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#ask the creator

kskskskkkksss bfskffam Aaaaaaa- xD
Reeeee! thanks for this lovely ask ;w;. Also, thanks for the emojis xD. I know the original post don’t have the emojis. But eh, sure why not. The more emojis, the better ;w;

5 things that makes me happy:

  • Making Crystaltale animation and comic
  • Reading comic and novels. Especially murder mystery OwO
  • Giving my friends and pals the luv >w<
  • Socialize more on the internet. I’m suck irl xD. Roleplay is more fun!
  • Eating chocolate OWO

Aaaa- there’s many more which I probably forget but that’s my main one xD
Also, happy time for you uwu/

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Recently I’ve tried to strike a balance between detail and keeping paragraphs neat. A big problem I used to have with my writing is that I’d waffle a lot, so my paragraphs would end up being a messy collage of words that’d be difficult to read.

I also try to fit in a good amount of dialogue. It’s a slice of life story with a message to teach a lot of the time so you gotta get those characters talking!

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Actually, yes. There came a time where I actually cancelled it because it was just too much stress to continue rewriting. Thankfully, I dug myself out of that pit of self-doubt and kept on going.

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Sporadic bursts. My motivation will go from 0 to 100, and then back to 0 in a heartbeat.

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yo, you know where your screencaps of Gravedale High would be good? the Hanna-Barbera wiki! I've been making pages of Gravedale stuff for a while now. not all episodes are on there yet, but the first four eps and also the main ten character pages are up! I guess try to order things in order of how they happened by episode?

Sure thing! I can’t fix all of them in one post so the rest will be on another post. I also got some of them in better quality :^)


[Gravedale High 01: Long Day’s Gurney into Night]


[Gravedale High 02: Do the Rad Thing]


[Gravedale High 03: Cleo’s Penpal]


[Gravedale High 06: The Grave Intruder]

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I don’t have many worldbuilding ideas, no, except that this is a world where superheros and villains are relatively normal. (Someone making a tumblr blog about is still relatively uncommon though.) Feel free to be creative!

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*inhales through my nostrils while cracking my knuckles* HOO BOY.. well,,

Area 51 is a U.S. Air Force facility that’s highly classified, and someone on Facebook made an event as a joke to raid Area 51.


And out of NOWHERE people had been making memes about this. Like Naruto running to outrun the guards or like showing the alien they caught how to use a microwave. You can look up “Area 51 memes” and there’s a shitton.

And this particular situation has been causing a commotion. Even though from my POV, it’s funny, but like I said I am getting more nervous as the days get closer

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Artist ask 30. please :3

(What inspires you to not just make art, but to be a better artist?)
“Well, for starters I look at everyone’s else’s art, even my friends who’s amazing artists. I try to learn from them, like the little things, hands, face expression, hair, clothes, etc.
Seeing since amazing art from my friends and others, inspires me to one day be good as them.” ~😌

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sweetheart, for the artist ask : 18-What are you currently trying to improve on?

“Trying to improve on?
Well, I gotta say realistic drawing, though I’m no good at that anyways due to the fact that my drawings look more like cartoons.
Maybe cause I absolutely love cartoons more then real life shows.”

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what gave u inspiration

What gave me inspiration? Well, it was a thought I once had. It was seen as very cool at first, but taking a darker twist. It was a thought of seeing historical events in person, which would be awesome. But I also had the thought of altering the past with different scenarios, such as, what if myself or someone else was never born or what if I asked so and so out and so forth. The other inspiration was a birthday gift I had received almost exactly 2 years ago (after all, my birthday is tomorrow, so it was around that time, but 2 years ago) in which I wore a LOT. And the thought of using an everyday item, in which would ordinarily be seen as unimportant, would be an interesting concept for people to travel through time. Because pretty much all time travel-y things involve giant, complicated gadgets, so why not do something completely different?

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sorry I havn’t been on for a while, my phone is completely messed up and won’t work and I have no way right now to post pictures for the asks. I will be getting a new phone soon but it probably won’t be happening for a week or 2. the ask box will stay open, so if you want you can ask me the creator questions instead for the time being. those will be text answers.

have a great day!

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