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#asks open

“̸̗̃P̴̣̀l̶͎̐á̵̪y̴͉̆ę̸̂r̷̢̀”̵̧͑ ̸̬̓ą̸̈́ń̶̳d̸̦͆ ̸̳̕“̵̥̾Ḣ̵͎e̷̛̥n̵͎͑r̴̟̓y̴̞̐“̵̣̔ ̷̥͝a̸͎̽ŕ̶̯ē̵͈ ̶̭͠ņ̴̆o̷̳̽w̶͎̅ ̸̪̒a̶͍͝v̸̮̂á̶͜ȋ̴̱l̷͍̑à̵̤b̴̝͐l̶͓̀ē̶̗ ̶͎̚f̷̞̒ơ̷̜r̴̛̗ ̴̺̅ä̵͚ş̵̈́ķ̸́s̸̯̕!̴̨̅~̷͙͂

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Patton Art


Whoop! I finished the Patton Art! I FORGOT TO DRAW THE TATTOO AND FRECKLES JHDFVHJH! I’ll accept asks if ya’ll have any! Patton got his ears pierced because Roman was scared and didn’t want to get his pierced alone. Let me know if the text in the photons is too blurry to read.💚

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Damn, it’s tough to just pick 5 things, but here we go. 😄

1. I was born extremely empathic and sensitive. I’ve always been perpective to both mine and other people’s emotions, like if I watch a movie with a lot of heavy drama I can feel the character’s emotions as if I was having their experiences. I feel everything very deeply, and I believe it ties into being a healer. It’s both a gift and a curse, at times.

2. I haven’t had and don’t want any transition-related surgeries. I don’t want top surgery because I feel like my chest is flat enough as it is. I can walk around shirtless comfortably enough, although at times I feel self-conscious, but it’s nothing too bad. :)

3. I work for an after school program called California Teaching Fellows. It’s the coolest job I could ask for while going through college, and I love my job so much. I could feel down as fuck, but showing up to work and seeing my kids will make my day 100% better.

4. I’m studying psychology to be a couselor for LGBTQ+ youth.

5. I want to live by the ocean at least once in my life.

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Honestly? YeA I’m fighting for my life, in a war with demons. They’re going to take me to hell, where I already am, but they don’t consider that a cat’s got seven lives, meow!

Thank you so much for the ask sweet anon, I cannot pretend there’s many more caring for a nobody and nothing like me. So I truly appreciate you asking.

How are you cutie?

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Hi anon!! Sorry if I’m answering until now; I honestly don’t have any idea I mean I’m sure Moyo and Kato at least need to talk again so I suppose there’s gonna be some kind of forgiveness so probably 🤪, I do think we’re gonna have some clues like the Adi one?, And about a Wtfockdown 2? I..🤷‍♀️…sorry if my answers are to vague is just I’m not inspired right now about Wtfock hahaha (if my answers change after all is over I will updated) but all of this questions are really interesting!!! and I would like to know some other people’s opinions, if anyone wants to share with us feel free!! (Please do we are bored) my ask is open ☺️😁

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Hey :)

Thank you for the ask 🧡 Hope that you’re doing well.

In no particular order:

1. Swan Song s5e22 ~ cinematic; a beautiful tragedy to end off the apocalypse. The emotions portrayed by the actors were just amazing to me.

2. Baby s11e04 ~ loved the way this episode was shot, from beginning to end I was just like wow, yes.

3. The Man Who Would Be King s6e20 ~ when I saw that was a Cas-centric episode I was very excited; it did not disappoint.

4. Regarding Dean s12e11 ~ Jensen is wonderful and talented; this episode made me emotional and I always think about it cause memory loss is scary to me as much as I’d love to start over fresh at times.

5. Pilot s1e1 ~ I have a soft spot for the pilot. It’s all parts fun and sad to look back and seeing how far they’ve come.

Special mention: The Trap s15e09 ~ cause the dean/cas purgatory scene was heart breaking and heart warming all at once; also the sam/eileen moments, especially the parallel to the deancas one from earlier the season was the icing on the cake of feels.

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Hey Sila :)

Thank you for the ask 💙

In no particular order:

1. Season 8 ~ Fun fact: The first ever episode of spn I saw was s8e01 and it’s what prompted me to watch the show from the start and now I’m here.

2 & 3. Season 4 and 5 ~ These were amazing. The first apocalypse hits differently now that I’m rewatching.

4. Season 15 so far as been great with respect to the characters growth, and although I have had mixed feelings at times, it’s going to be a favourite cause it’s the last; and maybe that’s just me being sentimental but oh well.

5. Season 12 ~ Not sure what to say. I liked the episode variety in this season.

The other seasons are great too… this was hard to choose 😅

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Hey Taylor :)

Thank you for the ask 💚 Hope that you’re doing well.

My taste in books have changed a lot over the years, so I’ll only be including books I’ve read or re-read in the last year, hope that’s okay.

In no particular order:

1. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak ~ I’ve read this book more times than I can recall, and I’ll keep re-reading it forever. I adore the writing style and the story lives rent free in my mind.

2. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller ~ This book is beautiful, and it’s become my favourite version of Achilles’ story. I’ve cried and will keep on crying over the end.

3. They Both Die at the End by Adam Silvera ~ I’m still emotional over this story. The characters have my heart; it’s so sweet and wholesome, I’m always half-smiling, half-sad thinking about them.

4. Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds (this is written in verse) ~ One of those books you stay up at 2 a.m. thinking about. It’s just that powerful and amazing.

5. Crush by Richard Siken (poetry collection) ~ Despite being a kinda-poet, I don’t actually read a lot of poetry books, but this one had me hooked from the start. I adore the writing, and I’ll happily read it again despite the heart aches it gave me.

Sorry for rambling. I love books, and so I always have a lot to say.

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Aight, well, I don’t have ones for every character, but I do have a few, and they are:

Harry is definitely bi

Hermione isn’t straight, but idk what

Ron is straight

Tom is definitely gay

Bellatrix isn’t straight, and she’s not a lesbian either, but idk an exact label for her

Draco is gay

Luna is definitely queer in some way

And I think that’s all?

So yeah :D

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Hey Ely :)

Hope that you’re doing well today. Thank you for the ask 💜

This was a hard one to narrow down. In no particular order, my top 5 supporting characters in spn are:

1. Charlie

2. Bobby

3. Jody

4. Rowena

5. Crowley

I have love for a lot of other supporting characters, but if I had to choose, I’ll go with these.

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33. What’s your biggest kink?

I’m definitely into some D/s shit. To the point where one of my friends JOKINGLY pulled my hair while we were hanging out, and I accidentally called him Master in front of my mother. Thank GOD she didn’t hear, but he thought it was fucking hilarious and was a shithead the rest of the day >:(

I miss him, I should try to get back in touch

50. How often do you masturbate?

Fairly often, bc depression, yo. Probably every other day? I would more, but I was also cursed with arthritis from the incredibly young age of 4, so I can’t if it’s rainy or I was doing anything intensive with my hands that say

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96. What’s the weirdest porn you’ve ever seen?

Oh, I’ve fallen down some rabbit holes. I’m also a furry AND monsterfucker, so I’ve seen some things o_O

Weirdest I’ve SEEN, not gotten off to, probably My Little Pony cum inflation/cannibalism. That one left some scars on my soul

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7. Biggest turn on?

When someone with a real deep voice is giving me, like, really degrading praise. I don’t know how else to explain it, like when they’re saying I’m being such a good little whore, I’m doing so good taking what they’re giving me like the slut I am, where they’re praising me and making me feel good, but in a way where they’re still being degrading. Hottest shit imaginable

9. Quickest way to get horny?

You know that moment when you’re up against the wall, or against the bed, and the other person is, like, looming over you? Especially when they’ve got that smirk like “oh, I’m gonna have SO much fun playing with you~”? Yeah, that shit gets me INSTANTLY wet

10. Weirdest thing that ever turned you on?

Does choking count? I think it does because I used to be VEHEMENTLY opposed to it, FREAKED me out, then someone didn’t even do it, but just had their hand around my throat and threatened to, and now I definitely don’t think it’s so bad lol

11. Top 3 places to be touched?

I’m gonna leave out the, ya know, OBVIOUS spot here. First is absolutely my hair. Pet my hair while I’m all embarrassed and you’re soothing me, yank it back to bare my throat or just get me to shut up and stop being a brat for a few seconds, you just can’t go wrong. Next is a weird one, but my sides, especially just above my hips. I’m INCREDIBLY sensitive there, when someone’s tracing my back, I tend to demand a little extra attention there, so I’m really eager to see how I’d respond sexually with stuff like that. Lastly, my thighs. Same deal, I’m really sensitive, and also a little self conscious about them (thanks, trauma), so it’s nice to know someone likes them

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