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#ask meme

Thanks for the ask!

5. What’s your favorite headcanon you use in fics?

I have two. 1) Arturo’s enchiladas are unusually delicious. 2) Max writes and self-publishes romance novels on the side, most of them with thinly-veiled references to Liz.

15. WIP snippet?

I really haven’t been able to write much lately, but here is this little line:

“Dad gave you the benefit of the doubt, you know.”

“Dad gave me DNA, a name, and a whole lot of shit.”

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I’m getting so many hugs I will break all your ribs

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send in ⭐ to touch my muse’s hair.


Being comforting by Peter was strange. His uncle was not the first one to say comforting word. Not like Laura did during their life at New-York. But Derek supposed he could deal with his uncle presence or a few soft word while he was having a so bad day because the fire anniversary. But having Peter who comforted him by caressing his hair was… more than strange. “I am thankful that you really try to help me…” He murmured slowly. “But I feel like a dog when you caress my hair so … Can you just don’t do that” He asked softly. He knew Peter tried doing his best since he knew he had a daughter. But it was just… Derek was not fan of physical contact in general. “I dislike that people stroke my hair like I’m a pet” Maybe it was his inner Wolf who didn’t like the gesture.

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Send “Oops” for your muse to catch mine in just a towel.


Newt just left his personal bathroom. It was one advantage to be a prince it was his had his personal bedroom, bathroom and garden. So he didn’t really care that he was just wearing a towel around his waist because he was alone in theory and he could put his clothes in his room. Except Isaac was sitting on his bed waiting after him. Newt jumped of surprise and he caught his towel before it was falling. “Oh…” He murmured blushing deeply. “I will…” He pointed the bathroom in his back. “Find clothes. Be back soon.” And then he ran in the other room to hide a little because he was very embarrassed.

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Send “Oops” for your muse to catch mine in just a towel.


Derek was pretty sure he was alone in his loft. It was for that he just walked out of the shower with a towel around the waist. He was searching after fresh and clean clothes. And he found Deucalion in the main room. The Wolf blinked a few time. “Can I ask you what you are doing on my loft?” He asked with a growl for the older Werewolf. His eyes flashed in their crimson color.

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The Bar Scene - Flirting Edition


Derek sighed and he rolled his eyes. “Come on Isaac say me it’s not your better lines” He commented and he shook his head. “This can’t work in a real flirt. Try again. Give me another example of your best flirt sentence”. Derek thought it was funny to help the younger Werewolf to flirt. Isaac really needed a few advice but Derek was not he best for that…

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** misc  angst  sentence  starters.


More time passed more strong the Demon was. Slowly Newt was vanishing in his own mind and body. “He can’t heard you” The Demon commented with a devilish smile. “He is not so much here you know. Soon there will be only me in Newt body. He is dying slowly…” He murmured with a soft voice. “You must say him goodbye if you want my advice”

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Awwwww yes I will take cookies and hugs


Awww how’d you know

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Bro I will give you so many digital hugs-

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1. What is your favourite fic you have under your belt?

I think I have an eternal soft spot for my first two one-shots Still Waters and especially Run Deep - they have some of my favourite dialogue I’ve written for all three of the main trio :) and of course, Meve and Reynard getting to let loose and be oh-so-soft with each other <3

11. What’s a fanfic idea you haven’t done yet?

I’m chipping away at a modern AU, though that’s coming along very slowly. (Will it ever see the light of day? Who knows??) But I do really like thinking about what Meve, Reynard and Gascon would be up to in our world, hopefully one day the plot will settle into place and I can share my take on it :)

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1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

Right now the potential sequel to “Consequences”. I hope the idea will go away, I want to start reading again ;)

5) character you were most surprised to end up writing

Probably Emhyr var Emreis. :)

7) when asked, are you embarrassed or enthusiastic to tell people that you write?

Enthusiastic is probably a too strong word, but I’m not ashamed of writing fics :)

15) why did you start writing?

I just had an idea and had to let it out :). I don’t remember exactly, I started writing stories when I was 10 or 11. 

22) are there any subjects that make you uncomfortable to write?

The torture scene in “Appearances” crept me out (I will never write a scene like this again) and I have no idea how smut would go with my writing style, so I haven’t even tried yet.

Thanks for the ask! ❤️❤️❤️ (Get to know your author)

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5) What’s your favorite headcanon you use in fics?

Oooooh that’s a really tough one!! I have so many headcanons in my fics that sometimes I forget which ones aren’t actually canon 🙈 I think if I have to pick a favourite one though, it’s that Gascon is hiding a crop of deliciously wild curls under that hat of his ;)

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Oohhhh noooo! Now who’s evil huh? 🥺

Kill: Abuela

Betray: Carla

Have on my zombie apocalypse team: Chris


Originally posted by itisa-profoundbond-sarandom

There’s honestly no other way, I can’t kill or betray Chris, he’s too pure.

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