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i have a basic idea of what i’m going to write for each episode so i already planned out my oneshot for s1 ep21 (i’ll update the masterlist when i think of a good title) which means that i was going to write kusuke meeting reader during the london episode

so, you know how kusuke invites saiki’s friends over to the uk so that he can compete with his little brother? yeah, reader is definitely getting an invite

kusuke is a genius (even if he thinks he’s lacking compared to saiki) so seeing reader and saiki interact on the cameras (he watches saiki all the time so how could he not know about reader?) kusuke picks up on the fact that saiki likes the reader (even if saiki won’t admit it) and decides to bring the reader along too

unlike with teruhashi where kusuke said that she wasn’t good enough for saiki, i feel like he’d think that reader is an okay match for saiki since he’s seen her on his cameras helping out saiki time and time again

despite that, kusuke is definitely going to try and get the reader to be interested in him because he wants to one up his brother (he’s evil like that)

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(╬⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾ Д ⁽⁽ ⁰ ⁾⁾) huh????? what???? how have i only just found this out- okay but the parallels though, saiki and nendou being friends, levi and erwin… what am i supposed to do with this information i’ve never felt so shocked in my life 🧍i still haven’t recovered from what happened to erwin either oh god 😭💞💞💞💞💞💞💞 (i don’t think i’ve said this, but hiroshi is such a talented va and erwin’s va too :’)

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thank you for this lovely peace of information 😌 i prefer saiki’s dub va but the sub hits different 💀 (especially s1 ep16 ifykyk) now that i’ve realised hiroshi voices them both i cannot unhear it (i’m not complaining tho 💀) 💞💞💞💞💞

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Aww cara vlw! Que bom que vc gosta da minha arte! Eu precisava disso, obg ;3

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would it surprise you that i already had that planned?

that’ll be the first time saiki’s dad meets reader and teruhashi, and at first saiki’s dad is like ‘teruhashi will make a good girlfriend’, and then he sees his son and reader getting along really well and he’s like 'i’ve changed my mind’

saiki’s dad wishes for saiki to get a girlfriend, saiki is like 'wait what did you just say?’ and reader comes over to say hi to saiki, telling him how she’s come over with coffee jelly and offers it to him, and saiki’s parents are just like 'that’s wife material’

though i don’t have anything against teruhashi, reader’s role is to simply stop her from making successful advances towards saiki 😌💞💞💞

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wait uh did you want a oneshot or is this just a general ask of how i think saiki would react? i’m so sorry to ask but could you please specify if you don’t mind? can you send in another ask if it’s not too much trouble 😭💞💞💞

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