the quarantine going on, I have been doing some drawing and also my birthday is coming up on March 30th. So I’ve made a list of ships to either give anyone ideas for gift art or just something you can send an ask for me to draw after I finish the colors of my rizumo week drawings.

Here’s the list:

·         Rokubeni

·         Soul x Maka

·         Tear x Luke (Tales of the Abyss)

·         Kaden x Corrin (Fire Emblem Fates)

·         Alm x Celica

·         Chrome x Sumia

·         Naegiri

·         Saimatsu

·         Sakuraoi

·         Kazupeko

·         Hinanami

·         Tidus x yuna

·         Zidane x garnet

·         Squinoa

·         Sokai

·         Rokushi

·         Terraqua

·         Rina x Masahiro

·         Shion x nezumi

·         Faithshipping

·         Scoopshipping

·         Tododeku

·         IchiRuki

·         Sasusaku

·         Naruhina

·         Ferrriswheelshipping

·         Rosette x chrono

·         Cou x ren

·         Kirisuna

·         Rizumo

·         Kilala x rei

·         Makorra

·         Bopal

·         Zutara

·         Taang

·         Sukka

·         Rayllum

·         Shallura

·         Starco

·         Ruby x sapphire

·         Robstar

·         Sebezra

·         Finnrey

·         Suzaeuphie

·         Cluclu

·         Gino x Kallen

·         Sakura x syaoron

·         Umi x clef

·         Fuu x ferio

·         Kobato x fujimoto

·         Yuuko x watanuki

·         Tom x hester

·         Percabeth

·         Harry x hermoine

·         Max x Fang

·         Day x June

·         Holo x Lawerence

·         Leif x Jasmine

·         Mare x Cal

·         Laura (x-23) x Angel

·         That couple from The Untamed (do they have a ship name)

·         Miraculous Love square (LadyNoir, ladrian, adrianette, marichat)

·         Ladybug

·         Nuts and dolts

·         Arkos\s

·         Bumblebee

·         Lancastor

·         Rose garden

·         Black sun

·         renora

·         martial arcs

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