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When you make friends with demons and ended up adopting children instead.

Levi may need to be honest with his feelings but Asmo needs to stop riling his brother up, it could cause flooding.

Like what you see?

Read the fic: Don’t make me slap you! 

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Headcanon: MC singing the brothers a love song

I encourage you to listen to the songs I chose <3 They might not be the most obvious for each character but I think they encompass the relationship with MC and them pretty well.


Rome - Dermot Kennedy

  • Nothing with Lucifer is ever… halfway.
  • There’s no mundane with him.
  • The Avatar of Pride is… well, celestial in every sense of the word.
  • So, what’s the past for? I’ll need it if love don’t last long.”
  • Were you on a balcony?
  • You always start to forget everything else when you look into his eyes.
  • There’s just him, and the moon, and you.
  • Every time.
  • You can run around, infinite in my head.”
  • There’s something about being with Lucifer that makes you scared.
  • Because at any moment, you never know if he’s about to walk away.
  • Or if he’s going to ask you to stay with him forever.
  • There’s irony in the next line, and as you sing it, more emotion in your voice than you’d intended, the wind sweeping away your words, your voice cracks.
  • Oh, you can’t see. Oh, I’d stay if you asked me…”
  • Have you ever really told him how you feel before?
  • Maybe.
  • Maybe not.
  • Either way, you think that now, in the moonlight, as he gazes at you from irises brighter than blood, he knows.
  • Now, you know I care, but it’s hard to tell when you’re scared.”


What Ifs - Kane Brown

  • When you think about it, it feels simple.
  • You wanted to sing for him.
  • Really wanted to.
  • And you just- wanted to let him know how you felt.
  • Because you’re pretty sure he feels the same.
  • You say what if I hurt you? What if I leave you? What if I find somebody else and I don’t need you?”
  • Mammon’s eyes shine as you sing for him, although maybe the words make him… wilt.
  • Sometimes that’s been on his mind.
  • If it’s on yours, too, does that mean-
  • What if this goes south, what if I mess you up? What if I break your heart in two, then what?”
  • Your hand is on his cheek, and you don’t know when you put it there, and it doesn’t matter.
  • Because he’s looking at you now, and he looks hesitant, as if he feels the weight of the world is atop him as you continue.
  • Well I hear you, boy, I feel you boy but not so fast. Before you make your mind up, I gotta ask…”
  • You press a kiss to his nose, pausing when you can’t help but giggle at his dumbfounded expression.
  • Mammon might be greedy and have zero self-preservation, but…
  • He’s sweet.
  • What if I was made for you, and you were made for me?”
  • The dumb, ridiculous, greedy, perfect Avatar of Greed blushes, and it makes your heart melt.
  • You’re in love with him.
  • You hope he knows that.
  • What if this is it, what if it’s meant to be?”


I Get To Love You - Ruelle

  • You knew it was stupid to do this.
  • To lay around with Levi until you both grew groggy from 30 hours playing games, just moments from passing out on the floor.
  • His tail is drawing lazy shapes on your arm, and his eyes are gazing into yours, hazy, as though he’s unseeing.
  • The Avatar of Envy is somewhere between being awake and being asleep.
  • He looks… disgusting. You do, too.
  • Both of you have been awake for so long, after all.
  • Neither of you have taken a shower in two days.
  • But there’s something about the soft, happy glow in his eyes and the way his lips have remained in a gentle smile even as he begins to doze off.
  • His tail stills against your arm.
  • Somewhere far above, the lights above his tank are still shining, although dull.
  • It’s like the room is awash with soft, blue moonlight.
  • One look at you,”
  • It’s a stupid thing to do. He’s gonna wake up. He’s gonna freak the fuck out.
  • But his room is so silent and dark and it makes you want to sing.
  • Like him, you’re shy.
  • Too shy to do it when he’s properly conscious.
  • So this is what he gets instead.
  • My whole life falls… in… line.”
  • His lips quirk into a slightly bigger smile.
  • Infinitesimally. Hardly noticeable.
  • But… you think you notice.


I Will Be There - The Count of Monte Christo

  • You and Satan have a habit of staying up all night, tangled in each other’s arms, speaking words not your own.
  • You like to read to each other.
  • It’s a little tradition that had no official start.
  • It just happened.
  • It’s your favourite thing in the world.
  • And right now you’re in your own little bubble in time - a perfect, silent, peaceful world that belongs to you and Satan and no one else.
  • The moonlight drifting in the open window is pale and stains the entire room silver.
  • He set down his book a long time ago - or was it only moments?
  • Time passes strangely when you’re together.
  • You can never quite tell.
  • He’s laying on his side with his face an inch from yours and gently carding a hand through your hair.
  • “Sing for me,” he murmured suddenly, his voice soft.
  • If falling snow had a voice, it would be his.
  • Sing, you wondered?
  • You knew what came to mind first.
  • “In the light that falls at moonrise, in the rhythm of the rain.”
  • His eyes soften at your words, hardly louder than a whisper.
  • He doesn’t have the words to describe you properly, but you’re magical.
  • The Celestial Realm can’t hold a candle to you.
  • “In the miracle of ordinary days…”
  • He cuts you off, leaning closer until his lips brush yours. His words are so soft that they feel like a thought more than anything else.
  • “Every day is a miracle with you, MC.”


The Night we Met - Lord Huron

  • It was night, and you were both a little tipsy, and as you stumbled along the park pathway deep in the Devildom, Asmo realized he was fucked.
  • Because your eyes were so bright, and your laughter so clear.
  • And for the first time, he knew what he wanted.
  • Really knew.
  • And it wasn’t just a one-night stand.
  • He didn’t want this to just be a fling.
  • He wanted you, with him. Him and you. Forever.
  • Was that so much to ask?
  • Your soft voice is like a bell to his sharp ears.
  • The prettiest, ringing chime.
  • The sort of thing you only hear once, when you’re a child on Christmas Eve and you’re sure you hear the reindeer jingling on the roof!
  • It’s like that sound.
  • But better.
  • I am not the only traveller, who has not repaid his debt,”
  • What? Laughing, he swings closer to you in the dark, peppering your face with kisses, and asks what you’re singing.
  • You can only giggle as you continue with the words stuck in your mind like a broken record, tangling a hand into his hair.
  • His hair is so soft. Like clouds.
  • I’ve been searching for a trail to follow… again.”


Into the Night - Santana

  • When it came down to it, Beelzebub made you happy.
  • Was there anything - really, anything - more worthwhile than that?
  • You often thought the answer was no.
  • And unlike his brothers, Beel never makes you unsure.
  • You never think he’s about to walk away.
  • You’ve never thought he could hurt you.
  • Beel is fair. Beel is kind.
  • Beel is all you want, and really, more.
  • And coincidentally, he was the one demon you thought might take certain lyrics of this song stuck in your head, upbeat and energetic, well.
  • “Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell,”
  • And when he was lit up by the moonlight like this - when the stars were in his eyes - it really did seem like he was a gift from the heavens.
  • “It was love from above…”


Pluto - Sleeping at Last

  • The night was perfect.
  • There you were, curled together in the planetarium.
  • Belphie might have been awake. He might have been asleep. At this point you were unsure.
  • What you did know was that the moonlight was filtering through the glass, and the stars were shining overhead, and-
  • and you knew you loved him.
  • When you gently pull the slumbering demon closer, he mumbles in his sleep - something soft and meaningless.
  • You press your lips to his forehead and whisper the words, unmelodic and quiet.
  • “I woke up from the same dream, of falling backwards, falling backwards ‘till it turned me inside out.”
  • The Avatar of Sloth grows very still.
  • Is he awake?
  • Is he listening?
  • The slightest twitch of his eyes, the glint of a pink iris, and the uptilt of his lips tells you he is.
  • “Now I live a waking life, of looking backwards, looking backwards, a model citizen, no doubt.”
85 notes

Obey Me Brothers with an MC who acts like a child around their own older brother


  • The eldest brother finds your usual shenanigans somewhat irritating.
  • It’s like having another Mammon around the house.
  • It’s just that this new Mammon is more breakable, and if you piss off the wrong person you’re likely to get yourself killed.
  • So when your older brother visits and he sees an immediate change in you, at first he’s relieved.
  • At least your brother isn’t like you.
  • But then he sees how childish you act around him, and something… doesn’t feel right.
  • He’s seen angels act like that; carefree and childish, as though they have yet to really learn right from wrong and are just trying to live their best lives.
  • The word he would use is spoiled.
  • You’re an exchange student, and your behaviour reflects onto him and, more importantly, Lord Diavolo.
  • His amusement turns quickly to irritation.
  • Maybe he just won’t be satisfied with you no matter how you act.


  • Being entirely honest, Mammon hardly notices a difference.
  • You’re always at your most childish when you’re with him, after all.
  • It’s you and Mammon as the pair who do dumb shit.
  • Mammon also tends to pout to try to get things from you and Lucifer (with more success from one than the other.)
  • Lucifer looks out for him, doing his best to keep Mammon out of debt and out of danger, even if Mammon isn’t really… aware of it.
  • It’s kind of weird, how easily Mammon and your brother get along.
  • With Mammon’s obsessive puppy love, you would have thought he wouldn’t want one of your family members around.
  • What if your brother made you want to go back to the human world permanently?
  • But that sort of thought doesn’t seem to cross the Avatar of Greed’s mind.
  • To your brother?
  • Mammon is just… like another younger sibling.


  • Omg…
  • This reminds him of that one anime…
  • You know?
  • “Oh dear, I’m living with seven hot roommates who I like to joke about with and spend every day alongside doing things like pranking the eldest to cooking with some of the younger ones and they like hanging out with me too, but unfortunately one day my older brother came to visit our group house and I remembered how troubled my childhood was and how much I miss my brother because we used to have lots of fun and I can be even more childish with him than with my roommates.”
  • Yeah, that one!
  • He hopes this won’t follow the same plot as that anime, even though… everything seems the same so far.
  • He likes when you’re his Henry.
  • You can play games together and hang out and he feels better with you around.
  • He tries not to be jealous of your brother and the easy friendship you have with him.
  • He’s their brother! He tells himself over and over. He’s their brother!
  • Whether he manages to convince himself to be content or not…


  • He frowns when he sees you pouting and trying to extort things from your brother.
  • On one hand, he knows what that’s like.
  • After all, he’s a demon.
  • He was born of rage.
  • For many years, it was of no matter to him how he hurt those around him.
  • It was just about new experiences.
  • New types of anger.
  • Eventually, new feelings.
  • He took and took and took and never gave back anything, because he didn’t have to.
  • “MC, you shouldn’t manipulate your brother like that,” he says eventually, one night when its just the two of you laying together in silence.
  • You question what he means.
  • It’s always been like this, you say.
  • “Then maybe its time to change,” he whispers.
  • “None of us are perfect. But we have to consider how we effect those around us.”
  • It’s all well and good to have fun.
  • But this seems… wrong.


  • Asmo thinks the relationship you have with your brother is adorable.
  • Usually you’re something of the family therapist to him and his brothers.
  • It’s nice in a strange way to see you just… being normal.
  • He knows, somewhere deep down, that when compared to the demons?
  • You’re just a kid.
  • It’s good to see you acting like one, honestly.


  • Although he’s big and some might say intimidating, Beel still has five older brothers.
  • And he knows what it’s like to grow up with older brothers and still… be closer to them in your own way as adults.
  • After all, he and Mammon used to squabble over games of ball.
  • Asmo used to pin him down to paint his nails.
  • Beel was only stronger than Belphie for a long time, too, so he also understands from the other way around.
  • He’s not the oldest, but he has been older.
  • He knows what it’s like to be protective.
  • He understands both parts of the situation, from personal experience.
  • Don’t get him wrong, Beelzebub loves when you act so natural and goofy with him and his brothers.
  • You’re really part of the family.
  • All of the demons in the House of Lamentation know it.
  • There’s a new place for you in their hearts that wasn’t there before.
  • You’re not replacing anyone or taking someone’s spot.
  • So he’s not sure why he starts to feel jealous to see you acting like that with your real brother instead.
  • He knows it’s not the position of brother he’s feeling envy over.
  • After all, he often finds himself wanting more.
  • He hopes one day you’ll figure out what you want, too.


  • As the youngest, Belphegor has always been, for lack of better words, a brat.
  • He’s stubborn and angsty and very much still the edgy teenager of the House of Lamentation.
  • He knows what it’s like to have an older brother.
  • He has several, after all.
  • So what he can’t understand is why you’re so excited to see your brother again.
  • Don’t siblings sort of… suck?
  • Other than Beelzebub and Lilith, who hasn’t been around for a long time…
  • Well, Lucifer literally locked him up for speaking his mind.
  • Mammon is a scumbag who steals his things.
  • Levi might not be that bad, but it’s not like he’s ever around when Belphie needs him.
  • Satan is honestly one of the most chill of Belphegor’s older brothers, which could be ironic, considering the sin he represents.
  • Asmo is just so self-centered that the Avatar of Sloth feels like Asmo has never seen him.
  • Beel is the only one that Belphegor really, really actually cares about.
  • But when it comes down to it…
  • It’s almost just like he loves himself.
  • He and Beel are-
  • Closer than brothers.
  • They’re a symbiotic entity.
  • Each thought he has, his twin shares.
  • It’s just how it’s always sort of been.
  • So he sees you, excited to see your brother. And even more strange, he sees your brother, excited to see you.
  • This he sees.
  • This he just… he can’t understand.
62 notes

Obey Me! Characters and their thoughts on spiders (imo):


  • doesn’t even bat an eye when squishing the poor things under his shoe
  • no remorse for the disgusting creatures
  • they make cobwebs and it’s a pain to clean them up
  • if he so much as sees one from across the room he will LITERALLY STARE THEM DO DEATH
  • i mean he’s a demon, he got the power to do so
  • and if he’s working on paperwork and doesn’t wanna get the fly swatter and walk across the room
  • just giving them a literal death glare is easier


  • screams before beating the shit out of them
  • you’ll hear an “AH! FUCK!”
  • followed by a loud stomp or thud or whatever (depends on what surface the spider dares to crawl on)
  • on that note, i feel like mammon has broken a couple of glass vases because he doesn’t really think twice before he just swings his hand to kill a tiny arachnid
  • in those instances, you’ll hear a softer, quieter “ah, fuck…” as he realises his mistake and dread sinks in, knowing lucifer can and will beat his ass


  • “Ew.” *squish*
  • kinda disgusted by them, honestly
  • even more disgusted when he kills them and their guts and insides go everywhere
  • he’ll try to relocate them to avoid that
  • but, if they sneak up on him, that’s when he freaks out
  • he hates it when they appear out of fucking no where
  • he’ll just be peacefully gaming when he feels something crawling on his hand
  • screams like an highschool anime girl before slapping his hand
  • and when they disappear when he walks away to get a piece of paper to put them on?
  • hates that even more
  • “i’m burning down R.A.D.”


  • he doesn’t care about them as long as they stay a good twenty feet away from him
  • other than that he will smite them
  • literally
  • but he’s also the type to have a staring contest with one if he sees it crawling on the wall
  • “you fucking stay there unless you wanna meet your maker.”
  • spider lowkey shaking in its boots
  • and me too, ngl
  • y'all seriously think lucifer is the scary one? please, he’s got nothing on satan


  • poor baby is TERRIFIED of spiders
  • he will cry
  • he will run away and cry
  • and get lucifer or whoever to kill it for him
  • and then proceeds to repeatedly ask “are you sure it’s dead?”
  • “fucking yes, it’s dead. can’t you see it’s guts are everywhere?”
  • “are you sure?”
  • “oh my fu–”
  • he probably refuses to go in the same room a spider was killed in for a good couple of days
  • and if it’s his bedroom? he’ll just stay in mc’s room
  • annoying the shit out a mammom would be a bonus to bunking with dear mc


  • actually likes spiders
  • he thinks they’re cute
  • and if he sees one he’ll move it outside to save it from his brothers’ wrath
  • but not before he holds it in his hand and lets it crawl around his fingers for a little while
  • names the ones he comes across
  • you’ll probably see him sitting in the kitchen with a spider in his hands at one point
  • “and who do we have here?”
  • “diavolo junior”
  • i mean the spider to be looking thicc


  • friends with the spiders
  • that man was locked up in the attic, you can’t tell me he didn’t befriend them and learn how to communicate with them when trying to pass time
  • he probably uses them to get dirt on his brothers, especially asmo
  • lucifer hates it that he keeps them around because his attic room always has spider webs and shit hanging from the ceiling and corners
  • disgOSTANG
  • but that’s all the more reason to love them
  • has a name for each one
  • even has one named after mc
  • but don’t tell them


  • he can and will scream
  • despite being the prince of the devildom
  • he will climb onto furniture to avoid the tiny eight-legged creatures
  • all while calling for barbatos
  • and lo and behold, the amazing butler appears with a fly swatter and effectively rids the devildom of the spider, saving diavolo’s life (which was never really in danger but we can just leave that little detail out)
  • “everything’s alright now, your majesty”
  • cue romantic music as barbatos helps diavolo down from whatever piece of furniture he climbed onto and diavolo stares loving into the eyes of his saviour
  • i-
  • i’m sorry
  • it would’ve been better with lucifer


  • same as satan: as long as they stay a good twenty feet away he doesn’t care
  • but he won’t smite them
  • just simply move away and leave them be
  • he’ll also call beel over if he finds one
  • “hey, beelzebub? there’s another spider over here.”
  • “really? sweet!”
  • if you were to ask him to, he would kill one for you


  • plays with them
  • literally
  • that disappearing act spider’s like to do so much?
  • yeah, he’ll try to find them again as if they’re playing hide and seek
  • you’ll walk by a room and see him looking under the sofa
  • “what are you doing there, bud?”
  • “looking for my friend”
  • “ah, okay”
  • you continue on your way wondering if he befriended a rat or smth


  • catches them and keeps them in jars to use for spells later
  • the bigger the spider the better
  • he’ll force you to go spider hunting with him around the devildom
  • and you may or may not have come across one the size of cerberus and almost got eaten one time
  • lucifer had to come save your asses
  • “i swear, you two are insistent on dying”
  • i mean, mc lost their fear of death when they came to the devildom and i don’t think solomon ever feared it in the first place
129 notes

Obey Me! Characters as things me and my friends have said (and very out of context) Part 6:

Asmo: you don’t need to be so loud about it.

Solomon: i will fold you like i folded joe biden.

Simeon: himbos are the best.

Levi: it’s like choosing between oikawa from haikyuu and brian from dream daddy.

Mammon: it’s my daddy issues, i promise. i’m not a masochist.

Lucifer: i’ll beat you with a propel bottle.

Beel: i’m always a slut for dori– i really need to stop quoting vine.

Belphie: did i sleep well? bitch, my sleep schedule practically jumped from the forty-fucking-fifth story window. it’s gone. never to be seen again.

Satan: prepare to die.

Diavolo: bitches really be dummy thicc… it’s me. i’m bitches.

Barbatos: i made brownies for everybody but my dumbass kid sister ate them before i even took them out of the oven.

Luke: i swear to the holy chicken nuggets above if you call me short one more time, i will consume your neko neko kneecaps.

27 notes

Obey Me! Characters and the music they listen to (imo):


  • it’s canon this man listens to classical music
  • he refuses to listen to anything else and is disgusted by his brothers’ taste
  • you can try to get him to listen to other genres, but he’ll turn that shit off not even a second into it
  • he finds it annoying
  • but he appreciates it when you get him vinyls of classical human world music like mozart or beethoven


  • taylor swift
  • he will blast her albums
  • he will cry to “love story”
  • but would absolutely vibe to “look what you made me do”
  • i can also see him listening to lady gaga
  • and ariana grande
  • but mostly taylor swift


  • anime music only for this dude
  • a veteran weeb with a colourful taste
  • feeling sad? blue bird or the final ending theme of attack on titan
  • feeling like starting a riot? devilman crybaby theme
  • crackhead weebtok simping hours? definitely touch you
  • you’ll catch him randomly singing an anime song
  • sometimes you’ll join in if you know it
  • and he’ll be like “oh shit! you know this one?”
  • and then y'all just fucking vibe


  • dude literally just calmly listens to heavy metal while reading shakespeare
  • he’ll purposely blast screamo in his room when he knows that lucifer is nearby to just annoy him
  • “turn that vulgar vocalising off!”
  • “no! suffer you sadistic asshole!”
  • and if you’re into heavy metal and maybe even general rock, he’ll let you hang in his room and listen
  • he likes it when you sing along
  • he thinks it’s cute


  • doja cat, ppcocaine, lizzo, cardi b, etc
  • he knows the wap by heart
  • and 3 musketeers by ppcocaine?
  • it just fits him?
  • “got three bitches on me like the three musketeers”
  • y'all know this man gets around so there’s no doubt that song is practically his anthem
  • i feel like y'all would fucking blast that shit when in the car and vibe
  • #feelingbadass


  • doesn’t have a specific taste
  • he’ll listen to anything
  • but prefers rock when working out
  • just gets him in the mood to kick ass, y'know?
  • i’m thinking along the lines of 90s to 2000s rock, cause that shit was gold (sorry, kinda biased since i’m a 2000s baby)
  • maybe little bit of 80s dabbled into there
  • but for when he’s not working out
  • he honestly doesn’t care
  • he’d even be down to listen to classical music with lucifer if i’m being honest
  • he just likes music


  • this dude entered the emo phase and never came out of it
  • he knows the emo anthem by heart
  • but the g note can and will trigger his fight or flight response
  • his spotify history is mainly mcr, but has green day, bring me the horizon, and the offspring mixed in there a little
  • ugh y'all would fucking vibe to “i’m not okay (i promise)” when pulling an all nighter because i feel like belphie will hit insomnia spells whenever he oversleeps too much and his body is like “fuck no you need to be awake for at least five minutes” but that’s a headcanon for another time


  • this man has daddy issues AND mommy issues
  • he’s listening to mother mother and the neighbourhood constantly
  • feeling the mommy issues more? has an entire playlist of his favourite mother mother songs
  • and feeling the daddy issues more? it’s the same thing with the neighbourhood
  • but he will also listen to classical when with lucifer cause that’s the only thing lucifer will listen to
  • but also watch him get the orchestral and instrumental versions of his favourite songs and play those so he can secretly vibe with his daddy and mommy issues with lucifer in the room
  • barbatos knows what’s up tho
  • but he won’t say anything
  • y'all would have sleepovers and those two bands will be the only thing that will be playing in the background while you paint each other’s nails and goof around


  • i feel like he’s in the same boat with lucifer, only really liking classical music
  • but if he finds a pop or rock song he happens to like, they’ll definitely be in his playlist
  • he’ll have his music playing when he’s cooking or cleaning
  • it makes him feel more productive
  • even tho that man couldn’t get any more productive than he already is
  • fucking magic
  • you desperately try to find songs that he might like to broaden his taste a little bit
  • and oh boy does he appreciate it
  • he rarely has time to himself to go searching for new songs to listen to
  • so when you secretly add some to his playlist and they come on
  • “oh, mc must’ve added this one”
  • and there’s just a cute little fond smile on his face as he goes about his duties


  • not only is this man the author of an award-winning fantasy series, i feel like he plays dnd religiously
  • and is a dungeon master on that note
  • he has an entire fucking playlist filled with adventure songs as he creates a campaign
  • probably mostly made up of video game soundtracks like assassin’s creed, battlefield, god of war, etc
  • levi would walk past and here the music and immediately want to know what simeon’s doing
  • and probably end up helping him out
  • because i also feel like levi plays dnd religiously as well


  • kidz bop
  • just kidz bop
  • and i don’t need to explain myself
  • anyways, if you grew up on kidz bop you would probably give him your favourite cds
  • and y'all would sing along when making cupcakes for beel


  • this man is a chaotic gen z
  • listens to whatever is trending
  • and he knows all the tiktok ones by heart
  • and the dances that go to them
  • his taste is all over the place too
  • if you were to shuffle through his playlist it would be an ugly mess of rap, screamo, and ukulele love songs
  • omfg pls someone help him know how to properly make playlists
147 notes

Belphie: you’re pretty dumb.

Asmo: thanks.

Belphie: i just insulted you. why are you thanking me?

Asmo: all i heard is “you’re pretty”. i’m focusing on the positives in life.

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This is a tricky one as it hasn’t yet been answered in canon, but I think it could partly be explained by the differentiation between the two classic types of demon pact:

  • unilateral pact - one in which no price is paid by the human, nor is any power exchange included, lasting for as long as either party lives.
  • bilateral pact - one which requires payment from the human, traditionally in the form of (part of) a soul, payment typically collected upon death (accelerated or otherwise) of human.

The first kind of pact is exceptionally rare, as the demon receives no benefit from making this pact. They are simply rendering themselves into the service of said human.

The second kind of pact is the common type, and it is this that is usually meant when anybody normally mentions the trope of a demon pact. In OM canon, such a pact would result in a less shiny soul, and the more pacts made, the less shiny said soul would be.


MC has unilateral pacts, the rare pacts, with all seven demon brothers. These pacts require no payment, and are all binding. The motive here is protection, not reward.

Traditionally speaking, Solomon may well have bilateral pacts, the common pacts, that require part of his soul promised to each demon. Bilateral pacts are also the type in which a demon will seek to accelerate the humans death, and thus reap their reward more quickly. The motive here is reward, not protection.

Solomon of course has lucked out in this regard, as for other reasons he literally cannot die. The demons can never collect on his payment, so in appearance, his pacts act as unilateral ones.

That doesn’t however mean all of his demons see that the same way…

Theorising a little, it’s my view that a unilateral pact trumps a bilateral pact. That is, if MC and Solomon give Asmo conflicting orders, Asmo is bound to fulfil MC’s order only.

This doesn’t take into account personal desire or opinion mind, as that could fluctuate wildly. And I think in a lot of cases, the relationship between human and demon in a pact may be more volatile, in which case the demon may try and misinterpret an order as far as possible.


That could certainly be the deciding factor if a demon is ordered by two humans with the same level of pact with them for sure.

But in the case of MC, having the rarest type of pact, and without anyone else canonically confirmed as having that same kind of pact… I think MC’s orders will always win out 👀

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What the brothers are like when sleeping…


When sleeping alone Lucifer is as stiff as a brick. He’s either lay flat on his back, arms resting at his sides or hands clasped atop his stomach. That or on his side buried under the covers (he’s NOT a morning demon in his own words so he’s gonna bury himself and make sure no light or noise can disturb his sleep). Still stiff as a board. Not gonna change.

When being big spoon Lucifer will wrap his arms protectively around his little spoon. He’s very warm so he understands if the little spoon would want a bit of space so he won’t press himself against them but instead leave a little bit of space between their bodies. He also likes his own space. It’s kinda like an awkward side hug.

When being little spoon- oh who are we kidding he’d never let that happen. Big spoon Lucifer is big spoon Lucifer as if that prideful fucker would be a little spoon.


When sleeping alone Mammon curls up in a ball and sleeps on his side because a) it’s very comfy and b) he likes to conserve heat. Especially when MC isn’t there to provide said heat. He may also cuddle a pillow in their place.

When being big spoon he will press himself against his little spoon. He’s quite warm so the little spoon might get a bit hot but how could they say no to Mammon when he’s got a tight grip around the little spoon, legs tangled in theirs and giving little neck kisses? They literally can’t!

When being little spoon Mammon backs into his big spoon and curls up on his side. He often likes to stroke his big spoon’s hand as well as getting head and back rubs. He’d fall asleep SO FAST the moment they start giving him rubs!!


When sleeping alone Levi likes to snuggle his many, many, MANY anime body pillows that infest his room. His favourite being a fairly risqué Ruri-chan pillow. He also puts on lofi so he can go to sleep quicker.

When being big spoon Levi can be very awkward at first. He’d constantly wriggle and move and every time he’d ask if his little spoon is comfortable. Eventually he gets the hand of it although he may cuddle a little too tight but he doesn’t realise it!

When being little spoon he once again is very awkward, although he gets the hang of it a hell of a lot quicker. He finds for comfort and security being a little spoon. He has a very particular spot on the back of his head that makes him sleep in an instant but it takes some experimentation to find on the big spoon’s part.


When sleeping alone Satan always falls asleep with a book. Whether he falls asleep reading or with a book on top of him or on his side there will ALWAYS be a book there. Periodt. Usually falls asleep sat up if he’s on a couch or on his back if he’s in bed. Doesn’t move much.

When being big spoon Satan likes to be close with his little spoon, wrapping his arms protectively around them and resting his head in the crook of his neck. He’s not really a touchy person but it’s in these moments that he likes to be close to the little spoon and he feels as if he can protect them.

When being little spoon it won’t last long honestly. It’s not that he doesn’t like it necessarily, it’s just that he heavily prefers being big spoon and that he’d need some space. If the big spoon lets him read a book for a bit though he might stay there a little longer.


When sleeping alone Asmo likes to sleep on his side, hair off his face, his favourite night mask on, creams applied before bed. He makes sure he’s nice and pampered before he even thinks about sleeping.

When being big spoon he likes to be very close with his little spoon. He thrives off the physical touch so the little spoon is more than welcome to play with his hands, run their hands across wherever they can touch. Just give this boi attention and he’ll be happy.

When being little spoon he’s practically exactly the same. He honestly has no preference this guy is the definition of a switch in every sense! Just give him attention! That’s what he DEMANDS off his big spoon. As long as their hands are clean before they even think about touching his pretty face!


When sleeping alone Beel STARFISHES to a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL. Snores a lot, drools all over his pillow (good job Belphie is a deep ass sleeper). But it’s kinda…cute? Has fallen into a food coma more times than he can count. Usually falls asleep with food or empty bowls of what once held food near him. Likely the latter.

When being big spoon this guy snuggles so goddamn much and he’s honestly so adorable. He might snore in his little spoons ear but it’s not that loud, thankfully. Will probably sniff and play with this little spoon’s hair.

When being little spoon he lovvveeeesssss the cuddles and the closeness he has with his big spoon! Hug this man and hug him good because a massive grin appears on his face when his big spoon does so.


When sleeping alone Belphie has teddies, pillows, the VERY BEST bedsheets the Devildom can offer. The temperature is just PERFECT too!! Another one who listens to lofi to go to sleep.

When being big spoon he may also include teddies and pillows into the mix to cuddle as well, so his little spoon better expect to be mauled by his plushies. At least they smell like him. Doesn’t snore loud. About the same volume as Beel.

When being little spoon he will STILL include pillows and teddies and there’s no changing that no matter what spoon he is. Rub. His. Head. Head rubs are key so his big spoon better deliver. Falls asleep really quick.

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I know Asmo’s technically the “weakest” of the brothers in terms of raw strength, but I still like to think that since they’re demons, they’ve got crazy high base stats

Like, if he were to arm wrestle John Cena or smth, it’d look like that scene from Twilight BD2 where Bella arm wrestles Emmett

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asmo headcanons that have been marinating in my brain for a while

i made a tumblr because of this-

warnings: brief mentions of food and dieting, minor cursing, and slight allusion to nsfw topics.

  • asmo 100% listens to slayyyter
  • idc what anyone says, this is canon
  • his favorite slayyyter song is throatzillaaa or the gimme more remix
  • i could literally write an essay about what’s on his playlist
  • loves late 90s early 2000s horror movies and watches i know what you did last summer, scream, and jennifer’s body every halloween
  • is convinced he’d be the final girl
  • would not be the final girl
  • he’d die within the first 30 mins bc he thought it’d be a good idea to run up the stairs and would trip smh
  • loves reality tv and has watched all of the simple life and keeping up with the kardashians
  • has watched every season of drag race
  • yes, his brothers have walked in on him practicing the death drop
  • yes, his death drop is flawless
  • can’t drive
  • asmo seriously can’t drive
  • jumin han who? this bitch is even worse. (i have no room to talk, a girlie struggles to park in an empty lot oop-)
  • was that car-shaking thump a speedbump or someone’s dog?
  • was it luke? 👼
  • he doesn’t know and doesn’t stop to check bc if he doesn’t look, it simply ✨didn’t happen✨
  • asmo is definitely a part of stan twitter
  • replies with obscure/cursed stan twitter videos in the gc and everyone’s confused
  • beel is the most confused poor bb
  • levi calls him a normie but kind of understands
  • orders the pink drink but is also surprisingly a fan of just plain black coffee
  • has tried the grapefruit diet
  • hated it
  • has tried grapefruiting (giving and receiving)
  • loved it
  • asmo is very flexible and has a whole stretch routine for morning and night
  • “MC, you should come stretch with me~”
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dear obey me fandom,

regarding this card:


WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT DEVILGRAM STORY? It was basically mammon being annoying as shit, asmo being horny for his older brother (???) and…. yeah that’s it? not to sound dramatic but anything incest is gross as fuck and that story was HARD to endure

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