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#ask te jaxon

skdjghsdkf anon, please

I can’t get over this. I’ve both been questioning what the heck is going on and laughing for the past hour.

I have time, you can explain the complicated things to me. I just want answers, because this is hilarious and I need to know how it happened 

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You can't imagine how much time I spend staring at your frostiron artworks!! The way you use colors is so unique and beautiful and I love it so much 馃挄馃槏馃憣馃憣馃憣馃憦馃憦馃憦馃挆

ahhh, thank you anon!! o///o

ksjhdlfsd personally, I often try to make something appealing with the colors? But often I feel like I don’t quite manage to achieve what I’ve been intending to do 

especially now that I have a new drawing tablet and it shows all the colors so much more vibrant than my laptop screen which makes me fret over the fact if other people see it more like I have drawn it on my tablet or as it is on my laptop which really, looks super bad khsdf

thank you, I did not realize people liked the stuff I do with colors as it’s mostly just me messing around and not being super satisfied with the results 😅

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awww thank you echo! Happy Valentines day to you too!

I have something fun tho!

“The void isn’t empty, because I know I’ll always have you there!”

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Does ur fem!loki post YouTube makeup tutorials cause her makeup is poppin.

aksjdhgkjsd now you’re making me think about that idea omg

she does look like she would…..

ok, after 5 minutes of thinking about this I have come to the conclusion that yes, she’d definitely do makeup tutorials, but she does them on Tony and not herself

or rarely she does them on herself, but then Tony is doing his own makeup too, this is mostly done with easier things to show that even your boyfriend can do simple makeup and he shouldn’t behave like it’s stupid

the best thing is that it was Tony’s idea. 

One day Tony just looked at Loki and was all like “Damn, I really want to see if I’d look even partly as amazing as you with makeup and share it with the world…”

Loki just looked at him with a raised eyebrow, “well then, why do we not try it?” And is already reaching for the makeup.

“But only if we take a video of it to post online!” Tony says as Loki sits him down somewhere. “I’m pretty sure others would love to know your beauty secrets too, darling”

Tony has to explain to Loki what youtube beauty channels are, because she didn’t know they existed and she’s immediately on board. With the exception that Tony gets the makeup 

the best is when they actually do “my boyfriend does my makeup” challenge and Loki’s makeup turns out just as perfect as usually, because Loki might be doing the makeup most of the time, but Tony actually knows this stuff 

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to both the weird af anons I got since I went away to have my driving lesson

first. Random messages are like???? Why?????? Don’t just send me weird one word shit or something like that. If I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me I won’t answer. 

i posted the first three anons because they all started with a B and?? There has to be some reason to that??? But I don’t know???

secondly i think I said frostiron is my only ship???? Don’t ask me shit about other ships, because I don’t care and thus won’t answer

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Hufflepuff or ravenclaw cause birds

i’d make a horrible hufflepuff dudr


im gonna be honest

when my bro gifted me this gryffindor sweater this christmas I told my mom afterwards that it’s kinda weird since I’m ravenclaw

and she legit said “Don’t say that you. You only want to be a Ravenclaw cause there’s a bird”

and I’m just so fucking stunned dude

because that never was my fucking intention. I never thought about them being birds. I’ve thought more about Ravenclaws colors being blue and silver THAN I THOUGHT ABOUT IT BEING BIRDS AND I’M KINDA OFFENDED THAT PEOPLE ASSUME THAT

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