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Often times when I find myself being forced to write poetry, I keep to the line between emotional poetry and being sent to the counselor, and hope I don’t fall.

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[ID: a screenshot of an article titled, “what are the best ways of helping homeless people?”. It is followed by “1. alert the professionals” and “2. give time, not money”. The second point is highlighted in pale orange and next to it a question mark has been drawn in the same colour. End ID]

literally fuck the bbc???? “oh they will spend it on drugs and alcohol” a) so do you, b) it’s literally Their Fucking Choice, c) it says a lot about the shelter/housing/homeless support system if people have more access to substances than a safe place to stay

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Adding onto this because i said so: Killjoys aren’t real. Most of the so-called rebels beyond where the Slums bleed into the Desert that surround the City are no more a rebel than a teen playing videogames with their friends is. There is no cause to serve martyr to, no greater purpose to save us all from the mundane tyranny of bureaucracy- just the open highway and a never-ending adventure holiday resort.

Better Living will deny any affiliations with this twisted adventure vacation society- that their morals are as clean and monochrome as the products they provide- but draculoid fires always miraculously miss, while the alleged outlaws bring them crumpling to the ground with barely a sweat and scarecrows never seem to quite rid the zones of the teenage terrors. When consumption is the air they breathe everything has a price and drams are defined only by how much you’re willing to pay.

Sometimes though, the price comes in more than money, because it’s hard to see the line between the person you are and the animal you’ve become with blood in your eyes. Those who forgot are the ones BLI is truly after; the old war veterans, the kids too young to know what’s real and what’s not, the waveheads who lay in the sun until sobriety and delirium melt together like a monstrous wax sculpture, they are the real threat. The kids are easy enough to set straight again- drugged up and complacent, they grow up to chalk their memories to a hyperactive imagination- but it’s the adults for whom blasters are no longer set on stunt and dracs don’t crumble from a half-assed right hook.

The Fabulous Killjoys were a mistake- not quite renegades as much as an experiment gone wrong- and because of it they had their toll to pay, as had those who took after them, though BLI was nowhere near as kind to them

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I really love body worship in fics and I love it exponentially more when it’s towards bodies that are not considered conventionally attractive, such as bodies that are fat or bodies with lots of scars and/or signs of past injury 

See where I’m going with this? 

I really want to do some of this with Jonmartin but I’m trying to figure out a way to do it so that it’s not inherently sexual, cause I don’t think it has to be, but I’ll admit the fics for past fandoms that I’ve read with body worship have been in a sexual setting. I don’t want that here. I want just very, very, intense physical and emotional intimacy/vulnerability without it having to be sexual as well. I think I could do it I’ve just never really seen it

I’m thinking an Upton House bath fic, cause truly I will never have enough of those, where as the bath is filling Jon and Martin slowly and carefully remove each other clothes. Their fingertips gliding over skin, and scars, and stretch marks. Martin carefully undoes Jon’s braid and Jon quietly slips off Martin’s glasses and they get in the tub. They wash and hold each other. There isn’t any talking, sometimes, there’s kissing, but never on the mouth. They kiss each other on their palms or neck or jaw. That’s it, that’s all there is to it, just a quiet moment. How long had it been since they’ve had a quiet moment? 

I’d like something like that 

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I don’t get why so many people are looking for a romantic partner right now… Things are so bad for everyone and you’re going out here making yourself entirely emotionally vulnerable to people???

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