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They’re brothers from the same litter and they’re about 12 weeks old :D

Nimue- my other cat- is about 6 ish years old and so salty about the kitties lol

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I’m doing great!!! I got the post-op splint out of my mouth today so in a few days i should be able to talk like normal again (finally!!!)

Kitties are doing great! Wich idk if i ever told you guys their names- the black one is my kitty and his name is Sootsprite. The orange one is my brother’s and his name is Calcifer Mei, or Cali-Mei, since we couldn’t decide between the two names.

Anyway i was cuddling with Cali-Mei and he began to eat my ear ;-;

Thank you for asking, Anon!!

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16. to what extent do you research for your writing?

it really depends on what i’m writing! since i write mostly fantasy i don’t usually have to worry about research too-too much, but i do make sure to do plenty of research when it comes to cultures that are inspiring aspects of my work. i’m dine/navajo so there’s quite a bit of influence in shattering gravity regarding the orenda tribes–but i did make sure to research other tribes in the U.S. to incorporate pieces of their cultures as well!

17. how do you determine what mood each project has?

story background plays the biggest role in story mood for me. when i’m writing the tno series, influence carries through from the previous novels and change the mood quite a bit. as well as that, genre and theme will change it around a bit when it comes to whimsy, romance, violence, vengeance, etc.

18. how do what you look for in your own writing vs someone else’s coincide? how does your writing influence your reading?

i think genre, pacing, voice, and plot complexity definitely coincide with what i write vs. what i look for in other’s writing. i seek out a lot of fantasy works that have very smooth pacing in the plot that keeps the reader drawn in–which is what i try to maintain in my own writing and sort of freak out about when i haven’t achieved it. i also like books where the characters have strong, distinct voices throughout the piece, which has definitely influenced much of my own work!

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Hey babe! Sorry for replying so late! I have a really shitty cold but now it’s better so I’m able to reply. My friend is doing well I’ve been making sure to keep checking up on them once in a while. I haven’t watched Criminal Minds but I will once I finish with this burden called college since I heard it was interesting! Anyways! I hope you’re doing well! Sending lots of love from everyone in my incorrect universe! 😘😘

~Love, Hri

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I don’t have a single reaction image that depicts my appreciation pls take my lonely words and a picture of a pipefox as a worthy adaptation of the joy this brings me

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OMG!! *Drops everything and hugs you* Loki said he was ready to give up his Tesseract to see you better.

Loki: I diD nOt!?

Everyone: He did



Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

ANYWAYS. I’m GLAD THE SURGERY WENT WELL AND THAT YOU’RE OKAY! I literally screamt as soon as I saw your ask! I may have a cold and I may have sprained my ankle so now I’m being all dramatic and procrastinating regarding my fics and my studies so I thought the gc would be a good idea! I just hope people do join it and talk. I would love to give everyone a little boost of serotonin.

*sighs*God I need to stop being like this.

Anyways *kisses your forehead* again, we’re all so glad your back and well !! What would I do without you🥺🥺? I love you so much!! Sending virtual hugs and kisses!

~Love, Hri

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