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#asked and answered

Thank you angel 🥺

I love seeing your reblogs and tags for Mat and Em!!

Head is staying up and I can’t wait to get back to Mat and Em next week!

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I see a lot of good things coming out of the bullshit from yesterday. I see a lot of support and love for creators and I wanna see us all sustain that!

Also- very happy for all the new people in my circle!! Get ready for a lot of angst, a lot of slutty behavior, and a lot of shenanigans!! ✨💕

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ssdkghssk ANON. maybe im just really sensitive to scary stuff but like that much tma intake cant be good for your soul abfksha. that much jon sims cant be good for the soul rip

but also this reminds me of when i first started listening and it was just me and my airpods in physics class pretending to pay attention but listening to tma instead

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OMG YOURE SO KIND!!! I cannot fathom that I am anyone’s “favorite” andkflgglkskdl

Yes, I ABSOLUTELY plan on finishing them! I have a draft up and running already for the last chapter of Sun, Inscribed. I’ve been struggling with writers block on Breathing Easy for ages now, but I absolutely want to finish it at some point.

I plan (🤞) to do a bunch of writing this month as soon as the semester is done! I’m dick deep in finals right now and oh my fuck, is my life messy right now…

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3. Lady on the Water - Blitzen Trapper

7. It’s Terror Time Again - NateWantsToBattle (by far the best cover on Spotify)

13. Gold for Bread - Blitzen Trapper

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2/3  »  will all the gifts be posted on ao3 (and linked on this tumblr)?

3/3  »  I’m asking because I thought it would be better to preserve ownership of creators’ intellectual property if their works are posted anonymously on ao3 and linked here on tumblr. If you’ve already plan to do that, thank you. It’s just it wasn’t clear from your Q&A (cont from previous ask)


Hey Sugarplum!

Thank you SO SO much for sending in this ask! And I’m really sorry it’s been such a hot minute<3 <3

So, the way submissions will work for this event will follow the format of a bunch of other Secret Santa type events in other fandoms, including one that I’ve hosted before. So I’ll explain how it is intended to work below but PLEASE if you’re uncomfortable with any of it just pop in with another message and we can talk it out<3<3

Submissions Instructions 

  • So first is everyone submitting there completed works either through email or the Submissions page  where you can add a note or whatever you’d like to the post. This will be expected by December 20th by the latest.
  • After everything is collected and accounted for, posting to the blog will begin on December 23rd with every gift. 
  • On the 25th there will be a reveal list that links the creator, what they created, and for whom they created it for.


So that’s how it’ll work, but I can totally add a collection to AO3 on top of that, and after the reveals list is posted, everyone can post their creations where ever and however they please, I would appreciate linking to the blog but that’s your preference<3 

Again, ask me if you have any questions about this and I’ld love to talk it out<3

~Mod Len 

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It is! I’ve got the next part started, but a couple weeks ago my brain just collectively went “no💖” with regards to any actual productivity and hasn’t changed since so I’m… trying lmao.

But yes!! There’s definitely more to come with that story, I’m planning on at least 15 parts in total so there’s plenty more to come. I’m so glad you enjoy it, thank you for checking in on it!! 💖💖

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Djdhheeheie I agree!!! I agree completely!!! The flannel? The smirk? The WINK?????

That’s Neighbor Whiskey no if’s ands or buts about it thanks

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