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hermajestyimher · a day ago
As a woman who lives in a third world country where jobs do not pay so much. How do I navigate becoming a high value woman physically with a low income?
You don't need a high income to become of high value. Being a high-value woman and levelling up is about character, integrity, education, and morals. You don't need to wear haute couture, or assist the most elite universities to be of high value, but you do need to have drive to want to improve yourself and your situation/circumstances each day to become better than the version of you the day before.
You can always learn to refine your persona through watching videos online of ladies of high class who teach others how to do so. You can always look for ways to improve your formal education so that opportunities can open for you domestically and abroad and in that way grow your circle and connections. You can always ensure that you are not dating and befriending people who are below your standards and who do not share the same values and vision you have for your life. You can always engage in habits and actions that nurture your soul and spirit, and keep you fit, healthy and grounded.
Leveling up is a mindset, never a price tag. Keep going.
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oldshrewsburyian · a day ago
as you're watching a robin hood thing rn, i was wondering, as a medievalist, what are common tropes / plot elements / details that consistently show up in robin hood media and drive you nuts because they're WrongTM? something that comes to mind is the perception of medieval sherwood as untouched virgin forest and nothing but solid Trees all the way through, for example. alternately, what r medieval things you think would b cool and yet never show up in robin hood media? :)
Hello! This is a very interesting question (or two linked questions.) I have to confess that, on the first point, things that are Wrong About The Middle Ages tend to bother me less in Robin Hood media than elsewhere. At least hopefully, everyone knows Robin Hood wasn't real, so Robin Hood stories are less likely to (mis)inform perceptions of the medieval than other things. Some of my pet peeves that show up in Robin Hood Media and elsewhere are:
peasants are 1) constantly oppressed 2) invisible or 3) both
there are skeletons in cages (for Reasons)
the church and its representatives are corrupt (for Reasons)
everyone is white
the Crusades™ exist only to show places and people that are Elsewhere and Other
Yeah. So those are problems. But they aren't specific to Robin Hood media. The chief potential crime of Robin Hood media, as I see it, is to take itself too seriously. Things that should be in Robin Hood (and other medieval) media but aren't:
peasants!! so many peasants! doing peasant things! that are vital to the entire economy thank you very much (shoutout to 2010 Robin Hood and its grain supply drama; this is what I want)
normal people taking their faith seriously. please.
(this includes non-Christians; show me the vibrant Jewish population of 12th-century England! again: please)
non-villainous clergy (see above)
non-white people, obviously
women doing things (anything, really)
a functional manorial system (I would watch movies with 1000% more fish pond drama, for instance)
a functional legal system of any kind in any context
I should probably cut myself off, but you get the idea. As you point out, the biggest problem specific to Robin Hood media is not showing the forest as a vital economic space, with herds of pigs, and charcoal burners, and foresters, and and...! But of course, the greenwood of the ballads is a sort of mythical space where "the shawes be sheyne, / And leves be large and long," so I can countenance Robin Hood media going with this version of Sherwood Forest rather than something closer to historical reality.
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sleepsentry · 12 hours ago
May I take a moment to say you have literally the greatest Human Bill design I’ve ever seen in my entire goddamn life?
Thank you! It's years in the making and born from a general creative frustration and a love of 2d Disney villains. (Yzma, cruella, scar, dr.facilier, and many others)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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viol3tlavender · 2 days ago
ugh when i try to enter the void i get close then affirm and nothing happens
Hey Tulip!🌷
bro, it's 'cause you THINK/ASSUME nothing happens. if you'd take the out the time and do the effort to actually change that *thought* ---> "that you don't enter the void", you'd actually get in.
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silvercaptain24 · 2 days ago
For the headcanon game, Wind?
Oooo, Wind! I don’t think I’ve had an ask about him before!
A: Realistic
Wind is not quite lactose intolerant, but he doesn’t like the taste because he’s used to coconut milk, and too too much dairy hurts his stomach.
B: Less Realistic but Hilarious
Wind cannot- physically cannot- stop himself from cooing and naming every small bird he comes across. Any bigger than a gull, though, and he sacrifices the nearest person and runs.
C: Heartbreaking
Wind never knew who his parents were, but sometimes he gets dreams about them. However, he can never remember anything about those dreams when he wakes up, despite remembering all his others.
D: Completely bonkers
Not only did he help with the War of Eras, but he also fathered half of the royal lineage of Hyrule with Tetra in two different timelines because time travel.
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ao3commentoftheday · 7 days ago
I've been writing fics for a long time and I remember a time when even the smallest of fics and stories used to get a lot of engagement from their readers, even back in the days of fanfiction net and ye old forum fics. These days, one's lucky if someone leaves a kudos, let alone a simple comment. Did something about fandoms change? Did it become more consumer like?
Personal opinion? It's not just a fandom thing. It's a "web 3.0" (or whatever we're calling the modern internet) thing.
Today's internet is set up for maximum scrolling and minimal effort. Tiktok is an incredibly popular platform, in large part because there is zero thought that needs to go into watching on it. Youtube requires viewers to read the video title, look at the thumbnail, and make a decision. Tiktok just serves it right up for you.
Other social media sites are attempting to follow suit, easing the path of consumption to keep those eyeballs in place so the ads (and therefore the money) can flow. Everything from news sites with click bait links at the bottom of a story to online stores with "people who viewed this item also looked at this" - the entire internet is set up to keep people moving from one thing to the next without stopping.
AO3 isn't social media. It isn't news. It isn't shopping. There's no algorithm pushing content. There's no "you liked this story? here's another one just like it!" message when you reach the end of the fic.
But people get into certain habits. Just like people who are used to Wattpad use the word "books" instead of "fics" when they start reading on AO3, people who are used to watching a thing and then scrolling on are in the habit of seeing a thing and then moving on.
It will depend on your fandom, of course. And how popular a particular ship or trope is. My last fandom was full of people who'd started out in the LJ or FFN eras of fic, or the early days of AO3 and maybe that's why commenting was so common. Or maybe it was because the early fans in that fandom created a culture where commenting and kudosing was seen as just... what you do.
I don't really think of it as being connected to age at all. I see it more as being connected to comforts and habits. But it's also connected to expectations, community, culture of that particular corner of fandom in particular. These days, I hear a lot of the discussion and recs and squee happens in discord servers instead of on the fics themselves. And that might be because that's where the community is.
I also wonder (with no basis beyond my own gut) whether that period of several years where there was rant after rant here on tumblr about how to comment "correctly" might have made people comment less. I know that if I hadn't been in the habit already, seeing the anger addressed at commenters in some of those posts would have made me decide that I wasn't brave enough to risk it in case I did something wrong.
It's a simple question with no simple answers, but here's half a dozen thoughts I have in my head at any given time. I hope it gives you some insight? Or at least some things to consider.
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devildomditzy · a month ago
hii!! i love ur posts !! they always make me smile >w< i wanted to request the brothers reacting to a chubby mc ^^ i hope you have a great rest of your timezone!!!
wowie woaw anon you are my first inboxed request 😎 i am kissing u on the lips
With a Chubby MC
He never admit it out loud, but during council meetings you’re his biggest distraction
He thinks your beautiful and can’t help himself from staring
That RAD uniform fits you a little too well ehehehe
He loves your cheeks, he wants to caress your face just to end up grabbing your chin to bring your focus to him (as it should be)
You gotta understand, this boy is head over heels for you even when you are a sheep. A SHEEP!!!
Mammon thinks you’re perfect no matter what you look like because you’re his and you’re you
But!!! Hips!!! He is going to grab them 😈
They are soft and squishy and MC they’re literally made for holdin’ stop tryin’ to wiggle free from his grasp ya know he’s not lettin’ go
He likes to pinch you bc he’s a little fucked up and evil 🤧
Thighs 👁👄👁
Thigh Highs??!!?!! 👁🫦👁 🖐😫
If you dare to put on a tennis skirt with those thigh highs he is doomed
Knee high socks that have a little bit of your leg spilling over the top? Suddenly his nose is bleeding
MC this isn’t fair!!! You’re purposely trying to distract him from the latest Ruri-Chan episode, aren’t you?!
Sit on him plz 🥴
Asmo is absolutely obsessed with you. Okay, maybe not as much as himself but a close second for sure!!!
Since he has a slender build, dressing you opens him to a whole other world of fashion that he can’t wear himself, but can make sure you look darling in
If clothes shopping makes you generally uncomfortable, leave it up to the Avatar of Lust to be your personal stylist/designer
Pictures of you are littered all over his Devilgram 🥹
He worships you 💕 (almost as much as himself)
He doesn’t give a fuck now put on the car ears ��😡
What Satan looks for in a partner is someone who matches his intellect and wit, so honestly looks don’t play a big factor into it
But, he thinks you’re gorgeous all the same
He enjoys having you in his lap while he reads
It’s become second nature so much so that he now finds it difficult to focus if you’re not there
Hey, it’s more of you for him to snuggle 🥰
You have become this man’s personal teddy bear
He likes to bench press you skenfnsodkfk (Beel plz pick me up)
He loves your arms, you give the softest hugs he’s ever felt and it makes his heart swoon when you wrap your arms around him
Also would love a partner not afraid to snack with him so if that’s you he wants to marry you in an instant
Hello human body pillow :)
He’s ditching his cow print pillow in favor of begging you to let him lay on your stomach, thighs, you name it
He also likes it for… less innocent reasons
More places to mark as his 😈
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zarla-s · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"....further testing may be needed."
Based on this post !!
ps: Zarla I love this comic so much, keep up the AMAZING work, ily
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koumine · 2 months ago
consider this: mc convinces Lucifer to watch the devildom equivalent of jeopardy with them, and obviously Lucifer probably knows all the answers BUT mc makes their own game out of it. Lucifer has to answer every question while mc is pleasuring him in some way, and it's basically just a game of how long he can last before his brain melts and the show is forgotten entirely. Also there's the question of is there a reward for getting it right, or a punishment for getting it wrong? Normally if someone liked the punishment, it would just be incentive to get them wrong, but we're talking about the avatar of pride, ain't no way he's doing that.
this idiocy brought to you by your friendly neighborhood 🐍
this excellent idea brought to us by our friendly neighborhood 🐍!!!
content tags for below: dom!top!MC x sub!bottom!Lucifer, GN race neutral MC, cockwarming, teasing, spanking, mild humiliation.
Consider: both rewards AND punishments. >:3 Hear me out.
MC gets Lucifer to cockwarm them. He has to stay put and sit patiently in their lap while trying not to be too distracted by how good he feels having their cock inside him.
Whenever Lucifer gets an answer correct, MC rewards him with a nice little thrust or two, maybe a stroke of his cock as well.
And at first Lucifer gets everything correct, of course. One promptly given, confident, correct answer after another; almost entirely keeping his composure, other than when MC thrusts up into him and he quietly moans. But that composure can't last forever.
Eventually, Lucifer starts taking too long to answer, too distracted by thinking about how much he wishes MC would let him ride them properly, and oh dear, oh no, now MC has to punish him. >:3 A sharp spank will suffice, hard enough to make him jolt in their lap, to make him gasp, to distract him even more with pain layered over pleasure.
He'll try to focus again, but no matter how hard he tries, he'll start not only answering too slowly, but actually getting answers wrong. No, he can do better, he is better, he ---
He moans as MC spanks him again, shivering as the overlapping spank marks on his ass burn with delicious pain. Misses the next Devil in Jeopardy prompt entirely as a throb of vague humiliation at his failures moves through him, and he curls in to press his face against MC's shoulder. Tries one more time to listen for the next prompt, but MC spanks him twice just because they can, and finally his brain melts into pure pleasure and pain and he loses track of the game entirely.
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pinkconkonut · 4 months ago
I wanna see some Stans!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you. you get it.
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araekni · 5 days ago
can you please help me find this one tumblr post about hoping that dying is like being carried back to your room after you fell asleep as a child? im looking everywhere. thx!!
Tumblr media
this one? :))
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hermajestyimher · a month ago
What are your relationship non negotiables? I love your blog!
Good hygiene, not just basic, but good. The amount of men that go around the world with the most repulsive habits and lack of self-care towards their bodies and the environments they live in has been shocking for me to find out. I will not cohabitate with someone with repulsive behaviors of any kind. If you don't take your hygiene seriously, it lets me know that you have very little regard for your body combined with low self-awareness, and if you don't care about properly maintaining your living space accordingly, it tells me you care very little about the ones you have to share them with. I will leave at recurrent unhygienic signs.
Lack of ambition and motivation. And when I speak of ambition, I am not referring to it in the biblical sinful way of going only after money and material things, regardless of what you do in the process of getting there. But rather, I mean having a bigger vision for your life, the things you want to accomplish, and having the drive, dedication, and discipline to go after them. A man that is driven and actively working towards creating a better future for his family and himself is extremely attractive.
Generosity and wealth. Although I'm very vocal on and actively advocate for other women to strive to be independent and go-getters, I also understand that for relationships to work, there are roles and assignments each partner has to fulfill. As such, my man has to have a provider mindset and must be willing to give me the world. I don't care how much money and wealth I end up gaining in life, if I'm having a romantic relationship with a man, I'm not paying a single dime while in his presence. For this, he must be successful (and actively working towards his goals as touched upon in the previous point), but also not be stingy in any kind of way. How he treats you in relation to his money will speak volumes about his character and how he views you.
Positive mindset. The people around you affect how you view the world more than you think. A negative person can bring misery into your life if you allow yourself to internalize their ways. Your partner should be someone that has a bright outlook on life and is looking forward to building nothing but positive memories and moments with you. If they are doing the opposite, you must cut them off (this also applies to friends and family members).
Values. I will not compromise on my core values, my religious/spiritual believes, or certain strong political views for another person with different or opposite ideas. As a Christian I'm called to entertain men I'm equally yoked with, but this goes beyond believing in the same Higher Power, it includes sharing similar values about key aspects of life so that you two may align in the things you want to achieve and the lifestyle you want to live.
Fitness. This is crucial, similarly to the first point; a person who doesn't care for his physical appearance and fitness shows very little self-awareness, likely low self-esteem, and ultimately doesn't care about keeping you attracted to them, therefore, holding you in a lower regard. Putting effort into your fitness showcases values of discipline, delayed gratification, and high self-esteem, and as someone who tries to embody those things in her own personal life, I would not want a partner that does not see the value in these things as well.
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ironwoman359 · a year ago
You may have gotten this already but can I request a screenshot of Logan smiling? That has fed my soul for the next three years
I HAVE SO MANY he was such a smiley boy this episode! before the end but we won't talk about that here adfaghiky
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Let our boy smile 2021
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sleepsentry · 12 hours ago
I love how you draw Pyronica wjudhwjdja
This is from a few months ago:
Tumblr media
Thank youuuu!
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viol3tlavender · 11 days ago
Can you share how you manifested perfect eyesight?
Hey Tulip!🌷 So, it took me at most 2 minutes to manifest perfect eyesight. I had my glasses for about 3 years and when I went to the clinic a month or two ago to get my eyesight checked I was very nervous about my eyesight getting worse but I affirmed that "no matter what, I have perfect eyesight" all the time my eyes were being examined. I was so anxious and my heart was beating so fast and it felt like I would faint any moment but I kept affirming and then *boom*, the result said : I had perfect eyesight. And I was like "what👀☢"?? Also, I was so excited and shocked 'cause it was no "coincidence". I knew I manifested it. I was smiling the whole time on my way home.
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silvercaptain24 · a day ago
Headcanon ask game - Twilight
A: Realistic
Twi has to eat more since he got turned into a wolf, because of the different metabolism rates.
B: Less Realistic but Hilarious
Twilight can’t get near Legend in wolf form without getting the urge to pounce on him. He just has very good self restraint, but even that sometimes fails.
C: Heartbreaking
Ever since his adventure, Twi has been scared of fire. Since meeting the Chain (And having a campfire nearly every night) he’s started to get over it, but it’s slow going.
D: Completely Bonkers
If you’ve never seen a wolf try to dance, you should see Wolfie when Time plays his ocarina. Whereas Twilight has two left feet a majority of the time (it’s not his fault that the others don’t know the songs to country dances!), Wolfie is the best dancer on the floor.
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ao3commentoftheday · 8 days ago
I’ve been having trouble with actually starting to write fics. Once the start is established it’s super easy, but it’s incredibly difficult for me to actually write the beginning. Any tips?
Don't write the beginning. Start from the place where it's easy.
A lot of the time when I get into trouble writing a story or when I get too bogged down and lose motivation, I find that I've actually started telling the story too soon.
It's a lot easier to dive in when the action starts, without all of the backstory and worldbuilding. In story-telling terms, this is called in media res, but in practical terms it just means picking a point in time where the story is already in progress and start there.
You can reveal backstory and build your world through flashbacks, conversations, and general observations made by your POV characters. Remember that your reader doesn't need to know everything that you know. They just need to know enough to understand what's happening.
Also, if you find something boring, your audience probably will too. Save yourself the trouble of writing, and save them the trouble of reading it. Stick to the parts that you enjoy. This isn't homework. You don't have to eat your fic vegetables before you can have your fic dessert.
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