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haedonr0cks · 9 months ago
Mystery vs. Lewis: Taking Care of Jackson
My part of the trade with @ask-lewis-and-the-gang. If you want to trade with me, note me. It was 2:32 PM at Vivi’s house where Lewis and Mystery were having an argument about being a better protector for Jackson. “Now as you may know, he’s my son Mystery.” Lewis argues. “I’m supposed to watch him 24/7.” 
“Yes, but it’s me that Vivi asks to watch him while you two go out to eat.” Mystery defends his statement. “Plus, I take care of anyone; You, Vivi, Jackson, and Arthur. So that makes me the best protector in the team.” 
“Do I have to remind you that me and Vivi had to save your butt from Shiromori a few times?” He said with a raised eyebrow and crossed arms. 
“That….” Mystery was speechless since Lewis was right about that. “Ok, you got me with that, but I can take care of him just perfectly.” He still stands with his claim. 
“Fine, how about a bet then? We are going to spend a whole week taking care of Jackson. We’ll have to take turns treating him very well. After the week, Jackson will get to choose who he thinks is the best protector. Deal?” Lewis holds out his hand for a shake. Mystery didn’t think about this since he knows what he’s getting into. 
“Deal.” He uses his paw to shake Lewis’s hand as they stared at each other with smirks on their faces. “But once it’s my turn, I’m calling him my pup.” But before they could start, Mystery thought of something. “Wait, can I tell you what I want if I win?” He asks, being curious.
“If you want, then sure. I don’t even think that you’ll win.” Lewis assumes, since he’s Jackon’s dad.
“Alright.” Mystery thought about what he wants if he does win. “If I win, you got to give me a whole buffet and belly rubs.” Lewis thought that it didn’t sound like a terrible punishment for him since he’s a great cook. “What about you?”
“Me? Well if I win, then I want you to admit that I’m the best protector in the gang.” Now that didn’t sound a lot worse with Mystery’s. They really need to work on their punishments. “So now that we got our deal, let’s begin. I’ll start first for an hour and then it's your turn.”
“Alright, take your best shot.” Mystery challenges him, ready to see what Lewis will do.
“I’ll show you.” He then goes upstairs to Jackson’s room. The cute baby was in his crib, playing with his toys. “Hey Jackson, come to daddy.” He said, picking up the baby and rocking him slowly. “You’re uncle, Mystery says that he’s a better protector than I am.” He takes Jackson out of the room and walks down the stairs where Mystery lays on the couch in his dog form. 
“What is your plan? Sing him to sleep? Feed him?” Mystery jokingly says as Lewis sits down on the couch with Jackson. 
“It’ll be better than what you do.” He jokes back as he kisses Jackon’s head, making the baby giggle. “Maybe I could play with him gently, take him for walks, or even help him with his new powers.” 
“Umm, I would skip the third one. Teaching a baby, who’s just a year old, powers that could cause serious damage is a bit too early. Wait until they’re a teenager.” Mystery suggests, being cautious. 
“If you say so.” He says, unconvinced. “What about you?” He questions the dog. “What skills can you bring to the table with my baby?” 
“Ha, why ask that? I’m a dog and a kitsune with the fluffiest fur I can offer, tails that he could play with, soft and wet licks that can tickle him, and something else that I have in store.” Mystery smirks at him, making himself look better than Lewis.
“Yeah, because you’re the only one here that doesn’t have thumbs.” Lewis chuckles a bit, making fun of the dog. 
“I can hold things with my tails just to let you know.” He said, a bit offended. “Now take your time to bore your pup and I’ll make it more fun that you do.” 
The next day, Lewis and Mystery did whatever they can do to make Jackson feel happy and positive. They played with him, feeded him, and even snuggled, although Mystery is good at those. The kitsune was looking around trying to find Lewis and baby Jackson because it was his turn to take care of him. In the bedroom, he could see Jackson playing with Jax the deadbeat while Lewis just watches them, full of joy. “Just be careful with him, he’s fragile.” 
“I will sir.” Jax says, tickling the baby with his tail. “He’s very cute.”
Mystery wasn’t that surprised to see that Lewis had stepped up his game, getting his own deadbeat on the fun. “I see that you got some ideas too.” Mystery says, entering the room.
“I mean, I got tricks up my sleeve.” Lewis lays back into the chair, being cocky with the kitsune. “I like to see you top that.” 
“Oh I will, just wait.” He then walks out of the room, waiting for Lewis to be done.
The day after that one, Lewis was sitting on the couch reading a book until someone cleared their throat from behind him. When he turned around, he was in shock to see Mystery standing on his hind legs with his baby in a strap on the kitsune’s chest. “What….is…..that?” Lewis asks, speechless.
“It’s my secret surprise of course.” He says, gleaming with joy. “Vivi got it for me when I told her the bet we were doing.” He bends his neck down to lick Jackson’s head who laughs ticklishly. “And it looks like my pup loves it too.” 
Lewis rolls his eyes, thinking that it’s ridiculous for Mystery to keep calling his baby a pup. “Dude, you seriously need to stop calling us pups.” He says in annoyance. 
Mystery then started to giggle quietly. “But you’re all so cute if I call you pups.” Again, he licks Jackson’s head as he waddles to the front of the couch. “Thinking about it, I should do this with you guys.” He thinks about it, putting a smile on his face.
“Heh, as if you can carry me. I’m probably heavier than you.” Lewis says, doubting it. 
Mystery just laughs as a joke. “Nah, I’m the strongest one here.” He sits on the couch just like Lewis, wrapping his front arm around Lewis as a teasing joke. He was even taller when sitting. “So, unless you want to give up….” 
“Why would I give up? I got other ways to get Jackson to like me more than you.” He stood up, crossing his arms at him. 
“Alright, I’ll just top your ideas with mine.” He gave out a cocky smirk, making Lewis a bit jealous. “Now if you’ll excuse us, Jackson here is gonna give me some nice belly rubs.” He stood up on his hind legs again, waddling upstairs carefully so he won’t fall backwards.
“Getting belly rubs from a baby?” Lewis asks, continuing to read his book. “Pathetic.”
It has been a whole week and both guys did everything they could to make Jackson feel happy and protected. “Ok Mystery, it’s time to see who’s the best protector for Jackson.” Right in front of them was the baby who was going to crawl who he loves the most. “Ready to lose kitsune?” Lewis mocks him.
“Not if he comes to me ghost.” Mystery mocks back. “Come here Jackson, come to your uncle.” He says in baby talk. 
“Come to your daddy Jackie.” Lewis did the same thing as he got on his knees trying to get Jackson to him. The baby started to crawl towards them very happily, giggling with joy. “That’s it. Come to me, not Mystery.” 
“No, come to your kitsune protector. I’m the one who takes care of you while Lewis is gone.” Mystery did his best to get Jackson to come to him.
The baby crawls closer to them, but then stops midway. He sits down on his butt, staring at the two. They were trying to get him to come to either one, but Jackson doesn’t move an inch. Instead, he lifts his arms out to both of them, wanting the two to carry him. “Wait, is Jackson picking both of us?” Lewis asks, turning towards Mystery.
“I think so.” He answers puzzledly. “So is it a tie or did we both lose?” 
“No, he wouldn’t come to us if we lost. It has to be a tie.” So him and Mystery needed to decide what to do in this situation. They already betted and know that their punishments really weren’t that bad after all. “Maybe we could both win. I make you the buffet and you call me the best protector in the gang.” 
It makes sense for Mystery, it’s a win-win for the both of them. “Sure why not?” Baby Jackson made a sound to get their attention, still wanting to be held. “Oh right.” He uses his tails to carry Jackson and gives him to Lewis gently.
“Thanks, so it’s a deal. We can start tomorrow if you want.” He said, rocking Jackson as he starts to close his eyes. 
“Sounds great.” He whispers so he wouldn’t wake up Jackson. Lewis quietly floated to Jackson’s bedroom to place him in his crib before closing the door noiselessly. This was the time that he thought that he could beat Mystery, which he might be thinking the same thing, yet they both won. Does this make them the best fathers in the world? No one knows, but Jackson will know once he grows up. 
No sweat and no problems for Lewis Pepper as he cooks his finest dishes for the hungry kitsune. Jackson was in Vivi’s arms as she looked at her best guardians, having fun with each other. “Another meal coming right up.” Lewis says, sliding the plate towards Mystery who was having a good time eating his meals. 
“Thanks, protector of the whole gang. Your meals are very fine.” He said, chowing it down before swallowing. “Just don’t stop okay?” 
“Yeah and the last thing we need is a fat kitsune in this house.” Vivi jokes, putting Jackson in his high chair with his own baby food. “Anyway, I think Jackson is hungry too.” She helps feed him with applesauce. 
“Just remember that I have a big appetite and a fast metabolism.” Mystery says, stating his own facts. 
“Then I’m going to be here for a long time.” Lewis rolls his eyes as he cooks another meal for Mystery. Sometimes, one wins and the other loses. On this occasion, both win and lose at the same time. Would they be sad about it? Not exactly since they’ve got what the ghost and the kitsune asked for. Will they do it again? Probably not, but will still put their skills to the task when needed. For baby Jackson, nothing will stand in their way.
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sfcabanasstarcgs · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gwen Gacha Club
For @ask-lewis-and-the-gang
Gwen ? Yukino/Weld belongs to her msa oc sona
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lance-o-lot · 10 months ago
🚑: Does your muse have any disabilities/impairments?
Tumblr media
“Nawt really? Ah kind o’  ‘ave ah lil’ lose o’ sensation in one o’ meh legs...but nawt’ing teh bad odderwise.”
Tumblr media
“My obvious one is I have very bad nearsightedness that I wear glasses to correct...I’m practically blind otherwise. The less obvious one is I had correction surgery on my spine, so there’s a few tasks I’m not able to do due to it...mostly just lifting anything heavy or standing for long periods of times.”
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nickkkdoesstuff · a year ago
Can you please draw vivi hugging Lewis please
Request rules.
Tumblr media
Ayyyyy! it's been a while since I drew these two together :'3 thank you for the request, hope you like it!
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bluescarfvivi · a year ago
Need a hug vivi
Tumblr media
“Come on in then! One big bear hug coming up!” 
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bugthur · a month ago
Hey little buddy,how are you feeling?
Tumblr media
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mercurygray · 5 months ago
HI MERC happy soft saturday 💕 how about 10 (breathe again) with Nix and Eileen for the five sentence drabble? 😁😍
Tumblr media
Why does he keep checking his watch?
He doesn't worry, he never worries, because worrying is for a lesser class of human beings for whom failure is an option, and Nixons never fail, at anything, ever. If she doesn't show, why should that matter to him, when there are a million other fish in the sea who would be more than happy to show a man with his kind of money a good time?
And yet here he is, nearly checking his watch again, going over the phone call in his head, the date, the time, the name of the park, and just as he's going for his cuff she's there, wonderfully, amazingly, there, and he can breathe again.
"Worried I wouldn't show?" she asks, smiling and slipping her arm into his as though they've done this a million times before, and he can't bring himself to answer 'yes.'
[soft saturday: send a word and a character, get a five sentence drabble!]
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Bart's hand put on Eve's shoulder Bart: Hey.
Eve: 0/////0
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charmed-spectre · 3 months ago
"what’s my muse’s guilty pleasure?"
Usually rewatching all of an old show, or eating dessert instead of dinner.
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lance-o-lot · a year ago
Annie* see a picture of lance when he was young * dang dad you look way cooler than now
Tumblr media
“…should ah been insulted ‘bout dat statement ‘r nawt?”
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