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passionatelyfanfic · 2 days ago
who would mtl be fine with you accidentally getting lipstick stains on his face after you kiss him
Thank you for this ask anon x
MTL Be Okay With Lipstick Stains On His Face After You Kiss Him
Tumblr media
I think he would find it extremely cute to have some of your lipstick left on his face. He'd be the type to kiss you all over your cheek so you get little lipstick stains on yourself as well.
Taehyung/ V
He'll turn into a blushing mess. He would love it, I don't even think he'd attempt to wipe it away.
Yoongi/ Agust D/ Suga
Honestly he wouldn't care what you did to him. He'll just have his gummy grin on his face, acting like he didn't care about it.
Namjoon/ RM
Wouldn't really care too much, would be too into the kissing, would just pull you back into a kiss if you pointed it out to him.
Would be another one to laugh it off and urge you to kiss him again.
Hoseok/ Hobi/ Jhope
I think he would actually be shy about it, would insist you wipe it away only for him to plant a kiss on your cheek.
Seokjin/ Jin
Would tease you and insist you wipe it away for him, only for him to tell you to kiss him on the other cheek.
All of them wouldn't really care about it, they get to kiss you and have you kissing them, everyone wins, what's a little lipstick?
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anti-endo-culture-is · 2 days ago
waitwaitwaitwaitwait could yall explain the difference between non-possessive and possessive switches are? me and my headmates thought we understood the difference but after the post where you were helping an anon recently im not so sure we do JGGFSDJSKD
possessive switches are generally when it feels like someone else is taking control of the body and they have total control over what the body does, says, etc. it’s named after possession for that similar type of feeling/experience, and cuz these switches are sometimes misinterpreted as possession
non-possessive switches are more common in systems iirc. they’re where u feel like u become another alter when that alter fronts, more like a sudden change in identity.
hope that helps!
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pastafossa · 2 days ago
I’ve just started reading trt like just started on the kidnapping arc just started and I’m loving it, but do you think you could lay out a list of all the arcs that have happened up until now and which ones hurst the most? Just cause I’m a little squirmy when it comes to angst and I wanna know when to expect it :D
I can! Absolutely! I keep meaning to make an index one day I'll do that. I'll be a little vague for spoilers but still open about the angsty parts. I'll also put it behind a spoiler wall for anyone who doesn't want to see it!
Matt, seen here identifying the spoilers below that Keep Reading bar...
Tumblr media
Kidnapping arc: right now you're on the kidnapping arc! Lots of cuddling and softness after that arc (ch12-13).
Devil-Hunt: fun chapters with their version of hide and seek (affectionately called Devil-Hunt) for ch14-15! No angst, only joy.
Old Friend Visit🌧️: Next bit of drama pops back up around ch16-19 with a visit from an old friend. Bit of angst, maybe 1-2 sad rainy clouds out of 5.
Matt Gets Slashed By Nobu And Then Argues With Foggy🌧️🌧️🌧️: general sadness as we touch on Matt getting shredded by Nobu canonically and his and Foggy's fight starting at ch20. That's always depressing (canonically 5 of 5 sad rainy clouds) but no worries, we comfort him through it. There's a little bit of him being, understandably, sad and miserable, so a bit of angst, but there's a lot of comfort and cuddling and such there too to balance it - and that weekend of caretaking ends around ch26.
Various Non-Angst Arcs: Basically comfort comfort, growing relationship, some plot stuff with SHIELD, dealing with canonical events, no major bad vibes. (Ch27-31)
Away Chapters🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️: Next bit of angst has been, up until now, one of the rougher points to go through. You'll get your first hint of it starting at the end of Ch32. Buildup to Ch34 in which Reader/Jane... has to leave town for a very specific reason, and thus say goodbye for a bit. That leads us into the Away Chapters arc - what they're both up to, how they're both dealing with the separation, important plot events, etc. Fairly angsty and sad, but it's with the understanding (on both their parts) that the separation is temporary. Separation ends in Ch42 in a way that deserves fireworks!
Various Non-Angst Arcs: Lots of cuddling after that, dealing with the separation, and with any injuries that might have been gained, some plot stuff. Slight bit of angst having to do with our Mortal Enemy White Coat Asshole, but nothing major. Ch43-48.
Hypothermia arc: from ch49-52! Maybe 1 rainy cloudy? Not really though. Mostly just good god, matt, what the fuck.
Fuck-ton of Romance Arcs: Lots of romance-y things after this! Romance romance romance. Ch53-62!
Woops it looked like you almost died arc🌧️🌧️: Ch63-65 involves a short angsty, very close call and an argument about it arc, so some angst because Almost Died. Maybe 2-3 clouds. Def not 5 clouds though.
Devil-Hunt arc: More Devil-Hunt because it's fun. Zero clouds, only fun.
Buildup bits and pieces of angst 🌧️ to 🌧️🌧️🌧️: OK so this next arc's a little trickier since it's leading to a big reveal and I've set it up way ahead of time. This one involves pieces of angst slowly woven in and building up in between other more chill events - Starting around 68... what happened in Los Angeles with the fire, aaaaall of that is going to start creeping in and making itself known. You'll get, say, an angsty scene about it in Ch70 but only for the first section, while the rest of the chapter is not all that angsty. At first it's mostly woven in between other arcs - a Big Visit from a friend (Ch68-73)🌧️🌧️, dealing with some bounty hunters (ch76-78), some smut (ch78-79), and lots of Matt being very loving and soft and supportive in between. Short angsty moments range between 1 cloud and 3 clouds out of five.
You'll know you're getting close to the Angst Dive when Frank canonically shoots Matt between the eyes (Ch83🌧️🌧️) and he loses his hearing temporarily. We're gonna obviously have some comfort and caretaking and soft discussions (ch84-90) though before we get into the fire stuff, because Matt deserves it.
Los Angeles Fire Comes Out🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️🌧️: Once you hit Ch91... We're gonna slowly begin our descent into true Five Cloud Angst territory. This is the arc we're in now so I can't say how many chapters it will take, although I'm estimating another 2-3 update cycles depending on how much time I have with moving. This will likely be our darkest, angsty-est section yet - there will be misunderstandings, miscommunication, a lot of Matt's insecurity and self-loathing unintentionally crashing together with Reader/Jane's guilt and insecurity. There will be tears, hurt, and some brokenness. I will promise, though, that the storm of it will be over by morning in the fic - so our lovely couple just has to get through one night and then things will get easier (there will be comfort, cuddling, emotional comfort smut, all the good stuff). A lot of readers are waiting until this section is done to read through it, so if you're looking to do the same, I'm tagging each of these angsty updates with raincloud emojis in the tumblr updates and in the chapter summaries! There will be a little sunshine symbol when we come out of it. <3 After that, you can expect softer things for a bit because I always try to give ya'll a bunch of happy breathing room between the heavy stuff. No perma-gloom here!
As for what's in the future... I know the angsty points that are coming, just not what chapters precisely! I try to add an angst warning but if you ever need to know if the current arc will be depressing or sad, feel free to ask and I'll let you know!
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devildom-drabbles · a day ago
I love SC but imagine this
They just can't forgive Belphie no matter how hard Beel and Mc try. They slowly go more paranoid about Mcs Safety and realizes that Mc loves them. However SC just isn't healthy being there and realizes that in order for themselves to be happy they have to leave- Without Mc. So they leave a note for Mc and Leave as fast as they can.
How would the brothers React ?
Aw, poor SC... That type of response is understandable though. Everyone would certainly be worried about SC while responding in their own way. A bit of angst ahead, just to forewarn you all. Thank you for the prompt! Enjoy! =)
(For those unfamiliar with SC, check out Everything and MC's Protective Younger Sibling for more context.)
(Requests are now CLOSED. I’m just answering some that are still in my inbox.)
Tumblr media
Lucifer will remain composed on the outside upon hearing the news, but internally--now that he’s considered SC a part of the family--he’s concerned for their safety. The Devildom is no place for a human to run about on their own, especially one as dependent and unfamiliar with the area as SC. He’s the most logical in the situation, immediately jumping into action in the effort to find the young human. He’ll order each of his brothers to search specific areas of the Devildom and any place MC believes their sibling would be most likely to hide. Belphegor, however, would be tasked with staying at HoL in case SC returns there while the rest of them are gone (although he and Lucifer both know there’s more to this decision than what was said). Lucifer will also alert Diavolo, Barbatos, and even the Purgatory Hall trio about what’s happened in hopes they can provide their aid in locating SC. He’ll focus on how to address SC’s feelings toward Belphie and his relationship with MC once they’re found.
Tumblr media
Mammon, on the other hand, will visibly panic when he learns SC has run away. Are they crazy?! Are they tryin’ to get themself eaten by a demon?! If they were really feelin’ that bad about Belphegor and MC, then they should’ve said so! He’s about ready to grab MC and scour all of the Devildom to find the younger human before it’s too late, but Lucifer reigns him in and explains how all of them will go about searching for SC. If MC comes with him during the search, then he’ll do his best to talk with MC about their relationship with Belphie and how SC has been since the incident (Lesson 16). He also might voice some complaints about how MC should've noticed something was wrong with SC sooner, but he does partially blame himself for not realizing it, as well. He’s hoping that they’ll be together when they find SC so that he can help the human siblings reconcile (and perhaps give ‘em a piece of his mind for worryin’ him, while he’s at it--er, no, wait, he wasn’t that worried, don’t look into it that much!).
Tumblr media
Leviathan will be shocked by this information. He had thought everything was going well and that everyone was getting along again. In fact, he was looking for SC right before hearing that they had left to see if they wanted to watch a new anime he felt they would enjoy. He’s not sure how much help he’ll be in the search, but he’s more than willing to give it his best effort if it’ll ensure SC returns to HoL safely. While he’s trying to find them, he’ll be texting them frequently to see if they’ll respond and maybe hint at their current location. His messages will include how everyone is worried about them (especially MC), how certain 2D protagonists faced and overcame the type of feelings SC is experiencing, how he still wants to finish the series/game they were in the middle of watching/playing together, and anything else he can think of that might convince them to come back or at least reply. He’ll consider adding in some good qualities about Belphegor and how well he’s been treating MC lately, but he’ll likely decide against it, since he thinks it’s not his place to get involved in that aspect of the situation.
Tumblr media
Satan had a feeling something was wrong with SC in the days leading up to when they decide to run away, but he had assumed it was just their usual paranoia about Belphegor and anyone else who got too close to MC on top of stress from RAD work. He’s annoyed at himself for not questioning them about it before. Rather than dwell on it, he’s already messaging his many acquaintances to keep an eye out for the missing human and to notify him if they’re spotted. He doesn’t care what favors he’ll owe them for this; he just wants SC to be found as quickly as possible. Their safety (to ease the worries of MC and even himself) is his top priority. While he’s searching for SC in the areas Lucifer designated him with, he’ll be preparing his logical argument in his head for why SC should come back, including how much everyone cares for them and how he’ll do what he can to help them feel more comfortable at HoL with Belphegor around until they return to the human world. If SC hasn’t been found after a while, he’ll put these thoughts into a text for them instead, hoping it’ll be enough for them to respond.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus will be greatly troubled by the news of SC leaving. He’s such a wreck about it that anyone who didn’t know him might think he was a parent alarmed over his missing child. He’s very concerned for their well-being out alone in the Devildom, but then he remembers how their mental well-being (at the very least) was negatively affected just by staying at HoL. Even so, bringing them back home would be better than leaving them to fend for themself in a realm full of soul-hungry demons. While Leviathan is spamming SC with texts, Asmo is spamming them with calls and voicemails, asking them where they are, telling them how much he, MC, and the rest of his brothers already miss them terribly, promising to help them sort out their feelings with Belphegor and MC, and overall begging them to answer him. When he’s not calling SC, he’s contacting Solomon on whether he’s made any progress in using his magic to locate the young human. He’ll try his best to help with the search, but he’ll keep getting distracted from needing to fix his makeup any time he cries.
Tumblr media
Beelzebub will be very quiet after MC reads the note about SC running away due to their stress from Belphegor and his relationship with MC. He’ll listen intently as Lucifer goes over the plan on how they’ll all be searching for SC, his expression serious with a hint of sadness. Once everyone is ready to go to their designated areas to locate the missing human, he’ll pull Belphie and MC aside to discuss the situation with them, focusing mainly on what they can do to help convince the younger human to return. Beel really wants everyone to get along, but he understands that might not be entirely possible with what happened between SC and Belphie. So instead, he at least wants to make sure SC, who is now like family to him, is safe from harm and can accept being at HoL with everyone until they and MC go back to the human world.
Afterward, he’ll look for SC at his assigned areas, searching every corner and asking passerbys if they’ve seen anyone who resembles the missing human. During this time, he doesn’t feel the slightest bit hungry--not even when the tantalizing smells of some of his favorite foods waft from the restaurants and bakeries he walks by. All he can think about is finding SC and hoping that they’re okay. If he does find them before the others, he’ll trap them in his embrace, keeping them there for a long time no matter how much they may kick and scream for him to release them. Once they’ve calmed down, his hold will become more gentle, and he’ll express his relief that they’re safe along with several apologies about how he should’ve noticed that they were unhappy and should’ve done more to help them feel comfortable (even though it’s not his fault or responsibility).
Tumblr media
Belphegor will also remain silent when MC reads the note SC left them and while Lucifer explains how everyone will search for the younger human. He doesn’t blame SC for their reaction to his growing bond with MC after he had hurt them before, but he is a bit frustrated with himself that he didn’t keep his distance as much as he had promised to in order to prevent something like this from happening. He’s fine with Lucifer ordering him to stay at HoL in case SC would decide to come back--he is the reason they left anyway, so of course they won’t want to be found by him. Still, he figures they won’t return by themself (or at least not for long if they discover he’s the only one home). Even when Beelzebub speaks with him and MC before they go searching to come up with potential remedies for the situation, he’ll play along but actually believes nothing they do will truly solve--or even help with--this issue.
Once everyone has left, he’ll retreat up to the attic. He wants to sleep, but he’s too concerned about SC the whole time, occasionally checking his phone for any updates on their whereabouts. He won’t try to contact SC since he knows they won’t respond; besides, he might make things worse by reaching out to the one who wants nothing to do with him. While he tosses and turns on the makeshift bed of pillows and blankets, he’ll wonder what Lilith might’ve done in this scenario. She’d probably be more forgiving and loving like MC, but maybe a part of her would hold resentment and fear like SC. Right, he really is no better than the ones who sentenced Lilith to death in the Celestial Realm, no matter how much he attempts to reconcile. The more that time passes, the worse he feels. Despite the plan Beel had come up with and his feelings for MC, he tells himself that once SC is found, it’d be best that he stays in the attic until the sibling duo goes back to the human world--where they truly belong.
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ask-light-rain-and-buds · 2 days ago
*Double Boop light rain*
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I feel flustered when I get booped.
Mmmh. (Boops Twilights ear) How does that feel huh?
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smollcreator · 3 months ago
Hi there your content is very adorable. Do you have recommended diaper to go to I just got into abdl and I’ve only tried one diaper.❣️
Great question! And thank you very much 🥰 my advice for someone just getting into abdl would be a pull up diaper mix.
When I was getting into it, it took me a little while to graduate up to an actual diaper because of the nerves. Goodnights XL are a great pull up I would highly recommend it! As for diapers I don’t have a specific diaper in mind I would say that when purchasing them to make sure they have 4 tapes instead of 2 for a more secure fit and maybe to use a Velcro option at first as you can re-tape as much as you need. The Velcro has some downsides in my opinion, sometimes I find it might rub on my leg and that bugs me.
If you’re a Canadian baby like myself I would highly recommend using the health wick site!!! You can get a free samples of all sorts of diapers and boosters to find the one that best suits you! All you have to do is pay for shipping. Hope that helps and welcome to the community 🥰
Tumblr media
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kkachi35 · 19 days ago
I just think Michael and Mirabel would be besties
Tumblr media
That is a very cute idea
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randomfandomkizzy · 23 days ago
Okay so Tumblr freaked the fuck out so I lost the ask from @slug-the-slimegirl
It was about how they would react to pet names and having a conversation about it :3
Tumblr media
Pet names you call them:
Sunny ☀️
Sunny D ☀️
Sunbeam ☀️
Moony 🌙
Space boy 🌙
Moon light 🌙
Sun's pet names for you:
Love bug
Moon's pet names for you:
(and while it's not technically a pet name he will very rarely. VERY RARELY. Call you the light of his life)
"hey Sunbeam?" You saw Sundrop glance over in your direction before instantly pulling you close. "Yessss?" You laughed softly and leaned back into him. "Do you like it when I call you pet names...?" He lifted you up with a bright smile. "Yes! Yesyesyes! Of course I do! And I have also been working on these so called pet names!" You laughed at his enthusiasm, smiling down at your adorable partner. "You are my love bug, because you are cute and small and I LOVE YOU! But, you are also my prince/princess because we stay in a big tower and sometimes I like to pretend I'm a night in shinning armor coming to save you! Buttercu-" You blushed as he continued to rattle on about all the reasons he picked out the names he did.
The two of you were laying down staring at the various glow in the dark star stickers Sundrop at put on the ceiling of his bedroom, looking over to him you smiled. "So..I already asked Sunny but what do you think of pet names..?" He continued to stare at the fake plastic stars for a bit before answering. "If you see them necessary...I don't fully understand the reason but I won't stop you from using them..I suppose?" You snuggled up to him as you laughed, "well I just wanted to ask since I already call you Moony and Space boy.~" He grunted slightly, but underneath the hazy red glow of his eyes you could make out the faint smile he was wearing.
This post. Will not. Post! Ugh. So if you are reading this congratulations! I actually got it to freaking post! Anyways I really hope you all enjoyed and if you did feel free to leave an ask or reblog! Peace!
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reeseycalor · 20 days ago
Damn big boy, those thighs are like tree trunks! Judging by that phenomenal pear shape of yours they could crack 40 inches a piece this year
Fingers crossed Anon! (Although I think it's less luck and more an inevitability at this point)
Tumblr media
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bonky-n-steeb · 2 months ago
Bucky making reader read a book while playing with her . Like vibrator, eatinh her out ya know .
Ahisnehwheb….. this made me so hot :)
“Of course, when we are in the grip of… fuck.., it is easy to discount the kindness that life and… Bucky I’m gonna cum!” You gasped out and Bucky instantly stopped fucking you with his tongue.
You were lying on your belly with a book in front of you and Bucky between your legs. When Bucky had walked into you room and seen you reading a book, he had come up with this devious plan.
You loved and hated him for coming up with such ideas.
He was going to play with you while you read the book out loud. You weren’t supposed to stop reading neither were you supposed to cum until he told you to.
“Good girl.” He kneaded your ass as you panted on the bed. You gave him a nod and began reading again once you had calmed down enough.
You were expecting his warm tongue over your pussy again, but the buzz of a vibrator against your swollen clit made you squeal with surprise. “Bu… Bucky!” You knew you definitely wouldn’t last if Bucky kept up with that.
“Go on, read for me doll. I’m hooked on the story.” You knew Bucky wasn’t even interested in a word, he just wanted to see you suffer. “If that is your tendency, see if you’d be willing to… hnnggg.”
You stopped reading and Bucky shut the vibrator leaving you on an edge. He sunk his teeth into your asscheek and kissed it better. “Awww, you know how much I love books. Are you gonna do this to me and keep me waiting.”
Your body was so sensitive that even a small touch of Bucky’s was setting you off. Bucky had a skilled tongue as it is and on top of that the vibrator was making insane.
To make it even worse, or better, Bucky pumped two of his fingers into your clenching hole. “… and explore just how much… I’m gonna cum!” You were gonna fucking explode.
“Is my pretty girl gonna cum?” His eyes were fixated on your pussy as it dripped with slick. You just desperately nodded and moaned. “Cum for me.”
You clutched the bed covers as immense pleasure overtook you. You couldn’t exactly pinpoint when it happened or how, but the next thing you knew, you were squirting all over Bucky.
You buried your face into your pillow with embarrassment. “Holy shit!” Bucky exclaimed behind you and you felt even more bad. “I’m sorry.”
“Wait why?” Bucky was genuinely confused. “Because… because I made a mess.” You tried your best to frame the sentence in a better way.
“Do you even know me? That was the hottest fucking thing ever and I’m gonna make you squirt again and again.” Bucky chuckled. “So… you liked it?” You asked with wide eyes.
“I loved it. God, you’re so wonderful doll. I love you.” You smiled just as wide as him. “You’re so fucking filthy. I love you too.”
Bucky kissed your nose tenderly, highly contrasting his next words, “Now that you’ve made a mess, you gotta clean it up.” He said winking at you.
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nepetablog · 2 months ago
Is nepeta for to hold?
Tumblr media
:33 < furr to hold ind33d.
D--> Why am I here.
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passionatelyfanfic · 2 days ago
What type of songs would they play during sex?
Thank you for this ask anon x
I absolutely loved answering this while listening to a few songs that I thought would suit them! x
I had to create this playlist since I couldn't add more than 10 songs.
BTS Type Of Songs They Would Play During Sex (Love Making Songs)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Seokjin/ Jin
I got a feeling this man would be playful in bed, so his music would have to match especially during the silly moments. Taylor Swift's 'Wildest Dreams', he'll be like, "You see Y/N even Taylor thinks I'm tall and handsome as hell." Girls' Generation, 'Run Devil Run', this would also be on his playlist. When he begins making love to you, I think Richard Marx's 'Right Here Waiting', Lord Huron 'The Night We Met' and Hozier 'Movement' would be some of the music he would enjoy playing softly in the background.
Yoongi/ Agust D/ Suga
In bed I think it would always be about you and your pleasure, that would be his goal. He wants to please you, his intention is to make you feel good. There is an artist called PLAZA, I think he would most definitely get into the mood by listening to this guy (he reminds me a lot of The Weeknd), songs like 'All Mine' and 'Use Me' by PLAZA would be playing in the background as you ride him. Jeremih's 'Birthday Sex' as he gets in between your legs and eats you out.
Hoseok/ Hobi/ Jhope
Dear Lord, I feel like I am sinning. Why does he scream 'Pony' by Ginuwine...? I think it is all his hip thrusting he does in our faces each time he gets a chance. I keep thinking about that scene in Magic Mike where Channing Tatum dances to this song, but instead of him, I picture Hobi, what I'd do to see that!... One minute he'll be fucking into you and the next have you on your knees sucking him off to Lil Wayne's 'Lollipop'.
Namjoon/ RM
For him and you sex would be a very emotional thing. He would always want to take his time with you and remind you of how much he loves you. Those older 90's songs that sincerely expressed how much love the singer had for their partner, not to mention all the harmonising. Jagged Edge's 'Promise' and 'Let's Get Married', definitely on the love making playlist as well as Ginuwine's 'Differences' and Boys II Men 'I'll Make Love To You'.
I feel like I don't have to really explain this any further. He absolutely has sex with The Weeknd (this man's voice!) playing in the background. Jimin has this moaning type of thing he does when he sings, he reminds me of The Weeknd at times. What about Chris Brown's 'Take You Down'? Damn. Now just imagine, Jimin grinding into you while 'Earned It' or 'Call Out My Name' plays... I definitely think as a bonus this man will 100% do a little striptease for you!
Taehyung/ V
Anything with a soulful, oldie and jazzy kind of vibe to it. Picture him dancing around the room with you and him just breaking out in song out of nowhere while you two have sex. Finding it completely funny and romantic at the same time. Songs like Keith Sweat 'Nobody', Giveon 'Heartbreak Anniversary', Celion Dion 'My Heart Will Go On' and Bruno Mars & Silk Sonic 'Leave The Door Open' to name a few. What if he sang 'Singularity' for you just before or while he undresses you?
No one can tell me that this man does not listen to Jay Park, in secret perhaps? Jay Park is sex, simple. Jungkook gives me that type of vibe, it just suits him I think. This is the type of music I want him to make for us eventually (I feel like 'My Time' had this kind of thing about it), think about one of his best friends Yugyeom, have you listened to his music since he signed under AOMG ('All Your Fault', 'I Want U Around')? Okay enough of that, back to what I was saying, I can definitely see him making love and out right fucking you to Jay Park's music, 'Mommae', 'Drive', 'All I Wanna Do'.
@jichukimsstuff I think I found a gg kpop song that I really like Girls' Generation 'Run Devil Run'
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anti-endo-culture-is · 23 hours ago
IF THE ANON TELLS YOU WHAT THEY REQUESTED PLEAS TELL ME IM INTERESTED NOW.... also what are origins. slang is so confusing i feel like ditto from pokemon trying to evolve at rapid speed to survive in my habitat better but my habitat changes every light speed second
hihi! anon hasnt given us any updates but system origins are how a system "originates" (Ex: endogenic, deeznutsgenic <- yes thats a real term)
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pastafossa · 2 days ago
You ever wonder what a room would look like completely colored Devil red?
My impulsive side says it could look AMAZING AND AWESOME AND CLASSY, throw some dark wood and black in there to match the black in Matt's suit that goes with the red, and YES PLEASE.
The 20% of my brain which is not composed of ADHD-ridden, Matt-Murdock obsessed neurons says it could accidentally end up looking like a sex dungeon. Or maybe a murder room. Or a murder sex room.
May or may not be willing to make the attempt anyway, though...
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melerbytes · 2 months ago
Hello! I saw your pinned post! (๑•̀ω•́๑)
And I was wondering if you can do a draw or doodle of like a Family Painting of Queen, Noelle, Berdly, Swatch, Tasque Manager and having the Swatchlings and Regular Tasques in the background? (✪ω✪)
Tumblr media
This one was fun to draw
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devildom-drabbles · a month ago
Can you do a HC drabble please in which MC tells the boys (except Luke) that they "did something bad", and when asked, MC tells them "I stole something."
The answer: Their heart
(I hope this isn't a cheesy romance line, this just came out of the blue)
Aww, that's cute! I've heard similar lines, but not one that's quite like this. I hope you enjoy the boys' responses! =)
How would everyone respond to MC saying that they stole their heart as a pickup line?
Lucifer will pinch the bridge of his nose and sigh. He thought MC might’ve actually done something that he’d have to scold them for. They raised his stress levels for a pickup line? Good grief... Still, he’ll consider the comment surprisingly bold, coming from a human, so he might as well tease them a bit as payback and to test their resolve. “You really think you’ve stolen my heart? Are you sure it isn’t the other way around?” He’ll smirk. “I can hear your heart pounding from here as you look at me.” (Nah, you’ve definitely stolen his heart, MC; don’t let him fool you.)
Mammon initially will be surprised yet interested to hear about what MC stole, but when they say they stole his heart, his expression turns blank. “H...HUH?!” That certainly caught him off-guard, but now his tsundere nature is here to take over. “Y-Yeah, right! As if you could ever steal the Great Mammon’s heart! In your dreams, human! If anyone’s stealin’ hearts around here, it’s me, got it?!” The blush reaching up to his ears says otherwise...
Leviathan will stare back at MC in silence, his brain processing their words. Moments later, when he realizes the meaning behind the comment, he’ll become a flustered, red-faced mess. “Wh-What kind of normie line is that, huh?! Why are you using that on someone like me?!” He’ll basically reject their words vehemently until he’s calmed down. Like, sure, MC totally has his heart, but why’d they have to say it like that?! “Aaaahhh, that’s really unfair, you know! I need more of a warning next time you pull something like that!”
Satan will raise an eyebrow at MC’s comment. Was this their attempt to practice what they’d studied with him in Seductive Speechcraft? It’s not bad, but it could use a little work, he concludes. He’ll gladly show them how it’s done. A mischievous smile graces his lips, followed by a chuckle. “If all’s fair in love and war, then who’s to say I won’t steal your heart next? You’d best be prepared, MC, because I intend to make it mine.” Speechcraft lesson aside, he truly means that.
Asmodeus will giggle in delight from the line. Although he likes to flirt with MC any chance he can get, he loves it even more when they’re the one making such remarks to him. He’ll happily play along, but MC better be prepared to be flirted with right back. “You certainly have stolen my heart, MC~! But that’s okay; I don’t mind being your captive.” He’ll gently cup their face in his hands, looking deeply into their eyes with an alluring smile. “Now that you have me all to yourself, what are you going to do, hm~?” He plans to steal MC’s heart as well, if he hasn’t already.
Beelzebub will be unfazed, the remark going right over his head. He’ll just look back at MC quizzically while slowly chewing his food. So, did they actually steal something or not? He definitely still has his heart; he can feel it beating when he puts his hand on his chest. MC will have to explain what they meant to him in order to get a reaction. “Oh, I get it now.” He’ll smile warmly. “Yeah, that’s true then. And you know, I’m okay with you having my heart, MC, because I know you’ll take good care of it.”
Belphegor will squint at MC in confusion. Did they seriously wake him up from his nap to say that to him? He’ll rest his chin back on his pillow with a light sigh. “You sure are strange, MC...” Though, it’s not like they’re wrong, so he’ll grin lazily while looking at them. “Fine, you can steal my heart, but I get to steal you as my cuddle buddy. Since I didn’t get a say in it, you can’t object either.” And just like that, they’re once again snug in Belphie’s arms for a long nap.
Diavolo will tilt his head in curiosity at first, but then he’ll perk up as if a lightbulb has gone off in his head. “Oh, wait, this is one of those ‘pickup lines’ Asmodeus told me about, isn’t it? How marvelous! It really is such a creative way to express your feelings!” He’ll have a wide grin on his face, both from the enlightening experience and from receiving such words from MC. “But you are right about having my heart, you know. No one else has quite an effect on me as you do. Tell me, have I claimed your heart as well yet?”
Barbatos will simply chuckle in response. MC’s brave declaration is rather cute to him, so he can’t help the grin on his face. “So you have, and that’s not such an easy feat, either.” He’ll hold his chin between his thumb and index finger thoughtfully. “I’m curious what you intend to do with it, though. How about you discuss it with me over tea?” Don’t let your guard down, MC; this demon butler is going to charm his way into your heart and ensure it’s in his hands by the end of this teatime.
Simeon will be alarmed when MC mentions stealing something, only to relax when they explain they’ve stolen his heart. They really worried him for a moment there! A light blush will dust his cheeks as takes in the comment while smiling back at MC. “Oh dear, I wasn’t expecting that. You’ve really caught me off-guard, MC.” Even so, this angel author has a few sweet lines of his own to use on them. “If anyone is going to steal my heart, I’m glad it’s you. You’re as warm as sunshine, as sweet as honey, and as gentle as a dove, so I feel at ease knowing it’s in your safe hands.”
Solomon will be puzzled until MC delivers the final line, his expression changing into one of amusement. Perhaps being with Asmodeus so often has been having an effect on them! Regardless, he’ll take their words rather seriously. “Is that so? Well, I believe I’m in possession of your heart, as well, MC.” He’ll step closer to them. “Tell you what, I’ll let you keep mine if I can keep yours. What do you think? I’d say it’s a rather fair deal.” His confidence is unwavering, certain that his feelings will be returned. He’ll also be pleased if he manages to make MC flustered from his bold words.
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smollcreator · 6 months ago
I love being a brainless baby 😍
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aidensm8 · a month ago
I mean I wouldn’t if I were you. Sanders Beans are not delicious or nutritious
Ok but consider this:
Tumblr media
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idk if you did this yet but can we get a moondrop x gender neutral reader who wont leave their phone alone for a second during nap time at the daycare?
As someone who works at a daycare and has a REALLY bad habit of messing on my phone while the kids are sleeping. I felt this... Thank you for the request! Sorry it has taken so long :(
Moondrop/Sundrop x GN Reader
Tumblr media
It was nap time and all the kids were getting ready for their naps, either snuggled up in their cots already asleep or being put to sleep by the daycare attendants counter part. You sat in your assigned room with the kids and gently rubbed a little girls back to help her fall asleep all while scrolling through social media on your phone. You glanced up as Moondrop walked into the room holding a little boy who was practically drooling in his sleep, a visibly annoyed look on Moondrops face. He gave you a slight glare and motioned with his head for you to help him get the little boy settled down in his spot. You carefully got up and moved the blanket for Moon so he could set down the kid before you tucked them in. "Is that all of them?" He nodded and glanced at your phone. "Stay off your phone....It's Naptime..." You rolled your eyes and nodded "Fine, fine, I'll just stare at a wall for an hour and a half and hope that I don't die of boredom..." He gave you an unamused look before walking towards the door to leave. "Good."
You waited till he was completely out of sight before pulling your phone back out. Obviously you loved your job so you would occasionally set it down and make your way around the room to make sure everyone was sleeping okay but for the most part you stayed in your chair reading on your phone. You got a good twenty minutes of reading in your comfy chair till the hazy red glow of Moondrop appeared in the room again. You looked up at him with an unimpressed look, setting your phone in your lap. He towered over you with his arms crossed, tapping his foot in slight annoyance. "Naughty naughty..." You sighed and gave an over dramatic eye role. "I'm still watching the kids Moo-" However before you could even finish your sentence he had stretched his arm out and snatched your phone away, hiding it away in one of his many compartments on his body. "Wha-! What the fuck dude!" You stood up as you whisper shouted, carefully making your way over to him to attempt to find your phone. Thankfully you knew where some of their hidden spaces were, Sunny loved to hide some of your stuff from you and make it into a game however this time the game felt a bit more dangerous with Moondrop. You reached up but his hand immediately stopped you, looking down at you with a slight frown. "No. Phones." You groaned in frustration and attempted to pull your hand out of his grasp with your other to no avail. He snickered at your attempts to free yourself, watching in amusement. "This is embarrassing to watch..." You gritted your teeth and glared up at him, he's fucking lucky you love him so much. He let go of your hand and held up your phone above his head with his other, a comically large smirk plastered on his face. "I. Swear. To. God/Satan. If you don't give me my phone back right now I'm going to-" he leaned down, face inches from yours. "Do what?~ Tell Sunny? Fight me? No, starlight you are absolutely useless against me~" You glared at him with a faint blush. You were about ready to deck him in the shoulder when you both suddenly looked over at one of the kids who had sat up, tears rolling down their cheeks as they sniffed loudly. Moon glanced at you, knowing all he'd do is scare the little one if he came close to them while they were awake, So you walked over to child.
You crouched down next to the little girl who was crying, hugging her Freddy Fazbear Pizza Plex Exclusive Sundrop Plushie™ close to her chest. You wrapped an arm around her and gently rubbed her back as she leaned into you. "What's wrong little one?" She sniffed again before wiping her nose with her sleeve. "D-do you and Mr. Moon hate each other now?" Her question took you aback before you chuckled. "No of course not...He is just telling me to get off my phone, I was being a rule breaker" She nodded slightly as she glanced up at Moondrop. He had adjusted himself to lean over the two of you, looking her over with an unreadable expression. The little girl shrank back slightly before she yawned and closed her eyes, feeling safe in your arms. Slowly she started to fall back asleep on you. Once asleep you gently layed her down and stood up, running a hand through your hair. "Fine. You win. I'll stay off my phone..." He smirked, pulling you close to him. "Thank you.."
I went back and forth on the ending a bunch, it's not nearly as good as it could be but I couldn't find a good way to end it without it seeming like it needed way more than I wanted to write. Anyways. Thank y'all so much for all the attention on my stuff! I absolutely love writing, I'm not amazing at it but I have good ideas...I hope you all enjoyed and feel free to request some more in the future. Thank you! Peace!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
:33 < hwow! This is actually prrretty fun! K33p those questlions coming!
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