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randomitemdrop · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Item: Bag of Trich; appears to be a Bag of Tricks but instead of various animals the fuzzy eggs are just replete with the parasitic roundworms that cause Trichinosis
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mary-winchester · 15 hours ago
still not over may never beover that eric kripke said supernatural. is star wars. in truck stop america. and steven yockey said. okay. let’s go to a truck stop then. what happens at a truck stop. men are clockable or men are closeted but no matter what they are preyed on
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mozukumii · 23 hours ago
wow, unfollowing now. i loved his curry blog, i had no idea he drugged and kidnapped a woman in an attempt to enact a revenge plot on his brother. 
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alliummc · 5 hours ago
okay i know that this video is from ages ago and we’re past all of that but i found it in my youtube homepage again and i almost cried laughing because i cannot think of a worse timestamps selection that would spike more fear in me than this
Tumblr media
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trashicalgirl · 3 hours ago
A2 for Rouge from sonic
"Both handsome guys and cute girls are even yours" - Hatsune Miku
From @/solidsnakesdentalrecords’ outfit meme
Tumblr media
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coralnoodle · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
doing those limited palette drawings is extremely fun, i forgot it was that fun
also its a practise in landscaping i did during a lecture today
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pokemoncoloursplash · an hour ago
If you're still doing the thing, gastrodon and sunkern?
Tumblr media
"Trainers are warned to be careful feeding their Gastrodon unknown seeds. If fed a Sunkern, the pokemon will continue to grow at a rapid pace within the Gastrodon"
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cock-dealer · 20 hours ago
as a pre-everything trans man, it is so triggering for my dysphoria when i’m wearing a binder and can see people (women) staring at my chest to try and tell if i have tits or not. like because you can’t figure me out it makes it okay to stare at my chest but if someone does it to you it’s not okay? cool glad we’re on the same page.
I was on T for 6 years before I had top surgery and it never was a huge source of anxiety in high school because my bullies would point out/grab the strap of my binder through my shirt and ask me if I was wearing women’s clothes (I wasn’t out they thought I was cis lol)
cis people’s lack of comprehension of boundaries w trans people is frightening
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adreamaredoodle · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pikachu Al saga continues:
Leon is unaware that the friendly Pikachu he found is in reality Al. She wants to tell him, but she promised Hop she wouldn't, since the teen is convinced that if the others find out how bad they messed up Sonia's errand, everyone will be disappointed in him and won't trust any future tasks to him.
Al sighs heavily and stops looking at the cap collection before turning around, only to see Leon in the process of taking his shirt off.
"Piiii??? (Leon???)"
Of course the purple-haired doesn't reacts and proceeds to take his clothes off, getting ready for bed. It takes Al a moment to snap out of her shock, face burning while she rapidly turns around to stare intently at the wall while feeling her tiny heart boom loudly inside her chest and trying uselessly to think of how was she going to explain this once she came back to normal.
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crysisjustcrys · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[Feel Good Inc.]
A stand that allows participants in a gamble game to set their wagers. The wager will be removed from the loser in a painless way and given to the winner once the result is confirmed.
Currently, the user has already lost his left eye and his right arm from the previous gambles. But he is still willing to wager more on the future games.
[Smoke On The Water]
A membrane-like stand that covers the user's body and allows him to stretch the body within a shadow. The longer the shadow, the further the body can be stretched. The stand itself is of pure black color, so black that no light can be reflected.
The stand does not allow the user to travel from one isolated shadow to another directly.
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mothtrrash · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
its not the spooky month yet but have this spooky gordon
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sleepymrshmllow · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
day 3's prompt: pet/busy ♡ @romanticaweek
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lesbwian · 4 hours ago
not to sound like a freak bc i do find the graphic sex scenes weird (esp in sex education bc i’m watching the new season rn) and i’m not saying i condone it personally at all but the reason it happens so much in UK shows (ie the reason that the programmers put it into the show so much) is bc the age of consent there is 16 so if the characters are supposed to be 16+ then they’re like it’s fine !! it’s not weird it’s fine !! and producers are also often like but the minors in the show aren’t played by actors who are minors which is another issue
other than the sex scenes i do think sex education has been a great show abt sexual health, i have a younger brother who comes to me abt these things and since watching the show he seems a lot more open and comfortable abt things, whereas shows like skins….why they even filmed teenagers doing the likes of what happens in that show ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i can’t speak on euphoria tho as i’ve never seen it
Oh euphoria is so much worse than sex education when it comes to graphic sex scenes but its like when I watched Euphoria & Sex education when they were released i was in high school and i think its normal but I’m 20 now. They r all children to me :/ just leaves a real bad taste for me like do we need this?
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cock-dealer · 19 hours ago
I hope this is okay to ask, but how did you get diagnosed with endometriosis? I suspect I have it and I'm wondering what sort of tests they do for a diagnosis. I'm a trans guy with multiple chronic illnesses already so unfortunately I know full well getting any diagnosis will take a while but it's really affecting me so I definitely need to look into a diagnosis to get some treatment for it
Endometriosis is usually a diagnosis of exclusion because it is difficult to detect on outpatient imaging and tests. Usually people confirm they have endo through diagnostic laparoscopy with a surgeon (a day surgery) where they take biopsies of your pelvic organs/space. doctors will usually try to manage your symptoms conservatively before they do that
since you are trans, they will probably throw progesterone-only options at you (IUD, implanon, the pill, depo). Sometimes it can take some looking around to find the gynecologist/surgeon who will take you seriously. If you are still in pain they are failing you. don’t let any cis dr convince you that shit is normal. endo pain is devastating if left uncontrolled
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