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obeythedemons · 2 days ago
When the others knew he loves them [Obey Me! Headcanon]
Obey Me! Masterlist
MC said a dumb joke. It was enough to make Mammon groan and roll his eyes. What made him pause, was the undignified snort that escaped from Lucifer. He looked over at the prideful demon with shock. His crimson eyes were locked on MC, the corners turned up and his mouth formed in a content smile. He looked...soft.
Lucifer looked almost like he did back when they were at the Celestial Realm. He looked back at MC and then back at Lucifer. He gulped, at how Lucifer's attention was solely focused on the sound of MC's laughter like nothing else mattered.
Beel had just walked into Hell's Kitchen with an all he could eat coupon. His stomach growled loudly at the thought - but was silenced when Mammon brought him food.
"Sh-shut up, it's not like I'm here 'cause MC saw somethin' that they wanted and I'm workin' to get money to buy it for 'em or anythin'!" he scoffed at Beel who never said anything to begin with.
He figured he had a crush on MC, but not a big enough of one to do the thing he hated most just to make them smile.
Satan watched with amusement as Levi walked around with a non-manga book in his arms. He was proud that his older brother was finally picking up some real literature. Then, he saw the title of the book. It was MC's favorite novel.
Levi's eyes meet Satan's eyes. His face turned a bright red and he held the book closer to him before hurrying out of the room. Satan's eyes widened as he realized that Levi was actually taking an interest in someone else's interests. His lips pressed into a thin line at the realization.
Asmo watched as he sat on the couch, his foot tapping anxiously. His emerald eyes flickered to the tv, where he paused a crime drama. Just as Asmo was going to ask what he was waiting for, MC came in with a bowl of popcorn and a brief apology for being late. Asmo expected him to be angry, but instead a wide grin formed on his face.
Satan patted the spot on the couch next to him for MC to sit. Once they settled in next to him, Satan covered both of them with a blanket and played the crime drama. His eyes kept flickering from the screen to watch MC's reactions instead. Asmo chuckled quietly and went to resume painting his nails.
Asmo's spiel of how excited he was about his spa appointment to the ever-elusive Devil Hot Springs was cut short when his D.D.D. vibrated. Solomon watched curiously when Asmo's eyes fluttered over the words. With a light laugh, he dialed a number.
"Yes, I need to cancel my appointment," Asmo spoke quickly. Solomon watched in shock, knowing that Asmo would most likely have to wait a couple of years before being able to go to that spa. When Asmo hung up he giggled. "MC wants to hang out today!"
"Ah, don't eat that," Beel warned Belphie. Belphie sighed and rolled his eyes while giving Beel that look. Beel shook his head. "It's not for me. I got that for MC, it's their favorite." Belphie put the food back before grabbing something else out of the fridge. He heard the front door to the house open and Beel zoomed out of the kitchen, not even grabbing something to eat.
Curiously, Belphie poked his head out of the kitchen. Beel was taking MC's bag and jacket for them with a small smile. The pair walked off in the direction of MC's room with Beel following them like a puppy dog, a really big puppy dog.
Levi was getting a late-night snack during a break from raiding while his teammates needed to get away for a second. His foot caught on something walking down the stairs. With a yelp, he toppled forward. Looking back, he shuttered at the glare Belphie was sending him.
"Wh-what are you doing sitting right there?" Levi questioned, but was soon interrupted when the front door opened. Belphie hopped up from his spot and stepped over the Avatar of Envy. Levi watched as Belphie grabbed MC's hand. It clicked. MC had to go to Lord Diavolo's for the exchange program. Belphie actually stayed up to make sure they got home safe. Levi's eyes narrowed at how Belphie was hanging off of them.
Lucifer was having tea with Diavolo when he briefly mentioned the latest shenanigans MC had gotten into with his brothers. The boisterous laugh that erupted from Diavolo startled him.
"Could you tell me more about MC?" Diavolo questioned and leaned forward. For a moment, Lucifer brushed it off as Diavolo wanting to hear about MC as an exchange student, but the way his eyes became half-lidded and the smile he wore when he listened to the stories about MC caused him to pause. Lucifer took a sip of his tea, not knowing how to proceed with this new information.
Diavolo followed the pair in the marketplace, wearing a pair of sunglasses, a baseball cap, and a hoodie like in the movies MC showed him. He was curious when Barbatos had asked MC to tag along with him with one of his daily trips, so he had to get a better look at what was going on.
He watched as Barbatos placed a hand on MC's back, guiding them and keeping them close to him. Barbatos's shoulders were relaxed for once and the laugh he let out was one he's never seen before. In fact, he's never seen the butler so relaxed before. Diavolo frowned.
"Ah, Barbatos?" Simeon questioned. The angel looked nervous as his hands clutched onto a notebook tightly. "Could you perhaps read a poem I wrote? MC asked to read whatever it was I wrote next, so I wrote this for them."
Barbatos merely nodded and happily took the notebook from him. His eyes skimmed over the words. The butler hid the frown that was wanting to break out on his face and instead kept his face neutral. While it wasn't directly obvious, the poem's words describing the beauty and loving embrace of the Celestial Realm were actually about them.
Simeon watched with a frown. Solomon was going through book after book about breaking the curse of immortality. The angel stepped forward to the sorcerer who was on the brink of tears. He placed a hand on his shoulder, causing Solomon to startle.
"I don't want to watch them grow old while I remain the same," he whispered. "And I can't curse them to the same faith I have." Solomon turned back to his books, searching desperately. Simeon stepped back, leaving Solomon to his research.
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leviathanswingman · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
sometimes it's just me and my obeymemes against the world
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minteyeddevil · a day ago
hi!! could you do some headcannons on how the brothers + dateables would give love to f! MC's biddies? like sometimes i just... really love my tits cause theyre cute and i like squeezing em
(Hey you do you, love, nothing wrong with liking your own chest! Lemme see what I can pull out here for you ^^)
Tumblr media
He would never admit it out loud, but he finds himself constantly staring at her chest, longing to press his face to her breasts and just relax in the soft mounds. That's his favorite spot to rest, and he loves to kiss and nip at her skin there as well. He also loves how sensitive her nipples are when he licks and sucks on them, so he does it any time he can get his face next to her bosom. Leaves marks all over because they are covered up with her clothing and only he knows they are there all over her breasts.
He genuinely enjoys just squeezing on her breasts and watching how they mold to the size of his hands. The flesh squishing and puffing up between his fingers just does something to him.. He loves how her nipples harden under his palm and how he can make her whine and whimper at the sensation. He loves to squish his face between them and just nuzzle and kiss the skin there, even will fall asleep in that spot if she let's him.
A flustered mess every time he sees MC's breasts. He wants to just grab and squeeze them and he hates admitting that he fantasizes about nestling his cock between them. When he finally gets bold enough to touch, his mouth latches on to her nipple and sucks it for dear life, leaving as many teeth marks around it as he can. Lots of hickies on the plumpest parts of her breasts because he likes knowing they are his and can see them whenever he wants.
Offers to hold them if they are causing her back pain, lol. No seriously, he just enjoys having the fullness of them in his palm, squeezing and massaging them as much as she will allow. Teases her nipples with his thumbs especially because he enjoys how her face flushes and they get nice and pert under his touch. Lots of open mouth kisses all over them as well and he leaves a deep dark mark right between them.
He does damn near everything he can to her breasts. Nuzzles them with his nose, kisses and sucks and bites on them, sometimes even gets at her nipples with a vibe when he is feeling extra playful with her. But his favorite thing to do is just lay on her breasts, the plumpness enveloping his head like a fluffy cloud and lulls him to sleep. Kisses on them over and over while he lays there and hums happily if she plays with his hair while he does so.
Will straight up have MC sit on his lap with her back to his chest so he can cup her breasts and just squeeze them. His hands are big enough that they can encompass most of both of them, and he teases her nipples with his palms when doing so as well. He likes to take as much of the plumpness as he can into his mouth and just sick and bite one because he loves how she feels. Will leave dark teeth marks as well on her skin if she will allow him too because he just loves to nibble on them.
Fluffy pillows of comfort. He demands, almost literally, that MC allow him to use her breasts as pillows when he wants to take a nap. Sucks on her nipples lazily until he actually falls asleep. When he is more in the mood, will bite and suck on them a whole lot more, nuzzling the valley between her breasts and leave all the marks he can there. Sometimes will leave them higher up on her chest so his brothers can see and know who she belongs to.
Openly shows how much he likes staring at her chest. Wants to just smother himself in her breasts any chance he can get, even when she is in his office at RAD. Will kiss and suck on her breasts even through her shirt and keeps her set on his lap when he wants to show them his full attention. Lots of random groping when no one is looking as well and sometimes comes up behind her to cup them and give them a good squeeze before running off back to 'finish his work', lol.
He tries his best to be subtle, but he definitely steals glances at MC's breast when they pass by him. Everything otherwise is secluded to the bedroom, and he pays most of his attention to her chest when alone. Lots of massaging and kissing, biting at the fullest part of her breast to leave his teeth marks in her skin. He loves being able to touch her and be alone with her in the privacy of his own room.
He is genuinely shy about touching her, at first. But once he gets bolder and more comfortable with her, he pinches and pulls her nipples to tease her, and kisses at the plumpest part of her breasts. He likes to cup them and hold them while she lays with him, just gently squeezing them over and over until she begs for a different kind of attention from him. He also, like Levi, has a secret lust of wanting to have his cock nestled in between them and watch them squeeze around his shaft.
Lots of random touching whenever he can get away with it. Loves to sneak up behind her and just cup them, squeezing them over and over until she is wiggling against him, but pulls away and teases her for being sensitive to his touch. Lots of licking and suck on her nipples and the flesh around them, leaving marks along the underside of her breasts to show the neglected skin there some love. Loves to fall asleep with a hand on her breast, massaging the mound until he falls into a blissful sleep next to her.
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7deadlymorons · 2 days ago
asmodeus: *nervous because he has a date with Solomon*
asmodeus: what comes in your mind when a guy asks you out on a date???
satan: the fucking audacity.
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Mc: Asmo do you want hug?
Asmo: If you want it is ok.
Mc: Why are you taking your pants off? What the hell, Asmo! In which hug are the pants taken off?
Asmo: *Looks disappointed* Oh you said hug I thought you said fuck.
Mc: Wft??? You are so dirty. Shame!
Asmo: Do you still want a hug?
Mc: No.
Thank you and sorry.
Moral of the story: Don’t think about Asmo while you’re in the shower because then you might come up with as stupid ideas as this.
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famei · 2 days ago
Enjoy Your Meal
Beelzebub x Reader
A/N : This is honestly the best I could do during my super busy first weeks of university. It’s not seasonal at all but next time I’ll try harder to get into the spirit of the season. Enjoy y’all!
Warning : A lil’ bit of smut ( just BJ, but still )
Your knees were starting to hurt from rubbing against the carpeted floor and your neck felt sore because of the  during bobbing motion. The pain only started to reach your knuckles which were gripping the demon’s thighs as hard as you could, trying to focus on something else,to keep yourself from letting any noise out.
« Are you sure we don’t need to keep something from MC ? » a voice broke among the cuttlery and munching noises.
Beel was visibly struggling to munch on his food to make out some words. To his brothers, it could pass from his usual behaviour but you knew damn well how much he was trying to contain his moans. And those weren’t from food pleasure…  
« She said she was having dinner at Purgatory Hall »
« She didn’t say anything, this is not like her to leave without even sending a text to the group chat » Satan mumbled his thoughts out loud.
« She told me right before going, she was late… »
He quickly mumbled before carrying on munching his food. And in the middle of a bite, he let out a loud groan, silencing the whole room in its wake.
Even you stopped moving, letting Beel’s cock to throb into your mouth while saliva poured out of the side of your mouth.
« Chowy » Beel noisily swallowed what he had in his mouth and carried on more intelligibly.
« Those grilled bat steaks are amazing ! » he punctued his sentence with an awkward chuckle before
almost instantly plunging back in his meal and around him, the awkward silence lasted for a few seconds…
« Ugh, I’m not hungry anymore. Good night » you recognized the voice of Levi, followed by his chair pulling back from the table.
And from your peripheral vision, you saw other chairs being slid back and their owner, standing up before leaving in a chorus of groans and unpleasant comments.
You stay careful not to be too loud just in case. And  apparently you had the right instinct because you heard the voice of the eldest brother resonate in the dining room.
« Beel, please try to keep your enthusiastic noises down while you’re eating please. »
And on that, he took his turn to leave the two of you. When the footsteps had died down, Beel pulled his chair back a little, forcing you to unwrap your mouth from his shaft, still connected to it by a thin thread of saliva.
He took his sweet time emptying his mouth before smiling down at you, with a wolfish grin, his eyes contasted with the latter because of how full of love they looked. He was looking at you like you were the tastiest-looking burger in the world three realms.  
« We’re all alone know, MC »
You grinned and moved on all four to get back to your previous position, grabbing his cock in your hand and placing it against your cheek, smiling from ear to ear up to him. Then you took a tentative lick from the side before moving his dick directly in front of you to take a good suck, your eyes not leaving him.
Beel bit his lip, hardly tryng to contain his grin, eyes keeping direct contact with yours.
« Enjoy your meal, MC »
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Hey malice! What do you think Solomon and asmo's relationship is/was? I hc them as just people who had a one night stand that Solomon wants to forget and asmo will never!
I honestly think they are fuck buddies.
Asmo is always so happy to talk about/be with Solomon and goes out of his way to hangs out with him. He is very flirty with him, but he’s always flirty so it’s hard to tell but Asmo does find an attraction to Solomon like he has towards MC. Asmo may be a human fucker.
Solomon on the other hand, on the Home Screen, what talking about Asmo, he’s smiling and is really happy saying it’s a secret as to why they are so close. Solomon also gets happy to spend time with Asmo and honestly if you read between the lines Solomon hints at them sharing a bed during an a lesson (I remember reading it but don’t remember when and it may have been Asmo who said it) and saying they did more then just sleep.
During the ‘You got to be kidding me’ event Solomon gets excited and happily runs off to play with Asmo, showing that he does actually enjoy the demons company. The only thing he doesn’t care for is that Asmo always tries to play dress up with him.
Tl;DR: Solomon and Asmodeus have fucked before and they go on dates occasionally and now MC is invited to those dates.
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archangelgabriellives · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Suptober 2021, Day 12: Hellbound
The demons cleared out of the small cell, knuckles and shoe tips coated in blood.
"Look at you."
The sickly sweet voice echoed around the groaning lump on the floor. Blood had splattered everywhere, and Asmodeus laughed at the struggle that his new prisoner must have put up.
He stepped close, feet close enough to land his own swift kick, but he didn't want to mess his white suit. From his pocket, he pulled out a needle, sharp and ancient, scored with spells and runes to take what the Prince of Hell wanted.
The point flared bright with a flash and a long shadow fell on his prisoner.
"Welcome to Hell, Gabriel. You'll find it to be most uncomfortable."
Suptober Tags: ??
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wafermelons · a day ago
hello my loves~ any thoughts on what you guys want for replaced mc au pt 4? shall it be fluff? angst? angst with comfort? or shall mc date one of the dateables- (im a sucker for simeon)
i would like to hear your guys' ideas! i have a slight writers block. i know im supposed to be on hiatus but i feel bad for making you all wait...
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messy-messi · 2 days ago
You can't tell me Asmo doesn't wear a skirt some days with his RAD uniform
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leviathanswingman · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
haha who would spend time making these what a fucking loser
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minteyeddevil · a day ago
First Time: Asmodeus
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He was amazed at how quickly your relationship with him bloomed in the short amount of time you had been spending in the Devildom. He didn’t think his immense flirtation and almost wild ways would actually win you over to him, let alone be successful in making you smile and laugh his way.
He certainly didn’t expect you to open up to him so quickly about not having been with anyone before him. Sure, there were passing fancies you had with a person or two; but not one you ever felt worthy of having a deep part of you.
Not until you met him.
His flirtation soon turned to protection of you, his heart suddenly wrapped around your little finger. He wanted nothing but to keep you near him and safe from the chaos of the three realms, from the lesser demons of the Devildom; even his own brothers at times.
On the night you decided to finally share yourself with him, he made the day as romantic as possible. He took you out to Ristorante Six for an amazing dinner, just the two of you, and a small trip to the Fall where you both danced for hours. He had a few of his fan club members try to come up and interrupt your time together, but made sure you knew the night was all about you and him.
When you finally went back home to the House of Lamentation, he walked you to his bedroom where the two of you could be alone and away from the prying eyes of his brothers, locking the door behind you. He pulled your back to his chest the moment you two were alone, and pressed against you, leaning forward to lightly kiss at your neck. This led to you turning in his arms, wrapping yours around his neck, and melting into a deep kiss with him. He walked you over to his bed without breaking the kiss, and helped you settle back on the pile of pillows he had.
He undid the buttons of your shirt slowly, watching for any sign on your face that told him to stop; his heart pounded when he saw none. He helped you sit up to shrug it off your shoulders, and folded it nicely, placing it to the side on his vanity chair. He was making to undo the buttons of his shirt, when you instead insisted on doing it for him.
A deep sigh left his throat as you popped the buttons loose and opened the front of his shirt, running your fingers along his stomach and rib cage. He shivered slightly under your touch, and shrugged off the garment, letting it fall off behind him and be ignored on the bed.
He shifted you along the bed, unbuttoning your jeans, and planted a soft kiss on your navel before removing them along with your underwear. You curled into yourself slightly once fully exposed, hiding your face in a few of the pillows resting behind your head.
“Beautiful,” he whispered, before leaning down and lavishing your chest with licks and kisses. His hands moved to trail along your back, making their way to your waist, before settling on your thighs.
“I’m going to touch you. Is that alright, darling?”
A flush spread high along your cheeks, but you nodded, biting your lip as you watched his hand slip between your thighs.
It felt like electricity striking through you as his fingers ran along your sex, and when he slipped a finger down to rub at your entrance, a high gasp left you. Your hips rolled in time with his finger, but he pulled away a moment to cover his finger in saliva, before placing it right back, letting it enter you slowly. He pumped it in and out of you, making you writhe at the new sensation.
“Does that feel good, love?”
You nodded, mouth slightly slacked as he continued to finger you.
He giggled at the look on your face, leaning forward to replace his finger with his tongue, licking the taut hole before letting the wiggling muscle press into you. You squirmed and tried to pull away, but his hands on your waist made you still.
“Let me make you feel good, (Y/N),” he reassured, pulling you closer to his mouth.
His tongue continued to work you, and soon you were rolling your hips against each thrust of the muscle, whining for him to keep going.
“So worked up already,” he chuckled. “But do you feel ready for me?”
You swallowed. “Yes. Please, Asmo…”
“As you wish, my darling.”
Asmodeus sat up from his bowed position between your thighs, and leaned back to unbuckle his belt and remove his jeans. He pulled the condom from his pocket (he understood the precautions and wanted you to feel comfortable for your first time with him) and you could see a slight blush in his cheeks as he tore it open, and rolled it along his cock.
He pressed himself between your thighs, rubbing his tip against your entrance, watching your face to make sure whatever he was doing would not hurt you.
“If you decide you want me to stop, just say so, love,” he whispered, brushing a strand of hair from your face.
You shook your head. “No, please don’t stop…”
He smiled down at you, giving you another deep kiss.
“I’m so lucky to have you like this, (Y/N).”
He held your hand in his, giving a slight squeeze as he pressed into you. You felt your walls stretch to his girth, and grit your teeth as you adjusted to the pressure building inside you. Your mouth slacked open in small pants as he got to the hilt, and he stayed still, feeling his own heart pounding in his chest.
He waited for you to give him a small nod, and he began rolling his hips at a slow pace, stroking your walls in his wake.
You could feel the pressure building in your middle, your toes curling at the heat. His pace began to speed up as his breathing also turned to pants, his lips pressed to your neck as his hand still gripped yours.
“You feel…divine,” he groaned, pounding into you much harder now. “I can’t help myself…”
You moaned loudly, feeling a tingling sensation shoot up your spine as he found that deep spot inside. Your breath caught in your throat as a numbness took over your body, making you tense underneath him, your head pressed back into the pillows.
He rolled his hips into you more and more, his own breath catching as he felt your walls flutter around him. You felt his body stiffen against yourself, a pulsing and warm feeling inside your core that made you shutter a few more times.
After laying still with you for a few moments, he reluctantly pulled from your warmth, moving only for a bit to clean himself up. He brought back a washcloth from his bathroom to clean you up, then pulled you into his lap, wrapping his long neglected shirt around you as he held you. He rested his chin atop your head, humming softly.
“Thank you for sharing this with me, my darling.”
You giggled, nuzzling into his chest. “You don’t need to thank me for that-”
“Oh, but I do,” he said, kissing the top of your head. “You know so much about me and my ways, yet decided to share this special part of you with me. I will cherish it forever, (Y/N). You will always be my one and only from now on.”
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7deadlymorons · 2 days ago
diavolo: lucifer and I will be sharing a room.
asmodeus: oh my devil they were roommates!
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coconut-tree-cafe · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here’s a little hand and lighting study i did and made it the brother’s hands and what i think they look like ^^
His hands are old and weathered, wise and angry and cold. He keeps them gloved a lot of the time.
Mammon’s hands are smooth and silky, they are warm and are very good at holding all things precious. He likes to wear rings, when he’s allowed.
Levi’s hands are skilled at playing games, and they have quick reflexes. They are not calloused but not exactly soft either. He picks at his nail polish.
His hands are uncharacteristically clumsy, and prone to bruising and destruction. He often has papercuts from his books.
Asmo’s hands are delicate and very soft, they can be cold however. They smell nice, like soap.
His hands are large and calloused. They are warm and firm, sometimes sticky. He keeps them close to his body a lot.
Belphegor’s hands are slender and boney, they are often limp and dry. He rubs his eyes with his palms.
Purgatory hall handcanons
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kamuyagi · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Another of @lvlcurrent’s fantastic alt designs, this time Asmo ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ I might just draw all their alt designs’ demon forms >:3c
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