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While she had been back and forth on whether she was making the right decision in staying with Mallory, she finally relaxed as she settled into Mal's apartment. It also helped that Matthew hadn't tried to contact her either. Although, she wasn't sure if it was because he was still at the hospital with Heather. Instead of wondering and worrying, she saw Mallory's hair brush and picked up it. "Let brush each other hair, yes?" She suggested with a bright smile, hoping the distraction would help.

As soon as they got back to Mal’s apartment, she did her best to clean up the mess in her room as quickly as possible. It wasn’t disgusting but there were definitely piles of messy clothes and trinkets, and candy wrappers she hadn’t bothered to clean up. Now that Celia would be staying with her, everything in her room needed to be spotless. She was in the middle of carrying a pile of harem pants and loose tank tops over to her laundry basket when she noticed Celia fidgeting with her hair brush. She could see that her friend was still worried, it was understandable. Maybe she needed some distraction. 


“Oh, yes, great idea!”, she nodded, dumping her clothes in the basket and rushing over to sit on the bed next to Celia. “Shall I go first?”, she smiled, holding out her hand and waiting for Celia to hand her the brush. She loved touching Celia’s hair.

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