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Simeon: I relate to Belle because she loves books and likes people for who they are!

Asmodeus: I relate to Tinkerbell because she needs attention or she dies

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MC is on their period

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Yeah, I’m suffering so I cope writing this

Warnings: mentions of menstruation… and that’s all I guess?

Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan

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  • He did his research about humans for the exchange program, but it took him a little off guard when he walked into your room and was greeted by the smell of blood and the sight of you curled up under the bedsheets.
  • Are you okay? Did someone hurt you? What happened?
  • You briefly explain to him you’re not hurt, just in your period
  • Is not that comprehensive at first; he might think you’re overreacting
  • It can’t be that bad right?
  • WRONG.
  • He softens up once he notices how bad you’re feeling and actually offers to spend more time with you in order to take care of you.
  • Lets you sit on his lap while he does paperwork so you can be close
  • Will probably allow you to not go to RAD only if the pain is so bad you can’t move
  • Overall, he takes care of you as much as he can and tries to make you feel better.


  • Freaks out when he notices your pained expression and the smell of blood coming from you
  • Ready to kill a bitch
  • Calms down when you explain no one hurt you, but is still very confused about what’s happening to you
  • Brings you some food and stays in bed with you
  • VERY disgusted when he looks up in the internet about menstruation
  • You bleed EVERY month???? For 3-7 days???? Aren’t humans supposed to DIE if they bleed too much?????
  • Doesn’t know what to do but tries his best to make you feel better.
  • Will ask Solomon if there’s a spell to help you ease the pain
  • He just wants you to stop suffering :(


  • Barged into your room to drag you to his for an anime marathon but stopped as soon as he noticed you were in pain
  • Who hurt his Henry?
  • Another one that’s ready to kill a bitch
  • “I’m just having period cramps”
  • OH, it’s like that anime […]
  • Actually was more prepared than his older brothers. Asks what you need and orders it from Akuzon so he can stay by your side taking care of you
  • You two will probably end up not going to RAD and stay home watching anime until you feel better


  • Finally someone who uses reasoning before assuming you’re hurt
  • “Are you on your period?”
  • May Diavolo bless this demon, he always has everything you need
  • Takes care of you mostly by staying by your side and reading to you as a distraction
  • Doesn’t let you skip classes unless you’re in real pain (AKA “are you dying? No? Then go to class)
  • Don’t misunderstand him, he’s just worried your grades might go down
  • Give him puppy eyes and there’s a chance he’ll actually let you stay home to rest
  • If you can’t go to RAD, he will take notes for you and do your homework for with you.
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fluff prompts 5 + 7

obey me! shall we date?: asmodeus

ASMO ASMO ASMO also hi my day was great homeboy how about you

i watched the first case from the great pretender :):):):) i love laurent so much


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Remember the original? Well now they are separated with a bit more ✨flair✨ for your viewing pleasure

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Obey Me! Characters as things me and my friends have said (and very out of context) Part 7:

Solomon: you wanna prove jesus is real? give me his bones.

Levi: my elbow is sweating

Asmo: 30 year old CORPSE simp

Beel: leprechauns love us

Satan: legally blond, bitch

Belphie: i wanna lick sangwoo’s ashes

Mammon: my horniness just went from here to here in a matter of nanoseconds

Lucifer: what the fuck

Simeon: don’t say oh my god. that’s as bad as the f word. say oh my gosh

Diavolo: i suffer from bigtittyitis

Barbatos: i’m not your slave

Luke: you’ve never seen icarly????

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Thought process about the brothers.


  • Oh man sugar daddy vibes
  • Wait wait…he’s gay
  • Fuuuuck. He’s gay for Diavolo.
  • Nah bro I can’t go for him I ship him with Diavolo too much.
  • Honestly every time he came on screen to talk to me privately I felt like I did something wrong.
  • Lol if he’s gonna kill me anyway why not just go for it?
  • I was even too scared to flirt with him.
  • Seems to care for me though.
  • Thanks bro, how’d you know I was stressed?
  • I should get close to Diavolo so he won’t kill me.


  • Who does he think he is? What does he think he’s doing?
  • I’m gonna show him I’m better than him just you wait
  • Wait is he in love with me?
  • No for real, it was so awkward
  • I spent the first half of the game trying to be better than Mammon in this one sided enemity
  • And he had the audacity to fall in love with me?
  • Well what do I do now?
  • He ended up growing on me because of how attached and cute he was.
  • Stop bullying him!!!
  • Proceeds to bully him myself.


  • He looks like he’d be fun to tease with…
  • Lmaoooo he hates me? Ok then.
  • Oooh a fellow otaku? That changes things
  • How dare he call me a normie!? I’ll show him-
  • What a tsundere, even more fun to anger.
  • I got a bit scared when he got angry at me ngl
  • Wait, he’s actually pretty cute??
  • Oh nooooo don’t put yourself down like that!!!
  • You deserve so much dammit.
  • Still fun to tease, just to see him blushing.
  • I want to hug him and stuff.
  • It’s weird how he makes me soft.


  • He’s sus
  • What an unsettling smile
  • I’m gonna stay away from him.
  • And I did for a long time until the body swap arc.
  • Oh? He likes cats and books too
  • The Lucifer slander is iconic
  • Oh man he’d totally go ahead and be a stripper just because Lucifer said he can’t
  • Man I’d love to sit down with him and discuss various pranks and books.
  • He seems quite romantic I like that.
  • He’s pretty sweet, and for some reason looks more sane than the rest.
  • Oh shit he’s a bottom.


  • Decided to stay away from him from the start
  • Idk he seemed creepy
  • I still want to leave, but not as much as before.
  • I actually want a backstory about his past lovers and him.
  • He has a pact with Solomon? What a red flag.
  • Seems like a fun person to gossip and fangirl over cute things with.
  • But also seems like he would moan in my ear whenever I hug him.
  • He seems to be fond of me, oh well then.
  • I’d like to go shopping with him, he’d know what suits me better than myself.
  • Either he’ll insult my body, or he’ll encourage my body.
  • Very neautral vibes.


  • Oh is he always that one hungry guy?
  • How stereotypical.
  • Until I started talking to him more.
  • He’s literally….so…nice???
  • Please pat my head with those huge hands of yours.
  • He may not be the smartest, but he’s the most loving.
  • Love me a man who’d tell me to eat and give me food.
  • But he’ll take my food too, guess I’ll jave to work with that.
  • He’s always there for everyone.
  • The one I would go to for a hug.


  • I did not want to go up the stairs
  • I did not want to get involved.
  • He seems pretty okay, he’s trying to talk things out with Lucifer and unite again huh?
  • Oh he doesn’t like humans.
  • What an emo drama queen.
  • Maybe he’ll like me when I get him out of there.
  • I’m not very far, but so far I’m not wild about him.
  • But I’ve known him more from events for now.
  • Why is he suddenly acting so evil? Why are there more problems than I thought?
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I should really draw him more often–

DTIYS was for @/auxr.el on Instagram

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“…” Asmodeus couldn’t help but cringe inwardly as the child had fallen asleep against him and he didn’t have the energy to move him.

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