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#ask ride

Ah, an OG anon! <3 That was actually one of my all time favorite scenes to write in O-Yoroi. I think that’s a side of Qrow that we don’t get to see, and it makes me sad. The only time we saw his anger start to slip was in the battle with Tyrian, and I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that he doesn’t have a temper. Especially about those he loves.

I have plans, anon, I really do. And I will finish O-Yoroi to make them happen. This won’t be the last time you see a pissed Qrow. Or maybe even a pissed Qrow who’s going once more toe-to-toe with his idiot of a sister? Or maybe with his darling brother-in-law who, too, knows just the right buttons to push?

Oof. You’re making me want to pull that back out and finish it up asap… <.<

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That sweet, sweet validation from complete strangers (and a few friends).


When there’s a scene that’s full of emotion, the prose is flowing perfectly, and I’m able to convey that *moment*, painted in emotions and sensations… It’s a high.

I’ll blast out that moment, sit back from the computer and smile (and if it’s a sweet moment, give a little happy dance) and that will make my night. It’s the satisfaction of years of practice paying off.

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What don’t I struggle with as a writer? 😅 Seriously though, right now, the hardest part is finding time. With my toddler, I’m very much all hands on deck.

Removing the aspect of time, and focusing more on technique, I think I struggle most with compelling dialogue. There are times I hit it perfectly- it’s appropriate and natural, has depth to the words. But most of the time I fight with the feeling that my dialogue is clunky or is not enough/too dramatic.

It’s why I’m trying to do more conversation-heavy one shots in a new series - Its my way of throwing myself into the deep end.

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I have been told that I do the angst thing a lot. But for what I enjoy writing? I like the small stories, drabbles, One-Shots etc. The challenge of a small story contained, which encourages more word play. Symbolism, patterns and thematic elements are usually more poignant, and it forces my hand to be more creative. More times than not, I fail, but I learn something. Which is why I usually come back to this style when I’m stuttering on a bigger story that I’m writing.

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Loki: I want to wake up with you for the rest of my life
Sigyn: I wake up at dawn
Loki, basically nocturnal: I'll make the sacrifice
#馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ, #oh i'm sorry what was that marvel i couldn't hear you over the sound of headcanoning sigyn and loki happily living together as space pirates, #the guardians crashed into thor why can't we assume sigyn crashed into loki in the middle of a getaway, #oh oH OH AU where Sigyn's got the soul stone and she's running from space cops, #the soul stone storyline was trash and shouldn't have worked anyways all it did was validate abusive relationships so we're cancelling that, #Infinity War still happens but Thanos doesn't have ALL the stones so he goes to space to join the space cops and chase sigyn down too, #so sigyn and loki are on the run and the avengers are chasing thanos who is with the space cops chasing sigyn (and also loki), #we're going to assume that maybe sigyn IS the soul stone kinda like the whole Avatar deal where it gets passed down the universe at random, #or maybe she just ate it idk, #so anyways they totally delay the snap and are ride or die for each other after 1 week of sharing a ship, #if Thanos ever catches up to them and tries to snap Nemesis turns up and slaps him into oblivion, #the Avengers show up and see Loki and go ''YOU!'' and Loki goes ''me?'' and Nemesis is like ''YES YOU'' and hugs him because Sigyn, #maybe they kiss and there's no way the Avengers are attacking Loki after Sigyn the Infinity Stone Vessel just slapped Thanos into nothing, #and they live happily ever after The End, #end credit scene since this is a marvel blog and endgame sucked, #anyone who wants can claim Loki is bad and point out his 'evil' traits and she just goes ''nah he's just like that and isn't it great'', #it's because she's the only sane smart person Loki has properly gotten to interact with so anyways they live together in New York now, #they're the friendly neighbourhood resident couple that you can ask for help taking down the latest city-destroying creature, #The Avengers call on them for help every now and then and when they do they can't stop pointing out how sickeningly sweet they are, #they're healthy and poke fun at each other and respect each other's boundaries and match aesthetics and mess up each other's hair okay
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@requiemofjojo​ asked:  “You look like shit.” (pol to hol horse!)

not doing too good starters || accepting

  “YOU look like shit.” The cowboy snaps back, pride wounded just slightly at the criticism. “Ladies LOVE the bruised and battered look, shows that ya’ can handle yerself in a scrap. You wouldn’t know nothing about that though. From what I know, you’re always gettin’ your ass kicked anyway.”


      He spits to the side {eloquent as always}. MAYBE he’s being a bit more snappy than he needs to be, but Hol Horse doesn’t care. “Still look better than your baguette eatin’ ass.”

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Well, I certainly have no problem givin’ you all the smiles you want, darlin. *throws you another amused smile as I watch you take your pictures*

I can’t wait to get those pictures printed so we can put em in the living room. I love looking at them, especially if I feel lonely. Helps me remember the good times. *smiles and shakes my head at your comment* yeah, I bet. I was… somethin’ as a kid. That’s for sure.

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Okay, everybody get in the car, buckle up, we’re going for a ride. Okay, I see you. I’m here for it.

This goes right back to our headcanon of Buck being insecure and having abandonment issues. yes, he wants to keep it a secret bc it makes him feel like there’s less of a chance of his feelings getting hurt. And I think after Abby (Question: are we also talking after Ali? I assume we are.) Buck is feeling the need to be a lot more cautious with his romantic feelings.

I’ve never peeped the secret relationship before honestly, I always just assumed it was a thing no one talked about, but everyone knew about. But this is so much better. Bc there is that extra sense of thrill that is so fun about sneaking around to like steal a moment or a kiss or whatever, and the fact that you might get caught makes it more fun, and I feel like makes the relationship stronger and strengthens the bond between them. and yes you’re right that comfort of knowing they have something just for the two of them, is just so sweet, that the wouldn’t want to let anyone else in on it.

I’m also with you that they don’t tell Chris. Considering Eddie hid his entire wife I think it’s safe to assume Eddie would not want to let Chris in on that either.

What a lovely drive we just went on! The scenery was fantastic! We should take more of these long drives!

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House Reno Part 1 //

So it has come to my attention after my bedroom posts last night that y’all might be interested in the process of renovating my new home.

Ask and you shall receive.

But I figured that I should start from the beginning. I closed on my new house on September 30th (after 2.5 months of waiting- thanks covid). Also, don’t ask me why I thought buying a house at 22 years old was a good idea. I don’t have an answer for you.

Obviously, you can tell that she’s pretty old and outdated (and yes, the sellers did leave the curtains). My original plan was to give everything a fresh coat of paint and live with the quirkiness of everything else.

But then my mom offered to buy me new cabinets (bless her soul because there was no way I could afford that).

And now here we are, a month later, having ripped out two walls, part of the ceiling, and five different doorways.

I’ll give an update on the kitchen in the next post, which will probably be later tonight.

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You havent have it?

It’s probably the one thing I get the most.

Its not hard to find, it’s actually pretty hard to miss now when I think about it.

When you start the trail, you walk up the mountain as normal and go past the ghost stories and behind them are what I call the pumpkin field. You will hear them snorring and there will be both possesed pumpkins and normal pumpkins. The whole area will be filled with them.

I think even if you instead walk left up the mountain before the ghost stories and walk past the stone circle up there you will still get to the pumpkins. So I dont think you can avoid them?

If you still never seen them, maybe its based on time of day like how the red string trail was. I always play around 14-16.

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oh my goshajebsidub, im reading my books on religious studies and it felt so wrong like,,,,

but yes, mommy give it to me!!! i mean, yes mommy i will listen to you 🥺🥺🥺 not the choking though, i’m scared of that but you didn’t know that’s alright,

mommy i just discovered them last night and spitting on tits are 😳😭 so hot, i will lick your pussy like a good girl 🥺

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Nothing makes you feel old like having people who are only a few years younger drop cultural references on you that mean absolutely nothing to you. 

Apparently “Do you like girl in red?” is code for do you like girls (as a girl)? 

Uh, I have literally never heard of that band until she asked me.  

But I like T.a.T.u. and Lady Gaga. I have been basically out as a bisexual since 2009. Like most of my cultural references are probably at least a year or two old since I’m a bit out of touch now. 

Maybe I’m just too old to get it. The girl who asked me that was 24 (so I’m only 3 years older than her but that might be too much) but the question made me feel about 45 lol. 

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i’m giving you an out.    (  @domilie​  )

                            Disheveled,     bloodied      gown      that      was      once      pristine    clings      to      its      last     rags      for      dear      life      (      she     thinks      it’s      the      most      ironic      shit     ever,      because      nobody      truly      thought      she     would      make      a      good      blushing      bride      ).     A     part      of     her      wishes      to      take      it      off,      peel     it      off      her      body      like      it’s      poisonous     fabric      (      there      is      only      so     much      dried      blood      she      can      take      on     her      skin      );      another     part      of      her,      the      one      that      has     begun      to      adapt     to      survival,      sees      it      almost      as      an    armor     –      she      fights    a      battle      to      stay      alive;     the      human      mind            molds      to      any     situation      if      it      means      living      another     day.

                   She     stares      at      the      woman      –      Grace’s     eyes      are      glassy,            open      wide      at      the     same      time      (      a      dear      caught    in      the      headlights      ),      she     holds      in      her      hands      an      axe      –     she’s      snatched      it      from      a      beheaded     maid,      and      she      feels      sickened      to      realize     the      sight      doesn’t      make      her      want     to      throw      up      any      longer,      (     the      brain      adapts      ).      

                   she     stares      at      the      woman      like      she’s     ready      to      attack,      like      she’s      ready      to    bare      her      teeth      and      bite     –      she      doesn’t      beg      any      longer,     doesn’t      plea.      Grace      is      no      longer      the    hunted,      now      she      is      the      survivor,     and      in      her      quest      to      it,      she’s     grown      almost      feral.      Even      small      mice      can     become      dangerous      when      they      are     cornered.


                But     then      Emilie      mutters      –     i’m      giving      you      a      way      out.     And      it      feels      surreal      (      her    brother,      Daniel,      he’s      dead      by      now     ),      and      Grace     wonders,      in      her      feeble      mind      state,      if     this      is      just      another      trap.      drug      –    fueled      Emilie      (      that’s      how     Alex      would      describe      her      ),     she’s      offering      her      a      way      to     escape.      But      Grace      doesn’t      drop      the     axe,      not      just      yet,      “      why      …     why?     you’re     …      you’re     one      of      them     –      ”      so     was      Daniel,     “      …      how      do      i      know      i      can     trust      you?            ”

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