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#asmodeus headcanons
justiceformammon · a day ago
Every time Asmo expresses some sentimental opinion about his desires and saying that how loving and gentle he wanna be with Mc I feel like I am an icecream melting away by his radiating softness and kindness.
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ryoscloset · 23 days ago
one bed - Obey Me!
Characters: brothers
If the situation hadn’t been sprung on him so suddenly, he would have made sure to have an extra bed for you. But it's now too late for that. 
Tries to be incredibly mature about everything. 
Gives you the option to sleep on the floor. 
secretly happy when you say you’d rather sleep with him.
Makes (slightly awkward) conversation to distract himself from the fact that there's a very attractive person in his bed. 
Oh God. now you’re laying on his chest?
If he can make it through tonight without making a stupid comment then he’ll definitely be buying another bed for you.
… unless you prefer sleeping with him, then maybe he’ll learn to deal with it.
When he found out you needed a room to stay in, he was very persistent that you sleep in his room. 
He didn’t think about the fact that he didn’t have another bed for you, but that's no problem for The Great Mammon! You can just sleep in his bed with him. 
If you try and get closer to him he’ll tell you to stop being annoying.
But he’ll also pull you closer and refuse to let go.
Don't overthink it! It’s just because you’re his human, that’s all!
Asks if it’s alright to kiss your forehead, in a completely platonic way of course.. Definitely nothing else..
Tries to convince you to sleep in someone else's room.
Its not that he doesn’t want you or anything! .. he just doesn’t think you’ll be comfortable in his bed.
Keeps you up almost all night watching anime.
When he realises you fell asleep, he does his best to tuck you in.
Sleeps in his gaming chair because he forgot to ask if it's okay to sleep with you.
Doesn’t mind the idea until he actually has to lay in bed with you. 
Offers to read you a book until you fall asleep. 
Normally he can keep his composure, but having you so close to him is making it a bit more difficult. 
Stutters every few pages while he's reading. 
Keeps reading out loud for a while even after he knows you’re asleep, just in case you wake up.
Super excited you’re staying with him!
Keeps you up later than intended by gossiping and talking about makeup.
Basically clings onto you when you decide it's time to sleep.
Messes with your hair and flirts with you when you’re both trying to fall asleep.
Ends up taking pictures of you while you’re sleeping because of how cute you look.
You’ll definitely wake up to him sleeping on top of you.
Hes already slept in the same room with you before so he doesn’t think this will be any different.
He was wrong.
Blames any blush on his face on being hungry, even if it doesn’t completely make sense.
Makes sure it's okay with you to cuddle. 
Wakes you up in the middle of the night to see if you want food.
Sees you as an extra comfy pillow.
Doesn’t think it’ll be a big deal until he has a dream about you and wakes up due to it.
Plays it off as a night terror and holds onto you for the rest of the night.
He’s spoiled now and will want to sleep with you more often.
Okay I know this was more of a ‘you sleep in their room’ kind of thing, but I figured its fine. If anyone’s interested I might do individual fanfics for each of the brothers in a more traditional ‘there's only one bed’ scenario. That might work out better xD
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devildomsgod · 2 months ago
Obey Me!: giving them a custom collar
Tumblr media
gn!reader x demon brothers
Suggestive content
Tumblr media
"what is this, mc?"
will keep his excitement lowkey, he just accepts it like "😐k"
but his sin is going wild rn
he's wearing it so proudly, he's so happy to be yours wow
only wears it when he's 10000% sure no one's gonna see him wearing it (besides you obviously)
the collar puts him in a really deep headspace too like he's putty for you now
he's been wanting this for so long!!!
it better be super shiny and luxurious!
will wear it literally always and Mammon also definitely flexes with being yours
he becomes the best boy when wearing it :3
man seriously this got him super flustered!
his face will be red all the time when wearing it
and he'll be stuttering so much aww
so to avoid embarrassment, he avoids speaking at all when wearing your collar
Levi literally hands over all control to you when wearing the collar
he's so so happy about the present!
kitten loves belonging to his ower :)
will die if the collar has some sort of name tag wowie
he'll fall really deep into the kitten headspace when wearing the collar!
won't wear it much outside of your private space unless you ask him to
Oh, mc! He's so happy!! This is getting him so excited oh lord
He'll construct his outfits around the collar now
Asmo won't ever take it off fr
It'll make him even more shameless than usual lol
no srsly the demon is vibing so hard with the concept, you'll be the first and only he's ready to show such ownership for
aww, mc
thank you
this is so nice of you!
wear it? of course!!
he promises to take it off only for working out
his love for you just grew 100x and he's constantly reminded of that love thanks to the collar :) he's really happy ok
he'll be a little confused when he suddenly wakes up with a collar
he's not really complaining about it though
just kinda accepts it
he does feel like he can sleep better with it....
thanks, mc :)
hm, you want him to be a good boy when wearing it?
... he'll consider it
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obeymefictionwriting · 2 months ago
Hidden Insecurities of Brothers & Undateables
Lucifer: “Did I ruin everything by deciding for MC on where we would go for dinner? Am I being too pushy?”
Mammon: “Does MC, like everyone else, think I’m too childish and incapable of doing something worthy?”
Leviathan: “Do they really see past my gaming addiction or do they just pity me? Also, do they like the way I look or maybe they are dreaming of someone looking like Beel?”
Satan: “Maybe they need someone more funny and less serious, not a bookworm like myself”
Asmodeus: “Maybe I am not the number one for them? Maybe I’m not as great as I think of myself?”
Beelzebub: “I wonder if MC thinks I’m stupid”.
Belphegor: “I hope I didn’t go too far with my jokes this time. I’m just scared of getting attached to somebody and can’t help it”.
Diavolo: “I wish someone saw more than the Devildom Prince in me”.
Barbatos: “Sometimes I want to scream but I can’t because I have an image to stick to”
Simeon: “Am I a good example of an angel or is Michael disappointed in me?”
Solomon: “My power does not define my personality so who am I, really?”
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onovnii · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— how the brothers kiss you.
— feat. mammon , leviathan , satan , asmodeus , beelzebub , belphegor — genre. headcanons — tags. fluff , mild nsf/w(?) — words. 609 — note. i’m feeling really drained and burned out lately from writing smut lol. needed a quick break for myself </3 here’s some fluff w/ the bros. *yall like the new layout;}
Tumblr media
like he’s scared; a small bit of him is terrified of this being some elaborate joke. maybe you’re messing with his feelings? who knows. a bit of him is also scared that this is the last time he’ll get to hold you. sometimes your mortality hits him and he gets irrationally scared of you dying. point is, he gets scared. when you two are alone, his kiss always turns into a semi-make-out. he doesn’t want to let you go, pulling you impossibly closer to him. arms wrapping around you, grabbing onto whatever he can. they always become sloppy and heated in the end. he’ll sometimes kiss down your body just to make sure you’re still here, and partly because he’s possessive as well. his kisses always leave you out of breath in the end.
hesitant and needy; whenever leviathan goes in to kiss you, at first he’s nervous. he always gets into his head about little insecurities. “does his breath smell bad?” “is he even kissing you right?” “did he miss your mouth….what if he’s kissing your chin..” it takes him a second to fully melt into the kiss. you’ll have to silently reassure him by pulling him close. then, he gains more confidence in himself. he begins to kiss you like it’s the last chance he’ll ever get. his tail is always wrapped around your thigh or waist, reassuring himself that you’re real, you’re here…and that you love him.
soft; satan had always read about kissing your partner with all the love and adoration you contain in your body in stories, he’s always wanted to try that with someone. when he kisses you, he always has a hand under your chin or on your cheek, thumb gently stroking your skin. they’re princely, as if he’s straight out of a romance novel. they always want you leaving more… of course, satan would never pass up the chance to kiss you more.
fun and exciting; his kisses send electrifying chills throughout your body. everything about them is so good, his cherry chapstick, how he always playfully bites at your bottom lip, how they’re always short-lasting in the hopes you’ll chase after him for more. they’re almost intoxicating in nature… during nights alone with him, his kisses become softer in nature. when he’s with you, he allows himself to be vulnerable. they almost feel sad…they make you want to comfort him.
lovingly; everything beel does is with love. every kiss he shares, just makes you fall more and more in love with him. when you pull away, he always has his lovestruck expression written all over his face. eyes looking up at you with all the love in the world swirled in his purple irises. though, the thing about him is that he can sometimes be just as needy as mammon. never demanding it outright, but he’ll always get this pout if you go too long without giving him a kiss. doesn’t matter where really, beel just enjoys your affection.
serenity; his kisses can lull you to sleep alone. his lips taste sweet, they’re unimaginably soft. they always trail down to your neck, and any other exposed part of your body. shoulders, stomach, thighs, anywhere. usually, it’s not sexual. it’s just belphie enjoying your comfort and sharing intimacy he’d never do with someone who isn’t you. his kisses are the easiest to get lost in, he’s always unintentionally (or intentionally ;) pulling you into a deep sleep, begging you to stay in bed with him for a few more minutes…or hours. it’s hard to resist him, and he knows it.
Tumblr media
© ONOVNII - valene <3
Tumblr media
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yichimi · a month ago
Hello there could I please request a make out session headcanons for Asmo, Leviathan, Mammon(separately) please?
Thank you and have a great day also take your time btw 💖
✨Thank you for your request and patience✨
A/n: I'm so happy that just in one day i got 3 requests- so thank you really much for this one✨♥️
Mammon, Leviathan and Asmodeus make out headcanons
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You bet he has you in his lap and let's you grind against him
He practically has his hands all over you, very touchy touchy-
"You can thank the great Mammon later for this time"
He's so cocky about it, and doesn't even cares
He acts so bitchy but in the inside he really melts into your touch and just wants to kiss you forever and feel your lips ok his
Ayyyyy and if you try to take control and Dom him he's literally a puddle in your hands and begs for more from you
Almost every time you make out leads to something else~
But Mammon isn't someone who makes out with you everywhere
You're his and he doesn't likes to share his dear treasure with any other asshole and definitely not one of his brothers
He fought so hard for your heart yk
And Mammon likes it more to make out with you on the bed, couch or in his car
He also wouldn't mind walls too-
Fingering you while making out? Um, YES?!
Giving him a handjob while making out? YES!??!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
70% of the make out sessions are on his gaming chair-
Yep, sit in his lap, grab the back of his head, moan into the kiss, he's all yours
You get him weak for you in just a few seconds
Lazy make outs? Mhm!!!! You both are sleepy but you still can't help to kiss each other and so you lazily move your tounges together maybe even drool a bit
Gentle and soft touches
He ghosts his hands over your hips, thighs and waist
Even let's you grab his hands and let them place wherever you want them~
Levi is someone who usually takes his time and isn't to rough with you
I can actually imagine you both had a lot of practice make out sessions to get used to each other
It was awkward at first but now he's a pro~
He can use his tounge just well~~~~~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First of all, not when his make up is fresh done or while he puts on his make up
Yes, everyone knows he's pretty all the damn time, he's a queen. But he puts time and effort in his make up yk
But on the other hand, you're so worth it ruining his make up ngl
And seeing your lips covered in his new lipstick with stains all over your neck too is just hot
We all know Asmo is a pro at everything that has to do with fashion, make up and of course sexual stuff
There's no need to be scared of Asmo being a pro because he teaches you everything you need to know with such a patience and will praise you for your work
Could make out with you actually any second if you're up to it
Gladly leaves marks on you too, and wouldn't mind some marks on him as well
Everybody already knows you both belong together but, well-
Is he vocal? Yes, and he isn't ashamed of that
You make him feel good and he loves you so why should he be quiet about it?
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keigravy · 2 months ago
holding their hand in public
mammon, leviathan, satan, asmo
fluffy + headcanons + gn reader
Tumblr media
let me just say the pride that flows through him at this moment is overwhelming, but of course, he won't show nor tell you it. he side eyes you with a smile and quickly squeezes your hand. "ah so you want everyone to know you belong to me, eh?" he teases, letting you roll your eyes or huff at his remark. but if you dare joke about letting his hand go his heart will break. I have a feeling he'll be bragging about this moment to the other brothers once you two get back.
leviathan doesn't do PDA and he likes to claim it doesnt like him either; his reasoning? "well why would someone do that with me?" so after trail and error of trying to kiss him in public, the most tame form of PDA you could try was holding his hand. so when you were in line waiting for some ruri-chan merch, you did just that. gently, you hold his hand in yours, intertwining your fingers and watching his light blush of excitement turn into a dark red. he'll complain about how his hands are sweaty or anything to make you pull away, even if he doesn't want you to.
you've held hands countless times in public and of course he's the one always grabbing for yours, so when you do it it feels ... special. it doesn't necessarily count as public but when you reached for his hand to show him some book you found interest to grab his attention his heart melted. sure it was simple but he'll never grow tired of this feeling.
you already know he's gonna be so happy. with the amount of showing you off he does in public, holding hands is nothing — but, that doesn't mean he doesn't enjoy it. the moment he feels your hand in his, he'll lock his fingers between yours and move off to the side; he likes to make room so your hands can be visible. he wants the whole mall to know he's yours and you're his.
Tumblr media
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queertrashsposts · a month ago
Asmo in this
Tumblr media
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irritatedsquiddy · a month ago
Beauty Rest
Asmodeus: Where are you?
Mc: Bed
Asmodeus: Good, I hope you're naked ;)))
Mc: Actually, I was getting ready to take a nap. You WERE the one who told me beauty rest is important
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Tumblr media
This is part 2/5 to Asmodeus and Mammon. Part 1 is here.
Tumblr media
At first, Asmo really doesn’t understand this.
He just sees you crying in his room and starts comforting you.
When you are calm enough, he asks what exactly has happened.
When he realizes that it was the death of the Anime character, Asmo calms down a bit.
Of course, he still comforts you with kisses and hugs while trying to make you feel better.
Asmo may ask Leviathan for help.
He really doesn’t understand how you can feel sad about an anime character.
( And you can’t understand how Asmo can be sad when the washing machine ruins his shirt )
Asmo is really happy when you feel better.
He would then like to do something with you together to make sure you forget the event for a moment.
Your well-being is really important to him
Tumblr media
Why are you crying for an anime character when the great Mammon is here?
He’s a little hurt that you pay more attention to the character than to him.
Mammon would try to comfort you.
SPOILER: He is not doing well. Finally, you throw him on the pillow and he has to try another tactic.
Mammon would like you to pay more attention to him.
He hugs you and gives you lots of kisses.
Mammon may ask Leviatha for help if your condition does not improve.
Secretly, however, he would be happy.
Mammon should secretly hide this character as a competitor
(Would you see them many times when he has tried to "threaten" the character image).
And now that your favorite character is gone, Mammon gets all your attention.
( At least until you choose a new favorite character )
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scaramoon · 10 months ago
holding his face [demon brothers]
Tumblr media
warnings + genre: fluff
notes: hi reblogs are greatly appreciated <33
Tumblr media
━━ LUCIFER ; his brothers have more of a reaction than him a first — mostly because they’re amazed he’s letting you touch him. he quirks a brow at you and for a moment it seems somewhat sinister, before the ghost a playful smile appears on his lips.
━━ MAMMON ; he freezes. and he doesn’t know why, because you’re just a human. a human he doesn’t even like, so what’s with this tight feeling in his chest? and why does he feel so lonely when you take your hand away?
━━ LEVIATHAN ; he hates that he pulls away a little at first. because he actually likes it; the warm feeling in his chest and the sense of peace just a simple touch brings. give him a moment to adjust and the offended look on his face will melt away.
━━ SATAN ; at first, he doesn’t react at all. he just looks over to you with confused eyes. he’ll try to fight the smile pulling at the corner of his lips, though he ends up having to lean his face into your hand and look back down at his book to do so.
━━ ASMODEUS ; he smiles as soon as he feels your hand on his face. his eyes close and he hums softly at the feeling, leaning into your hand. his eyes open for a moment to look at you with adoration before closing again as he buries his face in your hand.
━━ BEELZEBUB ; another who stops as soon as you touch him. there’s confusion written in his face as he tries to decipher why you’re doing this. then he gives you a warm smile, nuzzles into your hand a little, then reaches to pull you into a hug.
━━ BELPHEGOR ; he pulls away, but it’s in hopes that you’ll try again. when you don’t and you only pout, he’ll lean back over and put your hand on his face. he hums softly and lets his eyes close, eventually leaning closer to you so that he can bury his face in the side of your neck.
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trueshellz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Asmodeus Kink Drabble
Tumblr media
Beelzebub | Lucifer | Satan | Belphegor | Leviathan |Mammon
Warnings: lots of praise, lots of pet names, thigh riding, mirror sex (kinda), mild bondage, fingering, female reader
Tumblr media
"Look at my pretty girl, hmm? Look how good you look like this."
You had been sat on Asmodeus' lap for the best part of an hour, your back to his chest in front of his huge mirror. Your clothes folded neatly on the edge of the bed, the cups of your bra pulled down as he held you hips and held you against him. Your hands tied behind your back, forcing your chest out and immobilising you further. His had started small, hands rubbing oil into your exposed skin before he began teasing the seams of your underwear where they met your skin. Fingers pinching your nipples and running between your legs, mouth kissing your spine.
"Yes, gorgeous?"
A gasp left your mouth when your boyfriend sat up, his pale pink hair falling across his eyes as his shirt opened further. You could see the expanse of sculpted chest, smooth skin glowing under candlelight as he undid your bra and let it fall to the floor. Hand cupping your breasts gently, pinching and pulling your nipples until your back arched further. A small grin gracing his face when you whined again, moving away to get some relief.
"So beautiful. Those eyes looking at me. This soft skin under my hands. The way you moan so pretty for me. Look at yourself, oh no, eyes on the mirror. I want you to see what I see. Damn, I just can't stop looking at you."
Each word sent shivers through your body, his hands holding you into place as he maneuvered his thigh between yours, angling you so your clit was on his firm leg. You hissed when he began moving you, slowly at first leisurely even, eyes staring into yours as you twitched with each new feeling.
"Asmo... it's too much."
A low hum left his mouth as he leaned his head on your arm, an evil glint in his eyes as he grinned at you. Both hands holding you in place as he started moving you forward and back, ignoring the low whining from your throat, the way your hands moved in the soft rope. You were sure your pussy was soaking into his pants, your underwear was sticking to your pussy lips. Clit catching against his knee each time he moved you and sending shock waves of pleasure up your spine, head dropping back with a gasp as your legs started shaking. Whining louder as your eyes clamped shut, you heard the squelch of your pussy as you came along with the low moan from your boyfriend.
"Such a pretty sight, aren't you? So beautiful."
Eyes fluttering open at his words, you jumped a little when his fingers found their way into your underwear. One long digit between your folds, moving up and down before pulling out to suck on it. You watched as his eyes fluttered shut, moving it in and out with a moan before using the same finger to press inside you. Adding a second, heel pressed against your clit as he started fingering you harder now, a steady stream of praise against your skin as you fell back onto him.
"Just a few more for me, ok? Let me see you fall apart for me again."
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ryoscloset · 20 days ago
MC’s first kiss - Obey me!
Characters: brothers
He finds it amusing that you haven’t had your first kiss, but more so that you want him to be your first.
Very gentle to be sure he doesn’t accidentally hurt you.
When he sees that you’re getting more comfortable, he gets a bit more passionate. 
Lets you take the lead for a little, only because it's your first kiss and he wants to see where you’ll go with it.
Hella honored that you want HIM to be your first kiss. But it's only fair seeing as he's your first man, isn't it?
Pulls you onto his lap with the excuse that it’ll make things easier. 
Gets worked up surprisingly easily so he doesn’t drag the kiss out for very long.
Multiple short kisses so he's not only your first, but your 20th as well.
He’ll constantly brag about it after when you’re with anyone else.
Huh?! You want your first kiss to be with a yucky otaku like him?! Wait.. someone as attractive as you hasn’t had your first kiss yet?? You have to be trolling him..!
When he finally realises you’re being serious, he has to remind himself to not freak out.
Very nervous at first but he loosens up when you make the first move.
Gets very into it very quickly, but pulls away just as quick so he doesn’t overwhelm you. (or himself.)
Mentions that this reminded him of one of his favorite animes, “My Human Best Friend Wants Me to be Their First Kiss, it Ended Surprisingly Well!”
He's thrown off slightly by the request, but quickly agrees either way.
Because both of you were standing and he didn’t want it to be awkward, he chose to pin you against the wall.
He made sure you were okay with him continuing before he moved on to the actual kiss.
Gentle, but still pulls away a few times to check on you.
He's ecstatic that you want him to be your first kiss! He’ll try to make things extra special.
Sets up candles and adjusts the lighting to fit the mood.
Guides you very carefully throughout most of the kiss, but backs off when you get the hang of it.
Compliments and praises you almost every time you pull away for air. 
Kisses your cheeks and neck occasionally as well.
Laughs a little at first because he didn’t expect your request. 
Isn’t completely sure how to go about it, so he just picks you up instead of leaning down.
Starts off slightly rough but almost immediately lightens up. It's easy to forget how fragile humans are, and he doesn’t want to hurt you by accident.
Immediately pulls you into bed with him as a sign of agreement. 
You learn quickly that he’s a sloppy kisser, but definitely not in a bad way.
He’s not very careful, but he's also not aggressive enough to hurt you.
He’ll tease you a little bit after about him being your first kiss, but in reality he’s glad to be your first.
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devildomsgod · 2 months ago
Obey Me!: MC no longer minds their curse
Tumblr media
God cursed you with immortality, but after meeting the demon brothers you start minding the curse less and less.
Tumblr media
"Maybe being immortal isn't that bad... Not when I'm with you."
Will stop writing for a second, just blankly looking at his paper
"You shouldn't take it too lightly."
Yeah he scolds you for ""not taking the curse serious enough""
Sir, mc just confessed and this is what you do??
He's wiping tears on the inside, trust me
Feels superior to his father, knowing the curse God put on you is less of a burden thanks to him
Lucifer will be a little more affectionate with you from now on
He goes so quiet, it's genuinely concerning
He stuck in time bruh
Nah, he's just so touched by what you said, he doesn't know what to do, homeboy's brain is fried by the blood rushing to his face
Will stare at you while tears freely form in his eyes
Then when he finally snaps out of it, he'll absolutely lose it, scolding you because you can't just say things like that outta nowhere while he wipes his fallen tears
Mammon will be super clingy for the rest of the day mostly to hide the giant grin and blush on his face
You're lucky he didn't die instantly tbh
He's this 🤏 close to fainting, mc! You can't just attack him like this :'|
Levi's gonna have to excuse himself from you for a few minutes, the demon needs to relearn how to speak real quick
He returns in the same state tho haha
Leviathan isn't really sure how to react to what you said so he just
Hugs you
Real tight
And it's super cute
He'll feel extremely giddy and happy that you feel like this about him
He'll pause reading his book upon hearing your words
Will very sincerely tell you how serious he takes what you just said and how thankful he is that you feel this way
Satan will super romantically tell you that he'll gladly spend eternity with you
Will cuddle you real long and generally hold you close to him more often
He also won't avoid the subject of your curse anymore
Gets super quiet for a moment
Tears up immediately
Will throw himself into your arms while crying
Asmo's always been emotional about your curse
And he's so so happy that you no longer see immortality as such
Asmo is so tingly now ahhh it's really precious
He'll go so friggin' soft like instantly
Literally 🥺 that's him
He doesn't know what to say tbh
Offers you the food he's munching on right now
Hugs you real tight too
Aww this demon just loves you and you totally made him fall for you again
This bitch pretends he's sleeping and didn't hear you
You know he's not sleeping though and deep down he knows that you know... And he's okay with it
Lowkey pushes back tears behind those closed eyes
He'll also cuddle closer to you
Belphie will feel so happy and thankful that you're still able to say this despite of what he did to you in the past
Belphie will start being a little more lovey dovey with you now 💜 he's all ready to spend your immortality together
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obeymefictionwriting · 16 days ago
hello! may I suggest hc's about how the brothers would react to MC telling them they like another brother? :) I'm thinking about it more in a friendly way rather than in a angsty way, like "you're one of my best friends, so can I tell you something?.." and maybe wanting advice on if they should act on their crush, if they think the feelings are reciprocated.. :)
Thank you very much!<3
Ohh that's a cute request and I'm happy to finally be back!
He is the best when it comes to listening to you. He RADIATES comfort and attention.
Oh, you like Beel? That's really cute.
He never really doubted that one day, you'd fall for him.
"You know MC, he is probably the best out of us all. When he loves, it's always from the bottom of his heart".
When you leave his room, he'll send you a long text with all Beel's favorite coffee shops and foods so you can surprise him.
He might also hint Beel to be more attentive, especially around you.
He LOVES gossiping so when you say "I need to talk to you about someone", he gets E X C I T E D
Maybe you'll tell him something about Lucifer that he will be able to sell. OR EVEN LORD DIAVOLO
"Huh? You fancy Belphie?"
He is somewhat surprised because he thought you'd pick Lucifer or Satan but he is also happy because he really believes Belphie deserves the world.
"Ya know, he has a thing for humans" *wink wink*
Being a good big brother, he'd go right to Belphie and tell him to never be rude or ignorant towards you. And that he deserves your love.
He doesn't really like talking about feelings but he loves helping you out so you can tell him anything.
He was sipping on his boba tea when you told him you like Lucifer and naturally, he choked on his drink.
"Oh wow, I always knew you have great taste but wow".
"You know, I think he likes you too but he is too arrogant to admit it. Try taking initiative, he never experienced that".
Levi will be secretly 110% rooting for you because it's like an anime but IRL!
You two were shopping for books when you confessed your sympathy for his older brother...
"Are you serious, MC?"
"Out of us all... Mammon??"
I mean, he gets you. Mammon is handsome as hell, funny and protective.
But he is also such a....
Never mind. He looks at your glowing eyes and doesn't dare say a word about Mammon's bad traits.
Instead he sighs and says, "Maybe you'll text him and ask him to join us for dinner? Tell him I'm paying".
Ultimate gay friend (there, I said it)
Of course, you told him the news while he was doing your hair.
"Ahhhh you like our Satan! How cute is that!"
In fact, Asmo really adores Satan and he adores you so he is so happy about you two becoming a couple!
"Want me to set a perfect date for you two? There is a new cat cafe that opened recently!"
Asmo will be 100% supportive and in case Satan ever decides to ignore you, he will turn his destructive mode on.
Beel does not really understand complex emotions but he understands that you look different.
"MC, you are too excited. Did anything happen?"
"Oh... Levi, huh? Sudden but great! Levi deserves it".
"He never had a partner, you know... All of us did and he was kind of a loner. Oh wait, Mammon didn't have a relationship too. I forgot".
"MC, don't get offended if he does something wrong. I know he likes you a lot but is too nervous to admit it".
So, you woke him up to tell him something "important". It better be really important.
"You like Asmo, huh?"
"Hey, don't be insecure about it! No, even though he has tons of admirers, he doesn't love anybody except you".
Oops he gave away Asmo's secret.
"How do I know? I know what? I don't understand what you are talking about."
"Go and ask Asmo about it and then wake me up again ONLY after you talk to him".
When you leave, he will get back to sleep, smiling.
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onovnii · 3 months ago
Hi, i was wondering do you do nsfw headcanons? Or at least like "soft nsfw" cuz I have a kinda nsfw request. How would the demon brothers react to MC moaning their name in their sleep? Like they were cuddling mc and they started moaning (in this situation they're dating MC.
If you don't do nsfw just ignore this ask
Tumblr media
# moaning their name in your sleep
Tumblr media
feat. mammon , leviathan , satan , asmodeus , beelzebub , belphegor x gn!mc
summary. cuddling with your s/o is all fun and games until… they start moaning -_-?! 
cw. nsfw-ish , crack? dk , nsfw-ish for satan asmo and belphie lollllll
author n. yes i do take nsfw reqs! and this was more of a uh,,, general reaction.. if you want a more not so sfw version lmk ^^ (please keep it to four tho aksjdkdn) hope u enjoy tho !
Tumblr media
offering to watch a movie to your demon s/o was a good idea in theory. the movie wasn’t anything too special, you merely used it as a ploy to get his attention.
what you didn’t anticipate was falling asleep, not that he minded of course, he was more than happy cuddling you while you slept soundly. in all honesty, he thought you were just so cute!
that was until he heard you… barely catching your small whimper…
▸ HUH???
▸ internally confused if he dreamt that or you actually just moaned…
▸ you went to sleep not that long ago !! why are you already moaning already ??? and why is it turning him on.... dammit mc...
▸ doesn’t move at all.. just in case you do it again…
▸ and you do !!!
▸ ok, now he’s flustered. (even more than before- if thats even possible) 
▸ he’s not sure what to do… does he wake you up?? wait until you wake up on your own?? mccc why are you doing this to him !! 😣
▸ eventually settles on letting you sleep. he’s gonna tease you for this late for sure…
Tumblr media
“levi…mm— leviathan—“
▸ short circuits.
▸ actually?? flinches?? so hard it wakes you up??? you’re confused?? he’s panicking a little?? wtf???
▸ quickly explains the situation and now YOURE embarrassed and he’s embarrassed too and now you’re both bashful !!!
▸ asks what the dream was about…
▸ you tell him it was.. that kind of dream
▸ his face is red and you can see steam coming out of his ears
▸ good job mc, you killed levi.
▸ (in an attempt to help you not be so embarrassed about it he tells you he has the same kind of dreams.. which doesn’t help😑)
▸ now you’re both helplessly horny. #rip 
Tumblr media
▸ hmmm…..
▸ mc seems to be having a peculiar dream 🤔
▸ kidding, he has no visible reaction. internally though, he’s smug as hell
▸ lets you sleep ^^ but when you wake up though…. oooh boy
▸ lets you know he knows. and whatever happened in that dream, he wants to make it a reality.
▸ you better tell him what happened or make up whatever sexual fantasy you want to happen bc he’s gonna do it 😕 to prove a point ?? to tease you ?? who knows.
▸ “dreams usually have meanings, i wonder what yours mean...” 
▸ bitch it means i want to fuck!!?!?
Tumblr media
▸  actually giggles 💀
▸ is a little too excited by this..almost concerning hm.
▸ like satan, he’ll let you sleep. when you wake up though? teases the HELL outta you.
▸ is more handsy when you’re up too.. almost like he wants something hm..
▸ actually even when you’re asleep he’s handsy kinda. kissing your cheek, neck, hands— everywhere!!
▸ notices how it makes you squirm a little and let out more moans.
▸ yeah…resisting the urge to wake you up was hard…
▸ can always make it up when you’re awake though 😏
Tumblr media
▸  blushes a little, doesn’t know what to do.
▸  being the sweetheart he is, he lets you sleep and doesn't bring it up bc he doesn’t want to potentially embarrass you. (unlike some of these assholes)
▸  but he’s constantly thinking about it.
▸  while you sleep, he just pulls you closer to him with a soft smile.
▸  even though you’re probably having lewd thoughts about him— he’s still being rlly soft.. 
▸  though he does have thoughts abt waking you up…with his mouth 
▸  doesnt do it, but does bring up the idea later ^^ (say yes and you’re in for at least 3 rounds of oral from him....hhgnng)
Tumblr media
▸  smug bastard. smirking like hell.
▸  disregards the fact you’re asleep (🙄) teases you in your sleep.
▸  whispers filth in your ears while kissing your neck.
▸  you wake up slightly confused, but belphie gives you time to adjust and move his hands away if you wanted.
▸  after giving him the greenlight, he continues with his teasing which eventually.. turns into more
▸ he does constantly bring it up just for your reaction. once did it in public and got smacked for it lol
Tumblr media
- val
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jesterofwords · 6 months ago
How do you think the Obey Me characters would react to MC playing Mystic Messenger? Or even just the other way around (Mystic Messenger characters reacting to MC playing Obey Me)? You don't have to if you don't wanna, I was just curious :)
I'm going to come back to this later and do the second idea (Mystic Messenger reacting to Obey Me), so I hope you like it!
Obey me characters reacting to you playing Mystic Messenger
This man is the Avatar of Pride
You cannot tell me he wouldn't get jealous
Is he not enough for you?
You don't want to wake up on time for school, but you'll wake up at 7 am on a weekend for your fictional boyfriend?
How rude.
He won't talk to you about it, unless you start buying figurines and getting too into it
He's a patient man, and after thinking it through for a bit, he realizes that you'll forget about it soon anyways
It won't stop him from getting offended every time he catches you playing it though
He'll somehow get more jealous than Lucifer
Unlike Lucifer, he won't be able to talk himself out of it
If you start paying more attention to the game than him, he'll get pouty and you'll have to cuddle and reassure him
He'll get over his jealousy quickly
"Of course you'd love The Great Mammon way more than them!"
Please stop playing soon though, his heart can't take this 🥺
I can't tell if he'd get jealous because he'd manage to convince himself you loved the characters in the game more than him
Or if he'd have played the game before
Maybe both
Either way, please reassure him that you love him more than any 2d character
He may want to play with you though
Once he starts playing, he'll probably want to cosplay with you
His favorite would be Yoosung ngl
You supported his love of TSL and "The Magical Ruri Hanai: Demon Girl", so maybe he'd support you in this too
He'd probably think of it like his love of books
Jumin would remind him too much of Lucifer to be comfortable with though
A temporary fascination, but you'll move on eventually
As long as it doesn't interrupt your time together, he doesn't get that bothered
Until then, the game isn't worth his wrath or jealousy
If it does start interrupting your time together though?
He'll make sure you know how "displeased" he is
He'd be jealous at first
You'd have to get him into the game to get him to stop being jealous
He'd get Zen's route first, but you'd have to tell him all about the lore because he's not patient enough to farm the hourglasses needed
...maybe he'd be interested in cosplaying Zen or Seven
Zen would be his favorite, but Seven would be a close second
He probably wouldn't notice unless you brought it up with him
He wouldn't really care that much if you did
It makes you happy, right?
Food makes him happy, so maybe this game is similar?
He doesn't get jealous (*cough cough* unlike some people)
He likes the character designs, and he'll listen to you rant about the game if you want to
I think it'll turn out like how TSL binging with you and mammon went
He wouldn't pay that much attention during chatrooms, but he'd want you to tell him the gist of what happened
Saeran and Seven were instant favorites for obvious reasons
He's not jealous
That's what he says, anyway
He's absolutely jealous
If this game interrupts naptime, it's not a game worth playing
If you showed him the character designs and the plot, he'd hate Jumin
He'd say he didn't have favorites, then get worked up over the mistreatment of Saeran and Seven
Safe to say, he has favorites
I'm so sorry this was so short!!!
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keigravy · 3 months ago
climbing into bed
lucifer, beelzebub, leviathan, asmodeus
fluff + hcs
notes: i haven't written for them b4 so it might even bad but i hope i'll get better soon >:)
Tumblr media
he already goes to bed late and is used to seeing your figure already there, but when it's not he can't help but wonder why. alas, he doesn't have much time to stall; letting himself fall into the velvet sheets and hope that slumber will take him soon. now lucifer is a light sleeper — a very light sleeper thanks to his brothers; so when he heard the soft shut of the door and the sound of your feet shuffling towards his let out a quiet sigh but didn't move. "shit, asleep already." he smiled at your voice and how gentle you climbed into bed, pulling the covers up and carefully covering yourself. "night lucifer," was all he heard from you and it took him quite a lot of strength to not say it back and blow his cover.
beel is somewhat of a heavy sleeper who has a hard time fully waking up. so joining him in bed later would be no big deal right? kinda. walking into his room and closing the door alerts the blue haired twin; he smiles once he knows it's you and quietly greets you before turning back to sleep. easy. but looking at the tall ginger, there's hardly any room due to his build. you sigh and mumble to yourself as you act like a block in tetris; trying to find the most comfortable spot without disturbing him. when you finally find a spot you can't help but smile, knowing you can finally rest. though when you wake up, you're greeted to a cozy beel who's got you locked in his arms.
levi always tries to sleep with you; ever since you started dating he's found that sleeping in your arms "always leads to good dreams". though when you can't make it or it seems as if you're not as tired as him, he wraps himself in his thick blanket and pretends it's the warmth he's feeling is yours. climbing into levis bed is the most difficult out of all the brothers, seeing as he sleeps in a tub. you try your best not to step on him but your attempts and mutters cause him to wake up. "mmmh mc?" he mumbles sheepishly, trying to sit up to get a better look at you. "shhh levi, go back to sleep, just let me..." you trailed off as you stepped into the bed, happy that he moved his legs over. after a few more attempts at human tetris, you finally find a spot next to him, blanket covered over the both of you and a light blush on the demons cheeks.
like levi, it's rare for him to sleep alone now. he always tries his best to have the same sleep schedule as you but at times it just seems to fail, just like now. amso tends to keep his door unlocked especially when he knows you'll end up joining him eventually. when the door opens and you appear he jumps up like an excited puppy. "mc! I knew you wouldn't leave me alone!" what started as you climbing into bed with him became a climbing into bed together. he quickly walks over to you and tells you how tired he is, gently pulling your arm and dragging you into the silky bed. once you're down his arms are wrapped around you and he peppers your face in quick kisses.
Tumblr media
©keigravy 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, profiting off my works, translating w/o permission or using my works for asmr related work.
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orphicepiphany · 4 months ago
Blinding Rage | Asmodeus
Tumblr media
a/n - Honestly this headcannon feels like more background than anger description but I feel like the background info is super important! I love asmo so much and want to do either mammon or luci next!
Tumblr media
as we all know we never see asmo mad, like really mad
we’ve seen him get angry at mammon for selling his perfume but he hates showing his anger or pain because he doesn’t think it’s a good look
but if you ever see him enraged, like final form transformation murder-everyone rage???
you better run because I think he’s comparable in the scare factor to lucifer 
no one has ever seen him like this, EVER
know if you ever come face to face with him like this and the rage is directed at you, you’ve messed up REAL BAD
like his final form is absolutely beautiful and unique, but it’s super terrifying if/when you’re on the wrong side of it
for an example i’ll run a mini scenario
so for asmo’s most recent birthday you got him two really special gifts; one was a special, super hard-to-get hairpin
so the hairpin was made from both human world and devildom jewels, the hairpin being gold with shades of pink with a beautiful flower of all shades and pink, with blue specks
you also got him a beautiful locket, with a quote that you said to him once on the locket
i’m gonna explain the quote because personally I think knowing the sentimental value to asmo is important
so this particular week asmo had been feeling awful
he hadn’t been feeling like partying that particular week, and honestly just wanted to relax with you, do a facemask and binge watch some movies
but he broke out real bad that week, his second favorite shirt and his favorite pair of shoes got ruined, and this nasty girl had gotten people to gang up on him and insult him harshly because he had told her that he didn’t want to go out with her 
so thursday night, he texted you asking if you could come to his room
there he sat, on his bed, face in his hands
you walked over to him and asked him what was wrong, his face cupped in your hands
he started to rant to you, and you quietly listened, your hand laced with his
at the end of his rant, you pulled him into a tight hug, and said “no matter what, I’ll always be here to listen to your troubles”
the inside of the locket has a picture of you two together 
you presented the gifts in an elegant magenta duel-jewelry box
these gifts mean so much to him
he wears the hairpin on special and lucky occasions because he wants to have your gift on all of his best and special moments
he also wears the necklace every day and takes super good care of them
now let’s get to the part that makes asmo boiling with rage
so the night before he had just polished them both and left them on his nightstand in the box, because he was going to wear them both the next day on you guy’s brunch date together
but somehow mammon managed to get a hold of the box, and he posted it on an auction site, stating that the necklace and hairpin was asmo’s, and even put a picture of asmo in the two as proof
they sold for 2 MILLION GRIMM (dang these fans of his work haRD)
now idk if mammon forgot that they were your gifts to asmo or he was just being stupid but either way mammon sold them
the next morning asmo woke up, and the first thing he was going to do was put on his necklace on but he saw it was missing
he started to freak out real bad
he looked in his room for a good hour before rushing downstairs to ask everyone else
so he went to you, his brothers, purgatory hall, EVERYONE, so see if they had seen his necklace and hairpin
at first satan and lucifer asked if he had misplaced the box, but he yelled back saying how he NEVER misplaced it
beel asked what was so important about the necklace and hairpin and asmo frantically replied that they were your birthday gifts to him
after that statement, levi let out a huge gasp and ran over to satan, showing satan his phone
satan cursed, and glanced at asmo
at that point asmo quickly snatched the phone and he saw the auction
and then everyone saw his eye twitch, and knew asmo was about to blow
“asmo. I’ll summon mammon right now and we can get your necklace and hairpin back,” you said calmly
“NO! I want to be the one to get mammon and drag his dead body back myself” Asmo snapped
as he said that, he had melted into his final form and satan had been quick to pull you away
with a screech, asmo was gone in the blink of an eye
“How will Asmo find him?” you asked
“At this point, i’m sure he’ll be able to track his scent in the blink of an eye. Come on, we have to find them both,” Lucifer stated.
Levi turned on the tv in case of any news on asmo, and lucifer called diavolo and let him know what happened
Lucifer then grabbed you and took you to find asmo, because you and him would probably be the only people to calm him down
on the other side of town~
“hey hey hey! nice to meet ya! here’s the hairpin and necklace, as promised!” mammon smirked.
no later than right after mammon finished his sentence and the fangirl had smiled eagerly, screams and pink smoke had filled the street behind them
hoards of demon came out of the smoke, frantically looking around and running all over the place
“what the-?!” mammon inquired frantically
“Mammon is over there asmodeus!” a demon boy, around 11, yelled as he pointed to mammon’s frozen figure
the fangirl at this point is terrified, and mammon is seconds away from peeing his pants
and though the pink smoke, asmo appeared in his terrifyingly blood-thirsty final demon form
Everyone could see his scorpion tail swinging back and forth, hearing his angry screeches and clicking loud and clear
“I wonder how you’ll feel once I’ve bloodied you all up and strung you from the roof of the house of lamentation for a century? maybe you’ll feel the slightest bit of remorse for selling my things. If not, I’ll feel no guilt leaving you there for longer.”
Mammon realized that this figure standing before him was asmo and man was TERRIFIED
“I’ll take that thank you” asmo growled, opening his palm and the box instantly flying into his hand
“Oh you little thing, don’t think I forgot about you too! You tried to take my things from me too, the gifts from my y/n, and I can’t forgive anyone for that~” asmo sung
the girl was paralyzed in fear, and asmo started to walk closer to the two before you and lucifer showed up
“ASMO! I’m here!” you yelled, waving your hands in the air
He was quick to turn around, trying to see you
you talk to him calmly, and very slowly so he can watch your movements
I think in their final forms they easily feel threatened so be wary of that when in contact with raging demon bros in final forms 
you know instead of final forms imma just say their 2nd form
when you get close to him you grab his hand and tell him it’s okay, that you’re here now, and that the necklace and hairpin are both safe and sound as you open the box
he calms down and transforms back int o his everyday form, and every person that was hypnotized is back to normal
there were luckily no injuries, just a fangirl and a mammon that both peed their pants and some dazed demons
you put the necklace and hairpin on asmo and he smiled tiredly. “thank you y/n”
“But Mammon, if I EVER catch you trying to sell these, let alone any of my things within the next century, I’m going to kill you, and even lucifer won’t be able to stop me”
after that mammon wasn’t caught DEAD anywhere NEAR asmo’s room for a long time
in the end asmo is terrifying when filled with blood-thirsty rage
he gave mammon nightmares for a few days tbh
you 100000000/10 don’t want to get him this mad
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bbytamaki · 5 months ago
OBEY ME random headcanons
Tumblr media
with: demon brothers
genre: slice of life
warnings: one (1) swear word
Tumblr media
— probably collected bottle caps as a kid
— swims exceptionally well and looks gorgeous while he does
— has a collection of cheesy dad mugs from the human world
— has adhd and dyslexia
— best music taste out of all the brothers
— likes cars, is a shit driver.
— has autism and dyscalculia
— really enjoys strawberry milk tea
— knows all blackpink, twice, and itzy choreography
— magic treehouse kid (and probably had a crush on jack)
— friends with lots of witches, in devildom and the human world. there’s this lesbian couple he’s friends with in the human world and they offer him cupcakes every time he visits.
— is good at anything he tries but doesn’t have that many hobbies
— genderfluid asmo? genderfluid asmo.
— with all the modeling gigs he gets at majolish, he gets a lot of invites to high end parties. solomon is always his plus one.
— probably had an eos collection in 2014
— wants to go to a human world fair for the pie eating contests
— tried ballet once and loved it
— has quite a few doja cat/megan thee stallion songs on his workout playlist, courtesy of asmo.
— great at knife throwing and got a lot of practice while he was in the attic
— can also play piano. he’s just cool like that.
— has a collection of either converse or crocs, i can’t decide.
Tumblr media
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