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#ask shit

When I say I feel like two different people I don’t mean it in a completely dissociated “idk who that is in the mirror” type of way. I mean like when I look back at some things I said to people I don’t know how I ever was that good at talking to people or being around people.

Like in this moment now I am doing amazingly at talking to people. I WANT to. I can’t even imagine how I’d ever feel different about it but logically I know that at some point it comes to an end and then I’m too scared and anxious to even look at my phone.

Idk. The person typing this now is nowhere near the same person who was typing things a month ago so idk.


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Thoughts on COVID-19 ?

People are dumb about it. Idk, not that big of a deal but people should stay home and at least not go to parties and shit. Just get food that’ll last a couple weeks to a couple months.

It’s fun tbh. I always have dreamed about some kind of fallout thing happening or anything that could shut down everything for a while. It’s interesting. The show Jericho is probably my favorite show when it comes to this sorta thing.

and don’t give in to rights being taken away because this is the time where they could easily lock everything down and start up some martial law in the USA. So people need to stay home, and not let it spread fast as fuck or it WILL get to that point and by then I’m telling you the militias and police will NOT listen to the government.

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Edgy vibes? You’d be right anon!

I’ve been emo since I was 12. Two nights ago I dyed my hair black and shaved a line in my eyebrow. I wear all black every day and I’m going to a punk rock show tonight.

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i rolled 5 d100s so its: 87, 96, 49, 76, 7

you’re a blessing chell ily

88. Are you lonelier when you’re with people or when you’re alone?
I get lonely when I’m ignored or feel out of place in a large group.

96. If you had a tagline, what would it be?
Really, you gay bitch?

49. What motivates you most?
Even though I’m working on it, fear is still my most reliable motivator. I’ve been steadily moving away from that as I get older, so these days it’s personal satisfaction or getting paid.

76. Would you prefer to be yelled at or ignored?
I would prefer never ever ever to be yelled at but I excel at being ignored.

7. What is the best compliment you have ever received?
Someone said I made them happy to be themselves and I don’t think I can ever get a better compliment than that.

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Know shit ‘bout me

Someone tagged me and i’m bored so here we go

Name: grecia (tell me how u think it is pronounced lmao)

Sigh: aries

Bday: april 3rd

Hair color: black as my soul

Favorite color: purple and light blue, and pastel colors in general

Current outfit: i’m literally shirtless (it’s fucking hot here) and in pajamas so

Dream vacation: well i’d like to go to USA but i wanna do it w friends so that probably will never happen >:p

Favorite subject: english

Favorite book: it’s called the couple next door and it’s fookin awesome (by shari lapena)

When i joined tumblr: i made this acc in like march of 2019 but i started using it like 2 months later

Last thing i ate: sausages

Where i’m from: i’m latina and bolivian so if u see writing mistakes now u know why

Siblings: i have an older sis

Favorite shows: anne with an e, stranger things and i am not okay w this

Weirdest obssession: gay ships.

Random fact: i joined 3 fandoms in less than a month: larry, harry styles’ and 1Dead (and i’m kinda getting into lou’s) help me pls. Also that’s why i haven’t posted about it/reddie that much lately


So i gotta tag now

@elhopperwheeler @eddiesrichie @larrystylinson-moments @luke-skywalker @ur-not-reddie @byerwill @biilldenbrough @reddie-fancomic-by-slashpalooza @ultra–marine @stephenstilwell @tvstrangerthings @toziertrashmouth @eddie-and-richie my tags are so random so if u don’t want to do it it’s ok

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Moth, roses, Bible, Dagger?

Moth ❧ What do you find attractive in a person? - soul, heart, dreams, everything, the ephemeral, somethings that can be put into words or described, tiny little details, the hidden, the mind, subconscious, darkness…

Roses ❧ Are you in love? - yes, absolutely!

Bible ❧ What are your moral views? - idek tbh lmao

Dagger ❧ Tell one secret you have. - too many, but i can’t think of any rn that i’m comfortable sharing

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Whatthefuckwhatthefuckwhatthefuck? Is that illegal?? That has to be illegal?????? I’m so sorry this site ripped your work. Is there anyway we can help?

Unfortunately I’m not super well-versed in copyright law, so I’m not positive. But given that they’ve taken free works from other people and are making money from the advertisements they put on other people’s content, I’m pretty sure it is illegal. I think the best thing you can do is share this information with any ao3 authors you have a line of communication with. If they don’t feel like downloading the app, which I understand totally, you can tell them to shoot me a DM and I’ll check whether or not their stuff shows up. I’m pretty sure almost every single work is in their database though.

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hola, he tenido que seguirte nada más leer un par de tus posts porque me han hecho reír muchísimo, y hoy lo necesitaba, muchas gracias! 馃挄 estoy bajando y mirando más posts tuyos y ya te has convertido en uno de mis blogs favoritos 馃ズ馃挀

😭 mil gracias! Es muy bonito saber que mi reddie disaster hace reir a alguien 😭💓

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YAY WUCIIII!!!! fuckin zoomer….

  • 🎀 - I consider you a friend already!
  • 🌼 - We do talk, and I’m glad we do!
  • 🌠 - I think we have a lot in common!
  • 📷 - You have a nice aesthetic!
  • 🌟 - You make me happy!
  • 🌈 - You’re gay

i wuv u so much….

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i know its been forever but TALK to me about my KIDS

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Lovecore kidcore and rainbowcore :3

lovecore - do you love anyone right now?

UGH i wish… i wanna fall in love tbh… other than that i love my frens

kidcore - favorite childhood memory

watching my fave shows on tv (ESPECIALLY INTERACTIVE KID SHOWS!!!) while i sit on my bed and eat my meal/snacks

rainbowcore - favorite color?

PURPLE AND PINK!!!!! also light yellow!!!

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two followers away from 100.

opened my ask box, send some shit my way mayhaps?

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