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Ha, I get it, it’s a reverse to my usual question.

Gregory takes care of me by making sure that I get enough sleep and food in my system. When I’m focused on my research, I sometimes have the time pass me by without me noticing. Gregory makes sure that I am responsible with my sleep schedule, so I’m not sleepy and unobservant the next day. (We lost a lot of good data that one day). When we were both younger, and he was a Machop/Machoke, he often made sure that I kept my humanity, as working at Team Plasma started to take a toll on my mental state. I probably would’ve been just as cold as Colress if I kept down that path. Nowadays, Gregory helps me out by keeping an eye out for attackers, or keeping other Pokemon busy. He’s a great Pokemon and has always looked out for me.

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Ah yes, the question that I’ve been waiting for for a while. All about the one Pokemon I know the most about.

While Machamp are all about brawn, it does not mean that they don’t have some brain to them, as it takes a lot of brain power to operate four arms at once. As such, Machamp can be thoughtful and analytic, sometimes using their four arms to trick opponents into thinking their doing one move, but doing another entirely. They are also known to master every kind of martial art, thought that depends when you catch it. If you catch a Machop or Machoke and have it evolve, then your Machamp will spend it spare time observing other martial arts from other fighting types, so be sure to be around many fighting types to help it learn. If you caught your Machamp as a wild Pokemon, expect a lot of traveling knowledge from it, as many wild Machamp travel the world in search of new moves for it to learn. And of course, Machamp are very very powerful, and can do a lot with said power. Battling is always good for your Machamp as it helps them keep in shape. If your Machamp is more peaceful (though this is very rare), make sure that they have some sort of training regimen that they can stick to every day, as a Machamp needs that body fitness. I have seen a couple of bigger Machamps, but this is unhealthy for them, and is similar to feeding your Liepard vegetables, please do not do. If you want a Pokemon for training, I would advise an Alakazam, Gengar, or a Conkeldurr, as these Pokemon all have their own specialties in fighting a Machamp, and can be a good challenge for them.

I know many are thinking, is this how I take care of Gregory? Yes, but also no. I hatched Gregory as an egg, and raised him from a baby Machop. That in itself had its own challenges, but when Gregory was finally a Machamp, we have been through so much, I knew what he needed without having to guess. Nowadays I take care of him by monitoring data about him, checking his vitals and how healthy he is. This happens once a week. For training, he’s usually the one leading it now, but if it’s ever a special training where I’m focusing on his power, we see what weaknesses he has (not type weakness), and attempt to eliminate them. For example, he had a lot of trouble working with four arms, so we started out on working with only two, and eventually worked up to three, then four. Now, he can be doing four different one handed tasks at once, and often uses that to do different moves, like pretending to throw a Dynamic Punch straight at someones face, which they would attempt to dodge, and by doing that, they don’t expect the Poison Jab that hits them in the gut. And this is just one of the many strategies and techniques that we’ve worked on in battle.

Whew! A long post but when working with a Machamp for many years, you got a lot to talk about.

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Sean, Fabu, Werth, Soust, and Swirls can all use their water moves to help with anything I need for water, so showering and brushing teeth aren’t too much of a problem (Just make sure you know what type of water they’re putting out). I don’t grow a wild beard because I do not have the ability to grow a beard. When I’m not researching out in the wild or I’m close to a city, I just get a hotel and use that at night.

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I have met the Gym Leaders and Elite Four of each region, Chuck gave me good advice on how to train with a Poliwrath, while Hala taught me how to evolve a Crabrawler. Gregory has a good friendship with Bruno’s Machamp, and whenever they meet they instantly battle each other with no questions ask, until one is pinned to the ground. When we started out, that was Gregory but I think the win-lose ratio is more in my favor now. As for Bea, I have met her. Gregory and her Machamp fought too, even in Gigantamax form, and Gregory won after a good battle. Bea is a interesting person and sometimes she comes out and helps out with research in exchange for pointers on getting stronger. Now that I’m on the Isle of Armor, I’ve also been talking with Mustard and getting lessons from the older days of Pokemon. He’s been a good teacher and while he’s somewhat forgetful, he’s very entertaining and surprising. Can’t wait to finish my training with him, and learn more about this Kubfu!

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