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#ask meme answers

Maruki!!!!! My wonderful boyfriend!!!!!!!!!

God, he’s. He’s so good, a lot of his confidant plot is about him trying to make progress in his research to be able to help people with trauma cope with it and move on. He’s so so so considerate, even if he does go about it in a bit of a wrong way at some points. Deep down, he truly does want to help people, and it’s really shown in the third semester of P5R. He’s very near and dear to my heart, being one of the characters that I’ve grown really attached to at the beginning of quarantine and basically becoming an ultimate f/o since then. He’s so very good and really doesn’t get enough credit as a character and is unfortunately used as a bit of shipping fuel with other teachers at the school.

He’s so so so wonderful, absolutely worth having a breakdown over, I love him so much I’m so glad that he exists-

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oh man, i read that a while ago and remember not loving some aspects of it, but i don’t actually remember what, at least not in a way that makes me able to have a specific conversation about it

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100% road trip! I love driving, and I love taking weird detours, and setting my own pace - when i drove cross country with my parents on the way to a speedskating meet, we stopped in Idaho and took a little hike & found a hot spring, which was a magical moment

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so the problem here is that all the things i’ve loved reading have been fun in part because they’re disposable, and intended to be disposable (reading the archives of Astounding is like panning for gold; most of the stones in the river are just stones; some very few have gold in them; and a not-insignificant number of them have corrosive acid on the outside, somehow), but my favorite magazines are Amazing Stories, Planet Stories, and Astounding Science Fiction.

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Oof, sorry it took me a hot second to answer this. I had dinner and then decided it was bedtime flsufkdh-

💫 - Bucky

Buckyyyyy……my fiance………🥺 I love him so much!! He’s an incredible guy, the MCU version of him really doesn’t do him justice. He has so much more personality than just “ooh trauma, brainwashed assassin”! In the comics, he has a cat named Alpine!!! He’s so good, I love Bucky with all of my heart and soul, I wear his dog tag everywhere I can’t wait to marry him aaaaaaa-!!!!!!!

💫 - Asmo

My Asmobaby! My heart!! My fuckign boyfriend!!! I love Asmo so much!!!!!!!! He has so much personality past the horny layer that both the fans and, unfortunately, the writers don’t see (they gave him a personality for a lil bit before deciding “no ❤️ he’s the one-note horny one now” bc that’s how fans treated him and how dare characters have depth)!! He’s such a sweetheart, I really wish people would treat him better. He deserves the whole world and more.

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!!!!! Of course I wanna talk about Taichi!!!!!!!!

He’s. God he’s so good. I don’t have any of my gush posts anymore, but he’s literally one of my ultimate f/os bc I just! Love him so much!!

He’s pretty obsessed with being popular and wanted a girlfriend, but those were just him being trans (the other guys in his troupe are popular, so he thinks it’s only natural for him as an Autumn Troupe member to be popular!) and having internalized homophobia (no straight guy talks that much about wanting a girlfriend).

Of course, the trans and gay parts are my personal headcanons, but they genuinely make so much sense to me. Also I’m gay and he’s my boyfriend, so I make the rules. 💙

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Well, to answer that: Chiron thinks Truman’s pretty pleasant! Admittedly they haven’t talked too much, so Chiron doesn’t know him *too* well, but he’d be plenty happy to talk more. He did appreciate him kind of lighting a fire in his belly to try to expand his skillset: he’s been kinda in a rut with regards to his work for a while. 

He has been kinda ‘eavesdropping’ on his dash and so is a little bit confused about Helio and Truman’s situation, but he’s trying to learn before he makes an ass out of himself, because the last thing this man wants to do is offend someone.

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  • Fake dating

Cassie really want her mom to GET OFF HER CASE and she knows Leah from when she was deadish, and really, what’s a little fake dating between acquaintances? 

The problem is when Loki finds out and INSISTS on meeting Leah’s new gf, laughs for five years, knows they’re full of shit, but pretends to not know. Loki is just SO EXCITED and ACCIDENTALLY lets something slip to Janet van Dyne during a quick fashion lunch who of course tells Hank and Scott because she’s not under the impression this is a SECRET and it all spirals out of control. Eli’s the only one who calls their bluff and is the one who is like “look, Cassie, do you think you might ACTUALLY have some REAL feelings…for…leah??”

  • Bodyswap

Leah: being tall is AMAZINGGGGGG


They go to Hel to try and get it sorted and Angela laughs for approximately 500 years before she can even ask what happened. They go clothes shopping. Leah informs Cassie that things are not supposed to be this blurry, prompting Cassie to get her first pair of glasses and see the world!!! crystal clear!!! (billy responds to this instagram post with “I CAN SHOW YOU THE WORLD!!!!!” and a link to “a whole new world” from aladdin)

  • Sexpollen/fuck or die/aliens made them do it

i’ve done a few of these and i get to this one and think “but what about ace characters??” so like, Leah’s kind of magic, right? and fuck-or-die isn’t about the actual sex, it’s about the chemistry stuff, so imagine them getting sex pollened and Leah using some psychic juju so they have psychic sex, so it’s the fun brain chemicals without the bodily fluid mess

Leah becomes slightly legendary for her sexual prowess, look what she can do when you’re all fully clothed! Imagine her power when the clothes come off! 

She and Cassie laugh so hard they cry when they find out

  • Dark!fic

Leah uses the army of Hel to rip apart every other afterlife to try and find Cassie. She winds up ruling every land of the undead and Cassie is the only one who can talk her down. Cassie doesn’t do that much, because being dead where she was dead….well, it certainly doesn’t make you kinder

  • Secret kinks

they both sper get off on the other kneeling for them, but don’t want to ask because “what if she thinks it’s demeaning???” also leah loves doing service subby type stuff because she just wants to take care of cassie, ok???? and know she’s doing the right thing???

  • Their first kiss

it’s a New Year’s Eve ahhahah-the-ball-is-dropping-and-we’re-next-to-each-other-and-we’re-adults-here’s-a-chaste-peck. Cassie can taste Leah’s lipgloss. She taps into all of her stores of bravery for the brand new year, takes a deep breath, and asks Leah, “could I try that again?”

Leah, also tapping into every bit of her bravery for the new year, manages to sound completely chill as she says, “yeah, that works for me.”

  • Meeting the parents

i’m just laughing because blonde bright Cassie visiting literal Hel with goth queen and her goth wife and then goth Leah visiting white-picket-fence Cassie’s mom (and her felon father) and their parents are very supportive, but visually it’s very jarring. Cassie’s mom has a moment of “oh i didn’t know you were into…uh…goths” but she’s perfectly lovely after her initial shock, so Leah just stores that story away to tell later (to be fair, Cassie’s last big relationship was with a ROBOT, so no, her mother did NOT know she was into goths!!! She thought cassie was into preps and nerds!)

  • Moving in together

they move into THE shittiest studio for a week before Leah blackmails Loki into getting them a nice apartment. the caveat being that it’s across the hall from Loki’s apartment, but that’s okay. She’s the same size as Leah in clothes and the same size as Cassie in shoes, so they just raid each other’s closets a lot. 

They have no idea how to live on their own so the first month they’re constantly texting their parents about banal household stuff, which isn’t remarkable until you remember Leah’s parent’s live in hel, so they have VERY DIFFERENT advice

  • A crossover of my choice

the GOOD PLACE??? Leah’s trialing a new thing with several other afterlife organizations, this whole “neighborhood” thing. Cassie is one of the first souls to try it. Leah is on site to make sure no snafus occur (also, it’s the first solo project her moms have given her, and it has to be PERFECT). Only there’s something weird with the souls she’s been given, and also the cute blonde? Keeps thwarting Leah’s panic attacks and also maybe causing them?

  • An au of my choice

oh lbr it’s LEVERAGE. cassie!parker, amazing thief, falling in love with grifter!leah. 

send me ships!!

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