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#ask meme tag
5ivebyfive · a month ago
❤️+ trimberly
Who is the most affectionate?
I think they both are. Maybe Kim a little more. Always has to be touching Trini some way. Holds her hand, plays with her hair, loves doing her braids for her. Often pulls Trini down on her lap.
Who initiates the handholding?
Kim most of the time, but Trini does too.
Who worries more for the other?
Trini, because she knows her girlfriend can get into trouble on a daily basis.
Who is more likely to ask for help?
I think for a long time in their relationship they both struggle with asking for what they need. The longer they're together the easier it gets for both of them. It's then that they'll ask each other for help. Trini in reaching for things, Kim getting into trouble and asking for help. Something along the lines of always starting it by saying "Okay, so I was perfectly innocent..."
Who is the one always losing the keys?
Kim. Every time. When they live together Trini gives a spare key to one of their neighbors that she trusts, and Kim knocks on their door sheepishly on a weekly basis.
Who leaves little love notes for the other?
I don't know about love notes, but Trini is constantly sticking post-it notes to Kim's stuff to remind her of things. Sometimes she'll stick it to Kim's forehead when she's asleep.
Who can’t sleep unless the other is there?
Trini. She suffers from nightmares of Rita often and feels more at ease when she knows Kim is right there.
Who is more likely to propose to the other?
Kim. Even when they're not in "that place", Kim gets all wound up in the idea of it and trying to make secret plans to do it. She probably proposed 2-3 times before Trini said yes.
Who introduced the other to their family first?
Kim. Trini's still worried that her parents might not be supportive, but Kim invites Trini over for dinner with her parents all the time. Even when they weren't dating yet.
Who is more likely to play with the other’s hair?
Who makes sure the other has meals/stays hydrated?
Trini. She knows that Kim doesn't forget to eat or drink water on purpose, it just sometimes doesn't occur to Kim to do those things.
Who is more likely to stand up to anyone for the other?
Trini. She likes to be all big and bad despite her short stature. But Kim does it, too. Mostly because things that should probably scare or worry her, just don't.
Who is the most likely to prepare a surprise for the other?
Definitely Kim. She loves making surprises for Trini. Trini hates surprises. Kim grins and tells her "one day you'll love my surprises".
Who makes the other pinky promise not to do certain things?
Trini. Sometimes it works and keeps Kim out of trouble. Sometimes it doesn't.
Who puts a blanket over the other when they fall asleep on the couch?
Trini will squeeze in front of Kim and pull the blanket over both of them. Kim would flop on top of Trini and just pass out with her, doesn't occur to her to put a blanket down.
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punkbakugo · 4 months ago
bakugo and kaminari
what i like: their dynamic is so fucking funny to me. i've mentioned this before but i love that kaminari goes from lol ur an asshole to constantly hanging around bakugou almost immediately
what i don't: people refusing to acknowledge that kaminari is just as close to bakugou as kirishima is
do i ship it: as much as i can ship bakugou w/ anyone that's not deku
grade: comedy gold/10
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lycanshipping · 11 months ago
🔔💞 Self Ship Wedding Ask Meme 💞🔔
For those who are marrying their F/Os or are already married to your F/Os!
📅 - When do you get married?
💒 - What’s the venue like?
💐 - Do you have a theme?
🧧 - Who’s invited? Do you have a maid or man of honor? Bridesmaids/groomsmen/etc.?
✨ - How big is the wedding?
👰 - What do you and your f/o wear?
🎂 - Do you have a cake? What is it like?
💍 - Do you have rings? Engagement or wedding?
🎉 - How do you celebrate?
✈️ - Is there a honeymoon? Where do you go?
💘 - Do you have a favorite part of your wedding?
😍 - Ask anything else about the wedding!
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aetherknit · 8 months ago
∞ :3c
waterfalls coming out your mouth // glass animals
say i got aries eyes / fuck no, i'm a bonafide aquemini!
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veilz · 2 months ago
Hehe calculator number
You are generally so sweet and I love talking to you, you've helped me tons through tough times. You are also a huge art insp to me :) ♡
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lokirogers · 6 months ago
Loki for the character thing!
Sexuality headcanon: he’s pan but he doesnt care for labels
Favorite ship(s): steve/loki, I fell in love with them years ago and I cant imagine them w/ any other characters orz
wait I do like the idea of steve/valkyrie/loki but that doesnt exist anywhere but my head lol
Brotp: thor&loki, mostly like the fanon idea of wanda&loki and bucky&loki
Notp: dont think I have a notp, like sometimes I get bugged that certain characters look like steve but dont necessarily dislike/hate any loki pairings
A random headcanon: not a full fledged hc but I love the idea of loki being friends w/ scott lang bc I scott is one of my fav mcu characters and id love two of my favs just being cool w/ eachother
General opinion: I just love him so much from his comics to the mcu and hated that the mcu killed him and even IF the mcu brings him back I still wouldnt forgive them. also scared of the new loki show bc if its even a little bit like wandavision im fucked cant wait to fall in love w/ and cry over this new loki lol
send me more?
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mothy-rue · a year ago
hi babe :)) 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 14, 16, 17, 20 :))))
my own girlfriend is out to expose me bhdhvbdh
1: where are you most ticklish?
i have honestly no clue, but my biggest guess is my ribs
3: what places do you like to be tickled?
really anywhere on the upper body (lower body is pretty much a no-go for me) but my favorite place would probably be my stomach probably,,,
4: rough or playful tickles?
definitely playful ones, cause I like playful stuff! and also because rougher tickles are probably less effective on me. 
7: what tools would you like to be tickled with?
i’m not really a tools person. i could be open to feathers sometimes but anything other than that is probably out of my comfort zone vhfvbhddvdhb
9: can you tickle yourself? if so where?
not a whole lot I don’t think, but sometimes when i’m sitting down and I accidentally lean back into a pointed edge it’ll send a little ticklish jolt through the small spot on my back and it’s- bvgfdhbvhd
11: do you like raspberries?
14: what spot gets the best reaction from you when you’re tickled? 
again I have honestly no idea, I haven’t been tickled enough to really know vbdhvbdfh
16: do you like tickle hugs?
oh heck yeah, tickle hugs sound fuckin great tbh
17: would you rather be tickled for a long time on your least ticklish spot or be tickled for a short amount of time on your most ticklish spot?
uhhhh,,,, is to be tickled at all a proper answer,,,,
20: do you want to be tickled right now?
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dragonflyght-rising · a year ago
feed your dragons. thaubirn and blizzard?
I have no food.
hmmmm, I think they've prolly met before? though maybe not very well.
Thau's old enough that if anyone sticks around for a good long while, he probably knows of them, and he's kind of a sucker for kids. he probably met Blizzard while on a foray into the ice fields- she got worried about the huge lump laying in the snow, and just found a pleasant old god having a catnap.
personality-wise, they don't get along spectacularly, but on the rare occasion Thaubirn goes out there, he'll help to clear paths in bad weather. he also knows Blizzard's family a bit.
here's the two of em:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lgbt-autistic-culture · a year ago
That feeling you get when you get somewhat lost in a library and find a little reading area by a window that someone definitely hasn't used in years but still also feels like someone was just there
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gardenofhands · a year ago
How about the ME1 crew for "how hot"!
ask meme
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
He’s nice, but not my “type” as far as characters go. Still, he’s interesting on some level, but only really in ME1. He suffers from Plot First, Character Second everywhere else (imo).
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Ash is much closer (especially with her ME1 look). I love Ash so much, y’all.
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Garrus is my friend, usually. His romance in 2&3 was fun, but in ME1, he was kinda meh to me? IDK. Thanks to ME2, he bumps up to gorgeous. I love anti-heroes.
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Krogans are amazing, and oh lord Wrex’s voice and lizard-face. He’s scary and that’s hot.
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Truth is, I’m actually not the biggest fan of the fandom faves. Tali’s cute, but that’s about where my interest ends. I was never super into the quarians.
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Liara’s okay, but suffers from “I can’t figure out what exactly the writers were trying to do with her, so I don’t know if I should like her or not.” Also she’s not Samara, who’s more my type as far as asari go (bless u citadel DLC)
Dr. Chakwas
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY
Dr. Chakwas is hot, like, wow. (That accent especially)
Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY 
He’s fun, and also a good friend, but not quite my type.
Thank you for the ask!
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5ivebyfive · 6 days ago
Trimberly + time
For six sentence sunday!
Tumblr media
[content warning for naked cuddling.]
"Baby...time...," Trini murmured while her girlfriend Kim had an arm around Trini and was giving Trini soft kisses along her jaw.
"Forget time," Kim whispered back, slowly and lazily running her fingers against Trini's soft skin.
Trini felt lulled, drawn in, and she let out a sigh of words, "Pot roast...probably done...," and she felt Kim's touch freeze, her kisses pause, and Trini opened her eyes to look at Kim, whose face was contorted in some kind of inner debate. Trini raised a brow, smirked, and said "You can't decide between food and naked cuddling, huh?"
A wrinkle showed between Kim's brows and she pouted and replied, "Can't I have both?"
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punkbakugo · 5 months ago
yaomomo and jirou
what i like: the dynamic of two girls that seem like polar opposites becoming immediate friends is so cute to me. also always thinking abt that time jirou punched sero for grossing out momo and momo telling everyone it was jirou's decision when they were trying to get her to perform for the cultural festival
what i don't: a lot of the shippers are bkdk antis so i'm afraid to go thru the tag lmao
do i ship it: yes!
grade: solid A
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lizbertmegafig · a year ago
shaymin and jirachi for the pokémon ask
Tumblr media
not my favorite│ average │cute │adorable │best │ultimate fave 
i’ve always had a soft spot for shaymin because it’s my favorite colors AND its a tiny little hedgehog… look at it. it’s perfect
Tumblr media
not my favorite│ average │cute │adorable │best │ultimate fave
always loved jirachi’s design!! it’s a neat little color scheme and it had a fun movie
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aetherknit · 8 months ago
always i will miss you. always you. // bike for three!
two rivers: similarity and otherness / another day in a life that is motherless / [...] i'm under the impression and i was born to die
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veilz · 2 months ago
We havent talked much since i left the sfm server but i still love seeing your posts and characters! You have such lovely character design skills and I will be attacking you soon in artfight ♡
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loptgangandi · 2 years ago
// I’ve gotta eat dinner and then! study!! for my first exam in four years!!!!
it’s exciting and also I don’t wanna do it!!!!!!
fill up my inbox if u wanna, cause memes are probably all I’ll have the energy for next time I’m online
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museumlad · 2 years ago
answer all 10 fic questions, fill in [title] with the one you're most excited to answer for.
dang anon 
alright here go 
1. Of the fics you’ve written, which is your favorite and why?
Snow on the Fantasy Television, written for TAZ Balance, because i feel like its the most solid piece of fic writing ive ever done. i feel good about the characters’ voices and characterizations making sense with canon. and i still like almost all the joakes i wrote into it 
2. Which scene was your favorite to write in [title]?
(listen im not gonna write out the whole fic title every time it tells me to do so its all gonna be snow on the fantasy television)
oh dang i really loved writing ango’s rites and also the scene where four of the seven ipre members + kravitz went and threatened ango’s bio parents 
3. Which part of [title] was hardest to write?
mechanically, the second half of chapter 4, when the thb are sneakin all over the mcdonald manse, was the toughest 
emotionally, tho, the part on ch 5 when (spoilers) taako decides hes gotta either erase ango from his parents brains or kill them and its Panic TraumaBrain This Kid Is Gonna End Up Like Me And I Gotta Stop It and lup is like oh my god just stop for two seconds. go to therapy fucknuts 
4. If you could change anything in [title], what would it be?
hmm idk if i would change anything. maybe add in arcs for mag and merle and lup and maybe lucretia just to round out the full story on the moon base 
5. Did you make an outline for [title]? Did you stick to it?
haha no i dont outline anything except if im forced to or it becomes necessary for the mechanics of the thing (like dnd campaigns) 
for sotft i had a loose outline in my head but i wrote the beginning well before the campaign ended so i had to keep my conception of the ending real loose bc like what if they lost or some major character died etc etc 
6. Which scenes did you cut, and which were added in [title]?
all of chapter 4 was an addition i didnt plan for bc i wanted some little breather and to set the stage for the last two chapters while i was writing them and before the finale went out 
i dont think i cut anything, at least while it was (partially or fully) written
7. Who was your favorite character to write in [title]?
i LOVE writing taako and lucretia’s voices and figuring out how lup voice is different from taako’s 
8. Which came first, the title or the fic?
i think the title came to me about halfway through writing chapter 1 and it was one of those situations where it just continues to make more and more sense and be more significant as i write 
9. Which idea came to you first in [title]?
the idea of ango wanting to hide from his bio parents now that he has the means to do so, and taako struggling with paternal instincts once agnes cuts formal ties with his parents and is “in want of” a parental figure like “well i guess its gotta be me bc none of these chucklefucks are built for it i mean so what if im not either oh god im a horrible dad” 
10. What are some facts readers may not know about [title]?
its by far my most successful fic, with (currently) 8491 hits and 1073 kudos 
i had to try to figure out what its called when your parent marks your height on the wall or doorframe or something but i couldnt put it into searchable words and i still dont fucking know what its called or if it has a name at all 
bone @fireandlifeincarnate drew some amazing art of ango’s rites and also if you draw fanart of this fic you legally have to tell me or its entrapment 
it took me something like 8 months to write the whole thing, mostly because i wanted plenty of action after the campaign was officially over which meant i had to wait until the campaign was officially over so it wouldnt have a bunch of noncanonical events in it 
okay now that ive done the dang thing it has come to my attention that emile is this anon and honestly i shouldve seen that coming 
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villan3lle · 2 years ago
You have a pet frog.
I sadly do not :( I want one, but honestly I’m kind of intimidated bc I’m not sure how to care for them properly??? I mean... I could learn.... but that takes more effort than I want to put out right now lmao
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soothsaying · 2 years ago
The raven cycle medieval AU!
this is Such a good one thank u anon
i will admit i’m foggy on what things belong to which time period but just work with me, okay?
1. noah as the Spooky Castle Ghost only guards on the night shift see but who also does things like leave shiny things out and has befriended the raven roost in one of the north towers
2. gansey is absolutely the princeling of the land or something  and pulls a cliche attempt to pose as a commoner and go among the people™
3. ronan, his very fucking tired noble friend who would rather being hanging out with the ravens in the north tower, goes with him because he’s an idiot but it would suck if he was dead (his phrasing, not mine). castle guard adam goes with them because it’s guaranteed they’ll get arrested left to their own devices
4. they end up at a night market fortune teller’s booth bc of course they do and gansey wants to ask them for advice about the castle ghost!!!!! the three women of the booth are unamused by him and tell him to go back to his castle, sire
5. blue sneaks into said castle because of the ghost and not at all because the mysterious men were kind of cute (even if two of them were incredible rude)
??? someone write this for me this is definitely a plot and not headcanons
send me an au and i’ll give you 5+ headcanons about it
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lgbt-autistic-culture · a year ago
You give off the pleasant yet somewhat mysterious vibe of "[REDACTED]", but also chill vibes
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