lizzy-frizzle · a day ago
I think it was Soejima the character designer who said this but supposedly Chie becomes a *cop* after the events of P4, which is the stupidest misread of a game's themes I've ever seen. Chie *says* ACAB the true canon is her teaching a self-defense course I think. also she and Yukiko are gay no matter what ATLUS says
I ignore the games canon cause they say the two girls I like the most become cops which just....directly goes against the themes of those characters IN the games. (Makoto and chie)
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sortagaysortahigh · 26 days ago
blurb request:
can you PLEASE do prompt 11 under smut with steve the hair harrington?? THANK YOU
11: “against the window? are you insane?”
now this is just slutty of you bae, lmao not even gonna lie...i lowkey hinted that this y/n and steve are the same mfs from sex ed <3
WARNINGS: p in v, unprotected sex, exhibitionism, slight voyeurism from a special guest tee hee (im such a whore im going to hell), choking, oral (f receiving) + cum eating (steves a nasty bitch), fucking against a window in the middle of the night, slight public indecency (they're fucking at their job lmao), just two hornballs being nasty
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At first Steve mentioned it as a joke-he had an ounce of hope that she'd agree-but he was okay if he didn't. It wasn't a secret that he liked to try new things, he was definitely a perv when it came to his girlfriend-but she usually agreed to his fantasies because she liked trying new things with him-after all that's how their relationship came about.
But the more he thought about fucking her against the window-the more he wanted to do it. The idea of her pressed against the tinted glass, figure illuminated slightly by the bright red neon signs while he fucked her from behind-it was downright sinful.
She stared at him, her brows knit together, the two were closing together tonight, and it was already an hour past close-the store extending it's hours due to the holiday season. However everyone else on the strip had already left-to the point that the only car in the parking lot was Steve's. He knew the chance of anyone seeing them together was slim to none-and even then her figure would still be hard to make out-the decals against the window would cover a lot of her.
“against the window? are you insane?” she blinked rapidly and he shrugged "you'd look so good like that, c'mon baby I promise no ones gonna see!" she sighed, rolling her eyes "it's not about anyone seeing! it's about you being a hornball perv! Really you wanna fuck me there?" he bit his lip, shrugging.
That's how she ended up in that exact position, Her palms pressed against the glass-holding herself up as her tits and upper body were bare-hardly covered by the red and yellow decals on the outsides of the windows-her head lulled back against Steve's shoulder as he gripped her hips, fucking into her from behind.
She was a whining, whimpering mess, her back arching into him. He didn't even bother fully undressing her, instead her top was discarded, black bra resting against her stomach as her tits bounced freely, her skirt bunched up-one of Steve's hands grasping the fabric, and her panties pushed to the side. He felt so good pounding into her over and over again.
"S-so good Stevie-fuck so good" he nodded his head "yeah, you like being fucked like this huh? fucked on display?" she nodded, letting out a low whine as he moved a hand from her hip, sliding it up her body-gripping her throat-holding her against his figure while he fucked into her. Her knees were slightly shaking, the pleasure overwhelming her.
"My girls such a needy slut, tries to act all cute an innocent-but you love it when I fuck you like this, bet you'd love it more if someone could see you huh? get to see the way you whine and cry for my cock? the way your cunt swallows me so well" she nodded her head, unable to form a coherent answer, the feeling of his hand around her throat alongside his cock brushing against her g-spot sending her into heaven.
Then Steve spotted the van-everyone recognized that van-a smirk on his face while he watched none other than Eddie Munson park in the almost vacant lot, a light inside of his windshield-he was probably smoking. But Steve knew from his spot he'd be able to see the couple if he looked up.
Y/n's figure was illuminated by the red light, of course everything wasn't one hundred percent clear, but the further she slumped down-the more of her showed outside the store. He moved his hand from her throat to her clit, letting her slump forward slightly-face barely pressed into the glass as she moaned while he rubbed harsh fast circles into her clit.
She bit her bottom lip, eyes squeezed shut while she clenched around his cock-she was on edge, just teetering there-going back and forth. He opted to start kissing up her throat-and admittedly Steve liked the audience-he knew Munson was staring-all Steve had to do was squint slightly and he could see the way Eddie's jaw dropped at the sight infront of him.
"You have an audience princess" her eyes widened-immediately spotting the brown van-and he was looking right at them-she couldn't see his eyes exactly but she knew he could see them-and if anything that's what sent her into her orgasm. "filthy fuckin slut, getting off to seeing someone watch you get fucked?" she nodded her head.
Then he followed suit, their moans in sync as he filled her up.
He pulled out of her-keeping her hips held in place as he got on his knees-Steve was a kinky asshole-and she knew that. She hadn't expected this though-not here at least. But he licked a stripe up her leaking cunt-then he started lapping up their release-alternating between sucking on her clit and tongue fucking her-moaning at the taste of their cum.
"S-steve baby-fuck-fuck" she was a whimpering mess, her head lulling forward slightly-back against the glass as she ground her hips against his face, he knew how sensitive she'd get-and he wanted her to be able to walk tomorrow so he opted to finish lapping up the cum leaking from her cunt-then he stood back up, tucking himself into his jeans before pulling her against his chest-her head leaning on his shoulder while he gave Eddie another show, a smirk on his face as he slowly pulled her bra back over her tits, then he repositioned her panties-letting her skirt drape back over her figure.
When the two actually left the store Y/n was flustered, a hot heat along her cheeks and neck as she noticed Eddie still in his van, except his head was leaning back against the seat and he looked out of breath.
"Looks like the freak liked our show princess" she groaned, smacking his arm.
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shrikeicee · 8 months ago
Do you have a reference for elfboo? I desperately want to sew the lilltl creture as a plushie
Tumblr media
this is the ref i made for the mcc art buT IF U MAKE A PLUSHIE U GOTTA @ ME ILL DIE /POS
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redcircledragon · a month ago
Hey there little one I just wanted to say I’m so proud of you for making through another day. Keep up with the good work. Drink water and have a snackie if you can!
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meichenxi · 8 months ago
Hi! I'm in sixth form right now, and I'm a huge lover of languages. I have ADHD and languages are the only thing that can get me to actually sit down and study (which doesn't bode well for my other classes but ah well). The thing is, my ADHD makes it difficult to get started and stick to a proper plan, because I get bored very easily. Do you have any advice for studying a language with ADHD?
Ah, yeah, the good old 'I adore this thing but to do this thing you need structured study' problem. I have exactly the same problem! I preach about the importance of Anki and I know my languages would be better if I just stuck to the same routine every day, but I seem to be chronically incapable of forming habits, and as much as I try and be accepting of my own limitations, sometimes that's very frustrating. Here are some tips I have from my experience with languages and ADHD - some of these may contradict each other, and only speak from my own experience.
1) Their way of studying is not worthier
I don't know if this is causing you distress or not, but regardless: one of the first things to consider is simply that what works for them - a specific routine, self-motivated study - might not work for you. Study plans are not designed for people with ADHD. Any well-meaning advice your parents, friends or teachers give you might similarly not be meant for people with ADHD. What does this mean? That there is nothing intrinsically better about studying in one way if it doesn't work for you, so stop beating yourself up if you can't follow that. Stop worrying if you are not studying as efficiently or as effectively. If trying to study in a specific way - like keeping the same habits every day - is stopping you from studying at all, how is that more effective than studying in front of the TV or whilst jogging??
Ok, true, if I did manage to plan my studying weeks in advance and stick to that every week, my languages would be better than they are now. I know that 100%. But I also know that the longest I have ever successfully done any flashcards was about twenty days, and that if I plan what I'm going to study I just end up spinning around in my spinny chair for thirty minutes or gnawing absently on my hairbrush.
I have been struggling with trying to keep a routine with exercise, cooking, teaching, writing, learning languages, reading and talking to friends for years. And I've always felt so frustrated with myself and like a complete idiot for finding things like 'remember to shower' and 'clean your fucking room' so hard.
But I think I'm beginning to understand myself better now. I completed NaNoWriMo last month and it was life-changing - I have never stuck with a habit that long!! And I realised why: it's because during NaNo, I wasn't trying to juggle twenty different hobbies and interests every day (because that's how you're 'supposed to do it'), but just focusing on work and writing. Just one thing, intensely, for a month! For ages I have known that's how I learn best, but I've been unwilling to implement it because that's not the 'best' or 'most effective' way to learn.
You know what though? If it gets you learning, it gets you learning. There is no 'right' way to do it. ADHD often exhibits alongside anxiety and perfectionism, especially if you're used to being good at school, have never had to learn how to learn and have planned your life to the Nth degree because you can't function otherwise. If this is you, your brain may try and tell you it's not correct to learn in X way - but the advice that you find online literally was not written for you. Don't be surprised if following it feels frustrating.
At school you may not have the flexibility to work on something for an extended period of time, but my point still stands: any learning is a good thing, and you know yourself the best. Try and look at it that way, rather than focusing too much on what is optimal.
2) Try and implement external structure into your routine
Speaking of knowing yourself. I struggle immensely with empty days and nebulous goals - but at the same time hate structure. What the fuck brain. I don't know if you're learning for school or pleasure, but either way, try and tack your language learning habits on to habits that already exist. For example if you're walking to school - listen to a podcast. If you have to do homework every night - put on a playlist and do languages after that after your homework is done. If you're on the bus - do Duolingo. When you're waiting for your brother to come out of swimming - read fanfic in Spanish. Even if it's an hour of complete self-study, you can still tack it onto another habit that exists, preferably one that involves exercise or social interaction or something different. I know just how hard habits are to form, but this is one of the only ways that has been effective for me. I can never plan in advance what exactly I'm going to study, but I try to plan when I will study at least. 
The best kind of external structure, of course, is other people. Join a discord server where you can study together. Arrange to test each other on vocabulary every week with your friends. Get one of your friends to message you aggressively every week to check you've done your homework. Study with a friend who will literally take your phone and not give it back until you have finished.
3) It's not cheating to use software and technology to help
This is what I wish I had been told earlier. IT'S NOT CHEATING. If you have a problem with controlling your time, then don't let yourself have that problem. We live in the modern age!! Use technology to help you! Here are some I personally use and recommend:
- Habitica: this gamifies your to-do lists, and helps you earn points. This is great because you can put both things like homework on here as well as you know. Basic tasks like showering and tidying my room which I still find inordinately difficult.
- Discord study groups: these let you share your SCREEN!!! And because you're in a group full of random internet people you cannot go on social media unless you want to be axe-murdered. You just can't. In these groups you can also form little groups that keep you accountable every day - I was in a group of four who all studied at the same time every day online, and we shared both our cameras and our screens. You can't mess around when you have someone who is literally looking over your shoulder the whole time.
- Freedom: my saviour, my beloved, my one great love. This you do have to pay for but oh my god, it's the most worth-it purchase I have ever made in my life. You add blocklists and you can control what websites you can access when on your phone and your laptop, and they don't have to be the same. For example during my last year of university I only allowed myself access to Tumblr for 30 minutes a day, and it may have just saved my bacon.
- Chrome extensions: for example Pause, which makes you wait for ten seconds before going to any social media site. It still lets you go! But it stops that impulsive scrolling.
4) Utilise your special interests, and don't neglect input
The great thing about languages is that once you're at a certain level, you can do anything you can do in your mother tongue. What does that mean? FANFIC. Youtube. Music. Dnd. Tv programs. THE POSSIBILITIES ARE INFINITE. Of course there are times when you just need to study verb tables, but the majority of people fail at languages A-level or GCSE because they don't have enough input. You're still young; your brain is still spongey! One of the best things you can do, regardless of neurodiversity, is to pump it aggressively full of information. Bad at listening? After 300 hours of dnd...you'll get better.
And you, my friend, have an advantage the neurotypical does not: use your hyper fixations!! I had to speed-run my Spanish A-level in about three or four months for Reasons, and one of the reasons I succeeded without any teacher input was because I was hyperfixating on minimalism at the time. I listened to probably every single video on minimalism on Spanish YouTube. HUNDREDS of hours of podcasts on packing and lightweight travelling and minimalism and Marie Kondo...I haven't thought about minimalism in years, but at the time, that was what did it for me. Use them!! (Of course, if the language itself is your hyper fixation, so much the better, but you can't always control that...)
Please, for the love of god, if you have a tumblr and are a fan - read fan fiction. Hell, write fan fiction. Learning languages doesn't have to be boring!! I wrote pages and pages and PAGES of Silmarillion fanfic in German and look, now I'm applying to do a German-speaking Master's.
One final point here: Yes, random vocabulary about minimalism and packing cubes isn't going to help your A-level. But the sentence structures surrounding it, the constant listening practice, everything else will. So don't worry if your interests are niche or 'irrelevant'. I was obsessed with translations of Homer into German for a while and in my listening exam one of the points hinged on the word 'vanguard', so, you know. You never know!
5) Utilise The Scroll
Do you spend too much time aimlessly on your phone? So do I. Apart from just deleting all the apps from your phone and going cold turkey (which I did, apart from email and messenger, and it’s been pretty successful) there are two things you can do:
- Install social media / reddit / YouTube etc from the country whose language you’re studying. If you reach for your phone first thing in the morning to get into The Scroll, well, that’s thirty minutes of reading. 
- Let yourself watch and consume as much social media / Netflix / YouTube as you want, but try and restrict yourself to only doing so in your target language. 
- You can also buy a kindle! This has CHANGED EVERYTHING for me. I’m fundamentally a lazy person. I like scrolling and I like the dark and I like the shiny screen! But downloading books onto my kindle (from places like zlibrary *cough cough*) means that that’s the first thing I reach for in the morning - I literally sleep with it under my pillow, and I read for 30 minutes in the morning instead. I have made sure to download lots of fanfic onto there too for the times when I just can’t concentrate on anything longer; either way, it stops me scrolling through my phone. You can utilise this with languages too - download Harry Potter or the Little Prince or Lord of the Rings or anything you know well and love, or even fanfic, and read that instead of scrolling. It might not work for you, but I find I end up reading genuinely about 10 times more daily if I use my kindle rather than an actual book, because I can eat and read, lie down and read, jump around and read, walk and read...
6) Shake it up: incorporate movement and stimulus and PEOPLE
Most likely routine is boring!!! And most likely, at school, you are also somewhat bored!! Even if you’re a die-hard introvert like I am, talking to other people in your target language is the best way to stay motivated, and it measures real progress, not just vocabulary stats. Get an exchange partner. Join a discord server. Make friends with somebody in that country if you can. Organise a twice-weekly call.
Re movement: learning doesn’t have to be static. Listen to podcasts and audiobooks on the go - they will help your listening skills no end. You can go for a walk around the block every hour or so to get yourself moving, and whilst you do so, why not listen to American Gods in Spanish? Or whatever floats your boat. Do YouTube workout videos in that language. Anything which tricks your brain into realising that a language is a system of communication that real people use, not just for school. Of course, all of this is easier if you are somewhat intermediate at least. But there are plenty of beginner videos and podcasts too! Use a Youtube converter and download them onto your phone, and listen again and again as you go shopping or wait at the bus stop. 
7) Run a blog (no, seriously)
Just something to consider. It’s time-wasting, but also it builds a community of accountability and explaining things to people is fun! I personally make it a rule though not to post when I’m not studying too much - I think it’s hypocritical otherwise, which is why this blog sometimes goes quiet for a few months at a time. 
6) Understand if you are overstimulated or under stimulated, and adapt accordingly. Gamify your learning!
Habitica is good for for gamifying habits, but also basic things like washing up and cleaning. Memrise and Quizlet, whilst probably not as effective as Anki, are much more fun - I use them for that reason even though Anki is probably better, because I know I’ll actually USE quizlet. 
I don’t think any advice I can give you for being overstimulated or under stimulated is going to particularly help, since I’m sure you’ll know what works and what doesn’t for you. For me personally I’ve learnt gradually that if I’m really under stimulated VERY few things are going to be able to make me study - most of the time it’s just not worth pushing through. So I take a break and run around for fifteen minutes, or punch my pillow listening to insane loud music. That sort of thing. 
If I have to study in that state, though, learning languages is one of the few things that works. If you have quizlet or can test yourself online on verb conjugation, this is the PERFECT moment for it - it’s fast, it’s furious, you don’t actually have to think that much, but doing rapid-fire conjugation or translation whilst listening to repetitive, loud music is one of the only things that is even a little bit useful that I can do. 
Learning to recognise your own moods and tailoring your learning accordingly is hugely important, and probably the best thing you can do in the long run for your own mental health. Sometimes you just need to take a break - and that might not come at the same stimuli or with the same clues as neurotypical people. 
Alright, I hope that’s somewhat useful! I apologise for the long, ironically non-ADHD friendly post (though it means I get to info-dump hehe). If you take anything away from this, I hope you can take away the idea that finding what works for you is better in every single way than trying to persevere with trying habits that you have never successfully built. 
A hard message, but - if it hasn’t worked so far, maybe it’s time to try something different. 
Best of luck with everything - learning languages is hard, and it’s even harder when your brain won’t shut up. Kudos to you for persevering!!!
- meichenxi out
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bottomcyclonus · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I found some pictures from @rodimuses blog but they deep fried him as a server event at like 10am. He also lives in the freezer like my Deep Fried Hot Rod
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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terepi · 2 months ago
Aradia D4 😳
Tumblr media
im sorry this took so long. arabia
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ourladyinapalewhite · 7 months ago
Hello Butterfly, are you free right now?
Kelee looks up at it, she was sitting in the floor bandaging up her leg. There are a couple of other little scrapes and her elbow is bleeding.
"Oh hello Star. I am free in a second. What do you need?" Her tone is the same as last time, soft, lower, and less bubbly. Herself, essentially.
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entitybear · 4 months ago
Can you draw Hellboy feeding Abe fish flakes in lil tank
Tumblr media
mm hell yea snack time
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former-evil-secretary · 7 months ago
[A guard steps into the darkness. Blood stains the pristine white-and-orange armor.]
- @supernatural-history-foundation
{Erebus was panicking with how dark it was, she can barely hear the guard.}
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lizzy-frizzle · 3 months ago
mouse to mouse communication
Also known as: Making out sloppy on the couch
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sortagaysortahigh · 26 days ago
48 on the 1st smut prompts list for steve please 🥵
48: “you can’t take back what you said.”
stop rn this is giving me dom!steve putting the reader in her place vibes.
WARNINGS: choking, slight dacryphillia, smacking, slight dumbification, mean!rough!dom!steve, p in v unprotected secks, creampie, fingering, squirting
Join the sleepover
His hand gripped her throat, her head thrown back against his pillows as he pounded into her, moans and whimpers leaving her lips as she tried to hold her orgasm. "please Steve-please let me cum" he smirked, looking down at her, tightening his grip on her throat the slightest bit "no-you don't deserve it-so fuckin hold it"
She grasped his forearm, her back arching into him as he continued his relentless pace, he'd already made her cum three times, he knew what he was doing when he fingered her on the drive home, she was cumming around his thick fingers before he'd even parked in his driveway. Then he did it again, except he bent her over the bathroom sink, three fingers rapidly plunging into her sopping cunt, she hadn't even fully realized what he had planned.
Instead when he heard the sink running he walked into the bathroom, his hands gently trailing along her body as he stared at her questioning reflection, a smirk on his face as he reached the hem of her tight little dress, hands grasping her ass-massaging over the flesh-earning a few moans before he hiked it up.
Then his fingers were trailing along her inner thighs, moving to her bare cunt-her panties situated on the floor of his car, as she mumbled 'please' he simply nodded his head-instead of easing into her he immediately slid two fingers into her slick cunt, then when she was whining and gripping the sink he placed a hand on her shoulder blade-pushing her down before sliding a third finger into her.
All the while he degraded her, calling her his pretty little whore, going on about how arrogant she was, how she talked too much shit all the time, even calling her a dumb little girl because she'd told Robin and Nancy that she called the shots in her relationship.
Then once she came, he pulled her back into the bedroom-pushing her onto the bed-and before she knew it he was lining himself up with her entrance-listening to her whine and beg for more. She loved it when he manhandled her, loved it even more when he grasped her jaw-squeezed her cheeks the slightest bit then smacked her, all while he fucked into her.
then her third orgasm was shooting through her entire body as he fucked her hard. Her legs wrapped around his waist while she drowned in the pleasure of overstimulation. However she was in too deep now-he never stopped fucking into her, if anything he'd gotten faster and harder-he knew he was brushing against her g-spot, her cunt squeezing him because she desperately needed to cum.
However he wouldn't let her "Hold it princess, you talked all that shit and now look at you-crying because you wanna cum. that's too fuckin bad" she nodded her head, the tears trailing down her cheeks as she tried to hold back. "If you cum I'm gonna fuck you like a needy little whore all night long until you can't fuckin walk" she moaned, nodding her head.
"Steve-please I'm sorry-fuck I'm sorry" he raised a brow "you can't take back what you said baby, you wanted to act like you're in charge-little miss I call the shots-now look at you-so fucking used and desperate" she squeezed her eyes shut, his degrading tone almost poisonous-and it was making it even harder for her to hold back.
"I can't steve I can't fuck I can't" he raised his brows, a faux pout on his lips "yeah? you can't hold it-you need it so bad don't you? too fuckin bad-hold it" with that he fucked into her a few more times before throwing his head back, his orgasm washing over his entire figure as he filled her with his warmth, rope after rope. Then he pulled out-leaving her on edge as she whimpered, looking up at him through teary eyes.
"Aw my little dumb crybaby-look at you" he grabbed her jaw again-it was almost humiliating, his cum leaking out of her as she whimpered and whined-needing another orgasm. She was so desperate for him. Then he moved back, resting on his knees between her legs-pushing them even wider before sliding three fingers right into her fucked out cunt, her hands gripping the sheets while she moaned.
"gotta keep my cum inside, remind you who's really in fuckin charge, you wanna cum? fuckin cum" she bit down on her bottom lip, then she moaned his name, her orgasm washing over her entire body, it felt different-that was because she squirted-making a mess of Steve's hand, his chest, and his sheets.
"Fuckin love when my little cum slut squirts like that" she nodded her head, completely out of breath and so high on pleasure that she couldn't even fully process that she'd squirted all over him.
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shrikeicee · 2 months ago
I’ve never seen anyone question it or at least I haven’t seen anyone ask but, I’m the Santa Workshop au, what species is dream, we know he can disguise himself as human, is he just an elf? Or is he something worse that can morph his appearance to seem unassuming when not wearing the mask, is there something funky and evil under there?
so i was thinkin maybe hes like a guard doll what was only meant to have the intelligence to follow orders but somethin or whatever happened and he became sentient
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
little funky guy. i love him
n we decided to ignore the human face part n say the mask is just his face
Tumblr media Tumblr media
dream my little (OH GOD WHAT THE FUCK)
edit: i forgot to mention he cant change mask when he shapeshifts. phil was like hmmm ive created a shapeshifting entity thats extremely durable and fast, i need to make this thing recognizeable
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terror-osha · 7 months ago
Hello, Ter. - @horrorosha
What. Do. You. Want. And who gave you permission to call me that. {Terror snarls. It seems to be in a bad mood.}
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spect-era · 7 months ago
👉👈 Can you draw Dr. Bright and SCP-590?? They deserve the world !!
Tumblr media
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bottomcyclonus · a year ago
can u put cyclonus in a nursing home
Tumblr media
images you can smell
Pt 1 || Pt 2
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terepi · 2 months ago
roxy in c1?
Tumblr media
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