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demonboyhalo · 6 hours ago
i am obsessed with the way Wilbur and Quackity are obsessed with each other btw. their RP interactions are 1 minute of angrily polite smiles hiding thinly veiled loathing, followed by a full hour of them dissecting the other's motivations to an unhealthy degree. they plan out 7-step elaborate ruses whose success relies completely on the child they're manipulating. they somehow chose the two teens who are married and raising a kid together to fight vicariously through. their relationship is the dsmp equivalent of two JD kinnies having an IRL knife fight bc theyre viciously against doubles, except with an uncomfortable amount of non-platonic tension fueling their never ending rage.
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rnbwz · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Showed my Papa the handshake pic and he said Jack looked like a used car salesman, one going like “I Just Sold Him A Car Everybody Run” 
Tumblr media
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uglynetwork · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
tubbo might be forgiving but i am not
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galaxygermdraws · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
My obsession with the Candypulse thing does not end does it.... yeah I am not getting over this any time soon, my brain has been cursed by @red-rose-gown n @shadeswift99 (I swear I will stop with the spamming of yall now Yall just have good ideas aaaaaaaa)
Anyways yes take this candy man i have fallen in love with.
(Reblogs with tags/comments are very appreciated. Thank you.)
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alliummc · 18 hours ago
the virgin kacey “dream if you flirt with george you’re oppressing the lgbtq+ community” vs the chad minx “dream are you jealous? would you consider marrying george? would you KILL for george? omg you guys act like a married couple” 
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princeanxious · 4 hours ago
@ tumblr mobile ads
Stop fucking showing me morally gross weightloss ads 10 times in a row??
And How come they get to show naked people and we cant report them or even hide them to escape the highly triggering content of them practically/literally dehumanizing overweight people?
I literally cannot scroll through my fucking dash anymore without being forced to see it every four posts and i cant even fucking hide it or ask for something else and its making me so fckng sick and angry
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mushramoo · an hour ago
Just curious but what accessories you would like to add to your characters? For example like glitch trap having glitches or maybe blood and dread bear something moldy with stitches on him. Or do you usually like to keep characters the way they are in the game? :0 Love the perspectives of your drawings you do and in the future I just wish you the best 🐶💞
Tumblr media
Thank you! And here are my addons + headcanons! I have a *lot* of headcanons that I would love to talk about given the chance but here is a lil doodle of some of them! I usually keep characters close to canon but like to draw different versions a lot!
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irradiatedsnakes · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
carmie’s on. jv is being very difficult! im literally shoving their face in an open wound and theyre like NO I WANNA WIGGLE and that would be fine if it werent for the fact that you cant have a fed leech and an unfed leech in the same tank because They Will Cannibalize and i dont want to have to break out the anti-cannibalism containment zone because its annoying
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slink-a-dink · 50 minutes ago
Tumblr media
If you happen to hear a child crying, that means soon one of us will have to disappear for good.
sorry for never talking abt my ocs, u should look at them anyways, and sorry for posting in the main tags but im proud of this.
Tumblr media
Xe turns out okayish, hao rescues them
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ilajue · 8 hours ago
the expectation that everyone should present their gender, sexuality, heritage, you name it, in digestible lists of simple labels is so frustrating to me
it's a crazy standard to hold people too especially with very personal and fluid things like gender for example. the internet had spread this idea that everyone should have everything figured out and that they should be able to microlable every facet of their identity so it fits in a carrd. not only does this make it much more difficult for questioning people to take their time to understand themselves but for queer people to remain ambiguous or unlabled.
I remember coming into queer online spaces at like 12 and being overjoyed that there where people like me but also immediately being expected to provide my age, name, specific gender microlable and sexuality like a business card. being able to assign myself a flag and a group of people to make stereotype jokes with was welcoming at first but after a while I started questioning whether the box I had immediately put myself in was one I fit in. it was difficult to figure out what I was because every time I considered just remaining ambiguous or just saying I was queer, it was met with claims of internalized homophobia and saying I was afraid to be proud of who I was.
theres no moral of the story here just if you are figuring yourself out rn just know that nobody is entitled to your information and you should give yourself the time you need to decide if you want to label yourself at all
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slimesidian · a day ago
I wrote another Candy Man Curse AU drabble, kind of a direct sequel to this ficlet. Thanks to @red-rose-gown​ for giving me this obsession. And @shadeswift99​ too because that’s where this pain started and I’m going to call that out.
[TW: Body horror, candy gore, Zed is slowly going mad]
-Mod Slime
Zed should have noticed something was wrong when his hands started feeling unusually wet. It’s not like he took the gloves off, no, he had no reason to, but somehow some kind of liquid must have gotten into them. Yeah, yeah that was it. He wasn’t feeling weird or anything… he was fine.
He’d spent endless days observing Tango’s strange, caramel covered state. He’d been able to identify the cause, which was actually a mix of confections he found on Tango’s person. The most concerning of these was purple rock candy, as it didn’t seem natural. Where did it even come from? The question lingered in Zed’s mind as he put the candy aside, trying to resist its allure. 
He’d been trying so hard to make a cure for whatever had befallen his friend, trying so hard to come up with something… He had stopped checking his communicator early into the experimenting. He couldn’t handle the panicked messages of the other Hermits about the situation. He ignored all the discussion about whatever was going on, because if he could find a cure, if he could save Tango… then they could save everybody else.
But he couldn’t be distracted.
He wouldn’t be distracted.
                                                          * * *
Something was definitely wrong with Zedaph. He didn’t know what it was, there was no way it could be the infection. He hadn’t eaten any of the candies he’d taken from Tango. He’d put them in a secure seal so he could study them and figure out what they were without consuming them. Maybe that wasn’t enough, though. Maybe… maybe it was enough just to be around the things. Maybe that’s why the air seemed… glittery. Everything seemed brighter than it normally was, mundane experiences had a bit of whimsy to them. It almost felt good…
No. No he couldn’t give into it. He mentally scolded himself, pulling his hair into a ponytail and ignoring how it had gotten much fluffier at the bottom. Usually he made a habit of chewing on his hair, but he’d noticed it getting fluffier and easily dissolving in his mouth… he may have accidentally swallowed some of it while he was working. 
But he was fine.
He was fine. Truly…
                                                          * * *
Every day Tango seemed to get worse, and Zed couldn;t help but fear he wasn’t being fast enough. He hardly recognized the Netherborn when he looked at him now, what with the amount of caramel coating his skin combined with the purple thorn-like protrusions… it hurt to see. He also hadn’t responded to Zed at all. It’s like he wasn’t even aware, just a husk of his former self, being eaten by the inside out… it’d be almost ironic enough to be funny... if it wasn’t so painful.
If Zed wasn’t so worried about Tango, he’d probably think the caramel hair looked a tad delicious… what? No that’s disgusting, yes caramel tastes good but that’s Tango’s hair. And quite possibly his skin. 
Zed shook the thought off, returning to his work, lightly pulling at his hair and plopping a small bit of the fluff into his mouth absentmindlessly.
Zedaph was not okay.
                                                          * * *
It was much worse now. Zed hadn’t taken proper care of himself since this started, so he hadn’t had time to fully look at himself, but staring at his reflection in the glass of one of his test tubes while taking a small break… it terrified him. His once long hair had fluffed up even more, it looked like cotton candy, almost. It tasted like it too. His skin already seemed a tad more sticky than before, like he was sweating constantly, but it wasn’t falling. 
All of that aside, it was his eyes that scared him the most. He usually had purple eyes surrounded by a sea of white just too bright to be natural. Now? It was pink surrounded by a light purple. Vibrant pink, too. Oh void this was bad… he needed to find a cure. He needed to find a cure and fast, he couldn’t be close to doing so and then turn… the Hermits needed that cure… Tango needed that cure…
Soon, he would need that cure too.
                                                          * * *
Zed had accepted that he was slowly turning into a candy abomination whether he wanted to or not. He’d accepted that he couldn’t stop it. He was fine with that. He could handle being infected himself. What he could not and would not accept, is Tango being stuck in a perpetual candy coma.
He was gonna get out of this, even if Zed had to turn into a goopy pile of candy for it to happen. Tango had come to the lab clearly in pain and Zed was not about to let him suffer anymore. If he had to suffer to save his best friend? So be it. Tango needed him more now than ever…
                                                          * * *
It was done… Zed had no idea if it would work, but he’d made a cure. He’d had to turn himself a little more to see if it would work, actively consuming the catalysts of this virus. It had made things so much worse for him, he didn’t care though. He’d manage to revert his hand back to a normal state with a small bit of the cure, meaning Tango would be okay… and that made all of it worth it.
Zed had already taken extensive notes on the cure in case Tango decided to recreate it. He needed someone to cure the other Hermits, and Tango was one of the few people who understood Zed’s weird notes. He just needed to leave Tango a note telling him where to find the cure’s ingredients. So he got to work on that… it was messy, almost illegible given how hard it was to write without properly separated fingers, but it would work.
He placed the note on the bedside table, next to where Tango had been resting, and he popped open the vile with the cure in it. One shot, he had one shot. Carefully, he moved the vile towards what was left of Tango’s lips, and began pouring it into his mouth, noticing Tango’s neck move from swallowing. 
Good, he smiled, Tango would be okay if this went well…
Now that he was sure Tango was safe… well, he had to make sure he couldn’t hurt him.
So, he scooped up what remaining sweets were left, and he made his way down to the basement he created for his testing. The Chamber as he lovingly dubbed it upon its creation. He had planned to use it for something less dangerous… but he had no other option for himself now. 
He stood in the dropshoot for the Chamber, pressing a button and falling inside. It didn’t even hurt upon impact, which was probably a sign to how far gone Zed’s body was. He didn’t even feel it when small purple spikes began growing out of his spine, he just stared at the wall with glazed over eyes, much like Tango’s were, and he let the sweet infectious poison take over whatever was left of his remaining sanity, smiling as it did.
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ruby-whistler · 20 hours ago
What's it with people in the Dream SMP revealing that they let other characters die to prove a point? First we had c!Quackity, who stood by and let c!Foolish get executed, now c!Wilbur specifically says "I could've saved you" to c!Tubbo, when after it happened I distinctly remember him calling his death a good thing because it proved the point that "no one was on their side", and *side-eyes Sam not doing anything to help Ghostbur* you know, three makes a pattern, and I really don't think I'm liking this one-
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irradiatedsnakes · 16 hours ago
this tiktok reminded me of you
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hotsharkgirl2000 · 8 hours ago
omg not to freak you out or anything but this is weird I was reading an article yesterday or something and it was about a girl who was getting headaches and feeling nauseous from the smell of something but didnt know what and ask the landlord to check on what’s going on around the building but ofc it’s a pandemic so he said no but then she started noticing more flies and so asked for a wellness check on her neighbours but as soon as they realised they were like no yeah someone has died and as soon they opened the door they started vomiting from the smell of death and all the bugs that came out of the apartment door like that’s so disgusting but apparently the body was there for so long it was basically eaten by bugs they were quite old and it makes my heart ache that someone could just die alone without really saying bye to anyone and no one knowing you are dead for ages everyone needs someone 🥺
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