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tagedeszorns · a day ago
This is gonna sound really odd but also probably not due to the nature of 40k but
FUCKING HELL I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way you draw ass just
Mwah, beautiful art absolutely love it
Tumblr media
I've been getting an unusual amount of compliments on how I draw dicks and asses lately (and by "unusual amount" I mean more than one. It's not much, but it's unusual).
When art historians are confronted with a medieval painter of whom they have no name (signing paintings did not appear until the Renaissance. Before that, painters were simple craftsmen and their work was not highlighted), they name him after a distinctive, reoccuring feature of his art. Meaning … I would have been "The Warhammer Master of Dick and Ass". Nice, I can work with that.
To live up to my name: Here's some nice Sanguinius-ass.
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ivy-xvioletx · 10 months ago
Questions to ask
1. What is your biggest turn off in a person?
2. What is your biggest turn on in a person?
3. Are you like your zodiac sign suggests that you should be?
4. At what age did you realize Santa was not real?
5. At what age did you have your first sexual experience?
6. At what age did you have your first kiss?
7. At what age did you have your first crush? Who was it?
8. What is the best compliment you have ever received?
9. What is the best sex you’ve ever had?
10. What is the biggest lie you ever told?
11. Do you hate anyone right now?
12. Do you have any hiding piercing’s? If yes, where?
13. Do you have any tattoos? If yes what do they mean?
14. Do you miss anyone right now?
15. Do you smoke?
16. To your knowledge, have you ever been cheated on?
17. Have you ever been in a physical fight?
18. Have you ever been in a relationship?
19. Have you ever been in love?
20. Have you ever been loved by someone you didn’t love back?
21. Have you ever loved someone that didn’t love you back?
22. Have you ever been betrayed by someone you care about?
23. Have you ever catfished anyone?
24. Have you ever cried over a lover?
25. Have you ever danced without leaving room for Jesus?
26. Have you ever dated someone you met online?
27. Have you ever given or received a hickey?
28. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher?
29. Have you ever kissed a non-family member on the lips?
30. Have you ever kissed for more than two hours consecutively?
31. Have you ever kissed or been kissed on the breast?
33. Have you ever lead a person on?
34. Have you ever lied to get out of trouble?
35. Have you ever liked a person your friend was dating?
37. Have you ever played a game involving stripping?
38. Have you ever used somebody for your personal gain?
39. Have your ever been heart-broken?
40. How far have you gone to get something you desired?
41. How many relationships have you had?
42. What do you weight?
43. How tall are you?
44. If applicable, when did you lose your virginity?
45. If you could bring back a person from the dead who would you bring back?
46. If you could choose one Disney prince to marry who would you choose?
47. If you could choose one Disney princess to be your best friend who would you chose?
48. If you could get married to any celebrity who would it be?
49. If you could, what would you change about your first kiss?
50. If you had to live in the world of the last T.V show you watched where would you be living?
51. When was the last time you insulted someone?
52. When was the last time you were insulted?
53. Mention a movie that always makes you cry?
54. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, how horny are you?
55. What is the scariest thing you have ever experienced?
56. What color of underwear are you wearing right now?
57. What do you think about the most?
59. What is a disgusting habit you have?
60. What is a relationship deal breaker for you?
61. What is a weird thing you love?
62. What is the sexiest feature you love in the opposite gender?
63. Mention something that is currently bothering you?
64. Mention something that makes you happy?
65. Mention something that makes you sad?
66. Mention something you do when no one is watching?
67. What is something you like to do when you are sad?
68. What is the best gift you ever received
69. What is the best gift you have ever given?
70. What is the biggest fear you have overcome?
71. What is the longest you have ever gone without a shower?
72. What is the major physical trait you look for in a partner?
73. What is the worst gift you have ever given?
74. What is the worst gift you have ever received?
75. What is your biggest fear?
76. What is your favorite holiday destination?
77. What is your relationship with your parents like?
78. Have you ever had a pregnancy scare?
80. What is your zodiac sign?
81. What was the last text you sent?
82. What was the last thing that made you cry?
83. What was the last thing that made you laugh?
84. When is your birthday?
85. When was the last time you cried?
86. Which celebrity would be your hall pass?
87. Who is your celebrity crush?
88. Who is your favorite fictional couple?
89. Who was the first person you ever fell in love with?
90. Who was the last person you texted?
91. Would you ever change anything about yourself and if so what would it be?
92. Have you ever cheated on a significant other during a relationship?
93. Have you ever been arrested?
94. Have you ever been convicted of a crime?
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arch-i-techs · 5 months ago
May I have a Goodtimeswithscar?
Tumblr media
Yes yes yes yes yes yes ye
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bechnokid · 5 months ago
listen. i didn’t really get why everyone’s obsessed with spamton, but your art,…… understandable. i love this man now. thank you for cursing me
Tumblr media
always happy to know my art can help! :3
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logicpng · 2 months ago
ten things pallet + ENA?
Tumblr media Tumblr media
sorry it took relatively longer :') this one's very nice though goddamn
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3lji · 6 months ago
questions from a friend!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
we’re trying to figure out what it says on mo’s bracelet in these two official OX arts - something like ‘I HATE MY B-‘ ??? what do you all think! ♥️♥️♥️ help my poor eyes 🥰💌
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tube-time · 2 months ago
FOR YOUR LATEST PIECE!!! the way you drew coomers arms are SO COOL love how they split and elongate and are so robotic like i LOVE how you've drawn the cyborg peepaw.. INCREDIBLY cool :}
pjdohsdfsoafhsdfhsdofhdsof TYSM??? He's my favorite fucked up Grandpa :]
Tumblr media
Here's the guy without of the effects on him and stuff! Real happy with how he turned out!!
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i-spilled-my-soup · 3 months ago
whats ur opinion on valdangelo?
it is growing on me. nice to have the uncomfortable silence x comfortable silence, self-deprecating jokes x plain self-deprecation, presents self as the comedic relief to deflect trauma x tries to act fully acceptant of fate to deflect trauma, “so sad that steve jobs died of ligma” x “who the hell is steve jobs”
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oliveluvzu · 26 days ago
Congrats on breaching 280 fatty. That's pretty impressive. That belly deserves extra kisses tonight
Thank you so much! 😊 I can confirm that this belly would love some kisses 😘
Tumblr media
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silver-snow-77 · a month ago
Rules: Tag people you would like to know/catch up with.
Tagged by @merfilly
Last Song(s): "Hayloft II" by Mother Mother
Last Movie: Last movie I watched was Wreck It Ralph, last movie I saw in theaters was The Batman
Currently Reading: lots of fanfic, but also rereading Arrow’s Flight by Mercedes Lackey and about to start reading The Book of Dust by Phillip Pullman
Tagging: @nightfoot @prettyporcelainporcupine @pumpkinspice-villaingirl @marudny-robot @mooitstimdrake @bionerd2point0 @bewaretheboojum @cutlassopinions @phantomchick @stevieraebarnes @nightwingcanttwerk @thephilosophersapprentice no pressure though
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godzilla-reads · a year ago
Classic Author Asks
Mary Shelley: Were you a goth, prep, nerd, or jock in school?
Zora Neale Hurston: Do you write in your free time? If so, then what do you write?
J.D. Salinger: What was the last movie you watched?
Alice Walker: What was the first “adult” book you ever read?
Bram Stoker: Do you prefer suspenseful horror movies, gore, or jump scares?
Oscar Wilde: What book have you read more than once?
Beatrix Potter: Do you like reading inside or outside?
Ann Radcliffe: What’s something you’re known for among your friends or family?
Lord Byron: What’s a negative quality that you can admit to having?
Edna St. Vincent Millay: Do you have a favorite poem or one you can recite?
Jane Austen: Have you ever fallen in love?
Langston Hughes: If you could be part of a literary era, which one?
Emily Dickinson: What’s the last book you were reading?
John William Polidori: What was the last book you finished?
Stendhal: Have you ever hid a book you were reading because you were embarrassed? 
Charles Dickens: What book are you currently reading?
Thomas Hardy: Are you a city or country person?
Virginia Woolf: What book has been on your TBR longer than a year?
Edith Wharton: What’s your favorite season for reading?
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tagedeszorns · 2 months ago
How about a stained glass series Mortarion with all those amazing colors you used for your other art?
Church of Nurgle
I don't know if he's convincingly glassy, but I like him anyway. 😀
Tumblr media
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desultory-novice · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
...I never did get Marx/Magolor/Marxolor as asks and these answers are seriously burning a hole in my drafts file so everyone's just going to have to indulge me for now!
002 - Marxolor
When I Started Shipping Them:
...True story? 0.0005 seconds after reading this comic. https://www.pixiv.net/artworks/75595562
Also, I know this person has a tumblr, but I can't remember it and I don't think they post Kirby anymore...? I have this page bookmarked though because I like it so much. Oh, this comic also introduced me to the Noddy theory. I owe a lot of my Kirby fandom to it.
My Thoughts:
ilovethemilovethemilovethem :brainrot: ...Oh, you wanted a more -coherent- answer? :takes a deep breath: Who's ready for an essay?!
First off, I love that they are so good for each other and so bad for each other at the same time. Not relationship goals, but amazing and enthralling to watch it play out anyway. Because they're both tricksters and mischief-bringers, and you just know some of that inherent chaos is going to be leveled against each other when things get boring. Which could actually turn out pretty devastating because they're both powerful enough magic users that when they get into a fight, there's going to be collateral damage. But they're each a liiiiittle unhinged, a little maniacal, and so they can laugh off the fires and the broken walls and the puddles of whatever weird -goo- Marx is made of when everything is over. And neither of them are saints either, so they don't need to put on airs around each other or fake their personality to impress and cajole like they seem to do around other Dream Landers.
At the same time, they've both survived (?) major life changing experiences at the hands of strange eldritch powers on a scale that probably only Dedede’s frequent possessions can compare to. I feel like they have all the right elements to be "the only one who understands me" to each other, and I'm really into seeing them as trauma-bonded in a way that, though they drive each other crazy, they can't bear to be apart without just collapsing into pieces because that shared experience means they keep each other steady. When they're together, things are natural and the world makes sense again and they can remember what sunshine feels like and the scent of flowers and they can drive each other's lasting nightmares away.
Also, I like that there's this vague pocket of time between Super Star and Return to Dreamland that is the most likely candidate for "when" they meet and you can put anything you want in there and you can stretch that time out as long as you want to...with the caveat that you end the story with the two of them separated. (Or you can have Magolor keep Marx's unconscious body hidden in a tube somewhere on his ship, like I drew in that one piece of fanart...) 
Anyway, it's good stuff. Really good stuff.
What Makes Me Happy About Them:
...That these two who were so unsatisfied with the world and the way their lives were going that they tried to play god with the universe to get what they wanted only to fail horrifically might now be able to find simple happiness and safety and contentment post-Galactic Nova exploding/post-Master Crown possession with each other.
What Makes Me Sad About Them:
We KNOW they know each other. The official twitter art comes as close to confirming that it was Marx that Magolor was talking about. We basically know how and why they know each other too. Yet they.will.never.interact.in.canon. 
...On the other hand, they could never behave in canon exactly how I want them to, so it’s sort of a blessing for me. A  headcanon field day!
Things Done In Fanfic That Annoy Me: ...Not sure about "annoys me" but probably focusing only on the comical and chaotic aspects of their relationship and never looking at the more soulful aspects. But that's a personal thing as I'm mostly here for the serious stuff. Oh, also, writing a Marx that can -never- be serious or introspective ever. (I also do NOT like seeing “They’re too evil to love/to deserve love.” Blech. But that goes for Kirby as a whole. Now, loving each other but struggling terribly with navigating those feelings? Yess.)
Things I Look For In Fanfic: I’m simple. If there's a scene where either of them have a traumatic episode/a bad time/maybe just get sad and the other one is there to quietly assist, support, and comfort them, then I'm content!
My Wishlist: I keep talking about this, but the Maxolor comic I'm working on. It's a completely self-indulgent fanwork, but it has pretty much everything I'd ever want to see happen with them in it - and would never actually happen because Kirby stories always occur in the background, lol.
But! I also love when people draw them in different outfits! They both have such distinctive designs that I find different fans adding little touches to be sooo cute! On that note, gimme a canon Dreamy Gear Marx, please, so I can start shipping Dreamy Gear Marxolor too! /lh
Who I'd Be Comfortable With Them Ending Up With, If Not Each Other:
Marx with Kirby (not abusive, obvs) Marx really doesn't connect with that many people. But I think in a crisis, he would go to Kirby for help. Kirby is Kirby and would help him, because he’s already forgiven and accepted him. I think that kinda stuff is nice. While I’m interested in the dynamics of a MaruKabi romantic ship, I'd probably lean toward QPR or best friends with them anyway, just because I think they are important-to-each-other but not super lovey. I think it’s Magolor’s innate loneliness and his extended physical isolation that adds the key chemical in the Marxolor romantic ship. Kirby doesn’t have that, so Marx doesn’t need to respond.
Magolor with Drawcia. They share a cafe song together! (...Just like Marx and Magolor...) They're both Halcandran (probably), they're both magic users. They're both last bosses and have aims on remaking the world in their image. I think Magolor would find Drawcia's status as a living painting just completely fascinating. The egg who stole two different Halcandran treasures now dating a third? Though Drawcia would probably need to be won over before she paid poor Magolor any attention. Anyway, Marxolor takes up too much headspace for me to entertain this ship that much, but in a world without Marxolor? This would be my Magolor OTP.
My Happily Ever After For Them:
My Magolor has massive Crown-related PTSD and my Marx has persistent insomnia, so for me, I see them traveling the galaxy aboard the Lor, night after night, watching the stars and jokingly rating various planets they visit on their conquerability until they get too tired to possibly stay up any longer and fall asleep in each other's arms/claws, the only way either of them have found to get peaceful rest anymore. And yet, they wouldn’t change a thing...
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arch-i-techs · 5 months ago
i love your mumbo design so i am humbly asking for,,,more mumbo 👉👈
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Anon I’m really happy you like my design even though I can’t draw his hair for the life of me, it’s... god, I need to figure it out. I keep changing how I draw his hair and it’s taking its toll...
But uh, yeah, this ask also inspired this because I think the Mooners are still amazing and so funny
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bechnokid · 22 days ago
I remember you liking the Subway Bosses a lot. Any thoughts on how popular they've become again? :3
There's this "hipster" part of myself that was like, "I've liked them even before they got popular again!", but to be honest, I am so happy to see them all over my dashboard again!
Maybe I'll finally be able to share my headcanons without looking like a complete fool!
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logicpng · 2 months ago
palette.... my dearest dear tasque manager,. waltz #2... thank u <3 also is there space for ppl to send multiple or should i chill with just the one
i hope you'll forgive be but i uh. i took an experimental approach for this one fhl;skdjf
i made this in colors 3d on the 2ds of all things
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
photo as proof. hope you like this anyways though!!
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thelucyverse · a year ago
Fic writer/reader ask
(particularly for ao3, as I don't think all other sites have the same stats page)
I tried not to add any jealousy or anxiety inducing ones about kudos and those kinds of stats, and keep this fun for everyone with interesting questions!
1. Top 3 fandoms written for (dash - fandoms)
2. Fandom you have most WIPs for
3. Do you have any abandoned works?
4. Are your comment threads (stats-totals) more or less than half of your inbox total?
5. Do you have more works or more bookmarks?
6. Without checking - which tags do you think you've used most?
7. Top 3 tags (works - filters - additional tags)
8. Ever written something inspired by other fanworks?
9. Ever done a collab with another writer or artist?
10. Most used rating (works - filters - ratings)
11. Ever used the 'inspired by' ao3 function?
12. One-shots or multichapters?
13. Most productive year (stats - years -wordcount)?
14. Ever written smut?
15. Do you reply to all comments?
16. Ever had someone make fanart, edits, podfic to your fic?
17. Do you accept (constructive) criticism in the comments?
18. Favorite kinds of comments?
19. Ever had someone write something inspired by your fic?
20. Are any of your stories translated into another language?
21. Do you write in your first or a second language?
22. First fandom you've written for?
23. Any tumblr tags to check if someone wants to find more about your writing?
24. Ever written a translation of your own or someone else's fic?
26. Last sentence you've written
27. Favorite quote from one of your fics
28. Still remember a favorite comment?
29. Ever made a collection and/or series?
30. Do you like writing for prompts, challenges etc?
31. Beta or no beta? What do you ask betas to look for?
32. Written any drabbles (100 word fics) or other exact wordcount challenges?
33. Most used warning, if any? (works - filters - warnings)
34. Ever check your Statistics, if yes what did you look for?
35. What fic or series of yours has the most/longest tags?
36. Standard author's note?
37. Standard end note?
38. Do you cross-post your works on several sites? Where?
39. Do you promote your works other than just posting them? How/why/why not?
40. Favorite story you've written? (in general or for a specific fandom)
A) Ever tried to leave kudos twice?
B) Ever managed! (through an old glitch) to leave kudos more than once?
C) Favorite writers? Feel free to @ if they're on tumblr & you want to make them smile!
D) Ever read on sites other than ao3?
E) Favorite fandom to read fic for
F) Favorite trope(s)
G) Pwp or gen fic?
H) Joined any author's mailing lists?
I) Ever read fic for a fandom without knowing the canon?
J) Shippy fics or character studies?
K) Do you listen to podfic?
L) What's your standard comment?
M) Do you have comfort fics you can re-read again and again?
N) Best fic you've read this week
O) A tag you always click 'exclude' on
P) Do you use author's bookmarks to find more fic you might like?
Q) Latest fic in your search history?
R) Bookmark, subscribe, mark for later or open tabs?
S) Are custom layouts and skins nice or annoying?
T) Sort by date posted, kudos, something else?
U) Check out author's pages or go back to tag search after reading a good fic?
V) ever use the bookmark search instead of the work search?
W) Oldest fic in your search history? (history - scroll down to bottom - click last page)
X) Ever made a fic-rec list?
Y) Any peeves that immediately make you click back out of a fic?
Z) Long fics or short fics? / Favorite fic length?
#) Ever had someone gift a fic to you?
§) A fandom or ship you wish had more fic for you to read
%) A feature you wish ao3 had
Because apparently this needs to be spelled out: as by the title, this is an ask meme! Send asks, not replies, not reblog additions tagging people! Asks!
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one-real-imonkey · 11 months ago
Really thinking about the Coruscant Guard atm. About how they must have been treated by the Senators, the public, even their own brothers sometimes. About how Palpatine had unlimited access to them...
Anyone got any asks or headcanons or prompts about them?
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bingobongobarry · a month ago
Bingo Bongo Therory is overrated
No it's not!... It's.... It's..... *Deep breaths* It's.... YOU'RE overrated!!! *Tries to calm down* 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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archersartcorner · a month ago
Hmm request pouty vulpes? Or very warm (almost wish for a nucular winter !!) Arcade..? Regardless! Happy drawins' !
*final Pam voice* WHY CAN’T BE BOTH? WASTELAND!
Tumblr media
I love that Arcade canonically is Sun Intolerant LMAO nd I hc Vulpes is as well cus he’s so PALE… wears th helm and the goggles cus otherwise his face gets r e d BDBSB
Tumblr media
Cus while Arcade and Vulps can’t deal with heat, Six is da opposite… if it is cold, he must be wrapped in No Less than 50 Blankets AND physically sandwiched by Arcade BDBSJ
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