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I was using Photoshop CS6 but then I switched to Clip Studio Paint (which is specifically for drawing) and it is SO much better.

Just wanna add that any beginner digital artists reading who want to get started without having to pay for stuff I recommend FireAlpaca HIGHLY. I used it for so long and was low-key emotional when I moved onto something else

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Your feelings are valid, Anon. Right now so many people are in the same boat as you because dating is all but put on hold.

But you can still use the dating apps and websites to talk to other people. Get to know them through text, call, messaging, and video chat so when you do meet up in person once this is all over you won’t feel like strangers!

Dating takes longer for some than for others- and there’s really no reason for that other than luck. Stick with it, frequent those dating apps and talk to people in a way that’s safe. It’ll happen eventually ❤️


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Heres a list of all my fandoms I’m in

Also basically all the stuff i would love to create reviews, rants, discussions, fanart, or merch for.


  • Sherlock BBC version
  • Supernatural
  • Umbrella academy
  • Series of unfortunate events
  • Steven universe
  • Star vs the forces of evil
  • Infinity train
  • Over the garden wall
  • Brooklyn 99
  • Misfits
  • Orange is the new black
  • End of the f*ing world
  • Gravity falls
  • Russian doll
  • One day at a time
  • The society
  • Outer banks
  • Galavant
  • Band of brothers
  • Bojack horseman
  • Shameless
  • I am not okay with this
  • Downton abbey


  • Death note
  • Ouran high school host club
  • Souleater
  • Dangonronpa
  • Your lie in april
  • Beastars


  • The king
  • It
  • Stand by me
  • Lost boys
  • Just one of the boys
  • Love simon
  • Breakfast club
  • Road to el Dorado
  • What we do in the shadows
  • Mid 90s
  • Monster high
  • 1917
  • Jojo rabbit
  • High school musical


  • Monument 14
  • Percy Jackson
  • Micheal vey
  • Steelheart
  • Pride and prejudice
  • Harry potter
  • Carry on
  • Septemus heap


  • Homestuck
  • Humor me
  • Snot girl
  • Greifer belt


  • Welcome to night vale
  • Mbmbam
  • Dimension 20


  • Twenty one pilots
  • Kytoon
  • The altogethers
  • ABBA
  • Queen
  • Conan grey
  • Cosmo sheldrake
  • Declan mckenna
  • Mad at the world
  • Gorrillaz
  • Harry styles
  • Hobo johnson
  • Miracle musical
  • Mother mother
  • Fall out boy
  • The oh hellos
  • Owl city
  • Ok go
  • Panic at the disco
  • My chemical romance
  • Walk off the earth
  • Siames
  • White stripes


  • Hamilton
  • Beetlejuice
  • Aberhart summer
  • Heathers
  • Be more chill
  • Dear Evan Hansen
  • Hamlet


  • Until dawn
  • Detroit become human
  • Driver sanfransico


  • John mulaney
  • Danny Gonzales
  • Drew godden
  • Kurtis connor

Feel free to ask questions about any of these

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Free Tarot Readings!

I am offering free tarot readings as of 2020 may 26!

You can ask any question, and you can suggest a specific spread (you dont have to, i’ll choose a spread for you, or create one, if I feel like that is the best way to find an answer to your question).

Leave an anon ask in my ask box with the question!

Also, please write as much information/backstory you feel comfortable with! The more I understand the situation the better I can interpret the cards that come up! Also please give some additional information of yourself so I can ,,picture you” in my head - this can be eye or hair colour, your name, your initials, or your zodiac sign, or even your favourite animal, hogwarts house, anything. (This is not a requeriment it just makes it easier for me, but if you’re not comfortable sharing any personal information, you obviously don’t have to)

Ask your question!

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Thanks for asking Lily!! 🥰💕

aladdin: what would you steal if you had the chance?

Hmm, probably books. Yep books. Because I love books and they’re all really expensive and you know every time I go to the book store I put like 7 books in my basket and then have to put them all back.

nick: what’s one thing you would never change about the world?

Never change about the world? Probably things involving nature. Like, if our ecosystems and things could stay healthy and happy that would be fantastic. Idk is that an alright answer? 😂

Disney Ask Game

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AAAAA I’m so happy you’re excited!!!

Of course you can be tagged! I’m so happy someone is here to see me venting some of the love I feel for these songs and this space boi

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Hey people of tumblr! Feel free to tell me how y’all been doing during quarantine! It can be anything, we can discuss mental health, your favorite TV show or book, the state of our government, anything really! Reblog this or ask me anonymously :)

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