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konohagakureship · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha
Some outfit designs for the Uchiha pair, and also a bit of fashion design for the Uchiha/Ulanir looks.
au! Intergalactic Akatsuki  |  Masterpost
Context and fashion
The Uchiha are the former Imperial family of the former Ulanir Empire. After being conquered by the Kaladah Empire, Ulanir became a region and the Uchiha stayed as governors in Uqian (the capital planet).
After the Traitor’s Coup and the Arandal Unification, the Uchiha gained influence in the Ulanir Region again, but the former power structure was never reinstated. 
Despite this, the rest of the region is still influenced by the trends and decisions taken in Uqian.
Some common traits of the Uchiha typical attire are the open high-collared shirts, dark tones with colored highlights, golden details/jewelry and translucent fabric. Senators and diplomatic corps from the Ulanir Region wear the diplomat’s cape, a vestige from the times of the Ulanir Empire.
Mikoto and Fugaku Uchiha
Mikoto studied in the Space Academy of Ionath, elected Diplomatic Relations and Intergalactic Politics, and specialised in Conflict Mediation. After her graduation, she pursued a political career on Uqian, that will lead to her election as Monarch and later on as Arandal Representative on the Galactic Senate.
Fugaku also studied in the Academy, elected Diplomatic Relations and Classics and Ancient History, and specialised in Incursion and Attack Strategy. After graduating, he pursued a military career and reached the rank of Commodore. After a tragic event that took the life of the Minister, he left his military career and was appointed Uqian Ambassador. Later on he was elected Arandal Representative and in the present he’s the current Ulanir Consul.
Itachi was born when Mikoto was a Parliamentarian in Uqian and shortly after Fugaku was promoted to Captain. Sasuke was born ten years later, while Mikoto was reigning as Monarch and a year before Fugaku would start his career in politics.
As an Ambassador, Fugaku spent most of the time in Ionath while Mikoto ruled Uqian. Little Sasuke didn’t spent much time with his father until the age of four, when Mikoto’s reign was over. They moved to Ionath when Mikoto was appointed Ambassador of Uqian and Fugaku was elected Arandal Representative.
Some years later, Mikoto would be elected Arandal Representative and Fugaku Ulanir Consul. That same year Itachi joined the Space Academy.
Uqian has an Elective Monarchy. Mikoto, as a former Monarch of Uqian, holds the title of Archduq and still wears the royal golden marking on her chin.
Tumblr media
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1ddiscourseoftheday · 2 months ago
Tues 4 May ‘21
Louis had an added tour date and a bunch of reschedules announce today! Next March in Utah and April in Belgium and Amsterdam and Doncaster-- Spring ‘22 LT Tour it is! Tickets for the Belgium show go on sale Friday. The newly added venues are significantly larger than the ones the tour was originally booked in, to accommodate the growth in his fandom since those first shows were booked. I’m happy for him but we really missed out forever on the tiny venue tour we were supposed to have huh? Sighhhh.
And real pics of Harry on the My Policeman set are here at last! The paps are on site and we are flooded with HQs of filming, SO MANY of them. Yep, he’s really out there in a full cop uniform: it’s a good thing I can distinguish acting from life, unlike most of the people sending anons today, or that would really bother me, though ofc some people who do get that it’s just pretend are also unhappy about him in a role as a cop. The rest are mostly worked up about seeing him standing next to David Dawson and kissing Emma Corrin. Book readers remind us that the awkwardness you’re seeing in that kiss scene is GOOD acting, not bad, as his character is gay and attempting to play straight, with difficulty; I have No Comment with regard to people pointing out that it looks just the same as every other time we’ve seen him canoodle with a woman. At least we can finally put the Harry-is-blond thing to rest though, and next time someone cites THE SUN as a reason to believe something please remember that they told you he had bleached his hair. Also, actor and instagram sensation Leslie Jordan says Harry slid into his DMs and they chatted about acting and specifically My Policeman and Harry’s role. Regarding him ‘playing gay’ Jordan (an out gay actor) says he told him, “well you’re halfway there!”, referring to the way he dresses. Yes; at least halfway!
Niall was also papped, out and about in London with girlfriend Amelia. They’re both in high cuffed white trousers and look like they’re stoically suffering through the process of being photographed. Also he posted a bunch of pics (“NEW CAMERA” and there the camera is, visible in a mirror selfie- it’s a little film camera!) mostly of himself this time, nice. He’s with friends, he’s in the studio making music, he’s hiking a beautiful trail, he’s on the MV set with Anne Marie, he’s looking good!
Jesy from Little Mix said that Liam reached out to her after she left the band to let her know he was available if she wanted to talk. I remember him commenting on it at the time, saying “Zayn left for pretty much the same reasons and I do feel for them,” and I love that he acted on that, that’s so sweet. He also posted about Trussel Trust’s Hunger Free Future campaign to end food insecurity in the UK.
#Harry styles#louis tomlinson#niall horan#liam payne#but Discourse you ask don’t YOU hate cops? Why aren’t you upset about Harry playing one#and thus legitimizing and glamorizing the profession? Well dear reader I’m gonna be honest with you#Harry is a celebrity who I enjoy and find it fun to keep up with and I do truly feel so much love for him#but he occupies a totally different category for me than people I know in real life who work against capitalism and oppression#and my expectations for him are tbh very low#Harry is a caring and well intentioned man who occasionally mentions trendy activist causes#and cares deeply about causes that effect him (ie LGBT stuff)#and he’s also a capitalist and a reformist and he’s not even trying to participate in conversations about restructuring society#nor does anything he’s ever said or done suggest he would support that and many things pretty clearly show the opposite#like I’m sorry: but he will 100% call the cops on us when we have to storm his house with the guillotine :’{(#that said he is SO MUCH better than so many people- for example when he was being stalked and instead of calling the cops on the homeless pe#person#camping out across from his house he gave him food and tried to negotiate with him etc until the situation got so bad that#he was scared and needed to take steps. That’s great! He took pretty much all the steps suggested by ‘don’t call the cops’ trainings#(which sadly do generally end with ‘because society has not yet replaced this institution with alternatives#if you feel physically endangered and would be in less danger from cops and aren't going to get someone shot#you may need to resort to their involvement')#I love him for that! but he’s still ultimately not trying to tear down society and he was offered a great role and took it#and who knows maybe he’ll do great things for the conversation around it he often surprises with his thoughtfulness#as for me#I think it’s actually been really good for me to feel so much affection for these imperfect boys#I’ve always been a pretty intolerant person in real life and quick to write people off for not living up to my standards#learning to clearly perceive someone’s flaws and finding I can still feel love for them has been a really good practice for me tbh#that said they are random celebs who are basically a product you’re buying-- you do not have to feel guilty to unstan! Ever!#Do what supports your journey! But if you’re just moving on to the next celeb I have to warn you they will also disappoint you#the rich cannot save us and are ultimately irrelevant and have much less of interest to say than oppressed people
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greyjedireylo · 2 years ago
In Kylo's first scene, he stops a blaster bolt in midair, he blows up an entire fleet of X-wings in TLJ, he corners the Resistance in a mine and almost destroys them. What always stops him from succeeding? His conflict over his beliefs and his emotional baggage. He's powerful, but he keeps getting in his own way. Even his lightsaber works as a metaphor for that: Ben Solo built a perfectly good lightsaber when he was Luke's student, and only trying to corrupt the crystal made it fall apart.
^^^^^^. Ben’s failures are a symptom of the fact that he’s not meant to be in the dark. it’s a good thing that he fails, because that means he’s not fully committed to the dark and he’s capable of change.
the lightsaber thing is the PERFECT metaphor for him (and Adam has even talked about that before). I wrote this idea into one of my fics and I’m just gonna share the excerpt here because I think it gets the idea across well:
Ben was silent, and just looked at her gravely, no doubt considering his struggles with his own kyber crystal, how he’d cracked it when he’d tried to bleed it under Snoke’s tutelage, how unstable it had been ever since, a thing of light unnaturally bent to the dark, yearning to return to its true nature, its natural state.
Much like its master.
This is EXACTLY WHY the fact that kyber crystals are naturally clear and must be unnaturally bled to be bent to the dark side is such a powerful metaphor–that’s exactly what the dark side does to a person as well.
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luciilferss · 20 days ago
eye do not want to start anything but imma have to say this: people who berate other people for shopping fast fashion sound condescending as shit. either you give me the money to buy “good quality clothes” or shut the fuck up. like tell me where i’m supposed to get clothes that are 1) high quality 2) not fast fashion 3) on trend and 4) affordable. quickly! like i need these people to also understand that the online places/designers they are recommending also! use! unethical! ways! to! make! their! clothes!! thrift stores are okay sure, but only for big city ones, like have y’all gone into small town thrift stores? tell me what i’m supposed to buy while remaining on trend. (plus the way they dont recommend stores but just stay on their high horses AND forget plus size people exist yeah.....)
it's even more annoying when u point out these very valid arguments and somebody is like well FOR ME PERSONALLY i was able to buy seventeen items of clothing for 3 cents 🙄🙄🙄 so you're LYING OBVIOUSLY
literally unless your thrift store is in a super busy place (or in a big city like u said!!) that sees a lot of traffic and therefore has more options/more in fashion clothes, it's like 90% guaranteed to be trash. ESPECIALLY if you are plus sized. most thrift shops/charity shops where i live at least are mostly frequented by middle aged people (thats not a jab btw thats just what i've noticed and its an explanation for the sort of clothes that are available). in general they're quite small here too, like fucking tiny lmao
i went to one last week with my sister who is skinny and she was able to find clothes easily (and she often does, literally visiting charity shops a few times weekly and getting clothes EACH TIME), but i looked through each and every rack and couldn't find a single article of clothing that would fit me and also didn't look completely shapeless and frumpy. it's literally just not feasible for me personally and for many plus sized people (or even people who have tricky fits like if you're super tall or super short) to find an entire closet in thrift stores alone.
like if you are such an advocate for thrifting etc. u must also recognize that they are not the most accessible or useful to a lot of people!! thats okay!! lets work to build a culture of giving up our old clothes rather than throwing them in the bin in order to better stock these stores instead of getting angry at people who literally are not able to find clothes there!!
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drferox · 2 months ago
You may want to check the trigger warnings in the tags before reading the whole post.
There is an appeal to being the ‘friendly neighborhood GP Veterinarian’ and it’s largely in the sense of community. You see these pets from cradle to grave but you also see the people grow and change over time. You don’t appreciate it so much when you only spend one or two years at a clinic, but I’ve been here over 7 now and I’ve watched regulars grow and change. Teenagers grow up, move out and get their own pets. Young couples become young families. People get ill, people get better, the community changes.
Sometimes people move away, or you just don’t see them in a while for whatever reason. The pandemic distupted a lot of routine pet care, so it’s easy to lose track of how long its been.
Sometimes you reunite out of the blue, when people get a new pet after the loss of the old one, and its nice to see them start to be happy again.
And then sometimes you find out why you haven’t seen them in a while, and why you’ll never see them again.
I was told recently that one of my clients commited suicide after the death of their pet. Hit me as out of the blue, but I guess made more sense in hindsight, as it so often does. But not one I would have predicted.
They were devestated at the time, of course, and clearly bonded to their pet, and always asking questions that were trendy in dogblr-like circles, to the point where I wondered if they read the blog. I thought they had enough of ansupport network around them, and seemed to be doing fine by the time they had their new pet, but turns out they were not. And their spouse said, plainly, that the loss of the other pet was definitely a factor.
I don’t want or need any sympathy, btw. I’m fine and will still be fine tomorrow, but I worry for the spouse who is now visibly struggling. And I am acutely aware that it’s not really something that falls under my guardianship, that there is not much practically I can do, just listen.
Animals die all the time. We outlive them by default, but it’s weird to lose a client that you kind of liked, and find out it happened so late. But all you can do is look out for who is left.
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detectivepik4chu · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Keep submitting via chat or kik
She wanted to remain anon but show her some love
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greyjedireylo · 2 years ago
"and honestly I still think the general bent of our fandom is still negativity from being the brunt of everyone’s jokes and harassment for so long" What do you mean by that, that the Reylo fandom is seen negatively by others or that the Reylo fandom itself is negative because of the harassment?
I mean that a significant portion of the reylo fandom is still afraid to hope for a happy ending for Ben and/or reylo. it’s all managing expectations and not seeing how Ben could happily survive his redemption and panicking about ‘what if JJ doesn’t make reylo canon in IX’ and being afraid that we’re too overconfident. 
(to which I have to say 1) I already wasted the TFA/TLJ hiatus managing my expectations; I’m not doing that again 2) Ben can quite easily survive his redemption and get a happy ending because this is star wars–all it takes is making the right choice and a genuine change of heart in this franchise 3) JJ INVENTED reylo and it’s already canon, and 4) we didn’t imagine reylo into being, we didn’t take for granted that our ship was endgame, we were satisfied with CRUMBS and fanfic, and then, with the opposite of entitlement, we gratefully ate up every bit of canon validation we’ve gotten since early 2017.)
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vyragosa · 11 months ago
i typed a huge rant about smthg happening here related to body image and brands that pissed me off so badly but deleted 
but basically instead i’m just going to say the reason i love pomefiore is purely because vil and rook explicitely state numerous times that “being skinny or brawny has nothing to do with it” (vil talking to jack and lilia specifically about respecting oneself to take care of yourself)
if you’re committed to finding beautiful things you would not look away one second from a person’s own personal efforts
and also vil doesn’t hate “negligence” as in people not taking care of themselves when that would be caused by depression (idia) what vil dislike is INTENTIONAL negligence, standing tall, being bold, all that? i’m so relieved that pomefiore stands by this and nothing else. so relieved.
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kyuala · 2 years ago
ikon as sugar babies
sugar daddy version here
seemingly perfect sugar baby
fancy ass bitch but he's good with his hands so you're not complaining
will want to fuck on a bed full of 100-dollar bills at least once
has no problem interacting with your bosses during company dinners or even act as a beard at family functions
asks for stuff in bulks and you're like ??? then you find out he's been selling your shit on ebay
1/2 of scammer duo w/ donghyuk
if you terminate the arrangement he'll show up at the next company dinner as your boss's sugar baby
the personification of Expensive Taste
has a carefully tailored profile on every single sugar baby sns ever
took online sexting classes
you lowkey mad cuz he spends all your money to get button-up shirts that all look the same
asks you to take him to fancy expositions then you spend all your time taking pics of him with the pieces
always hints at stuff he wants then gets pouty if you don't understand it
truly believes he was born to be a sugar baby and refuses to get a real job
always asks for trendy clothes and a new pair of headphones every week after he inevitably breaks his
absolutely do not bring him to company dinners. just don't
all your friends wanna have him as a sugar baby too
the sex is so good you consider getting a joint account everytime
coincidentally takes off his shirt everytime you try to end the arrangement
thinks he can go anywhere by yacht just bc you gave him one
is aware this is nothing serious but still daydreams about marrying you
caught feelings before you even mentioned the money part
never ever asks for money unless it's for real serious stuff, like rent or his sister's tuition
acts like he doesn't like to be given gifts but you've caught him sending pics of them to his group chats more than once
claims he's only doing this bc he's absolutely broke but stays with you after getting a decent job
the only sugar baby on the planet to gift you back with non-sexual presents
you need to teach him a lot sexually but he's a fast learner
gets resting bitch face when you remind him y'all have nothing serious
never asks for money but when he does he uses aegyo
he knows he's cute and he ain't afraid to use it to get some new kicks
he's got 5 other sugar parents but you're the only one he interacts with in real life
lowkey a scammer. 1/2 of scammer duo w/ jinhwan
stunts on social media and shares sugar baby memes with 👅 in every caption
always available to satisfy your needs
kinda high maintenance tho tbh
communist in the streets, capitalist in the sheets
"money is not the end all be all, we must all occupy ourselves with greater worries" faced ass
then he asks for 300 bucks and throws a tantrum if you don't give it to him
never directly asks to be given money, just says he wants to "hold some" for you
updates his facebook status to in a serious relationship after you tell him it's not a serious relationship
knows how good he is with his lips and will use that to his advantage
tries to finger you under the table during your company dinners
rejected 17 other offers before getting to you
avoids seeing you in real life in the first weeks bc he's afraid of being murdered
prefers money over gifts so he can invest it
likes to keep the sex part to a minimum so he feels less like a prostitute
but every time is a spiritual experience tbh
you can't bring him to company dinners bc your boss will want to hire him
goes on to become a sugar daddy himself and deadass refers to you as his "mentor"
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putthison · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Ugly Shoes That are Actually Kind of Great
If you haven’t heard, ugliness is back in fashion. The sort of ill-fitting, cheaply made clothes that inspires your dad to hold up something his closet and wryly ask, “am I trendy now?” Tons of articles have already been written about the return of dad style, as well as the chunky, quasi-orthopedic shoes that accompany it. Part of this is about the return of irony; part of it is about the revival of a very specific ‘90s look. The other part is simply about how trends work, and like with any social group, how fashion insiders love to have a knowing wink as a way to identify each other. 
The more interesting part is about how this is a reaction to notions of “good taste.” In a 2013 feature at The New York Times, Miuccia Prada put it succinctly:
The investigation of ugliness is, to me, more interesting than the bourgeois idea of beauty. And why? Because ugly is human. It touches the bad and the dirty side of people. You know, this might have been a scandal in fashion but in other fields of art it is common: in painting and in movies, it was so common to see ugliness. But, yes, it was not used in fashion and I was very much criticized for inventing the trashy and the ugly. 
To be sure, the bourgeois ideal of beauty hasn’t been en vogue since the mid-20th century -- back when clothiers still made traditional dresses and suits for the rich -- but fashion has been unusually obsessed with democratic notions of “coolness” in the past few years. And unbeknownst to many menswear enthusiasts, much of this springs from womenswear. Back in 2011, Phoebe Philo sent fur-lined Birkenstocks down Celine’s runway, which made the style a big hit with women. And shortly after, guys started wearing Birks because of how easily they pair with workwear. 
Some of the stuff that’s popular now is too left-field for us, but there are some classically-minded ugly shoes that we think are worth celebrating. Here are ten of my favorites, along with suggestions on how they can be worn today. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
New Balance 990s
We love New Balance for their classic retro-styled runners, but their 990 is unabashedly ugly in the best of ways. The techy combination of mesh and suede, along with the needless, almost over-the-top detailing for the soles, are the sort of things that appeals to guys who care more about function than form. 
At the same time, the 990s have that weird sense of cool personified by guys such as Steve Jobs and Jerry Seinfeld. Our resident New Balance expert and actual-dad Pete says he wears the 990s with his usual uniform: military jackets or coach jackets, paired with pegged fatigues, wool cargos, and straight-legged corduroys. Sometimes a pair of slimmer-fit jeans than what Steve Jobs would actually wear. “My entire style is ganked from Needles lookbooks and Wonder Mountain styling,” he says. And while you can still wear retro-runners with those ensembles, a pair of 990s will make things look more contemporary. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Quoddy Ring Boots
There was a brief moment about ten years ago when Quoddy’s Ring boots showed up on menswear blogs and lookbooks, but the style sadly never really caught on. Maybe it’s because the boots -- which are defined by their moccasin construction and unusual double o-ring closure -- look like they were taken from elfish warriors defending Middle Earth. Something you might see on a reenactor at the Northern California Renaissance Faire, or I guess, a workwear enthusiast from 2009. 
Still, the style is just odd enough to fit into today’s workwear mode, which often favors slightly more offbeat takes than literal vintage reproductions. The leather is stiff at first, however, and the o-ring closure can be a pain in the ass to operate. I find I mostly just slip them on, but that’s difficult until the leather breaks-in (apparently laces are a useful invention). I’m admittedly not totally sold on them, but that’s kinda true with almost anything on the good side of ugly. 
Tumblr media
Anything from Yuketen
One of my favorite brands for classic, outdoorsman style shoes. Yuketen looks like the best of a mid-century LL Bean catalog -- from guide boots to Ghillie lace-ups -- but is remixed with a sense of humor. The designer, Yuki Matsuda, frequently combines odd materials for the uppers, maybe Harris tweed with Horween pull-up leather, or a patchwork combo of strange colors. The soles are often chunky, giving the shoes a hefty profile and sense of ruggedness. And while fashion-minded footwear is typically poorly made, these stand up to the best of them. Matsuda uses reputable factories, ones making more traditional, moccasin-style and Goodyear-welted shoes. Just note that these run a bit wide, so either buy from a store that allows for easy returns or take a chance and go a half-size down. 
Yuketen pairs with almost anything that would be considered workwear or Americana, from more basic Ralph Lauren to Japanese imports such as Engineered Garments. The appeal here is all in how well the brand rides the line between classic menswear and contemporary style.  
Tumblr media
Monkey Boots
Monkey boots, which are occasionally referred to as carpenter boots, were worn by British Mods and skinheads from 1960s through ‘80s. They have a short, almost truncated profile since the facings -- a term for the parts of the shoe that hold the eyelets -- come up to the tip of the boot. They’re rugged, classic, and have a strong working class heritage (even before when the term skinhead referred to racists and white nationalists). And for a more traditional workwear style, they may just be the right call. 
Naturally, given their history, you can expect to find monkey boots from brands such Doc Martens, but the leather is often corrected grain and of poor quality. Tricker’s makes a better version, although it’s considerably more expensive. I also have a pair from Alfred Sargent, but admittedly never wear them. They go with slightly fuller cut jeans and heavy-duty flannels, Harrington jackets, and rounded military-styled outerwear. This can be a nice option if you like that ‘60s British style. 
Tumblr media
Norwegian Split Toes
Split-toes look like something your college roommate would do to your dress shoes, drawing a line at the front to make them look vaguely penile. The seam actually comes from an old British style known as a Navvy cut, which refers to how British navigational engineers (or navvies for short) used to wear split-toes while working on wet canals, railways, and roads. Some say this was a cost-saving measure that allowed shoemakers to use lower-quality parts of the hide; others say it resulted in a more water resistant construction. Frankly, I don’t know the seam’s real function, but I love the style. Wingtips are too common; cap toes too plain. Norwegian split-toes plant your feet in the ground and say you like something a little different. 
To my eye, Edward Green makes the best split-toe, partly because of the unique piecrust apron and toe seam -- the second of which they make with a reversed split-and-lift stitch, which gives the seam a slight texture without it looking like taxidermy. Other great options include Carlos Santos, Meermin, Carmina, Crockett & Jones, and Enzo Boanfe, all of which are more affordable. I wear split-toes almost every day with sport coats and trousers, although I prefer a more traditional oxford with actual suits. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tyrolean Shoes
Tyrolean shoes were originally made for long walks along the Alps, but sometime in the 1950s, they gained broader appeal. The French apparently love them, as do the Japanese. The reason is simple: they’re comfortable and weatherproof. These are typically made with grippy soles, Norwegian welts, and heavy-duty leather uppers that have been generously oiled with natural fats. That makes the leather a bit more water-resistant and pliable, perfect for the bellow tongues that are also designed to keep out water. The two-eyelet lacing system makes these an easy wet-weather shoe for when you don’t want to deal with boots. 
Back when they were still publishing, the editors at Free & Easy loved to include Tyrolean shoes in almost every issue. The funkier style went well with the kind of workwear-inspired clothes they liked to write about. With the right pair of slim pants and topcoat, they can also go with more casual forms of tailoring. You can find them from companies such as Heschung and Paraboot. For a more affordable version, you can always consider Clarks’ Wallabees or Padmore & Barnes’ P204 (the original Wallabees). They don’t have the same water-resistance, but they’re also a lot cheaper. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tevas Sandals
Men’s style enthusiasts love to hate open-toed footwear, and while it’s true sandals are often a bad look, Tevas have a charm that comes from those olden days of family vacations. In recent years, they’ve been copied by brands such as Prada, Valentino, and Berluti; designers such as Patrik Ervell have sent them down runways. Pictured above is this season’s Qasimi spring/ summer presentation showing a similar look. 
I mostly like these Velcro’d sandals for the same reasons I like Birkenstocks. They go well with crunchier takes on Americana, whether that be ‘70s Rugged Ivy, vintage Patagonia, or shorts with a chambray shirt and bucket hat. For something safer, you can try closed-toe huaraches. Companies such as Todd Snyder and Sid Mashburn also sell some nice leather sandals, and we have a post here on sandals that don’t suck.
Tumblr media
The Budapester
During the Austro-Hungarian Empire, shoemakers located along the banks of the Danube in Budapest and Vienna used to make footwear for country gentlemen and Army officers. The region’s most iconic design is known as the Budapester. Although it most often comes as a wingtip, the Budapester is really more of a shape than a style. Built with high side walls, a slightly upturned toe, and a heavy appearance, it’s about as chunky of a silhouette as you can imagine. These shoes were designed to take a hit from a round-nosed bullet – and perhaps make them look like one too. That kind of shape doesn’t photograph as well as the kind of tight-waisted, sleek shoes that come out of Italy and Japan, but they look tremendous with the right clothes. Think: cavalry twills with ribbed corduroys, or warm flannels with heavy tweeds.
There are a ton of companies offering Budapester-styled shoes, including Materna, Ludwig Reiter, Massschuhe Stefan, Heinrich Dinkelacker, and Buday. One of the most popular, however, is Vass, a company known for offering exceptional quality given their price point. Their New Peter last isn’t technically a Budapester, but it has a slightly more contemporary shape that I think makes it easier to wear (while still carrying the original Budapester spirit). You can find them at No Man Walks Alone and Jeeves. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Belgian Shoes
Belgians are essentially soft-soled house slippers with a trimmed apron and dainty little bow. To some, they vaguely resemble women’s ballet flats, which is what gives them a more feminine look. Often described as the shoes of art dealers -- and famously worn by Bernie Madoff and the late, great Glenn O’Brien -- they’re typically paired with flat front pants and loosely cut sport coats. 
I personally like them when they look less preppy. Eidos designer Antonio Ciongoli, for example, can be see above wearing Belgians with patchwork chinos and a band collar shirt. Agyesh at Stoffa wears them with suede leather jackets, long-sleeved polos, and peached cotton trousers. Given their slightly feminine vibe, I find they’re often great on very masculine looking guys (as Agyesh puts it, they can help “round out the corners”). For something less dainty looking, there’s also Baudoin & Lange, who makes similar slip-ons without the bow. 
Tumblr media
L.L. Bean Boots
The original menswear choice for ugly footwear. There’s not a single person who wasn’t horrified the first time they saw duck boots -- a love for them has to be beaten into you through repeated exposure. L.L. Bean’s version is the most famous. They were invented in 1911, a year before the company’s founding, by Leon Leonwood Bean (the original L.L. Bean). Supposedly, he noticed his feet kept getting wet and cold during his hunting trips, so he came up with a new shoe design whereby the rubber came up higher on the boot. The rest of the boots, the shafts, were then made from a breathable leather. Bean formed L.L. Bean Company to market and sell his shoes -- and everything since has followed. 
Bean boots have become a favorite of people in the Northeast, college kids, and menswear enthusiasts (see our Bean boot buying guide). They’re reasonably affordable, last forever, and are incredibly effective and keeping out water. You can wear them with almost any kind of classic American piece of casualwear, from mountain parkas and five-pocket cords, to more rugged pieces of workwear. I wear mine with jeans and Nigel Cabourn outerwear. These are undeniably ugly, but like with the best ugly shoes, they’re ugly in just the right ways. 
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1kook · a day ago
explorer jk would absolutely join the hype house if given the opportunity and i don’t know how to feel about that information
… what is a hype house 😀
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offenderman hcs even if they’re crappy I’ll die, the concept of him being rlly lonely sad dude cracks me up
Each of the Slender Brothers have their own living structure (with the exception of Slender himself, who owns two). But of all of them, Offender takes the least care of his home. The house itself looks to be shabby and dead, gray siding and blackened iron bars keeping the place looking sad. 
Offender hates his birth-given name. He was named originally by his biological father, who sew how disturbed the nurses were  and quite literally named his newborn son after it. 
When he was a young monster, Offender ran around wearin a red cape. This served two purposes, one was to impress young Trendy, the other was to entertain his baby brother (which at this time was Slender).
Offender became an alcoholic in his teens, this led to a long line of abuse in his family. If asked, Trendy will say he has no memory of this,  and Splendy will say he was too young to recall such abuse. But Slender? Slender remembers all of it. 
Secretly, Offender wishes he could be friends with Deborah. He doesn’t want to assault her, he just admires how she doesn’t take shit from people. It’s shockingly innocent for such a strange beast. 
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