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#asmodeus x mc
Pact Marks | All Brothers
Tumblr media
Request: pact mark hc with the brothers?
Word Count: 1971 words
Page Count: 5.5 pages
A.N.: hope you guys enjoy this!
Tags: none :)
[ U N D A T E A B L E S ]
Lucifer would place his pact mark on the space where your neck meets your ear, somewhere modest and easy to hide, something you could show and hide as you pleased. Though you could hide it, it was in an obvious spot, fitting for the Avatar of Pride. When you summon him or speak with him through it the pact mark glows a deep blue.
If you wear your hair down, he will play with your hair before rubbing the mark gently, and if he is in an extra soft mood he'll give it a quick kiss before moving on. If you wear your hair up he feels prideful, more so than usual, and it intensifies even more if it is a formal gathering where any and all can see it. He'll be glued to that one side where the mark is, and he'll lean in to whisper to you whenever he wants to speak with you, giving a quick kiss to it or just touching it before standing up again.
His pact mark with you on the palm of his hand, and he finds himself thumbing it mindlessly to comfort himself, he starts to understand why Beel does it when he's nervous. Lucifer isn't nervous though, he just likes to remind himself of you, he likes to touch the mark that proves you're both bound together in such a way. When he speaks to you through the mark or tries to look through your eyes, activating the mark, it glows a bright white and reminds him of a blessing mark that angels give.
Having a pact with Lucifer makes him feel light, in a literal and metaphorical sense, every time he even thinks of it.
You bring him light that he thought he had lost long ago.
Mammon would keep your pact mark on your collar bone, in the center, right where your throat dips into your chest. He knew you were caring, and being around you had him feeling different, and he wanted to be greedy. Since he is more emotionally inclined, I like to think that he can connect with souls and auras better, so when he felt your soul and looked at it a bit closer he felt so connected to it he knew he wanted to get close with you. It glows a bright gold when it activates, and he loves it, so sometimes when you're sleeping he'll call to the mark and kinda just look in amazement. 
Since he is very touchy, he loves to lay his head down on it, and listens to your heart and the soft buzz of his magic in your skin. He falls asleep fastest on those nights.
His mark with you is in the same place, and like his older brother when you use it it glows a soft white, something he loves since it matches well with his demon markings. Run your nails over it and the boy m e l t s. Since he had his collar opened all the time he loves when people see it, he makes pacts with witches all the time but this is the first time he's allowed a mark on him, and this honestly has everyone just lowkey s h o o k. Like Mammon? The pact whore for grimm? Allowed a mark? on H I M ?
Having a pact with Mammon makes him feel pride, ironically, but also loved and wanted.
He actually feels like an equal, when all else isn't, this is the one time where it's you AND him.
His pact mark on you is on your foot and wraps around your ankle, it seems easy to hide, but you can never really hide it. Unless you're wearing shoes that cover your ankle often or pants that don't ride up your ankle, it's always showing somewhere. He is a strong swimmer and loves to see you swim too, so he knows legs are important for the task, and that's where the idea of placing his mark on your ankle came from. Sometimes, he'll jump in the tank with you, and since he can breathe underwater with his gills (broski I like the idea of him having gills P L E A S E), he'll sit back and chill with Henry swimming around his head, seeing your mark move with the rest of your leg.
When you use the mark, it becomes a soft orange, the same shade that hides behind his eyes when they become more snake-like. Lay your legs over him when he's playing games and he'll settle the controller on your other ankles, letting his fingers brush against the mark on the other. Little shit will even let his claws some out just to scratch them lightly and tickle you like a motherfucker.
His mark is on the ankle opposite of yours, so when you're both cuddling he'll link your ankle around his, the feeling of you WITH him blows his mind sometimes. Same case when he uses it, glows white, due to you being a human and having such a bright soul. 
Having a pact with Leviathan makes him feel like he's worth something.
You helped him gain confidence and become a demon that deserves the title of Avatar of Envy.
His pact mark runs from the top of your calf to about mid-thigh, right on the back of your leg, it's large, slender, and delicate. It glows neon green when activated, something that he honestly finds cool as hell, because:
1. It's something that means you have a piece of him with you.
2. You make it look awesome.
3. It's honestly so fucking cool.
Like Levi, when you're both relaxing, him reading and you doing work/listening to music, and your legs are on his, he'll touch the mark mindlessly and feel so at peace. But, if you're ticklish, guess who also is a little shit. If you're in bed, and laying on your stomach, he'll lay his head on your thigh and just trace his with a look on his face that says 'wow' and if you think of that meme, yes, that's valid.
His mark is on the top of his hand, he always gets to see it, looking at it shows him the progress he's made. He knows how to manage his anger and actively tries to have it processed through a better outlet. You helping him along the way makes him have hope, an emotion that could seem a bit foreign at times, but he likes it. He feels light.
Making a pact with Satan has him feeling like he can be anything he wants.
He can be himself, not an extension of someone else.
Asmodeus has no shame, but, when he cares- when he really does, he wants to make it meaningful. He would place it on your hip and have it there and only there, it won't wrap around to your ass or to your front, just your hip. He loves to watch it glow a radiant pink, so he'll section off time to just lay his head on your lap and ask you to call him, the tug of magic and the light emanating from your skin does something to him. Sure, it could be lust, or maybe something more, you may be able to figure it out if he told you.
He didn't want to though. He'd just enjoy the feeling without having to figure it out, because figuring it out meant facing himself, and we can't have that just yet. His pact mark is right over his heart, though Mammon's mark is in the same area, it isn't right over his heart. It is settled right between his pectorals, a slight bit to the left, always hovering around the muscle that proves he's alive and able to love in some capacity.
He often would come up to you and just place his hand on it, palm flat against your hip while his mark would flare up in an ivory light, he swears he can feel your pulse through it and wonders if you can feel his.
Having a pact with Asmodeus makes him feel as if he can be seen past his title- which ever one, and just be himself.
He can devout himself to something that means more than him.
Beelzebub's pact mark is not on your abdomen actually! He wanted to place it on his favorite spot, on the back of your shoulder, away from the place where his sin seems to ravage him. It of course, glows a deep crimson, but be prefers it when it isn't activated- because it means you're safe and you don't need to call on him to help. He loves when you sit on his lap, because of a few reasons.
1. You're with him :)
2. You're happy :)
3. He can look at your mark as much as he likes, especially if it's exposed, he'll "somehow" leave small kisses all over it. They're so soft, you can't help but laugh, it's ticklish at times. It becomes even more ticklish when he presses his face against it, and if you laugh, he laughs, his laughs against your skin either make you soft or cackle in delight.
4. Your pact mark is right against his!
Beel would have his pact mark right on his chest, matching it to the side you choose to have your pact mark on. This makes the big boi real emotional, and he'll sometimes let some magic through and it glows, and you're kinda like:
"I hope that's a glow stick and not you again Beel."
"Let's just say it's a glow stick for now."
Having a pact with Beelzebub means you're a part of his family, happy, and healthy.
It really just makes him emotional.
When you make a pact with Belphegor, this lil' shit is honestly so surprised you said yes, but considering it was a gift you probably said yes to be respectful. But... you didn't. 
Your pact mark with him is on the back of your neck, where the cervical vertebrae are, moving a bit lower to the thoracic spine. When you suggested it go there, he had to ask why, and boy did he tear up once you explained it to him later that night. You wanted to trust him again and put the past behind you, so what better place to mend a wound than the place that finally put your lights out?
Please don't say it like this to him though, if you do he would think you're joking.
But if that's how it comes out, he'll think you're joking, until he remembers you're you and... he gets it.
It glows purple when activated or when you're sleepy/ in some type of stress, he wants to read your emotions so he can help you as much as he can, make up for what was done. He would never admit it though, and you can tell he's trying his best. His mark would be in the same exact place, not only to remind him of what he did, but that he can do better to make amends. He punishes himself for your death and you try to ease him out of it- and though it takes time, you'll find your way to it. 
He finds himself doing what Beel does, and will bury his face into your mark when he cuddles into you, and places small kisses on it. If he is laying on you, please touch the mark, it manages to calm him into a good sleep. 
Making a pact with Belphegor means you're ready to grow and build something better with him.
You help him find a better path that he needs to walk down on his own.
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otromeru · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That moment when Asmo was being all touchy with MC and Mammon was like GET AWAY GET AWAY GET AWAY.
I love that scene 😂💕
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needyounow-love · a year ago
Headcanons for an extremely drunk MC being all over the brothers and asking for their attention and snuggles? Maybe makes a suggestive comment now and then? XD 👀
Obey Me Headcanons - How would the brothers react to an extremely drunk MC being all over them and asking for their attention and snuggles
He would raise a brow at you
“You really can’t help it, can you?” he would sigh at your begging for cuddles
But he would give up to your requests very quickly
He will even let you touch his hair and watch you with a fake annoyed pout when squeeze his face cheeks
He would think that you’re pretty cute when you’re drunk, until...
“Hey Luci, what about you squeezing my cheeks?” He would go as far as bringing his hands to your face before you cheekily smile at him
“I didn’t mean my face, you silly goose~” Lucifer’s face would go blank at the nickname before he understands what you mean.
Mammon...oh poor Mammon
He would get flustered at how shameless you are when you’re drunk
“You want me, the GREAT Mammon to give you attention, human? Ugh...okay..Wait...MC, n-no” 
You would laugh at his shocked face when you suggestively ran one hand up his t-shirt
He would blush so badly
He enjoys the attention but doesn’t want to get all fired up when you’re acting that way just because you’re drunk
CEO of following you around the whole night so that other demons won’t take advantage of your drunk self
Leviathan’s brain would stop working the moment you sit on his lap
At first he would be too much shocked and flustered to even understand what you’re saying
But he really enjoys how you want him to give you attention
“Hey, Levi...Hug mee” if he doesn’t reply and you just bring his arms around your waist while nuzzling against his neck, his head will start spinning and he might pop a boner because of your body pressing against him
“Is that a banana or you’re just happy to see me?” you definitively broke him
Satan would find it hilarious how much you snuggle on him
“Are you the clingy drunk type, MC?”
He loves it...
Did I already write that he loves it?
“Hey, Satan. You look so good tonight...Want to know how you could look even better?”
“You could look better if you were on top of me”
If you weren’t drunk he would have fucked you senseless already
Asmo would love how much you’re all over him
"You want to touch me? Well, I don't mind, so just touch me everywhere you want~" he would hum if you tried to touch him suggestively
And flirt back if you made some sexy comments about him
He would hug you even before you ask for snuggles
“That’s unfaaair, you’re so cute, Asmo~” Asmodeus would love to see his brothers just watch while you pamper him with compliments, attention and kisses on his face
He finally can enjoy some time with you without getting cockblocked lmfao
“MC, that food you’re eating looks so tasty”
“Wanna know what else is tasty?”
He almost asked you what before his eyes widened slightly at your suggestive comment.
“Maybe tomorrow” he would chuckle at your drunken state.
Beel wouldn’t fight against you if you tried to cuddle with him 
And would just give you as much attention as you want
He loves to see the little smirk on your face before you gently wrap your arms around his neck while he keeps doing what he was doing before you asked for his attention
Belphegor would be a hoe for your attention tbh
"Ehehe, do you want to hug me, MC?” He doesn’t mind at all
You could go as far as falling asleep on him and he would just smugly smirk at how cuddly you are and enjoy how close to him you are
He would take advantage of the situation to snuggle against you too
“Belph-a-roo, do you want to be my cowboy~?” He would scowl and blush at the same time but he wouldn’t try to get away from you
“You damn human, you will be the death of me” 
“Nah, I wouldn’t go as far as that...I just want to rid-!”
Obey Me Masterlist
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sitting-under-starss · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Brothers + Undateables: MC Leaving them Notes
(MC referred to as "dad")
This is based off a post by @aceaine !
Check This Post
Hope you enjoy!
The first time he felt a hand reach in his pocket, he froze up slightly. Mammon was always more sneaky.
He peeked at you, surprised as your hand came out if his pocket empty.
He flicked his eyes back to his book, listening to you scamper away.
He soon pulled out the note.
You look great today! Make sure to get some sleep, okay? We all love you!!
He smiled, putting it back in his pocket.
His eyes lit up when you asked him to teach you to pickpocket.
This was not what he was expecting.
He was confused when you stuck your hand in his pocket. His D.D.D. was obviously in the other one.
He thought you would take something and tell talk about how well you did, and excited and proud smilr on your face.
Though, when he heard you run away, he reached into his pocket.
I love those new earrings! They're so cool! Just letting your know we all love you <3
He smiled. Totally didn't cry a bit.
He raised you so well.
He reached down into his pocket, just wabting to set his hands in there as he normally would.
Though, he was surprised by the feel a piece of paper.
Did he need to do something? Had some homework?
How's that new game going? You're so good at it, I'm jealous! Don't forget to take care of yourself! Love you!
He blushed, shoving it back in his pocket. He recognized your handwriting.
"Stupid normie!"
He saw the piece of paper flutter out of his scarf as he was getting ready for his shower.
He bent down, studying it carefully before opening it.
Green is definitely your color! Well... all colours are your colour. Still, you're awesome! Love you!
He smiled, putting it on his dresser before going to relax.
He was putting the book you had borrowed up, and opened it, seeing the note.
How do you read so much? It's so cool! And you're really good at telling stories! Love you, Satan! P.S. I may have ripped a page slightly ^^'
He rolled his eyes, looking over the note once more.
He had let you borrow his jacket.
He looked back at the note with a smile.
You're so warm and cuddly! Thanks so much for everything. You make me feel so much better. I love you!
It had to be you who wrote this, right?
He had woken up to crinkling on his pillow.
He sat up, blinking repetitively.
He saw the paper and grabbed it, unfolding it.
You look adorable when you sleep! I hope you're well rested! Don't forget to go eat and shower! Love you!!
He smiled, slipping it under his pillow.
Barbatos had stopped you, asking you what you were doing, creeping around the castle with a note in hand.
You sighed, exasperated, and showed him the note, telling him you had been trying to slip it to Diavolo all day.
He agreed to slip it in Diavolo's coat pocket for you the next day with a small smile.
Diavolo had opened it, searching for his pen during a meeting and finding the paper instead.
Looked at it, not being able to hide his smile.
Don't forget to take a break, it's really important! We're all here for you no matter what! We all love you!
You didn't sign but he knew who it was from.
"Prince Diavolo?"
He put it back in his pocket.
He instantly knows it's you, so he keeps walking, letting you think he is completely oblivious.
When you run off, he reaches into his pocket.
A day off is okay every once in a while! Try to relax! I love you! Have a good day and enjoy yourself!!
He let out a quiet laugh. You were adorable.
Simeon was confused by the hand in his pocket, but decided to leave it be.
He didn't want Mammon to he yelled at.
He reached into his pocket to see what was stolen, only to find that something was given.
He opened the note.
Thanks for being so calming and sweet! You're so cool! Have a good day!! Love you so much! P.S. Luci was wondering if you would want to come over for tea?
He laughed. "Of course I would." He muttered to himself, tucking the note back in his pocket.
He stuck his hand in his pocket. Did he forget something?
He took out the paper, reading it.
Hey, Luke! That Crème Bûlée you made yesterday was absolutely amazing! We all enjoyed it, though Beel ate most of it, as is expected. You're doing great, you sweet little kitten! Love ya!
Simeon looked over at Luke, tapping his shoulder.
"What's wrong, Luke?"
Luke looked up at Simeon with watery eyes.
"Dad called me a kitty! I'm a kitty! And they liked my food!"
He was aware it was you, and turned around, smirking at your surprised face.
"Ah, uhm, here..."
He took the note, giving you a smile.
"Thank you, MC!"
He read it.
That spell you did earlier was so cool! Just a reminder to relax and not stay up all night researching! Love you!
He looked up to thank you, only to see you were gone.
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hinajiki · 2 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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weebswrites · 10 months ago
How about the demon brothers letting their s/o touch their horns(and other appendages) for the first time?
I love this prompt so much, thank u anon!! (I’d also definitely be down to go more in depth on any of these and write a whole fic for it, drop a comment or request if you’re interested in that heh)
• It takes a very long time for him to be open to the idea
• One day he gets an email with bad news and he’s so mad - boom. Demon form
• You walk in after your classes to check on him and he’s sitting at his desk, wings broadly behind his back and his head in his hands, frustrated grumbling coming from his mouth
• “Lucifer?” you say quietly, not wanting to scare him
• He looks up at you, eyes filled with a deep rage, but he settles a bit at your presence
• You walk over to stand next to him, putting your hand on top of his gently
• You then move to put your other hand on his shoulder, but he instinctively moves away, causing your hand to brush his wing
• A moan of relief leaves his mouth, and he looks up at where you’re standing
• “I- I’m sorry...I didn’t-”
• But he cuts you off, “No no, it’s okay my love” he said, voice still clearly angry but gentle towards you
• “Can you...rub my feathers? It’s...comforting” he asks, not used to showing weakness or his demon form to you
• You do so, slowly running your hands down his feathers, leaning in and pressing a kiss on the back of his head, directly between his horns
• Your hair brushes them, and you turn to admire them
• “Luc-” you start, but it’s like he can read your mind
• “You can touch them, just be gentle. Like you are with my wings” he whispered, voice already much calmer from your gentle touch
• You leave one hand stroking his wings, but move the other to his horn. You run your fingers up it lightly, fingertips brushing against the ridges before you return your hand to the base and repeat the motion
• He could have fallen asleep you were making him feel so relaxed, but he knew he had work to do
• He was humming softly in pleasure throughout this btw
• After a bit of this, he whispers “Thank you my love~ you can stop now if you’d like”
• After a few moments you do, turning him in his chair to face you so you can kiss him
• He smiles into it, and you stay with him until he’s done with his work
• You’re drinking together in his room
• Originally you weren’t going to get drunk, since it was just the two of you, but one thing lead to another and here you were
• You were giggling together about something stupidly funny, tears brimming in your eyes
• A few hours pass, and it’s 3 in the morning. You’ve sobered up a bit and somehow found yourselves in a deep conversation, sitting across from each other on his couch
• You were telling him about your ex-boyfriend, and how he left you for someone else
• Mammon was enraged, “What a stupid human! Leaving you is the stupidest thing a stupid little human could ever do!”
• Suddenly he’s in demon form
• “Oh, shit Mammon I didn’t mean to make you mad...”
• He seemed a bit surprised himself, but there he was
• “Mah human...comere” he said, standing up and holding his arms out to you
• You obey (pun kinda intended), standing up and walking towards him, a bit hesitant to get too close since you’d never touched him in demon form before
• He pulls you into a hug, and after a few moments you feel his bat-like wings wrap around you
• They’re warm, and much softer than they look
• You relax into his embrace, and he sighs against your skin
• “I love yah, human”
• You exhale through your nose, not wanting to move a single centimeter from your position in his embrace
• “I love you too, Mammon”
• You’re in his room, watching anime from his bed
• It’s the last episode, and you’re both on the edge of your seats
• Then, it’s over
• Neither of you could have predicted the ending
• It was......horrible
• He was on his feet, screaming at the tv as something crossed your eyes
• It was...a tail? Holy shit...he was in demon form
• “Levi, babe, sit down” you said, trying to soothe him
• He listened, sitting down, but his hands were shaking he was so upset
• “Can I put my arm around you?”  you whispered, not wanting to overstep
• He nodded, and you did so. You spoke calming words in his ear as you rubbed your hand up and down his arm, keeping an eye on his tail so you didn’t accidentally touch it
• You could tell your words were getting through to him when his tail rested on the bed behind you, wrapping around where you were sitting on the bed
• A silence fell between you, and you hugged him a little tighter
• “Can I...ask you something” he whispered
• “Always”
• “Can I...” he paused for a moment, debating whether or not he should continue, “put my tail in your lap?”
• “Of course” you whispered, your heart swelling with happiness that he trusted you this much
• You felt it lift off the bed and slowly rest in your lap
• You held your hands up a bit, not wanting to do anything too much
• “You can...touch it” he whispered, taking your hand off his shoulder and placing it on his taik
• It was warm under your palm, and you ran your hands down it, following the direction of the scales
• The two of you stayed like this for a few minutes, stroking his tail tenderly before he suddenly wrapped his arms around you, pulling you against him as he spooned you
• His tail wrapped over your hips and rested in front of you, and you slowly took it in your hands, cuddling it a bit
• You fell asleep like that, and when you woke up the next day his tail was gone and he was back to his casual attire
• You’re in his room at RAD, chatting about the book he pre-ordered that’s supposed to be delivered today
• Suddenly his D.D.D. vibrates, and he looks down to check it
• He reads, then rereads, then rereads again
• “Satan...?” you ask
• “yoU’RE KIDDING ME!!” he explodes with a few more expletives, suddenly In demon form in front of you
• “Satan, what happened” you said, coming standing up but not moving closer
• “Th-the stupid bookstore isn’t shipping the books until tomorrow!!” he said, voice filled with rage
• “Shit...I’m so sorry Satan” you said, stepping forward a bit
• “No..stay away...I don’t want to hurt you...” he warned you, “I’m so mad right now I don’t know if I can control myself”
• You hear him, staying back, but watching him pace in anger breaks your heart
• “Satan~” you whisper, running over to him and wrapping your arms around him tightly
• He froze a bit, but quickly wrapped his hands around you back, giving you a tight hug
• Before you knew it you felt his tail wrap around you two, holding your bodies together
• “I...” he whispered, trying to think of an explanation for his actions
• “It’s okay...I understand” you reassure him, and he presses a kiss against your cheek
• "Can I feel your tail?” you whisper quietly
• “Yes” he responded, equally as quiet
• This was the first time you were even seeing his demon form up close, and you ran his tail between your fingers
• You slipped a hand to the back of his head, and ran your hand through the back of his hair. Your hand moved up more, resting a bit between his horns
• “You can rub my horns if you want” he added
• You do, moving your hand to one of his horns and lightly running your fingers along it
• He exhales against your neck, relaxing into your touch as his tail loosens around your bodies, your touch relieving him of the anger that previously ran through his veins like fire
Asmodeus (16+)
• He’s on top of you, grinding against you desperately and whispering degrading comments in your ear
• You let out a feral moan, fingernails digging into the back of his shoulder blades
• Suddenly his wings appear, and he looks down at you with horns
• You know you’re in for it
• “T-Touch my wings baby~ they’re extra sensitive the closer you get to the tip”
• You listen to him, carefully running your fingers against his silky wings
• He moans shakily against your neck, sucking a mark into you as your fingers trace light patterns against his wings
• “My horns too~” he whispered, smirking into you
• One of your hands flew to his horns, and your finger circled against the tip before swirling down to the base, and you let your fingers massage his horns
• He started thrusting into you, begging you to keep touching his wings and horns
• After you were done (it had been a few hours) he was still in demon form, and you laid together, your head on his chest as one hand played with his hair and horns, the other drawing patterns on his wings
• He whispered how much he loved you and how amazing you are at touching him as you fell asleep In his arms
• You enter the kitchen to see your boyfriend turned away from you, on his D.D.D. with someone, so you quietly take a seat as to not disturb him
• Suddenly he’s screaming, “This is unacceptable!!! I want my partner’s favorite food damnit!! I will not settle for some demon world crap, I want the best of the best from the human world!!”
• His horns suddenly become visible, and you don't know whether to stay and comfort him or sneak out and give him his privacy
• But you don't have to decide, because he’s angrily tossing his D.D.D. onto the counter and freezing in place when he sees you, sitting there worridly
• “Honey...” he whispers, walking over to you
• “Beel...what’s going on” you ask, “Are you okay?”
• “I don’t want to tell you’s a surprise”
• You got up and stood in front of him, “Hug?”
• “Hug” he nodded, pulling you tight against him
• His wings were a bit lower than his brother’s, and you were careful not to touch them. You felt surprised enough you were hugging Beel in demon form, but you two had such a deep bond you knew you could trust him
• Almost as if he could tell you were being cautious of his wings, he said “You uh, you can touch my wings if you’d actually feel nice...”
• “Oh...okay...but let me know if I should stop” you said, and then gently placed your hand on one of his wings
• You ran your fingertips across it, being very gentle as his wings felt a bit thin
• “They won’t break, they can’t” he assured you, and he pulled away a bit, turning around so you could fully see (admire) his wings
• You ran your hands over them, admiring the intricacy of their design
• After a moment he turned back around to face you, and leaned down to show you his horns
• “I’ve...never let anyone touch me like this...” he confessed, hiding his blush as he looked down to let you touch them
• You admired his horns for a moment before reaching out to them, gently running your hands over the rigid bumps across them
• After you had finished, you put your hands on his cheeks and lifted him up, pressing a kiss to his lips
• “Thank you, Beelzebub. I love you” you whisper, knowing he’d know how genuine you were by the use of his full name
• “I love you too, [Y/N]”
• The two of you are just about to nap in his room when Lucifer comes storming in, scolding him for something or other
• Belphie takes a minute to register what’s going on, but as soon as he does he’s out of bed in a blind rage
• “LUCIFER!!! SHUT!!! UP!!!” he yells, in demon form
• You wake him up, you suffer the consequences lol
• After a few moments Lucifer leaves, rolling his eyes as he closes the door behind him
• He turns around to look at you, and your eyes are visibly nervous at what might happen
• “Sorry...I didn’t mean to flip out. You know how I get” he explained, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly
• “You’re good” you reassured him, “come back and lay down”
• He did so, positioning himself a bit weirdly as to not touch you with his tail
• “Belphie...if you can...well, you can lay closer to me. I don’t mind touching your tail” you say, knowing it’s more of a him thing than a you thing, but now knowing how to go about addressing it
• He stayed where he was for a moment, processing your words, before scooting closer
• He lays on his side next to you, and gently places his tail across your lap
• You don’t touch it at first, it just being on your lap was a huge step and you didn’t want to push it
• “This means a lot” you say, wanting to make sure he knew the trust he was putting in you
• He nods, and after a moment closes his eyes
• You do the same, placing your hand on your lap, just above where his tail lies, slowly moving It down to rub the soft hair at the end
• By the time you’re both asleep, your hand is wound inside the end of his tail, the smooth hair feeling good against your warm fingers
• Neither of you talk about it after, but you can feel the bond is strengthened between you
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Tumblr media
“Scenting” Obey Me Fluff (slightly sexual)
All demon brothers x Female! MC
Introduction: when in Devildom, MC always knew demons were very different from her human self but she never knew they did something called “scenting” until some random demons did it to her, ensuing a very possessive & peeved off demon brothers
MC sat at her desk as she normally would but quieter than usual, compared to her other classes she’d be surrounded by her demons but this was the only class that she had none of them in. Sighing out of boredom, she hunched over her desk as she waited for the bell to ring but was interrupted by a tap on the shoulder. She looked up to meet black eyes that belonged to one of the many demon classmates she had grown used to ignoring.
“Hah! I told you! She finally noticed me!” He cheered cockily at his friends that stood alongside him, each very different from the other. “Jeez, I almost gave up on getting your attention, human,” he winked flirtatiously, which MC just blinked at in an oblivious manner.
“Hey! Just because she noticed you first doesn’t mean she doesn’t see the rest of us either!” The shorter out the bunch yelled out defensively.
“Ah, sorry...? I never realized anyone was trying to get my attention. Could I help you with something?” She questioned, holding a finger to her chin. After multiple lectures from Lucifer and the others but mostly Lucifer she had grown accustomed to not conversing with other demons since she was told they wanted nothing but to eat or hurt her and what idiot was not gonna take that warning? It surprised her that they seemed overall harmless, other than a common spark in the eyes of each of the demons in front of her.
“W-well, it’s not necessarily something you can help with...” a particularly shy-looking demon stepped forward, his black hair covered his eyes like a curtain which he nervously patted at. “W-we have a slight, ahem, fascination with h-humans...particularly y-you,” he trailed off as a taller demon slung an arm around his shoulders.
“Quit beating around the bush! We like you, human! You’re pretty cute!” Said demon announced, winking then continuing to give the shy boy a noogie.
A melodious giggle to their ears erupted from her throat at the slight blushing faces of her previously unknown classmates in front of her. “I’m flattered! I didn’t think I met up to demons’ preferences,” she laughed. MC was happy to be conversing with others for once, not being isolated to just the seven brothers felt as if a weight was lifted off her shoulders which she hadn’t noticed before and the fact that they found her cute was all the better.
“Nah! Attractive up there is still attractive down here! All we really prefer is that our horns don’t get caught up with each other when kissing and since you don’t have any it’s all the better!” The first demon replied cheerily, patting at her head to get the point across as she laughed. “Not to mention, since you’re human, you have a different type of beauty ‘bout you that we’re not too used to,” he continued, boldly leaning close and tipping her chin upward with a finger.
It was MC’s turn to blush. As her cheeks dusted with a slight pink tone, she couldn’t help but giggle at her classmates’ antics. “You guys are a funny bunch. I like y’all!” she commented happily, smiling at the four demons in front of her. It felt strange to not feel afraid of anyone other than her particular seven demons but not in a negative way. Inside she hoped that this would start a domino effect of others wanting to try striking up a conversation with her, the thought made her feel warm inside. The four stepped back in surprise at her revelation, whilst blushing at her cute smile they all shared a look with one another.
“D-do you mind if we, um, s-scent you...” the shy demon stuttered out as he twiddled his fingers nervously, fearing her reply to such an intimate request. Seeing her head cocked to the side, he quickly tried to explain himself. “A-Ah! We don’t want to fully scent you! Just one rub to show our interest in you is all! We would never fully scent without an established relationship! It’s just to show that we’re trying to court you is all! Y-you don’t even have to accept!” He rambled, jumping forward out of how frazzled he was which revealed his two gold eyes from underneath the curtain of pitch black hair.
“Sorry to interrupt, but what is ‘scenting’ exactly?” She questioned, confused at what it was and why there were different types. Realizing she didn’t know what it meant, the shy demon’s legs gave out from embarrassment as the taller demon caught him, his outbursts seemed to be normal to them.
“Oh, right! You’re human so you don’t know!” The shortest realized, putting his fist in to his other hand. “Hmm, long story short it’s what demons do to show our interest in someone,” he shrugged simply, but a sly glint in his eye as well as the smirk that lifted his lips said something else, which MC didn’t quite catch. “Here! I’ll show ya!” He continued before dipped down and nuzzling his neck against hers just once before pulling away with a satsifactory grin as he inhaled.
“Hey, you’re leaving some things out-“ the black-eyed demon spoke up before the shortest cut him off.
“You don’t mind it, right? It’s completely harmless!” He shrugged, holding his hands up and shaking his head innocently. The other three waited quietly in anticipation.
“I-I guess,” MC nodded which four smiled triumphantly at. The black-eyed demon didn’t waste time in following the prior demon’s actions but with a warmer smile before the taller did the same, a flirtatious lift to his lips. That left only the shy demon to scoot hesitantly close before rubbing his neck against hers. Once. Twice. Before being pulled away by the other three.
“Hey! What are ya trying to do? Don’t be going overboard with the scenting, dumbass!” The tallest reprimanded, holding him by the back of his collar.
“I-I’m sorry! I got carried away! I wasn’t going to do anything more! Promise!” He wailed as the three pulled him out the classroom just as the bell rang, not forgetting to wave at her as they left.
“Strange. I wonder what the brothers will have to say.” She thought to herself.
Disappointed but not surprised that the brothers each had plans after school, she walked home alone that day. One would think at least one would stay behind for her safety, but she felt that they were beginning to get too used to having her around and often forgot she was human, which was nice she was so included and familiar to them but annoying nonetheless when she didn’t get to see anyone until dinner. Beel and Satan had after school activities, which she understood as well as Lucifer having his own duties to Lord Diavolo but the other four’s excuses were ridiculous to her. Mammon texted her to inform that he was going to be trying to break into Diavolo’s office at school with the full intent to steal any valuables in there, Levi had shut himself in at some newly opened Internet cafe and refused to even do his online classes there, Belphie had disappeared somewhere most likely in a strange spot sleeping, and Asmo was completely focused on waiting in line at a popular cake store since morning just for what he called the “perfect Devilgram post”.
By the time she had gotten home she had completely forgotten about the whole “scenting” thing and decided to take a shower. She had just gotten out when she heard hurried footsteps leading to her door. Acting quickly, she ran to the door and locked it before anyone could enter and see her in all her naked glory. This was met with a deep “oof” as the person hit the door, expecting it to open, and followed it with loud knocks when it didn’t.
“Oi! Why’s the door locked? Who ya got in there? I can smell ‘em!” Mammon’s voice berated as he incessantly banged at the door, awaiting his human’s answer. He stopped briefly to press his nose against the crack of the locked door as he deeply inhaled to pinpoint the foreign scent before starting back up again. “Oiiii! Who’s scent is that? That ain’t any of my brothers or mine!” He yelled.
“Yeah, because it’s mine! I just got out the shower! Are you a bloodhound or somethin’? Am I not allowed to lock the door or would ya rather see me naked?” She yelled back, annoyed at his questions. Obviously she’s going to smell like her body fragrance after coming out the shower, what kind of question is that?
Blushing at her remark, he stopped knocking but still cocked his head to the side out of confusion. He knew her scent so why did it smell different? Shaking his head, he brushed it off as a new body lotion or something among those lines. “I’ve told ya! Demons have got a stronger sense of smell than ya humans! Anyways, I’m on dinner duty and it’ll be done in thirty minutes so I expect ya down here right when it’s done! The Great Mammon’s food shouldn’t be kept waiting, alright?” He stated.
“Yeah, yeah! I’ll be down there when I’m ready to!” She answered angrily, his questioning from earlier and the fact that he abandoned her to try breaking into Diavolo’s office instead taking play.
She took her time after that, knowing fully well that dinner was ready and the others were sat waiting for their beloved human that they neglected all day to come down and eat with them. By the time she came down, they had all been seated and Beel was already on his fifth plate which didn’t take him long mind you.
“Ah, better late than never, I suppose,” Lucifer commented teasingly, noting her damp hair as her excuse.
“Hurry up and eat before Beel devours it all!” Mammon ushered at the seat in front of him, he usually sat beside her but the twins had beat him to it since there was only one seat she preferred to sit at.
Taking her usual seat, she began to eat but it wasn’t long before a faint but definitely there foreign scent emanated from her. Reaching Belphie first while Beel was too busy stuffing his face with food. It roused him from his short slumber he decided to take at the dinner table, as he inched forward towards his human’s neck. She jumped when she felt his nose pressed against her nape as he inhaled and pulled away with a disgruntled look on his face.
“Why do you smell like that?” Belphie sneered. At this point, the smell had reached Beel as well and he promptly stopped his feasting to investigate. He followed Belphie’s actions but on the opposite side, deeply inhaling before quickly pulling away with furrowed eyebrows.
“ smell like someone else,” Beel growled, surprising her at the tone of his voice. The smell wafted towards the other brothers as well and it wasn’t long before they were all on their feet, surrounding her with quizzical expressions while each taking turns of two to sniff at her exposed neck as she sat red-faced at the attention. She knew she was a bit petty from being neglected earlier but she didn’t expect this much attention at once!
“I knew I smelt something-someone earlier!” Mammon said as he angrily took another whiff, which only peeved him off more.
“How strange,” Satan hummed, a smile on his face that she knew masked his anger all too well. The brothers tried to rack their brains from what the scent could be from before Levi suddenly gasped.
“S-she’s been scented!” He revealed before dipping down yet again to smell. “And by, what seems like, multiple demons!” He continued, an angry flush against his cheeks. All the brothers looked at each other before returning their attention back to MC, who sat looking dazed in her chair.
“Now, now, lets give her space,” Lucifer commanded, waving his hand for his brothers to step away. “Care for an explanation, darling?” He questioned, the glint in his eye and slight furrow of his forehead outing his subdued anger as he felt a crack in his pride that some lowly demon, multiple in fact, had scented his human and she allowed it. He held a threatening but gentle hand on her shoulder as she tried her best to rack her brain to recall why she would smell like someone else. A lightbulb lighting up in her brain when she finally recalled.
“Ah! I talked to four classmates of mine for the first time and they mentioned something about ‘scenting’, I didn’t really understand it and next thing I knew they were doing it so that’s probably why!” She explained, looking up at the brothers with innocent eyes that made their hearts squeeze. So, she didn’t know.
“And what did they tell you about it exactly?” Lucifer questioned further.
“Hmm, they said demons do it to show their interest in someone? Something about courting?” She replied.
“Aw, my poor darling! Taken advantage like that!” Asmo cooed as he threw his arms around her.
“O-oh, did they lie?” She asked sheepishly.
“More like gave ya half-truths!” Mammon answered as he ran a hand through his hair in a frustrated manner. “Satan, explain,” he sighed, waving his hand.
“Well, while what they said was true it was very vague and not all of it. Scenting is when a demon claims one as their own, it’s territorial and tells other demons to back off or else there’s gonna be...problems,” Satan explained in a matter-of-fact manner.
“They mentioned something about not ‘fully’ scenting. What’s that?” She asked.
“Ah, if they did that we’d have their heads,” he chuckled out evilly before resuming his explanation calmly which made her shiver. “Fully scenting is when demons claim one as their mate. It creates a tether between them more romantically intimate than a pact and is stronger smelling than normal scenting. The one who was scented on can also release distress signals when in danger and it’ll alert the other demon almost right away,” he ended.
“A-Ah, so there was more to it,” she laughed weakly, realizing how dumb she was before.
“Hm, yes. Well, it seems that we’ll have to further stake our claim on our human here. Luckily we’re powerful demons, so we can easily break this mediocre scenting,” Lucifer stated before pressing his lips against her neck and harshly sucking, causing a gasp to leak out her lips. He pulled away and smirked at the bright hickey that bloomed on her neck as well as the fading scent that was on her.
“I agree,” Mammon monotoned as he did the same, finding her sweet spot almost instantly as he suckled and kissed on it to leave a deep bruise. “How dare they put their disgusting scent on my human?” He growled against her. She covered her mouth to muffle her voice, but Levi pulled them away.
“I don’t think so,” he tsked, nibbling at her jaw and smirking against her as she gasped at the feeling of his bite on her skin.
“We’ll be covering you with these,” Satan spoke against her, dipping to her clavicle to leave yet another hickey as he circled his tongue around it.
“We’ll put it in places you can’t cover and make it so dark no makeup could make a dent!” Asmo giggled mischievously as he aimed for where her jugular was, causing her to shiver.
Beel licked his lips at the sight of her as he took it upon himself to bite new territory, which was her shoulders. “This is better than when I wanted to eat you when we first met,” he mumbled lowly, lapping at the bite marks he left on her to soothe them.
“Ah, hardly any room for me,” Belphie muttered before taking a bite at the top of her chest, her jumping up as a reaction making him smile smugly.
Oh, how was she was going to avoid prying eyes at school tomorrow?
Tumblr media
I’m a whore for scenting so I wanted to give it a go! I think ima make this a series since they didn’t fully scent on her just yet & will probs make a part for each of my bois, Mammon being first of course! Oh and I’m definitely gonna make them smutty because duh probably start off being some fluffy cute cuddles & then progress to absolute ravaging ;) interested?
Oh and what do y’all think of the demons I made up for this story? I kinda like their personalities & antics together idk 🤷🏻‍♀️
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needyounow-love · a year ago
Tumblr media
How would the brothers + undateables react to seeing MC in a wedding dress for the "wedding day" of spirit week
"You look particularly enchanting today."
He will court you more than usual
And wouldn't be able to stop imagining how you would look like if you two ever married
A stuttering mess
He couldn't help himself but just tell you how gorgeous you look
"MC...why do ya have to do this to me? It even matches with my suit..."
Levi would get even more infatuated with you
On a random moment on confidence he would drop on his knee
"MC...Marry me. Like, for real."
What you didn't expect was to see him gasp when he saw you
"You can't be so perfect and expect me to not be affected by it"
Asmo probably helped you with the dress
And you can be sure that you picked the perfect one
"You almost look even more beautiful than me, honey~"
He would probably blush and think in the most innocent way that you're the most appetizing person that he has ever seen
"Sorry...You just are so breathtaking that I actually almost stopped breathing"
*surprised pikachu meme*
Belphie already knew that you were beautiful but now you're even more stunning
" look beautiful today."
"Do you think that a beauty like you could spend some time with me?
He would be so informally formal
This man is a whole meal and will make you feel like a princess/prince for a day and even after if you want ;)
"Never would have I ever thought that my eyes could be blessed by such a view"
It would feel so weird for him to feel his heart so fast when he first sees you
If he wasn't in love before, now he is
"MC, are you sure you're not an angel?"
Simeon would flatter you with so many compliments
And he would mean all of them
Solomon knows what to say and when to say it
And he can't help thinking that you look so mesmerising, even more than usual
"Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears"
He's not only good with magic, he's also so damn smooth lmfao
Obey Me Masterlist
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sitting-under-starss · 11 months ago
Brothers + Undateables: First Kiss
Hope you enjoy!
Requests open!
You think this mess of a man would make the first move? Never.
He couldn't let you reject him and hurt his pride. He had to be 100% sure you liked him back.
His brothers would absolutely know how much he liked you. Though it was obvious by how much he asked if you had talked about him. He even asked one of his brothers if you had feeling for anyone.
On day, at breakfast, you leaned towards Lucifer, trying to get something off his face.
Was that a freckle or food?
He moved towards you, kissing you gently with a smirk on his face.
Not only did you like him, but he made the first move!
"Uh... there was something on your face."
He froze up, hearing the snickering from his brothers before getting up and leaving the table early.
Someone help this poor demon.
Too shy to make the first move, but would definitely threaten too.
"What in all 'a Devildom are ya doin'? Want me ta kiss ya or somethin'?!"
You would probably be in your room. Maybe during the TSL binge.
You move to grab the popcorn before Beel eats it all. Mammon is in the way.
You kiss his cheek, gently asking him to move.
Poor boyo malfunctions.
Once AGAIN you're gonna have to initiate the kiss.
These boys are all cowards and simps, I'm sorry, but they are.
Is oblivious to EVERY MOVE YOU MAKE.
It is so annoying.
At one point you have to ask one of his brothers for help.
So you get the advice to just do it.
But be kind. Just on the cheek.
You're gaming and you reach over, pecking his cheek after he won other round.
He just drops his controller.
Probably drops himself too.
Probably kissed you the second you entered Devildom.
Like the ones the French do. They kiss both cheeks.
If it takes a while to kiss him, you're uncomfortable with it, or so oblivious that he wants to get in a relationship with you it's scary.
Just straight up walks over and kisses you one day.
Cool as a cucumber straight outta the freezer.
The fucking freezer.
No cares in the world.
Was afraid you were going to reject him, but that didn't happen, now did it?
Probably one if them that would would be in a relationship with before you kissed.
He read that it was best to go slow—and it can be!—so he went as slow as he could.
Which was a little too slow.
Cuddles galore while he read, but months in, unless you made a move sooner, no kiss.
You'd have to hint at it, or say it straight out.
He would catch either.
Would bend down, over, look up, etc and kiss you.
Had no shame asking for a kiss.
Why would he?
You were both probably honest about your feelings, and probably already in a relationship.
He would wait to kiss you, but not for too long, as long as you were comfortable with it.
Would just kiss you.
He's definitely warm, and very gentle about it. So sweet.
Probably tastes like what he just ate.
Doesn't really care.
Not really nervous.
Probably just asked you for a kiss while half asleep. Clinging onto you and using you as a pillow or not is your choice.
Just place a quick kiss on his temple. He'll kiss you correctly once he's up.
SUPER nervous.
The amount of confidence it took for him to admit his feelings. And now, he has to kiss you?!
Curses himself for wanting to do it.
What if you get mad? Don't like it?
Everyone walks on eggshells around him. He's never dated anyone before. He has no experience.
Pacing in his room, Barbatos watching, probably getting dizzy.
Diavolo rushes over and hugs Barb at one time. He's just so stressed.
Is so happy when you pop into his castle a few days later and casually pop a peck on his cheek. He's in heaven.
Barb is nervous, no doubt.
Everyone sees him as intimidating because if his manner if speaking, rank, power.
But he's soft. So soft.
Just wants to curl up at one point. Maybe talk to Diavolo.
He just distracts himself with work, mindlessly washing the dishes.
Diavolo can tell somethings wrong. Usually Barb has what he wants before he even wants it. Not today.
"Barbatos? Is something wrong?"
"No, young master, all is fine."
Diavolo hugs him anyways with a large smile, offering him support and a safe place to talk.
Next time he sees you, he looks fine, but his mind is running in circles.
When you're finally alone, he just hugs you. He never initiates any affection.
Is so relieved when you tilt your head up and kiss under his chin/look down and kiss his head.
The thought that he thought of kissing a human scares him.
He's so nervous.
Goes to either Lucifer or Solomon, as he lives with one and is close with the other.
Luke approves and is just glad he's not with a demon.
Does it quickly, and shyly, giving you a bright smile.
You're probably studying with him, or just in his room to relax. It's the one quiet place in all of devildom, it seems.
This cheeky bastard already knew you liked him.
The only trouble was figuring out how to talk to you about it.
He brought it up casually one day, and you are both together.
He just comes up and kisses you one day, no warning.
Pulls away with a smirk.
Y'know, that smirk.
Then starts to play the trumpet and you both break into song
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weebswrites · 3 months ago
Hey! I recently came across your blog and I love your Obey me! HC so much☺️☺️ if its okay could I request the Obey me! Brothers + dateables reacting to MC hugging them, nuzzling closer and then saying “you smell like home”🥺🥺 thank you!!💕
The Demon Bros & Undatables: Reacting to MC calling them home :’)
• You’ve had a long day, and Lucifer is the only one who you know can cheer you up
• So you go to his office, walking in without knocking first, something you only did when you really needed him (which he knew)
• When he hears his door open he looks up with irritation, but then seeing it’s you he gets up and walks over to you with his arms open
• “MC, what’s wrong” his voice is soft and reaffirming, and you let yourself be wrapped in his arms
• You don’t answer at first, just listening to his heartbeat in his chest and enjoying the smell of his cologne
• “You smell like home” you whisper against his chest, and at that moment he swears he’s never felt love stronger than what he feels for you
• He does Not tear up. No sir not him!
• He tightens his arms around you a bit and kisses the top of your head, truly speechless at what to say
• “Then stay with me forever” he whispers, and you nod into his chest
• He’s walking you back to your room in the HoL after the two of you got dinner together, and you’re chatting about the meal and how the waitress you had was really pretty
•  You arrive at your door, and you turn towards Mammon and hug him tightly, your head resting against his shoulder
• “Mmm, you smell like home” you comment to yourself, realizing after a second that he definitely heard you
• Big blush boy wraps his arms around you tighter than he ever had before
• “Sheesh MC, you’re gonna make me blush” he jokes, but his heart felt like it could explode he was so happy
• You hug for longer than the two of you usually did and you both fell asleep thinking about each other :)
• You were laying in his bed, his arm around your shoulders as you leaned into him, watching the newest episode of an anime
• You zoned out during the commercial break, resting your head against his chest
• “You smell like home, Levi”
• If you think Mammon blushed, you have no idea how hard Levi blushed
• He didn’t know what to say, and you thought you could feel the heat from the blush on his face
• You looked up at him and sure enough, his face was redder than you’d ever seen it
• You kissed his cheek, figuring you might as well really make him blush ✨
• He honestly blacked out a little lol
• You were reading in the library with him, you head on his lap as the two of you read your respective books
• It was getting late, so you closed your book and turned towards him, snuggling in his lap and closing your eyes
• His hand fell against your head, and he played with your hair as he continued to read
• “Home..” you whispered, a small smile crossing your face
• “Hm?” he hinted for you to repeat yourself
• “You smell like home” you repeated, opening your eyes and looking up at him
• He tried not to blush, but you knew him well enough you could see though his facade
• He held your gaze for a moment before moving his hand down to cup your face, eyes saying more than his words ever could
• You’re spending the night in his room after a self care night, currently choosing which movie to fall asleep to (or talk through the night to)
• You decide on a meodicre movie from the human world, so it wouldn’t keep your attention too seriously
• He opens his arms for you, and you snuggle against him
• “Asmodeus...” you start
• “Yes?” he looked to you smiled
• “You smell like home” you pressed a light kiss to his chest and laid your head back down
• He was silent for a moment, then speaking “I’m glad you feel safe here, in my arms, MC”
• You end up talking about your lives throughout the night (yk one of the chats you have with someone until like four am about anything and everything)
• You’re leaning against his arm in the kitchen as he snakcs, rambling to him about how frustrating classes had been
• “Mmm, but you smell like home, so I feel way better now that I’m with you” you end your rant and wrap an arm around his, holding onto him tightly
• He’s so touched :’)
• He isn’t great with words, though, so he leans over and kisses the top of your head and offers to make you your favorite food from the human world (or have it delivered)
• You smile into him, “That’d be great, Beel. Thank you”
• You whisper it as you’re falling asleep with him after a long day of classes and errands for Lucifer
• “You smell like home...”
• Not much wakes him up when he’s about to fall asleep, but a confession like this does the trick
• He wraps his arms around you and pulls you against him, pressing a gentle kiss to your shoulder (or the back of your neck if you’re comfortable with that)
• “Thank you, MC” he whispers to you as you drift into a nap
• He’s working late into the night again, but he finished all his paperwork early so he can sit in bed with you as you sleep
• You scoot over and rest your head against the side of his thigh, not wanting to disturb his laptop but wanting to smell the comforting smell of your favorite demon
• “ smell like home” you whisper against him, and he almost thought he didn’t hear you right
• A human ?? Making his heart feel like this ??
• He hides his face in his hand for a moment before coming back to his senses
• “I’ll always be your home, MC. I promise” he said gently, moving a hand from his work to stroke your hair
• He’d had a longer day than usual with Diavolo, and you were practically asleep when he got into bed well past midnight
• “Mmm, welcome” you tease lightly, voice groggy
• “Go to sleep” he whispered, not wanting you to lose any more sleep than you already had
• You snuggled against his chest, appreciating his warmth, “You smell like home” you half consciously whispered
• He holds you closer than he thought was demonly possible, whispering little words of affirmation to you as you fell asleep in his arms
• You were walking around the park, holding hands and talking about your day
• The two of you passed a nice fountain, and decided to take a picture to remember your day together
• You moved closer to him, and suddenly your nose was filled with his scent
• “Simeon, you smell so good. Like, home” you commented, not expecting a blush to cross his face almost instantly
• “MC...” he was speechless, but just pulled you into a hug (and took a selfie of the two of you hugging, because he never wanted to forget this moment)
• “Thank you” he smiled the most genuine smile you’d ever seen, and you knew you wanted Simeon in your life forever
• You’ve enlisted his help for cooking duty, and the two of you are working on your favorite dish from the human world
• He leans across you to grab a measuring cup, and you can’t help but notice how comforting and familiar he smells
• “Solomon, you smell like home” you turn and wrap your arms around him, inhaling deeply against him
• He !!
• “Awh, MC” he laughed lightly, “You should have told me sooner”, then setting down the measuring cup and wrapping his arms back around you
A/N: I didn’t feel comfortable doing Luke w/this one just bc ,, he is a child and I would feel weird telling a child they smell like home yk ?? Anyways I ~loved~ this prompt hehe I hope you guys enjoy
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needyounow-love · a year ago
Tumblr media
I turned it in a drabble or something like that hfdjd👉👸👉
"What did we do to deserve such a disgrace as a brother?" Asmo complained. You sighed, trying to keep calm while the brothers kept attacking Mammon like everyday. You had to admit that some times they were right but that time Mammon wasn't doing anything wrong. However, that didn't stop his brothers to pick on him while you sat near him.
"Oi...What the hell did I do now? Stop disrespectin' me like that! That ain't the way you should treat your older brother." Mammon replied, annoyed by Asmodeus' remark.
"But Asmo is right...and it's not like you're a good older brother anyway." Levi laughed at Mammon's offended reaction while still playing with his D.D.D.
"Yeah, you can't deny that you're a scumbag, Mammon." Satan added with a smirk.
"Why do y'all always have to call me like that? I ain't a scumbag!" Mammon kept defending himself.
"You're not only a scumbag, you're also dumb..." Lucifer sighed, tired of ignoring his brothers' quarrel.
"C'mon! Stop-" Mammon tried to cry out but stopped when he noticed Asmodeus getting near to you.
"Hey, MC...Come here before Mammon infects you with his stupidity" Asmo tried to bring you near him with a smile. However, he didn't expect you to refuse to let him help you to get up from the sofa where you and the second born were sitting.
"I don't want to...and leave Mammon alone." You snapped at him with a scowl, shocking him a little bit.
"Eh? Leaping to Mammon's defence, are you?" Belphie intervened with an amused smirk making you get even more irritated.
"MC, I know you're nice, but you don't need to defend him..." Lucifer said, thinking that you were just trying to not make the Avatar of Greed feel too bad.
You could see Mammon tense near you with balled fists and you gently wrapped your hand around his one, asking silently to let him hold it. Mammon looked at you astonished, letting you take his hand before you snapped again.
"I'm defending him because I want to and he doesn't deserve how you treat him. - you replied sternly, shocking all the other brothers - Maybe he can be greedy but damn, it's not like you all are better, so I don't get why you gang on him like that."
Lucifer held his breath while his other brothers just stayed silent, knowing that you weren't wrong.
"Now, if you excuse me." You declared, knowing that you proved your point before getting up and taking Mammon with you without meeting any reluctance by him.
"U-uh...MC, wait!" Asmo tried to call you but you were already out of the room, dragging Mammon with you. You were too upset to notice how quiet Mammon was being.
In less than 2 minutes you were opening your room's door and entering before closing the door violently. That's when you realised that Mammon, who usually would talk for hours, was unusually silent.
You felt your heart almost crumble when you turned towards him and saw him trying so hard to not cry.
"Hey, baby...Are you okay?" You asked him with a sad smile and he quickly nodded while wiping his eyes before almost tackling you to the ground with a tight hug.
"I don't know why ya defended me, but...I-I'm grateful...for you and for how you stepped in to help me..I’d be lost without ya" he quietly said, resting his face in the crook of your neck before you gently pushed him away to look at his face and smile at him whilst his tears now flowed freely on his face.
"I'd do this every day if that would mean making you happy, Mammon."
Obey Me Masterlist
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hinajiki · a month ago
The brothers' reaction to walking into your room while you and Solomon are doing the do
Tumblr media
𝐖𝐀𝐋𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐈𝐍 𝐎𝐍 𝐘𝐎𝐔 & 𝐒𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐌𝐎𝐍 ft. the brothers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: obey me! brothers x reader
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, violence, dubcon, possessive behaviour and a threesome insinuated.
💭: hopefully you guys enjoy it! thank you for the request! I also changed it up to the common room because I'm pretty sure solomon would have made a magical barrier on your door if he wanted to keep things private haha ㅡ hina
Tumblr media
"shh, pretty..." solomon grunted in your ear. "you're being too loud, someone will hear us. you wouldn't want that, would you?"
you choked back a moan when he thrusted into you again from behind, shaking your head at his question. your underwear was pushed to the side and you were leaning forward against the couch, barely able to hold yourself up from the pleasure coursing through your veins. it didn't help that he was radiating magical energy that made your skin buzz with life.
"good puppy.." solomon cooed, biting your earlob. "I bet you are enjoying being fucked where anyone could walk in at anytime, hm?"
before you could moan out a response, the door to the side of the common room opened and you gasped, trying to tell solomon to stop but he didn't notice the intruder, pressing your face into the couch.
when he sees you bent over the couch, solomon fucking you from behind, he freezes where he stands in the doorway
his eyes trail from the spot between your legs all the way up to your glistening eyes and it makes his cock twitch in his dress pants
he coughs, crossing his arms with a frown on his face and watches as solomon pulls away from you, shocked from the sudden noise
"mc, you better have a good reason why you're allowing solomon to defile you in a public space such as this. I better see you in my office when I come back from my meeting with diavolo."
he watches as your eyes fill with fear and he turns to leave, a smug smirk on his face
let's just say, you didn't leave his office until you could barely walk back to your room
oh boy, he gets so jealous
how could his beloved mc, HIS human, have sex with a mere HUMAN when they could have the GREAT MAMMON: the 2nd strongest demon in the student council, your first pact and your first man?!
he rushes forward, a blush on his cheeks and he throws solomon off you, lifting you up and hanging you over his shoulder
you punch at his back and yell at him to put you down but he ignores it, stomping out of the room with you
"y-you're mine, damn it!"
"why him?! why didn't you come to me!?"
"you're my human, remember!?"
he'll whine to you all the way to his room where he shows you how good he can make you feel
it was like out of the anime leviathan watched called a demon finds his master sleeping with a sorcerer and he nearly passes out from the sight
"m-mc.." he stutters over his words, eyes fixated on solomon's cock thrusting into you
solomon stills his movements and looks back over his shoulder to see the demon behind him and swears under his breath
you push solomon off you gently and fix your clothes, cheeks red from embarrassment
you mumble shyly, fingers playing with the hem of your blazer, "um, levi, could you maybe.."
before you could finish your sentence, leviathan transforms into his demon form, eyes filled with envy and you gasp moving to stand behind solomon, but levi's tail wraps around you, lifting you into the air to stop you
"w-we're going to my room, mc, now!" he hisses, his cock straining against his pants and he leaves with you in his tail's grasp
wow, poor solomon
satan usually is able to hold himself together but when it comes to you with solomon, his rage seeps through the cracks of his demeanour
he growls, stalking over to you and ripping the sorcerer off of you to the floor
all he can see is red and he beats solomon until you have to stop him from killing him
"please! satan, stop! down!"
satan spins around, grabs your wrist and drags you to his room, roughly throwing you against a bookcase and trapping you with his arms
he hisses, leaning down to leave possessive bite marks on your neck "are you really that naive that you need to go to a human when you have seven demons just waiting for you to let them fuck you?!"
you whine, tears pooling at the corners of your eyes and lucifer has to come into the room to stop him from taking his anger out on you
after a few hours, satan comes back to apologise, a bouquet of flowers in his hands and a promise to read you your favourite book until you fall into a comfortable sleep snuggled up to him
"well, well, look what we have here."
asmodeus giggles, fanning his face at the sight of his two masters fucking in the common room
his cheeks were red from arousal
"how come I wasn't invited?"
you blush, feeling solomon pull out of you, and you stand up off the couch, unable to meet the eye of the 5th oldest demon brother
"aw, come on now, don't be shy.. I'm sure you wouldn't mind me joining you? I am extremely gorgeous, after all."
you watch as admodeus stalks towards you and you find yourself pressed up against the chest of solomon, admodeus' hand caressing your cheek and his body against your front
you were trapped in between their bodies and your head turns to look up at solomon, noticing a smirk on his face
that's when you knew you were in for a long night and you weren't complaining
beelzebub walks into the common room with his head filled with only the thoughts of food
he glances at you both and walks over to grab the cookies he left on the coffee table
the smell of your arousal makes his tummy grumble, but he is too distracted to care
he shrugs at you and leaves the room, munching on a the cookies in his hand
you and solomon are both in shock from the strange encounter, stopping your actions
you were surprised by the way he acted, you'd think he would've been a tad bit jealous
when you go back to your room, you find yourself pressed against your bed and a head of orange hair drooling between your legs
you were correct, he was a tad bit jealous and he was ravenous for a taste of his master
honestly, belphie doesn't notice at first
it's probably because he's sleepy, hands rubbing his eyes as he moves into the common room
but when he hears your whine, his eyes snap open and he notices the position you're in
he grimaces, finding it slightly disgusting
he doesn't exactly like the idea of solomon fucking you instead of it being him
he leaves the room silently so solomon doesn't notice, but when you come to sleep with him at night, he will press himself up against you, begging to touch you better
how could you say no?
he'll tease you, smirking against your skin when he leaves wet, open-mouthed kisses there
"mmm, are you really still needy, kitten?"
you'll be a blushing mess by the end of it all
Tumblr media
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lavanrouge · a year ago
fem!reader with obey me characters. no specific pairing. light angst.
// TW for an anxiety attack.
It wasn’t your fault that Lucifer and Mammon had another falling out during the retreat. That’s just how they were; no one could control their stupid fights.
That’s not what your brain told you, though. Not when all you could think about was how much of a burden you were, how you wished that you could just leave and let everything be at least a bit more manageable for everyone else in the Devildom exchange program without Mammon having to endure another one of Lucifer’s scoldings just because he wasn’t watching over you properly.
And most of all, you hated the fact that you would inevitably end up in a situation in which Lucifer didn’t want you to get involved in, even when it was against your will. You felt like you were dragging everyone else down and causing too much trouble.
So you didn’t expect anyone to be so concerned when you excused yourself from the dinner table early, almost immediately after Barbatos gave his speech for what was to come tomorrow. In fact, you left your plate almost untouched; good for Beel though, he got another whole plate for himself.
And here you were, curled up on the floor of your bedside, trembling as tears spilled down your cheeks. Your throat was hurting from trying to keep the sobs at bay, not wanting to disturb the others as they finished their meal. The room was cold and you felt dizzy, and you felt like you could barely breathe.
Who cares if I stop breathing anyway? It’s better that way; I’m nothing but a stupid weight on their backs.
You buried your head further into your arms, though your body could not stop shaking.
That was, until you heard a soft voice.
You froze, not daring to look up. You couldn’t bear being face to face with anyone who was seeing you in such a pathetic state.
“Are you okay, sweetie?”
Asmodeus walked to your side and knelt, gently placing a hand on your back. You flinched at the sudden contact, still refusing to lift your head to meet his eyes.
You heard the pitter-patter of feet as several others walked to your room, and your breath hitched in fear, curling tighter into yourself and away from anyone else who dared approach you.
“Go away...” you muttered, your voice quivering. Your anxiety was skyrocketing; you didn’t want to know if Lucifer or Diavolo was in here, too. You felt too pathetic to face them right now.
“Sweetheart, we just want to know if you’re feeling alright...” Asmodeus said gently, starting to rub soothing circles into your back.
“What do you think?” you snapped, shifting away from his touch. Asmodeus’s heart clenched, feeling hurt at seeing your pained state.
Lucifer and Mammon stood to the side, looking on in shock. “(Name)...” Mammon whispered, taken completely aback by the scene in front of him. He felt utterly ashamed. He knew it must have had something to do with the outburst that happened earlier in the evening. That was definitely the straw that broke the camel’s back, because who would have thought you would have been able to handle anything else after all you’d had to deal with? Anyone would feel overwhelmed being in your position.
Solomon came to kneel in front of you, slowly reaching out to touch your arm in an attempt to coax you to look up. “Hey, (Name), look at me. There’s nothing to be afraid of, I’m here,” he murmured, rubbing your arm softly.
Hearing his voice, you felt somewhat reassured. Solomon was really the only one you truly felt comfortable with; after all, he was a human as well, besides being a sorcerer. You slowly looked up, teary-eyed and still anxious. You couldn’t stop trembling, and you felt short of breath once more. Your surroundings blurred, and you squeezed your knees closer to you chest.
“Asmodeus, move away for a minute,” Solomon directed, and dutifully the demon stood back up and away from you, moving next to a concerned Simeon.
“Is she alright?” Simeon piped up, wanting so desperately to move forward and comfort you, but knowing it wasn’t the right thing to do at the moment. Though of course, he couldn’t help but feel so worried for you; he cared about you so much.
“She will be, she’s just having an anxiety attack. Everyone move back a bit and quiet down for a few minutes, please,” Solomon stated firmly, his eyes never leaving yours as he gently took your hands into his.
“You’re gonna be okay, (Name). Just focus,” he said to you, and this time his voice was much softer than before. “Alright, take a deep breath. In through the nose, out through your mouth...”
He directed you through some breathing and grounding techniques as the others watched and waited with baited breath. Asmodeus couldn’t help but tear up, seeing you in such a state of anxiety. Lucifer swallowed thickly, eyes watering as he clenched his jaw, feeling a heavy weight of guilt settle onto his chest. 
I should have been more careful.
“That’s a good girl, you got through it so well...” Solomon whispered to you, wrapping his arms around your exhausted figure as you leaned into him, finally overcoming the anxiety, your trembling and tension subsiding as you relaxed into his hold. “Oi, Levi, go get some water will ya?” he called to the blue-haired demon, who was peeking in through the entrance along with Beel and Satan, all of whom were clearly distraught at the scene. Levi nodded, running off to the kitchen.
Simeon and Asmodeus walked forward, helping you sit onto the bed, their strong arms winding around your shoulders as they soothingly rubbed your arms, sitting quietly as you wiped your tears with the handkerchief Solomon gave you. “I... sorry, that was... pathetic,” you said, letting out a bitter, choked laugh as you looked down at your lap.
“Nonsense, you were just overwhelmed and scared, it’s fine. You didn’t expect any of this, we don’t blame you,” Simeon said softly, pressing a kiss to your temple as he adjusted his arms around you.
“Mhm, you have nothing to worry about darling,” Asmodeus added, taking a hand off to card his fingers through your hair. “Of course, some certain people should have have something to say to you right about now,” he said, glaring up at Lucifer and Mammon, both of whom started awkwardly making their way to the bedside. 
Lucifer was the first to kneel in front of you, looking softly and apologetically into your eyes; everything about the way he was looking at you was completely sincere. He cleared his throat, before extending a gloved hand towards you. “May I have your hand, dear (Name)?”
You looked at him warily, panic flashing through your eyes despite the sincerity in his expression. you gripped one of your wrists nervously, holding a hand to your chest.
“I’m not going to hurt you. I swear,” Lucifer said gently, coaxing you a bit more by nudging his hand a little further forward.
He swore on it. It was very rare that a demon would swear to a human, aside from making a pact. But this time, he swore that he wouldn’t hurt you, that he wouldn’t damage you. That was when you realized that he truly cared for you.
Hesitantly, you put a hand into his. He covered the back of your palm with his other hand, slowly lifting it towards him.
“I am so, very sorry, (Name). I promise I will never put you through such an overwhelming situation ever again. I’m sorry I hurt you...” he whispered, before lifting your hand to his lips, ever so tenderly brushing a kiss against your knuckles in apology. He looked back up at you, guilt welling up in his eyes as he gave your hand a gentle squeeze. “Will you ever be able to forgive me?”
You stared at him, a tear slipping down your cheek as you registered how heartfelt his words were. It was so very rare that this demon was ever heartfelt, and if so, it was only towards Diavolo and occasionally his brothers. Never to anyone else. And to see him, kneeling in front of you, having placed a kiss on your hand and looking up so remorsefully at you in yearning for forgiveness...
You smiled warmly at him, giving his hand an affectionate squeeze. “How could I not?” 
Lucifer smiled back up at you, standing up and placing a kiss to your forehead in gratitude. “Thank you, my dear. I’ll leave you to rest, and I’ll meet you in the morning to see you off for your activities. Let me know what you would like for breakfast, and I’ll put in a word for Barbatos, alright? Goodnight,” he said, a fond smile gracing his face before he set off for the night.
Which left Mammon, who quickly knelt down before you to slide his hands up to your arms, his eyes teary as he looked at you. “I’m... I’m so sorry,” he gasped, throwing his arms around you and burying his face into your neck as he sobbed. You were caught off guard, but eventually enveloped him into your smaller arms, rubbing his back soothingly as he cried into your shoulder.
“It’s alright, Mammon... I’m all better now, see?” you murmured, pulling back to wipe his tears from his eyes and placing a kiss to his nose. “No need to cry,” you said, smiling softly as you cupped his face in your hands.
“B-but... I... I should have...” he hiccuped, looking down shamefully as more tears started to fall down his cheeks. 
You brushed away the extra tears before lifting his face to meet your eyes. “It doesn’t matter. You can make it up to me by teaming up with me for the activity tomorrow, sound good? Hm?” you said, beaming amicably at him as you lifted your hand to stroke his hair.
Mammon let out a sigh of relief, before nodding his head. “Thank you... I’m so sorry--”
“Mammon... it’s okay, I promise you. Go to bed now, okay?” you told him, rubbing his cheek with your thumb. 
“Mhm... thank you...” he sounded exhausted. He gave you a final hug before bidding you goodnight, giving you a gentle smile before exiting the room you, Simeon and Asmodeus shared.
After Levi brought you your water and a plushy from his room, and Solomon bid you goodnight with a kiss to the crown of your head, you finally found yourself cuddled up on Asmodeus’s bed, sandwiched between Simeon and Asmodeus under the blankets. You felt warm, and most importantly, you felt safe.
“Wanna talk about it?” Simeon whispered to you, his breath tickling the nape of your neck. His chest was pressed against your back, his strong arms wrapped firmly around your waist, while Asmodeus was laying in front of you, one arm thrown over your shoulder, while his other arm stayed tucked under your neck so that he could play with your hair.
You shook your head at Simeon’s question, burying your face into Asmodeus’s chest, inhaling the calming scent of his rose perfume. Asmodeus chuckled, placing a kiss to your hair before continuing to run his fingers gently through your locks. Simeon hummed in understanding, placing a kiss to your shoulder from behind as he held onto you more securely. 
“That’s fine, darling. Just sleep, okay?” Asmodeus said, his velvety voice lulling you into a slumber.
“We’re right here,” the angel murmured sleepily against your skin, his fingers tracing gentle patterns ever so slightly against your stomach.
And as you drifted off, you thought to yourself how lucky you were to be caught up in a school full of fascinating beings of different realms, all of whom were so surprisingly caring and compassionate to you, all of whom you loved so much. They meant the world to you, and they loved and valued you just as much. Maybe one day you would sum up your courage to confess to them your worries and fears, and the voice inside you that continued to make you feel worthless...
But for now, you had them; Solomon, the demon brothers, and the angels. All of whom you were now certain, cared for you deeply as much as you did for them. They couldn’t stand to see a day go by without you at their side.
For now, that knowledge was enough for you.
It always would be.
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needyounow-love · a year ago
Tumblr media
The brothers get in a petty argument with MC and say something that they don’t mean to them, making MC cry (Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan and Belphegor)
I couldn't think about something with Asmo and Beel, sorry T-T
"Do you think that you can solve this? I never thought there was someone out there who would surpass Mammon in stupidity" You had tried to stop Lucifer and Satan from fighting but Lucifer was so angry that just he just took it out on you. He knew that he shouldn't have done that but his anger stopped him from thinking clearly before talking.
Luci realised how unfair he had been to you when he saw you drop your head before running away from the room.
He knocked at your room's door only 2 hours after, because he wanted to calm down first.
"I'm here to offer my apologies but I would understand if you didn't accept them"
"Why do I have to be stuck with ya? Stop tellin' me what I shouldn't do, dumb human." Mammon scoffed but he knew that he didn't really mean that, he was just angry by how you were trying to make him try to stop from selling some of his brothers' stuff. He realised how much his words affected you only after he heard a soft sob coming from you.
Mammon's eyes widened at your tears. "Oi, MC! I-I didn't really mean that-"
"No. You're right. I'm just a stupid human. Why am I still here anyway?" He felt his heart drop at your words. He knew that he shouldn't have said what he said that and he felt his body act on his own when you turned on your heels to go away.
"You ain't leavin' me. I'm sorry, MC. Stay." He pleaded you, wrapping his arms around your body to stop you to run away.
"Why do you have to always talk so much? Shut up....I'm trying to win this level" At first, Levi didn't really thought much about what he said, too focused on his game until he noticed that you were too much silent. Usually you would snap back at him and call him out on his behaviour, but now you were just incredibly quiet, so he could feel that something was wrong.
Leviathan quickly paused his unfinished game and looked back at you, hugging your legs while crying silently and biting your lips to not let out sounds.
"Uh, MC? - He could feel the guilt crawl up in his chest and trembled when his hand carefully reached your face. - MC, look at me, please."
Levi got in front of you, trying to make you speak to him with no results until he sighed before turning his game off without saving and taking you in his arms. You were more important to him than any games.
"Stop wasting my time, human." Satan snarled at you. You both didn't really have a reason to fight but he was in a bad mood. The fact that he decided to act that way even if you weren't the reason why he was angry didn't help the situation.
He immediately realised that he shouldn't have said that when you flinched and a tear ran down your face when he took a step towards you.
"MC...I-I-...Fuck, I'm such an idiot - Satan said before biting his lower lip, feeling bad about having treated you that way - I'm very sorry, MC" he apologized before gently pulling you in his arms.
"You're so annoying. Leave me alone" Belphegor said with a cold expression. He had never been so cold to you didn't even want to think about it.
You knew that he could get like that after fighting with Lucifer but Belphie shouldn't have treated you like that.
"If you wanted to be alone you could have just told me that instead of calling me annoying. - You snapped back, angry tears in your eyes. The demon seemed to have understood his wrongdoing so he just looked at the ground. - If you got nothing left to say, then I'm going to my room." You said coldly, thinking that he would just let you go but you were surprised when he firmily grabbed one of your wrist.
"Wait...I didn't mean that. Believe me, please. - He softly said before making you turn around to look at your face and gently caress it - I'm sorry, MC...I really am." He said with genuine guilt in his eyes while carefully wiping your tears with his sleeves.
Obey Me Masterlist
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devildomqueen · a year ago
410 Smut Prompts
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Edit: 12, is meant to say “if you don’t change out of those shorts and into some pants, I’ll have them around your ankles by lunch”
Feel free to use them ;)
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dreaming-piper · a year ago
Obey me! with a Lazy! Mc
Tumblr media
Even after being suddenly summoned to a different world, even Lucifer was a bit surprised at your ability to remain composed as he explains your purpose in the Devildom, he’s glad that things are already running smoothly
“Sorry, what were you saying? I was thinking about what I should have for dinner. Also, where am I?”
Of course it wouldn’t be this easy…
In all honesty, he was already used to this type of behaviour, especially from the twins, but even this attitude was extremely questionable for a human
He constantly has to clear his throat or snap his fingers to get his attention, as he continues his explanation while Satan and Amos snicker from behind him
“Do I have to do the essay?” “Yes, but—“ “Can I just give an oral presentation or something?” “What”
The oldest somehow becomes increasingly concerned about you as time goes on as he observes your behaviour, such as sleeping just about everywhere(sometimes you even just lie on the ground for no reason), your horrible diet that consists of instant ramen and cupcakes, and your tendency to go along with Mammon’s schemes or just about anything his brothers tell you to do
Constantly reminds you to do your homework, clean your room and makes sure you don’t pass out in random places
The others try to tease him for acting like such a mother before they are silenced with a glare
While initially annoyed, he becomes fond of your childish and sloth like habits
“There you are. You should know better than to sleep out in the streets of all places. Honestly, what am I going to do with you…?” He mumbles the last part with a rare, kind smile on his face as you look up at him with half-lidded eyes, “Come on, I’ll carry you back. I trust that this will stay between us.”
Tumblr media
Oh my god, he has to be the responsible one that is capable of making good choices now
Everyone was extremely doubtful of your chances at surviving when Mammon was selected as your guide
But surprisingly, he quickly steps up once he notices your nonchalant and ditsy disposition, taking charge after realizing how easy you are to mess with. He even feels too bad to try to take your money
“Hey, (Name)! Give me the cash you have on you!” “Oh, okay...” “H-hey! Don’t just give people your wallets like that! Your student ID is in there too! Whatever, take it back, like the great Mammon would need a mere human’s assets! A-also, don’t just hand over your things just because someone asks!”
The guy basically leads you around as you follow him like a lost puppy while trying to educate you on how to act and what to avoid in a backhanded manner
The boy loses you constantly, so he’s always running around to see where you zoned out or passed out at, so eventually he allows you the honour of holding the great Mammon’s hand
Because of your uncaring attitude and dazed out look, others seem to treat you similar to a pet, so you get a lot of physical attention, but (un?)luckily, Mammon doubles down on pushing people away from you while scolding you
“Get your hands off! And, (Name), stop acting like a puppy that follows around the next person that gives them attention! I’m serious!”
Mammon actually takes a lot of pride in being able to take care of you so much, so he wants you to be the only one he relies on, even if the others try to tease him, he only takes it in stride since it means that you and him are really close
The guy wants to be the only one that you can lean on and to do more for. The second oldest actually keeps a list of all the things he helps you with to whip out when challenged
“Hey! Why was Beel giving you a piggy back!?” Mammon shouts, interrupting your nap. “If you’re so tired, then I’ll be one to carry you! It’s either walking or me, got it!? Come on, I’ll even bring you to your room, so be grateful!”
Tumblr media
The shut-in over nine thousand! Levi immediately knew that you were a worthy rival as soon as he glanced at you as Mammon stands at the side utterly confused!
“Y-you! What is your record?” “What are you talking about, Levi—“ “I once stayed in my room for 74 hours to binge 12 series and max out the intimacy for my main for two different games.” “*GASP*”
The guy immediately kidnaps ushers you to his room. ignoring Mammon’s protests, to test you. While you didn’t know much about Devildom exclusives, your knowledge about human world series was nothing to laugh at since you’re a horrible procrastinator that would rather binge then work!
He almost abandons his tsundere attitude as he soon declares you to be the new member of his legion and demands to enrich you with more knowledge from his own expertise
The guy greatly appreciates being able to rant to you even though you usually end up daydreaming, simply humming in response, or in the rare occasion having a debate or mutual gushing of a certain character
“The lord of shadows and Henry’s bond knows no bounds! That is the highlight of TSL-!” “I kind of ship it.” “Huh-!?” “Hmm, does that mean we would be shipped too since we’re kind of like their counterparts?...At least, I think so.” “HUH!????” (Instant death)
Tries to convince Lucifer to let you do online courses with him so you guys can binge more series together or go on raids
That, of course, fails, so he usually plans out the amount of sick days you can take and when to do it
The two of you are usually in your own world that no one else understands and Levi really likes that fact
If you guys don’t have school, Levi will make you basically move into his room for a while as you two either watch live streams or a new anime, so the other brothers are stuck bringing meals and making sure you two aren’t dead
“That ending was totally trash, right!? What a waste of time! Well, I guess watching it with you made it kind of enjoyable...Huh!? I-I didn’t say anything...! Don’t look at me like that...!” Levi burns bright red as he avoids your questioning gaze.
Tumblr media
He was extremely pleased to see that you caught Lucifer off guard and he even uses your unpredictable laziness as ammunition against the eldest brother
“My, even the great Lucifer is unable to grasp the attention of a mere human...I wonder how the student body would react?” “Satan, are we done? You promised to give me pie if I...-!” “Ahaha”
He was initially concerned at how well you would do in class work as he always saw you sleeping during class and a home constantly, so he took it upon himself to make sure you didn’t nod off and try to offer you some help
He was shocked when it turned out that you got a solid 80% on your quizzes and exams, and even more so when it turned out you crammed all the material the night before. His respect for you actually went up
He becomes increasing interested in you, and proceeds to drag you along as an assistant of sorts, taking you under his wing, as he collects and reads through books as he tries to get you to engage in something productive with the promise of compensation
Sooner or later, he finds himself viewing you as endearing, having tendencies similar to a kitten, making him even more lenient with you
“Did...did they just meow in their sleep...? Heh, well, I suppose I’ll leave them be for now.”
The two of you are not morning people, if no one wakes you up, you won’t be up till 4
It isn’t uncommon to see the two of you passed out on Satan’s favourite armchair
If someone tries to wake you up, Satan will rage while you remain asleep, unaware to probably Mammon’s screams
“Finally up? I must say it’s rare for me to wake up before someone else,” Satan smiles, as he pokes your cheek to make sure you don’t go back to sleep, “Come on, I’ll help you with your homework before class starts, but you owe me one, okay?”
Tumblr media
“Sorry, can you be a dear and carry my bags?” “Ooh, try this on! This top is really cute!” “Let’s go there next!” “…Okay.”
You basically become his go to person when he wants to go on a shopping spree, having you either carry his bags or being ushered to the changing room. I mean you don’t complain or whine, so you must love it
He always makes sure to hold hands with you, so you don’t get left behind or try to escape
You two are big cuddlers; anywhere, anytime, much to the dismay of the other brothers
You’re basically a walking teddy bear to him, until Mammon interrupts
“Aww, let me pinch those little cheeks~! Let’s cuddle for a little longer—" “What do you think you’re doin’, Asmo!?”
He makes you try new face masks and other products, so you usually end up passed out in his room
He coddles you more than others, even sharing his cupcakes with you
He constantly disappears with you, never telling the other brothers when you two leave as he drags you to explore the whole Devildom even though you’re usually asleep, you still make great company in his opinion
His favourite moments are when you two simply do self care routines as mentioned before, chatting about nothing in particular, even if you’re more of a listener
“Alright, keep it on for another 20 minutes~! Hey now, no touching~” Asmo grabs your hand before you could sleepily rub your face with a sly smile on his face, “I wonder how I can hold down my dearest (Name)! Just kidding~”
Tumblr media
Beel immediately became concerned for you after expressing his concerns about accidentally eating you during your first meeting when you were you just summoned
“Oh, I guess that’s okay.” “Huh?” “I mean, I don’t really care and that essay also sounds pretty bothersome, so meh...” “!!!”
He slowly takes it upon himself to watch over you, whether it’s reminding you to eat or carrying you to class when you decide it’s time for a power nap
His initial attachment to you was because you reminded him of Belphie, but you two certainly had your differences he thinks as you proceed to make ramen in the coffee pot with Mammon
Don’t worry he always grabs you and runs when trouble arises
He enjoys being in your presence since the both of you can appreciate a comfortable moment of silence unlike others, and he finds himself taking the initiative to start conversations more
“(Name),” “Hm?” “Do you have dreams when you sleep?” “Yeah, like, last night...I dreamt of a giant everything pizza...” “Woah”
He also finds it comforting to have someone simply dozing off as he snacks away in his room, especially since Belphie is away
He likes to think about how you and Belphie would get along if you two were to meet, even if you’re a human
When Belphie returns, it isn’t uncommon for Beel to carry the two of you on each shoulder in a protective manner
“(Name), you can sleep for a little longer, okay?” Beel gazes down at you with a small but stunningly warm smile, “Because I’ll carry you anywhere and anytime.”
Tumblr media
Lololol, you two did not get along at all, like more than expected!
People would have thought that like people would flock together, but it the exact opposite. Belphie felt that you were being used as a replacement of sort, and he did not like that
Your first meeting went horribly, as well! In fact, the meeting itself was delayed due to your laziness! The guy almost snapped when you finally met him
“Hey, man, can you keep it down with your crying?” “Hah? Crying? And what do you mean keep it down?” “Listen, I need at least 17 hours of sleep and you’re kind of keeping me up. I even went through a lot of effort to get here. Anyway, bye, I need to get out of here before Lucifer finds out.” “Wait—!”
Eventually, after spending time with Beel, you decide to help the attic boy out, while complaining, of course, as every visit you made equals to bickering
After everything is revealed, you two even become close, and similar to Beel, you two are able to appreciate just napping together. You two become very close
The other brothers have probably tripped on you two at one point or another
“Belphie, wake up.” “Huh?” “Why’re we on the floor?” “You passed out after overeating, so I decided to lay down too so it looked like we were chilling.” “Bro...”
Belphie eventually finds himself appreciating the fact there’s someone so similar to him since he feels a little less alone, even if he won’t admit it
You’re one of the only people he shares his pillow with
“(Name)...Geez, you almost sleep more than me,” Belphie mumbles as you snuggle his pillow unconsciously while gripping his hand, “I wonder what you dream of...I’ll join you in a second.”
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