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  1. Be respectful, don’t ask any hateful questions or say anything hateful
  2. Political questions are not allowed
  3. If you have a plot/pair you’d like me to write, please have some details
  4. Respect that I can refuse to answer questions if I desire
  5. Don’t ask me anything too personal like location and those types of things
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I remember you said long ago

That I would be the star of your show

In the end though, I see it was lies

I’ve just come back to reclaim what’s mine

I’ve been working here patiently between the lines

Creating perfection takes torment and time

But, never the less, I’ve still been through it all

And now they all see I’m a doll

Face it

Everywhere you look around it’s my domain

No one else deserves it more, it’s in my name

And if you behave yourself, I’ll set you free

It’s clear you belong to me

Oh, don’t you dare mistake me for another fool

I’m the one who pulls the strings, now you’re my tool

Don’t you understand my little errand boy

Here you are only my toy

And you’ll be mine

A great creator once said, it’s much more art than science

As long as you believe you only need the right appliance

A bit of blessing and caressing, with a lot of work

And in due time my deers you all will see the perks

Now understand who you’re working for

I’m up in heaven

You’re on the floor

And soon you’ll see I have much in store for you

It’s less than a chore

Now, don’t you dare mistake me for another fool

I’m the one who pulls the strings, now you’re my tool

Don’t you understand my little errand boy

Here you are only my toy

And you’ll be mine

I won’t let myself be lead astray again

I should have known better than to trust a friend

Blinded by the hopes of having dreams come true

Now I know what just to do

Let those vermin come to me

Just let them try

I’m the angel everyone adores with pride

Not even the devil now can take me down

Infamy and fortune abound

Don’t you dare mistake me for another fool

I’m the one who pulls the strings, now you’re my tool

Don’t you understand my little errand boy

Here you are only my toy

And you’ll be

You must be

You’ll trust me

They’ll all see

It will be


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“Finally they noticed”

// Everntho I myself am a Slavic pagan, my dad gave me the Thor’s hammer on a necklace few years ago uwu

But when it comes to hws characters I think they still would hold their pagan belives before the christianisation of Europe! I might make a post about it later tho

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*walking in the city, seeing the people died and looks down and blood tears* WHY IS EVERYONE DEAD!!!!! *breathing and sings*

You say I make you nervous, a tragedy

I’m a beautiful disaster, a reckoning

You wonder how I got this way (You wonder how I got this way)

You think I’m someone to be saved, someone to clean up and tame

Oh somethings never change, never change, oh

You think I would look pretty on your arm

Once you cover up my bruises and battle scars

But it always ends the same (But it always ends the same)

Can’t bear the things I’ve had to face

Got you crying on your knees in pain

Oh somethings never change, never change, oh

You’ll break your back to make me feel again

Suffocate to make me breathe again

Lose your mind from endless praying

Somethings never change, never change, oh

Redemption never came

I stopped asking for forgiveness ‘cause you should know

Only fools tread where the angels fear to go

But you keep trying to get too close

(But you keep trying to get too close)

Saved myself by turning into stone

So save your judgment 'cause you just don’t know

But somethings never change, never change, oh

They say I should feel guilty and change my ways

Leaving crumpled bodies in my wake

Swear I didn’t mean to make them break

(Swear I didn’t mean to make them break)

But they’re so delicate and so mundane

And they keep coming like a moth to flame

Oh somethings never change, never change, mmm-mmh

You’ll break your back to make me feel again

Suffocate to make me breathe again

Lose your mind from endless praying

Somethings never change, never change, oh

Redemption never came

*walking to the hill alone at night and sits alone crying* what am I going to do, I’m hopeless…..

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Hi! All I could think when I saw 1 AM was ANGST, so hopefully you don’t mind. It’s more hurt/comfort than angst, really. I promise there’s a happy ending. Thank you for your ask!! I really hope you like this :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


Read on AO3

The silver-grey face of the moon was the only lighting in the dark kitchen, and it gave an almost eerie glow to the sink Alec leaned over. He felt jittery, on edge; his thumb dug into the hollow between his middle & pointer fingers. He knew why he felt this way. He knew. But he couldn’t bring himself to face Magnus with it.  

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), he wasn’t given much of a choice.

“Alexander? What are you doing out here?” Alec sucked in a sharp breath and kept his back to Magnus. He wasn’t sure he had the words to tell him what was going on, or that he even wanted to say anything at all.

Alec listened, hyper-aware of the pitter-patter of Magnus’s slippers on the hardwood floor as he made his way over to Alec. He couldn’t help the way he stiffened when Magnus placed a gentle hand on the small of his back.

“What’s wrong, my love?” Magnus asked softly.

Alec sighed and shook his head. It was stupid.

“It’s not stupid,” Magnus said, and Alec was left to wonder (not for the first time) if Magnus had been lying when he said he couldn’t read Alec’s mind. “If it’s upsetting you, it’s not stupid at all.”

Alec clenched his hands that rested just over the grey sink, illuminated by the slice of moonlight that peeked through the clouds, and didn’t say anything.

Magnus waited patiently, humming an old Indonesian song that Alec knew he liked to hum when he cooked. It made him feel even worse for lying to him.

“I just had a bad day,” Alec mumbled before he could talk himself out of it.

Magnus moved closer so he could face Alec instead of his back. He looked perplexed and Alec bit his lip, the guilt making his eyes wet.

“Why didn’t you tell me, darling?” Magnus asked softly, reaching up to wipe away a stray tear that escaped without Alec’s permission. “You said your day was fine.” He slotted himself in the space between Alec and the counter, twining his arms around Alec’s neck. Alec sighed and accepted the blatant offer for a hug, burying his face in Magnus’s shoulder.

“I don’t know,” Alec admitted tearfully. “It just seemed so stupid.” His voice broke on the word, and Magnus cooed quietly into his ear.

“Nothing that upsets you will ever be stupid, Alexander,” Magnus reassured him. Alec nodded against him, unwilling to argue the point when he felt like having a breakdown in his husband’s safe, strong arms.

“I hope you know that you can always come to me,” Magnus continued, “Even when it feels stupid. I will never judge you or think any less of you because of it. You know that, right?”

“I know,” Alec muttered. “I don’t know why I lied. I’m sorry, Magnus.”

“You don’t have to apologise,” Magnus replied. One of his hands went to Alec’s hair, stroking through it reassuringly. He pulled back just enough to see Alec’s face, and his heart fell when he saw the tear tracks that stained it. His normally bright blue eyes looked eerily luminescent in the darkness of the kitchen, and Magnus could see that they were glassy with tears.

“It’s okay, my love,” Magnus murmured, leaning up to place a soft kiss to Alec’s lips. “I’m right here.”

With those words, Alec buried his head in Magnus’s shoulder once again. He was planning on telling Magnus about the day he’d had; all of the little papercuts that had built up over the course of eight hours and left him at the end of the day with a large, somatic wound.

But now, buried in the scent and feel of Magnus, in their kitchen in the loft that was his home, he no longer felt the need to.

Magnus didn’t need him to explain himself.

For once in his life, Alec could just say those four words, “I had a bad day,” and they would be enough.

They were enough for Magnus.

He was enough.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I can honestly say I have no idea what constitutes a mini-fic, so this is hopefully acceptable. I really hope you like this!! Your ask made me smile :)

send me a ship & a number and I’ll write you a mini-fic!

Thank you for the ask!

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Stars, I hope not,” Ink grumbled while rubbing his temple, he couldn’t deal with this worlds Papyrus trying to destroy his beloved creations, his abomination. “Where is Papyrus?”

“Sleeping again,” Blue huffed arms crossed, “I was on my way to check on him actually, would you like to join us?”

“No it’s fine, I’d prefer your, unforgiving brother, not to meet Error.” Ink explained while hooking his arm around Error. “Did your Chara reset your fix our collateral damage from our little fight?”

“Yeah, they actually just started a new run, I can’t wait to make friends with them again!” Blue’s voice chimed as he bounced up onto his toes.

“Good to hear, oh hey, by the way, the creators have a few questions for you.”

“Really??!” Blue said with a grin.

AR- this is Blue from the Star sans, he remembers timelines, just not perfectly. He doesn’t trust Error, but he’d trust ink with his life, so he’ll look the other way for now.

Now accepting asks for Blue, Inked!Error, and Ink!

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