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#ask meme
For every ∯ I get I will say/confess something without specifying for whom it is meant

“Outlier team! And you’re really nice too! I’d love to hang around with you more!”


“I’m impressed by your force field abilities! How does it work? I’m really curious!”


“This is the best Autobot ever and if anything bad happened to him I would slaughter every single one even remotely reponsible for it.”

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BEFORE THE BEGINNING — three sentences (or more) about something that happened before the plot of my current project 👀


this is from the SAME PROJECT as the last ask and all i can say is i wish u luck trying to figure out how they are connected :-)

It starts in early June, isolated to half a block in eastern Yonkers.

It spreads to the whole of New York City by mid-June.

It’s up and down the Eastern Seaboard by late July.

It’s cropped up across the country by the end of August.

send me a no excuses writing meme!!!

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kokichi for 3? :v

3. Describe their dream date

Hmm, I think Kokichi’s dream date would be pretty lighthearted and fun! I think he puts a lot of pressure on himself, so something low pressure and fun would be his ideal way to relax. I think he would enjoy going somewhere like an amusement park for the date, where he could get his adrenaline pumping on the larger roller coasters, while also having an opportunity to relax and cuddle up to his date on slower rides like the ferris wheel or teacups! The amusement park also has lots of sweet treats for him and his date to eat, which is a big plus. Basically, Kokichi is a big kid at heart and just wants to have a fun park date. :)

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⛈ - what is the muse like at their worst?

That’s a tough one. 

But Robotnik at his worst is something no one would like to be at the receiving end of. No snark, sarcasm or sass at all, only a frighteningly quiet, cold expression as he thinks about all the most efficient and/or cruel ways to solve whatever happened, working relentlessly and even faster than he normally does.

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10, 14, 37! for the asks :))
  • 10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

pretty sure burnie (my best pal and partner in crime, @/burbert) and i had a conversation about how hard it is to like… be an adult while spending time at your parents’ house. i’ve been cooking my own meals a lot more and my parents are much more apt to eat out, and your childhood bedroom just. isn’t really your space after a certain point :/ the early 20s is also really hard in terms of meeting “i’m an adult and pay so many bills” and “mom help what’s the difference between cream of wheat and oatmeal” in the middle lmaoooo

  • 14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

to a certain extent, yes. i haven’t really put a lot of thought into the intersection of probability and plain old luck, but i’ve definitely been in some situations that are what i’d call a miracle. my car accident at the beginning of this year comes to mind - it still freaks me out to think i was about 3 feet from a flat bed truck to the face lol

  • 37. What do you say during awkward silences?

god what don’t i say…. i honestly have a thousand fucking hobbies and can list off random information almost at will, but i guess it depends on what i’m into at the moment. lately it’s been bastille, but also serial killers or what i just learned about 1820′s regency silhouettes if i’m that strapped for conversation topics

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We haven't talked much in a while, but I still think you're cool even though I don't know much about your big fandoms (jojo and homed stucke) 💙

Jojo can turn a lot of people off with how it does gore and homestuck is long as shit so I don’t blame you! I’m glad you’re still vibing with me though!

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Tim and Toy Soldier? (for the ask thing!)

Already did Toy Soldier!

Tim - Do you prefer the full albums or single stories?

The full albums because there’s just so much going on! But Alice is also up there with the faves!

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for the mechanisms asks: once upon a time (in space), high noon over camelot, tales to be told (1&2), toy soldier, brian, marius ?

Once Upon A Time (In Space) - What was your first Mechanisms song?

oh gosh uhhh pretty sure just like,,, the start of TBI so that’ll be…Odin! (since TBI was the first mechs thing I ever listened to)

High Noon Over Camelot - What’s your favourite Mechanisms song?

Oh boy this is a difficult one hmmm… right now probably Lost in the Cosmos or Hellfire, but it changes a lot!

Tales to be Told I - Who’s your favourite in-album character?

Hmmmm there’s so many to choose from…I’d say Loki or Ulysses!

Tales to be Told II - Who’s your favourite Mechanism?

hmmmmm Nastya, Ashes or Brian! Leaning towards Nastya right now

Toy Soldier - How would you describe Mechanisms to a non mechs fan?

“So there’s this crew of immortal space pirates and they’re all chaotic evil and they tell classical myths and stories but queer and also in space. Also they’re sad but very very good and folk-ish and here let me play you a bit hey wait where are you going I haven’t even pulled out the accordion yet hey-”

Brian - Can you play any instruments?

Yup! Let’s see… recorder (soprano), accordion (still learning), guitar, ukulele too ig?, melodica, piano (ish) and harmonica (still very much working on it)

Marius - What’s your ideal Mechanisms inspired outfit?

Oh geez uh… goggles definitely (prob around my neck tho i still glasses to see also i get headaches really easily), a high-collared waistcoat or just any waistcoat really, pocket watch!!, belt with a pouch on it, oh fingerless gloves!! (just on one hand bc we’re Cool ™), stompy boots/pirate boots (idk just cool boots). Also maybe stuff hanging from the belt so it jingles (so kinda like a chatelaine) and just…comfy trousers with deep pockets. Colour-wise probably a mix of silver, teal-ish, black, darkish red, maaaybe dark blue and a hint of bronze!

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end, corruption, web? ovo


The End: What would you do with your time if you never died?

…go on a lot of walks

The Corruption: Do you kill bugs?

yeah, sorry, if they’re in my space they’re fair game

The Web: Are you any good at lying?

yeah actually. apparently i’ve got a bit of a vibe where people are like “you seem like you know what you’re doing” and that kind of extends to when i tell them stuff they just Believe It

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Miu 14 ? 😊

14. What game do they always select for game night?

Oh you know that Miu is the person that always has cards against humanity on hand and ready to go! :P She always picks the raunchiest answers when it’s her turn, so it’s super easy to play to her preferences when the gang does play.

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Shuichi for number 3

3. Describe their dream date

Shuichi would love something chill and intimate for his dream date! He’d really enjoy staying in, so he’d cook dinner at home, something fancy, and he’d set up candles and stuff so it’s really cozy and warm. Afterwards he and his date would curl up on the couch and watch some old mystery movie, like a black and white film noir. Having the fireplace going and some nice red wine in hand would make the date perfect.

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🌼~BEAUTIFUL PERSON AWARD! Once you are given this award you’re supposed to paste it in the asks of 8 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing happens, but it's sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out.~🌼

Thank you so much Elise!!! <333

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🛳️ Have you ever been on a boat?

Yes, we have! We’ve been on a fishing boat (we caught a lot of fish that day too) and also on a cruise ship (it was pretty cool; our brother was nice enough to take us on the trip)!

📺 Watching any series?

I’m currently trying to catch up on Steven Universe and I’m watching Chopped (not sure if food competitions count since they don’t really have a story). I’ve also been trying to watch Hoarders, but it’s been making me pretty emotional since my grandma was in a situation like that, so I’m probably going to stop watching that. I don’t think anyone else has been watching any series, but then again I kind of hog front when it comes to watching stuff on tv and Hulu.

🌑Have you ever seen an eclipse?

Yes! Saw a lunar eclipse when I was a kid, and that was pretty cool. I know there was that solar eclipse a while back, but I didn’t see that because I didn’t have the glasses and also because I was a little scared about it honestly.

Thank you for the ask, Anon! Hope you’re doing well today.


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wolfgang bogdanow: if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Hmm this is a difficult one - there’s so many places! I was hoping to go to Prague this year (so much for that…), so I’ll say there.

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Brian for the ask thing!

i just answered Brian but the answer is short enough that i can repeat it: no, i can’t play any instruments, unless you count voice.

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tagged by @imhereformysciencefriends! thanks friend <3

Are you staying home from work/school?
not really! not because i’m not staying home (i am), but more because i don’t do either. yes, this quarantine is literally just another day for me

If you’re staying home, who’s with you?
my mom, and our three cats! it’s kind of fun to actually have my mom around? it feels like a long ass wekend

Are you a homebody
god yes. i really was not lying when i said this whole ass mess is just another day for me

What movies have you watched recently? What shows are you watching?
uuh, watched Skyfall with mom some days ago? and then Castlevania s1? mostly i’ve just been playing Animal Crossing, drawing, and sleeping lol

Did an event that you were looking forward to get cancelled?
i was gonna say no, but actually! me and mom got free tickets for the newest James Bond, but it got cancelled :(

What music are you listening to?
Catabolic Seed and Icicles, mostly!

What are you reading?
lmao, reading? in this house?? (does animal crossing text count…)

What are you doing for self care?
NOTHING, HONESTLY… i’m just vibing as usual. playing ACNH and yatzee with mom a lot though, does that count

Tag someone else!

just gonna tag my lovely @sharada-n <3

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Toy Soldier, Raphaella, Marius, and The Aurora?

already answered Toy Soldier!

Raphaella: Favourite liveshow?

good question. I’m very partial to revenge of spaceport mahon, since that and dttm are the ones i keep going back to over and over. However, i am also very partial to the small snippet on youtube of HNOC, if only because of that one part in the beginning where marius has to kick jonny off the drum box because it makes me laugh every time (also it’s one of the only live show recordings where you can properly see Marius and as you may be able to tell, he is my favorite)

Marius: what’s your ideal mechanisms-inspired outfit?

uuuuhhhh this one is difficult because on one hand: Ivy’s skirts in most of the photoshoots and liveshows are like Very Ideal bc of how fluffy they are? so like probably something with a skirt like that and then like a puffy shirt and corset top and fun face makeup and like. tall boots.
but on the other hand i would also probably want a more masc outfit as well so like probably something also with puffy sleeves and a fun waistcoat (like TS at spaceport mahon? still with tall boots but probably just with like. pants. idk i have a lot of steampunk outfit thoughts and absolutely no way to make them a reality

The Aurora: What would your mechanism be?

i would say spine but like i feel like everyone wants to replace their spine so instead I would go for like my joints so that I can be extra-bendy. because i like mechanisms that have the potential to freak people out alskjdf

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