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#asks answered
I don’t wanna ask this because it seems silly. But do hockey players wear socks with their skates? It’s been driving me insane 馃槶馃槫

Yes they wear socks! They wear normal socks and then they have “hockey socks” which start at their ankles and go up by their thighs to keep their padding in place! For example in the picture below the red sock is a regular sock and the white one is a “hockey sock” you can also see the shin guards that the white sock helps hold in place! I hope this answers your question!?! Also if you have any more please don’t hesitate to send in an ask or just message me! I’m always happy to chat!!

I do have a question of my own though. I’m not trying to make fun of you at all with it either! I am just genuinely curious! What did you think they wore?

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Ooh I have two moodboard ideas to throw at you. I recently moved and my backyard is in desperate need of landscaping so a garden moodboard would be lovely. Second one, I saw your Reign tag and although it has been forever since I watched that show and I honestly don't remember if I even finished the first season, I would like to request a Bash moodboard.

Since this is 2 seperate ideas I’m gonna post the answer to this question now and the moodboards later after I finish them. Thank you for the request!!! I love both of these ideas! congrats on your new move! I hope once you gets settled in it’s perfect! And yes, I recently started rewatching Reign (bc I finally got Netflix) so I wanted to do some moodboards for that too! I have one in mind that I already started, but as soon as that one is finished and posted, I’ll begin work on yours!! Thanks again!

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I’m really having a hard time getting my Daddy to let go with me. His ex was manipulative, she’d ask him to do things and cry that he hurt her. Tell him yes just so she could complain about it etc. He treats me like a chins doll afraid to get rough because I might get upset with him. We’ve been together a bit over a year now and I just want him to get over his fear of hurting me so he can let loose. I just don’t know how to show him I’m different. She really hurt him.

Anon, it’s very difficult to overstate how much his ex mindfucked him and messed up his comfort with being rough. He was manipulated and horribly gaslighted. Fulfilling his ex’s desires meant she’d always play the victim and he never knew what was safe to do.

I would recommend a kink-aware therapist for him, to be honest. What you’re asking is reasonable, but only so much as he is willing to overcome his horrible emotional scars. Which will be very difficult for him. It will take time, and by that I mean this is a long road ahead. From your heart to his, patience, praise and encouragement are worth their weight in gold. To tip the scales, it will likely take years of you never emulating the behavior that his ex did to help him recalibrate his relationship with taking the lead and being more aggressive.

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23, 24, 26? :)

thank you 😊😊😊

23: my fav tv show atm is Star Wars Rebels bc i literally cant stop binging it while i write soooooo

24: fav snacc is gonna be bbq chips bc ive eaten a whole ass bag in the last day and im gonna break out sooo badly

26: my fav beverage is either squirt or root beer i live for either

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If you wanna know what I meant, "the Stranger" is the embodiment of the fear of the uncanny. So mostly things that look human but aren't quite right. "The Web" is the fear of losing control over your actions, body, thoughts. It's manipulation on every levels... and also spiders, like a lot of spiders

Oh oof, I immediately hate the Web. Not fond of spiders, but it does really fit Ragdoll. It sounds like the Stranger can fit multiple of the boys, Sangria and maybe Cait Coill as well as Ragdoll.

Yknow I’m now remembering I took a quiz once that was like “which entity from this show are you?” and I took it multiple times. I’m now realizing that it was for this Magnus Archives thing. I got the Spiral a lot.

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I don't know if you know tma but I gotta say that your entity JJ/Ragdoll gives off a LOT of "the Stranger" and "the Web" vibes

TMA is The Magnus Archives, right? You are the second person to draw comparisons between the horror boys and that series XD The first being @skyewardlight. I might have to check this out so I can see what you mean by this!

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*paniced laughter*

So, um, I can’t find what this is from. If you have it could you please send it to me? I’m really sorry!

Edit: I found the post that this was from!

💖-I have a crush on you

I’m glad you like me enough to have a crush on me! I wish I knew who you were.

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🐚- the year mutual

If you want to be friends just DM me! My inbox is always open too. I’m glad you think I’m cool (I’m really not, I’m just a huge dork).

Thanks for the ask!

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i don't get it this. after every session with my daddy, in person or on call, i always get sub drop even with extensive, immediate aftercare. me and daddy have started to have me finish last, cause as soon as i do finish i start crying. we do heavy degradation and humiliation, all that, but in the moment i like it and it doesn't effect me negatively at all, so i don't understand why i start crying and getting sad seconds after it's over. like i said, he starts the aftercare as soon as i finish

I’m glad your Daddy starts aftercare immediately. That’s a great thing. Regarding your severity of your subdrop, I’m not an expert on this and I’ll forward to my followers for advice.


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Definitely too anxious to show who I am but I'm an active follower of yours and I just wanted to say I love you and your blog so much and I hope one day you get to move past your trauma, recover, be happy and love yourself the way you deserve to. You really do deserve it. Be strong my dude. You can do this 鉂

Getting to this a lil late, i suck at responding to these lol. But thanks, it’s nice to know that someone out there is rooting for me. I have an idea of who you are, n i appreciate your kind message. :) it means a lot. And i wish for you to stay strong as well. Thanks anon.

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