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#ask meme
firesign23 · 18 hours ago
POV (any Phrack if you're still writing any??)
So, I don't have any CURRENT Phrack projects and I was going through my older fics and finding that a POV change wasn't going to be INTERESTING with any of them. So I dug through some WIPs I had and discovered that there was a fic in the Fear Not The Bugleverse centred around the opening of the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne in 1934, and a scene first written in Jack's POV that would do much better in Phryne's. So I changed it.
Knocking softly on the bedroom door, Phryne waited for Jack’s low “Enter” before pushing it open. He was standing in front of a full-length mirror, still in only his underwear.
“Darling?” Phryne asked, stepping inside and shutting the door before crossing the room to stand beside him.
He turned, eyes haunted.
“I’m sorry. I was meant to be getting dressed” --he gestured to his uniform laid out on the bed-- “but I… it has been a long time since I’ve worn it.”
“It felt odd?” she asked, and he shook his head.
“It felt familiar.”
Which was no doubt worse. She touched his shoulder, trailed her fingers down his bicep and forearm to lace them with his, and said nothing. After a moment, he turned back to the mirror.
“I’m old, Phryne. But I picked that up and I just remembered being this cocky kid who thought we’d sort it by Christmas. And it was as if the last twenty years didn’t matter in the face of the man I was when I wore that uniform.”
“Of course it matters, Jack.”
“Today isn’t just about the Glorious Dead,” he said. “That’s how the newspapers keep phrasing it, written by naive kids who never lived through it. There was nothing glorious about those deaths, and there’s nothing noble in having survived.”
She nodded. “I remember. But the man you are matters; you know as well as I do that being defined by the past is no way to live, any more than denying its existence is.”
He sighed, one corner of his mouth twitching as he looked to her.
“What would I do without you?”
“Eat a lot worse, to begin with.”
He laughed, and the sound reverberated in her heart until she laughed in response.
.”Don’t put on the uniform if you don’t want to,” Phryne said, sobering.
“I’m supposed to be marching.”
“And if you do, I’ll watch on with pride. But if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.”
“I took the day off for the parade.”
“Which is not the same as wanting to march, faced with it.”
“It’s disrespectful--”
“No, it’s not.”
“All the men that should be here and aren’t though--”
“Jack Fisher-Robinson,” Phryne said firmly; she so rarely used his name in full, both of them content to keep the name they had been born with under most circumstances. “Marching to a shrine won’t bring those men back. It won’t make their deaths meaningful. It won’t erase the pain. But you, your life, that does them some credit. You are a wonderful police officer, upholding the law. You are a wonderful husband and a wonderful father and a wonderful son and uncle and mentor to other officers. You follow the rules but aren’t afraid to challenge authority when it is unfair. You…” she swallowed against the lump in her throat, “you matter, and the decision whether or not to march should be made only for yourself.”
He gave her a slightly teary smile.
“You’re getting sentimental on me, Miss Fisher.”
She kissed his cheek.
“And rightfully so, darling. Rightfully so.”
no excuses writing meme, askbox version
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k-the-enkryptid · 12 hours ago
Thank you to 300 followers!!
Wow I didn’t even realize I got to 300 until today but thank you all v much for deciding that my chaos was necessary on your dash :)
In honor of my 300 followers, send me an ask saying anything you’d like to share with me and I’ll make a meme based on the vibes of your URL
Thanks again to everyone!
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sare11aa11eras · 21 hours ago
hi sexy. sarella/alleras for the ask?
It’s 6:25 am let’s go
Sexuality: on the aroace spectrum.
Gender: trans masc, prefers he/they pronouns
Ship: I don’t really have one for him.
NOTP: well I’m sure I’ve seen him shipped with Jon S in some fic somewhere. Is there anything wrong with that no do I like it also no
BROTP: Alleras and Sam, Alleras and Gilly.
Random HC: while he does *love* Arianne, he does not actually like her. If you were to get him very, very drunk (which, good luck) he would admit to thinking Princess Arianne is kind of spoiled. “She needs to read some Marxist theory. Some gender theory. Yknow? All I’m saying.”
Gen opinion: This guy has not been seen since like 2005 I DEMAND MORE ALLERAS. I also think he is CRIMINALLY underrated. He is SO cool.
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herbgerblin · 8 days ago
Wizard rap battle……
excellent choice. i can't find the post but i think it was talking about wizards memorizing their spells instead of relying on a spellbook
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[ID: First drawing is of an elderly wizard with a long white beard and flowing blue and gold robes. He is holding a long staff and a has a spellbook levitating in front of him as he quotes Shakespeare's Richard III. Second drawing is of Taako, an elven wizard, taking a deep inhale, before rapid firing the fast part of "Rap God" By Eminem. The third image shows the first wizard exploding via png explosion due to Taako's verbal assult. End ID.]
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akedo39 · 14 days ago
Tumblr media
An egg is about to hatch! Reblog to get a random Pokemon in your ask/message inbox! ✨
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soulmemes · 9 days ago
as promised! i might make an updated list, but these will keep us shippy fools going for a while! in the meantime, if you think of other ideas to add to the list, don't hesitate to let me know!
[ HAIR ] : as they kiss the receiver, sender tangles their fingers into receiver's hair.
[ WAIST ] : sender catches receiver around the waist right before they kiss them.
[ GRAB ] : impulsively, sender quickly crosses the room to where the receiver is standing, grabs them, and pulls them into a passionate kiss.
[ BRUSH ] : just before kissing them, sender tenderly reaches up and brushes a strand of hair away from receiver's face.
[ CUP ] : gently cupping the receiver's face in their hands, sender guides them into a tender kiss.
[ ARMS ] : sender holds receiver in their arms while they kiss them.
[ THUMB ] : sender gently runs their thumb across receiver's lips before leaning in to kiss them.
[ PULL ] : sender pulls the receiver close against them as they kiss them.
[ PIN ] : sender pins receiver against a wall and begins to kiss them.
[ STRADDLE ] : sender straddles receiver while in the process of kissing them.
[ TUG ] : sender hooks their fingers in receiver's belt loops, and tugs them in for a kiss.
[ GAZE ] : right before the kissing begins, sender gazes at receiver's lips, then back up at their eyes, waiting for them to make a move or give confirmation.
[ NECK ] : sender brings a hand up and rests it on the back of the receiver's neck, pulling them in for a kiss.
[ LAUGH ] : sender can't help laughing in the middle of the kiss.
[ POP ] : a la "the princess diaries", sender is so absorbed in the kiss, that their foot involuntarily lifts off the ground.
[ BREATHE ] : sender has to force themselves to stop kissing the receiver to take a break to breathe.
[ LIPSTICK ] : after the kiss ends, sender pulls away to reveal that the sender/receiver/both have lipstick marks on their face afterwards.
[ FOREHEAD ] : following the kiss, sender gently rests their forehead against the receiver's. basically a forehead touch but like. post kiss.
[ ANOTHER ] : following the first kiss, sender places another brief one on the receiver's mouth.
[ LEAVE ] : having just given the receiver a kiss of a lifetime, sender leaves the room, leaving the receiver to wrap their head around what just happened.
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firesign23 · 20 hours ago
Next! 🙂
This is from a fic I'm probably not going to write, because I'm missing the actual plot, but the doc is titled Love Letter to Home and is where I'm planning to dump all my homesick feelings about Northern Ontario and also my feelings about Brienne wielding a chainsaw for sculpting. 😂 The basic premise is that Jaime and Brienne have to put aside their acrimonious breakup to spend a week with mutual friends in a remote location, they bicker and banter and eventually discover a second chance at love now that they've grown as people. Not that any of that is in the sentence I just wrote 😂
The North had been riddled with kettle lakes after the last Long Night and the slowly retreating glaciers in its wake, and the Mormonts’ cottage--a ridiculous misnomer for a 5000 square foot architectural marvel in self-sufficiency and sustainable living--was located on the western shore of the largest of them.
no excuses writing meme, askbox version
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k-the-enkryptid · 10 hours ago
Heyyyy kryptid!!! Congrats on hitting 300 followers!! so, I love your “is he accepting wife application?” so much sjsjssjsjsj. and you’re a kind and amazing human being, it’s always been so fun to talk to you!!
and have some random rex pics I have <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*screams* SCHAFER!! I love you!!! Also i know i said this was based on url vibes but like i had to make this joke im so sorry
Tumblr media
Send me an ask and I'll make a meme based on the vibes of your url!
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otomiya-tickles · 28 days ago
Autumn Emoji Asks ✨
For some fun & interaction 💖 (spring | summer)
Tumblr media
🍂: Make a simple autumn moodboard to show us your vibes this season! (or simply name the things you would put on such a moodboard)
👻: What is something in an animated movie or cartoon that scared you as a kid? 
🎃: What are some good memories you have of celebrating Halloween? And do you have any plans for this year?  
🥧: Regardless of skill, if you could bake anything right now (pie, cake, muffin, brownie etc.) what would you like to make? 
🌧️: Time for a movie marathon on a rainy day. Pick your top 5 movies to watch!
🍊: What is your favorite scent? 
📺: Do you watch horror movies? If yes, which are your favorite? 
🍄: Write a short essay about your thoughts and opinions on mushrooms.
🤖: If you were a video game NPC, what would be your catchphrase? 
🍪: Favorite kind of cookie? 
📢: Shout any random thing that your followers really need to know.
💁‍♀️: What are items you definitely don’t need but tend to keep and collect anyway?
🧡: Which 3 songs remind you instantly of autumn and why? 
📆: Is there any event or upcoming activity you look forward to? 
🎲: Which kind of board games do you like to play? 
🛏️: Describe 3 specific items that are in your room.
👹: Favorite fictional monster or villain?
📷: Take a random snap of anything (scenery, item, etc.) and share it here.
😿: Describe any scene in a movie/series/book that never fails to make you cry.
📚: What are your favorite books? 
💀: Do you have any fears/phobias? 
🎪: If you could go see any broadway show or theater play right now, what would you like to see?
🤡: What is the dumbest way you have been hurt or injured? 
🍵: Top 3 favorite tea flavors?
💻: To feel nostalgic; what are some old games/websites you spent lots of time on when you were young?
🧛: Did you ever dress up for a costume party, or maybe cosplay for a convention? If yes, which character? 
🍯: If you could choose any three-course menu, what would be your ideal starter, main and dessert? 
🍬: All-time favorite candy? 
🏡: You can make it as crazy and silly as possible; what would be some must-have features of your ideal dream house?
🎮: Whether you’re waiting for its release or just until you can buy and/or play it; are there any video games you are looking forward to? 
🍁: A new website, fandom, video, song, fun fact or anything, name a recent discovery you would like to share with your followers.
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sadprosed · a month ago
↬   THE  LANGUAGE  OF  THORNS,  midnight  tales  and  dangerous  magic.   (  2017  )  by  leigh  bardugo.
sentences  taken  from  or  inspired  by  the  collection’s  dialogue  &  narration.
+   feel  free  to  change  pronouns  !
‘  love  speaks  in  flowers.  truth  requires  thorns.  ’
‘  we  all  know  the  story  of  how  the  queen  becomes  a  queen.  ’
‘  we  should  leave  this  place.  ’
‘  no  doubt  it  will  come  and  devour  us  all.  ’
‘  the  beast  will  laugh  you  right  out  of  the  wild  lands.  ’
‘  you  know  how  the  stories  go.  interesting  things  happen  only  to  pretty  girls.  ’
‘  is  the  wood  much  worse  than  a  garden  overgrown  with  pricklers  ?  ’
‘  stupid  girl  !  do  you  wish  to  become  a  monster  ?  ’
‘  strike  me.  cleave  me  in  two.  ’
‘  you’re  as  thorny  as  the  wood.  ’  
‘  there  is  but  one  rule  in  my  wood.  speak  truth.  ’
‘  perhaps  you  might  show  mercy  freely.  ’
‘  just  eat  a  bit  of  the  sun  to  fill  the  sky,  and  you  will  feel  empty  no  longer.  ’
‘  what  nonsense  !  of  course  that’s  not  how  the  story  ends.  ’
‘  some  people  are  born  with  a  piece  of  night  inside,  and  that  hollow  place  can  never  be  filled.  ’
‘  what  do  i  care  for  winter  ?  no  season  touches  this  wood.  ’
‘  you  know  the  only  bargain  i  will  make.  ’
‘  sometimes  the  unseen  is  not  to  be  feared  and  those  that  are  meant  to  love  us  most  are  not  always  the  ones  that  do.  ’
‘  bad  fates  do  not  always  follow  those  that  deserve  them.  ’
‘  no  prince  is  worth  your  life.  ’
‘  are  you  so  eager  to  be  eaten  ?  ’
‘  they  have  told  me  to  return  with  your  heart.  ’
‘  you  think  to  love  a  monster  ?  ’
‘  a  man  like  you  is  owed  no  words.  ’
‘  you  are  doomed  to  a  miserable  life.  ’
‘  better  to  be  hungry  now  than  to  be  sorry  later.  ’
‘  what  will  everyone  say  when  they  see  such  a  face  ?  ’
‘  we  have  not  gone  so  soft  as  that.  ’
‘  you  think  that  we  will  let  you  live  on  foolish  promises  ?  ’
‘  you  have  bested  me.  that  much  is  clear.  ’
‘  will  you  not  free  me  ?  ’
‘  you  will  have  a  fine  time  of  it,  i  can  tell  you.  ’
‘  i  can  bear  ugliness.  i  find  the  one  thing  i  cannot  live  with  is  death.  ’
‘  if  you  will  only  cease  your  talking,  i  will  gladly  go.  ’
‘  where  he  went,  he  bled  the  woods  dry.  ’
‘  what’s  a  bit  more  blood  ?  ’
‘  you  should  leave  this  place.  you  are  not  safe  here.  ’
‘  with  such  big  eyes,  i  think  you  see  too  much.  ’
‘  will  you  not  tell  me  what  troubles  you  ?  ’
‘  why  do  you  stay  with  him  ?  you’re  pretty  enough  to  catch  a  husband.  ’
‘  just  because  you  escape  one  trap,  doesn’t  mean  you  will  escape  the  next.  ’
‘  first  i  must  find  my  courage.  ’
‘  few  can  resist  the  sight  of  a  pretty  girl  crying.  ’
‘  the  trap  is  loneliness,  and  no  one  escapes  it.  not  even  me.  ’
‘  in  the  wood,  even  songbirds  must  be  survivors.  ’
iii.    THE  WITCH  OF  DUVA.
‘  there  was  a  time  when  the  wood  ate  girls.  ’
‘  be  back  before  dark.  the  trees  are  hungry  tonight.  ’
‘  who  can  say  what  shapes  an  appetite  ?  ’
‘  this  is  my  home,  you  can’t  just  send  me  away.  ’ 
‘  don’t  be  foolish.  there’s  plenty  of  light.  ’
‘  well  then,  come  help  me  stir  the  pot.  ’
‘  i  will  warn  you  just  this  once.  go.  ’ 
‘  you  cannot  come  and  go  from  this  place  like  you’re  fetching  water  from  a  well.  ’  
‘  hope  made  me  stubborn.  ’
‘  stay  there  and  keep  quiet.  i  don’t  need  rumors  that  i’ve  been  taking  girls.  ’
‘  i  will  not  have  you  bring  a  monster  to  my  door.  ’
‘  you  know  that  you  are  welcome  to  remain  here  with  me.  ’
‘  i  will  follow  her.  i  will  peck  out  her  eyes.  ’
‘  believe  me.  say  you  believe  me.  ’
‘  dark  things  have  a  way  of  slipping  through  narrow  spaces.  ’
‘  it  is  dangerous  to  travel  the  northern  road  with  a  troubled  heart.  ’
‘  if  you  are  lost  in  your  own  thoughts,  you  may  find  yourself  stepping  off  the  path  and  into  the  dark  woods.  ’
‘  she  was  beautiful  from  the  moment  of  her  birth.  ’
‘  why  must  i  be  the  one  to  hide  ?  ’
‘  do  you  think  i  am  so  foolish  or  so  cruel  ?  ’
‘  water  only  wants  direction.  it  wants  to  be  told  what  to  do.  ’
‘  always  you  have  done  my  bidding,  but  what  good  are  you  to  me  now  ?  ’
‘  soon  i  will  be  very  rich,  but  will  i  have  a  good  man  ?  ’
‘  that  is  a  question  for  the  river.  ’
‘  your  tongue  is  not  fit  for  my  true  name.  ’
‘  will  you  come  with  me,  and  be  bride  to  nothing  but  the  shore  ?  ’
‘  she  was  terrifying  in  her  beauty,  bright  like  a  devouring  star.  ’
‘  remember  that  to  use  a  thing  is  not  to  own  it.  ’
‘  should  you  ever  take  a  bride,  listen  closely  to  her  questions.  ’
‘  this  is  the  problem  with  even  lesser  demons.  they  come  to  your  door  in  velvet  coats  and  polished  shoes.  ’
‘  you  will  find  great  love  and  more  gold  than  you  could  wish  for.  ’
‘  he’s  a  charming  fellow,  but  most  unusual,  and  peculiarities  seem  to  follow  him.  ’  
’  it  seemed  harmless  at  the  time.  ’
‘  he  needed  a  girl,  still  malleable,  one  that  he  could  make  admire  him.  ’
‘  this  is  pleasant.  this  is  enough.  ’
‘  are  you  my  soldier  ?  are  you  my  prince  ?  ’
‘  i  have  not  come  to  fight,  only  to  talk.  ’
‘  wanting  is  why  people  get  up  in  the  morning.  it  gives  them  something  to  dream  of  at  night.  ’
‘  i  am  perfectly  real.  ’
‘  she  loves  you,  though,  and  that  will  make  it  harder.  ’
‘  best  not  to  ask.  i  think  the  answer  would  please  no  one.  ’
‘  we  can  stay  forever  in  the  land  of  dreams.  ’
‘  kiss  me.  take  me  from  this  place.  ’
‘  i  sent  you  to  die  a  hundred  times.  ’
‘  i  eat  the  wonder  in  their  eyes.  ’
‘  you  were  an  idea  in  my  head.  you  were  nothing,  and  to  nothing  you  will  return  when  i  think  of  you  no  more.  ’
‘  you  wanted  only  that  i  might  live.  you  would  sacrifice  your  own  life  to  make  it  so.  ’
‘  are  you  my  darling  ?  are  you  mine  ?  ’
‘  you  wish  to  strike  a  bargain.  ’
‘  make  me  someone  new.  ’
‘  this  is  the  problem  with  making  a  thing  forbidden.  it  does  nothing  but  build  an  ache  in  the  heart.  ’
‘  easy  magic  is  pretty.  great  magic  requires  that  you  trouble  the  waters.  ’
‘  no  one  expects  me  to  accomplish  anything.  ’
‘  i  can  smell  your  ambition  like  blood  in  the  water.’  
‘  i  know  that  you  should  keep  it  like  a  secret,  not  shout  it  like  a  curse.  ’
‘  yes.  i  can  imagine  it  all.  ’
‘  you  are  worth  more  than  that.  you  should  not  have  to  earn  him.  ’
‘  hope  rises  like  water  trapped  beneath  a  dam,  higher  and  higher,  in  increments  that  mean  nothing  until  you  face  the  flood.  ’
‘  there  is  no  pain  like  the  pain  of  transformation.  ’
‘  take  your  pleasures  as  you  will.  ’
‘  come,  and  i’ll  tell  you  all  you  wish  to  know.  ’
‘  he  made  me  dream  of  things  i  cannot  have.  ’
‘  i  do  not  care  for  dancing.  ’
‘  look  into  the  mirror,  and  try  to  deny  it.  ’
‘  you  have  never  been  like  the  others,  and  you  never  will  be.  ’
‘  we  were  not  made  to  please  princes.  ’
‘  i  am  not  quite  mortal  either,  and  i  have  many  lives  to  live.  ’
‘  i  wouldn’t  care  if  you  were  part  human  or  part  frog.  ’
‘  my  voice  is  not  enough.  ’
‘  you  know  i  was  never  strong.  ’
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Hello! Leverage OT3 + there was only one bed/cuddling?
Eliot's getting used to the way they handle him getting real hurt, although taking two bullets is, y'know, a little more intense than his usual bumps and bruises. He's prepared for Hardison's hovering and Parker's silent delivery of--whatever she's decided will be good for him under the circumstances. One time he broke four ribs and she brought him tea every hour on the hour for two days until he made her stop. This time it's been crackers. Sure.
He's not prepared for Parker to invite herself onto the foot of his bed around day six, when Eliot's getting restless and thinking about going and seeing if he can get anything done around the kitchen. She pops off his vent cover from the inside--that part is normal--and does an elegant dismount that any gymnast would envy, and then she flops down on the bed in a dramatic flourish that manages to not even jostle the recently shot leg three inches from her shoulder.
"Here," she says, reaching out and snatching the remote straight out of his damn hand. She tucks her cheek against his hip--careful of his thigh--while she starts to flick rapidly through the movies onscreen. "Hardison said he'll be here in like, three minutes, so we can get it set up while we wait."
Eliot makes an inarticulate noise of--exasperation, maybe a little performative outrage, and Parker reaches back blindly to put a hand over his mouth. He doesn't break her wrist, because...
"We were going to play Spot The Inaccuracy with Ocean's Eleven," Parker goes on, like this is normal. "Winner picks the takeout place."
"Takeout--" Eliot says in genuine offense from under her palm, and then Hardison comes in and settles on Eliot's other side, careful not to aggravate his shoulder, and--
And then they're watching a movie, apparently.
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soulmemes · 12 days ago
i got mushy and started thinking about like. touches?? but in particular the meaning behind holding hands. so here we are! as always, sender is the person sending the meme, receiver is the person receiving it, and you can just add "+ REVERSE" to switch the roles about! as always, let me know if i've missed any good ones!
[ LEAD ] : sender takes receiver by the hand to guide them to a specific location.
[ PULL ] : sender takes receiver by the hand to help them to their feet after they've fallen or been knocked over.
[ HASTE ] : in order to move quickly through dangerous territory, sender grabs receiver's hand to bring them to safety.
[ SAVE ] : saving their life in the process, sender grabs receiver's hands to either yank them out of immediate danger, or to pull them to safety.
[ REASSURANCE ] : noticing the receiver is upset, sender gently takes their hand to reassure them and provide them with a sense of comfort.
[ JUST BECAUSE ] : sender holds receiver's hand, just because they can.
[ STOP ] : sender takes receiver's hand to stop them from walking away from them.
[ ATTENTION ] : to get receiver's attention, or to guide it elsewhere, sender hastily takes their hand.
[ FEAR ] : sender, out of instinctive fear, grabs receiver's hand for comfort.
[ TOGETHER ] : in a gesture intended to prove to the receiver that they're no longer alone, sender takes their hand and holds it firmly.
[ LOVE ] : while out together in a romantic setting, sender quietly holds receiver's hand as they're standing together.
[ DISPLAY ] : during the process of an undercover mission/a situation where their identities need to be protected, sender holds receiver's hand to give the impression that they're in a romantic relationship.
[ SUPPORT ] : following a massive emotional blow, sender takes receiver's hand and holds it in an effort to provide emotional support.
[ STEADY ] : noticing the receiver stumbling or losing their balance, sender takes their hand in an effort to physically steady them.
[ NOT ALONE ] : during a moment of intense distress for the sender, they wordlessly reaches out and takes receiver's hand, both as a gesture of gratitude for being with them, and a gesture of self-comfort.
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jellydrop-anon · 24 days ago
•Feel free to use!
Have fun!!
Tumblr media
🐶 What would your OC do if they were chased by a dog?
💋 How would they react to getting a kiss? (can be platonic or romantic)
🌲 What would your OC do in a Minecraft world/server?
🎤 Can your OC sing?
💃 Can your OC dance?
📚 Would your OC cheat in an exam?
⚡ What mythological god would you associate with your OC?
🎬 What genre would your OC be into?
✨ What kind of aesthetic do they like?
✊ Would your OC win in a fight against an ostrich?
🐾 (If human) If they were to turn into an animal, what animal would they be?
🦄 (If human) If they were to turn into a mythical creature, what mythical creature would they be?
💌 How would they react to a confession?
💗 How would they confess?
💀 If they were one of the 7 sins, what sin would they be?
💘 What kind of person is their ideal type?
🎁 What kind of gift would they give at birthdays?
👹 How much patience does you OC have? Are they patient? Or are they easily irritable?
☠ How petty are they? And what length of pettiness would they go for?
🔪 (More than one OC) If your all of your OCs played among us, who'd be the best imposter? And who'd be the worst?
🛌 What kind of sleep schedule does your OC have?
🍽 What kind of food do they like?
🍻 Do they drink? If so, how strong is their alcohol tolerance?
🍺 If your OC drinks, what is their go to alcohol?
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k-the-enkryptid · 12 hours ago
I lov u pls vibe check me <3333
Please understand that this is a joke and I adore you pls do not let the spn stans after me
Tumblr media
Send me an ask and I'll make a meme based on the vibes of your url!
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cultivatedmemes · a month ago
Horror Media (Mostly Movies) Starters feel free to change gender specific words, pronouns, whatever you like to make it fit your muse better!
❝ Do you want to see something strange? ❞
❝ Do you want to play a game? ❞
❝ I see dead people. ❞
❝ You’re gonna need a bigger boat! ❞
❝ Do you like scary movies? ❞
❝ Congratulations. You are still alive. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you. Not anymore. ❞
❝ Yes, ooo, ahh, it always starts out that way, and then comes all the running and screaming. ❞
❝ What an excellent day for an exorcism. ❞
❝ They look like psychos? Is that what they looked like? They were vampires. Psychos do not explode when sunlight hits 'em. I don't give a fuck how crazy they are! ❞
❝ Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? ❞
❝ I’m scared to close my eyes. I’m scared to open them. ❞
❝ Whatever you do, don't fall asleep. ❞
❝ They're all gonna laugh at you. ❞
❝ Be afraid... Be very afraid. ❞
❝ No one trusts anybody now, and we’re all very tired. ❞
❝ Where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see. ❞
❝ Just leave me to do my dark bidding on the internet! ❞
❝ Get away from her you bitch! ❞
❝ When there is no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth. ❞
❝ Yeah some of our clothes are from victims. You might bite someone, and then you think 'Ooh, those are some nice pants!' ❞
❝ Have the lambs stopped screaming? ❞
❝ Come play with us, forever, and ever, and ever. ❞
❝ You know that part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid and everyone hates them for it? This is it. ❞
❝ Smile, you son of a bitch! ❞
❝ At the start I was like 'Oh no, I'm dead'. It's kinda affected my friendship with normal people and my family and stuff. But the way I see it I have a whole new family who accept me for who I am, and I accept them for who they are…even though one of them killed me. ❞
❝ No tears please, it's a waste of good suffering. ❞
❝ Sometimes dead is better. ❞
❝ People say you should always do the right thing, but sometimes there is no right thing. And then, you just have to pick the sin you can live with. ❞
❝ Meat's meat, and man's gotta eat. ❞
❝ It’s alive! ❞
❝ Take her, not me. ❞
❝ In space, no one can hear you scream. ❞
❝ This is not your grave but you are welcome in it. ❞
❝ The moment you die will feel exactly the same as this one. ❞
❝ There is more to the darkness than the inability to see. ❞
❝ Nobody gets what they deserve, not in this place, they just get whatever hurts the most. ❞
❝ Don’t you want to be fully consumed by what loves you? ❞
❝ May you find your rest where no shadows are passed, and no eyes see you slumber. ❞
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rpsourcedmemes · 20 days ago
Send 🎃 to know what my muse would dress up as for Halloween
Bonus if there are pictures!
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fierymcmes · 11 days ago
For the fluff and soft hearted, here is another list of sentence starters that has the highest potentiality to turn into a soft scenarios. Feel free to change any pronouns / sentence structure according to your muse’s preference!     
Disclaimer: this is not my compilation; sentence starters were initially made up by @belladoesrpmeme and @writerwhofears; I merely combined two parts of this meme into one for convenience.
“I never noticed your eyes were this [colour].”
“Your heartbeat’s really loud.”
“You asleep?”
“I like this, being so close to you.”
“Your hair keeps falling into your eyes, do you know that? Here, lemme just—”
“You’re so, so, so pretty.”
“I just — I’m breathless, okay? Whenever I’m with you, it happens.”
“You make my heart beat so quick.”
“You always know how to make me smile.”
“You’ll always be safe with me.”
[kisses the other on the cheek]
“I can’t imagine being anywhere but here with you.”
“All my choices lead me to you.”
“I’ll never give you up.”
“I sleep better if you’re around.”
“You snore in your sleep. But… it’s adorable, okay?”
“I like this. A quiet breakfast with you.”
“There’re billions of people on this planet, and I love you. How incredible is that?”
“I trust you.”
[holds the other’s hand when they think the other won’t notice]
“You keep staring at me instead of watching the film. What’s up?”
“Let’s push all of these stuff away. I wanna dance here right now with you.”
“Are we really doing this? Are we really slow-dancing?”
“When you laugh like that, it just — you’re so beautiful, you know that?”
“No, sorry, you laughed. I … I never saw it before. It’s — pretty.”
“You haven’t laughed in a long time, and I guess I was staring ‘cause I forgot how that looked like.”
[puts head on the other’s shoulder]
“I will never let you go.”
“You’re the best thing to have ever happened to me.”
“You wrote me a song?”
“You’ve got a fever. Of course I’m not going anywhere.”
[suddenly feels around the bed to search for the other’s hand / body when they’re sleeping]
[extends a hand when they see the other was searching for it while they’re sleeping]
“I just feel calmer. When I’m with you.”
“You’re not in bed. I came looking for you.”
“What are you doing up? Come to bed.”
“It’s weird. I never thought I could feel like this, but you showed up. Now, it’s like I don’t wanna go on knowing I might lose the feeling.”
“I don’t mind sharing the blankets with you.”
“You’re cold. Come here.”
“You always do that. You always warm me up.”
“It’s getting crowded. Here, hold my hand.”
[hugs for a very long time]
[puts feet on the other’s lap]
“I’m so proud of you, you know that?”
“I love you.”
“If anything happened to you— I couldn’t...”
“Promise me. Promise me you’ll stay.”
“Tell me what happened.”
“You’re not breathing. Breathe.”
“I’ve got you.”
“You’re safe with me, now.”
“I won’t let anything happen to you.”
“No matter what, I will always come after you.”
“Take my hand— and stay close.”
“You’re shaking. Here, come closer.”
“Sorry, when I didn’t didn’t see you, I got worried.”
[hears crying]
“You look exhausted. Come here.”
“Rest now. I’ll be here when you wake.”
[touches forehead] “You’re burning up!”
“Are you sure you’ll be alright?”
“You always do that. Pull away when I get close. What are you afraid of?”
“For once, will you just look at me?”
“I can’t stay here with you— I just, when I’m around you, I can’t think. You make me dizzy... you make me weak.”
[traces fingers over scars, sitting in the firelight, watching the flames jump and bend to the music of the wind]
“I’ve never noticed this scar before.”
“When you touch me, it’s like I can’t breathe.”
“I just love being near you.”
“Wait! Please— I’m sorry, just— wait.”
“There’s something about you that makes me smile.”
“I’ve never felt like this before. It only happens when I’m with you.”
“Here. Sit next to me.”
“Where are you goin? I saved you a spot.”
“Are you feeling okay? Your face is looking a little red.”
[leaning close, knees almost touching]
“Hey, you’ve got something on your face. Here, hold still... ”
“Will you stay with me? Tonight? I just— I’d feel better knowing you’re near.”
“I’ve never felt weak. Until I met you.”
“Here, take my hand— don’t look.”
“I’ve got you... just breathe, okay? I know it hurts. We’re almost done.”
“If you go, I go too.”
[catching the other staring when they think they’re not looking]
“I’ll never get over hearing you say my name.”
“Do you have any idea how beautiful you are?”
[takes hand, puts it over heart] “This is what I feel when I’m with you. And I’m powerless to stop it.”
“Just hearing the sound of your voice is enough to make me smile.”
“Never will they hurt you. As long as I’m alive.”
“If you keep doing that, I’m going to scream— stop smiling, I mean it!”
“Please. Just let me hold you.”
“I never thought I could miss a person as much as I’ve missed you.”
“You make me ache in ways I never felt possible.”
“You don’t get it do you? How can you be so blind! Don’t you understand how much I care about you?”
[grabbing wrist, pulling person behind them, sensing danger]
[wiping tears from the others face]
[that one hand squeeze just before letting go]
“Stay still. You’ve been wounded.”
“Never. Never will I stop loving you.”
“My gut does the weirdest things around you— acrobatic things.”
“You look pale. Are you sure you’re feeling alright?”
“When’s the last time you ate?”
“I thought you might be hungry, so I brought you this.”
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“What’s wrong? Is there something on my face?”
“I can’t stand the thought of seeing you hurt.”
“This is nice. You and me. Against the world.”
“I choose you— can’t you see? I will always choose you.”
[pulls head on lap, running fingers through hair]
“Relax. I’m here now.”
“Till death do us part. And forever until the end of eternity.”
“Do you mind if I come in?”
“If it weren’t for you, I may have lived my whole life thinking I was happy. But now I know the truth.”
“Wake up. Come on, there’s something I want to show you.”
“Talk to me... I’m worried.”
“Wait, are those-? Are those bruises?”
[pulling other person close, feeling them breathe a sigh of relief]
“You’ve done the unthinkable, you know. You’ve made me fall in love.”
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soulmemes · a month ago
a lovely nonnie requested some prompts that a hero might say to a villain who’s either becoming or showing the potential to become a good person, and additionally things that a villain might say to a hero who’s either becoming or showing the potential to become a villain! spicy stuff, nonnie! i hope these are close to what you were looking for!
hero speaking to villain
“ if only you could see what i see... “
“ you could be so much more, you know. “
“ don’t be what they made you... “
“ can’t you see that you’re better than this?! “
“ there’s goodness in you. i can see it... “
“ you don’t have to do this! “
“ you could be anything you wanted... is this truly what you want to be? “
“ when i look at you, i don’t see someone who’s evil, cruel, bad... i see someone who’s lost. who feels alone. but you’re not alone. you have me. “
“ i won’t hurt you. i don’t care what happens. you can do whatever you want. but i will not hurt you. “
“ everyone thinks i should kill you. but they’re wrong. you’re a good person. i don’t care what they say. you’re a good person in a bad situation. you don’t deserve to die for that. “
“ please! don’t do this! let me help you! “
“ why do you do these terrible things? “
“ bad people don’t feel bad after hurting others. “
“ you’re not a monster. “
“ don’t let them control you. you can do great things! “
“ fine! don’t be their hero! be a hero to one person! just one person! “
“ fine. don’t be their hero. be MY hero. “
“ i believe in you. even if they don’t. “
“ you’ll do the right thing. i know you will. “
villain speaking to hero
“ well, that wasn’t very heroic of you... “
“ i can’t believe i’m about to say this, but... you really need to calm down and stop destroying things. “
“ what is this? mid-life crisis? personal stuff? mind control? it sure as hell isn’t you, that’s for sure. “
“ i can’t be a bad guy with no hero to stop me, bud. that’s your job. remember? “
“ what the hell’s the matter with you!? “
“ you realize i just saved a civilian... from you? “
“ is this some weird, murderous reverse psychology trick to make me the hero? “
“ okay, this was cute at first, but enough’s enough. i’m the bad guy. you’re the goodie two shoes. got it? “
“ so, the mayor just called me - ME! - to ask me to stop you. just... let’s just take a minute to process that... “
“ get a grip, pal. seriously. you don’t even LOOK evil! “
“ i have to stop you before you start stealing candy from babies. “
“ as your arch nemesis, i feel it’s only right to worry when you start doing my job for me. “
“ doesn’t this go against your strong and boring moral code? “
“ you need therapy. i say this because you’re actually making all the folks in my villain club look like teddy bears. “
“ hey! use your words, buddy, not your fists! “
“ who’s messing with your head? you wear the cape and sign autographs one minute, the next you’re blowing up buildings? what gives?! “
“ stop! find your own city to terrorise! “
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aerosolar · 26 days ago
Horror/Slasher Themed OC Ask Game
Just in time for Halloween season! Send in a number and an oc (or multiple) and I’ll answer! CW for violence and whatnot!
What is your oc scared of? Are they easily scared?
Does your oc have nightmares? What are they about?
How does your oc feel about bugs and spiders?
How does your oc feel about blood and gore? Does their opinion change between fake gore in movies and real gore?
Has your oc ever had a near-death experience?
Has your oc ever witnessed a murder, or some other crime?
How does your oc die? How old are they when they die?
What would your oc do if they knew they were going to die in the near future?
What role/archetype would your oc fulfill in a horror movie?
Could your oc survive a horror movie?
Has your oc ever killed anyone? How many? Why?
Has your oc ever engaged in cannibalism?
Has your oc ever tortured/hurt someone else without killing them?
Does your oc have a signature weapon? If they don't, what would it be if you had to design one?
Whats the worst thing your oc has done?
Whats the worst thing that has happened to your oc?
Does your oc have an enemy? How far would your oc go to stop them?
Is there anyone your oc would kill? Anyone they would kill for?
If your oc were to turn into a vampire or a werewolf, which would they be, and what would they be like? If they already are one of those, what would they be like as the other one?
Are there monsters (of any kind) in your oc's world? Is your oc one? If not, how does your oc react to monsters?
If given the choice to become a monster, would they do it? Would they give up their humanity for power?
Does your oc believe in ghosts?
Has your oc ever been possessed?
Has your oc ever summoned a demon?
Has your oc ever been kidnapped? How did they deal with the situation? How would they, if they haven't?
What would it take to "break" your character? What would destroy them completely?
Imagine your oc in a world based on their inner psyche, with physical representations of all their problems and life experiences. What would it look like? How would your oc deal with being in it?
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k-the-enkryptid · 11 hours ago
meow? (congrats!)
Thank you!! This was more based on "cat" in your url and the message so :/ sorry if the vibes are not great
Tumblr media
Send me an ask and I'll make a meme based on the vibes of your url!
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