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Geb, you really came for me with the train sex.
Now I'm shamefully thinking of fucking him in cars, boats, planes. Just general travel sex with Marcus to watch his jaw hang open at seeing you without panties on underneath your skirt in public because he'd be surprised every single time without fail.
Tumblr media
I imagine once Honey figures out it's the fastest way to rile him up, it becomes sort of a ritual for her.
They could be standing at the back of an elevator on the way to their hotel room, and Marcus misses her, so he's just gently resting his hand on her back, and maybe she reaches behind and slowly drags his wrist lower. Carefully he runs his fingertips across the fabric over her hip & butt and she knows he knows when he inhales deeply. To everyone else it sounds like a 'im tired and sleepy' sigh but Honey is vibrating because oof she's going to get it. So she just bites her lip when he squeezes her ass and grips the room key.
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Unusual ask list
1 - What is the color of your shirt currently? 2 - What is your favorite texture of blanket? 3 - What is your favorite type of frog? 4 - Do you like old romantic comedies? 5 - What is a weird phobia you have? 6 - What is the most/one of the most embarrassing things you did as a kid?  (12-)  7 - Who do you want to hug the most? (It could be anyone.) 8 - What’s a small thing that still bothers you a lot? 9 - What’s a big thing that doesn’t bother you/you are hardly bothered by? 10 - What’s a type of music/an artist that you refuse to listen to anymore/refuse to ever try listening to their music? 11 - What’s a law that you absolutely hate? 12 - What is one of your uncommon pet peeves? 13 - How many friends would you currently like to get rid of/have gotten rid of recently? 14 - What’s a movie that you hate/don’t like that you would still watch/have watched for guilty pleasure? 15 - What word can you not spell/can hardly spell on the first try?
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loveandjustice · 11 months ago
send me a tv show, game, anime or movie and I'll give my opinion if it
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ayyyez · a year ago
Probably soft content for characters that are usually portrayed as hard and non-feeling, and NSFW... :)
Omg yes I love that! It's my favourite thing to write so I'm glad you see it as my writing speciality 😏🥰💖 I knew someone would say nsfw 😂😂
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Reblog if you would like to get an ask from Elaine.
Go ahead guys don't be shy. Reblog if you want an ask from my oc Elaine. She will try to ask as my questions as possible to anyone.
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littlegalerion · a year ago
17 questions, 17 people
I was tagged by @sheirukitriesfandom , thank you~! 
Nicknames: I go by either Fawn or Jareth on social media!
Zodiac: I don’t really pay attention to zodiac stuff, but I believe I’m a Taurus. 
Height: 5 ft 4 inches
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw. I actually come from an entire household of Ravenclaws, save for my mother who is Hufflepuff. It made our vacation to Universal Studios very entertaining. 
Last thing I googled: I was looking up TigerClaw from TMNT because I had forgotten his actual human name. It was bothering me. That and I briefly googled Taurus to make sure I spelled it right. 
Song stuck in my head: I’ve had “Life After Happily Ever After” from Tangled: The Series stuck in my head for a while now. That or “Nothing Left to Loose”. The entire soundtrack is way too catchy. 
Number of Followers: 121...I...was only semi-paying attention. Thank you guys!!! 
Amount of Sleep: I usually get at least eight hours of sleep. Eight or seven. 
Lucky Number: 6
Dream Job: I’m currently working on original fiction that I plan to publish as either novels or VNs. I’m not entirely sure yet. I’d love to make a living on my writing, but I also plan on going back to college and major in English, breaking off into the branch that allows me to work as a Librarian. My goal is to, by the time I only have ten to five years before retirement, to be working in a university’s library. The retirement age within the educational system in my county is 65, so I think that’ll be a nice final stretch. 
Wearing: Comfy shorts and my Splash Mountain t-shirt, because I’m cleaning house for company later and also the heat is horrible here. Btw, did you hear Splash Mountain is getting remodeled into a Princess and the Frog ride? Super excited, that movie deserves more attention. It better be riding a giant boat through the swamp with pretty fireflies everywhere, so help me...
Favorite Song: ...Hm. As my fiancé is obsessed with heavy metal but also samples various genres as “experiences”, in the past few years I’ve been more so pushed to find my favorite genre of music, let alone favorite song. In all honesty, I have no real set genre I’m stuck to. Mostly I just listen to music as backtracks for character development for OCs, of all things. But if really pressed, I can only narrow it down to “Magnum Bullets” by Night Runner or “Underground” by David Bowie, but with multiple close runner ups!
Favorite Instrument: I don’t really have one.
Aesthetic: I battle every day from wanting to be a soft mum figure that deals with shades of soothing brown, pastel purples and pretty blues to wanting to be a werewolf master sorceress that wears nothing but black and purple armor/robes.  
Favorite Author: My favorite book is The Hobbit, and while I do love Tolkien, I gotta say I love C.S. Lewis more. I just vibe with him and his style of writing- EXCEPT THE SPACE TRILOGY. I still have migraines over those books...
Random: I went to google real quick what those weird horns argonians play in Murkmire are called, the ones that use actual frogs in them? I was going to use that for the “favorite instrument” slot but realized my browser is infected with the Yahoo virus again. So after posting this I get to completely wipe all my browser settings back to default so as to wipe out the virus. Fun. 
Tagging @screaminginthuum @foxyhearts @the-bossmer
Seventeen total acquaintances, let alone friends- it would both make me happy but also terrify me. What a world. 
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askatiredkomachi · a year ago
Like or Reblog to get an ask from... this blue-blonde-haired muse for Vocatines! Note, Koma isn’t asking, it’s this person- ;v; 
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ledurr · a year ago
First impression: “this person has a spectacular tagging system I love it”
Your nickname in my head: Cin (but unfortunately pronounced sen in my head)
Closeness ratings [1-10]: 5/10 that must change!
Do I like you: you’re very nice heck yeah!!!
You are my: FRIEND AAAHHH ano hi no kotooo
Ever had a crush on you: no
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pizza-box-raccoon · a year ago
Thank you for existing, you are loved! Send this to ten people, who in your opinion deserves such a sweet message in their inbox. Nothing bad will happen if you don’t, but imagine the smiles! 💞
Tumblr media
Thank you.✨💛✨
You too, dude.💜
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15. Have you ever been to your city’s pride event? Why or why not?
Yeah, I’ve gone to Atlanta’s Pride the past two years with friends. It’s pretty rad! I got some nice pictures last year in front of protesters with a couple kissing behind me pissing them off lol.
If it still happens this year, I’ll be going again. So anyone at Atlanta Pride, come say hi!
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doridoug · a year ago
So guys, now you can make requests and suggestions :)
Tumblr media
The question option was disabled haha
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tenaciousingenium-blog · 3 years ago
“Just now… before you spoke to me. I’m pretty sure I got like… two minutes in.”
Tumblr media
“Two minutes does not qualify as sleep, regardless these couches were not given to us simply to be used as a replacement for your bed. This is a public place for our class and nobody wants to walk in on another classmate sleeping its impolite” Iida began to lecture, his sleepy classmate earnestly
Tumblr media
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ayyyez · a year ago
Hahaha yes we live for the angst! I LOVE THE ANGST but angst with a happy ending okay 🥰
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probiepanikkar · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
wake up gang a new ship bingo dropped, anyway send me a pairing and I’ll answer!
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ledurr · 2 years ago
So... should I watch izombie or not?
I would have to give it a full binge rewatch to see for sure but I enjoyed every season and this finale didn't do us evil. Zombie-ism is a racist analogy for racism. I'd compare it to being lgbt+ though. It's good. Would recommend. (It's a quality cw show)
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americachavez · a year ago
“supernatural didn’t have any actual monsters it’s just some guys fighting guys” I know this is a joke but I literally do not know how to explain to you that the fancy effects you’ve grown accustomed to on prestigious television like arrow and riverdale did not exist for the majority of supernatural’s lifetime and also they’ve spent their entire budget on flannel shirts
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