#asmodeus x mc
devildomsgod · 10 hours ago
Love your stuff! How about Asmo with a heavy praise from his S/O so much so he can cum without being touched
Each and every one of your words send electric shocks through Asmodeus' body, his cock hard and aching, twitching for the praise you're giving him.
He tries to warn you, but his lips won't move, your praise more important than anything he could say. You seem surprised when Asmo's cock suddenly starts spurting white ropes of cum, God, you haven't even touched him properly and he's cumming like a virgin, his face burning as he whimpers through the orgasm.
Your kisses on the side of his face make the blush disappear, more praise leading the demon to more arousal and he can feel his cock hardening again, always craving your sweet words.
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hey-its-spades · a month ago
Mc: "What that mouth do?~"
Amso: * makes his lower jaw split open down the middle exposing multiple rows of teeth and a long demon tounge * " It does this~"
Mc: " Oh- " *blushes and starts taking off their clothes *
Asmo: " Wait- hold on!- fuck! wait I thought you were fucking with me. W A I T- " * quickly tries to push his jaw back together *
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7kr · a month ago
Tumblr media
❛ featuring. satan, asmodeus, beelzebub & belphegor + fem!mc.
❛ content warnings. mature, smut, vulgar language, kitten play, overstimulation, thigh-riding, dacryphilia, impact play, lingerie, dumbification, pegging, exhibitionism, voyeurism, oral fixation, food play, size kink, praise kink, breeding kink, consensual somnophilia, thigh-fucking, rough sex, degradation, face-fucking.
❛ word count. 1803.
❛ love note. part one with the older brothers can be found here. part three with the side characters can be found here.
Tumblr media
☆ — 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐍.
this one is a given, the demon is obsessed with cats. satan doesn’t mind which one of you is the pet, he’ll happily wear a pretty green collar and be your cute little kitty. however, he nearly loses all of his self-control if you put on a pair of cat ears, a collar (and a naughty little tail). his heart beats so damn fast that you think he might go into cardiac arrest. he gets flustered when you settle on his lap and ask him how you can please your master. lord, he nearly cums in his pants there and then.
this sort of ties in with his pet play kink. he loves it when you rut against his clothed thigh like a bitch in heat, desperately searching for some sort of friction. he’ll coo at you sweetly, teasingly asking if kitty needs some help getting off. his hands settle on your hips, fingertips gently pressing against your pelvic bone as he guides your hips back and forth, savouring the beautiful moans that spill past your lips.
satan can be a little cruel sometimes, which is why he wants to leave you a fucked-out mess on his bed after he’s finished with you. he loves using his hands on you; one rubbing circles on your clit, the other thrusting inside of your sopping wet pussy. if you whine out that you’re too sensitive, it’ll only encourage him to keep going. he’ll give you orgasm after orgasm just to see your body tremble and your cunt tighten around his fingers once more. yes, it’s mean, but it feels too good to complain.
this ties in with his overstimulation kink. satan finds your teary eyes so endearing, so pretty. he can’t help but make you want to cry sometimes. of course, it’s only out of pleasure, he couldn’t stand making you upset in any other circumstance.
again, satan can be a little cruel, so if you’re acting like a spoilt brat, he won’t let you get away with it. smacking your ass or thighs is his favourite form of punishment, he doesn’t go anywhere near your face. he prefers to use his hands rather than toys, but he won’t hesitate to use a paddle or a cane if you’ve been particularly out of line.
Tumblr media
this isn’t really considered a kink, but asmodeus loves it when you dress all prettily for him in the expensive lingerie he recommended you. the silk and lace embellishments contrasting beautifully against your skin, the particular design highlighting every gorgeous curve and crevice on your body. asmodeus had never seen someone more stunning in his life (than himself, of course). turning it on the flip side, asmo wouldn’t mind if you asked him to pick out a pretty l get-up to wear for you, in fact, he already has the perfect thing in mind <3
asmo doesn’t care which way it goes, he likes being the one fucked stupid just as much as he likes fucking you stupid. he reckons that he could cum just from seeing that hazy look in your eyes, moaning uncontrollably and unable to form a coherent sentence. on the other side of his kink, he enjoys it when you bounce on his cock, calling him your pretty little brainless boy. he makes the most beautiful ahegao face; tongue lolling out of his mouth, eyes rolling to the back of his skull. there isn’t a thought behind those eyes, other than pleasure.
asmo is open to literally everything, so pegging is definitely not out of the question. he’ll probably be the one to pick it out for you; a nine inch, hot pink strap. it just screams asmodeus. he’ll prep himself for you, ensuring that he puts on a little show before he begs you to put it inside. he lets out the most whorish moans when your hips slap against his ass, the tip of the plastic cock massaging his prostate. he’s rendered dumb by you, and he finds that a little embarrassing, but so arousing. i mean, pleasure is pleasure right? there’s no shame in a guy taking a huge strap up his ass and enjoying it <3
asmo creams at the thought of someone walking in on the two of you (especially if that certain someone happens to be solomon). he’ll suggest having sex in places where you could potentially get caught, like in an empty alleyway at night, or in the storage closet at the royal academy. there are days where he’s especially desperate for you and he just doesn’t regard any demon that might catch the two of you in the act, it just gives him an excuse to further exercise his kink.
this ties in with his exhibitionism kink. he honestly couldn’t care less if someone were to watch the two of you get intimate with each other. he finds it arousing that other demon’s (or angels/sorcerers) are watching the two of you have all the fun, while they sit back with their cocks in their fists. it’s as amusing as it is hot. after all, he gets to show the audience who that pretty pussy belongs to and they aren’t allowed to touch it.
Tumblr media
i am a strong believer of the ‘beel has an oral fixation’ headcanon. he just can’t seem to keep his eyes off of you when you suckle gently on a lollipop, or lick the tip of your finger before you turn a page in your textbook, or when you bit your lower lip while your concentrating. your lips, no matter the size, are so pretty to look at. he finds himself becoming flushed when he watches you in those moments, desperately trying to stop his cock from twitching in his sweatpants.
this one’s pretty obvious, he’s the avatar of gluttony, after all. like the good boy he is, he makes sure to organise everything beforehand. food play isn’t something that he does spontaneously. he’ll get the proper supplies to prevent unnecessary messes from being made and to clean up afterwards. he prefers to use syrups or cream-like substances, since they’re easier to consume, especially when he’s lapping desperately at your cunt. he wants the experience for you to be as pleasurable as it is for him, so he solely focuses on getting you off while he enjoys a nice treat <3
it’s no secret that this demon is absolutely huge, in both his full height and the size of his cock. it doesn’t matter how tall you are, beel will never fail to tower over you and make you look like you’re two feet tall. for some odd reason, it arouses him that you’re so much smaller than him. he enjoys it when you sit on his lap, looking so meek and pretty, while he watches you fuck yourself dumb on his huge cock. he also enjoys it when you give him head and struggle to fit even the tip of his cock in your mouth. it‘a pathetic in a cute sort of way <3
beel hates being scolded or degraded, it truly makes him upset when he gets into an argument with you or his brothers. he’s used to his brothers telling him that all he does is eat their food, but it doesn’t make it hurt any less. praise is the way to go if you want to win his heart, both emotionally and sexually. tell him that he’s doing so well while he laps at your sopping cunt. tell him that he’s such a good boy for being patient for you. tell him that you love him while he’s fucking you dumb <3
there’s a common consensus among the fandom that beel has a huge breeding kink, and i wholeheartedly agree with it. he’s always had the thought in the back of his mind about starting a family with you, and he can’t help but subconsciously want to stuff you full of his cum and watch it leak out of your pussy. when tell him to fill you up, he’s ecstatic. he’ll probably cum inside you multiple times as well, just to ensure that you’ll definitely have to carry his child <3
Tumblr media
belphie loves being used in his sleep (consensually, of course). he doesn’t mind if you wake him up by sucking him off, or grinding desperately against his thigh while he’s napping. hell, he wouldn’t even care if you fucked his cock while he slept, in fact, he finds it so hot. it’s a great surprise to open his eyes to, and he tends to you immediately after he wakes up.
it’s a given that the avatar of sloth is a bit lazy sometimes, so when he’s feeling horny but doesn’t quite have the energy to fuck your brains out, he opts for thigh fucking. it doesn’t require a lot of energy, and he can practically do it while he’s half asleep anyway. he loves the feeling of your soft thighs massaging his cock with every stroke, and he loves it when you play with his soft dark locks while he gets himself off <3
this isn’t a common occurrence when the two of you have sex, mainly because belphie doesn’t have the energy to continuously have high-energy sex. but if he’s experiencing envy or fury, there’s a high chance that he’ll bend you over the edge of his bed and fuck your brains out. your pussy hugs him in all the right ways; dripping wet, clenching around his cock, tightening when you cum. he enjoys hearing your cute little noises, slurred words and incoherent sentences. his beautiful human is just so perfect, you can’t blame him for wanting to ruin you <3
this sort of ties in with the rough sex kink. degradation isn’t something common in your sex life, it only happens when he’s feeling especially angry or jealous. he’ll call you a desperate little whore, begging for his cock to split you open. he’ll call you a his cock-drunk slut when you take him in your mouth, gagging when his tip hits the back of your throat. belphie can be so cruel sometimes, but you have to admit, it’s pretty hot.
there’s something about seeing you choking and gagging on his cock that makes belphie so hard. he likes to lay back on his bed, hands gripping your hair to control the speed at which he fucks your mouth. your pretty face is ruined; eyes teary, drool dripping down your chin, lips slick with saliva and pre-cum. he thinks you look so beautiful like this, his beautiful little girl <3
Tumblr media
© OH-JOLYNE ☆ all rights reserved. please do not repost, reproduce or plagiarise my content + layouts. thank you.
Tumblr media
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cactus-stories · 2 months ago
My NSFW headcanons for the brothers
My first try at obey me! smut, just so I don't let kinktober go without anything. Honestly these are just headcanons I enjoy and that I might use in the future 👀👀
TW: +18, smut under the cut.
Definitely enjoys BDSM, has all the nice expensive gadgets. Whips, cuffs, blidfolds, gags... if Asmo knew even he'd be a bit impressed!
Big dom! Call him "daddy" or "master" and he'll go feral.
It would take a LOT of convincing for this man to let you top him, I'm not even gonna sugarcoat it, mf is too prideful for this.
Even when you're "on top" like riding him or anything like this, he's still the one holding you and guiding your movements.
Loves to praise you, and it's absolutely sincere about them, will find the exact thing he loves about what you're doing to him and tell you in great detail :)
HAIR PULLING KINK!! Tug on his hair and he'll absolutely melt, he loves the sensation and you can hear this man whimpering for more.
Also praise kink, he loves when you tell him how great he's doing, that's he's a good boy and that you're definitely enjoying it just as much, if not more, as he is.
Absolute switch, can go from completely overpowering you to a stuttering mess in a matter of seconds.
Probably one of the brothers that like cute laced lingerie the most. He likes to see you all wrapped up like a present just for him ~♡
Loud! I'm sorry MC but he's either whining for more or growling in satisfaction, your only bet on keeping him quiet is forcing him, and even then he might fail.
I think he'd be into both praise and degradation, if that even makes sense? It depends on the day and on his mood, absolutely.
Honestly I think he'd be absolutely turned off by cosplay and role-playing during sexy times, but that's mostly because he doesn't want you thinking he likes those characters more than you (and you don't really wanna risk not knowing enough about them to break the immersion).
Mostly a sub, but when his sin takes action he's the most possessive dom you'll ever meet. He'll always apologize after even when you assure him you enjoyed it.
CROSSDRESSING! Being pampered while getting to dress cute and express himself without the fear of being judged? Count him in! This isn't a very common thing but when it happens you both always enjoy it.
Definitely am a part of the double dick wagon. He's very shy about it, but if you reassure him you don't mind (in fact, you quite like it), he'll make sure to use both of them to the best of his abilities (and his tail ;) )
Contrary to what most people seem to think, I believe Satan would be absolutely against any kind of BDSM or rough sex, unless you directly ask him for it.
Man is a romantic by heart, he wants to make you feel good and loved and cared and being rough just isn't part of his itinerary.
Also add in the fact that he's really afraid of hurting you, angry sex is definitely off the table, no matter how much you ask. He can't focus on sex while his anger consumes him, and it'd just anger him more.
Would absolutely love to hear you, doesn't matter how loud. He's especislly fond of the tiny mewls you let out when he goes at a slower pace, and makes sure to get them out of you at least once.
Might have a librarian kink. If you dress up for him he'll make sure to shower you in compliments and praise. Second next to Mammon on the cute lingerie appreciation gang.
Biggest switch there is, do I even need to elaborate?
Despite his sin, he's determined to make you feel good before his needs even comes to play. Seeing you feel good is what drives him.
Has all the toys for every occasion. Will try anything at least once! Big fan of sex tapes, he just collects them like Pokemon cards.
King of aftercare! Prepare for the best bubble bath and massage you'll ever get, he's going above and beyond to be assured that you're doing good afterwards.
I feel like he has a magic kink. Maybe being overpowered or restrained by it? Anyways, it drives him crazy and he's all for it, so try and learn some bounding spell, will ya, MC darling? ~♡
The one that goes the gentliest with you, he is aware of his size and doesn't wanna hurt you in any way, shape or form. He'll prep you for so long you'll need to beg him before he goes any further.
King of giving oral, he could spend hours down there, absolutely happy with just hearing you and feeling his hair being tugged on occasionally.
He's shy, but if you ask him nicely he'll be the best at sending you pictures or videos of him in the showers after training.
Please send him some back, MC, he wants to see you too :(
Finds it really cute when you ride him, seeing your smaller frame on top of him makes him all giddy and excited.
King of receiving oral. He'll be a bit more rough than the others, holding your head in place and tugging at your hair while buckling his hips. He'll control himself if you're really not into it, but that's his first nature.
You'd think he would want you to do all the work, but he doesn't wanna risk falling asleep in the middle of the fun, so prepare for him to be the top most of the time.
Sadist. He enjoys leaving marks and bruises from when he holds you in place. He finds them mesmerizing, and wouldn't feel ashamed at all if you didn't cover them.
The few times he doesn't top, he's a big fan of cockwarming. He can sleep AND keep you satisfied? Count him in! Loves cuddling after sex, so cuddling during sex blows his mind!
And don't even think that it ends when you guys fall asleep. If you want, he could get in your dreams and do so much more, but he'll love to see you beg first ;)
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still-a-morosexual-help · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Take this low quality meme and tell me I'm wrong
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hinajiki · 8 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
**UPDATE - 07/12/21** I have opened up my requests for obey me! check my rules and send in your requests now <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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moonlightmiya · 3 months ago
[ Kinktober; Day One - Gangbang - Obey me! ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
7 brothers x F!Reader
Includes; Gangbang (obviously), mentions of punishment, dirty talk + degrading, oral!F!Receiving, 1 pussy smack, marking, penetration, Levi’s tail hh, overstimulation, crying, squirting, mentions of passing out, blowjobs, sweet talk and aftercare at the end <3
> Kinktober Masterlist <
Tumblr media
A/N - Starting off this month strong. Also I got really carried away with this sorry 😃 (it’s long)
Tumblr media
Lucifer is tired, tired of your bratty attitude and oblivious persona, he hates when you don’t hand in work at the specific time, slacking on your duties as student council and more. You’re acting more and more like his brothers everyday, only his brothers get punishments for their behaviour whilst you get off mark free, so he sees no reason why you can’t have a ‘punishment’ of your own, it’s only fair, right?
Lucifer’s already in a bad mood, and when he finds out you didn’t complete the extremely important R.A.D student council paperwork he gave you he goes into full anger, barging into your room and pulling you directly to his own, there you find Beelzebub waiting on the eldest brothers bed with a hungry look
“Will you stop it Lucifer! What is going on?” You yank your arm away from his hand, rubbing at it dramatically
“I’m going to teach you not to be a lazy brat,” he comes closer to ear, whispering “you’re going to regret this human, you know how important those papers were” he licks behind your ear before pulling away, manhandling you by shoving you onto the bed where Beelzebub sits
“I-I promise I’ll get them finished soon! Just give me a little more time and I’ll-“ Lucifer shushes you, pushing you further into Beel’s chest
“It’s too late for that dear” Lucifer smirks, releasing his harsh grip from your hips and standing back, watching as his eyes narrow down at your small form
The arousal from the situation goes straight to your pretty cunt, trying to hide the shake of excitement in your hands whilst also attempting stop the blood flowing to your cheeks, but it’s no use, they both have you beat,
Lucifer kneels down behind you, adjusting you to hover over Beelzebub’s chest, you go to move backwards as the younger brothers face becomes embarrassingly too near to your sweet cunny, yet you come into contact with Lucifer’s knee, he knows what he’s doing as the eldest starts rubbing his knee in circles against your pussy from under your flimsy skirt, making Lucifer now more aware of your arousal,
You turn to face down at Beel, trying to distract yourself from the pleasure soaring through your body, yet it doesn’t help at all, watching Beel’s chest heave and his muscles become more vibrant in the dim light of the room barely takes your mind off of anything,
You try to squirm away from both the brothers touches, but to no avail you manage to escape from their makeshift cage,
“Don’t think you’re getting out of this one that easy, y/n” Beel’s deep voice vibrates in your ear, making your knees go weaker, suddenly a harsh slap on your ass makes your body shoot forward
“Such a bad girl, thinking you can disobey me, you have another thing coming,” Lucifer’s culprit hand goes to soothe your ass, the black cold leather of his gloves making you shiver,
“Lucifer, I said I was sorry pl-“ your voice is muffled by a moan escaping your lips, you look down to see Beel moving you onto his face in a flash, his mouth automatically attaching onto your pussy, passionately making out with it before circling his hardened tongue around your aching clit, relieving you, yet you try not to show it, trying your best to squirm away before you cum to early yet you find Lucifer placing your hips down further onto Beel’s face, making your legs shake with pleasure of the younger brothers skilled tongue
“Don’t tell me you get overstimulated that easy human,” Lucifer starts, chuckling deeply as he watches your face twist into pleasure, when he pulls and twists at your hardened nipples through your shirt,
Beelzebub’s tongue ravishes your insides as Lucifer continues playing with your breasts, placing gentle kisses on your neck when his face comes near your own,
“Does she taste good Beelzebub?” A harsh groan comes from below you, signaling a ‘yes’ answer, but also sending pleasurable vibrations up through your spine, your back arches as he continues to tongue-fuck your pussy at an inhuman speed,
“Look at you, creaming all over my brother, don’t you have any shame?” Lucifer hums, his own cheeks tinted a slight red by the sound of your moans, “touch her clit Beel, I want to see her cum, hard”
As Beelzebub starts to circle your clit with his spare hand you feel your orgasm quickly approaching, the stimulation of the two brothers actions becoming too much for you, eventually you let the coil in you snap, making a mess by creaming all over the younger brothers mouth
“F-fuck cumming- cum, Beel fuck” your voice goes higher pitched with every new word, the force of your orgasms making your whole body shake, holding onto Beel’s ginger locks and hunching forwards as he keeps playing with your puffy, over-sensitive clit, he moves his mouth away from your leaking cunt, pressing a kiss onto your thigh before speaking,
“Tastes like icing on a cake” his tongue swirls around the mess on his lips, the action alone making your eyes twitch and head fall back, making you hyper-aware of the brothers fingers playing and pinching with your cute clit and perked nipples
“N-no stop, shit ah I can’t take it oh” Lucifer laughs deeply as he moves you away from Beelzebub, laying you down on his bed to temporarily relax, letting Beel get up as the two watch you shake from the after shocks,
Lucifer comes close to your face, planting a gentle kiss on your cheek as he moves your hair out the way, “you can come in now” you freeze, eyeing the rest of the 5 brothers as they enter the room, their cheeks bright red, as you look down you can see their cocks visibly straining in their pants, begging for some kind of release
You feel like a bird of pray as the seven demons look down at you with eyes of hunger and lust, you feel weak already and the needy whine you let out shows it, Lucifer already knows you have fallen victim to his trap, kneeling down to whisper once more in your ear, “you have made your bed, now you lie in it”
The second oldest interrupts, voice weeping with unsatisfactory and greed in which he wasn’t the one to take you first “I can practically smell her, just let me try her please” Mammon speaks up, his fine tuned hand palming his cock in the tight jeans he wears
“Well then,” Lucifer starts, placing your soft head onto his lap as he grabs your calfs to hold at each side of your head, making you stretch uncomfortably, releasing an awkward sound of disapproval from your lips, yet Lucifer ignores it, pushing your legs further apart until he’s pleased, “who wants to go first?”
“I am, I will” Mammon pushes his way to the front, instantly pouncing onto your body, peeling off your shirt and bra along with his own trousers, “she’s my human after all… I had her first” he growls lowly, staring dead at the brothers whilst drooling at the mouth for a taste of you
Mammon pumps his veiny cock in his hand a few times before pressing and swiping his dark tip against your clit, making you shudder in pleasure,
“You sure she can take all of us, Lucifer?” He asks, the eldest brother only nods, holding your legs to the mattress in a death grip “you will take it, won’t you y/n?” His question mocks you, yet you nod helplessly anyway, just wanting, needing Mammon inside of you already,
You feel his leaking tip pushing into your semi prepped hole, yet you don’t mind as the stretch from his thick cock starts to burn your cunt in the best way possible, “M-Mammon!” You yell out to him, wrapping your arms around his neck as he pants against your chest,
“Ssh, I’ve hng got you” He hushes you before taking one of your perked up nipples into his mouth, suckling on it lightly as he humps your cunt nicely, his fat cock reaching near all the pleasurable spots inside you, forcing you to moan and whine his name over and over again,
His mouth continues stimulating you as his cock ravishes your walls, making your mind focused on only him, Mammon, yet Lucifer isn’t to fond of letting you forget about him so easily, so he chooses to squeeze and grazes at your thighs, raking his nails down the smooth skin, you grip onto the two brothers as you feel yourself tipping over the edge, dangerously close to your orgasm
Mammon’s pace picks up rapidly, making you dig your nails into his back as you come undone with a loud moan, leaving angry red lines down his torso “f-fuck I can’t, can’t stop myself, ‘s so tight” Mammon cries out, pulling out quickly and spilling his cum over your thighs, the room goes silent for a second, all the brothers watching with wide eyes as they listen to you and Mammon both panting into each others mouths, sharing a kiss before he gets back up
Mammon soon lifts himself from the eldest brothers bed, sitting in the nearest chair to you, keeping his eyes locked onto you or more importantly, where he left his mark, his chest still heaves, as he watches his younger brother Leviathan walking over to your naked body, his tail twitching with excitement as the third born watches you whimper and squirm in his brothers grasp
“Hurry Levi I just can’t wait any longer~” Asmodeus’ whiney voice echos through the room, making Leviathan side eye him,
A hard hand comes down harshly to smack your bare sensitive pussy, making you yelp, “Asmodeus is right, Levi” Lucifer’s glare is hard as stone, moving his hand to its place on your thigh again, gripping it harshly,
A quiet ‘yeah’ comes from Levi’s lips, his breath fanning over your red face as he presses light kisses against your neck, letting his tail rub up and down against your leg at the same time,
As soon as Leviathan finds your sweet spot he bites down, making you yelp once more, his mouth continues sucking dark bruises into your neck and chest, his tail still dangling beside your legs as it swats Lucifers hand away, his mouth trailing sweet kisses up to your own mouth, kissing you with passion as he slowly wraps his tail around your plush thigh, coating it with your own slick from your weeping pussy and pushing a few inches of his tail into you, the texture still squeezing at your thigh
Your moans are swallowed by Levi, who is continuously going between rubbing your puffy clit with the tip of his tail to curling it up inside your pretty pussy, you start squirming and crying out for the third brother, babbling absolute nonsense as he grazes against your sweet spot inside your cunny, already making you go dumb and needy for him, he loves every bit of it
“Fuck, Levi uhm I’m gonna make a mess ngh” your voice pitches as a clear liquid comes out of your pussy, not giving previous warning, it coats the sheets and his tail soley in your slick, slowly Leviathan moves his tail to his mouth, licking it clean from your juices
“Taste so good” his voice shakes, eyes rolling to the back of his head as his cheeks start turning a nice shade of red, he realises your hot and worn out expression as you lay on Lucifer’s lap, you seem exhausted yet your pussy still aches for more of his siblings
“I’ll g-“ Satan begins, only to be cut off by Asmodeus’ loud voice, “how about we take her at the same time, I just have to get a taste of her” your head goes light as they talk about you so filthy in-front of you,
Satan huffs in annoyance but agrees nonetheless, motioning for Leviathan to move out of the way, “fine but we’ll do it my way” he moves you out of Lucifer’s lap, prying his hands away from your body, “Asmo, get underneath her” Asmodeus complies, moving you so your pussy is just above his mouth, in a similar position to the one you were in with Beel and Lucifer,
Yet from this position you get a good look of all the brothers gathered around the bed, you eye Belphegor furiously pumping his cock dry whilst Mammon slowly strokes his cock back to life, staring into your eyes with pure need, as for Beelzebub he sits on the chair beside you, his hand covered with ounces of his thick cum, his ginger locks cover his flushed expression well, but not well enough so you can’t see the blush appearing on his cheeks as you show all the brothers your dirty facial expressions,
You’re snapped out of your daze as Satan pushes his long cock into you, you feel it nearly about to hit your cervix before he pulls it out again to tease your still-aching hole, you’re about to let out a loud whine but it’s soon cut off by Asmodeus circling his tongue around your clit, rubbing and grinding the soft bud in-between his lips in all the right ways possible,
You moan loudly as the sensation of both Satan and Asmo passionately fucking your body, their movements are complimenting eachother by going at the same pace, you feel like you could cum at any moment
Satan pants and huffs as his balls slap against your skin, his moans sound the sweetest in your ear, “S-Satan, Asmo.. can’t take anymore” your eyes roll to the back of your head as your fourth orgasm of the night hits your hard, but none of two stop their fast paced movements
You squeal as Leviathan wrap his tail around your breast, pulling and teasing your perky nipples as he whispers sweet nothings into your ear beside you,
“You’re panting like a bitch in heat, you like being used like this huh” Satan’s mean voice fills the room, overpowering the third borns, his words make your pussy clench harder around his cock, making him groan deeply, “answer me, you’re just our little toy aren’t you?” His face remains the same bored expression, eyebrows furrowed as he spews degrading words to your face,
Satan grabs your jaw tightly, lifting your face to meet his, “I said answer, bitch” you nod mindlessly as he smacks the outside of your thigh, making your body jump, “stop moving her around so much..” Asmo says from underneath you, desperately wanting to go back to licking the leaking fluids from your drenched pussy, sucking hickeys into your thighs and licking up anything that drips down from your cunny,
Lucifer comes to standinfront of you, kissing your now exposed neck and guiding Levi’s tail to squeeze around your breasts more, the stimulation from the four brothers makes your brain melt, and you slowly feel yourself sinking into full-submission
Satan groans as he feels his balls tighten, slamming into your cunt harder as he tries to chase his high and making you cry out in overstimulation, he soon empties his hot cum into your sensitive cunt, filling it up with such warmth as he pulls out again, leaving Asmo still beneath you as he moans into your body
You cry out as Asmo flicks your clit in his mouth, mesmerised by the way Levi plays with your breasts, and the way Lucifer keeps a strong grip on your hair as he sucks deep purple marks into your neck makes you completely lose it, “I’m gunna.. make a mess” you pant, barely able to get a functioning sentence out from all that’s going on around you,
“Go on sweetie” Mammon’s voice is closer now, he watches the way your cunt gushes and creams as Asmo licks at your clit, the cum that Satan stuffed into your right hole still leaking out, it looks a mess yet the demon has never been that turned on in his life, Mammon let’s put a final groan as the boys step away from you, letting Belphie have your used body last
Leviathan and Asmodeus resistantly leave from where you are, having being pulled away by Lucifer, “she tastes so good, Lucifer please let me go back” Asmo begs as Levi rolls his eyes, “you’ve both had your turns, now sit down” the two brothers huff out in annoyance, but obey anyway
As the youngest brother slowly wobbles towards you, you can see his already cum stained hands as he strokes them up and down his girthy cock, affectively using it as lube as he gently slips inside of you, fucking his cum into your already used hole, he sighs as he finally finally gets his own ecstasy,
The brothers watch carefully, still panting and needing, aching for more of you, but you’re just a mere human, your body cannot take much, just a few more pushes and you’d be fully blacked out
Belphie pants as he listens to your crying and pretty moans, falling on top of your sweaty body he continues pushing his cock into you softly and at a slow pace, he hears your pleas, begging him to go ‘faster’ and ‘faster’ but he ignores them, holding your hands to your stomach, keeping you in place as he ruts into you
“I- I can’t ah can’t..” you gasp as his thick cock breaks its way through your throbbing pussy, you know the youngest brother wont last much longer, from the way you moan his name into his ear, or the way the scratches you leave on his back and arms leaves him in a pleasurable pain,
You feel Belphegor’s hot cum pour into you as he fully bottoms out, you can feel him twitching cock as he stays like that for a few seconds before rolling over to sit on the bed next to you, the brothers all exchange a few words before turning back to your fucked out state, they all look at you in awe, a few try to speak but your mind doesn’t process it, the only thing you can think about is the hot cum leaking out of you and the way the brothers made you feel so so good
Eventually Lucifer taps your thigh, motioning for you to wrap your limp arms around him, so you do, reaching out with shaky hands you gently hold only his broad shoulders, mumbling about how you feel light headed and tired, he tells the rest of the boys to go back to their rooms so he can get you cleaned up, they all go, resistantly of course,
“Luci” he shushes you quickly, laying your body in the empty bathtub as he washes your body down with the shower head , trying his best not to stimulate you any further
“You were so good for us today, but now you know what will happen if you don’t meet deadlines” his face doesn’t express any emotion, his only focus being to fill the bathtub with water and help you get cleaned up
“You know Lucifer, I never treated you to anything…” he glances at you, you can barely speak with confidence, your words are all slurred and you can barely keep your eyes open, but you reach out to paw at his cock anyway,
“Watch it, you’re not in the right headset for this” you pout, yet still pump his clothed cock softly, he looks down at you for a second, his cheeks turning red as he watches your hand move uo and down his whole length, squeezing when you get to the top
You feel him slowly giving in, maybe just a few more pumps you think to yourself “If you want to be a cock drunk slut so be it, but you need to promise me you’re going to take it all, just like a good girl” he unbuttons his trousers, pushing them down to his knees, “get to work, human” you smirk at the sight of Lucifer’s achingly hard cock, he’s definitely bigger than his brothers
Your mouth goes out to lick at his tip, your tongue raking up the entirety of his cock, tracing up every vein with your wet tongue, you actions making him swallow a moan in his throat, the water splashes around in the bathtub as you move to sit on your knees
As you slowly take him into your mouth you can taste his sweet pre-cum dripping from his tip, you laugh lightly around him, making him throw his head back as the vibrations stimulated him more,
His fingers tangle in your hair as he pulls you off of him, removing the rest of his clothes to go into the bathtub with you,
“You’re right, y/n, you really do need to treat me well too” the water from his bathtub falls onto the floor as he positions himself between your legs, “you’re staying with me tonight” he growls, making your eyes roll to the back of your head in a lustful state, moaning as the tip of his cock enters your pussy
You’re far from done tonight
Tumblr media
Taglist; @-miiss-orihara- , @simpingfortoast , @on3ey3dk1ng , @beelsmeal , @courtneypaigemartin , @kurooslove , @cosmosassassin
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everlasting-elegy · 5 days ago
Swapped! AU (Asmodeus, Belphegor)
What would the brothers be like in a world where they are players of Obey Me! and you’re their favourite character? Genre: Fluff Word Count: 2k
Asmodeus is a simple demon. If he sees something that looks good, he wants to incorporate it into his life and that’s exactly the case with Obey Me. The characters looked pretty, the overall aesthetic was so nice he’d love to have something like that as a pastime
But you were by far the most beautiful thing in the entire game. Nonchalantly playing in the living room, all eyes were on Asmo as he audibly gasped when you first popped up on screen. Then he’s rushing to Leviathan, furious that he never enlightened Asmo to the game
“You never cared about my games before!” “Because clearly none of them contained a (Y/N)! Such beauty and you didn’t come to me about this?!” “I… fair enough.”
He loved to play Obey Me! casually when he was waiting or had nothing to do, although after a week or two of playing, he started to see you as more than just a pretty face. The way you understood others and saw the good in them long before others could or they themselves knew it made Asmo’s heart race more than ever
Asmo defaults to taking the bold and flirty answers in game but quickly picks up on the responses you prefer and goes to those. That doesn’t stop him from audibly responding. If you have a flirty or teasing line, the brothers can hear Asmodeus’ muffled giggles and flirty responses outside his bedroom
Collects all your cards because to him, they’re all the most beautiful sights he’s ever seen. To everyone’s surprise, his all time favourite card of you is an innocent one, dressed in casual clothes as you offered a hand to the camera with an inviting smile. What he’d give to take that hand for you to pull him into a world where he’s with you
Managed to get one of your character songs blasting over the loudspeakers when he went clubbing. He loved how everyone enjoyed the beat and your voice while being none the wiser that it was from a dating game. Your music is his go to when he wants to listen to something to spice up any mundane task he’s doing
Has accumulated an entire wardrobe of clothes and fashion that reflect you in some way. Some imitate your style, others copy your colour scheme and others are just straight up wearable merchandise. He loves discreetly promoting you when he goes out on the street
Buys a lot of “trendy” merchandise. Bought fragrance, makeup palettes and jewellery themed to you and frequently wears them. He does have some more conventional merch, particularly photo cards and a pillow with your colour scheme which he goes to sleep hugging after a bad day
Although you were just pixels on the screen, he wanted to look perfect just for you. Even when playing Obey Me! alone in his room, it took some time until he played the game barefaced with his hair unstyled and clothes dishevelled. In those times, your earnest smile is all the more important to him
“Levi? What’re ya doing out of your room?” Mammon asked, staring at Leviathan awkwardly standing at the doorway.
“Going to the Obey Me convention of course!” Asmodeus responded behind Levi as he pushed past the older brother, bumping shoulders with him.
“Wha- are you going too?” Mammon asked in disbelief.
“Nuh uh, on behalf of all otakus attending I’m not having some normie invade our safe space!” Levi shouted, dashing to block Asmo from taking a step forward. “What are you? Some fake fan? Thinking you can infiltrate us? We can smell fakes from a mile away!”
“Fakes?” Asmo gasped in shock horror. “How dare you! This entire outfit has been created with beloved (Y/N) in mind.”
He offered an enthusiastic twirl and a few poses as he explained his outfit. “Naturally, I’ve incorporated (F/C) highlights for a (Y/N) themed outfit. This jacket is reminiscent of the top in their default outfit and this necklace is from their premium line of merch with only ten thousand sold. The charm on this bracelet is an exact replica of the charm (Y/N) gifts the protagonist at the end of Lesson Thirty with authentic gemstones.”
Asmo stopped his posing to put a finger on his lips in contemplation, the other brothers watching in awe. “Now… the perfume. Do I use the Exclusive (Y/N) Devildusk Elixir 2nd Edition or the Exclusive (Y/N) Spiritsunset Scent 3rd Edition?”
“All perfumes smell more or less the same,” Mammon shrugged.
“You are a disappointment to the entire modelling industry,” Asmo snapped as he stormed up to get the respective perfumes. As he returned, he sprayed each perfume on two paper samples, allowing his brothers to smell. “As you can see, Devildusk is a much stronger and muskier scent, reminiscent of (Y/N)’s hidden power and potential fury. Spiritsunset is much lighter and fragrant, just like (Y/N)’s natural goodness!”
“I think Spiritsunset…” Levi mumbled. He reluctantly took a step towards Asmo, his voice quiet. “Uh… I can see that you’re passionate enough about this. So for today… you get the normie pass. You’ll be known as a qualified otaku for today.”
Asmo stared at Levi for a moment before clapping in excitement. “Oh this will be fun! I hope all of your little otaku friends are amazed at my outfit for the day. I’ve really spent a lot of time thinking about it and how to best reflect (Y/N).”
“That game’s really changed ya, Asmo…” Mammon stated slowly, not sure if he was in awe or downright terrified.
“It hasn’t changed me at all, I merely have a muse now,” Asmodeus responded quietly as he lifted his wrist, the charm dear to his heart sparkling under the light. He smiled softly as he felt his heart warm at the sight of it. Perhaps Mammon was right.
Asked to join Leviathan to play games for some brotherly bonding. Only when he joined, Levi was playing a single player game called Obey Me. If Belphie couldn’t join then why did Levi even accept the invitation?
But oddly enough, Belphie stayed, sitting behind Levi and watching his screen. He felt drowsy but he didn’t go to sleep. He complained about how the random interjections of the characters stopped him from falling asleep but then complained when Levi turned down the volume
His gaze was fixed on you, how you smiled at the screen or frowned at the other characters. Your brief voice lines were soothing to him, encouraging him to sleep but if he slept he wouldn’t be able to hear you. Decisions, decisions…
Belphie downloaded the game in the brief moments he’s still awake. He set up his account, breezed through the tutorial and intro, and then set you as his home screen. Has no idea on who the other characters are or what they’re like but he simply doesn’t care
Will not be happy if he discovers the fandom ships you with another character. For that day he’ll just be reading fluffy xReader fanfics of you until he goes to sleep where he’ll also dream of said fanfictions
Often gives Beelzebub his account to do the daily logins, jobs and burn through AP when the bar is filled but he wants to sleep. It distracts Beel from his hunger and it helps Belphie on the grind to get your cards stronger, he only requests Beel wake him up if you pop up in the story
Your name is used as his motivator and the brothers abuse it to the fullest. He couldn’t care less about getting a job or getting more than a pass in his grades but the instant the brothers mention how proud it would make you, he’s begrudgingly off to get hired or study
His favourite card of you is a slumber party theme. The rest of the characters blurred in the bright background as you sit on blankets, slumped against pillows as you look up at the camera with a content smile
Bought a hoodie, blankets and pillows to your colour scheme, as well as a large chibi plushie of you to cuddle to. He may also have a couple of figurines to keep on his side of the room
Uses your character songs to wake him up in the morning for R.A.D. and uses it as a general alarm for when tasks need to be finished. Religiously listens to your wakeup call in the game to motivate him to get out of the house
In the planetarium he’s joined stars like connect the dots to try and create a constellation under your name. He has a few, one of a majestic animal that reminds him of you, another to your sigil in the game and a few others
As much as he tries to control his dreams of you to be nothing but sweet, the inevitable nightmare pops up where against your accepting nature, you turn against him, loathing his being. He wakes up with a start and holds onto your pillow a little tighter, telling himself it’s a lie but his mind refuses to believe him
Beelzebub was stirred awake by the alarm on the other side of the room. Well, it served the purpose of an alarm but he remembered that beat and melody. It was (Y/N)’s character song, bringing him out of the haze of sleep. He audibly groaned as he turned around, the only light being Belphegor’s phone screen washing out his face.
“Belphie…? It’s not sunrise, what are you doing?”
“(Y/N)’s birthday event started ten minutes ago,” Belphie grumbled, words still slurred with sleep. He was squinting at his screen, still wrapped like a cocoon in his blankets. “I want their new ultimate card. There’s a new animation. I need the rewards from this event.”
“I… okay,” Beel said with furrowed eyebrows, turning around so his back was to the light, and drifted back to sleep.
Beel woke up with a start to the intense beats of another of (Y/N)’s character songs. He turned back around to see Belphie in the same position, almost as if he hadn’t moved for however long Beel was asleep.
“Sorry for waking you up,” Belphie said hurriedly. “I should have explained. I set alarms for all the times my AP bar fills up. I can’t waste any of it.”
“And you sleep in between the alarms?”
Belphie hummed in affirmation. “Sleep, Beel. Sorry for waking you up but if the alarms are too quiet they won’t wake me up.”
“It’s okay…” Beel excused him but he still went back to sleep confused, wondering why Belphie was so invested in a little phone game.
The third time Beel woke up, the room was naturally lit up as magic made the lamps fire up, the dim Devildom sky letting light peak in through the curtains. When he got out of bed, Blephie was still dutifully tapping on his phone.
“Belphie, we need to go to R.A.D.”
“Already called in sick.”
“And Lucifer believed you?”
“... that’s a problem for later.”
Belphie tore his eyes from (Y/N) greeting him to look up at his twin. “As long as I get good grades, my attendance shouldn’t be a problem.”
“Lucifer cares about attendance.”
“Then he can personally come here and drag me out of bed,” Belphie muttered, resuming playing the game, hearing your happy voice lines as he rubbed your hair. In response he ended up smiling to himself.
“I’ll let you know about any new content.”
“Thanks, Beel. I knew you’d understand.”
To be frank, Beel didn’t understand at all. Perhaps it was the telepathic link they shared as twins, but as Beel got ready to leave, an odd feeling gnawed at his stomach. Not the typical hunger he was very familiar with, but the stirring of butterflies. A heat was gently flushing his face and making his heart beat a little quicker. He looked back at his twin, how Belphie hid his reddened cheeks under his blanket as he watched his screen with essentially hearts in his eyes. Beel made a happy sound in his throat. Although his telepathic link didn’t help him in understanding his twin any better, Belphie looked so happy he decided not to question it.
Tumblr media
Beelzebub, Lucifer, Satan Ver.
Leviathan, Mammon Ver.
Obey Me! Masterlist
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 8 days ago
Simeon: How's having your own actual kids?
Mc: Horrible. I never knew something could cry so much. It never stops.
Simeon: Oh, well, the kid will grow out of it eventually, right?
Mc: Oh no, the kid's great. She hardly ever cries.
Simeon: But I thought-
Asmo, sobbing while holding the baby: MC, I LOVE HER SO MUCH.
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luciferscoffeemachine · a month ago
Everyone with a gn!MC who’s very physically affectionate
Yeah he likes it a normal amount
He’s going to have you with him as much as he can
He’ll be a bit cold when you try to hug or kiss him in public, considering his reputation, but in private? hoo boy
Please play with his hair, comb through it with your fingers, fluff it up and pet it back down, he loves it so much
It takes everything not to just melt into your touch
He loves it when you’re in his lap as he works, he’ll often rest his head on yours and—is that a bird cooing?
(he makes those cooing warbling sounds every now and then like a happy peacock and it’s the cutest thing you’ve ever heard)
He’ll never openly admit it, but he loves being in your lap most of all
Having arms around him as he works is soothing, and it’s much easier to reach things on his desk
If he’s in his demon form and you pet his wings he’s going to be so conflicted
You’re just a human, you can’t just—wait no please don’t stop
He hates admitting it, especially since he’s so much more prideful in his demon form, but it melts him
Please pet his wings it feels so nice
He’s never going to admit it but he loves it so much
Yes!! Fluff his hair! Hug him! Give him kisses!
He loves it when he can just curl up and hide his face in your chest/shoulder, especially if you pet his hair
He’s also touch starved
He’s nearly always attached to you if you’ll let him be
Hugging you from behind, nuzzling into you, letting you hug him from behind?
You’re basically sharing a body at this point
You’re going to kill him MC
Every time you kiss him he shortcircuits
It’s a good way to get him to stop beating up on himself though so he better get used to it
If you pull him into your lap while he’s gaming he’ll stop breathing
If you try to give him a kiss that’s more than a quick peck he’s going to pass out
He loves it though
His favorite thing to do in public is lock pinkies or hold hands
It’s such a small gesture, but he always gets so flustered over it
He’s not really used to that sort of attention but god he loves it
He loves leaning against each you when he reads
Please let him read to you while you cuddle
If you wear cat ears you’ll have to literally pry him off of you
But you probably won’t
Please hug this man
Sit in his lap while Lucifer’s around, it makes Lucifer so mad and he loves it
He loves resting his head on your chest and hearing your heartbeat and breathing, it calms him down in a way nothing else can
oh YES
You two are literally never going to be apart
It’s to the point that it’s hard to tell where one person starts and the other ends
You’re always tangled up, whispering into each other’s ears and giggling
It drives everyone nuts and he loves it
If you don’t have a skin routine, You Will
Any time you give him a kiss he squeals and pulls you close to him
His room is basically your second room
Your classes are his classes now because school be damned He Needs Cuddles
He never oversteps boundaries unless its on accident, and if he does he will Cry and apologize for the rest of the day
He really didn’t expect platonic attention to be this great but he’s never going to give it up now
Please sit in his lap he likes to hold you
Belphie’s gonna be pissed because that used to be his exclusive nap spot so you’re just gonna have to share now
If you’re bigger than him? and YOU can hold HIM? he can have lap spot? god he’s overjoyed
Never in his life has he wished to be tiny before this moment
He wants to hold your hand, even when he’s eating
You can’t spoon-feed him, he’ll just eat the spoon, but he appreciates it nonetheless
He never gets flustered, he’s just affectionate and happy
When you kiss him he always gets such a goofy smile on his face
Tumblr media
You’re the new exclusive nap spot
Another one who’s just going to be permanently attached to you
Pet his head
pet his tail
pet him
he loves it
I’m so sorry but he’s never going to walk again because he’s going to make you carry him Everywhere
At least now you’re buff (if you weren’t before)
Who needs weights when you have a sleepy cow demon clinging to you constantly
He might tease you a bit about it but he absolutely doesn’t mean it
[Cue cut to MC carrying Belphie to the kitchen in the middle of the night because they want snacks and he won’t let go of them]
Lord Diavolo
Literally run and jump at him he’ll catch you
Give him hugs and playful kisses and he’ll be the happiest demon in the devildom
He’s gonna want to carry you everywhere. I hope you like piggyback rides
However, if you’re bigger than him (or strong enough to pick him up anyways)? you’re gonna carry him everywhere. He’s gonna be in your arms or on your shoulders with the biggest smile in the world. He always wanted to do this when he was a kid!
Pick him up and twirl him around! Let him pick you up and twirl you around!
You’ll have to hold off in public, though. Not because of him, because of Lucifer. He thinks it’s bad for Diavolo’s reputation.
Still, when you’re in the castle? You’ll never be apart.
He doesn’t usually have time for affection so this is new
Hug him from behind when he’s baking. It might distract him but he loves it
He might (definitely will) be embarrassed if you do anything in public
Once you hoisted him onto your back and ran from one side of the castle to the other under the guise of helping him get there quicker
Lord Diavolo recorded the whole thing
His favorite form of affection is subtle touches, especially when you first meet. Brushing hands together when he gives you something, shoulders touching when you sit side by side, his hands ghosting along yours as he teaches you how to cook something
Though he can’t deny that he loves when you hug him tightly and nuzzle your face into his neck
It’s just startling to him, but he certainly wants to get used to it
Oh!! okay!!!
He can’t get enough of it
He’ll get so flustered if you kiss him in public, even if it’s just a quick peck on the cheek
He just wants to hold hands everywhere, no matter where you’re going
It’s such a simple expression of love, but so touching
Kiss his hand while it’s in yours and he blushes like crazy
Pull him into your lap or press a kiss to his neck and he makes a loud squeaking sound
He likes it, but it’s so forward! scandalous!
Please hold him
He’s already used to Asmo’s antics, there’s no way to fluster him at this point
When you hug him he just gives you a smile and twirls you around
He loves to sit next to you and just hold your hand or lean against you
Pick him up! Hug him! Give him kisses! He loves it!
Touch is as natural to him as breathing
He loves piggyback rides! Let him feel tall!
Just don’t tease him about it if you don’t want to deal with a grumpy angel
When you ruffle his hair he’ll grumble about it but he doesn’t mind
Sometimes for fun you just pick him up and yell “SIMBAAA”
He gets SO MAD
Simeon thinks it’s hilarious
He’s just a funky little guy! Pick him up so he can reach the top shelf!
If you don’t he climbs the counters and then the drawers and it’s really funny but Barbatos and Simeon freak out over it
We’re counting on you MC
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otakusheep15 · a month ago
I'm a sucker for tall MC lifting up the boys, how do you think they'll react?
As a certified short person, the power tall MC has makes me very jealous lol. For now, I'm only gonna write for the brothers, so if you want the others let me know.
Tall MC Picking Up the Brothers
Confused and aggravated
Because how the hell is MC this strong?
He's kinda like a cat who hates being picked up
At least, that's how he is on the surface
On the inside, he's cursing his pride for not letting him enjoy this more
Pick him up more often, he'll get used to it eventually
Just give a little warning first
You did actually startle him the first time
As is always, tsundere mode is activated
Makes the usual dumb human remark and demands you put him down
But if you do, he panics and just sorta...
Leaps back on to you
And then you both probably fall over
He lands on top of you and that just makes him even more flustered
It's always a whole event with him honestly
Very flustered
But also strangely impressed
He figured you were strong, but he didn't think you could pick up a demon so easily
Starts making references to anime where the male lead does the thing where he picks up the female lead and spins her around in the air
Y'all know what I'm talking about
Asks if you can try that with him
And then gets even more embarrassed, but still enjoyed it
A little shocked, but not upset at all
He's honestly kinda impressed
He was probably busy at the time, so he'll ask you to put him down
Don't worry though, he'll come back later and demand you to pick him up again
If Lucifer was an angry cat, this boy is the most cuddly cat you've ever seen
Might even let out a purr if you listen closely
Mans is swooning
Calls you his Knight in Shining Armor
Might also be a bit turned on
But when is he not?
Refuses to be put down and demands you be his personal transport from now on
Congrats MC, you're now stuck with a pet koala
If you actually compare him to a koala, he'll either think it's cute and laugh, or he'll be offended and get off
Genuinely shook
He figured you could pick up his brothers just fine, but him?
He's a big boy and it makes some muscle to pick him up
Actually kinda loves it though
He's always so used to picking up his brothers, so he's rarely ever being picked up himself
It feels kinda nice to him
Might ask you to do it again later
You made him really happy
Let's be real, he was probably asleep
And you wanted to move him from the couch to an actual bed
But then he woke up
Probably teases you about it
Calls you a simp or something like that
But it's all just to hide the blush slowly forming
Because, holy hell, he's actually being picked up by MC
Also refuses to b put down
If you do try and deposit him onto a bed, he just grabs you tighter and cuddles closer
You end up sleeping with him for a while
That was really fun to write lol. Putting the brothers through weird situations like this is my fave.
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the-waterfowls-egg · 2 months ago
Hc's but the bros are shorter than you by like at least half a meter
Edit: All the brothers compared to Mc
Does not like this
He's the Avatar of Pride, why does he have to crane his neck just to look you in the eyes? Hates this.
Will wear heels
He's still not tall enough to be eye level
Rip Lucifer
Learns to live with it but also probably looking for a spell to make him taller
Lucifer? Rip to him but I'm different
Hates it at first but after y'all make a pact and get closer? Hold him please
Now he can cling to you like a lil' koala
Of course he denies liking it but
Dude loves it
Steals your hoodies
Bite bite bite bite scream yell bite
He's the avatar of envy
Of course he's jealous
Not happy at all
Help him put his figurines on a higher shelf, aka out of Mammon's reach, and he does a total turn around
This is great actually, please wave Goldie over Mammon's head
Does not care pt.1
Don't lift him tho
Hates that
Unless it's to help him to reach a cat in a tree or somethin'
That he likes
Will climb you like a jungle gym to reach a cat or a book in the libary
Inists on buying you rlly nice clothes
So nothing different here
Compliments your legs
Unless that makes you uncomfy
Then he's shush shush about 'em
Will get you heels
Just so you can be even taller
Does this to annoy Lucifer
Asks to borrow your hoodies
Does not care 2, electric boogaloo
Tallest of his brothers
Still shorter than you
But at least he's eye level
Does like it tho
Help him get the snacks Lucifer hid on the highest shelf
Like sure he can fly
But would rather ask you
Also asks for your hoodies
Can't reach your neck
I'm not joking he can't reach it
His plan ends there
There's no timeline change u just walk back to the OG timeline while Belphie is running behind you and biting at your ankles
Just... just kinda throw him back a little bit so he doesn't follow you into your timeline
Anyway the OG Belphie is nicer
Doesn't try to kill u
Steal your hoodies tho
Does not give them back
Look he might not be a murderous bastard but he's a bastard none the less
Edit: u and Belphie
Tumblr media
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7kr · a month ago
Tumblr media
❛ synopsis. have you ever wondered why seven of the most powerful figures in the devildom fell in love with you? well, here’s your answer.
❛ featuring. demon brothers + gn!mc.
❛ content warnings. mature language, fluff, angst, hurt with comfort, mentions of death, major spoilers for lesson sixteen.
❛ word count. 1195.
❛ love note. yes, the title is inspired by this song <3
Tumblr media
he fell in love with you because of your determination. you’re a human that never gives up, and that’s quite clear to lucifer. there have been many times where you’ve stood up to his authoritative figure: defending mammon from his punishments, protecting luke and beelzebub from him, freeing his younger brother from the attic in order to repair their relationship. as much as it used to get on his nerves in the past, he admires you for it now. if you hadn’t have been a stubborn little shit, he’d miss out on so many of the things he enjoys in his life nowadays. if you hadn’t appeared in the devildom, he’d still be battling it out with satan, stressed beyond all belief with paperwork and generally as cold-hearted as he used to be. you’ve changed him with your ambitious ways, and he loves you for it.
Tumblr media
he fell in love with you because of you treated him like he wasn’t a money-grubbing scumbag. it’s a bit of a harsh way to put it, but it’s entirely true. ever since the brothers and himself fell from the celestial realm, mammon has had to deal with the sin of greed. he’s been called all the names in the book for something that is difficult for him to control. then thousands of years later, you cross paths with him during the exchange student program. he’s initially pissed off that he had extra work to do, looking after a measly little human. but you treat him so nicely from the moment you meet him. your tone is kind, never condescending. you smile so brightly that he’s glad he wears sunglasses most of the time. your words are always sugary sweet, and you tell him things that he’s never been told before. you make him feel so loved and appreciated, like he’s not just greed incarnate. he can’t recall a time where you were genuinely mean to him, or made him feel like he was less than his brothers. he isn’t used to kind of treatment, which is why he finds it nearly impossible to express his feelings around you. don’t take it to heart, dear human, for he loves you so much.
Tumblr media
he fell in love with you because of your friendliness. prior to your arrival in the devildom, leviathan hadn’t know what a true friend was. sure, he had his brothers and a couple of online friends to talk to, but that didn’t mean that they were necessarily interested in what he had to say. there was something missing in his life and you filled that gap perfectly. you never got tired of him rambling about a conspiracy theory he had about an anime he was watching, or going shopping to buy some new merchandise, or staying up until the early hours of the morning to play video games. you were accepting of his hobbies, and were even interested in some of them too. nobody else does the things you do with him, and that’s truely special. leviathan is confident that he can share everything with you without feeling judged or idiotic. well, everything except for his feelings. he’s afraid of losing his true friend to something that may end the friendship. little does he know that you feel the exact same way.
Tumblr media
☆ — 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐍.
he fell in love with you because of your empathy. you’re the only person who’s ever understood why he has such an intense dislike towards lucifer. you’ve never once told him to ‘get over it’ or ‘grow up’ like he’s brothers have, you know that you’re not in a position to judge him. imagine being brought into the world without any prior knowledge or reason for your birth. no bonds with your own brothers, no memories from the celestial realm and certainly no memories of lilith. satan has always felt like an outsider in his own family. they’ve all been through so much together, and he hasn’t been in practically any of it. you’ve always been understanding and supportive of him, reassurance and comfort are a staple in your relationship with him. he knew he was in love with you the moment you sat down and assured him that it was completely normal not to like everyone that you meet, instead of making a snarky remark about a childish brotherly rivalry.
Tumblr media
he fell in love with you because you looked past his appearance. to outsiders, asmodeus is the most beautiful demon in the devildom. don’t get him wrong, he still prides himself on his looks all the time, but there was something in particular that you said that warmed his heart. he still remembers it after all this time. you told him that you thought he was charismatic and bubbly, which is why you adored him so much. it was the first time someone had ever complimented him on a trait other than his beauty, which is why he fell so hard for you. you could even see through his confident façade when he was feeling insecure, and comforted him through those difficult moments. people only ever saw the surface, and you took the effort to look past that and truly get to know asmodeus for who he was.
Tumblr media
he fell in love with you because you aren’t judgemental of his eating habits. similarly to mammon, beelzebub found it incredibly difficult to control his sin when the brothers first entered the devildom. the blackhole in his stomach is insatiable, and his brothers often scold him for clearing out every morsel of food in the kitchen. his self-esteem in that regard is quite low, but you manage to raise it up. beelzebub cannot recall a moment where you looked at him funny for eating too much, or yelled at him for eating that pudding you left in the refrigerator, or insulted him for being a messy eater at times. you’ve always been accepting of the way he is, even though his habits are extreme. he’s thankful that you’re able to see past his sin and get to know him on a more personal level, because you’re one of the only people who doesn’t go off of what they see on the surface.
Tumblr media
he fell in love with you because of your kindness. there are moments in belphie’s day where the scene of your death replays in his mind, and a sick feeling begins to materialise in his stomach. he doesn’t understand how you could forgive him so easily for his violence. why aren’t you scared of him? even after all he’s put you through, you still allow him to get so close to you; letting him lay on your lap when he’s tired, letting him cuddle up with you when he’s cold, letting him kiss you. he believed that he understood humans once, something about holding grudges against a person who wronged you, so why haven’t you done the same? you’re kind, so tucking kind. ultimately, he’s thankful that you’ve forgiven him, even though he’ll never forgive himself. gradually, he fell in love with you, just like the rest of his brothers did, all because of a kind gesture.
Tumblr media
© OH-JOLYNE ☆ all rights reserved. please do not repost, reproduce or plagiarise my content + layouts. thank you.
Tumblr media
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kitkat11602 · 2 months ago
First Kiss (obey me)
Characters: Mammon & Leviathan
synopsis: The moment where you first kissed them.
cw: not proofread
Tumblr media
You were probably the one to initiate the kiss as a way to shut him up.
He would be rambling on about some dumb idea he had when you decided to kiss him to shut him up.
Afterwards he would put on his tough guy act and pretend that the kiss didn’t phase him.
But as soon as you walked out of the room he became a blushing mess.
Mammon took a seat next to you, continuing his talk about why Lucifer should be kicked out of the house and how he should become the oldest brother. Your attention had been on him ever since he walked into the room, but over the past twenty minutes of him going on and on it began to slip.
You eyes dancing around the room looking for anything to entertain you while he talks but unfortunately for you there wasn’t anything. Turning back to Mammon, you began to study his features. His white hair, which was messily strewn across his forehead. His blue eyes shining brightly every time he mentioned him becoming the new oldest brother. And finally, his lips. They were moving with every word he spoke, his tongue occasionally darting out to wet his lips. You could feel your body leaning in closer, your eyes widening once you realized what you were about to do.
“I’m just saying, if we got rid of Lucifer, things would be a lot more fun around her-” Mammon’s words were cut off by your lips meeting his own. While your eyes were closed, his were blown fully open, his lips frozen at the feeling of your soft ones pressed against his. Pulling away you stared at him as he jumped back in his seat, “MC! W-what was that for?!” His voice raised slightly, stuttering when one of his hands lightly touched his lips. You could feel your cheeks heating up in embarrassment, realizing that was your guys’ first kiss together.
“I’m sorry Mammon,” You apologized, standing up and quickly moving towards the door, needing to escape his intense stare. “You were just talking so much, and I don’t know what compelled me to do that. I’m really sorry!” You rambled before walking out of the room, off to lock yourself up for the rest of your life.
After you left the room, Mammon stared at the door, trying to collect his thoughts about what just happened. A dark blush formed across his cheeks when he thought back to the feeling of your lips on his, letting out a shaky breath he hid his head in his hands wanting to go after you. But before he could do that, he needed to calm down so as to not embarrass himself in front of you.
Tumblr media
Once again, you would have to initiate the first kiss.
You would walk into his room and find him playing an intense round of this new game that came out.
After winning the game, you both would be so excited that you grab his face and kiss him.
Now introducing Levi as a blushing and stuttering mess.
Walking into his room, you could hear his continuous curses at the screen in front of him. His fingers rapidly pressed different keys on the keyboard, not even bothering to spare you a glance when you closed the door behind you.
“Hey Levi, what are you doing?” You asked, approaching his tense form, placing a hand on his shoulder to peer over at his screen. You couldn’t quite keep up with everything that was happening but you could make sense that it was intense, and he was having a hard time keeping up. He didn’t say anything, his attention still focused on the screen, his body shaking with adrenaline. Scooting closer to the screen he could feel it coming, throwing one last punch, the boss went down. The screen went black making you both lean forward in anticipation before two words finally flashed onto the screen.
You Win!
Levi jumped back, almost bumping into you, a shout of excitement breaking past his lips. He turned to you with wide eyes and a smile, reciprocating his smile, your hands held his cheeks, pulling his face closer to yours. Your lips only touched for a brief second before you both pulled away in shock.
“M-MC!” He took a step back, legs hitting his chair causing him to topple into it. You gave him a sheepish smile, hand scratching at the back of your neck nervously.
“Heh, sorry Levi. I guess I got a little too excited.” You said letting out a small laugh. Levi could barely focus on the words you were speaking, his eyes were trained onto your lips, mesmerized by how soft they felt against his. You gave him a warm smile, noticing how his entire face was burning bright red. “Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that dinner is almost ready.” The room was spinning for him as he watched you walk out the door and presumably back down to the dining area.
He definitely wants another kiss… but he’s just a little too shy to ask.
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luxthestrange · 11 days ago
Obey me!Memes #77
Tumblr media
Those two must be on cloud 9 with short mc....Cuz of their pride they wont join the Short Squad with Mc and Luke
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usertala · 6 months ago
MC doesn't indulge in their sin
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Obey Me Masterlist
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Tumblr media
Is worried about you tbh
Not that he wants you to be prideful, but he finds it rather weird when you don’t feel any pride even with little things.
He was in the same class as you when the teacher congratulated you for having the highest score, yet even if you smiled he didn’t feel any pride coming from you.
It happened again when you were asking for his help regarding homework in math class. When he saw you answer a hard question, it was the other way around. Instead, he was the one who was proud of you; you seemed nonchalant about it.
When he confronted you about it, you shrugged it off, saying, “It’s only normal. That is not something I should be proud of. I studied and listened to you, that’s why I got it correct and why I have the highest scores. It’s just simple cause and effect, I don’t really see the point of it.”
“MC, just because it’s a cause and effect doesn’t mean you can’t feel proud. Like you said, you studied that’s why you have high marks. Which means you earned it, you deserve it and it’s only natural to feel proud. But I think before being proud you should be more confident”
And that’s how Lucifer ended up spoiling you with gifts whenever you feel pride.
Tumblr media
You piss him off,
Why were you never greedy? How do you give so much to others but get shy when someone gives you gifts?
He tried giving you small trinkets, putting them by your desk, but every time he had to run an errand he always finds his gifts back in his room. Whether you were looking at a beautiful necklace or nice clothes, he never felt greed within you.
“Oi! Why don’t ya ever accept my gifts? It’s not like I care, just say that ya don’t want it so I can stop wasting’ money” You look at mammon. His lips formed into a pout.
“Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you, Mammon. I appreciate your gifts but I feel bad that you have to spend money on me…” You can see his face turning red and suddenly he can’t look you in the eye.
“Ya know that it’s okay to be greedy, right? It’s only normal! Plus, I don’t really mind spendin’ money on ya!” You just nod at his words and go by your day.
Imagine how shocked Mammon was when he actually felt greed swarming in you, but not in the way he expected. He was conversing with a succubus who had asked him about Leviathan. You weren’t looking at him but he can tell you can still see him.
Tumblr media
Doesn’t like you at all
Thinks you’re so perfect that you don’t get jealous while he’s the exact opposite
When you beat him in the TSL quiz, he becomes more open to you and gets used to you always hanging around his room.
One day while strolling through the mall, he noticed you looking at this rose gold necklace and after a few weeks; he noticed that you had already bought the bracelet.
He figured you don’t get jealous because you know how to get things you want.
Although, when he was geeking out about Ruri-chan, he felt immense jealousy within you even though you were smiling and agreeing with him. After this he spends much more time with you and opens up more about his feelings.
He can still feel jealousy within you when you see things you want being owned by other demons, so he tries hard to give you those same things.
Tumblr media
Whether Mammon stealing your grimm or Lucifer giving you back-handed compliments, you never seem to be angry.
He’s interested that you don’t get mad, that takes some incredible patience.
Until one day, that patience breaks
It was when Lucifer was incredibly mad at Beel and Luke, after that incident you didn’t talk to anyone besides beel, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon, and of course luke.
Everyone thought they merely upset you, but Satan knew you were fuming going as far as flat out ignoring them when they talked to you. Sure, you still did the work that Lucifer assigned you, but that was it. Not one word out of your mouth.
After that, no one dared to make you angry. They were thankful that after the belphie incident you only ignored him and not everyone else.
Tumblr media
It doesn’t really bother him; he knows not everyone is into sex as he is
Whenever he tries to rile you up, you just laugh and tell him to jokingly tell him to cut it out.
He doesn’t really care? Lol, he knows it’s not because you’re too innocent but just because you don’t really feel the need to express this kind of emotion.
Although if you end up indulging in lust, then he’ll be there to give you tips and help you anyway he can
Would always suggest himself in case you need a partner
Tumblr media
Confused baby
Who doesn’t enjoy eating? Are you okay?
You laugh and tell him you just don’t have an enormous appetite. He nods his head silently, happy because this means more food for him.
Becomes more worried when he sees you eating a lot less, always takes food to your room to make you eat more...you know he means well but the food he takes just ends up being untouched and he always gets sad so you explain to him, “I know, you’re worried, Beel. But seriously, I’m alright. I just really don’t feel hungry. If I eat more than what I can take I might end up throwing up.”
He nodded understanding in but still brought you little treats, like little packets of biscuits, a small slice of cake, or just a few pieces of candy.
Tumblr media
Ok? If you have so much time in your hands then do his chores for him
Didn’t like you before, don’t like you now
Why can’t you sit still? Just- sit down will you?
Says he hates you but has a soft spot only he notices, like hell he’d let his brothers notice. Well, except for Beel.
When he always sees you doing something that requires all of your energy he just stares at you until you finish and if you still want to do something, he just drags you to the attic to sleep which you complain since you don’t feel sleepy but he just strokes your hair and starts talking that you desperately try to pay attention but feel you eyelids getting heavier.
You don’t notice his smile as he wraps his arms around you, sleeping with a small smile on his face.
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weekly-fandom-rambles · 23 days ago
Im.pact.ful Thoughts
Blushing Bruise (pt. 1 - the fic)
Guess I'm only good at staying on schedule when school is in session lol. rip my 2021 goal but eh, I'm still having fun. Anyway, the setup for this head cannon got way too long, so I'll post them separately. (Part 2 can be found here)
CW: bruising, color-coded quotations, not proofread
Word count: 1.4k
More Im.pact.ful Thoughts ~ Masterlist
MC got a bit of a late start that day. There were no classes and they hadn’t made any plans to go out. So when they finally decided to roll out of bed, they simply threw a bathrobe on over their long, warm pajamas and a pair of slippers, bed-head be damned.
Walking into the dining room, everyone but Satan was present. They were all in various states of activity. Lucifer was drinking his coffee and reading some documents. Mammon, Asmodeus, and Leviathan were all on their D.D.D.s doing different things. Beelzebub was consuming everything in sight and Belphegor was using his oatmeal as a pillow. Overall a typical morning in the House of Lamentation.
“Good morning, MC,” Lucifer said, not looking away from his paper. “G’mornin.” MC started to rub the remaining sleep from their eyes. “YO, WHAT THE FUCK!” “Mammon not so lou-” “MC, what happened?” MC opened their eyes to see the brothers looking at them with frozen expressions of shock. Even Belphie had woken up to stare wide-eyed at them. “...umm…”
Then all hell broke loose. Lucifer and Beel bolted up from their seats. Mams and Asmo raced over to MC in the doorway. Everyone was painted in anger or worry or absolute, gaping shock. And all with overlapping yelling directed at their human.
“What the devil happened to your-” “-me their names. Let me know who-” “-ow come ya didn’t tell me when it happ-” “-oesn’t it hurt? Oh, how could-” “-I’ll avenge my Henery’s-” “-y’ll pay for what they’ve done.”
All the attention and yelling quickly became too much all at once. “stop. Stop. STOP. STOP. EVERYONE CALM DOWN.” MC didn’t want to use their pacts like this, but nothing was making sense and no one seemed to want to let them in on the situation. They sighed before addressing the room. “Now, is someone going to tell me what the fuck is happening right now?” “Yeah, what’s going on?”
MC turned to see Satan standing behind them. It seemed as if everyone was holding their breath at that moment when Satan’s gaze turned to MC. The fourth-born’s face quickly shifted from shock to pity to absolute rage. The book he had held in his hands turned to ash as his form turned demonic. “How dare they? How dare those motherfuckers touch you?! I’ll turn those fucking demons to dust and personally devour their souls!”
In the split second that he turned his back on them, true fear and panic overtook MC. “Satan. Hang on. SATAN! SATAN, STOP RIGHT NOW!” They grabbed his arm, worried that their power wouldn’t be enough to stop him on its own. “Please just tell me what’s going on!” They could feel stressful tears prick their eyes.
He stopped and looked at their pleading face. “You mean to tell me you don’t know??” “No. I don’t.” Satan hissed through his teeth and turned back into the room. “Asmo. Mirror.” The fifth quickly conjured a hand mirror and handed it to their seething brother. Satan held up the mirror to reflect MC’s face back at them. There, in the glass, MC saw their own face brightly discolored. Deep red and purple bruising covered their forehead, jawline, nose, and lips. The area around their left eye was completely bruised to the point of being textbook blackened.
They slowly reached up to lightly touch the areas that looked damaged. When no pain was felt, they pressed harder and in broader areas, until both of their hands were squishing and kneading their whole face. They even attempted to scrub their face like they would some makeup. When nothing came off but felt normal, confusion overtook their fear. “Ok, but like, what the fuck? What’s wrong with my face?”
Satan lowered the mirror. “That’s what I want to ask you. Were you in a fight?” “No, I wasn’t in a fight. I would tell you guys if I was in a fight. I know you all are physically stronger than me.” “So how did this happen to your face?” “That’s what I would like to know as well.” After some tense staring between MC and Satan, he finally sighed and released his demonic form, clearly with much effort. “I don’t know what’s going on, but Solomon might. I’m going to go get him, okay?” “Alright.” MC let go of Satan’s arm and their hold over him. He stomped out of the dining room and the front door was slammed on his way out of the house. With a collective sigh, they released their hold on the other brothers. “I’m…please tell them…I’ll be in my room.” MC grabbed a cold piece of toast from the table and made their way back to their room.
MC ate their food and spent their time in their bathroom observing and touching their face in their own mirror. Even splashed some water on their face but to no avail. When a knock sounded on their door a while later, they opened it to find Solomon with Satan just behind him. “Oh wow. You weren’t kidding.” MC shot a confused glance at Satan that made the sorcerer chuckle. “Sorry MC. Mind if I come in?” MC shook their head and led him to sit on their bed. Satan opted to lean on the wall just inside their doorway.
“I’m going to see if I can understand what’s happening to you MC. I’m going to be touching your face a bunch, okay?” With a nod of agreement Solomon gently cupped their face and began to mumble a spell under his breath. After a brief flash of light, he began poking their bruises. “Well, a healing spell didn’t change it. Does it hurt?” “No, it feels completely normal.” “Hmmm…”
After more spells, touching, and even a few potions nothing seemed to be happening with MC’s face. Satan shifted against the wall and accidentally flipped their light switch. “Oh sorry about th-” “Satan, wait. Leave it off.” Though the open doorway did provide some light, it wasn’t enough to fully permeate the newfound darkness. MC briefly questioned Solomon’s intentions until a faint glow emanated from his hands. He created a small orb of light and floated it close to their face. MC watched the light float in their personal space and shift different colors. “There. Hold.” Solomon stopped the light on a bluish-purple color and took MC’s face in their hands, wide-eyed on both sides. He twisted their head under the light and gave a thoughtful hum. “Lights.” Satan flipped the lights back on and everyone stared at each other.
“MC, do you have any other bruising?” “No?” “Have you checked since this morning?” “...no.” “Do you mind?” MC rolled up their sleeves to find themselves littered with even more bruises. Another thoughtful hum from the sorcerer. “And you weren’t in a fight, right?” “Yeah.” “But you were, Satan. You were in a fight yesterday, weren’t you.” “Yes.” “Wait, Satan, you were in a fight?” “Yeah, I literally just said that.” “But why?” “I don’t see how that’s important to the situation-” Solomon chuckled to himself, cutting off the banter.
“Ah, so the puzzle comes together. MC, what do you know of demon anatomy?” “Not much.” “Well, you may be surprised to find that demons do not bruise like humans. They have a period of redness from the impact, but their blood doesn’t settle and collect like ours. Satan, the lights?” Under the orb’s purple light MC’s bruises on their arms began to glow a neon green. “This light, though magical, is essentially like a blacklight. It makes pigments visible which normally are not. It seems as though your body is sharing visible damage with those with who you share a pact. In this case-”
“It’s me.” “Satan.”
“Bingo. Lights, please.”
The lights revealed Satan staring pitifully at MC. “I’m sorry. This is all my fault.” “No, Satan. It isn’t.” “Yeah, It really isn’t. MC would have likely manifested this trait sooner or later. It just happened to be this time. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.” Solomon stands from his spot on the bed. “Oh, on a plus side the progression is quicker than normal, so it likely should be gone pretty soon. I’d give it 6 days tops.” Solomon made his way towards the door. “So you guys should start playing nice, for MC’s sake.”
As soon as he left the room, the other brothers came tumbling in, one after the other. Everyone was quite frankly relieved that MC wasn’t physically hurt. They ended up spoiling MC on their day off and talking bout how this incident will change things in the future. Because if they're all honest with MC, none of the brothers want to bruise them without their consent.
Requests are open.
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softxsuki · 3 months ago
hi!! hope you’re having a good day/night <3 can you do the brothers celebrating the reader’s birthday? my birthday is tomorrow and no one ever really remembers and i just need some comfort :)
The Obey Me Brothers Celebrate Reader’s (MC’s) Birthday
Pairings: Lucifer x Gn!Reader, Mammon x Gn!Reader, Leviathan x Gn!Reader, Satan x Gn!Reader, Asmodeus x Gn!Reader, Beelzebub x Gn!Reader, Belphegor x Gn!Reader
Warnings: Slightly suggestive for some of them, but nothing too crazy, don’t worry
Genre: Fluff
Post-Type: Headcanons
Word Count: 2k
Summary: In which the Obey Me brothers each celebrate your birthday with you.
[A/N: Hello anon. HAPPY BIRTHDAY <3 Eat lots of cake and have fun whether the people in your life remember or not. I hope people remember your birthday though and you have a wonderful day! The Obey Me boys are all wishing you the happiest of birthdays so I hope these headcanons can provide you with a bit of comfort <3. Enjoy!]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Lucifer is super prepared for your birthday, he had spent weeks in advance planning everything and making any reservations he needed for your special day
In the morning he spends hours preparing your favorite human world food and won’t allow any of this brothers to even lay a finger on anything until you’re downstairs and have all the food you want on your plate poor beel
At the Academy he makes sure all your classmates know it’s your birthday, everyone has been informed to treat you extra special, and if they don’t wish you a happy birthday, there will be consequences 
After classes, bc he believes school is important so there’s no skipping, not even on your birthday, he’ll take you back to the House of Lamentation to get ready for your evening with him
First he takes you into the shopping area in Devildom and allows you to browse through all the stores
Even if you don’t find something you like, if your eyes lay on an item for too long or if you pick something up to admire it, please know that he’s already throwing them into carts so he can buy them for you
Afterward he’ll take you to the Human World to a fancy restaurant so you can eat some amazing food that is familiar to you
He remembers that time you told him your favorite food, so he made sure that the place he made reservations for, had exactly what you’d like
Basically just spends the whole day spoiling you rotten
When you both return to the House of Lamentation, he only allows his brothers to see you for a second before he whisks you away to his room, because there’s no way he’s letting you out of his sight on your special day
You’re free to go in the morning though :)
Tumblr media
Mammon makes a huge deal out of your birthday...not that he’s gonna tell you that tho o.o
At exactly 12am you receive that birthday text from him along with him questioning if he was the first to say it to you--mhm totally not obvious
He’d then come up with an excuse that he just happened to be on his phone getting ready to text if you wanted to hang out with him tomorrow, but suddenly remembered that it was your birthday okay buddy whatever you say
We all know this man is whipped for you even though he refuses to say it himself
He’ll walk you to the Academy on your Birthday, and you become surprised by all the birthday wishes you receive from your classmates Mammon totally has nothing to so with it tho *wink wink*
He has you skipping class with him halfway through the day though and says that he dragged you along because you’re “his human,” and he’s gonna treat you to something nice
THE MAMMON is willing to buy you something special, as he puts it, so enjoy being spoiled--we all know that you’re the only person he’d ever spoil anyway as much as he love his goldie, he loves you more heh
Like Lucifer, Mammon wants you to himself for the whole day and literally picks you up to drag you away from his brothers that happen to also want to spend time with you on your birthday (ofc because you’re so awesome)
Once you get to his room though, he’s all awkward and telling you not to get the wrong idea and just asks if you wanna watch a movie or something
You guys end up cuddling on his bed after the movie :)
Tumblr media
Levi is your typical shut-in, he hates parties and anything related to them, the loud music, crowds of people--absolutely hates it
But he still wants to celebrate your birthday with you so he makes sure to text you early to make plans with you before any of his other brothers take you away from him
He’ll spend a little time decorating his room for you, and yells ‘Surprise!’ when you enter his room
You guys spend the rest of the day playing videos, eating junk food, watching anime, or reading ‘The Tale of the Seven Lords’ series
He’d let you win one round of a game that you guys play together, but don’t expect him to go easy on you afterwards
If you call him out on is, he becomes a blubbering, stuttering mess as his cheeks burn bright red
That’s about as extravagant as it gets with Levi though
He’ll get jealous if his brothers come into his room and try to steal you away
At the end of the night he hesitantly asks if you’d like one of his Ruri-chan figurines, just one though!
He figured that if he ever wanted to see it again, he could just go to your room, which gives him an excuse to visit you without directly saying that he wanted to see you
He also trusts that you’ll keep it safe
But yeah your day with Levi is a pretty lazy day, but you still have a blast together
Tumblr media
Satan’s goal for your special day is to make sure you’re as relaxed and happy as possible
Your day starts early in the morning when he comes in with freshly made breakfast that he cooked for you himself
You’d both eat the food he made in bed together in a comfortable silence, just enjoying each other’s company
Afterwards, he lets you get ready before taking you to his room where he has books galore
He’s prepared one special book for where every few pages he’s left sweet little messages, each wishing you a happy birthday along with one different thing he loves about you
Each time you flip the page, his eyes leave his own book so he can catch your smile whenever you come across another one of his messages which just makes a similar smile appear on his own face
He’d probably take you to the human world to visit a cute cat cafe
You both order some drink and fluffy pastries while cooing at the adorable cats
He does want you all to himself while the two of you are out together; however unlike the others, as soon as you return home for the evening, he has no problem with the brothers trying to get your attention and wish you a happy birthday except Lucifer
After all, you seem happy around his brothers, so that’s all that matters to him; as long as he gets to have his own private time with you first LOL
If anyone even thinks of not remembering your birthday, they’d have to face his wrath o.o
Tumblr media
Asmo Asmo Asmo...get ready to be pampered all day long
This day is all about you! (and him ofc , but mostly you because you’re the only person he make time for to spoil like this)
Get ready because he’s in your room early in the morning, excited to spend his day with you, doing all the things he loves doing on a daily basis, but it's even more exciting getting to do them with you
Your day is jam packed with beauty appointments
First, you guys go to a spa and get the ultimate relaxing/beauty package because he insists that it’s the perfect way to start off a special day
Afterwards, you guys are off to a salon to get your hair and nails done together and he whines until you allow him to pick your hairstyle and nail color for you
In each of these places he’s full on bragging about you to the workers who tend to him (massage person, hair stylists, nail tech) saying that it’s your birthday and how you’re so lucky to be spending your day together with someone as beautiful as him
But then he also continues on and starts telling them all how beautiful you are too :D
After getting all pampered for the day, he’s off dragging you into every possible clothing store as he picks out a few outfits and buys them all for you
When you both return to the House of Lamentation, he had secretly prepared a surprise party for you with the brothers and invited all your friends along with a few other unfamiliar faces
It’s a huge party, all to celebrate you, so hopefully you enjoy it because Asmo spent a lot of time planning every second of it  
At the end of the night, he’s ready to treat you with another massage, but with his own hands this time, just make sure he keeps those hands in check because he has a bad habit of letting them wander DOWN BOY
Tumblr media
Our sweet boy Beel is just so incredibly happy that it’s finally the day that you were once brought into the world because he can’t imagine his life without you
We all know this man is always hungry; however, he’s willing to ask you what you want to do to ensure that you have the best day ever for your birthday
Luckily you tell him that he can decide whatever you guys do that day, he’s relieved because he wasn’t sure how long he’d last without food
Just get ready because you’re gonna be bursting at the seams for all the food he’s about to treat you to
He has a list of restaurants, including his favorite spots to eat in both the Devildom and in the Human World that he wants to take you to
He’d suggest some meals to you for each place and buys as much food for you as you’d like
Beel would even offer you some of his own food from his plate if it made you happy <3
Aside from food though, he had made it his mission to buy you a special gift, either one that he bought or hand made (and luckily he had the self control to not eat it before he could give it to you)
Speaking of self control, after you return to the House of Lamentation and have your own celebration with the rest of his brothers, he’s in the kitchen making a cake for you trying his best not to each all of it in the process
You’re in his room talking to Belphie when Beel comes in with only half the cake, looking a little guilty
He tried his best to not eat any of it, but he got hungry on the way and managed to at least save half for you
Of course you and Belphie only takes a slice of the cake and offer the rest of it to Beel anyway
Enjoy your birthday with this absolute cupcake, he’ll make sure you’re treated well all day <3
Tumblr media
Finally Belphie, who loves sleep ofc, but he loves you more so he’s up early despite himself so he can wish you a happy birthday first, in person
Please offer him a morning nap though because he tried his best to wake up early for you to make sure you knew that he remembered your birthday, but he’s still extremely tired
Cuddles cuddles and more cuddles, expect loads of those because he’s gonna be clinging onto you all day as if you were his cow print pillow (not that he doesn’t do that already though lol)
When you guys both wake up again, he makes it his mission not to sleep too much for the rest of the day because he really does want to spend as much time with you celebrating your birthday so you feel special
He’d only allow Beel to join in on your birthday celebration with him, so don’t expect to see the other brothers all day long, specifically Lucifer
He calls Solomon over later that evening to summon a star shower especially for you
It’s one of Belphies favorite things and he wants to make sure you can see something so special on your birthday
You spend the rest of the evening cuddled up to him, watching the stars fall beautifully all around you both
He even lets you sleep on his lap for a chance since he’s usually the one that’s always sleeping on your lap first; once you’re peacefully sleeping though, then he’d finally join you in sleep
Basically your day is very relaxing, probably even more than your day with Satan and Levi, so enjoy your lazy day with our fav sloth <3
Tumblr media
Posted: 10/24/2021
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cactus-stories · 2 months ago
Hello there!!! since I noticed that you also write smut for obey me ,in your opinion how the demon brothers give hints to mc that their in the mood to have sex?
Thanks you and have a great day💗💗💗
Hii! This is my first ask, I'm so nervous TwT but I really liked your request, so I'll do my best!
TW: nsfw
Oh, don't worry, you'll know.
Because of how much work he has, the signs that he's overworking himself have also become signs for you to do something about it.
But, when that's not the case and he's just in the mood, he'll usually call you into his office and tell you that you two are going out somewhere nice for dinner.
Maybe he'll buy you some nice lingerie? Jewelry? Who knows? It's always a nice surprise with him.
He'll get possessive. Usuallly he's his clingy self, but he gives you as much space as you want. But when he's in the mood he clings to you like a koala.
Will bring out the big guns and start calling you his treasure, putting a great emphasis on the "mine" part, especially when you're around other people.
If you guys are cuddling, he'll start nibbling on your earlobs and neck, giving you his signature chuckle+smirk when you complain. (P.S.: He's completely aware it makes you melt.)
Poor boy has no idea how to act. How could he show you how he's feeling without exploding in shame before?!
He'll definitely try sending some more risqué messages, but nothing he can't play off as innocent/as a joke if you reject him.
When you two get comfortable, though, I feel like he'd be one to send you those sensual panels from manga, nothing explicit but enough for you to get his point across.
If you guys are hanging out together, he'll ask if you wanna sit on his lap while you guys play, wrapping his arms around your hips and holding you close.
Through the date he'll be a bit more flirty than normal, he'll offer you his coat on the way back and be sure to open all doors for you.
My man will send you an innocent invitation for a date. Maybe going to a cafe, a picnic, showing you different places you haven't been to before.
Will make sure that it goes all smoothly, compliment how cute you look wearing his coat, and then drop the bomb.
"I'd like to see how you look wearing just that"
Let's be honest here, he's always in the mood.
But when he wants to make it clear to you that he's in the mood, he'll have an entire routine.
Prepares his best bath bomb, massage oils and lights some candles with your favourite scent.
He'll invite you to a spa night and because it's you guys, one thing'll end up leading to another for sure.
He'll send you pics of him after working out, either on the changing room of the gym or after showering at home.
You can feel him looking at you more intently than usual, and if you look back, you'll notice him licking his lips, before giving you a sweet smile.
Other clear sign is when he invites you to watch something in his room and Belphie isn't there. Usually he uses the excuse of wanting to sleep in the attic, but you know the real reason.
He'll be blunt with you. For him, there's no point in making it more complicated than it has to be.
Will ask you via message to meet him in the attic to "cuddle". He'll be waiting for you half-awake, a lazy smile on his face.
Will pull you close to him and start kissing your neck/shoulders, humming happily as he grabs your hips and squeezes them.
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weebswrites · 9 months ago
Hey! I recently came across your blog and I love your Obey me! HC so much☺️☺️ if its okay could I request the Obey me! Brothers + dateables reacting to MC hugging them, nuzzling closer and then saying “you smell like home”🥺🥺 thank you!!💕
The Demon Bros & Undatables: Reacting to MC calling them home :’)
• You’ve had a long day, and Lucifer is the only one who you know can cheer you up
• So you go to his office, walking in without knocking first, something you only did when you really needed him (which he knew)
• When he hears his door open he looks up with irritation, but then seeing it’s you he gets up and walks over to you with his arms open
• “MC, what’s wrong” his voice is soft and reaffirming, and you let yourself be wrapped in his arms
• You don’t answer at first, just listening to his heartbeat in his chest and enjoying the smell of his cologne
• “You smell like home” you whisper against his chest, and at that moment he swears he’s never felt love stronger than what he feels for you
• He does Not tear up. No sir not him!
• He tightens his arms around you a bit and kisses the top of your head, truly speechless at what to say
• “Then stay with me forever” he whispers, and you nod into his chest
• He’s walking you back to your room in the HoL after the two of you got dinner together, and you’re chatting about the meal and how the waitress you had was really pretty
•  You arrive at your door, and you turn towards Mammon and hug him tightly, your head resting against his shoulder
• “Mmm, you smell like home” you comment to yourself, realizing after a second that he definitely heard you
• Big blush boy wraps his arms around you tighter than he ever had before
• “Sheesh MC, you’re gonna make me blush” he jokes, but his heart felt like it could explode he was so happy
• You hug for longer than the two of you usually did and you both fell asleep thinking about each other :)
• You were laying in his bed, his arm around your shoulders as you leaned into him, watching the newest episode of an anime
• You zoned out during the commercial break, resting your head against his chest
• “You smell like home, Levi”
• If you think Mammon blushed, you have no idea how hard Levi blushed
• He didn’t know what to say, and you thought you could feel the heat from the blush on his face
• You looked up at him and sure enough, his face was redder than you’d ever seen it
• You kissed his cheek, figuring you might as well really make him blush ✨
• He honestly blacked out a little lol
• You were reading in the library with him, you head on his lap as the two of you read your respective books
• It was getting late, so you closed your book and turned towards him, snuggling in his lap and closing your eyes
• His hand fell against your head, and he played with your hair as he continued to read
• “Home..” you whispered, a small smile crossing your face
• “Hm?” he hinted for you to repeat yourself
• “You smell like home” you repeated, opening your eyes and looking up at him
• He tried not to blush, but you knew him well enough you could see though his facade
• He held your gaze for a moment before moving his hand down to cup your face, eyes saying more than his words ever could
• You’re spending the night in his room after a self care night, currently choosing which movie to fall asleep to (or talk through the night to)
• You decide on a meodicre movie from the human world, so it wouldn’t keep your attention too seriously
• He opens his arms for you, and you snuggle against him
• “Asmodeus...” you start
• “Yes?” he looked to you smiled
• “You smell like home” you pressed a light kiss to his chest and laid your head back down
• He was silent for a moment, then speaking “I’m glad you feel safe here, in my arms, MC”
• You end up talking about your lives throughout the night (yk one of the chats you have with someone until like four am about anything and everything)
• You’re leaning against his arm in the kitchen as he snakcs, rambling to him about how frustrating classes had been
• “Mmm, but you smell like home, so I feel way better now that I’m with you” you end your rant and wrap an arm around his, holding onto him tightly
• He’s so touched :’)
• He isn’t great with words, though, so he leans over and kisses the top of your head and offers to make you your favorite food from the human world (or have it delivered)
• You smile into him, “That’d be great, Beel. Thank you”
• You whisper it as you’re falling asleep with him after a long day of classes and errands for Lucifer
• “You smell like home...”
• Not much wakes him up when he’s about to fall asleep, but a confession like this does the trick
• He wraps his arms around you and pulls you against him, pressing a gentle kiss to your shoulder (or the back of your neck if you’re comfortable with that)
• “Thank you, MC” he whispers to you as you drift into a nap
• He’s working late into the night again, but he finished all his paperwork early so he can sit in bed with you as you sleep
• You scoot over and rest your head against the side of his thigh, not wanting to disturb his laptop but wanting to smell the comforting smell of your favorite demon
• “Dia...you smell like home” you whisper against him, and he almost thought he didn’t hear you right
• A human ?? Making his heart feel like this ??
• He hides his face in his hand for a moment before coming back to his senses
• “I’ll always be your home, MC. I promise” he said gently, moving a hand from his work to stroke your hair
• He’d had a longer day than usual with Diavolo, and you were practically asleep when he got into bed well past midnight
• “Mmm, welcome” you tease lightly, voice groggy
• “Go to sleep” he whispered, not wanting you to lose any more sleep than you already had
• You snuggled against his chest, appreciating his warmth, “You smell like home” you half consciously whispered
• He holds you closer than he thought was demonly possible, whispering little words of affirmation to you as you fell asleep in his arms
• You were walking around the park, holding hands and talking about your day
• The two of you passed a nice fountain, and decided to take a picture to remember your day together
• You moved closer to him, and suddenly your nose was filled with his scent
• “Simeon, you smell so good. Like, home” you commented, not expecting a blush to cross his face almost instantly
• “MC...” he was speechless, but just pulled you into a hug (and took a selfie of the two of you hugging, because he never wanted to forget this moment)
• “Thank you” he smiled the most genuine smile you’d ever seen, and you knew you wanted Simeon in your life forever
• You’ve enlisted his help for cooking duty, and the two of you are working on your favorite dish from the human world
• He leans across you to grab a measuring cup, and you can’t help but notice how comforting and familiar he smells
• “Solomon, you smell like home” you turn and wrap your arms around him, inhaling deeply against him
• He !!
• “Awh, MC” he laughed lightly, “You should have told me sooner”, then setting down the measuring cup and wrapping his arms back around you
A/N: I didn’t feel comfortable doing Luke w/this one just bc ,, he is a child and I would feel weird telling a child they smell like home yk ?? Anyways I ~loved~ this prompt hehe I hope you guys enjoy
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