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nonasuch · 2 days ago
hello! In pursuit of having more crafting hobbies that are your fault, I've been looking through your blog for a doll pattern that I seem to recall you sharing, but Tumblr search has failed me (no surprise there, really). Any chance you know what I'm talking about and can help a girl out? thanks!
Possibly these?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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gentil-minou · a day ago
So I was thinking about this while writing a fic, which involved 'throwing open the curtains' in order to wake someone up. And I got to thinking about how Adrien has these big huge windows, with bars. How these windows and bars represent that he is imprisoned in his own home. But he also doesn't have curtains or shades. Like his room is always in full view, so he essentially has no privacy. Adrien is always on display, even in the privacy in his own home. (and on a slightly lighter note, I hope his windows are not east facing, I can't imagine waking up like that every morning, being blinded.)
Ooooh well seen. I have definitely seen the windows as prison cells, keeping him trapped but your view of them being a way for him to be on display is an interesting take as well!
Tumblr media
I also think the ability to see outside is also meant to show how he can look at the world, but not be able to participate in it. The whole world, right there. But far beyond his reach.
So not only is he on display, but the world he can't be part of is too.
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basementqueer19 · 2 days ago
Damian Wayne
First impression
SO my first experience of Damian was the DCAU movie Son of Batman. And I loved my angry murder cinnamon roll from the beginning.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I also very much enjoyed Dick and Damian's first impressions of each other in this.
It's been a while since I watched this but I remember basically grinning none stop throughout this movie cause I just loved Damian so much.
Impression now
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Angry murder cinnamon roll
My thoughts on Damian really haven't changed that much--I still love him, just like 100000000% more.
Favorite moment
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I know I know but for some reason I love this moment. Or rather, I love the idea of what this moment could be if DC ever acknowledged that Jason and Damian were both with Talia and the League of Assassins at the same time.
Jason and Damian's relationship has the potential to be very interesting and I hope one day we get to see it explored more--and well--but for now I live with this and make it a lot more meaningful with headcanons.
Idea for a story
So I have a few ideas runnings around in my head for stories about Damian and his relationship with Jason in particular.
I won't go into a lot of detail but one of those ideas is a no capes AU with Bruce and Talia getting married, divorced and Talia moving out of the country taking Damian and Jason with her.
A few years later Jason and Damian return to Gotham and basically it's just a lot of family fluff with a few feelings thrown in.
I'd also like to write my headcanon where Talia sends Damian to Gotham with Jason except no one realizes it's Jason and Jason just goes with it cause he's a drama queen and finally blows his cover months later cause he makes Alfred's cookies or calls Dick Dickie Bird one day or something.
Unpopular opinion
I’m not sure I actually have an unpopular opinion about Damian
Favorite relationship
Dick and Damian's. For reasons.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Favorite headcanon
Damian doesn’t actually hid a new pet when he gets one. He just doesn’t tell anyone (except Alfred) and waits to see how long it is before anyone notices.
(The longest record is 6 months, 2 weeks, 5 days and 17 hours)
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sheriffideas · 22 hours ago
i wasnt able to fill out the survey while it was open since i was busy, so im just gonna copy paste a positive rant about scar i left in a server: scar is like. he takes inspiration from innocent things like disney animations and lego sets. and he does that well. but hes also a cut throat capitalist and will scam you of your riches and flaunt his loot right in front of you. and he dies every 5 minutes because he never checks his health and will walk around with no armor just to show off his skin. and i dont think theres any footage of him cursing but he strips in every series hes in. irl hes disabled and an activist and likes cooking for his family even though he cant eat. he has nice hands and a friendly face and a voice like hersheys chocolate. he is always cheerful even at the worst of times. he gets sick a lot but he always comes back. hes arguably the best survival builder in the world. and he always posts about his cat. and his cat is in minecraft. and when he actually tries to survive hes often one of the last ones alive. and he licks diamonds and eats copper but also has entire rooms dedicated to cake. hes a wizard too, has been at least twice. he deals with magic demons yet sells people worthless crystals. just. scar. everything about scar.
Scar loveposting hours <333333
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a-dragons-journal · 2 days ago
Hi, I'm confused about something you recently posted. How can somebody be physically nonhuman? Are there really people who can p-shift?
No, being "physically nonhuman" in the way that post is talking about does not refer to p-shifting. P-shifting is not a real thing. Hence why that post explicitly said it's not about p-shifting.
That post is talking about two things: the probably more common meaning, people who don't identify as human at all and who consider themselves "physically nonhuman" in the sense of "I'm not human, this is my body, therefore, this body is not a human body"; and people whose nonhumanity comes from delusions like clinical lycanthropy, who experience being physically nonhuman even though in the most literal sense they're not.
Unfortunately, while I know 100% I have definitely reblogged posts talking about these experiences in the past, I cannot for the life of me find them right now; hopefully someone else has them onhand and can supply some links in the notes. (@strawberrybabydog, since you're the actual OP of that post, I don't suppose you have any?)
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heretherebedork · a day ago
Hi i love reading your thoughts about Not Me and about White can i have your thoughts about why Sean had such a reaction during the latest episode after the wrestling bit i've been wondering why he had such a reaction
So, this is an interesting one and one where it is important to remember that Sean has no reason to expect Black to be anyone but Black.
Because that reaction, pushing him on the bed and throwing him under the blanket? That's all very normal to the gang. This is just what they do. They wrestle and pile and grab each other. Their language is definitely more physical than verbal. They're all friends/frenemies.
Think about the first episode. When Sean grabbed White, he was startled as well. Probably because he expected Black to fight back, like he normally would have.
Sean is wrestling with Black, something they do regularly, playfully and seriously, he's pushing him around and expecting to get the same pushing in return.
Instead, it's not Black. It's White. And White is genuinely hurt, White is genuinely affected by Sean giving his spot on the bed, what White sees as his safest spot, to Namo.
White bursts out of the blanket on the edge of tears. He's aching and heartbroken and he doesn't totally know why and Sean has no goddamn idea what's going on.
Sean has gone from playful and familiar frenemy wrestling to staring at his normally asshole and stoic friend on the verge of tears for what seems to be no reason to him. There would be no normal reason for Black to be upset by this.
And now Sean is confused and even more worried but also... he's instinctively drawn to White the same way White is drawn to him. He wants to comfort him. He wants to reach out. But you don't reach out like that with Black.
He's trapped between the urge to comfort and the knowledge of who he'd be comforting. And so he stays frozen while White escapes.
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marbirds · 2 days ago
hi your peace and love cats 2 is my favorite image ever. it makes me so happy. i want to carry it around with me forever
Tumblr media
aww! I'm glad :') [ID included]
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theenderwalker · 2 days ago
Hello Floral, the Enderwalk Arc knower, do you by any chance have a clip of cc!Ranboo saying his character isn't controlled by c!Dream? People keep saying such a clip exists, yet nobody can provide it.
i'm going to be entirely honest here i dont know if this clip exists. i was really bad about clipping stuff in that era and literally all of my liveblogging has been lost in a long since deleted discord server, so i dont have any way of checking to see if i reacted to it at some point, but heres my thoughts: i don't personally remember hearing this specifically from Word Of God. the closest things i can think of are:
>confirmations in character, like the one in the experiment stream where he defines the enderwalk state as "just himself, but with all his memories" (as well as over time shifting how he talks about the enderwalk state as a blacked out period of his memories > a sleepwalk like state > a period of time where he is fully conscious of his actions > literally just himself with all/more of his memories),
>extrapolation from the times we've seen him enderwalking on screen (the foolish deal comes to mind, as well as the note he left himself when he asked "what am i?" at the end of the lessons stream),
>providing an alternative meaning for the "he is in control of me" message (insinuating it's the "enderwalk state" subconsciously influencing the "waking state" which there is. a considerable amount of evidence for, as opposed to dream somehow mind controlling or manipulating ranboo all the time somehow from the prison. ESPECIALLY since we've seen him act towards those interests while completely out of contact w dream. cc ranboo is kinda allergic to talking about the enderwalk lore outside of lore context, i can only think of one clip where he confirms stuff ooc about the enderwalk, and it's him saying the idea for the enderwalk state didnt even come up until after the first dream voice/panic room stream. i wish there were a better way to disprove those theories, i really do, but since people refuse to accept context from the streams or even think about looking into subtext, we've just gotta deal with it until we get more answers. if anyone else happens to remember the specific moment people are looking for and feels like clip hunting, feel free! I don't remember it being said, though, and that specifically makes it really hard for me to clip hunt, especially while ranboo was streaming on the dsmp daily for several hours a day. good luck!
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aussieez · 2 days ago
I found you on WP and read through humble beginnings within a week. It is a fantastic story! All credit to the writer ❤👏🏼
I am reading through your asks and oneshots of Jamlie/Kames or Kack/Jaclie : ship names. But I have read through stories you did recommend a few times before.
Becoming Mrs Dalton : the angst, twists, soft fluff and the hot smut scenes 🔥🙀 it was just perfect in every way. Is there more on the way? Phenomenal ❤
Maddison : it had me felt every emotion 😿 I'm glad it's a still on going story because I need more. Gifted ❤
Ella and Adam : soft, cute and hot 🔥 the latest series had me so mad 😾 I did fly through the Dean stories too. Supernatural girl 😻 ecstatic for more. Talented ❤
Who else would you recommend?
G'day Anon,
First of all, WOW!!
Thank you so much for reading! I'm not gonna lie, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
🙊🙊💜 thank you so much, I truly appreciate it.
Now, to business! 😜
Becoming Mrs Dalton is absolutely everything you say it is! It is truly wonderful to read @secretaryunpaid work, the twists she throws into her story. It is even better when you're great friends too, because it just adds the bonus layer of insight and understanding as to what makes the characters think and behave the way they do.
As for more BMD, while I know the answer, it's not mine to give, I hope you can understand 😘 @secretaryunpaid has the honour of answering that particular gem!
Once again, you have hit the nail on the head! @munstysmind has created a genuinely phenomenal work of art with Maddison that, yes, absolutely puts you in all the feels! She has definitely brought out my evil side, with her plot twists and suspense.
I for one, was hooked initially by Sebastian Stan, but as I started from the beginning, just fell in love with it all. Also, having that friendship with @munstysmind makes me feel that little bit more connected to the story.
Anon, it's like you read my mind! You've done it again! This is exactly what @pixie88 Adam x Ellie series is like!! Although I'm behind on this amazing fic, I absolutely get where you're coming from. She nails the fluff and smut, working the two together so brilliantly that you're swooning over two different scenes simultaneously! Now that takes some serious talent!
As for @pixie88 Supernatural fics, Teddy and The Neighbour, two more I'm yet to start (again, I'm so sorry @pixie88!) I may not have started them yet but I have brainstormed a few things with her and @secretaryunpaid for those OCs ... I know they're brilliant fics already!
@pixie88 Always the Bridesmaid and Addicted to You (Harry x Laila) fics are drop dead gorgeous as well!
While I'm not a Henry Cavill fan, Harry is a fabulous character. It has been so much fun to watch @pixie88 write and develop him!
ATB & ATY also makes me want to go back to London. I miss that place so badly, so getting to read a fic set there is heart-warming.
I wish that I had a tonne of other writers to recommend to you, Anon but the sad truth is that life has been kicking my arse at the moment, so I haven't been able to read much.
I do have, on my reading list I think two works by @sillyrabbit81 , His Tuition Pt. 3 (I think) and her original Sy x Vixen fic.
You might think I'm a hypocrite for not liking Henry Cavill and yet reading fics about him and maybe I am 🤷‍♀️ truth is, I read what grabs my attention. @sillyrabbit81 does exactly that.
Whether she writes to an Australian audience or not, @sillyrabbit81 hooks you in and spins a fabulous story every time! I guarantee that you won't be disappointed with her work.
Thank you for this ask, Anon. It was a pleasure! Hope you have a great day wherever you are in the world and keep your eyes peeled, there's a LOT more KJ bonus content on the way! 😉 (seriously, I have 9 asks waiting to be answered, plus another one shot sitting in my drafts that is a continuation of a previous ask ... plus maybe half a dozen crossover offers and KJ2!)
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utopians · a day ago
man that is like a full description of like 90% of your favorite guys huh
we enjoy cringe fail bisexual losers on this blog and NOTHING else
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theartingace · a month ago
A pouch like that seems super comforting, all nice and warm and secure next to momma centaur
Tumblr media
so comfee and cozy, with room for friends!
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nonasuch · a day ago
So I've been loving seeing all the crafting people have been doing! It's making me itch to be back in the same country as my sewing machine:
I was reading the last ask - you can quilt skirts?????? I mean logically it makes sense - but how? Is it you quilt fabric and then cut it out?
Either way it sounds amazing!
(also have a picture of my most recent pair of socks I've knitted)
Tumblr media
congrats on ur socks, they look extremely cozy!
and yeah quilted circle skirts were very much a thing in the 50s!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think they were most commonly worn as a petticoat in winter, for warmth, but I’ve seen some in fabrics that would absolutely stand alone as a garment just fine. As far as I can tell they were never actually pieced like a quilt, just made in one allover fabric, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make pieced ones now!
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gentil-minou · a day ago
please DO make it about sentiadrien, i am very curious
Okay so one of the things people worry the most about Adrien being a senti is the idea that he is "no longer human". We can extend the symbolism of him being able to watch the world but not be able to participate in it to if how isolated he may feel if he's a senti.
Tumblr media
Being different from others is incredibly isolating. It puts a wall between us that we can't see, but we can see through it.
But maybe it's more like a two-way mirror? So like how in the above image, Adrien is looking out at the heroes knowing he should be with them. Meanwhile, Ladybug and the rest are just passing by with no idea that this is Chat Noir one of them. That's the two way part. He can see out, but they can't see in.
If Adrien is a senti, I doubt he's going to tell others right away. In fact, I think he will feel even more isolated but attempt to appear as "human" as possible. And if Marinette finds out, she won't hate him or anything, but she won't quite understand what it's like.
There's a wall that can't be passed between them, a window that both can see through but neither can pass through. A divide.
But windows can be open or even broken, and the divide between senti and human can be overcome I think. That's part of the thrill of watching.
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impossibletruths · 28 days ago
#wait sentinel aus are based on an actual show???#I thought they were just one of those inexplicable Fandom Things - im WHEEZING, i love this so much
never Once have I ever seen a reference to an actual extant intellectual property, it’s always “what if we had this super complicated codependent pseudo-magic sci-fi thing going on” and then just running with it OTL
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berrym00n · a year ago
Could u please do a tutorial on torture 👀
Tumblr media
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heretherebedork · a day ago
but.. Sean's tone of voice when he asked White "Are you that possessive?" didn't it sound like he was amused by White's interference?? Like if he was secretly enjoying White's behavior in that moment and that obvious reference to Sean himself when White said "That's MY spot." WAAAAH?
Also, do you think Sean realized White was jealous because of HIM? I mean we can surely say he wasn't up until he sent his friend off but when he turned back into the room and started talking to White again, White was WAY too obvious like.. do you think there's (even if it's slightly) a possibility that Sean noticed?? I LOVE THEIR SCENES SO MUCH OMG
I think Sean and White are both way less emotionally intelligent than we want to give them credit for. I'm not 100% sure White even understood how jealous he was or why he was jealous, let alone if Sean understood it.
White is under huge amounts of stress right now. His safest place is Todd. No one else knows his secret. He's hiding in plain sight at all times. He has to be Black every second of the day. Even when he's alone, how much can he really relax?
And Sean does still think he's Black. Why would he think Black was being jealous? Sean definitely, at first, thinks Black is just joking around. He's joking back. The whole throwing him on the bed thing is likely just part of their frenemy relationship, part of how they related.
So... I don't think Sean has any idea what's going on with the whole bed thing. I don't think jealousy ever entered his mind because why would it? He thinks that's Black, Black who had/has a girlfriend, Black who Gram has a GIANT crush on and may even be dating. Why would he think Black was jealous of him and Namo? No, I don't think it's crossed Sean's mind.
I think Sean is just worried and a little scared of what's going on between himself and 'Black'. Because he saw the tears in his eyes and I'd bet that Sean wanted to reach out and touch him, wanted to comfort him, but stopped himself.
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your cats hike?? how?
like this :)
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sketchingtons · 5 months ago
Tim comes out to his family by wearing a shirt in comic sans that says:
Yeah I'm MLM
and on the back it say: jk I like boys 💗💜💙
I couldn’t resist drawing it, thank you for this wonderful idea 😂 👏
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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absolutebl · 2 months ago
You've probably answered this before, but here goes anyway! Which BLs are your absolute top 15? Any country, any pairing, any tropes! I really wanna hear your list :)
Also, top 5 for absolute worst BLs!
Absolute Top 15 Best (and Worst) Bls
To be perfectly honest I hadn't done this yet because I've been patiently waiting for 10 BLs to exist in the universe that i've rated 10/10. It hasn't happened yet so...
Absolute Top 15 BLs
No particular order, these are all my beloved babies.
RATED 10/10
Tumblr media
1. Seven Days (Japan 2015) 
One of the best live action yaois ever made, with perfectly structured angst, fantastic characters and acting, and no problematic tropes (rare in Japanese BL). The leads have excellent chemistry although it’s low heat there’s still some really cute mutual kisses. 
Popular first year Seiryo has a policy of going out with any girl who asks… for one week. On a lark, third year Yuzuru tests to see if that policy also applies to boys. Seiryo agrees that it does. Along the way they accidentally fall in love, although each is convinced the other one thinks it’s just for a week. 
Full review here. Last I checked could find it on DramaCool in 2 parts Seven Days: Monday - Thursday, Seven Days: Friday - Sunday)
Tumblr media
2. Color Rush (Korea 2021)
A unique paranormal twist elevates this classic high school drama into a pitch-perfect allegory for the queer coming out experience and one of the best BLs of all time (I will fight you on this). 
Monos can only see in grey scale, until they meet their probes. But when they do, monos can turn into obsessive monsters over the one person that turns on the world color. When Yeon Woo meets his probe, however, that boy seems a  lot more obsessed with him. 
Color Rush is on Viki. 
Tumblr media
3. Light On Me (Korea 2021)
Korea does an elegant pastiche of traditional live action yaoi but all tropes are cleverly deployed to bolster one of the most riveting love triangles ever put on screen… and I don’t like love triangles!
TaeKyung is a bit awkward and introverted and has never really wanted friends, but suddenly he thinks that might have been a bad life choice. So he joins the student council where he meets, among others, two very different boys who both want more than friendship from him. 
Light On Me is on Viki.
Tumblr media
4. To My Star (Korea 2021)
It’s is a touch quirky to get into, but utterly charming once it hits its stride. This is the ultimate grumpy/sunshine pairing plus the most appealing light-filled kitchen of our dreams. 
Famous actor (adorable bundle of neurosis) takes refuge in the house of a reserved chef and is immediately smitten by Mr Tall Dark & Glowering. The chef is also smitten but refuses to admit it to himself or anyone else. 
Full review here. To My Star is on Viki. 
Tumblr media
5. We Best Love 1 & 2 (Taiwan 2021)
WBL is composed of two parts: We Best Love: No 1 for You & We Best Love: Fighting Mr 2nd. The 1st season is a short run classic university set BL combining the best of Korea & Thailand’s modern takes on genre. The 2nd season moves into the office, and employs Japanese style in terms of setting, obsession, and mature concepts. WBL thus successfully managed to pick up and combine the best features of Korean, Thai, and Japanese BL as it exists right now. Couple that to the insane chemistry from the leads, and we have one of the greatest BLs of all time, cooking to a recipe I doubt anyone else will ever be able to replicate since only Taiwan is this flexible. 
Story wise it’s pretty classic: Shi De has been in love with Shu Yi since childhood, but Shu Yi has always seen them as rivals. In university, events finally conspire for Shi De to make his move. It’s the ultimate tsundere uke versus the ultimate pining seme. Part two follows them into the workplace after a breakup. 
I love this show so much, odds are I’m currently rewatching it as you read this. 
Tumblr media
6. Until We Meet Again (Thailand 2019)
Thailand’s only entry in my 10/10 category (from the BL mass producer). This is non BL trope reliant fated mates (AKA soulmates) romance that just happens to have the right setting and age of protagonists to fit the BL genre. UWMA is a work of narrative genius, and all the actors all turn in stellar performances, it is the best Thai BL from a storytelling perspective. Possibly the best BL story we’ll ever get. It also takes full advantage of Thailand's signature full treatment, never dragging despite 17 full episodes. 
Timid sweetheart Pharm meets older serious Dean on his first day of university and is both irresistibly drawn to him and inexplicably sad. Dean starts an intense slow courtship but they both begin to realize they’ve been through this all before and one of them, 30 years ago in a previous life, made a terrible mistake. Can their current selves survive the sins and betrayals of their past? 
UWMA can be seen on YouTube. 
These are the only 6 BLs (of over 250 watched & judged) that I've rated 10/10. I consider Absolute BL (Japan 2021) a mocumentary and not a true BL. But I also gave it a 10/10.
Tumblr media
But you asked for 15 so here are 9 more. 
RATED 9/10 
Cherry Magic (Japan 2020) - Japan’s best recent offering, the sweetest fluffiest magical realism BL, packaged as a pinning office romance, very low heat (practically chaste) but the cutest (Indie subbed)
Wish You: Your Melody in My Heart the movie (Korea 2020) - set in the music industry featuring a talented singer and the pianist who falls in love with him (and his music), subtle and achingly adorable (Viki) 
Nobleman Ryu's Wedding (Korea 2021) - 12th Night goes BL in this cross dressing historical, that ended up feeling like a Cinderfella fairy tale, lightly dramatic and utterly charming 
HIStory 2: Crossing the Line (Taiwan 2018) - Taiwan’s best example of classic BL with a sports romance foundation using some of the most prototypical (but fortunately least offensive) yaoi tropes (Viki)
Be Loved In House: I Do (Taiwan 2021) - a cute classy office set BL with a few plot raised eyebrows, but no other concerns, plus ALL THE TROPES and a general sweet softness that’s pretty rare from Taiwan, who usually prefer to go hard (Viki) 
A Tale of Thousand Stars (Thailand 2021) - running a close second to UWMA with great casting and cinematography this drama nods at BL tropes but manages to elevate them (and itself) with a strong mature story concept about a spoiled rich kid who gets a heart transplant and becomes a teacher it order to pay out survivor’s guilt (YouTube)   
He's Coming to Me (Thailand 2019) - boy and ghost boy fall in love, must solve ghost’s murder. The third in my precious triumvirate of unbeatable Thai BLs, that are only nominally BL because the story, acting, and production values are so good. (Together with UWMA & 1k* and like them it’s on YouTube) 
Oxygen the series (Thailand 2020) - the paragon of Thailand’s BL style, Oxygen uses every Thai BL trope in the playbook for one of the gentlest lowest angst BLs ever made. This one showcases how far Thailand is moving BL from its yaoi roots, and is a prime example of the sweet “new BL” model for which Thailand is the main advocate (Korea is liking it a lot these days too, tho) (YouTube) 
Lovely Writer (Thailand 2021) - Thailand criticizes itself and the BL industry while simultaneously giving us classic seme/uke in a one-two punch of “we love it, but are we supposed to? and must we think this hard, yet enjoy it SO MUCH?" I recommend you watch this only after you’ve watched the others on this list, you need familiarity with the BL genre to truly understand what’s going on with this show (YouTube)
Further Reading? 
Here a list of my Favorite BLs From Each Country
Tumblr media
Top 10 Lists!
Top 10 Cutest BLs - sweet and fluffy for the win (low angst, no grit, and shiny happy) 
Top 10 Most Romantic BLs - yummy sappy goodness that even non BL fans might enjoy 
Top 10 Most Underrated BLs - the ones no one seems to know about or watch
10 BLs with the best stories (foundational narratives) 
10 BLs That Are Honest to a Queer Experience
10 BLs with the BEST Chemistry
Best High School BL from Each Country
Best University BL from Each Country
Top 10 BLs Out of China
Top 10 BLs Out of Japan
Top 10 BLs Out of Korea
Top 10 BLs Out of Taiwan
Top 10 BLs Out of Thailand
Tumblr media
Top 15 Absolute Worst BLs
This is me, the OCD completest, so these are gonna be a bunch of 1/10 rated BLs that no one has (quite rightly) bothered to watch. I also have 15 dnfs to my shame, but I don't rate what I didn't finish so...
You asked for 5, but I happen to have exactly 15 1/10 rated BLs, so you're just getting all of them (no particular order, they all suck, by which I mean: bad story, poor acting, low production, and/or very depressing ending). These all come with all the trigger warnings. 
A Round Trip to Love (China 2016)
Lost Love (China 2016)
The Male Queen (China 2016)
Sei no Gekiyaku (Japan 2020)
No Regret (Korea 2006)
A Frozen Flower (Korea 2008)
Some (Korea 2014)
The Boy Next Door (Korea 2017)
In Between Seasons (Korea 2018)
Red Wine in the Dark Night (Thailand 2015)
Grey Rainbow (Thailand 2016)
My Bromance the series (Thailand 2016)
Dew the Movie (Thailand 2019)
Love Machine (Thailand 2021)
Top 10 Most Disappointing Thai BLs
Tumblr media
this post subject to change as my taste does, and as new BLs appear
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utopians · 8 months ago
If there’s a pure wish what do you think it is?
A gold coin to appear in the pocket of every victorian orphan boy. Just in time to buy a christmas ham
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