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#asked and answered
can you share some details about the bo’s assistant idea?
Since you asked so nicely, here are three snippets/ideas from my brainstorm doc
1. even though he says “you don’t have to dress like that” you dress like that anyway. And every day, he reminds you, and every day you say, “I know, Mr. Burnham”
(In some ways, you keep dressing up to remind yourself it’s a job, and he’s technically your boss, and you should *not* be feeling the way you’re feeling about your boss)
2. when you were about to open the door you thought maybe you heard him say your name? Oh no, was he expecting you to be there sooner today???
So you quickly open the door and stride in and say, “hey, I’m here, what’s—”
dick dick dick that is your bosses dick oh fuck he’s hard oh fuck oh fuck it’s big it’s hard his hand is on it
3. Maybe he’s like, “I’m your boss, you should respect me” and you’re like “technically, your manager is my boss, and you’re lucky I don’t treat you exactly like you treat me, Sir.”
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wwx-lwj-ai-ni · 8 hours ago
i wonder what they were thinking when they thought 'ah yes, roseonly and peace elite, roses and video games, a collab that makes perfect sense'
Right??? I need a list of all their current endorsements to see if there's a weirder match possible.
I know their various brands have had collabs in the past (there was a beer watch and something else I can't remember at the moment with one of the sportswear brands) but this one just feels especially random and I love it 😂
Don't get me wrong -- I'm into it. I don't understand what is happening or why but I'm into it. More brands should get married like this hahaha
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nicohischier · 12 hours ago
It later came to light that the complainant's mother had orchestrated a hoax in which she attempted to make it appear as if critical evidence had been tampered with.
dude who the fuck are you???? stay out of my inbox??? wtf???
but no okay you know what? fine. let’s say patrick kane did not rape that girl, sure. okay let’s go with that. well about the time he did blackface at a party in 2009? what about the time he assaulted a cab driver over $0.20? what about in 2012 when he was accused of choking a girl who refused to sleep with him and used anti-Semitic slurs? what about the other girl who accused him of raping her? what about the time he was on the 2010 blackhawks team that ridiculed and bullied the player who was raped by a member of the coaching staff?
and i do not give a single goddamn fuck if he wasn’t one of the people to verbal abuse that victim because he was in that locker room and until we know who, if anybody, stood up for the victim that i’m holding every single 2010 blackhawk accountable.
so you know what? yeah. his rape case was dropped and maybe it was dropped because it was a lie and he was innocent. but you absolutely cannot say he has done nothing wrong when he has a whole list of other cases and allegations held against him
now please stay the fuck away from me and my inbox
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genevievemd · 15 hours ago
am i the only one that's kind of concerned by how fast natalie and bryce are moving along in their relationship? like getting engaged within just a year feels like they're moving too fast
(this is just based off of my personal perspective/experience but maybe you've had a better experience with relationships than I've had😂)
Im sure you’re not, but how fast a relationship moves depends on those in the relationship. It could seem too fast from the outside, but not to them.
Like G and Ethan, they got engaged five weeks after she moved in and had only been together, for real, for less than a year at the time of their engagement. Some might say that’s too fast, but to them, the pace is perfect.
A real life example, my maternal grandparents. They got married after 3 months of being together. Everyone told them it was too fast, but they didn’t see it that way. And they were married for 58 years before my grandpa passed away.
So maybe to some it’s too fast, but them it’s perfect.
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stardustedknuckles · 17 hours ago
....werewolf Beau and werewolf Yasha crossover??
You know, that's not what I meant when I said Beau and Yasha wolf date but damn if that doesn't get my brain in gear lmao.
Something something teleport goes sideways and dumps Caleb and b/y into the other universe. Caleb takes one look at the doubles of his best friends, shares a long-suffering sigh with his own double ("I have had this nightmare. You as well? Ja, okay.") and then they go figure out how to set this right before their friends rupture time or something lmao.
Or just one of them gets dropped in, like could you imagine werewolf AU Beau with her development and stuff running across college Beau who's also grown in her own way but has retained like a lot of spikiness.
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bethsuglywigs · 18 hours ago
How many photos of CH and MM together actually exist?
I know of exactly one
Tumblr media
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kingandfireheart · 23 hours ago
Ma'am, are you telling me that you read acotar, cc, tog, fbaa, tfota, shatter me, grishaverse; these entire series THIS YEAR?!
Yeah I kind of stopped reading for fun because I was in school and didn’t have access to a library, and then I started after Christmas last year because my sister read ACOTAR and became obsessed. In high school, I would check out like 5 books a week and read in all of my free time - between classes, lunch, study hall, whenever. But in college, I would only read 4-5 books over the summer. This year, books replaced a lot of my social life because of Covid and became a coping device after a really rough year.
I’m generally kind of obsessive about finishing books once I start them, and it’s much worse with series. I only wound up on tumblr because none of my irl friends read fantasy and I want to talk to people about the books I enjoy!
But yeah, I’ve read like 70ish books this year! (Hoping to get to 100 by the end of the year!)
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the-family-we-choose-118 · 19 hours ago
Looks like Taylor will be on the first few episodes of S5 😭(pic on actress’s twitter)
if buck and taylor are really happy and thriving…… like good for them buck deserves happiness BUTmy buddie heart will struggle so much to get through this 😭
In my mind I've already decided buddie will happen eventually lol taylor and buck are simply finishing out their lovers to best friends arc 😏
BUT if I have to watch them make out one more time I will 🤢🤮
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johnsonshildy · 19 hours ago
oh ok that sounds fun; i like romcoms/comedies with modern twists/feelings to it and with silly/funny/goofy female characters!
okok so some of my favourite old hollywood romcoms (mainly screwballs tbh) are:
holiday (1938)
his girl friday (1940)
you can't take it with you (1938)
the lady eve (1940)
the apartment (1960)
woman of the year (1942)
bringing up baby (1938)
my man godfrey (1936)
sullivan's travels (1942)
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theartingace · 9 months ago
how do the centaurs sleep? and how do they stretch after a good sleep?
Ok this is one I’ve been wanting to cover for a while and my cooldown sketches got out of hand, so buckle up and enjoy the picturebook!
Tumblr media
The easiest options is exactly what you think, the flop. In a home, thick carpets or tatami-like mats would provide at least some sort of cushion for the horse-half and various sized cushions and pillows to lift and support the top half. And they CAN sleep standing up, like horses, but it does require both a special harness/corset and practice. And it’s not very comfortable for anything deeper than a doze or catnap for most, so it’s mostly reserved for bad situations, naps, or guard duty.
Tumblr media
Most common are recliners, or ‘hammocks’. Easy to fold and carry for cultures on the move, or make fancy for the city-folk they are probably the most ubiquitous of centaur furniture. A simple adjustable A-frame supporting some sort of flexible fabric-ish sheet for the top half to lean against and sleep. Usually paired with some sort of large blanket or padding on the ground to lay the horse-half on!
Tumblr media
When you don’t have no fancy recliners, your herd will do! The preferred sleeping method of closely bonded herds is to simply rest on your buddies cushy backside! Roaming bands can often form long chains of sleeping centaurs with the unlucky first taur either on guard duty, sleeping sprawled, or with the group’s only hammock.
Mix and match to your character and herd’s personal preference!
Also stretchies!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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berrym00n · 9 months ago
Could u please do a tutorial on torture 👀
Tumblr media
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utopians · 2 months ago
Can you name any actually good sex scenes in film?
FUCK yeah that bit in ghost busters where dan akyroyd got his dick sucked by a mfing... Ghost!!!!!!!!!
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theartingace · 2 months ago
Horses are really fragile animals. Is it still a death sentence for a centaur if one of their equine limbs gets hurt? Or can they help it somehow?
Oh god, now I'm thinking of amputees and how those would work
Horses are SUPER fragile, or maybe more like delicately balanced.. but particularly their crazy spindle-legs which centaurs get to deal with! But a big part of why hurt legs are a death sentence for horses has less to do with "It kills them" and more to do with quality of life, which a centaur can get around! A horse with a broken leg doesn't understand it can't put ANY weight on that leg for an extended period and will attempt to go about their daily life and act normally, which basically guarantees re-injuring the bad leg and a high chance of injuring the other 3 legs as they try to cope with the change in balance and weight distribution. It all leads to a really poor quality of life with almost no chance of truly healing properly. The story of all they did trying to save Barbaro the racehorse is a long sad story that illustrates a lot of the issues even with modern veterinary medicine with trying to deal with a broken leg in horses.
Thankfully with centaurs, They understand the need for healing, are able to manage their own quality of life and have the gear to support themselves in the time it takes for the injury to heal!
Tumblr media
Also perfectly good for long term use in the case of aging, amputation, or general disability! Which is common with the front legs and lower backs of centaurs given the unusual stresses caused by their body-plans. They were created with thicker and more robust front legs to cope with the permanent added weight of the torso instead of a horse head, but injury and disability in that area is still very common!
Tumblr media
Injuries to the hind are less common and usually less severe, and given the hind legs bear less direct weight than the front they can usually get away with wraps and limping until it gets back to weight-bearing. Something like a rear amputation or ruptured tendon would probably require a custom harness/brace attached to a wheel like these and/or basically a peg leg!
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nonasuch · 5 months ago
i don't know what snapewives means and i am somewhat afraid to ask?
oh you should be but I am DELIGHTED to ruin your day with this information.
you see, long ago in the Before Times, when livejournals roamed the earth, there was a group of Harry Potter fans who believed that they were married to Severus Snape on the astral plane. yes, really.
I believe some of them formed some sort of quasi-religion around this idea. no, we don’t have time to unpack all that.
some of them also got in fights with each other, because obviously Severus Snape was not some sort of two-timing astral polygamist, which meant that all these other claimants must be sad, deluded weirdos trying to astrally Steal Their Man.
now that you know this, you can never un-know it. you’re welcome
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collectivefandomstuff · 9 months ago
I was playing cards against humanity once, and the black card was "Batman's guilty pleasure is [blank]". The white card I put down was "Child beauty pageants". It didn't win, but it has always stuck with me, and Bruceman as a Pageant Mom is a terrifying thought
It’s the four horsemen of the Gotham School System:
Child Pageant Mom Bruce
Soccer Mom Dick
School Bakesale Jason
Together they make Damian beg Alfred to be homeschooled.
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theartingace · 5 months ago
Hi, I wanted to ask about one of your centaur worldbuilding posts. The one about capture-the-flag-wrestling-keep-away game. You mentioned "Using one of your littlest rider cousins". So centaurs have human cousins? Or at least human-appearing. Do you mean that as in literally, i.e., blood related? Or is it more spiritually, like family friends that are essentially family? Additionally, can humans be part of a centaur herd if this is the case?
Tumblr media
Tossing these two together since they’re kinda related, thanks for asking I love talking about these guys! Riders typically have both a centaur and humanoid halves making up an extended family group. The groups consider each other family, raise their children together, often share flocks and homes, and will call each other cousin/uncle/grandmother.
Tumblr media
So humans can definitely be part of the centaur herd! But with my Riders in particular the culture is pretty much 50/50 centaur/humanoid. It probably started with rider/runner pairs raising their families together as a result of their war-time bonds, but as the children are raised together they frequently find ready-made pairs among the other children as they grow up playing rider games together, thus deepening the bonds between the families.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Only so much "horseplay” allowed before the elders are yelling about “Get off their back! You’ll be swaybacked by 30 if you keep that up!”
Tumblr media
As prospective warriors get older and closer to joining a war party, if they don’t have a partner already, the best way to find someone you work with well is the games! GoatPull, Racing, and Wrestling are all great informal ways to test out prospective partners and get to know how the other moves and build trust! Even for partnered pairs, they will sometimes switch riders/runners as part of the fun. Usually if the pair are raised together as siblings their bond will be pretty solid by the time they are grown. For those finding each other as adults there is typically a lot of trust-building and weapons drilling together before they actually face battle together. And even then a few pairs may dissolve after their first battle if on decides they aren’t made for the battlefield. It’s rare but happens, along with the usual death a battlefield entails. If the remaining half chooses to go on as a fighter, they will find a new partner in the same way. Usually with growing up playing games with the whole tribe, everyone knows a few Riders they would get along with reasonably well.
Tumblr media
There’s a lot of trust when you’re putting someone on your back with a sword or bow and arrow that you wont end up with those weapons in you instead of the enemy, or if you’re standing and firing from a charging centaur’s back that you wont end up on the ground in the middle of a fight. There’s a LOT of communication, trust, and practice involved in a Rider pair to ensure that the rider doesn’t get tossed by an unexpected maneuver or put a sword in their runner’s shoulder trying to regain balance during the stress of a battle.
Tumblr media
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nonasuch · 5 months ago
your thrift store write up doesn't even account for gentrification and white people going out of their way to enter underprivileged communities of color for clothing, or the corny trend of thin people taking any nice quality plus size item they can find to "upcycle", ive seen both with my own eyes and it seems like you're just ignoring both of these very valid points that poor people have about the mainstream granola ass thrifting community 💁🏽, this is the exact framing I am arguing against, actually.
Because this framing ignores the realities of the secondhand economy, especially the part about the 24/7/365 firehose of new inventory. the overwhelming majority of these items are not scarce. we are not competing for a limited resource. there will be a new truckload tomorrow.
I cannot overstate just how much clothing gets donated in the US every year. Most thrifts turn their entire inventory over every couple of weeks, and often they literally can’t process new inventory fast enough to get it all out on the floor.
(and yes, in the decade or so that I’ve been going to thrift stores on a near-weekly basis, prices have gone up somewhat, overall. You know what else has gone up in price? Fucking everything! Commercial rents are bonkers. Calling it gentrification is blaming the wrong end of the problem — you’re holding individual shoppers responsible for the much larger forces that are keeping wages flat.)
Maybe the thrift stores are very different where you live, but mine are not plagued by wealthy white people arriving from far-off exurbs seeking plunder. Most of the thrifts I frequent are within 15 minutes of my apartment, in the community where I live, which is majority-POC. The people I see shopping there are my neighbors. The people who work there are my neighbors, too, and we support them by shopping at their store.
Also, if that actually is happening — if minivans full of rapacious white soccer moms are driving an hour-plus into neighborhoods that make them nervous, in numbers that actually affect the bottom line of the stores they descend upon — then that would mean that thrift stores in low-income majority-POC neighborhoods are... regularly getting large cash infusions? Which they use to pay their staff (who mostly live in the same community) and support any charities they’re affiliated with? and that’s... bad, I guess?
Are the thrift stores in my area just wildly different from everywhere else? What am I missing here?
Also! I agree that it’s shitty to buy plus-size clothing only to cut it down! I just disagree that this happens with enough frequency to put a dent in the firehose of new inventory. It’s very visible, because the people who do it like to post on social media about it, but that does not actually make it prevalent!
Really starting to feel like all this is an idea of ‘who shops at thrifts’ that’s largely based on the tiny minority of thrifters who constantly post about thrifting on social media.
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thederpyhipster · a month ago
Not every friendship has to be a ship, fucking loser
more of a loser move to go on anon and try to insult people for their comforts during Pride Month don’t you think? 🥱
anyway friends don’t hold friends like this and we wouldn’t be having this argument if it were het stay mad
Tumblr media
in the meantime we’re just getting started with the wholesome possibilities of this ship
and you’re just gonna have to deal with that
Tumblr media
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utopians · 11 months ago
My (28M) Colleague (26M) i don’t know how to finish this concept i just think Daniil complains about his husband on 1913 Reddit
AITA for trying to destroy my colleague’s hometown?
Hey, r/AITA. Long time lurker, first time poster. I know the title is a little drastic but there’s a lot of context I think I should include, so, buckle up.
My (28m) colleague (26m) and I met eleven days ago when I took what I thought would be a short trip to his hometown. I’m a doctor, and I was here on unrelated business, but suffice to say things got a little crazy when a plague spontaneously broke out (r/AwfulTiming LMAO) and long story short, I’ve been stuck here for a while trying to help out. The aforementioned colleague was born here and we’ve been working alongside each other trying to do some damage control. He’s a really sweet guy, and I thought we were getting along well... but then. Oh, citizens of Reddit, then.
Things got... a little awkward. One of my exes from college (28m) also lives here (I know what are the chances LMAO) and his brother, another college friend (28m) built a really big building that my colleague thinks is the source of the plague. I’m like... at LEAST 99% certain that the TOWN is the source of the plague, and destroying it would forever rid the world of this putrefying scourge and usher humanity into a new and enlightened age of Utopia so. Like. You can see where the trouble is. I know I look like a douchebag for trying to firebomb his childhood home into dust but ultimately I think that it’s what needs to be done, and he’s putting unfair expectations on me here. 
TL;DR I think that every living thing is born festering with the seeds of it’s own destruction and only by burning out the disease and ascending beyond the vestigial stage of flesh-bound humanity can we truly progress, and my coworker thinks that the duty of humanity is to each other and that in order to save the town we should destroy this crystalline manifestation of man’s hubris. AITA?
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theartingace · 28 days ago
Can a centaur bend down at the waist to pick something up the same way a horse can lower its head? Or do they have to do an awkward stance to reach whatever they dropped?
Tumblr media
Oh absolutely! I mean, I think it would depend on the flexibility of the centaur, much like touching your toes - if you haven't trained and stretched for a bit of flexibility they would likely have to bend a knee to get down there.
Tumblr media
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