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#asks open


I want my account to be a safe space for EVERYONE. You can always message me, either privately or through my asks (anon or not.) We can talk about literally anything, not just hockey. Tell me about your day, your crush, a movie that you really like, why someone in your life sucks; ANYTHING. I know how isolating the world can feel, especially now with COVID-19 happening. I want you all to know that I’m here for you. If we’ve never talked before, let’s start! If you have never sent me an ask, do it! The anonymous option is there for a reason if you want it to be. Let’s talk. 💛

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nothing better than a beer, a bag of weed, a bong rip & set of nice boobs ;)

not a lot that kind of equation can’t fix

😈🖤 @sativfoxxx

Because baby I’m blue without you 🤍🤍

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Monika swam up to him and hid behind him. "O-one of the other sharks chased me in here and keeps threatening to eat me..." (ask-aquaverse-nyogermany uwu)

Ludwig sighed deeply, but then nodded while keeping his eyes on the dolphin-mer.

“ Stay by my side if you like. I’ll keep you safe from.. the twins. ”

It wasn’t bothering him if being asked for help or protection, but those troublemaking shark twins definitely needed a lesson on better behavior around here. Otherwise Ludwig would have to teach them that himself.



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Do you have a s/o? (Curious Anon)

Not currently nor did I ever. Why do you ask, are you interested~? Jk I’ll stop. Unless…

I’ve never felt romantically attracted to anyone (I may be arospec ngl), so I don’t know if I’ll ever have a significant other. I do like the idea of being in a relationship and doing romantic things like holding hands, if that makes sense. But then again, being emotionally tethered to someone like that sounds scary (and also exhilarating and frightfully domestic). Sorry if I’m oversharing!

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Is this really okay if I sent a request??

Requests pretty much always open!

Feel free to send pretty much anything, the only stuff I don’t do is gore or excessive smut (I’ll write a little sexy something every now and then lol)

If I don’t answer your request quickly, I’m probably saving it for later, I respond to almost all of my asks!💜

Hate is deleted immediately, I only read as much as I have to ☺️

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What’s up with your hate for Nadia and Morga? Not being an ass I’m genuinely curious!

Thank you for asking! I get it, and I’d rather you ask than make assumptions about it 💜

Personally I find the characters triggering (in a genuine way, I know there are people who like to throw the word around as a joke).

“M” reminds me a lot of family members that I have to be around all the time, people that mentally abuse me and physically abuse my pets… they all act very similarly to her and I don’t like the reminder in a game that I use to escape the bad things.

“N” reminds me of (again) those family members, but also relationships I’ve had in the past that were…bad. I don’t want to elaborate..

M*rga is an absolute no for me, I don’t want anything to do with her at all, but every now and then I reblog or like fan art of N*dia and stuff like that because I can appreciate good art, and she isn’t quite as triggering for me as M*rga is.

I also sometimes reblog posts like headcanons and stuff like that that have N*dia included as one of the characters, I always skip over her section so it’s reblogged for the other characters but idk. Some people find that weird I guess? I just have a tendency to ignore what I don’t like and look at what I do like.

Sorry for the long post! Hope that clears it up for you ☺️ feel free to ask more questions if you’re still confused. Like I said, I’d rather you ask than make assumptions 💜

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