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#ask meme

(Consider #6 to be something of an AU - a ‘what if’ scenario, if Blessed Hands had gone slightly differently. Prompt me?)


“Lie to me then.”

“All right,” Tyelkormo said, hopping up onto the table and fixing Tyelperinquar with a self-satisfied smirk. “Your father isn’t a murderer, and neither am I, and we’re all one happy family here in the happiest underground city on the hither shores.” When his nephew glared at him, he laughed. “You asked for a lie. I just bothered to make it a good one.”

Another glare, before Tyelperinquar turned his attention back to his hammer and chisel and the curling wood sconce he was carving.

“What,” Tyelkormo asked, “was that not good enough for you? Did you actually believe any of that horseshit?”

“Leave me alone, would you?”

“Why? You’re better company than your father, who insists I’m the cause of all his woes.”

“Even your dog thinks you’re a horrible person now,” Tyelperinquar muttered, driving the chisel deep into the wood with a heavy blow to its end. “Can’t you figure it out? We don’t want you here.”

“No, Tyelpë, you don’t want me here,” Tyelkormo said, bitterness creeping into his tone. “You’re the only one who hasn’t accepted that we’re damned.”

“I never took your Eru-forsaken Oath, did I?” the other nér asked. “It’s not me who’s damned, and if I’m lucky, it never will be.”



“You have to leave right now.”

“Oh, trust me,” Írissë said, “I know.” She glanced nervously over her shoulder, as if she expected someone else to appear out of the woods at any moment. She drew her cloak tight about her shoulders, and looked far more vulnerable than Curufinwë had ever known her to be before. “I only - I have to know the truth, Curvo, and I hope that you’ll at least be honest with me.”

“I’ll try,” he said, and he meant it. She unsettled him, in ways he was wholly unfamiliar with. None of her familiar bravado was present, and instead the nís before him looked like she might snap in half if she spoke too forcefully.

“Did - did Tyelkormo kill my brother?”

“What?” he asked, astonished. Of all the things she might have asked him, this was not what he anticipated.

“I - I said what I said. Findekáno has vanished. Did - do you think Tyelko might have - ?”

“Oh,” Curufinwë answered, all the air leaving his lungs at once. The ground rose and fell beneath him like waves. “I - you…”

“Be honest with me, if you know something,” she said. “Atya is frantic, though he won’t say it. After Arakáno died - !”

“Arakáno is dead?!”

“Slain by orcs, when we arrived.”

“I’m sorry.”

She blinked back tears that he could barely see in the moonlight. “You mean that, don’t you.”

“I do.”

“I don’t want to think it was him. I don’t. But he fled into the woods, and - !”

“And Tyelko spends every waking moment in them, I know.”

Írissë nodded. She looked as if she might collapse.

“I have to know,” she said. “If - if he killed Finno, I can’t - !”

“He didn’t,” Curufinwë answered. “At least, that’s my best guess.”

“What?” There was hope in her face suddenly - real hope, unlike anything he’d seen since before the Darkening. “You’re sure?”

“If he’d killed Findekáno, do you think he’d shut up about it for a moment?”

She did collapse then, clinging to her cloak.

“You’re right,” she said. “You’re right. I - he’s alive, then. He must be. But where did he go?”

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(Prompt me?)


“You’re never going to let that go, are you?”

Fëanáro glared, or would have glared if he were in possession of a body.

“I shouldn’t have to,” he snarled, though his voice was gone and all that remained was his will. “I was wronged.”

“And you, being wronged, get to decide what everyone else must suffer as payment for that wrong.”

“Obviously. I’m smarter and quicker and better than the lot of them. Why shouldn’t I decide those things?”

“You’re not all-knowing, for one thing. No matter how smart you happen to be.”

“What do you know about it?” the soul asked, rounding on its guardian. “Nothing! You never had parents.”

“I have a father,” Námo said quietly. “I’m not always happy with Him, either.”

“Ah, yes, the Ilúvatar,” Fëanáro grumbled. “He’s a perfect comparison to my own mother.”

“I never said that. I only implied your experiences weren’t as unique and frightful as you claim.”

“How can they not be? I was the first to lose a mother and the first to be orphaned!”

“And your eldest son was tortured for decades, and your youngest son died horribly at your hands, and countless others were born into thralldom after their parents were taken. You may have been the first to suffer, but you certainly weren’t the last, nor were your losses as great as you like to think.”

“Fuck off.”

“Fine. But you’re going to have to face this eventually.”

The stony silence that answered Námo seemed to indicate that, regardless of the veracity of this statement, Fëanáro didn’t particularly feel like acknowledging it.

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(Prompt me?)


“What happens if I do this?”

The question hung in the air between them, and it startled Curufinwë out of his dozing half-sleep. He began to sit up, and to answer, but he realized that Thingol was staring up at the stars through the branches of the oak tree they were both camped beneath. Who is he talking to? he thought, only to be interrupted by yet more half-whispered questions.

“If - if I love him, what does that mean?”

Lovely, Curufinwë thought, I fled Nargothrond and I’ve run right into a madman who happens to be the cause of all my eldest brother’s linguistic woes.

“Fin, you look so alike, I almost feel as if I’ve stepped back in time. Undone all the years between us.”

A madman who keeps talking to himself. How fantastic for me.

“He’s nothing like you, though,” Thingol continued, watching the shifting leaves that cast shadows over the grass. “You were always so hesitant. He’s - frankly, he reminds me of myself, and I can’t imagine what that indicates about my mental state, that I would fall for someone that close to me in thought and deed.”

Who in the Halls is Fin - ai, muk. Chills ran up Curufinwë’s spine, and he risked another furtive glance at his companion. He’s talking about Finwë. My grandfather. And - love? He’s fallen in love with me?!

Stifling a groan, the younger elda tried to go back to sleep. I’ll think about this in the morning, he decided. When we’re maybe slightly less lost and slightly less maddened by the stars.

I’ve got time to decide if I love him or hate him.

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😄 Okay this is a sort of funny one to be asked about, because of course I have a ramble in the notes of the fic itself about how I wrote the first draft of chapter one on the back of a receipt, while waiting a very long time at the cardiologist for my diagnosis and prognosis.

There was no towards there, there was just the experience of sitting with the possibility of death.

Dick got a cathartic open-ended death scene and Jason had complicated feelings about it because I’d been in a car crash on the way to the office and been late, so Doctor Phang didn’t have time to clarify how likely a symptom ‘sudden death’ might be. That’s why that. It was written from.

But that’s not the fic. Chapter one wound up, much to my surprise, providing the setup for a much larger story premise. I sent Jason to the hospital at first with a vague idea of expanding the same angst-connection to additional siblings, as they all waited to see whether Dick pulled through. It was only after his and Wally’s confrontation got extremely real that I committed to really digging through Jason’s issues.

As soon as I realized I was prepared to bring Bruce onstage and have the two of them try to come to grips with their damage, I was writing toward that. But by the time I finished writing that conversation it was four chapters long, so while it’s technically all one scene I don’t think it counts as an answer.

The points I was aiming for got increasingly spread over a lot of space as I edited the very long scene and added bridges and clarified points and expanded arguments and so on, but I think the original core of what I was writing toward wound up in the second half of chapter 8, and especially the opening to chapter 9.

1) When Bruce pointed out that Jason was alive with a future, not some kind of vengeance-powered revenant, and Jason was like ‘how do you know?’

2) When Jason demanded his child self be given the dignity of his choices, and not robbed of agency in favor of Bruce’s guilt.

3) When Jason said Bruce had made his choices and he, Jason, didn’t care anymore, and Bruce cared so much about that so obviously Jason couldn’t walk away right then.

and 4) When Bruce apologized better, in that moment when Jason was able to listen, and Jason had to cover his face while he told him to stop and let him go.

They circle back a lot, because and there were other points I definitely intended to touch on that aren’t covered here, and I also had ‘Jason gets mad and expresses it but crucially decides not to escalate to physical violence as a defensive, distracting, or self-soothing tactic’ very much on the list, but I think this string of interactions pretty well represents the scene I had in mind.

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also asked by @graviste !!

mmm. i haven’t been a part of the fe fandom for a long time so i don’t think i can say much ww!! i guess one of them is definitely TOA (very cliche yes i know) but honestly you all are super nice and helpful and friendly and im like??? :,) (sobs) i’ve never been in such a large rp group— much less a tumblr one— before this so this was such a cool first experience that i will always be thankful for haha

other than that;; i really love the amount of enthusiasm people have for the characters of FE, from memes and art to full on thesis-worthy analyses !! i love all of the content that creators provide for the fandom and it’s so interesting to see the multiple interpretations of a cast from so many different people, whether in art or writing QwQ.. i’m just. very in awe all the time !!

 i appreciate all of you a whole heckin lot ;; i’m so happy that i was able to meet yall :,)

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(Thank you bby~)

You answer to me was about playing video games so I’ll do the same!

I love playing video games but haven’t really given myself much time since before undergrad. I’ve tried to play a lot more this past year. Since November I’ve I think I’ve played and finished ten different games and have played at least 8 or 10 other games as well!

Most recently I’ve been working through the Bioshock series for the first time. As of last night I finished Bio2 and I think I’m halfway through the Minerva’s Den DLC. (I am also proud of this because I am the biggest chicken shit there is. I know Charlie can, will, and has confirmed this fact before, LMAO! Despite this, besides a few times I got spooked, the games aren’t scary to me, haha!)

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20. I’ve been playing for… two- and a half years now!! an old friend ran lost mines for me and some other folks and we were in!!
33. I usually come up with a vague character concept and piece by piece justify it with a backstory until there’s something concrete - as a DM i hate really long backstories, so I tend to write backstories, even when im playing, down as a couple key events, and then in my own time fill in all the nonsense details only I care about :p 

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AN ASK MEME, on netflix.       feel free to change tenses, pronouns, etc.

  • “you deserve to be alone, name, after all you’ve done.”
  • “you’re a monster.”
  • “this is the most legal shit i’ve done all day.”
  • “i hate everything about this right now.”
  • “i would think you of all people would know what a lie looks like!”
  • “you, shut up!”
  • “i don’t know you… everything you are is a lie.”
  • “i am not the enemy.”
  • “i want answers!”
  • “look, please, will someone tell me whats going on? …please?”
  • “i would describe it as… strategic no-truthing.”
  • “some things you don’t fix. sometimes when you fall down, you fall all the way down.”
  • “theres no one left to help you.”
  • “he died… to save your life.”
  • “if we quit now, we lose everything.”
  • “i feel less ‘walk-y’ and more ‘fall-y’ right now.”
  • “the answer to that question is a long one.”
  • “how much of this is illegal?”
  • “you have ruined my life!”
  • “this was the best possible ending, don’t you see that?”
  • “the moment i saw you i knew everything was going to be alright.”
  • “i think i did it.”
  • “i don’t want you to go.”
  • “we have to kill everyone who knows about it.”
  • “you are what you say you are… and i am so proud of you.”
  • “i’m here because i’m your friend.”
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(I’m gonna stick with Imrahil and Finduilas, I think. Prompt me?)


“I still remember the way you taste.”

“All right, all right,” Imrahil said, barely keeping the retching sounds out of his voice. “You have to stop. I love terrible romances as much as you do, but - really? Really?”

“It’s what it says,” Finduilas answered, laughing. She was lying on her back and staring up at a book held over her head by both arms. “Rather pathetic, don’t you think?”

“Whoever wrote that has never been a man and in love,” Imrahil said. “I promise.”

“Well, the writer is - ah - Anonymous. Of course.”

“It’s some Osgiliath spinster, I’m certain of it.”

“Imra, you’re too harsh.”

“I am not! What, do they think that High King Fingon was crawling in and out of - of sex closets? With Maedhros?”

“Apparently so. This was recommended to me as being extremely historically accurate.”

“It’s as accurate as the broadside ballads that call the Steward part-Vala.”

“You’re joking.”

“I am not! Secret love-child of one of the Fëanturi. There are sworn witnesses and a terrible illustration.”

“You need to stop reading everything they give you at the pub.”

“Only if you give up your romance habit.”

“Hah!” Finduilas said, grinning and turning her attention back to her book. “In your dreams, brother.”

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(This was a lot of fun. Prompt me if you want more?)


“Come here,” he murmurs, half-awake. “I don’t feel like getting up yet.”

Immediately, there is the familiar warmth curling around his skull that is Manwë; he slides into arms that are more thought than substance and shuts his eyes again. Always, there will be a part of him that delights in their mingling; he lets the joy fill him, and is content.

What are you working on? he asks - he can feel his lord’s mind busily puzzling over something. The High Ones are never truly idle, made as they are to labor and to build, and Ingwë has grown accustomed to the ever-present hum of thought not bent on him.

I’m debating a cloud formation for a storm that will be on the Sea in the evening, the Vala answers. He catches flashes of it in his mind, partly-formed towers of water that might as well be shaped by careful brushstrokes. What do you think of it?

I think it’s lovely, Ingwë admits. The fragments that were shared with him are dazzling, catching the Sun as it sets, rendering even this great harm into a thing of beauty. But I think everything you make is lovely.

You’re also a flatterer, Manwë tells him, but there is softness and love behind the words. Not for the first time, Ingwë wonders what their conversations would be if he could eschew the troublesome limit of language. He guesses it would overwhelm him.

There is little he desires more.

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Thank YOU! 🤩 The bard… the myth… the legend


Originally posted by meafterdeath

12. Grudges and vendettas

Rabbits. You know why 👀 It’s on sight for Gabrielle

15. What it takes to make them cry

Gimme a S5 scene where Gabs is having a new dad moment while Xena is away hunting or something. I think a similar bit happened at the beginning of Married With Fishsticks but I need it to go all the way to the trope of the adult crying and the baby crying at the same time. Xena upon her return: 🧐

20. What-ifs/Alternate Timelines

What if Hope never existed and Solan went on travels with X/G and we got the wholesome family moments we never got with Eve 🥺

Also yes I’ve got babies on the brain today 👀 shh shhhhh shhhhhhh

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What I tried to make:


Originally posted by maro05

What her family sees:


Originally posted by halloweenhearted

What my character’s allies think:


Originally posted by nightwomancometh

What I think she is:


Originally posted by mollyspersonallypersonalblog

What she really is:


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tagged by: @tea-and-conspiracy​ - thank you so much!

Tagging: whoever would like to do it! Let’s go with…. @norhimorovine​ and @theseventhdawn​ because I’m predictable.

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  • 🌴 — a favorite canon character in my fandom

don’t tell anybody but i have a soft spot for Lysithea- LOL;; i’m really out here having the crest cursed duo as my faves but what can i say www,, i really love her snarky attitude and her determination to achieve her goals, esp seeing where her motivation comes from!! also she’s an absolute damage beast what the hell??? my face when she obliterated my jeritza… that was pain. 

tbh it’s pretty ironic that she’s one of my faves now esp considering i, uh, completely ignored her during academy phase (IM SORRY,,,) i am really very fond of her now though :,) she reminds me of the first character i ever mused QQ


@ the people who called me ‘mean lysithea’ i’m never forgetting you :gun:

  • 🌻 —  a character I wish to write with

answered here!

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(mumbling) did you really just ask me, a rabid multishipper, which ship I wish t—

hmmmmm.. honestly though I don’t really have lots of ships for Ingrid! Like, personally, i really like Dorothea/Ingrid and Mercedes/Ingrid, but in TOA-verse I don’t think I’d write them tbh (mercie/ingrid for obvious reasons LOL);; i think Ingrid would have to come to terms with a lot of things (like her sexuality, her identity as a person other than ‘Glenn’s’, the choices she’s making based on her partner, you know,,) before she can really consider a romance with someone who isn’t glenn haha

other than those two i’m pretty open to a bunch of ships!! i guess it just matters on the passing of vibechecks or not WW.. 

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“Well.. let’s see. How can I completely understand Nova as a person? There’s a lot I shouldn’t have known about him, but I do, which comes down to his personality, what’s shaped him that way, and how he is overall.

Personally, he has a happy attitude that’s hard to come by these days, by anyone for that matter. He’s got a smile that makes you want to do so as well. He’s open to helping others any time, and will openly do anything to help that person, just wishing for the simple life, but it’s not that simple, from what I’ve seen.

Because of that, he’s so desperate to make others smile, that he sadly turns into a bit of a people pleaser. With that said, when someone is upset with him, he tends to distance away from that person, feeling like a nuisance, sadly when it’s too late for him to realize. And there is such a thing as being pushy, being annoying when you’re being too nice, as someone would think sadly.

However, I don’t hold it against him, considering he wasn’t supposed to have a mind, a total being in the first place. You could say his existence is seen as a mistake. I disagree. The way I see it..”


“I wouldn’t have learned to actually seek friendship in others, humanity included, considering what I’ve gone through which I refuse to delve into to this day, as the last of my people. That does not stop me from traveling, and trying to be outgoing like I did when I went on my own journey two years ago. He helped me remember I wasn’t alone sometimes.”


“It’s hard, when you lose everything you grow up with, living with the memories of the past while working in the present of who used to hold that title. You feel like a disgrace after awhile, and feel, you should have died along with them. At least, the Pokemon would be free of the influence of a "filthy” human right? It’s these stereotypes that bring me down, because every legendary, mythical, and clone of an ancestor has it out for you as a collective, only focusing on the negative, yet they get defensive when it comes to it being their fault.

These days it’s hard to own up your faults without someone judging you. But I did learn, if you did just keep a bit of positive attitude, it’d be less unbearable. That I learned from Nova from watching him deal with these things. It’s not ideal, but I do know it’s something I used to believe in when I was younger.“


"That said, Nova just.. reminds me of a more vibrant me when I was younger. Because of that, I find him to be a good person overall, he’s never had evil intensions, just the inner.. desires of one whom had control at one point, it’s freed him. He shines a bit brighter as time goes on. Sometimes, it’s enough to make me smile at least. It makes me feel good enough to be me, and me alone. In that sense, I guess I’m turning into who I was in the past, but if I do that, my past will continue to haunt me. I can only smile for a while, but who knows, maybe he can sway me to be my old self in time. That just depends, how much effort he’ll put into it.”

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  • 🌹— my opinion on your character

oh dear oh man I love petra a whole bunch !!! her enthusiasm and determination is something I appreciate a lot, as well as her awareness of the state of her country and It’s relationship with Adrestia. I find her taking idioms and figures of speech literally really cute and the way she speaks is really interesting from a linguistic point of view!! I have literally 0 bad things to say about petra tbh

  • 🌴 — a favorite canon character in my fandom

also I think this is super very absolutely hecking obvious but. Edelgard. on god, I have gushed about her so many times;; honestly, I’m pretty sure I got into fe3h because of her www.. I thought she was really cool from her design and clips I saw from the game but heck. when I played the game I just ‘aaaaaaaaaaaa this character caters to me and too much’ LOL

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