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#ask meme
petricorah · 11 days ago
katara + caramelldansen?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
liked the sketch so i did normal colors too. thanks for the ask!
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ghstmemes · 6 days ago
feel free to elaborate as much as possible !
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gh0stgeneral · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
made this, feel free to use it
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actualbird · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
hey i made this fanfic writer meme. drop in my ask which one u think i am!!!!
(okay to rb!)
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just-ask-games · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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firesidecottage · 6 months ago
Gentle Cottagecore Emoji Asks
🌿 Herb: What is a scent you find relaxing? 
🌱 Seedling: What is something you want to begin learning? 
🥛 Milk: What is a food you find comforting when you are sad? 
🍯 Honey: What is one thing you like about yourself?
🍄 Mushroom: What is a quote you find comfort in?
☕ Tea: How do you take your tea?
🐄 Cow: What is one other tumblr blog you really appreciate? 
🌳 Tree: What is one thing in your future you are looking foward towards? 
🍑 Peach: What is a color that makes you smile? 
🌻 Sunflower: What is one thing that brightened your day today? 
🐓 Chicken: What is a comfort movie/show for you?
🧵 Thread: What is a recent creative project that you are proud of? 
🐈 Cat: Do you have any pets? Are there some pets you really want? 
🍅 Tomato: Have you ever gardened, and if so, what is your favorite thing to grow? 
🍃 Leaf: What is a plant you find beautiful? 
🐝 Bee: What is a video game that you find comforting? 
🍞 Bread: Do you know how to bake bread? If so, what is something you’ve baked recently?
🐇 Bunny: What’s a song that you really like? 
🌲  Pine: Do you prefer the cold, or the heat?
🧶 Yarn: Knitting or Crocheting?
🐑 Sheep: What is a comfort item you own? 
🍓 Strawberry: Do you own any pink clothing?
🥞 Pancake: What is your favorite breakfast food? 
⛰️ Mountains: Would you rather live in the mountains, city, beach, or the forest? 
🧸 Teddy Bear: Do you ever want to raise kids someday? 
🕯️ Candle: What is something you can’t go to bed without? 
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pumpkinpaix · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
OKAY new ship bingo card!! i’m gonna be really angry in like 2 minutes when i realize I’ve forgotten a dynamic i wish i’d included but whatever. let’s go :D
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enbies-and-felonies · 5 months ago
Ask Game (but Gay™)
Tumblr media
orinj: u always be hugging people bc ur the soft gay who always needed love but didn't get enough
pimk: touchstarved gay whose middle name is ‘yearning’
pupperl: went through a “i’m-not-like-other-girls” stage before realizing you were just queer and/or trans
sea gren: ‘off-the-walls’ crazy gay who’s actually just hiding their trauma behind a mask of chaos
yornkle: token ‘bad luck/gross/scary’ animal apologist gay
lim gren: funky earrings, pride pins and patches gay
remd: cuffed pants/shirts, leather and jean jackets, flannels gay
blonk: mom/dad friend of the gay friend group (please drink water like you tell everyone else to)
grae: chronically exhausted gay
Feel free to copy and paste meanings please!!
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soulmemes · 3 months ago
simping softness prompts.
basically i got shippy and now there's these soft little prompts for romantic, platonic, and yearning situations!! use them at your leisure!
" you're shivering. here, take my jacket. "
" you... sorry, you just got a little something on your face... here, let me get it for you. "
" hey, so... i know you haven't been feeling great, so i picked up a few of your favorite snacks, drinks... "
" you stayed? "
" well, of course i stayed. you're here, where else would i be? "
" oh! i found this in the mall, i figured it might be something you'd like! "
" hey, everything's gonna be fine. stay where you are, i'm on my way. "
" wow... you look... you look amazing. "
" we should grab some coffee together, sometime. "
" holy crap, i thought you were dead! never do that to me again! "
" i made some breakfast, if you're hungry? "
" your hands are freezing! let me warm them up... "
" i knew you wouldn't go to sleep willingly, so i brought you some chamomile tea and a blanket. twenty minutes of shut-eye, okay? "
" it's okay. i promise you, i will be here when you wake up. "
" hey! hey, hey, it's alright! it's okay, my darling/friend/love, i'm here, i've got you... "
" i'll walk you home. "
" you need a lift? "
" i... sometimes, i guess i kinda wish you could see yourself through my eyes. "
" i see you still have my shirt! "
" i got starbucks. this is your favorite, isn't it? "
" you look like you could use a hug. "
" okay, quit it with the drinks. i think that's enough, hmm? i'll cover the tab, but for now, let's get you home... "
" i'm not letting you sleep on the couch. come on. get under the blankets. "
" i mean... i-i'm cool with sharing the bed if you are. "
" you were in a really bad way, i wasn't about to abandon you. "
" hey... you've been crying. "
" don't think i won't carry you if i have to! "
" of course i noticed. i notice everything about you. "
" i knew you wouldn't bring a jacket, so i made sure to color co-ordinate with you so you could wear mine on the way home. "
" please, talk to me... it kills me seeing you like this. "
" i got a reservation at that fancy italian place you like. come on. get ready, we can get there in time if we get dressed now! "
" he/she/they were an idiot. you're amazing, and if they can't see that, that's on them. "
" i'd happily go kick their arse, but i don't think that would help you. "
" you don't owe me anything. "
" i wish i could just freeze time. let this moment be forever. "
" i got you some flowers. but, if you have allergies, i also got fake flowers! just in case. "
" you realise you don't need to ask my permission, don't you? "
" what's mine is yours. always. "
" i don't know precisely what i did to earn your presence in my life, but... i'd do it a thousand times over if i knew what it was. "
" yes, these last few years have been a living hell, but... i'd live them a thousand times over if it meant you being safe and happy. "
" i don't care about everyone else! i care about you, [NAME]!"
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screnwriter · a month ago
enemies to lovers but one is injured + sentence starters
“ can you walk? “
“ i’m all right. “
“ you’re bleeding. “
“ lean on me. ” “ for support? “ “ yeah, why else? “
“ i’ll get you out of here. ”
“ are you crazy? i’m not leaving you! “
“ if you die on me, then what's the issue? you either live, or you die. “
“ just trust me, yeah? “
“ i don't need your help. “ “ are you sure? cause it sure does look like it. “
“ rich coming from the guy who tried to kill me three days ago. “
“ how bad is it? “ “ it’s bad. “
“ you got shot. there's a bullet in you. i can see it. “ “ i can feel it. “
“ stay with me. don’t close your eyes. “
“ i hate you. oh, i hate you so much right now. “
“ just remove the damn thing. “
“ i’m not a doctor. “
“ it didn't pierce your heart did it? “ “ no, clearly not. “ “that's unfortunate. “
“ you trust me, don't you? “
“ jesus fucking christ, you're annoying. “
“ don't touch me! “ “ how am i supposed to bandage you up if i can't touch you? “
“ don't touch me. “ “ then do it yourself you, egit. “
“ right now, you’re all i have. “
“ you’re going to be okay. we’ll both be. “
“ can you hear me? “
“ i'm scared. “
“ i don't wanna die. “ “ you're not gonna die, you here me? “
“ when have i ever put you in danger? actually, don't answer that. “
“ if i do this, do you promise to stop harassing me? “ “ absolutely not. what kinda sick request is that? “
“ i can’t feel my legs. “
“ can you walk? “ “i’m bleeding. “
“ here, take my gun. “ “ are you crazy? i’ve never used one before! “
“ i can’t get up. you’re gonna have to have to carry me. “
“ come on, i’ll bandage you up. “
“ look, i know we’re not exactly friends, but right now, you're all i got. “
“ you shoot. i distract. “
“ where’s the bullet? hey, i can’t find the bullet! “
“ why are you the one freaking out? i’m the one with a knife in my stomach. “
“ are you squeamish? because it looks like you’re gonna throw up. “
“ you've always impressed me. you're stronger than you look. “
“ you look like shit. “ “ thank you. “
“ here, take my hand. “ “ are you clean? “
“ i'm gonna kill you. “ “ for what, saving your ass? “
“ don't touch me. “ “ okay. shall i leave you here to die, then? “
“ stop it, you're hurting me! “ “ i need to get the knife out. “
“ didn't realize you had it in you. “ “ what? “ “ to care for another person. “
“ trust me, if anybody's going to kill you, it's going to be me. “
“ couldn't just let you die. fair fight and all. “
“ don't remove the knife, or you'll bleed to death. “
“ shut up before i kill you myself. “
“ just wait for me here. “ “ it's not like i can go anywhere. “
“ give me your gun. “ “fuck, no. “
“ why the hell did they stab you? “ “...should i have asked for an explanation? “
“ shut up or i'll give you a real reason to cry. “
“ you owe me. “
“ fuck you, i'm not doing this. “
“ what's wrong with you? you almost got me killed! “
“ yeah, well. perhaps i didn't understand just how much until this very moment. “ “ this is all your fault. “ “ don't act like you're not enjoying yourself. “
“ you're going to kill me, aren't you? “
“ why would you do this? why would you help me? “
“ call it a truce. “
“ why the hell did you stab me? “
“ i don't have anywhere else to go. “
“ i'm glad you're okay. “
“ thank you, for saving my life. “
“ i would have died if it wasn't for you. “
“ you can stay for as long as you need. “
“ we can go back to hating each other tomorrow. “
“ if you need anything, you know where to find me. “
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sketchyscribbles · a month ago
for the color palette asks -- wei wuxian in sinners?
Tumblr media
the perfect palette for the yiling laozu
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quillith · 7 months ago
Slightly Obscure D&D Character Questions!!
dedicated to those who can't stop thinking about their own characters ♡
What does your character typically keep in their pockets?
Do they consider themselves an optimist? Pessimist? Realist? What are they like in actuality?
How do they carry themselves around strangers? Friends/Lovers? Family?
If your character was a work of art, how would you describe them?
How does your character express they're comfortable?
How does your character express that they're uncomfortable?
How impulsive is your character?
What is something they cannot resist?
What is their favorite scent?
If they were in a rock band, what role would they play?
How does your character blow off steam? 
Physically, does your character feel warm or do they always feel cold?
If they were a body of water, what would they be?
Does your character value promises? Are they good at keeping them?
Describe their ideal date. 
What keeps them going?
Does your character swear? What's their favorite phrase/word?
How does your character act when they want to seem inviting?
How does your character act when they want to seem threatening?
Can your character flirt? Are they aware they're flirting? How do they do it?
If they were a potion, what would it look like? (Color, glass shape, smell, etc.)
What kind of person would they never side with?
Would your character want to be famous? Why or why not?
What's a controversial food opinion they would have?
How does your character feel about spending money?
What would they want for their funeral? 
If they were a ghost, how would they haunt in the afterlife? 
Why do they keep secrets?
What does your character have too much of?
What never gets old for your character? Something your character can't get enough of?
Can your character visualize actual concepts in their head? Or are they just vague thoughts? 
Does your character daydream? What do they usually keep their mind occupied with?
How do they feel about the unknown?
How do they respond to condescension? 
Do they consider themselves childish/mature for their age?
What makes them blush?
What are some ways your character acts silly?
What fairytale/myth suits your character the best?
What does your character believe their party lacks?
Describe a corruption/redemption arc version of your character.
What's a texture/sound your character cannot stand?
Is there something your character isn't very good at, but enjoys doing nonetheless?
Is your character good at apologizing? Why or why not?
How do they hold onto people?
What would they never forgive themselves for? 
How does your character feel about growing old?
Do they consider themselves funny? How do they use humor?
What do they want to leave behind?
Do they talk to themselves?
What is their native language? If they know multiple languages, how do they speak/act differently?
What makes them a hypocrite?
If your character was under quarantine, what type of quarantine person would they be? (Productive? Hobbyist? Lazy?)
What does freedom mean to them?
What is something they currently look forward to? What is something they dread?
How has your character's mental health been recently?
If your character had wings what would they look like?
How does the way they act seemingly contradict their ability scores?
What's a habit that needs to be broken?
What's something your character has realized?
Who do they go to when they need to bounce ideas off of someone?
Who do they go to when they've had a nightmare?
Who does your character think is the most put together in the party? 
Which party member would they pull a prank on? Who would they plan a prank with? 
What is one thing they want each party member to know?
Which do they value more?
65. Adoration or Intimidation?
66. Outward Passion or Quiet Rebellion?
67. Selflessness or Self-Preservation?
68. Objective or Subjective?
69. Journey or Destination? 
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soulmemes · 2 months ago
grumpy/sunshine trope prompts!
naturally these are shippy and soft and i'm honestly so honored that someone asked and trusted me to do these, so i hope y'all enjoy them just as much as i enjoyed writing them!
from the grump
" i know i can be an asshole, but... you always see the good in me. "
" only YOU could convince me to do something like this! "
" don't make this weird, but... i saw this in the store. figured you'd like it. "
" nobody's ever made me feel the way you do. "
" you're so full of light... and i'm terrified that i'll be the one who quenches it. "
" why do you stick around with a misery-guts like me? "
" you're the lighthouse in the fog, guiding me to shore... "
" i'm trying so hard, but... i can't stop myself from falling in love with you. "
" i love you... oh, damn it, don't look at me, i'm all red... "
" i don't really smile much. not unless you're around, it seems. "
" no. no way, no way in hell am i doing that. no! no... aw, fine... "
" how are you so happy all the time? "
" oh jeez... nobody's ever made me laugh like that in a long, long time. "
" i don't think i wanna know a world without your smiles. "
" i never feel like this grumpy asshole when you're around. i feel like... me. the real me... "
" hey, now... i'm not going anywhere. i'm gonna stay right here. right with you. "
" whoa... hey, now, who made you cry? where'd they go? "
" don't make a big deal out of this. you like hugs, right? so... here's a hug. "
" um... if you don't mind, i think i'd like a hug now. if that's okay... "
" the world just... feels right. when you're with me. "
from the sunshine
" i love it when you smile! i wish you'd do it all the time... "
" you have a really good smile, you know that? "
" see? i knew there was a soft heart under all that grumbling! "
" admit it. you had FUN today! "
" i want to know you. the REAL you. so let's go somewhere that makes you feel happy. "
" you can't get rid of me that easily. i'm gonna be here every day to remind you how wonderful you are! "
" you know me. you... you see me. i'm never totally myself unless i'm with you. "
" everyone else always sees this ridiculously happy, over excited, naive little baby who needs protecting. but... never you. you've always seen the real me. i guess that's what i love the most about you. "
" why is it so damn difficult for you to believe you're worthy of love? "
" you make me smile. and laugh. i feel happy when i'm with you! is that so hard to believe? "
" don't be so stubborn! take my coat/scarf! "
" come on! dance with me! "
" who'd have thought you'd be such a softie! "
" your smiles are like shooting stars. really rare, and really beautiful. "
" don't go. please? just... we can share the bed. i just don't want to be alone right now, if you don't mind... "
" we all have our flaws. you stayed with me in spite of mine. now i'm doing the same... "
" we're two sides of the same coin. right? "
" well, they do say opposites attract... "
" of course i remembered! i remember everything about you! "
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waywcrdmemes · 7 months ago
2020 is almost done and over with!
With the final month of the year here, it’s your chance to send the mun or muse something you’ve wanted to tell them! Whether you haven’t had the chance to or you’ve been too shy, now’s the time to say what you feel, and don’t hold back!
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sashthesloth · 3 months ago
If youre still doing requests....3i for Yasha?
Tumblr media
Okay okay okay
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askgxmes · 4 months ago
Which mutual am i?
👻 The mutual thats never online
🤐 The mutual that you don't really talk to but love anyway
😎 The intimidating mutual
🏆The talented mutual
💂The british mutual
🌻The positive mutual
🌙 The mutual thats always up too late
🧠 The smart mutual
🎺 The mutual that needs to get a life
❗The mutual that's always in your notes
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jennystahl · 5 months ago
Briefly describe the way their parents grew up, and how it affected the way they raised them.
Which social class did they belong to growing up? How did it affect them?
Describe their family. Who raised them, and who had the most impact on them? Did they have any siblings? Who were they closest to? What were the family dynamics like?
What was the most common argument between them and whoever raised them?
Where did they grow up? What was it like? Were they happy there?
Did the location they grew up in affect them significantly? Do they still go there?
Who were their friends during childhood? Are they still in touch with them?
What was their childhood/teenage bedroom like?
When they got hurt as a child, who did they go to? How did they react?
What did they dream of doing when they grew up? How and why did it change, if it did?
Were there any events in their childhood that led to phobias or other fears?
What are some of their biggest regrets?
What part of their past (death, other significant event) do they think affects them the most?
How do they fit into their story? Give a brief summary of the effect they have on the events around them.
What is their current occupation, if any, and how did they end up there? Do they enjoy it?
Do they belong to any factions or groups? Why and how did they join, and how do they feel about it?
Do they have any enemy factions or groups? Why and how are they opposed, and how do they feel about it?
What kind of people do they usually interact with? Who are their friends, the people they look up to/trust, and who are their "associates"?
What is their current relationship with their family?
Do they have a partner? How did they meet, and what's their relationship like now?
What hobby or pastime of theirs do they consider most important to them and why?
What kind of place do they live in?
What do they always carry with them and why?
What's a typical night's sleep like for them?
If someone mentioned their name to someone else, what would they immediately think of (i.e. defining characteristic, appearance- or personality-wise)?
What's the worst (in their mind) way their current situation could end up?
What matters most to them right now?
Briefly describe their life in the future, regardless of how far into the future this is.
Are they content with their future situation? Is there anything they would change?
How would their beliefs or morals change in the future, if at all?
What's something they were sure would happen in their future but didn't?
Did they get married or have a family? Why? If otherwise, why not?
How do they react to the changing times? Are they adaptable or do they reject modernity?
Are their friends still a part of their life? Are there people they are no longer in touch with, or newly important people?
Would they become a mentor figure for anyone?
How do they feel about getting older and eventually dying?
How do they want to be remembered after they die?
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just-ask-games · 3 months ago
funky asks
arcade: what color are your socks?
crop top: what is your least favorite word?
glow sticks: are you into witchcraft?
stereo: do you have a favorite drink?
holographic: indoor or outdoor malls?
silly string: do you play an instrument? is their anything you’d like to play?
blackberries: what’s your favorite album from the 2000s?
picnic baskets: what’s your favorite picture book?
bold: favorite font?
platform shoes: what would your dream roller coaster be?
paper crowns: if you were a color, what color would you be?
vinyl: what’s your favorite scent?
glitter: what’s a good memory from primary school?
silly bands: what’s your favorite plant?
neon: friendship bracelets?
loud: shells or sea glass?
sunflower: what makes you nostalgic?
boots: what was your favorite show as a kid?
springs: what’s your favorite material?
whiteboards: old book smell or new book smell?
pop tarts: what’s your favorite weird drink or food combo?
sequins: how do you name playlists?
lamps: what type of clothes do you like to wear?
old cars: what’s the most fun word you know?
hats: what do you like to do in cities?
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