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ironwoman359 · a day ago
You may have gotten this already but can I request a screenshot of Logan smiling? That has fed my soul for the next three years
I HAVE SO MANY he was such a smiley boy this episode! before the end but we won't talk about that here adfaghiky
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Let our boy smile 2021
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fuckyeahisawthat · a year ago
I'm just curious (still learning) at what point after 1100 AD would Joe and Nicky been in actual danger due to homophobia? At what point would they have to start lying to people about the nature of their amazing relationship, just to stay safe? Thanks!
(This is in reference to this post, in which I skimmed over like 900 years of sociological changes in identity formation in very very broad strokes.)
So. Here’s the thing. As “western” queer people in the modern world, I think we highly associate safety with being able to be out of the closet. Can I kiss my partner in public or walk down the street holding hands without fear of encountering hate speech or physical violence? Can I tell my friends, family and coworkers about my relationship without fear of social ostracization or economic consequences?
But that’s a very modern perspective. Between “pride parade!!” and “we will definitely be murdered if anyone finds out we are lovers,” there is...A LOT of space for different kinds of historical queer experience.
So it’s not so much that Yusuf and Nicolò could be safely “out of the closet” in 12th century Baghdad but not in 19th century London. It’s not quite as far from that as you might think. But they wouldn’t have thought about it that way.
In the first few hundred years of their existence, the Islamic world was...full of contradictions when it came to homosexuality. You had a strong taboo against adult men being the receptive partner in penetrative sex, but you also had poets--like, the most famous poets of their times--writing tons of homoerotic poetry about desiring young men and boys, and that was normal and even celebrated. (If you’re familiar with the sexual mores of ancient Greece...lots of similarities here.) You had clerics writing about how there should be harsh punishments for “sodomy,” but in practice in everyday life very, very few people were ever actually disciplined in the legal system for something like that. And other forms of sexual activity between men, like kissing and various forms of non-penetrative sex, were just...not a big deal. At the same time there was kind of an unspoken “don’t ask, don’t tell” social contract around sex between men. Like, we know this thing is definitely happening, and we’re not going to talk about it, and that’s what makes it socially acceptable to continue happening. So you can have a society that in the written, religious record looks fairly intolerant toward sex between men; in practice is actually quite tolerant; where everyone sort of knows things about certain people, but where no one is really “out” in the modern sense of the terms.
At the same time, pretty much everywhere in the world at this time but definitely in the Middle East, casual touch between men was much more normalized. Two men holding hands or linking arms when walking down the street, sitting pressed up next to each other, falling asleep with your head on your male companion’s shoulder...a whole range of things that look decidedly snuggly to our modern gaze would have been totally acceptable between friends of the same gender, and would not have been considered sexual in any way. (This is still true in much of the Middle East today.)
So you can easily imagine a scenario where, like, Nicolò is lounging with his head on Yusuf’s shoulder, eating dates and listening to some saucy Abu Nuwas poem being recited, and then they go back to their private quarters and they have as much sex as they want. Are they “out”? Not really. Is anyone bothering them about how they’re living their lives? Not in the slightest. Do some people in that room see them and know? Probably, but that’s their private business and we’re not gonna talk about it. Frankly that sounds like a pretty sweet existence for a 12th century queer.
To be fair, they have a few advantages. They’re men, which means no one will really question them traveling together, without wives or families. They can easily say they’re friends or business partners and no one will really give it a second thought. I’m sure having to break off contact with their families was sad, but it’s also the case that there’s no one around asking when they’re going to get married to a woman and have children so we have someone to inherit the family business. It gives them a kind of freedom that a lot of other queer people around them wouldn’t have had.
I think once they meet up with Andy and Quynh, they do do things like pretending to be two married couples traveling together. But that’s more because of sexism, because two unmarried women traveling with two men who were not their husbands would turn some heads.
In Europe at the time, Christian theology is pretty not-into all kinds of non-procreative sex, but sex between men is not necessarily viewed as a worse sin than, say, masturbation, or sex between men and women out of wedlock. And it’s like, a category of sin that a lot of people are doing all the time, so if you were to confess such a thing to your local priest, you would be told to do penance but the consequences would be fairly mild. And many of the same things regarding casual touch hold true. Various rituals of kissing, including men kissing men on the mouth, are used as greetings, to seal contracts, and as part of mass.
Medieval Europe also had a concept variously called passionate, romantic, or chivalric friendship--close relationships between two people of the same gender that could be long-lasting, physically affectionate, emotionally intense in a way we would today read as romantic, and (allegedly) celibate. Were some of these passionate friendships actually queer relationships with a sexual component that just wasn’t talked about? Probably. Were some of them what we would define as queerplatonic or homoromantic asexual relationships today? Probably. Is it even useful to try to stuff these experiences into modern relationship categories? Debatable. The point is...the borders between what was defined as friendship, romance and love were different. Two men who traveled together, slept in the same bed, shared resources, were emotionally intimate with each other, and otherwise entwined their lives would not necessarily have been assumed to be sex partners in medieval Europe. And (I think this is the important part) Yusuf and Nicolò would not necessarily have seen being perceived as passionate friends as “hiding” the true nature of their relationship or as assigning some lesser value to it.
In terms of how they are perceived in public, I think things really don’t start to change until the early 20th century. It’s a gradual process, but over the first half of the 20th century, more or less, affectionate touch between men becomes defined as “gay” and a mainstream (straight) masculinity that is concerned with defining itself as “not gay” emerges. Affectionate touch, and then any show of loving emotion between men, gradually becomes less and less acceptable, to a degree that probably seems absurd to two 900-year-old Mediterraneans. (The absurdity is really well-expressed in the van scene, which is literally like “Bro is it gay to [checks notes] concern about the well-being of the person you were just violently kidnapped with?”)
Like, on the one hand, you have queer people talking openly about their sexuality in ways that were not an option at earlier times in their lives. But at the same time you have to be careful holding hands walking down the high street now because someone might chuck an empty beer bottle at you. Must’ve been a real wild transition for them.
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brawltogethernow · a year ago
So, I don't think I've ever asked you this... what IS the whole point of the Spider-Sense? It really seems like something that only exists for writers to ignore or work around when they want to inject Legit Tension into a story.
I’ve thought about this power so much, but never with an eye to defend its right to exist, so I needed to think about this. The results could be more concise.
Ironically, given the question, I have to say its main purpose is to ramp up tension. But it’s also a highly variable multitool that a skilled creative team can use for...pretty much anything. It does everything the writer wants it to, while for its wielder always falls just short of doing enough.
Tumblr media
I went looking through my photos for a really generic, classic-looking example to use as an image to head this topic, but then I ran into the time Peter absolutely did not reimburse this man for his stolen McDonald’s, so have that instead.
A Scare Chord, But You Can Draw It
That one post that says the spider-sense is just super-anxiety isn’t, like, wrong. It’s a very anxious, dramatic storytelling tool originally designed for a very anxious, dramatic protagonist. I find it speaks to the overall tone of the franchise that some characters are functionally psychics, but with a psychic ability that only points out problems.
Spidey sense pinging? There’s danger, be stressed! Broken? Now the lead won’t even KNOW when there’s a problem, scary! Single character is immune to it? That’s an invisible knife in the dark oh my god what the fuck what the fU--
Like its counterpart in garden variety anxiety, the only time the spider-sense reduces tension is in the middle of a crisis. But in the wish fulfillmenty way that you want in an adventure story to justify exaggerated action sequences, the same way enhanced strength or durability does. Also like those, it would theoretically make someone much safer to have it, but it exists in the story to let your character navigate into and weather more dangerous situations.
For its basic role in a story, a danger sense is a snappy way to rile up both the reader and the protagonist that doesn’t offer much information beyond that it’s time to sit smart because shit is about to go down.
Spidey comic canon is all over the board in quality and genre, and it started needing to subvert its formulas before the creators got a handle on what those formulas even were, and basically no one has read anything approaching most of it at this point, so for consistent examples of a really bare bones use of this power in storytelling, I’d point to the property that’s done the best job yet of boiling down the mechanics of Spider-Man to their absolute most basic essentials for adaptation to a compelling monster of the week TV series.
Or as you probably know it, Danny Phantom. DON’T BOO, I’M RIGHT.
Tumblr media
DP is Spider-Man with about 2/3 of the serial numbers filed off and no death (ironically), and Danny’s ghost sense is the most proof in the formula example of what the spidey sense is for: It’s a big sign held up for the viewer that says, “Something is wrong! Pay attention!” Effectively a visual scare chord. It’s about That Drama. And it works, which won it a consistent place in the show’s formula. We’re talking several times an episode here.
So why does it work?
It’s a little counterintuitive, but it’s strong storytelling to tell your audience that something bad is going to happen before it does. A vague, punchy spoiler transforms the ignorant calm before a conflict into a tense moment of anticipation. ...And it makes sure people don’t fail to absorb the beginning of said conflict because they weren’t prepared to shift gears when the scene did. Shock is a valuable tool, too, but treating it like a staple is how you burn out your audience instead of keeping them engaged. Not to go after an easy target, but you need to know how to manage your audience’s alarm if you don’t want to end up like Game of Thrones.
The limits of the spider-sense also keep you on your toes when handled by a smart writer. It tells Peter (everyone’s is a little different, so I’m going to cite the og) about threats to his person, but it doesn’t elaborate with any details when it’s not already obvious why, what kind, and from what. And it doesn’t warn him about anything else-- Which is a pretty critical gap when you zoom out and look at his hero career’s successes and failures and conclude that it’s definitely why he’s lived as long as he has acting the way he does, but was useless as he failed to save a string of people he’d have much rather had live on than him.
(Any long-running superhero mythos has these incidents, but with Peter they’re important to the core themes.)
And since this power is by plot for plot (or because it’s roughly agreed it only really blares about threats that check at least two boxes of being major, immediate, or physical), it always kicks in enough to register when the danger is bearing down...when it’s too late to actually do anything about it if “anything” is a more complex action than “dodge”.
Tumblr media
Really? Not until the elevator doors started to open?
That Distinctive, Crunchy Spider Flavor
The spider-sense and its little pen squiggles go hand in hand with wallcrawling (and its unique and instantly identifiable associated body language) to make the Spider-Person powerset enduringly iconic and elevate characters with it from being generic mid-level super-bricks. Visually, but also in how it shapes the story.
I said it can share a narrative role with super strength. But when you end a fight and go home, super strength continues to make your character feel powerful, probably safer than they’d be otherwise, maybe dangerous.
The spider-sense just keeps blaring, “Something’s wrong! Something’s wrong! God, why aren’t you doing something about this!?”
Pretty morose thing to live with, for a safety net! Kind of a double edged sword you have there! Could be constantly being hyperattuned to problems would prime you for a negative outlook on life. Kind of seems like a power that would make it impossible for a moral person to take a day off, leading them into a beleaguered and resentful yet dutiful attitude about the whole superhero gig! Might build up to some of the core traits of this mythos, maybe! Might lead to a lot of fifteen minute retirement stories, or something. Might even be a built in ‘great responsibility’ alarm that gets you a main character who as a rule is not going to stop fighting until he physically cannot fight anymore.
Tumblr media
Certainly not apropos of anything, just throwing this short lived barely-a-joke tagline up for fun.
One of my personal favorite things about stories with superpowers is keeping in mind how they cause the people who have them to act in unusual ways outside of fights, so when you tell me that these people have an entire extra sense that tells them when the gas in their house is leaking through a barely useful hot/cold warning system that never turns off, I’m like, eyes emojis, popcorn out, notebook open, listening intently, spectacles on, the whole deal.
It also contributes to Peter Parker’s personality in a way I really enjoy: It allows him to act like an irrational maniac. When you know exactly when a situation becomes dangerous and how much, normal levels of caution go out the window and absolutely nothing you do makes sense from an exterior standpoint anymore. That’s the good shit. I would like to see more exploration of how the non-Parker characters experiencing the world in this incredibly altered way bounce in response.
It’s also one of many tools in this franchise hauling the reader into relating more closely with the main character. The backbone of classic Spidey is probably being in on secrets only Peter and the reader know which completely reframe how one views the situation on the page. It’s just a big irony mine for the whole first decade. A convenient way to inform the reader and the lead that something is bad news that’s not perceivable to any other characters is youth-with-a-big-exciting-secret catnip.
Another point for tension, there, in that being aware of danger is not synonymous with being able to act on it. If there’s no visible reason for you to be acting strange,’re just going to have to sit tight and sweat, aren’t you? Some gratuitous head wiggles never hurt when setting up that type of conflict.
Have I mentioned that they look cool? Simultaneously punchy and distinctive, with a respectable amount of leeway for artists to get creative with and still coming up with something easily recognizable? And pretty easy to intuit the meaning of even without the long-winded explanations common in the days when people wrote comics with the intent that someone could come in cold on any random issue and follow along okay, I think, although the mechanic has been deeply ingrained in popular culture for so long that I can’t really say for sure.
It was also useful back in the day when no artists drew the eyes on the Spider-Man mask as emoting and were conveying the lead’s expressions entirely through body language and panel composition. If you wiggle enough squiggles, you don’t need eyebrows.
Take This Handwave and Never Ask Me a Logistical Question Again
This ability patches plot holes faster than people can pick them open AND it can act as an excuse to get any plot rolling you can think of if paired with one meddling protagonist who doesn’t know how to mind their own business. Buy it now for only $19.99 (in four installments; that’s four installments of $19.99).
Why can a teenager win a six on one fight against other superhumans? Well, the spider-sense is the ultimate edge in combat, duh.
Why can Peter websling? Why doesn’t everyone websling? Well, the spider-sense is keeping him from eating flagpole when he violently flings himself across New York in a way neither man nor spider was ever meant to move.
How are we supposed to get him involved with the plot this week???? Well, that crate FELT dangerous, so he’s going to investigate it. Oh, dip, it was full of guns and radioactive snakes! Probably shouldn’t have opened that!
Yeah, okay, but why isn’t it fixing everything, then? Isn’t it supposed to be why Peter has never accidentally unmasked in front of somebody? ('Nother entry for this section, take a shot.) That’s crazy sensitive! How does he still have any problems!? Is everything bad that’s ever happened to characters with this powerset bad writing!? --Listen, I think as people with uncanny senses that can tell us whether we are in danger with accuracy that varies from incredible to approximate (I am talking about the five senses that most people have), we should all know better than to underestimate our ability to tune them out or interpret them wrong and fuck ourselves up anyway. I honestly find this part completely realistic.
The spider-sense is a clean branch into...whatever. There is the exact right balance of structure and wishy-washiness to build off of. A sample selection of whatevers that have been built:
It’s sci-fi and spy gadgets when Peter builds technology that can interface with it.
It’s quasi-mystical when Kaine and Annie-May get stronger versions of it that give them literal psychic visions, or when you want to get mythological and start talking about all the spider-characters being part of a grand web of fate.
Kaine loses his and it becomes symbolic of a future newly unbound by constraints, entangled thematically with the improved physical health he picked up at the same time -- a loss presented as a gain.
Tumblr media
Peter loses his and almost dies 782 times in one afternoon because that didn’t make the people he provoked when he had it stop trying to kill him, and also because he isn’t about to start “””taking the subway’’””’ “‘’“”to work”””’’” like some kind of loser who doesn’t get a heads up when he’s about to hit a pigeon at 50mph.
Peter’s starts tuning into his wife’s anxiety and it’s a tool in a relationship study.
It starts pinging whenever Peter’s near his boss who’s secretly been replaced by a shapeshifter and he IGNORES IT because his boss is enough of an asshole that that doesn’t strike him as weird; now it’s a comedy/irony tool.
Into the Spider-Verse made it this beautiful poetic thing connecting all the spider-heroes in the multiverse and stacked up a story on it about instant connection, loss, and incredibly unlikely strangers becoming a found family. It was also aesthetic as FUCK. Remember the scene where Miles just hears barely intelligible whispering that’s all lines people say later in the film and then his own voice very clearly says “look out” and then the room explodes?? Fuck!!!!
Tumblr media
Venom becomes immune to it after hitchhiking to Earth in Peter’s bone juice and it makes him a unique threat while telling a more-homoerotic-than-I-assume-was-originally-intended story about violation and how close relationships can be dangerous when they go sour.
It doesn’t work on people you trust for maximum soap opera energy. Love the innate tragedy of this feature coming up.
IN CONCLUSION I don’t have much patience for writers who don’t take advantage of it, never mind feel they need to write around it.
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thefoxof86 · 2 years ago
What's your thought on aftercare after a punishment? Does it reverse the punishment Or help the sub
Well, you don’t want to beat them blue then just turn them loose! Ok, serious time. Aftercare is a necessity. After a scene, and yes, after a punishment. Part of the obligations of a Dom is not only to correct behavior that deviates from agreed upon rules and within their granted authority, it is also their responsibility to help return the submissive to an emotionally stable and reassured position after the punishment has been administered. Aftercare post-punishment in no way reverses the punishment’s effects. I am very hard pressed to even think up an example where it would come close unless the whole execution was very sloppy. Here’s how I approach punishment:
Confirm the behavior is within your granted authority to address. Your submissive’s consent has limits and there are likely things that will be out of your jurisdiction as her Dominant to police and judge. Things she does at work, for example. Or things she had to reasonably do out of necessity at the time with no alternative present. Alternatively the rule may have been unclear and punishment would likely not be warranted. Hear their side before punishment is exercised.
Identify the behavior(s) that warrant punishment to the submissive. Inform them of their infraction calmly and clearly. Never, ever punish blindly. They need and deserve to know what the punishment is about.
Utilize only as much force as reasonably necessary. That means any kind of force. Let the punishment fit the crime. Timeouts are you using your authority to order an unpleasant condition be tolerated by them for a determined amount of time. If you use spankings or kneeling on uncooked rice, ensure you do not punish to excess. Both could cause damage to your submissive if done recklessly.
Debrief after the punishment has been administered. This means aftercare. This means discussing how future occurrences of the infraction can be prevented. This means drying tears, butt rubs for spanked bottoms, hydration, etc. Do your best to return them to pre-punishment condition minus the unwanted behavior.
Be ready to answer questions. This is the point (15-30 minutes or more after the punishment) that a little might give a “what if” statement. A “what if” statement is not being snarky or bratty! It is the submissive mentally circling back around to confirm what you just laid out. Any submissive might use this time to facilitate a conversation with their Dominant regarding the experience. Be ready to listen patiently and answer their questions. This is the bonding time that respectful execution of a punishment and good aftercare unlocks.
Perhaps, and above all, watch your words! Far greater damage may be accidentally dealt with a slip of the tongue than with the harshest belt. Many a submissive will feel the emotional sting of punishment the moment you say “why are you not taking good care of my most precious possession?” Punishments are a cornerstone of D/s. They help keep the relationship stable, the leash tight and the couple’s world in order. IF done with respect.
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slytherinchevy · 18 days ago
Hi, saw you were taking requests for Yelena! Here's something I had in mind: Yelena laying somewhere (bed, couch, you name it) and reader leans over her in a similar way Nat did. Up to you how she reacts and what are the details, feel free to deny this request if you want, but thank you in case you do it!!
Upside Down - Yelena Belova x Reader
A/n: When i say this prompt made me internally swoon, i'm not lying. Like as soon as i read it, i had the scene play out in my head like a movie and I had been itching to get my assignments done so that I could finally write it ( I still haven't finished my assignment but oh well)
Thank you so much for requesting this!!!
I really hope you like it too. Feedback is always appreciated. Thank you to everyone who reads, like, replies and reblogs to my writings. It means way more than you could ever know.
Warnings: Black Widow spoilers.
Words: 1012
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
Tumblr media
It had been a long day. You sighed as you made your way back home.
Just as you were about a block away, your phone chimed, immediately putting a smile on your face when you saw who it was that texted you.
‘ Hey love. Travel back home safely, I already have dinner ready so don’t worry too much about that. I’m waiting for you. Love you.’
It was simple straightforward text, but the amount of love that radiated off of it made you melt internally.
And you were excited for you girlfriend’s cooking. She had gotten into it recently and all her dishes so far had been mouth-watering.
You sped up your steps, choosing to take the stairs once inside the building because the lift was taking a bit too long for your liking.
You turned the doorknob, taking off your shoes and hanging up your jacket on it’s stand when you noticed that it was quite silent.
Instead of calling out to your girlfriend like you would usually do, you slowly crept to the living room. And the sight in front of you brought a huge smile on your face that your cheeks started to hurt.
Yelena was sleeping soundly, her head resting on the arm of the sofa.
You took your phone out and clicked a couple pictures quickly before making your way towards your sleeping girlfriend.
You gently placed both your palms on her cheeks, slightly patting as you whispered,” Wake up, love. I’m home.”
Her eyes fluttered open, the sparkling green eyes instantly pulling you in.
A sleepy smile grazed her face before she took in the position both of you were in, her smile instantly vanishing. You kept staring at her in confusion as her expression turned a bit more leaning towards sadness and longing before you heard her mutter something.
It had been so quietly spoken that you couldn’t understand anything,” What was that, love? I couldn’t quite catch that.”
Yelena gulped forcefully before clearing her throat, willing herself not to cry,” We are both upside down.”
You smiled softly, eyes still a bit worried but she could see that you didn’t get the reference.
Sighing, she sat upright,” Dinner’s ready. Would you like to freshen up first?”
As hard as she had tried to dodge this particular conversation, you still caught on to her tactic.
Firmly holding her hand, you sat down beside her,” What’s wrong?”
She squeezed your hand, trying to reassure you of something she herself wasn’t alright with but you weren’t letting go.
So, deciding to try and open up, Yelena looked away from you, staring at nothing in particular,” I used to say that to my sister.”
You squeezed her hand, trying to show that you were there to catch her if she fell. It wasn’t often that Yelena spoke of her sister and you knew not to interrupt her whenever she did.
“She…Well when we lived in Ohio, we used to play like that. I used to bend backwards and try to stand on my hands and legs and she’d join me. I used to always say that when we did it.”
She chuckled slightly, as if reliving those moments,” You know, she would always challenge me that she could outlast me and then make me laugh, which would always result in me falling down first. Cheater.” She mumbled softly with a smile.
She went into a few more instances when that phrase had come up between the sisters, now her hands moving a bit animatedly as she recalled each memory.
You watched her with love and adoration but also with a dull ache because you knew she was still hurting.
There was no way to fill the gap of a sister after all.
“And…after taking down the red room, Natasha had saved me. Given a parachute to me after I fell from making the aircraft explode.” Her voice quietening down again, tears springing up against her own wish.
“And even then after we were on the ground she was the one looking for me and…and found me in somewhat of a similar position to how you found me just now. That was…” she cleared her throat, not allowing herself to be vulnerable.
But she couldn’t continue on, her throat clamming up way too much.
You understood her unfinished sentence though. Her body language and expression said it all.
That was the last time she said that line to Natasha.
You gently brought the blonde into a hug, cradling her head to your chest,” Love, it’s alright. You don’t need to hold everything in. That’s not healthy. You need to let It all out.”
You coaxed her and it worked. Soon enough Yelena was bawling her eyes out as she hid herself more into your body, her hands holding onto you as if you were her lifeline.
You just sat there with her, rocking her back and forth until she felt a bit better.
You weren’t sure how long it had been but when Yelena’s sobs had reduced to sniffles, you spoke up,” Hey?”
“You know what might make you feel maybe a teensy-weensy bit better?”
She curiously looked up at you, still in your arms,” What?”
“You standing upside down in front of her grave, like a madwoman.” You smiled teasingly.
And you were thankful that it was able to elicit a soft laugh from your girlfriend who later followed with smacking you in the arm.
“And you know what?” you leaned in closer.
Yelena just tilted her head in silent question.
“ I’ll stand upside down with you! That way we both can be mad people and other humans would stay away from us! We’ll get peace and quiet and Natasha would have a laugh at us competing against each other. It’s a win-win!” you goofily uttered, instantly making Yelena feel a hundred times better.
“Oh stop it you goof!”
“What? You don’t think you can last against me, Belova?” you playfully challenged.
Yelena raised her eyebrow before kissing you softly on the lips,” You are on, Y/l/n.”
Btw, if i miss you out on any of the taglist, please reply in the taglist post, it makes keeping track much easier. Thanks!
Taglist: @mrsweasley06 @boba707 @calimoi @nevaehss-heaven @catsandbooksandsstuff @darlingangel-17 @magic-source @heyarely16 @originaldragonalmondflap @supercorpendgame100 @sleepyheadssss @sleutherclaw @deadrhee @graciecliffx @seggsyburrito @sweetlilbambi @bi-lmg @mxgcalvi @sunday-kindoflove @idk123906 @m-1234 @aqarath @mrs-scottmccall
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moami · 3 years ago
From your recent posts it seems like you might be German. Why?
my parents gave me a slice of american “bread” when i was but one innocent hour old and i recoiled so far in disgust that i almost unbirthed myself by crawling back up the womb. that’s when they knew and i have been german ever since
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brawltogethernow · 8 months ago
Adrien’s reaction to the supernatural finales (both versions!). Did he see it coming? Did he miss all the subtext? Is it making him think of his Good Friend?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
How online is Adrien?
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eregyrn-falls · 3 years ago
Can you post an image example of the ATOTS outfit error?
Oh geez. CAN I.  
Okay, sorry… LONG POST incoming.
First, let’s agree that the details of Ford’s portal outfit are extremely hard to see, because in all of the scenes it’s really in, it’s in a darkened basement.  It’s really kind of a dark blob of black and grey.  But there ARE details!  
Most of these pics have been edited to increase the exposure and do other things to bring out the details.  But here, let me start off with what the outfit looks like in a straight screen-shot:
Tumblr media
Here’s what it looks like when you mess with the exposure and stuff:
Tumblr media
So the basics of Ford’s portal outfit, besides its color are: the scarf around his neck; the overcoat has a hood in back (rather than the stand-up collar) and big outer pockets; there is a lighter bandage around his upper left arm; he’s wearing knee-pads; the strap across his chest is lighter than his shirt/sweater and has a solid buckle; and you can see some runic letters on his belt.
Here’s a look at the outfit from the other side:
Tumblr media
Okay!  So right after this moment, like seriously less than a minute later, Ford goes upstairs to feed some lies to the newly-mind-erased federal agents.  When he steps out onto the porch of the Mystery Shack, here’s how he looks:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That’s not the outfit he was wearing downstairs.  The scarf is gone (although that could be explained), but also: the sweater/shirt is now lighter than the strap across the chest; the buckle on the strap across the chest is different; this coat has the stand-up collar and no hood, and lacks the big square pockets; this coat also has a left breast pocket with a pen in it (his portal coat didn’t); this coat has darker elbow patches (his portal coat didn’t); there’s no bandage on his upper left arm; the knee-pads are gone; the belt with the symbols is gone.
This is just Ford’s regular outfit.  Which he doesn’t change into until the NEXT scene.  (But there isn’t a full-length shot of him from the end of ATOTS, so I’m using a shot here from DD&MD.)
Tumblr media
The guess would be that the outside animation company got the production notes about Ford’s outfit change for the “next scene”, but applied it too early. It’s also a guess that they colored it with the default colors (seen directly above), and the mistake was only caught when the finished ep came back, and the only fix was to go in and color that outfit in shades of black and grey so it was closer to his portal outfit.  (I’m not sure if there is actually an existing statement about that or not, but that certainly looks like what they did.)
Finally, two of the other animation errors I always notice in ATOTS:
Tumblr media
(This is “What about you? Did you end up going to your dream school?” - “Not exactly”.)  Not only did they forget Ford’s belt with the symbols – although, unretouched, he’s just a black blob anyway and you don’t notice – but his hair is flopping DOWN, like when he was younger (in the next scene), rather than floofing up (like all the other depictions of older Ford).  To compare:
Tumblr media
And finally:
Tumblr media
Forgetting to color in the back of his coat.  Whoops!
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brawltogethernow · a year ago
I want to start Girl Genius, but how horny is it?
The artist/coauthor used to make a porn comic, so. High-moderate. It’s, among all the other things it is, a romance filled with good-natured racy jokes and deliberately sexy shots of the characters.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s more sex comedy than ecchi, if that makes sense. (Not that it ever dips above PG-13 content.) It’s just made by a married couple who are aware of and comfortable with the fact that people have and think about sex and that this can be funny and interesting to incorporate into a story. I’ve found the fandom to be disproportionately stocked with ace spectrum people, which I attribute to the romances and the sex jokes both being really well-handled.
Tumblr media
I genuinely can’t tell if you want horny or you’re trying to avoid horny, but either way I’d give it a shot! It is accommodating to a pretty wide range of ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) levels brought in by the reader.
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straight-to-the-pain · a year ago
Whumpees whose bodies jerk and flinch just a little under the initial, comforting touch before allowing the second one that is my SHIT right there
Oh yes, that’s the good stuff! 
When they’re so used to every touch bringing pain that they subconsciously flinch from any hands coming closer, only to realise that the touch is actually from the gentle hands of a loved one. 
I especially love it when they’re just getting rescued and they’re blindfolded and out of it and they flinch away from their rescuer, and maybe beg them not to hurt them because they’re so convinced that it’s someone who’s come to hurt them, and their loved ones are heartbroken to see them like that. 
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flightyfoxart · 2 years ago
hi omg pls do kid aaron in leopard onesie too!!!!
youre so fucking valid anon, here ya go 
Tumblr media
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vmin-fic-recs · 2 years ago
any a/b/o fics or hybrid fics either alpha Taehyung, omega Jimin or both? thanksss
Ok so there’s a fic I put on the previous fic rec just fyi but here you go:)
the truth runs wild by sesquipedalia
now you’re lost (lost in the heat of it all) by taetaeq
in my veins by knth
Do It Like They Do on the Discovery Channel by xianzai (orphan_account)
Because Within This Pitch Black Darkness, You’re Shining So Brightly by eyes_unclouded
All the Warm Colors by brittletrinket (not completed)
Smells like someone else by Noctass
‘Oh my~ what a big dick you have’ by Starry_Nights_With_Vmin
Sugar. by hiyoriiki → pt 2: (You smell like) sugar.
Dear by jibootyjimin
Serendipity by fangirlcamryn (not completed)
in the middle of the night (no one has to know what we do) by sugarkookx (not completed)
BTS OneShots by Lostgirlwonder15  (just chapter 1)
I got another more specific ask about Taehyung courting Jimin, so here’s the link to that as well:
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zigster-ao3 · 4 months ago
idk if u did this before but harry and draco baking/making food together
love ur art
thank u
I loved this ask!!! Cooking/baking together is my love language so this truly sparked inspiration. 
Tumblr media
They’re not perfect, but I think they’re sweet. Hopefully, you like them too. :) 
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coriesocks · a year ago
uhhhh for the palette ask ! Teddy Lupin - Run Around!!
Tumblr media
Thanks for the ask, Ale! Here’s Teddy Lupin convincing his long-suffering boyfriend, James, that they need *another* puppy. (obviously james is going to give in eventually, but he can’t make it too easy..)
Palette asks here, if anyone wants to ask me for another!
Thanks to @fidgetyweirdo for the fc (not that you can see his face!). Ref can be found here.
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sif-the-tsunami · a month ago
Ok prompt! Sy is teaching you how to cook and maybe things get frisky ? 😁
Oooo I like this. Its not 100% on the nose but this is where the muse took me.
Did you want a novel? Because, I hope you like novels.
Warnings: chili with beans, sweet cornbread, swearing, smut
Tumblr media
"Listen hear, you chicken fried fuck. If you don't like my cooking, you are welcome to eat something else at the damn pot luck!" I snap at a grumpy retired soldier who was talking trash about my chili recipe. Like always. Whenever we have a party, he has to say something about how I'm dressed, what I brought, or the beer I was drinking.
"All I'm saying here, California, is that where I'm from we don't put beans in our chili. And don't get me started on this abomination you call cornbread. Why is it sweet, why are there vegetables in my bread?" He says in his drawl.
"Because honey and roasted jalapenos taste good together!"
"I guess. You don't need to fuss so much Princess, I'll gladly show you how to make real Texan food. Make some wife material out of you." He smirked. I think he knew he was getting under my skin.
"Come on, Sy, give her a break. Take a bite of her cornbread with the chili, they are delicious together." One of our mutual friends told him when he could see that I was not having any more of his attitude.
I walked away from the conversation, feeling incredibly salty. The man was Syverson, we had been in the same group of friends for the past couple years and honestly he was usually at least cordial with me, but the sheer audacity of his tone today. The rest of the party was really fun, at least. Occasionally, I would catch eyes the color of the ocean after a storm staring me down. He kept looking like he wanted to say something to me but I would find reasons to leave the room. Fortunately there was always a way to get out and around.
Towards the end of the evening, I go outside to enjoy the cooling air and watch the stars, listen to a couple of the guys from inside sit on the tailgate of a truck and talk about football or something. The breeze would kick up occasionally and I could smell an orange tree blooming in the distance.
"Hey, oh shit, I didn't mean to startle you." I jumped damn near out of my skin when the grump showed up out of nowhere. "I actually really wanted to say that I'm sorry, I can be a real asshole sometimes. You are usually more aware of it than others. I'm used to giving people a hard time. Your food was delicious. I just don't know how to talk to you sometimes."
I looked at the large man skeptically. I'm not used to people going from snarky to nice to me. "Thank you for apologizing. Glad you liked it, Chicken Fried. You can just talk to me like anyone else, I don't mind some teasing, but you just know how to push my buttons."
Sy looked at his feet for a moment. "I will be nicer to you, I promise."
"I'm sure." I had heard that before.
"I still think mines better," back to sounding arrogant already, "I am willing to bet that it would blow your mind."
"Do you really want to bet?"
"Yeah... sure. I'll bet you. If my chili it better than yours.... you have to go on a date with me."
"Is that how you get most of your dates these days? Tinder just isn't cutting it anymore?" I tease. He is actually kind of good looking. Sort of. If you are into that hand crafted by the gods kind of look. I'm not saying I am, but I could get the appeal.
"You'd be surprised. Most of the women I meet want to figure out what's wrong with me. Almost 40, never married, I have a job I like. They keep waiting for my skeletons to come out of the closet. Like shit, girl, I just don't like olives or sweet relish. I think I'm pretty cool otherwise." He said talking with his hands out stretched. I think he might have been being earnest with me, but his tone is almost always sarcastic.
"You were in the military, right?"
"That's what's wrong with you." The big man started laughing harder than I thought he would.
"Well, California. You up for it?"
"I don't know Chicken Fried, I don't like dating, I would really just like something casual, low maintenance. What happens when I win?"
"When?" He chuckles. "If you are looking for something casual and low maintenance, baby, there is a reason when I was still in the Army they called me Captain Cunnilingus."
"It sounds like either way you win." I smirk, "I would need a real incentive to try to beat you."
"How about bragging rights?"
"If I win... you shave your beard. Then I get to use your face as a chair." He looked shocked.
"Fine, when I win, you have to wear a dress on our date, and heels. Maybe even some of that shit you all put on your lips with the glitter and fruity flavors."
"Ok, now that's unreasonable. I don't even own heels."
"I'll buy you some." Well color me impressed. We decide on the terms of the bet. We would invite a couple of friends over to his place next Sunday and they would pick a winner with a blind taste test. We would also have one canned chili and one restaurant chili to make it a little more interesting.
Sunday came, and we all gathered in his house. This was the best batch of chili I have ever made. Fresh peppers, bacon, beer and some good quality beef all swam together in a symphony of flavors. When I walked into his house, the smell was... pungent. I could smell cooking vinegar. It wasn't bad but there was something just a little off putting.
"Glad you showed up, Princess." He looked me up and down. to surprise him just a little, I did show up in a dress. I figured a special occasion needed a special outfit.
I looked over at the big man as he took my slow cooker from my hands and plugged it in for me. To be fair to both of us, we had enough time to set up sides and toppings. I even baked more cornbread. Sy made his own savory cornbread that he pulled out of the oven in a cast iron skillet.
"It was my mama's." He told me when I asked about it.
"You bake also?"
"Sometimes, if the mood hits me. I like making peach cobbler too. If you are lucky, I'll make you some. Maybe after our date."
"So sure of yourself, Chicken Fried. I hope you got some good shaving cream and a new razor, you'll need it." In his kitchen, I lifted the hem of my sundress clear up to my naked hip showing him that I was ready to win this bet of ours. His pupils blew out with lust as he stepped up to me.
"Princess, you are a hell of a tease. I have wanted you so badly ever since the first time we met." He breathed, lusty and hot. He pinned me to the counter, radiating his desire. He bit his lip, looking me up and down, he looked like he wanted to kiss me or maybe consume me whole. Suddenly he pulls away, leaving me breathless. "We will have company soon. I need to walk this off, but I really do want to continue this conversation when we don't have to risk being interrupted."
Before anyone could walk in on us, Syverson rushed up to me and kissed me more passionately. My knees buckle for a second and its like I've been set on fire.
When our friends came into his house, he set up bowls, spoons, Fritos and cheese. He set up blind tastings for the guests, only he and I knew what everyone was eating.
The canned chili was a flop. The restaurant chili was a better batch but it wasn't as good. When our friends tasted my chili, they all keep saying how wonderful it was.
Then we tried Sy's. Everyone was quiet for a moment and then the group started to try to figure out what it was about the chili that we didn't like. It was too sweet as far as I was concerned and there was a weird aftertaste. It was an overwhelming agreement that Sy's chili was terrible. After we cleaned up his kitchen, Sy was pouting about having lost.
"So, when would you like for me to shave my beard?"
"Maybe later tonight. I think we have to finish that conversation we started earlier."
"Oh yeah, California?" He said, standing close to me. He grabbed me by my hips and lifted me to the counter top. I lace my fingers through his beard hair and pull him closer so I can finally kiss him again. He broke away from the kiss and then started nibbling on my neck. His hand found the seem of my dress and he slid his hand up my thigh. When my skirt was pushed up to my hips exposing my sex to him, he leaned me back. I watched him look at my core and lick his lips like a man starved.
"Wait a second. Before you start, what was going on with your chili? Did you throw the bet?"
"No, not at all." He looked at me confused. "I don't know what happened, I've made this a bunch of times and its always been good. This was terrible."
"Did you do anything different?"
"Well. I was out of tomato paste, so I used ketchup. A buddy of mine suggested it."
"Oh my god, Sy. No wonder! Thank god you are pretty, my guy." I tease.
"Your guy? I like the way that sounds. Now lean back, Princess. I'm going to try to convince you to let me not shave."
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lake-lady · a month ago
Any chance you could link to stuff about radfems/terfs being a cult bc I’m super interested but couldn’t figure out the right search terms to find it on your blog. Tia!!
Search terms I used to find these sources now and in the past: "radfems dangerous" and "radfems cult." Since "terf" does not yet have a dictionary definition, I don't think they can headline with it and might have to do with your struggles when searching yourself, and I personally use "t*rf" and "r*dfem" with asterisks to tag, so as to not attract terfs looking to troll.. Here are some easy to read articles and also longer reads from academic journals. Not all of these discuss only cult comparisons, but they all at least mention similarities to cult movements and are ALL worth a read (especially for terfs who will, of course, not read them or completely misinterpret them lmao)
The ‘gender critical’ feminist movement is a cult that grooms, controls and abuses, according to a lesbian who managed to escape
Whose feminism is it anyway? The unspoken racism of the trans inclusion debate (note racism, classism, and developing tiers of the "worthy" versus "less worthy")
Trauma as Terror; The Cult of ‘Radical’ Feminism
The Secret Internet of TERFs (notably "us versus them" language and delusions of persecution)
TERF wars: An introduction (note: development of their own "in-group" language and similar logic to more dangerous and cult-like sects of Christianity)
TERF wars: Adopting- then abandoning - a "cult-like" movement
Gender Critical Movement On Belief: A Podcast About Cults
The rise of anti-trans “radical” feminists, explained (note the predetermined, often parroted arguments meant to force someone to come to a certain conclusion)
How to Leave the Gender Critical Movement (this explains that the movement is basically as difficult to leave as a cult and for the same reasons)
Remembering Simone de Beauvoir’s ‘ethics of ambiguity’ to challenge contemporary divides: feminism beyond both sex and gender (note: subscribing to an unrealistic utopian vision that only some can benefit from)
The toilet debate: Stalling trans possibilities and defending ‘women’s protected spaces’ (note the desire to homogenize womanhood and limit differences between "members")
The ontological woman: A history of deauthentication, dehumanization, and violence (note: creating rhetoric that adheres to a cycle of moral fulfillment)
Three Waves of Feminism - Sage Publications (this has less to do with cults but I'm adding it for anyone who thinks radfems aren't terfs - this shows the full history and why they are now synonymous)
As a side note, it's always interesting to me that pro-terf articles are either only unofficial opinion pieces or are published by the worst conservative media. It's almost like their logic doesn't hold up in a peer-reviewed journal, huh....
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brawltogethernow · 6 months ago
How would you, personally, go about writing a plot where twenty-something Dick Grayson has to take care of suddenly-deaged-to-just-after-his-parents'-deaths Bruce, who doesn't remember anything of his adult life? (I mean, other than Necessary Alfred.)
Well, the part of this concept that can really sock you in the face is. Dick knows exactly what Bruce needed to hear right after Martha and Thomas died.
Bruce, though not lacking for people trying to take care of him, did not get what he needed after becoming an orphan. He grew up, and he made the best of things, and he thought about what he needed from the world and didn’t get, and he became that, and that’s Batman, and that’s Bruce Wayne. When he saw a kid go through trauma very similar to his own, he had an entire playbook written by his own suffering and fixer tendencies ready to go. It wasn’t perfect, but it was the best thing in the world for Dick Grayson short of his family spontaneously coming back from the dead, and things were good for a long time.
And now Dick Grayson, age, I don’t know, maybe the same age Bruce was when they met to intensify the parallels, has this playbook memorized. So.
Brief, miscellaneous scenario that’s about to cause the de-aging, to establish adult Bruce’s voice. He is motivated and capable with a strong sense of deadpan humor, and there is a large mishealed wound at his core. He is aware of this. He is used to working around it. He isn’t even that bitter about it, most of the time. Basically any supporting cast members filling out the scene could be interesting, so lacking an established roster to pull from you can use anybody. I think I'd use heroes who aren’t in the Batfam - characters with their own concepts of Batman but who don’t all know Bruce’s entire life story from a personal or Gothamite perspective. Dick is not present.
So something goes zam or zap or “Go back to your beginning, hero!” —Actually yeah, I like someone using magic to try to turn Batman into a baby but the symbolism catching wrong and rewinding him to when Batman was “born” instead. Some heavy-handedness is good with DC.
Elementary age Bruce Wayne is deeply unsettling. He intuits most of the situation without assistance or effort. He also doesn’t care. You can’t expect a pile of shattered glass to care about some sci-fi nonsense suddenly happening. He is a million years old. He hates you. He should be dead, they shouldn’t be dead, nothing is right. Breathing hurts, or, doesn’t, but should. It’s unconscionable that it doesn’t hurt to breathe. This child's despair is actively uncomfortable to be around. The grit of a nascent Batman grants him immunity to being comforted by the surrounding gaggle of semiprofessional child comforters. —I’m of the opinion that Bruce Wayne was probably a weird child to match the weird adult he grew up into, just initially happy about it, which I’d gun to make clear in his reactions even with the bottomless agony.
You could also snug a very traumatizingly timed identity reveal moment in here if somebody was tagging along who can go, WHY do I recognize this face from old news... WAIT.
Now Dick can show up. To a JL workroom, or the batcave, or maybe the manor, because I would want to demonstrate that Alfred is well versed in this and is sent back to a not great mental place by it. The old coping methods rise easily to hand even after decades, but he feels he never properly figured out how to fix the problems Bruce had in this period instead of just working around them. Eventually Bruce started working around Alfred’s inability to help. —But anywhere you put that sequence seems like it would drag the pacing.
So Dick shows up, and he crouches down with his characteristic gymnast’s fluidity, and he puts his hands on this kid’s shoulders, and he says...something. It’s not going to be okay. How could this ever be okay? The people assuring you it will aren’t trying to lie to you, there just aren’t words for this. But you can stop this from happening to anyone else. Opening with a conscious deployment of Bruce’s own words from a decade and then some ago, because Dick has always understood this element of their dynamic.
Except then he’s touching this real child who is warm under his hands and small. The shoulders under Dick’s hands are bony, which is a brain-meltingly irreconcilable detail with adult Bruce Wayne the meat slab. When Dick says, “My parents were killed when I was your age, too,” it’s a completely unintentional verbatim quote that crawls up out of his throat like a toad in a fairy tale. He hates that; he has a whole snarled up capital-T Thing about unconsciously parroting Bruce. But also it’s not like he’s going to stop comforting the actual child who now has a complicated look in his eyes—like he was drowning and then Dick threw him a life preserver and told him to hang on until they get to land because it’s impossible to reel him back up to the boat.
So then we go to the manor, and finally get to do some domestic nonsense, but hideous. Ugly conversations about coping and grief in your socks in the kitchen—when your parents just died, the sentence “The weather looks bad” is about your dead parents—because Alfred is coping by airing out whatever rooms Bruce used when he was smol he doesn’t now so hard you’ll never know they were shut up, which leaves Dick free to feed the child a fortifying dinner of instant oatmeal. (Mourning and food have a complex relationship, and I don’t feel food you actively enjoy is always a good choice!) This process involves Dick walking on the counter unnecessarily, which entertains Bruce for a quarter second before he’s swamped by guilt at having the audacity to enjoy something.
It’s miserable, but there’s a distinct glimmer of something promising under the murk. There’s this building surety that this could lead to something good. Bruce gave Dick the tools he needed to heal once, and as an adult Dick could repay that to this version of Bruce with interest.
And then Bruce pops back to normal, because that’s not how time works, with all of the ways that his emotional wounds healed wrong and healed open intact. But also with this Escher-like doubled recollection of the most formatively terrible point of his life, a short new version layered over the original that was pointing distinctly in a direction that would have sucked less.
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starrywhump · a year ago
Hello, do you think you can do another creepy/intimate whumper? I read your other one about the whumpee in the middle of the room and each chain connected to the corner of the room. The whumper was so creepy, with all their creepy pet names and telling them how beautiful and helpless the looked, while the only thing the whumpee could do was resist and cry. You wrote that so amazingly! Do you think you can do something like that again you can write something like that again?
But of course my friend :)  thank you for the kind praise!  
“Now darling, I want you to hold still for me.”  The whumper stroked the side of their captive’s trembling face.  
“I-I... I won’t” The whumpee flinched away from whumper’s touch, poorly hiding their fear.
“Shush now, you’re going to do what I want in the end, so why not just do it now and avoid a lot of unwanted pain,” the whumper spoke softly, leaning close to the whumpee’s ear. 
The whumpee shoved themselves back into the chair they were tied too.  Which did next to nothing, the chair was bolted to the ground and thick ropes kept the whumpee in place.  
“You’re a feisty one aren’t you?  No matter, I’ll soon break you of those habits,”  the whumper traced their hand to rest around the whumpee’s neck.
“Stop-” The whumpee’s words caught in their throat.
“With the right training, I think you could be very good for me,” The whumper walked around to behind the whumpee.
The whumpee’s heart rate picked up as soon as they couldn’t see the whumper.  Not being able to move was bad enough, now they couldn't see what was going to happen to them it made them even more vulnerable. 
“I’m...not- gonna be good,” the whumpee tried, and failed, to keep their tone even.
“It’s already working, listen to you stutter.”  The whumper smiled, “I can’t wait to see you cry, now that will be beautiful.”  the whumper wrapped their arms around their captive, leaning down to speak into their ear.
The whumpee flinched away from the whumper, their eyes stung with held-back tears, the feeling of being so close to their tormentor was panic-inducing.
“Don’t touch me-”
The whumper cut them off, wrapping a hand around their mouth.  The whumpee jerked back trying to free themselves from the whumper’s grasp.  
“I can do whatever I want to the things that I own,” the whumper moved their hand to cover the whumpee’s nose as well, blocking any air from reaching them.
The whumpee’s eyes went wide, they froze for a second before thrashing desperately in the whumper’s grip.
“You eat when I say so, sleep when I say so, and breathe when I say so.  Everything you have is a gift that I give you, a gift I can take away.”
Tears began to drip from the whumpee’s eyes, they couldn’t breathe, the world began to dim around them.  Their struggling slowly got weaker.
Just as they felt they couldn’t stand it anymore, the whumper released their grip. 
The whumpee gasped desperately, dropping their head forward to get as far from the whumper as possible.
“That’s it, darling, breathe, just breathe,” the whumper came back to face the whumpee tucking a stray hair behind their ear, “See, what did I say, you look beautiful when you cry.”
“F’ck... you,” the whumpee’s voice was hoarse as they forced out their words.
The whumper’s face darkened, “I’m trying to be kind to you darling, and all I’m being met with is disobedience.  Perhaps I gave you the right to breathe too early,”
Before the whumpee could retort, the whumper had their hands around the whumpee’s neck, squeezing tightly.
“You’ll learn to thank me, for simply keeping you alive.” the whumper spoke calmly, “If you want to breathe, beg me.”
The whumpee grit their teeth, tears flowing more freely.  Even if they wanted to beg, there was no way they could form a single word in this state.  The whumper seemed to notice this, they released their grip.  Wordlessly the whumper walked over to the wall behind the whumpee.  
The whumpee took this time to breathe as they were momentarily free of the whumper’s torment.
Their moment of peace was quickly ruined by the whumper’s return.  They carried a long piece of leather.  The whumpee’s eyes widened in fear as they realized what it was.
“I’m not wearing a collar!” the whumpee practically sobbed.
“Come on baby, you know yelling won’t get you anywhere.  You’re the one making this happen to you.”
There was nothing the whumpee could do to resist, they could only move their head, which did nothing to save them.
The whumper fastened the collar around their captive’s neck, so tight that the whumpee could barely breathe.
“I don’t want you to die, you’re too pretty.  But you haven’t proved that you deserve the right to breathe freely.”
The whumpee didn’t respond, they were too busy focusing on taking in their very limited supply of air.
“Good job baby, you’re already getting better.”
The whumpee felt what was left of their pride disintegrate as they sobbed, gasping for air.  
The whumper stroked the whumpee’s hair, the whumpee was too distracted to try to stop them.
“You’re going to be so good for me.”
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slytherinchevy · 22 days ago
i saw you were taking nat and yelena requests! could you do a oneshot where they’re both fighting over you? maybe y/n is taken to the red room like them and then forms a bond with nat but because nat escapes she becomes friends with yelena. and then obviously nat comes back and then it’s just a love triangle. you can choose the endgame, make alternate endings or sum, whatever is fine. let’s pretend people could form bonds despite being mind controlled in the red room. sorry if it’s too specific.
See You Again ~ Yelena x Reader/ Natasha x Reader(Past)
A/n: Hi! Thanks for requesting. I hope this does justice to your request, sorry if it wasn't exactly what you wanted.
I'm just a bit too whipped for the sisterhood between Natasha and Yelena.
Warnings: Mild cursing, Black Widow Spoilers, angst but ends in fluff.
Words: 1.4k+
(disclaimer: any act of translation or plagiarism will not be tolerated. this oneshot is not available anywhere other than tumblr so if seen somewhere else, please do notify me)
Being under mind-control sucked. Big time.
But one of the only people who helped you feel better was Natasha. She was older than you and she felt a sense of duty to protect you from anything evil.
That’s how it had started off anyways.
But later, it became more. You two couldn’t go a day without seeing each other. Whispered giggles turned into secret kisses.
Quick glances turned into longing love.
You both didn’t realize what was happening but you two didn’t complain. It felt good. It felt…
But then everything crumbled down.
Natasha had escaped.
And you had been left behind.
It took you a while to pick yourself up after learning of Natasha’s escape. A part of you was happy that she got out of this hell. Now she could live her life happily, the way she deserved to.
But another part of you screamed in anguish.
You wondered why she didn’t come back and look for you. Sometimes you didn’t want her to come and risk herself. Other times, you selfishly longed for it.
That was when you had met Yelena.
It didn’t take you long to find out what kind of relation Yelena had with Natasha. That was one of the first things that bonded you two.
It felt good to be able to talk about Natasha with someone else. Everyone treated her like a traitor, but you couldn’t bring yourself to think so. Neither could Yelena.
Slowly the topics changed.
From discussing about what Natasha could be doing at that moment, it went to what you two would do once you left the Red Room.
You started looking forward to stealing some time and spending it with your fellow assassin. You wanted to hear her talk. Her voice brought you safety.
Something you hadn’t felt since Natasha had left.
You felt a sense of déjà vu with the way things were progressing between you two.
But this time you hoped that both of you could escape together, not leave anyone behind.
Felt like you didn’t have to wait for long before you could break out.
After Yelena had freed you from the mind control, both of you seeked refuge in Budapest.
And you met back with someone you never thought you’d see again. It seemed like, she hadn’t thought about it either.
There on, the awkwardness began.
You watched from afar, seeing the two sister bond again as Natasha tied her bandage for her.
It was the only time they weren’t throwing jabs at each other.
You weren’t oblivious, even if you acted like it just so you could avoid the confrontation.
“Well if you hadn’t left, then you wouldn’t still be pining over her! Even if you didn’t come back for me, why didn’t you search for her?” Yelena asked, her temper getting the better of her.
You were silently buying at the counter, trying to stop yourself from smacking the two upside their heads for causing a commotion.
But that question seemed to stump Natasha, which made you look up and find her sporting a guilty look, almost as if trying to stop her tears.
“I-..I-“ you had never seen her be speechless so it took you by surprise when she couldn’t form a good enough answer.
“Exactly.” Yelena huffed, before walking out of the store.
You slowly approached the older redhead,” Talia?”
Natasha looked up but still didn’t meet your eyes,” Yeah?”
You softly placed your hand on her cheek, wiping a stray tear away,” It’s alright.”
She looked up in surprise. You just gave her a soft smile,” It’s okay. I don’t blame you for not coming back. Don’t take what Yelena said to heart. She just missed you a lot.”
She shook her head, in denial,” I – I should’ve done something to make sure you guys had indeed gone free. I should’ve double checked if Dreykov was dead or not. I’m sorry.”
You just nodded before dragging her out to where Yelena was waiting, not wanting the other Russian to lose her temper again.
When she saw you two holding hands, hurt flashed on her face for a brief second before going back to neutral.
All you could do was just shake your head in exaggeration.
It was starting to on your nerves how Natasha and Yelena were trying to always be with you. May it be during your fights or during a discussion.
And it felt like they constantly were glaring at each other while doing so, which just increased your annoyance.
You guys were temporarily staying in a trailer, coming up with a plan to break Alexie out of prison.
But after about three hours of discussion, it seemed like the tension had gone to their heads and now all they were doing was fight.
Over you.
“STOP IT YOU TWO!” you finally shouted, having had enough. It startled them into silence which you took as a win.
“Bu-But Y/n-“ Yelena shut up when she met with your deathly glare.
Natasha almost smirked before you shot her the same glare, stopping the expression from forming on her face.
You pinched the bridge of your nose before talking,” You” you pointed at Yelena,” stop being a jealous brat and picking fights with your sister.”
Yelena seemed to shrink in on herself, like a chastised puppy. Natasha almost scolded you for making the blonde feel that way before catching herself.
You scooted over to Natasha and held her hand,” And Talia, stop living in the past.”
You continued on before any one of them could interrupt,” I know that you feel it too. You just refuse to accept it. Don’t do that to yourself Talia.”
She gulped before looking at the floor,” I don’t know what you are talking about.”
You squeezed her hand,” Don’t. You are living in memories, Natasha. The reality has moved on. You and I, we both don’t feel the way we used to anymore.”
“I just….It’s hard. I don’t want to lose you again.”
You smiled,” Just because we aren’t romantically inclined towards each other doesn’t mean we are going to be rivals. Or that we hate each other. I still love you Talia.” You ignored the hurt that flashed on Yelena’s face again,” Just not like I used to. Now you are a best friend I cannot lose again.”
Your answer seemed to crack a tiny smile on Natasha’s face, which you were thankful for,” you promise?”
You almost laughed at her small voice, “Cross my heart.”
She nodded before smiling at Yelena and leaving the room for you two.
You walked over to Yelena and sat on her lap,” Is it too much to ask for you to not be so possessive that you let me come in between your sister?”
She pouted as she tightened her hold around your waist,” I’m sorry.”
“I’m not the one you should be asking that to.”
She nodded before going to Natasha’s room.
She sat on the edge of the bed as the redhead turned to her,” You aren’t mad are you?”
Natasha tilted her head,” Why would I be mad?”
Yelena looked at the duvet, plucking the stray threads,” Because I don’t want you to feel like I stole your girlfriend.”
Natasha smiled slightly before moving over to Yelena, her heart slightly aching when Yelena flinched as if she were to hit her.
Gently she hugged her, her hand caressing her blonde hair,” I don’t think that. What Y/n said there was correct. I was living in a memory that was long gone. Maybe meeting her after so many years just brought phantom emotions back.”
Yelena almost cried as she hugged the redhead back,” Thank you.”
You hugged Natasha tightly.
“Tell me I will see you again soon.” You pleaded.
Natasha just smiled, hugging you just as tightly but you could see her eyes flitting towards the cars that were making their way towards your group. She gently pushed you away,” Yes, you will see me soon. I’ll take you and Yelena to meet my other family. Once I get them back together of course.”
You smiled, trying not to let your tears run free before making your way to the jet with all the other black widows and Alexie.
Yelena turned back to Natasha one last time, her whistle tune saying everything she needed to. And the whistle back giving her answer to her.
You shouted one last time from the jet as Yelena boarded,” You dare not disappear for years again Talia or else I’ll personally come whoop your ass!”
Natasha just laughed before making her way towards the cavalry.
Little did you two know, that would be the last time you ever saw Natasha Romanoff again.
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Could you 8,14,15 with Chris Evans please?
#8 Under a blanket (around others)
#14 Fingered
#15 Edging
Warnings: Smut ahead!
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Tumblr media
On the Edge of a Knife
Chris invited you a showing of Knives Out under the stars with the cast and crew. The crisp fall air was refreshing but chilly. Thankfully Chris brought along a blanket for the two of you to snuggle under.
Sitting on the grass waiting for the movie to start on the big projection screen, you glanced around at the big-name actors Chris got to share the screen with. Gleaming at Chris and so proud of his accomplishments you snuck a quick kiss. He smiled against your lips, before pulling away to spread the blanket over your bodies.
He sat behind you as you snuggled up against his body, his warm arms and thighs caging around your smaller frame. The lights flickered as to announce the movie was starting, and everyone hushed their chatter. You noticed that Ana and Ben were sitting a few feet to your left and some crew members sat to your right, smiling away at the screen as the large mansion came into view.
You felt Chris put his chin on your shoulder, you sighed out feeling so content in his arms. His large hands laid out on your belly keeping your core nice and toasty as the air around got cooler.
“Can you be a good girl and be quiet for me?” Chris whispered in your ear. Startled, you make to turn to look at his quizzically, but he stopped your movement with a “tut-tut”. He repeated himself, but more sternly, dominance lingering in his tone.
You nod your head signing that you were up for whatever twisted game he had planned. He always kept you on your toes, it was nerve wracking, but fun. Chris always allowed you to stop if you felt too uncomfortable.
You felt him smirk into your neck as his hands slide lower, finding their way onto your jean covered crotch. Freezing momentarily as you realize his game. That devious bastard. You try to hide your grin and bite your lip as you feel him unbutton the material and slowly slide the zipper down.
His voice is hot in your ear, “Pay attention to the movie, Darling.”
His thick fingers slip beneath your undies and you will yourself not to move as he places his whole hand over your mound. Releasing a breath, you didn’t know you’d been holding, he chuckles against your neck, “Relax, babe. This’ll be fun.”
Rolling your eyes at him they then focus on Chris’ character Ransom whose now on the screen looking like such an arrogant bastard. But damn, he looked good. Suddenly your eyes go wide as Chris starts to rub your clit in small circles, making your body quiver. God, he always knew how to push your “button”. This was going to be interesting.
Trying to focus on the plot as Chris keeps teasing your warm opening, then switching to your clit has your pussy aching. It was useless trying to keep up with the movie as Chris slides one finger into your wet pussy, rubbing against your walls, making you clench down on the lone digit.
You huff out a low groan as he grazes your g-spot, closing your eyes, you get lost in the sensation he’s putting you through. He slides his finger back to your clit, swirling the little bud under his soaked fingers. Your hips move at will, chasing the pleasure, wanting a release in the worst way. Flicking your bud harshly, your hands grip his wrist, telling him your close.
You feel your orgasm closing in, pussy clenching around nothing as he keeps rubbing your clit with quick circles. You lean your head back on him and close your eyes praying that no one notices you’re being fingered in public and that you don’t make noise as you get closer to your climax.
Just as you were about to go over the edge, Chris abruptly lifts his fingers from your clit. Your eyes whip open and you turn to look at him with shock. His big blue eyes are glued to the screen, paying you no attention. Your body is aching to cum, you still feel the tingles of the climax you were so close to having before he stopped, leaving you breathless and wanting.
In disbelief and partially anger, you start to close your legs but his hand stops you.
He looks to you now with that damn smirk plastered on his face. His fingers are back on your sensitive clit with vigor. You both know it won’t take you long to cum at this rate with your pussy being teased this way.
He slides two fingers back into your warm pussy, and you let out the tinniest mewl. You feel his chest vibrate as he lets out the lowest moan against your neck. He twists his talented fingers inside your pussy and you start to build up to that climax you were denied moments ago.
He doubles his pace, thrusting his thick fingers into your soaked cunt, grazing your g-spot with every pass. Chris can tell you’re close by the way your body is lightly shaking against his, so he slides a 3rd finger in your tender pussy, spreading you even more.
You feel his eyelashes against your temple, your earlobe is now in his hot mouth being lightly bitten on.
“Best be quiet now.” He demands of you.
Your mouth opens in shock as he rubs all three fingers against your g-spot, forcing you to orgasm. Taking it from you. Biting your lip hard, your body tenses up and you let out a shaky sigh. Your eyes water from trying to contain the moans that want to escape from the shocks he’s sending through your system.
Chris keeps moving his fingers slowly in and out of you, bringing you down from your high. You catch your breath as he kisses the side of your neck and mumbles, “That was entertaining. Thank you for indulging me.”
You smile like a fool knowing you will almost always indulge him.
Tumblr media
Thank you Anon! That was another fun one-shot!
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