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Tumblr media
obey me! brothers x f!reader
context: fem reader teases the seven brothers by showing some cleavage!
warnings: mdni, suggestive, dubcon, some parts are shorter than others :')
tags: @stygianoir
you sauntered into the eldest brother's bedroom, wearing shorts and a low v-cut shirt, your outfit hugging you in all the right spots
lucifer was at his desk, doing paperwork that the demon prince had once again pushed onto him
you leaned on his desk, laying yourself over his paperwork, breaking his focus
"luci, won't you take a break? you've been working so hard after all.."
lucifer merely raised an amused eyebrow, glancing at your chest threatening to expose itself and back up at you
he could see right through you
"i've got quite the amount of paperwork to get through. putting it off will be of no benefit," he said nonchalantly, waiting for your next move
shrugging, you got off his desk and skipped around it, plopping yourself on his lap facing towards him
he put his pen down and immediately held your hips, keeping you in place on his lap
"true, but such ambition should be rewarded, don't you think?" you replied, smiling mischievously
lucifer gave you those eyes (yk what i'm talking about) ;)
the hooded ones that screamed ‘ i'm gonna fuck you into tomorrow ’
"is that so?" he said, hands inching up your body, "and what might this reward entail?"
you continued smiling at him, "you'll see~"
"CASINO NIGHHTTTT~" mammon cheered, bursting into your room
you knew it was time for you and mammon to go to the casino and have fun
hence why you were changing
and he just walked in on you...
he stared for a couple seconds before you reminded him he was staring
"h-huh?! me? staring?! a-at you? psh, yeah right!" he says, blushing furiously before slamming the door
you decided to go for formal attire
and i mean really formal
you were dressed in a tight fancy suit, the top buttons of your dress shirt unbuttoned
creating a perfect boob window 😍👍
mammon looked beet red when he laid eyes on you after you left your room
"o-oi! where do ya think you're goin' with t-that!" he yelled, pushing you back into the room
"why? does it look bad on me?" you sighed theatrically, glancing down in feigned disappointment
"no! you look too hot n i don't want anyone but me seeing you like that!" mammon blurted out before slapping a hand over his mouth and clearing his throat
"what i meant was, y-you look horrible! yeah, that's right! the suit looks down right.. u-ugly! so change into something else!" he barked, crossing his arms and huffing
"okay," you said, smirking and beginning to take off your clothes
right in front of him 😁
"woah woah woah! what're ya doing?!" he panicked, eyes wide as saucers and his cheeks redder than an apple
"well, you told me to change right?" you said smugly, "i'm simply following order from my first~ ah-!"
you squeaked in surprise upon being thrown into your bed by mammon, his face hidden in your neck, hands gripping your waist
"grr, ya shouldn't tease a demon-- unless you're ready for the consequences..."
it was game night for you and levi, but you'd been in the mood for something.. different.
and so you wore a short skirt and a hoodie
knocking on the door and entering after answering levi's code, the poor boy became flustered at how short your skirt was
"h-hey... you- what- why're you-?" he started, not being able to get out a sentence
you merely feigned innocence, tilting your head in mock confusion
"yes, levi?"
"uh, nevermind! it's nothing..! ugh, let's just start playing," he sighed, dropping the subject
as you two gamed, you began teasing him subtly
first, you scoot right next to him
the second he stops tensing, you lean your head on his shoulder
finally you draped your exposed legs over his lap and got comfortable, leaving him red
every touch had him jumping and tensing, but that last move made him slam the pause button
you spared him a confused glance despite knowing exactly why he stopped the game
"levi, why'd you stop the game? is something wrong?"
"n-no..! just thought we should take a break..." he trailed off
you smiled mischievously before nodding and stretching, your legs on display
now, in your new position, leviathan got first row tickets to seeing up your skirt
he gaped and whipped his head around
"h-hey! you can't just--!"
"can't just what, levi?"
turning back to look at you, his eyes widened in realization as he noticed your smirk
you had planned this all along
before you knew it, he had you pinned to the floor, eyes narrowing at you
"oh, yeah? so you think you can just walk in here and tease me?
well guess what? two can play at that game."
you and satan had been planning to have a reading session together in his room
but, of course, you'd been curious
to see what he'd look like if you just sorta...
pushed him off the edge >:)
and not in a pissed off way~
so, you wore a strapless shirt that exposed a lot of skin and cute pants that hugged your body beautifully
you knocked on his door, and upon his approval you entered
he was sitting on a small couch, reading calmly
"hello, (name)," he greeted, "i went ahead and began reading, but feel free to-- *chokes on spit*"
in case you didn't know, he did a double take after seeing how stunning you looked
"satan, are you okay?" you hurried over, bending right in front of him, giving him a great view of your chest
his eyes widened and he quickly glanced away, coughing a couple more times before clearing his throat
"ahem. y-yes, i'm fine... as i was saying, feel free to make yourself comfortable and start on your book."
you nodded and sat yourself next to him, situating yourself in a way that would be very.. comprising
he glanced at you often, a blush dusting his cheeks
"so..." he finally started after a while, "is there something special going on? i mean, you look.. particularly beautiful today, and--"
you hummed, setting your book aside before gently taking his book out of his hands and setting it aside as well
"what are you-- oi!"
satan yelped in surprise as you pulled him on top of you, laying down on the couch yourself
he gripped the sides of the couch in realization as he hovered over you
you smirked up at him and winked
that's all he needed to know before smashing his lips onto yours
you pulled him in and wrapped your arms around his neck
you two were breathless by the time he pulled away
only for him to pull you back in for another kiss
"i'll wipe that smirk off your face," he growled
lmao what won't tease this man is the real question
you two were going to a party
and you decided to tease him ;)
by wearing a tight and skimpy dress <33
of course, as soon as he saw you he practically moaned
and at the party?
you were strutting your stuff, making the most of your drop-dead gorgeous dress
this man could not for the life of him take his eyes off you
a the dent in his pants became just a little more obvious
he soon dragged you into a private room
and the second he closed the door he corned you, littering your jaw and neck with kisses
"oh darling, you look absolutely hot in that dress," he said, "you wouldn't mind if i took it off of you, would you?"
you had a workout session with beel soon
and you wanted to.. motivate him 😇
so you wore the most revealing athletic clothes you had and set out for the gym
beel was already waiting at the entrance when you got there
he was oblivious to your attire and you two began spotting for each other
or at least
you had thought he was oblivious
but you noticed how he had become a lot touchier with you during exercises, correcting your form even if it was fine...
his hands lingering on you more than they should...
and whenever he spoke to you, it was husky whispers in your ear that sent shivers down your spine...
yeah, he definitely noticed.
when you two finally finished, you two went to get some protein shakes at a nearby cafe before going home
of course, beel was still hungry, so you two went to the kitchen
you cooled down from your workout while he continued eating everything in the fridge (again)
feeling a rumble in your stomach yourself, you went over to the fridge
spotting something to eat, you had a devious idea
you bent over seductively in front of him as you reached down to get the food
before you knew it, beel slammed you on the counter
"hey, (name)... are you tempting me?"
you decided to pretend you were innocent
"what do you mean?" you said as sweetly as you could
"since we started our workout session, i noticed your outfit, y'know.. and then the way you bent over, you never do that," he said, eyes trained on yours
"whatever do you mean, beel?" you drawled your words, batting your eyes at him. beel groaned
"see? you're doing it again. whatever," he said, lowering himself between your legs
"now i'm hungry for something else. care to indulge me, (name)?"
you and belphie were gonna have a sleepover
which basically consisted of napping the entire time lmao
but today you were feeling devious
and so, you wore your most suggestive pajama set
you skipped happily over to his room and launched yourself onto the bed, hearing a muffled "oomf" under the mountain of blankets and pillows
chuckling an apology, you waited for him to surface and gave an innocent smile as he scanned your outfit, eyebrows raised in amusement
"so.. you want a last-minute change of plans for the sleepover," he said groggily
damn, he saw straight through you
"well sure," he continued, "but i don't know if this will be considered a sleepover if i keep you up all night~"
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Obey Me! Brothers when you tell them you want a baby!
Tumblr media
He's never thought of a family before
his brothers and you were his whole world, he couldn't imagine expanding it
so when you bring up the idea of a family
a real family
He was shocked to say the least
he needed to think about it, or that's what he told you
but for weeks after you asked him, he couldn't stop thinking about it
A baby, a being of pure innocence coming from him?
he couldn't imagine it
he eventually told you that you'd get your baby after your schooling was done
and you're now waiting patiently for your family to start 🫶🏽
Simply malfunctions
you, the woman he finds absolutely breathtaking and beautiful
wants a kid...
with him?
Now we all know he acts cocky
but i hc it's because he feels inferior and he's insecure
he shouts about 100 questions a minute, obviously they flustered
you have to calm him down with a kiss on the cheek
you have to ask him in a somewhat dominant way now
“ give me a baby , mammon ? ”
is literally on his hands and knees for you
“ yes yes of course anything for you ”
and he keeps up on his promise
you two try for a baby almost every night until he's sure you're having his baby 🫶🏽
Freaks tf out
as we have all seen before, he doesn't think that highly of himself
probably says something like
“ y-you want a baby from a disgusting otaku like me?! ”
to be fair, his reaction was what you were expecting
so you gotta show him a little extra love to get your point of you wanting his baby across
he eventually agrees,
and unlike with his older brother, you two only have to try once
And then your knocked up
( monster fuckers for the win ig )
he treats you like the queen you are
even pays a little attention to you during his games now!
your his love,
buttt - Satan personally doesn't feel like he could take care of a kid
Maybe it's his internalized hate for himself
Or maybe it's because he's worried that his kid will hate him the same way he hates Lucifer
He expresses these fears with you and you completely understand
but, that doesn't mean you don't still want his kid
but you'll wait years upon years for his kid
and after about two years , he gives you exactly what you've been wanting 🫶🏽
just yes
you're absolutely gorgeous and stunning
Literally to him he could use every single adjective or synonym or whatever it is-
To just describe how beautiful you are
And obviously
He's like the most gorgeous demon ever!
So y'all's baby?
Sign him up because he will be getting all of the clothes ready!
basically, this is your sign to have a kid with asmo
you two have to try quite a bit, but when you finally get pregnant
he already has names and outfits picked out for every gender
the sweetest
he loves you so much
He'll do anything to make you happy
So, immediately after you ask him he swallows his food and drags you to the bedroom
He doesn't know that it takes like a month for a girl to figure out she's pregnant-
So if you're not pregnant the next day, he'll take you back to the bedroom and do it all over again
It takes a whole month before you figure out you're pregnant
he gets so excited
More excited than when you give him food 🫶🏽
Listen he may now be dating a human, you, now
but that doesn't mean he wants to make a human demon hybrid with you
You are upset, of course, But how could you blame him?
He was traumatized and probably blamed the rest of humanity for everything.
so you just live out your days in devildom with him but cuddling
and giving him hope in humanity
maybe one day belphie will give you a baby
but for now, you're content with him and just him
Tumblr media
@widegrins for u bae
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widegrins · 2 days ago
🪐Obey me Brothers With a Single Mother S/O!💫
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub and belphegor.
warnings: female pronouns are used, a little angst.
Tumblr media
when lucifer first met you, he instantly knew that one day you’d make an amazing mother. of course, he hadn’t realized that you were already one.
when he finds out, one of the first questions that pops up in lucifer’s head is the basic: where’s the father?
he of course doesn’t ask you plain right out for fear of embarrassing you, or bringing up some sort of terrible past trauma you may have associated with your child’s father.
the first time lucifer ever meets your child, and is introduced to them as your boyfriend, he’s pretty nervous.
of course, his pride gets in the way of showing how nervous he really is.
he’s pretty scary, he knows. he’s terrified of scaring your child, resulting in the loss of a possible happy relationship.
he is SHOCKED when your two year old son waddles right up to him, demanding to be held and loved on.
your son loves lucifer so, so much-, so much so, that he bawls his little heart out as soon as lucifer has to leave.
“wucy weavin’?” he’ll ask through sobs.
that absolutely breaks lucifer’s heart.
he definitely steps up 100% as your child’s father; taking him to the park, to daycare, even with him to meetings with diavolo.
when mammon first meets you, he already knows you have a kid, considering the first time he met you was when you were pregnant with them.
he’s so, so sweet to you. he can tell you’re struggling up in the human world, with no real support system, and being behind in so many bills.
he literally spends his money to help you; which you ended up scolding him for. he didn’t care though; he really liked you and didn’t want to end up finding you and your newborn child living on the streets.
“Ha? why’re ya yellin’ at me for? must be the hormones.”
you two finally get together when you’re around nine months pregnant; almost near your due date.
he was in the hospital with you when you had your little girl and you even asked him to sign the birth certificate, stating that he was the father.
this. man. takes. care. of. his. two. girls.
he absolutely spoils your daughter; whether that be with expensive little booties she’d just grow out of within a month, or expensive onesies.
he buys them matching sunglasses. <3
if your daughters biological father tries to step into the picture, mammon does not allow it.
“i’ve been C/N’s father way before she was even born! ya never even cared to help Y/N out with any of her bills. C/N’s is my baby girl, and Y/N is my future wife-, so, back off, will ya?!”
before levi had ever spoken to you, he had seen you around a couple of times with your five year old son, out and about, doing some shopping for various games that your son loved to play.
he always assumed that your son was your little brother.
one day he notices that your son has a game that leviathan in particular LOVES.
“hey-! you like devil crossing too? whose your fave character? mines tom crook-!”
you find your son totally geeking out with a purple headed grown man; and quite frankly you find said grown man extremely attractive, resulting in you asking for his number.
leviathan practically malfunctioned right then and there, he still gave it to you though. <3
he’s so oblivious to the fact that your son is your son.
he literally doesn’t realize until three months into your relationship.
“you know, C/N really adores you, levi. thank you for being a daddy to him.”
after finding out that you were a single mom, and your son had a deadbeat dad he steps up more than before.
he’s constantly taking your son out to various conventions, even going to super early speed sales just to get rare copies of his favorite games.
he loves him. <3
one night when levi was staying the night, you awoke to levi and C/N laying on the couch together; both passed out in each other’s arms, their controllers thrown on the floor as they slept.
much like levi, satan has seen you many times before, at the local bookstore with a baby girl strapped right to your chest.
he’d often recommend books for both you and your three-month-old daughter.
“good-night moon is a very good bed time story, you know? if she’s ever restless at night she might enjoy being read to.”
the first time the two of you ever have a full conversation is when he bumps into you at the same exact bookstore; but this time you grabbed at his jacket sleeve, wanting to ask him something.
“do you think you could recommend, or help me find some more books for C/N? she really likes being read to-, i honestly didn’t think she would, but she does. but, everytime i get her a book i think she likes she ends up not liking it..”
satan adored how picky your daughter was about her books. and of course, he adored you asking him, the avatar of wrath for help.
he helped you. <3 and then proceeded to give you his number.
satan began to come around your home about a few weeks after the two of you started texting one another; which also ended up leading to the two of you beginning a relationship.
he loves your daughter; when anyone asks him in public if she’s his, he always says yes.
he. reads. her. to. sleep.
he literally lays her down on his chest, swaddled in a blanket as he reads to her. she absolutely loves it.
her first word was dada-, which she said while looking at satan.
that’s the moment in which satan officially claimed the little baby as his own. he absolutely worships the both of you and does anything to either one of you.
you and asmo were very good friends before you ever got pregnant and left by your shitty ex.
he was there for you through all the heartbreak, and soon-to-be mother anxiety.
“i gotta be there for my favorite girl, don’t i?”
he’s absolutely happy when he finds out that you’re having a baby girl! he’s even more happy when you ask him to come to the hospital with you for her delivery.
he cuts the cord and is given the chance to hold her first.
he’s so happy that she came out looking just like you and not her ugly ass dad.
“she looks just like you, Y/N! she’s just adorable!”
asmo unofficially moves in with you after the birth of your daughter; and the two of you begin a relationship shortly afterwards.
he LOVES dressing her up in various pinky dresses, bows, frills, everything.
she adores it too.
she is quite literally raised believing asmo is her father, and he’s happy with that.
“my pretty little C/N! you look so much like mommy~! daddy’s so jealous of how much beauty my two girls have-“
asmo is there for every waking moment. her first nightmare, her first steps, her first flu, her first everything.
he loves you and your daughter so much. <3
beel meets you and your six year old son during one of his fangol practices.
your sons on the little league fangol team; which really isn’t all that fantastic. it’s just little scrimmages that the little boys usually participate in.
he literally idolizes beel.
beel finds it absolutely adorable; you find it a tad embarrassing that your son is always following after son ginger-headed adult when said ginger is supposed to be practicing.
“mr. beel! teach me how to tackle? please? i wanna be like you!”
the two of you finally become acquaintanced with one another when beel shows up to one of your sons fangol games.
“i came cause i promised C/N that i’d come to watch-, is it okay if i sit with you?”
he said that with his hands filled with snacks.
you two started going out two months after knowing one another; he always comes over and practices fangol with your son.
you find it absolutely adorable.
beel always comes to your sons practices and games; always cheering him on and giving him tips and pointers.
the first time C/N refers to beel as his father is when he made him a father’s day card. <3
beel loved it and almost cried over it.
he adores you and C/N so, so much.
he’s such a huge help too! always making sure the two of you are well-fed and sleeping properly.
he will not let your guys’ health diminish in yalls household. he wants what’s best for you all. <3
he met you when he was helping your crying baby girl find you at the supermarket.
“it’s gonna be okay, we’ll find your mommy.” he’d say, holding the three year old close to him and reassuringly rubbing her back.
normally belphie wouldn’t get this close to a crying and snotty toddler, but the way she ran to him, crying broke his heart.
when he finally finds you, he makes sure that you’re okay too.
“i can only imagine how scary it is to lose a toddler at the store..”
you beg him to let you buy him dinner for finding your daughter.
shortly after this exchange you and belphie started going out.
he practically lives at your house too-.
“ya know Y/N. i think C/N likes me so much, that i’m her new daddy, isn’t that right, C/N?”
this is so obvious, but belphie takes naps with her, and always makes sure that she has good dreams.
i headcanon that belphie is able to see into peoples dreams, and can somehow turn the bad ones into good ones.
so, he always makes sure that C/N has good dreams.
she makes him a father’s day card just like Beel’s son does. <3
she loves him so, so much, and belphie loves her. they both adore one another so, so much.
Tumblr media
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shiosblog · 2 days ago
Beelzebub: Where's Mammon?
Belphegor: I don't know
Asmodeus: Where could he be?
Leviathan: Can you find him, Mc
Mc: *shouts* Hey mammon, I'll give you my black card if you stop hiding!
Mammon: *muffled voice from a distance* For real?!
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luxthestrange · a day ago
Incorrect quotes #543 How it started
God, to Mc*Helping The new spirit before they head to earth*Pick your soulmate, Pick… pick fewer soulmates than that...Put some back. That’s too many-WAIT THESE ARE SONS!?
Tumblr media
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kozumebunny · 2 days ago
Hear me out, Devildom is ususlly cold and MC lived in some place like Arizona/Florida/anything really and Obey Me brothers going there only to meet the heat
Idk I thought it'd be funny lol
- ♤, a person who lives in Florida
Oh! An anon with an identity?? Insane
Also Florida humidity is gross spades (that is a spades symbol right??) its so bad for my hair it sucks all the moisture out of it
Lucifer takes it in a stride. Chances are he is the most PERFECTLY packed brother. Has left over space in his suitcase to bring things back. Cycles through all of his outfits and even has a little trash bag for his dirty clothes? Has sunscreen and a hat. He probably isn't a fan of the heat but he won't complain.
Mammon complains. He complains so much its annoying. His leather jacket? He tries to wear it in 80 degree 75% humidity. Why? For the fashion? Because it's his safety jacket? I don't know. He's stubborn. His sunglasses do come in handy here though! Won't wear a hat either. He doesn't want to mess up his hair.
Leviathan doesn't want to get out of his hoodie because it makes him feel safe. Out of all the brothers most likely to suffer from heat stroke. He does enjoy the humidity, although it's my personal head canon it comes from him enjoying more wet/moist environments! He likes the indoors anyways so he probably would hide out indoors anyways. Beach days with this guy? No he doesn't like the feel of sand.
Asmodeus wears a crop top with a heart shaped booby hole cut out. I'm right and I should say it. Thrives in the heat. Wants to go to the beach, get a tan. Has a little thing of sunscreen on him at all times. Doesn't like the heat only because he starts to sweat.
Satan isn't crazy about the heat. It just makes him feel like a wet puddle. Dresses like a normal person in shorts and a t shirt. Probably wants ice cream. Won't wear a hat but also refuses to wear glasses. Walks around squinting at everything. Probably gets a sun burn on his face or on the back of his shoulders/neck.
Beelzebub isn't bothered by high heat. He cooks a lot so he's used to it. But for extended periods? Nope. He becomes sleepy in warm weather. Dresses reasonable and probably reminds you to put on sunscreen every hour or so. He's terrified you'll get a sunburn, he's worried because you're human and you won't recover from sunburns as fast as he will.
Belphegor is a hermit, so he probably doesn't really think about weather. Warm weather is a bonus to him as he can nap outside and be warm, but cold weather is also a win to him as he can stay inside and cuddle under blankets. Still wears a hoodie outside, likes to be reallyyy warm.
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devilfemdom · 21 hours ago
Not good enough
Pairing: Asmodeus x gn!Reader genre(?): angst,suggestive Warnings: mention of sex 586 words
Tumblr media
Your chest heaves quickly, trying to calm down. Asmodeus' hot breath is fanning over your nipples. Asmo readjusts and nestles into your neck, breathing you in, and leaving small pecks all he could reach. You laugh at the ticklish sensation. You have one arm around him, pulling him close to you. "That was fun" you say lighthearted, rubbing his back "you did a good job".  Asmodeus pushes himself up on one of his elbows to look you in your face and smiles proudly "you did too" he replies genuinely. Ready to plummet into your arms again he lets go, but you pull away, making him fall into his pillows instead. He turns around with a pout on his face. "We should do that again some time" you say and standing up with your back facing him, picking up your clothes that are scattered across his bedroom floor.
Asmo now sits upright in his bed, hair disheveld, his skin covered in bite marks and hickey that start becoming more visvible and his blanket covering his legs, as he looks at you dressing yourself. "Where are you going?" he hopes he doesn't sound as pathetic as he think he did. You turn around, looking at him "were you hoping for another round?" you walk towards the bed and cup his face with one hand, you lean down and press a kiss to his lips. Asmo catches your bottom lip with his teeth and deepens the kiss. Your free hand entangles into his hair. His tongue is exploring your mouth and he lowers himself onto the bed again. You let yourself get dragged down, you steady yourself with your hands next to his head, upholding you and stopping your body from crashing on top of him. Your body tingles overcome with sensations. The scent of roses are filling your nostrils and his lipgloss tastes like peaches, everything feels sweet. Your bodies are heating up again, but you pull away.
"Your truly are insatiable" you say playfully as you wipe your lips with your thumb to catch any escaped saliva. You stand up and straigthen your clothes. "But I need to wake up early tomorrow and I need to catch the last bus." You walk over to his mirror to fix your hair. "Anyway I had a great time. Text me if you wanna repeat today, some time." With that you walk out of his room without even looking at him and exit the House of Lamentation.
Asmodeus sits on his mattress, staring blankly at the door. So, you were only interested in his body. He feels ashamed as the realization hits him. Of course you weren't interested in him, what does he even have to offer besides his sex appeal? Even though it happened a thousand time before, the stinging feeling of being used, doesn't let up. He is abondoned with bruises all over his skin, that mock him over his hope of meaning something to you. The feeling of disgust and shame is consuming him. Asmo wraps his arms around himself and shuts his eyes. Why did it feel so real? His eyes are burning. Your adoring smile when you looked at him, your sweet compliments and your gentle touches. Is he not worthy of your love? His fingers brush over his lips, before he grips his arms and grits his teeth as salty tears trail down his face. Is he only ever good enough for sex? Will he never be loved for who he is?
Asmodeus weeps the entire night.
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hanmas · a month ago
Obey me boys except when the gold hellfire newt syrup made them horn dogs, you let them hit 🫶🏻
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☰ INCLUDES: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor
— tags: nsfw 18+, spoilers for lessons 21 and 22, afab! reader, unprotected sex, cowgirl (leviathan), hand jobs (satan), cunnilingus (beelzebub), blow jobs (belphegor)
— notes: this has been in my drafts for so long rip
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✰ 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐅𝐄𝐑 wraps his arms around you and pulls you flush against his chest, cheek laying over your head as you clutch his shirt tightly with your fist. “did you think of me when you went back to the human world? did you think of only me—not my brothers?” he asks lowly, voice almost a slight pant as you feel his hard-on poke you through his pants. you nod, hand reaching down to palm him through the fabric, making his hand grab your wrist with a growl. “it seems you’re still just as bold,” he smirks, gently pushing you back until you’re sprawled over his desk, your clothes being tugged off as he kisses you messily. you watch as he strokes himself a few times, his jaw clenching before he slides up and down against your folds, smirking at the way you whine. “don’t tease,” you huff, lips puffy and swollen from the earlier kissing. “did you dream of me? of this?” he whispers, blunt tip slipping into your warm cunt, kissing your sweet spot perfectly as he buries himself to the hilt with a low groan, “because i did. i dreamt of this since you left. you’re mine, all mine,” he grunts, hips slowly starting a rhythm as your arms wrap tightly around his neck, your sweet whines ringing through the room. lucifer thinks he can get used to this melody—thinks he prefers it over any symphony he’s heard over the millennia. your walls hug around his cock tighter, and he moans lowly, head digging deep into your neck. “do you know what you do to me?” he growls, “a mere human, but i can barely breathe when i look at you.”
✰ 𝐌𝐀𝐌𝐌𝐎𝐍 cups your cheeks and kisses you needy, hungry, desperate. his lips suck on yours, tongue exploring your mouth as he pants against you. “why’d ya take so long to get to my room?” he pouts, “shoulda came to me first. are they more important? ‘m your first,” he reminds you, letting out a shaky breath as your hand trails under his shirt to rub over his bare skin. your palm glides up his abs to his chest, thumbs rolling over his nipples as he whines softly. “come closer, i need ya closer,” he groans, cock pulsing through his jeans as he rubs against your clothes cunt. you moan against each other’s mouths, grinding your hips against each other before he quickly slips your pants down your legs, fumbling to free himself before he bends you over the hood of the car in his room. “always wanted to bend ya over this,” he mutters, pressing hot kisses against the back of your neck. “room’s been so empty without ya. ya don’t have to go back, jus’ stay here with me, the great mammon’ll take care of ya.” his cock slowly inches into you, ripping a needy moan from his throat as his forehead rests against your shoulder, your tight walls fluttering around his thick cock as his hands squeeze your hips with a bruising grip. “f-fuck, ya feel so g-good—don’t think i can let ya go after this,” he grunts, hearing your breathy moans under him, making him even harder as he ruts his hips into you. “missed you, mammon,” you whine, “missed you so bad.” his breath is labored as his pace turns sloppy, angling his hips to slam into the spot that makes your back arch against his chest. “‘course ya missed the great mammon,” he lets out a breathy chuckle, “‘m your first man, don’t ya remember?”
✰ 𝐋𝐄𝐕𝐈𝐀𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍 blushes as you whisper “kiss me, levi,” his breath hitching in his throat as you lean closer, your breath fanning over his lips. he should pull away—but he can’t help but lean closer until your lips touch, molding against each other perfectly. he pants against your lips, kissing you sloppily as your tongue slips into his mouth and glides against his own—pulling a soft chuckle from you as he lets out a strangled groan. “w-we should stop,” he stutters, “but now i want more.” you grin, gently pushing him onto his back on his bed, hovering over him as you trail your lips down his neck and to his collarbone, marking his pale skin while his breath turns ragged. “want more too, levi,” you murmur, “missed you so much. let me show you.” he watches in a trance, pupils dilated and cheeks crimson as you slowly undress, helping him slip out of his own clothes before you hand grazes his stiff cock. he lets out a shaky gasp, hips bucking into your hand for more friction. “a-are you sure...you want to—” he quickly cuts himself off with a moan when you squeeze around his tip, thumb teasing his slit before smearing the pre cum over his length. “of course i do,” you hum, letting out a soft moan as you sink down on his cock, watching as his head falls against the pillow and his hands grip your waist tightly, “wanted this for so long.” you roll your hips, both of your moans filling the room as he thrusts his hips up to meet you halfway, veins dragging along your walls and tip sinking deep into your sweet spot. “c-can’t believe you’re back—can’t believe you’re with me,” he rasps, “hope you never leave.”
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐍 presses you against his wall of many books, and even as you feel the uncomfortable dig of the bookshelf against your back, you can’t help but let your lips press harder against his, making him let a soft groan as his hair falls over his eyes. “did—did you ever wish to see me? while you were away?” he breathes, eyes staring into yours as you brush the strands of hair out of his face. you lean to press gentle kisses along his cheeks, feeling the heat of his blush under your lips as your hand moves to rub over his clothed erection. he lets out a choked groan, head falling to your shoulder as his legs quiver when you slip his hardened cock from his pants. your thumb glides through his slit, smearing the pre cum around his reddened tip before slowly stroking his length, feeling his hot breath as he pants against your skin. “i did,” you murmur, “and i wished to see you like this too,” you say cheekily, feeling him let out a low chuckle through his labored pants. “being away has made you less shy, it seems. you’re—o-oh, fuck,” he cuts himself off with a soft moan, hips thrusting into your fist and chasing the friction. you turn your head, planting soft kisses on the side of his head, stroking him faster as your hand squeezes tighter around his aching length. you grin as he shudders against your body, your free hand threading through his sweaty locks. “did you get lonely without me,” you hum, making him scoff—but then you squeeze around him tighter, making him rasp out a moan as his cock twitches, nearing his impending orgasm. “okay, f-fine,” he grunts, “i missed you. it wasn’t the same without you—i’m not the same without you.”
✰ 𝐀𝐒𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄𝐔𝐒 giggles as he presses soft kiss after kiss to your face, mapping out your cheeks and forehead, lingering over your eyelids and the tip of your nose as your arms hook around his neck. “oh, you’re so cute! your waist fits my hands so perfectly,” he murmurs, forehead pressed against yours as he admires you. you whine, bucking your hips up, letting out a shaky gasp as the tip of his cock rubs over your clit, making him smile down at you with a chuckle. “patience, sweetheart,” he hums, “i’ll give you what you want, but first you have to tell me if you missed me as much as i missed you.” his finger teases over your clit, rubbing slow circles, a soft whimper slipping past your lips as he presses gentle kisses to your neck and sucks on the skin. “i did,” you cry, “i did, i m-missed you so much! asmo, please—” he cuts you off with the tip of his cock slowly teasing past your folds, a soft laugh ringing through your ear as he kisses the shell of it. “you’re so pretty when you’re all needy,” he grins, “so, so cute when you want attention. i love you.” he lets out a wanton moan against your ear, breathy gasps bubbling from his throat as you squeeze around his cock, his hips rolling with a slow, steady pace that leaves you both whining against each other. “love you too, love you too,” you babble, raising your hips and meeting his thrusts halfway, mewling as his he curves into you and hits your spot perfectly. your chests meet, nipples grazing as he pulls you into a heated kiss and whines against your mouth. “feel so good, sweetheart,” he groans, “you’re so pretty like this, don’t think i can ever let you go now.”
✰ 𝐁𝐄𝐄𝐋𝐙𝐄𝐁𝐔𝐁 plants two strong hands on your hips, pulling you closer as his head falls to your shoulder, his nose trailing along your neck and inhaling your scent before he presses a soft kiss to your skin. “you smell so good,” he murmurs, “let me taste you—just a small nibble.” you gasp lightly before he lifts you to sit on the kitchen counter, fingers hooking into your waistband and quickly making work to pull your pants and underwear down your legs. “just need one taste, you smell so sweet,” he breathes, kneeling down until he’s face to face with your dripping cunt. he presses a soft kiss to your clit, humming as you shiver and let out a soft whimper. “so hungry—but it feels so different. so hungry for you,” he mumbles, lips attaching onto your clit and sucking slowly while his fingers sink past your folds, making you throw your head back as your hands bury into his locks and tug at the roots while you whine. “b-beel—fuck, we shouldn’t…we shouldn’t do this h-here,” you stutter, feeling his tongue slide along your wet folds, your slick smearing across his face as he devours you. “can’t wait anymore, ‘m too hungry,” he moans against you, the vibrations making you squeal as your brain turns foggy, all reason leaving your mind. “more,” you whine, “please, i need more.” his tongue almost sinks past you deeper at that, lapping at your folds as he groans at how sweet you taste. “gonna come taste you when i get hungry from now on,” he moans, “so good and sweet for me.”
✰ 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐆𝐎𝐑 is breathing heavily, face bright red as you kneel between his legs, pumping his stiff length with your hand as your other fondles his balls. he lets out a choked gasp when you lean down and kiss the tip sweetly, looking up at him with doe eyes. “belphie, don’t get shy now,” you hum, “you asked for this, remember?” he grunts, frowning down at you with pouty lips. “i’m still mad you ate my food,” he huffs, “so you have to make it up to me.” smiling, you press kisses from the base of his shaft, lips pressing gently up his length as his breath turns more and more ragged. his head throws back with a soft whine as you take him into your mouth, tongue swirling around his tip before you bob your head up and down his length. his hips buck into your mouth, hand cupping the back of your head before he fucks himself down your throat. “fuck—you’re good at this,” he rasps, “sh-should’ve had you do this while you were here.” his eyes are squeezed shut, faced flushed as your hand gently rubs his thigh. popping off with a grin, he hisses, glaring down at you as you press another kiss to his tip. “i’ll do this whenever you want,” you murmur, blinking up at him innocently before slowly wrapping your lips around his tip and sucking, making him groan lowly. “then you b-better come back whenever i call,” he grunts, “in fact, don’t leave at all.” your hand reaches to play with his balls once more, making his head fall back with a low moan, cock twitching in your mouth while pants erratically. “didn’t get to spend as much time with you as the rest—g-gotta stay with me and make up for it.”
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garoujo · 28 days ago
Tumblr media
feat : lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeous, beelzebub + belphegor.
warnings : f. reader, some slight exhibitionism but it’s mostly just pda, needy brothers, teasing, slight grinding/dry humping and groping.
note : i couldn’t get this out of my head at like 3am so i had to write it down so i could actually sleep sob ;-;
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— you’d picked up on his tell tale signs pretty quickly, but unfortunately so had his brothers. it was obvious in the way his long fingers seemed to suddenly linger on your skin, a deep-seated desire compelling him to suddenly not be able to take his hands or eyes off you, pulling a few sniggers from his younger brothers when you both a share a long, obvious look and you know what he wants.
it’s painfully obvious the way that lucifer’s eyes seem to lower when you enter the room, he’s sunk into his chair—his head propped up by his palm as his dark gaze drags along your figure and he feels his body burn at the sight of you. “long day?” you sigh and the eldest demon almost jumps, collecting himself before he clears his throat and reaches his free hand to fix his messy hair. you murmur his name, voice like a dreamy hum from a drunken prayer and he feels his cock throb with a familiar need, like it’s drawn in by the sound. “come here.” he breathes, and you cross the room while his heavy eyes stay locked on you, until you’re close enough for his fingers to reach for you—wrap gently around your wrist to prompt you to lean closer, and he feels you shiver under his touch before his neck flares hot and you close the distance, enough for his lips to graze along your cheek. “can ya both get a room, you’re bein’ gross!” mammon calls from his place on the couch, pulling you both from your haze and lucifer shoots him a warning glare to shut him up before his attention is on you once more. “let’s continue this in my room.”
— it was difficult for mammon to keep his hands off you at the best of times but even more so when he was needy (which was also most of the time). his mood always obvious in the way he seems to stick close to your side, drunken giggles leaving his lips as he drops kisses along your cheeks and jawline—pulling you against him as his hands follow the path of your curves and he’s deliberately pressing his cock against your side, in the hopes you pick up his obvious hints through his breathless whines of “cmon, i need ya—t-to see somethin’, c-can ya just follow me already.”
you were alone as you stood in the kitchen, tapping through your DDD while you stood against the counter, leaning over the marble before you hear a familiar huff from behind you. “there ya are, been lookin’ for ya.” mammon hums and with the way your back is facing him you don’t notice the way his eyes drag along your figure with undisguised desire, hot and undeniable, making him swallow heavily as his cheeks tint pink. “you found me.” you giggle, peering back at him and he grumbles something under his breath before he’s pressing himself against you. “what ya doin’ anyway, ya should be entertainin’ me instead ya know.” he mumbles, blinking down at your DDD from over your shoulder and you drape your head back in luxury when you feel his toned chest against your back, almost caging you against the counter and just the feeling of having you close has his cock twitching in his jeans as he burns hot. from how close mammon is you can hear the way his breathing becomes increasingly more shallow, his hands smoothing over the skin of your hips until he’s pulling you closer—his hips involuntarily rolling into yours and you can feel how hard he is, the sudden friction making his mind spin as he bites back a groan. “shit—d’ya wanna go s-somewhere else, just c-cause ya obviously can’t keep your hands off me, just don’t want anyone gettin’ jealous if they see ya feelin’ me up. j-just come on, already, would ya?”
— it was always extremely obvious whenever levi needed you, the blush on his cheeks never leaving his face as he found it harder and harder to concentrate on whatever he was supposed to be doing. it was probably one of the only time he even let him concentration slip while gaming because he’d much rather focus on you instead.
“levi? hellooooo?” you hum from your place on your boyfriends bed, raising a brow at the purple haired demon as he snaps from his daydream and he suddenly feels too warm. “w-what is it? i was j-just thinking about strategies, okay—that’s all it was, uh—anyway,” levi fumbles, clearing his throat a little awkwardly as if you can’t see the way he’s flushed to his chest, his fingers almost breaking the controller under his strong touch as he tries to get comfortable, trying and failing to ignore the way his cock is straining against his sweats. “are you okay?” you hum, voice like honey and it makes his heart pound, inching yourself across the bed, closer to him, and his chest jumps with an inhale when your thigh grazes along his, his blush stinging his skin as his hands squeeze even tighter around the controller and the sound of his character taking even more damage echoes through the room as he inhales sharply. “heh—it’s nothing! it’s n-nothing, do you want to d-do something else for a bit, i need a—uh, break!”
— satan thought he was more discreet than he actually was but there was always a certain air that surrounded him when he was needy, something obvious in the way his eyes would drop and you’d be able to see his jaw clench, a smirk stretching his lips as he leans in closer, tries to gather you close to him as his lustful gaze lazes over you so casually, like he’s studying you.
“having fun?” satan hums as he enters the dining room, finding you with beel as the younger demons stuff his face, only offering his older brother a gruff hum in greeting before his attention is back on his food. you can tell immediately when you turn to look at him, feeling his presence approach you, the look he sends you in return stealing your words as he murmurs your name through a raspy sound, clenches his jaw when he looks at you again, eyes dropped and heavy. he’s entranced when he looks at you, truly, and he swallows at how alluring you seem to be whenever you do anything. “are you free right now?” satan grunts and you gulp before standing from your seat, feeling the familiar warmth from his fingers a few moments later as they rest against your jaw—keeping your eyes trained on his while his thumb moves to stroke along your lips, like a wordless plea “i-i need to talk to you about, something.” his tone wavering slightly as a dusting of pink decorates his cheekbones.
— if anyone wasn’t discreet it would be asmo, he has no shame in telling you exactly how much he wants you, needs you. but sometimes he likes to tease you a little more, he finds it more intimate and rewarding when he whispers his thoughts against your skin between kisses, sighing softly in an attempt to convince you to let him drag you away to his room no matter what you’re doing, but he’ll make sure you end up just as needy as he is before he does.
“you’re looking just as adorable as ever this morning.” asmo hums as he meets you in the hall, skipping over to you with his usual teasing smile on his lips. “i do too, ofcourse—wouldn’t you agree? infact, how about you show me that you agree instead, hm?” he giggles and you can’t help but laugh, the sound making something sizzle in his stomach before he pulls you in for a hug, making sure to keep you held against his for a few moments longer than he normally would as you feel his lips against your skin. asmo’s skin feels hot but his smirk remains when he begins dropping a few kisses along the dip of your shoulder, deliberately leaving featherlight touches against the spots that have you wriggling against him with want, likes he’s proving how well he knows your body. “what’s wrong? did seeing me get you riled up? you want me to take care of you?” he breathes, his words whispered low against the skin of your neck and you want to roll your eyes at how annoying he is, but when you feel him pinch at another one or your sweet spots you can’t help but whimper, pulling an almost pleased moan from the brother against you. “i knew it! you just want some attention, well let me give you more—“
— there wasn’t many things that beel felt as strongly as he did hunger, except when it came to you, need came pretty close and it was almost primal whenever it took over him. feeling him press his solid body against yours, almost grinding his hips against your as he shamelessly pants against your skin, his cheeks warm when he looks at you, violet eyes heavy with want and cock twitching against his sweats.
it was common for you and beel to make trips to the kitchen together, you normally keeping him company while he emptied the contents of the fridge but he seemed different tonight—he was quieter and you’d caught him stealing glances over his shoulder at you more often that you could count. “are you finished?” you hum when you watch him approach you, chest broad and puffed before he’s groaning, deep and languid and it echoes somewhere deep in his chest when he presses himself against you, letting his lips rest against your cheek as his eyes close at the contact. “want something else.” beel grunts, something carnal boiling in his stomach when he looks at you, feels the warmth of your body against his until he’s almost panting against you, his primitive instincts making it seem like the room is spinning. “and what do you want?” you hum, even though the way his cock is hard and straining against your thigh through his pants makes it painfully obviously what he wants, but you ask anyway just to hear another deep groan sound from his lips as he grinds himself against you once more. “you look tasty.”
— you had learned his signs pretty quickly, he was discreet in his hints, well to others atleast because they were always so obvious to you. always seeming to feel him nudge a little closer when he sat next to you, hiding everything behind a veil of him being ‘sleepy’ as if you can’t feel his fingers tracing shapes along the inside of your thighs.
you offer the youngest brother a gentle smile when you feel him slide onto the couch next to you, his chin resting lazily onto the palm of his hand as he props himself up against the arm to shoot you a drowsy grin. “are you sleepy?” you mumble, the question like a whisper as you turn to face belphie before he nods slowly and rests his head against your shoulder, and you’re quick to notice the sudden heat of his palm against your thigh that follows. “a little.” he finally replies, squeezing at your skin a little teasingly after his words, and you want to squirm, but you know it’ll draw the attention of the other brothers who are too busy bickering over something mammon did, so instead you find yourself inhaling deep, feeling his fingertips trace their way higher before they return to their place with an almost proud tap against your skin after. you murmur his name, it’s dreamy and breathless when his fingers make their way higher once more and his palm suddenly feels clammier, causing the younger demon to grumble before his hand leaves your skin. “you guys are too loud, we’re gonna go nap in my room.”
Tumblr media
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asmos-pet · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ genre... smut with obey me x fem!reader
+ tw... cum, lots of cum, unprotected sex, cream pie, anal, overstimulation, blowjobs
Tumblr media
— LUCIFER:  ꒰ inside you ꒱ 𖥦 in the beginning, lucifer adamantly insists that he wear a condom— not just for your sake, but for his too. he already has six brothers and the entire student body to supervise; he seriously can’t afford to have a child right now. however, when you run out of rubbers one night and one thing leads to another, you two continue on, deciding he can just pull out of you when he gets close. yet, there was one thing he didn’t account for: how fucking euphoric your bare walls felt clenching around his cock. as soon as he sheaths himself inside of you, his lashes are fluttering, a guttural groan reverberating from his chest. your slick, velvety texture sends him reeling as his hips instinctually thrust into you, the tip of his cock kissing your cervix each time. before he realizes what he’s doing, he’s slamming his hips against yours, burying his face in the crook of your neck. his pace only quickens as he gets closer to his orgasm, holding you in place when it finally hits him, thick ribbons of cum painting your walls in a brilliant white. even then, he lets out a low growl and continues fucking his seed back into you.
— MAMMON:  ꒰ your mouth ꒱ 𖥦 mammon is absolutely weak at the sight of you kneeling before him, looking up at him with your big doe eyes and begging to suck his cock. he’ll never turn down the proposition, always immediately unbuttoning his jeans and yanking his boxers down so his cock springs free. he’ll let you set the pace, watching as you go further down his length with every bob of your head. and when you finally take him all into your mouth, your nose pressed against his pelvis— that’s when he grabs a fistful of your hair and holds you down, groaning as your throat contracts around him in a gag. he can’t help but start fucking your mouth, keeping your head in place as his hips start bucking forward, the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat each time. he loves how you gag around him, the way saliva dribbles down your chin, the way tears streak down your cheeks. he even loves when your hands start smacking against his thighs, but that doesn’t mean he lets up. but, his favorite part is when he gets to cum down your throat, his cock twitching in your mouth. he’ll moan while telling you not to waste a single drop.
— LEVIATHAN: ꒰ your thighs ꒱ 𖥦 leviathan loves the warm plush of your thighs, the way they jiggle when he’s fucking them from behind. you’ll be bent down on all four while he’s rutting into your backside, your thighs covered in precum as they press together around his cock. he’d even argue that it felt just as good as your cunt, the way your slick drooled onto his length as it rubbed against your folds. the way your back arched every time the tip of his dick nudged your clit has his rhythm quickening, his head falling backward as he worries his bottom lip between his teeth. his nails dip into your hips when he finally releases his load, milky liquid spattering all over your thighs and the sheets beneath you. yet, you keep grinding back into him, mewling out as your own orgasm wracks through your body, your legs trembling around him while he moans out from overstimulation. when you roll over onto your back to catch your breath, he never fails to marvel at the mess he created, even running his fingers through it to spread it around. 
— SATAN: ꒰ on your cunt ꒱ 𖥦 satan likes to keep his appearance immaculate, his notes taken in a tedious fashion to ensure he memorizes all of the information. he prefers the prim and proper, the calm and composed; expect when it comes to sex. during sex, he wants to see you messy. he wants to take your leg and hook it over his shoulder and plow into your cunt until a loud squelching sound is echoing off the walls of the room. the way your eyes roll back in your head, nails scratching at his shoulder makes his cock throb inside you, and when you finally cream around his cock, he hisses and fucks you through it, forcing you to ride out your climax. he doesn’t care if your pussy is sensitive— he’s got one goal in mind and it comes to fruition when he pulls out from your vice grip and finishes all over your cunt, covering your folds in thick white globs of cum. his eyes glint with delight as he watches it drip down onto the blank beneath you and before you know it, he’s fingering it into you, his thumb rubbing circles on your clit. 
— ASMODEUS: ꒰ your face ꒱ 𖥦 asmo will croon at you as you crawl in between his legs, beckoning you to pull down his pants as he lies back against the pillows watching you. he thinks you’re absolutely adorable when you blush at the sight of his cock glistening with precum, your eyebrows furrowing in concentration as you take him into your mouth. he’ll reach down and brush strands of hair back from your face, coaxing you to look up at him while you pepper his length with open mouthed kisses, dragging your flattened tongue from the base up to the tip. your tongue is his kryptonite, and he can’t help but let out a melodic moan when it flicks over his slit. the closer he gets to his peak, the more likely it is for his hips to start bucking up into the air, chasing after your mouth when you pull back from bobbing your head. it’s when you feel his cock start pulsing that you start pumping him with your hand, his lips parting in a silent gasp as his cum shoots out onto your face. he thinks you’re so pretty covered in his essence, smearing it across your bottom lip before pushing it into your mouth.
— BEELZEBUB: ꒰ your hand ꒱ 𖥦 while beel enjoys blowjobs, there’s just something about watching your hand jerk him off that drives him crazy. it just looks so small compared to his monstrous cock, your fingers barely wrapping all the way around it. usually, you have to use both hands, stroking them up and down, usually focusing on the tip. he can only watch as you lean down and lick the precum off the head before spitting onto it, letting your hands work it in as they continue their motions. if he’s wearing a shirt, he’ll pull it up and bite at the hem to keep quiet, his eyebrows knitting together when your thumb presses against his slit. he’d fuck your hands like a fleshlight if he could, but he musters up all of his self will to keep still and let you bring him his high, knowing it’ll feel so much better if he waits patiently. and when he finally does cum, glossy white liquid spurting out and drenching your hands, you reward him by looking him in the eyes and licking it all off slowly, humming in satisfaction as his taste lingers on your tongue.
— BELPHEGOR: ꒰ in your ass ꒱ 𖥦 belphegor will get drunk off your pussy, but he will get downright shitfaced off your ass. he loves how pathetic you sound while he works it open with his fingers, scissoring them apart to help prep you for his dick. he just eats up the way you whimper when he finally does start pushing inside you, groaning lowly as your walls clench down around him and try to coax him back out. he’s too big, but he doesn’t care— all that matters is how good your ass feels squeezing his cock. it feels like heaven in hell, especially when he bottoms out inside you. he doesn’t hesitate in setting a brutal pace, shoving your face into the covers to muffle your whines as his hips hammer into your from behind. he’ll lean down and whisper filthy things into your ear until he topples over the edge, yanking your head up out of the covers so he can hear you scream as he fills you up. he’s got the biggest grin on his face as he slowly pulls out, watching as white trickles down onto your cunt before soaking the sheets below. 
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onetoomanyfandomfixations · 2 months ago
Obey Me Brothers w MC Who Uses Pet Names Without Thinking
If you have the balls to start calling this demon pet names from the get-go I bow to thee
A brave soldier you are
It irks him endlessly if you aren’t close
But once you are? It’s just habit.
Will do the same to you.
But if it’s over excessive (e.g. light of my life, reason of being);
“what do you want”
Ngl he does Love those ones though, strokes his ego Massively
Will Not let anyone else call him such names
Favourites are ye olde ones like dearest and my love
Bb will be so flustered
He will do Anything and Everything to get you to call him something cute
He basically worships you
His primary love language is words of affirmation but thats for a different post
“baby can you pass me the controller?”
Damn Right he’s your baby!!
Will occasionally call you cute nicknames, but you have to catch him when he’s feeling confident
But for the most part, you’re just his human, or some variation of your name
Gets upset when you use ‘his’ pet name on others.
He’s your baby okay >:(
Does Not Cope
Doesn’t think you’re talking to him, no matter how long he’s known you
He’ll never get used to it okay
And he would Die before he called you anything
But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t adore it when you call him pet names
Call him beautiful. I dare you.
Watch the colour drain from his face and then watch it come back in a bright red 0.002 seconds later
I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually fainted the first time tbh
Also gets upset when you use ‘his’ pet name on someone else
But instead of getting grumpy like Mammon, he’s just sad
Pls reassure him :(
Catches him off guard
But he thinks it’s cute
He doesn’t necessarily understand it, but he finds it endearing
Will match your energy
“Excuse me honey”
But Will Not let it escalate to Anything vaguely romantic until he gets verbal consent
King behaviour 💕
You called him an angel once, as an offhanded thanks
He didn’t know whether to glare or laugh
Someone to match his energy!
Ngl he thinks that you’re flirting at first
But he’s fine when you explain that you’re not
He finds it kind of refreshing that y’all can call each other cute shit w/o accidentally falling in love
((I hc that he feels guilty whenever he rejects anyone that genuinely falls in love w him, instead of just infatuated))
Y’all use Every pet name under the sun
Darling, babe, wifey/hubby, lovely, you name it
Sometimes you get into competitions to see who can come up with the most disgustingly affectionate nicknames
Will ironically call you shnookums
He can’t stop now, send help
Ngl it confuses him
Like it’s nice and all, but what 😀
“Aww thanks Beel, you’re such a peach!”
What does that mean
Now he wants a peach
What do you mean there aren’t any in the house
Now you gotta go shopping with him
Doesn’t call you nicknames unless you explicitly ask him to, and then pick one out
Just,, doesn’t get it
why though
why call people nice things when you can simply be a nuisance
Doesn’t get it, but in the opposite way that Beel doesn’t get it
But he feels special when u call him a pet name
Strokes his ego, similar to another certain brother of his
Not that he’d ever admit it
“Hey bubba, how was your nap?”
But he will never do the same
Alas, he is but a Bastard
Probably insults you in return (but lovingly)
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averyhornyghost · 3 months ago
Get Your Head Out of the Guter.
The obey me brothers and the dirty thoughts they have about you.
A/n: This is something I've been wanting to do for a while, is not that bad for my first headcannon. I might write the Datetables version later. Meanwhile enjoy!
Warnings!!!: this post conatins, sugestive/explicit writing, thoughts abot vaginal sex, mentions of male masturbation,mentions of female masturbation, fingering, petplay, oral(both fem and male reciving), mirror sex, a little bit of objectification, degrading, public sex, dirty thoughts in general. Minors DNI!!!
❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆
Lucifer likes to think he is above such noughty things, that he has self-control and he tries to keep his mind clear most of the time. But sometimes...
When he is alone with his thougts working late again, he just can't help but think about you wondering if you're awake, you you're maybe thinking about him as well and maybe... just maybe you might be touching yourself to the thought of him-
Ok Lucifer doesn't have control of his thoughts, especially the ones that involves you.
You coming in his office, telling him to take a brake and offering to suck him off.
The sounds you would make as he touches you in places you've never been able to reach before, begging him to just fuck you already.
Maybe you wore a more revealing outfit today, and he imagines himself taking if off of you...
Great, now he can't concentrate on work anymore, damn it Mc! Do you even know what you do to him!
But despite all those dirty thoughts clouding his mind, Lucifer never lets it show, you'll never know whats on his mind.
Mammon tries to keep his thoughts in check, but he always fails miserably. He can't help! I mean have you seen yourdelf, you're just to hot!!!
Just the thought of you, lying down, legs spread open, begging him to stuff you full.
Fucking you against the chalk board in an empty classroom. You calling his name so sweet. Just letting him rail you as much as he pleases.
The sounds you would make for him, just being an absolute mess just for him.
Sucking his dick while he counts money from a recent scheme.
Riding him inside his car after he took you for a joyride around the devildom.
Mammon is not good at hiding his thoughts, if you're not around he'll just blush and bite his lips. But if you're around, he'll blush like crazy, avoid all eye contact and pray you don't notice the tent in his pants.
Ok ok, I like to headcannon that Levi is as dirty as Asmodeus, the dude probably watches a lot of hentai, so he must have some werid kinks.
Levi doesn't want to admit it but hes been thinking about you a lot lately. Y'ou're just so... cute!
He started watching demon x human porn and imagines himself doing thoses things with you when he masturbates.
What he wouldn't give to have you doing those faces for him.
You in a cute cosplay, posing all sexy and cute for him to take pictures. Exposing your preety pussy for him to touch and discover.
You in a cute maid outfit, legs spread open giving the perfect view as you touch yourself for him.
If Mammon is bad at hiding his feelings then Levi is an absolute mess.
He is hard, he is sweaty, he doesn't know how to speak anymore he just wants to go to his room and rub it out. It doens't matter if you're around or not, hes going to avoid eye contact with you for days.
Satan is a romanticist, he doesn't have sirty thoughts that often, but when he does, they just come out of no where.
You're both at a cat cafe, when a cute little cat runs up to you and meows at you, so you meowed back. And that cute moment was ruined by satans mind.
He pictures you on your knees meowing at him begging to suck him off, a pretty colar of your favore color around your neck, it has a little bell on it so everytime he trhust into you it-
He has other fantasies as well, like fucking you on Lucifers office, making you squirm and call his name for everyone to hear.
Making out with you in the RAD libary, telling you to keep quiet or someone will notice you.
Making you a book out loud as he eats you out, and don't you dare stop reading.
Satan can hide his thoughts pretty well, I mean he literally hide his wrath everyday so dirty thoughts aren't a challenge for him.
When is asmodeus not having dirty thoughts?
Every time he sees you he thinks about what you would look like riding him.
Just bouncing onhis cock, telling him you are tired and can't take it anymore, and he just caresses your cheek and tells you to keep going, that you are doing so good for him.
You both in a hot bath as he massages you and tells you how beautiful you are.
Fucking you in front of his mirror, admiring how beautiful you both look at this vulnerable state.
You would look so pretty with your eyes rolled up and your mouth falling open, chanting his name like a prayer.
But those are his most tamed thoughts, Asmodeus is called the avatar of lust for a reason.
All the positions he could fuck you, all the pleasure he could give you... Mc you are driving him insane!!!
Asmo is really good at hiding his thoughts, he is always horny so hiding it has become second nature to him. But he doesn't really like to hide things from you.
Whenever those thoughts pop up and you're around, he'll just hug you from behind and whisper "Oh Mc~, if only you knew the things that I wanna do with you!~"
Beel is a very chill and wholsome guy, but that doesn't mean he id innocent.
He sees you licking a popsicle and thinks its cute, then he wanders if you'd suck his dick in the same way, of course his dick is much bigger than the popsicle, so you'd need both hands to help-
And now he is red.
Thoughts like these just pop uo at the most random times, and our poor Beel does not know how to handle them.
Just ride his cock, crying about how big it is, how full you feel, begging him to fill you up...
Let him eat you out, let him taste you and make you feel good.
Thats what Beel wants, for you to feel goos, good and full of his cum.
Just fucking you in any surface at the House of Lamentation. In the kichen, on the dinning table, on the sofa, the bad, the walls, the floor.
It might be his natural instincts, the need to mark you so that other demons and potential threats don't come near you.
Beel, can hide it when he has these thoughts, he blushes and his gentle smile for drops for a few seconds, then it returns and he just pretends like it never happenend. The problem is hiding his erection, he has no choice other than so the walk of shame to the bathroom and "take care of himself".
Belphie is to busy sleeping to have dirty thoughts, but he has dirty dreams.
Dreams so vivid and real that he feels dispointed whe he wakes up hard and lonly.
Oh, the thought of waking up to you grinding against his erection, having dirty dreams of your own.
Bephegor just wants to see you ruined, you rinding him, whispering praises to him, telling him how much you love his dick inside of you, how much you love pleasuring him.
Just lazily fucking you as you beg for him to go faster, deeper harder.
Belphie is willing to share everything with Beel, his food, his room and even you. He thinks it would be so cute to have his cock stuffed in your mouth as Beel fucks you from behind.
Belphie is very good at hiding his thoughts, he is very chill about it, bat then he makes eye contact with you and remembers his dreams, he blushes a little bit and that's it.
❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒ ⋆⭒ ⋆❤︎⭒
Oof this was a trip. I regret nothing.
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babybeel · 3 months ago
— say you’ll stay (never be severed) when they have a nightmare you die ; title creds
lucifer knows it was just a dream. he knows it wasn’t real, assures himself it wasn’t and yet he allows his heart - still thundering in his chest - to guide his sharp strides and pound on your door. the sight of you, worry for him clear though sleepy and bleary eyed, is enough for lucifer’s knees to melt and he falls forward to embrace you, relieved sigh shuddering through the air next to your ear. it feels natural when your arms circle his torso, tight hold allowing him to sink further and push back the tears that welled in his eyes. for once, lucifer’s head isn’t in charge and he relishes in your touch as his heartbeat begins to slow until it thumps a steady rhythm of i love you, i love you. unknowingly, the words fall from his lips too, escaping from deep within. and it’s the certainty in your voice as you return the confession that finally convinces lucifer he had experienced nothing more than a bad dream.
mammon doesn’t wait, can’t wait. he scrambles to your room, familiar route suddenly lasting an eternity. his feet slap panickedly against the floor as he barges in with such urgency that the door swings open with a bang. the slam is loud enough to scare you awake, half jumping out of your skin. but you don’t have a moment spare to take in what’s happening before mammon wraps himself around you, head tucked into the crook of your neck as he gasps and chants, “you’re ok, you’re ok.” you bring your own arms up to envelope him, knowing not of his nightmare but of just how bravely he protects his family, from the fall to now. it’d be foolish to think he’s the second eldest for nothing. but right now, mammon trembles under your touch, one hand rubbing across his broad shoulders and the other finding its place in the foam of his hair. “i’m ok,” you whisper in return as the first tears hit your collarbone and seep into your skin, “and you are too. i’ve got you, mammon.”
leviathan tries briefly to comfort himself, turning to the games he always found solace in, an escape from his own mind. but the scenes are violent and gory and his thumbs slip nervously on the controllers until he throws the console away from him. big red letters mocking him as they blink “you died.” levi can’t help it when he runs to your room, pictures of his nightmare still clear in his mind, unyielding. it sparks a fear in him that runs deeper than his worries of being a burden. and when you tug the demon gently into your hold, giving him the touch he so desperately needed, a whimper escapes him. it seems that is enough for levi to unravel, tears flooding down his cheeks as details of his night flow from his lips. you try your best to catch them all, more than used to levi’s ramblings, but he’s babbling incomprehensibly and you can’t keep up. and though stuck on the story of his video game, you still manage to calm levi with a simply reply of “let’s do it together.”
satan tries so hard, so desperately to distract himself. he first takes to deviltube, hoping the mindless videos would soothe his nerves but the voices in his head ring louder than the ones on screen. when that fails, he picks up his trusty book but it isn’t long before he becomes stuck on the same sentence, thoughts raging and wild. it’s only when the words begin to mix and blend that satan realises there are tears dripping down his cheeks. he swipes at them harshly, but them and the nonsensical fear to sleep again in case the nightmare returns has him padding down the hallways, knocking almost meekly at your door. the muted beats serve for confusion as you open the door, but it takes a split second for you to notice satan’s redrimmed eyes and the way he stands, awkward, unsure, small. refusing to meet your gaze. in an instant, you pull him into you, not needing an explanation but simply willing the demon to return to his usual self. and with your comfort and love, satan already has.
asmodeus is a mess. tears mar his skin, his eyes are bloodshot and his fingers tug tightly at his hair. his sobs have since turned into ugly, shapeless shrieks that have you venturing into his room, concern fuelling each action. you’ve never once seen him so unkempt. the grip he has only loosens when your hand covers his own, partly out of shock and partly out of comfort. asmo allows you to gently pull at him as if he is something delicate and dainty until eventually, he finds himself turned towards you. asmo can only count down the seconds for you to open your arms and invite him closer, and he all but jumps into your hold, pressed tight against you, skin against skin. your warmth sears at him, enough to dispel the horrid dreams and fearful tears. because asmo knows best that your touch is like none other, and with you, all his fears and worries glimmer away.
it’s no secret that beelzebub is plagued by nightmares. his brothers take turns in soothing him in the midst of the night, guilt weighing heavy on their chests. but tonight is different, tonight is bad. and when belphie comes banging on your door and tugs you down the hall, you follow wordlessly, heart in your throat. beel is surrounded by his older brothers when you arrive, harsh sobs shuddering through his frame. it is only when belphie returns with you that he begins to calm, his family finally full. you���re quick to slot yourself against his side when he reaches an arm out, hand finding his own. the feeling of your deep breaths banishes away the remnants of his nightmare and he tries his best to mirror them, to mirror you. still, when the tears dry and his lip no longer quivers, beel refuses to fall asleep again, too afraid of what may happen to his family when his back is turned. a squeeze of his hand directs his attention to you, and his eyes begin to prick once more as you whisper, “you can rest, beel. we’re all ok.”
belphegor is paralysed as his sin works against him. the lifeless image of you sends him thrashing, trapped in his many blankets with desperate, fearful whimpers escaping his throat. when he wakes in the attic, his heart sinks, and for a moment he isn’t sure if the images tormenting his mind are from the nightmare or a distant memory. but when you grip belphie’s shoulders and pull him close, he is soothed ever so slightly. still, tears spring at his eyes and you’re suddenly reminded that he is the youngest of the brothers, palm tracing up and down his spine. apologies spill from his lips, words mixing together between stammers and stumbles but you only hold belphie tighter with a dismissive shake of your head. you wonder gently if belphie’s sorry whispers are for bothering you or something bigger, but the thought remains at the back of your mind as he trembles beneath you. “it’s alright, belphie,” you coo softly, “i’m right here with you.”
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mammonstoothbrush · 7 days ago
lucifer | satan | asmodeus | beelzebub reacting to you accidentally saying you love them at the end of a phonecall
originally written on: 26/03/20
my kofi <3
kinda a part 2 to this post
it’ll catch him off guard for like a MILLISECOND 
you won’t even realise it because you’re too busy trying to die from the shock and embarrassment
so it SOUNDS like he’s just being all suave and chill when he replies, “love you, too.” before he hangs up 
it’s only after that will Lucifer allow himself to panic in the privacy of his office or room 
????????? he was supposed to be the one to confess to you first!! :( 
he even wanted to plan it out and everything 
but he doesn’t dwell on it too much because there’s a bigger issue at stake: finding you and making sure you’re not already digging your own grave 
surprise no. 2 of the day is when he finds you outside his door, ready to knock, face like a tomato 
surprise no. 3 is when you ask, “did you mean it?”
suddenly Lucifer’s face is all red and hot, too
“Of course I did.”
he’ll just reply as per usual, saying “bye” before hanging up and returning to his book or something 
his mind very desperately wants to be convinced that it really was just a slip of your tongue and that you didn’t mean anything by it 
because it’s easier to be ignorant and unhurt 
unbeknownst to him, you’re on the other end, wondering why he didn’t seem to show any sign of even hearing you say those three words
you kinda assume that he legitimately didn’t hear you, which is disappointing 
gradually though, your respective thoughts start to occupy your minds to the point where you’re all each other can think about 
right as you’re about to call him to ask if he actually did hear you the first time, he calls you first 
without saying hello, Satan just goes, “I love you. Do you… really love me?” 
even if you hang up, Asmodeus WILL keep calling you 
you think he’s just being annoying but on his end, he’s blushing like crazy, rolling around on his bed like a madlad
sure, he’s gotten tons of confessions before and has heard like a million “I love you”s but yours is SPECIAL 
he wants to savour it as much as possible 
after you block his number, now a flustered, nervous mess, he’ll pop by your room (he literally teleports to your room) and attack you with cuddles
“Ne~ say it again, please?” 
he becomes a lot more gentle and tries to coax it out of you 
once you give in, Asmodeus will hug you so tightly and press kisses all over your face 
he’s been waiting so long for his precious human to say those three words to him :’)
he wants to slap himself for replying like a dumbass but that’s legit his instinctive response lol
neither of you will hang up (since you’re still in shock) so you just end up hearing him chew over the phone for like a minute straight 
“What’d you say? I didn’t hear it.”
he’s a goddamn liar and you know it 
but he’s also too cute for you to not repeat yourself 
“I said that I love you.” 
“… Really?” 
“Where are you now?”
“My room.” 
he hangs up 
before you can even process anything, Beel’s at your door 
once you open it, he stares down at you intensely for several seconds, internally trying to pull himself together because his heart is racing like mad
“I also love you.” 
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luxthestrange · a day ago
Incorrect quotes #544 Daddy Asmo
Luke: Hey Dad-I mean Asmo, can you give me some dating advice?
Asmo: Just because I'm with Solomon & Mc doesn't mean I know how I did it...It's anyone's guess how I got lucky
Tumblr media
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thewritetofreespeech · a month ago
Touch your Wings - Obey Me
“Can I touch your wings?”
“I beg your pardon?” Lucifer asked back, gob smacked, in response to your question.
“Your wings. Can I touch them?” You repeat. Hoping for a little more clarity.
“No.” He replied emphatically. “Why would you want to touch my wings [Y/N]?”
You shrug; a little crestfallen now. “I don’t know. They just seemed so fluffy and soft.” Lucifer did not seem swayed. “I just wanted to touch them once. Sorry if that was weird, or too personal.”
You didn’t have wings, but maybe it was like touching someone’s intimate spots. Not something you should just ask off hand. Maybe you had crossed the line with Lucifer this time.
There was a sigh. Then a shift in the air. When you looked up Lucifer had his wings out and presented, not pulled to the side like he normally did when he was sitting. “Do so if you must. I don’t see the appeal.” You smile at getting your wish, and hesitantly reach out to touch his wings.
They’re not ‘fluffy’ as you suspected. The feathers were more sleek, and silk like. They were certainly soft. You run your wings over the row of feathers like gently cascading over the strings of a harp. You feel them shake against your finger tips and realize it wasn’t the feathers that were shaking, but Lucifer’s whole body with a shiver.
“That’s enough.” He said. Pulling his wings back in and concealing them. Unable to conceal the tint on his cheeks though.
Your own cheeks flush as realize that this may have been very…intimate. But Lucifer let you do it still.
“Was it all you had hoped for?” He asked. To which you smile softly before your reply.
“Oh yes. It certainly was.”
“Can I touch your wings?”
The sound of Mammon slurping his iced coffee suddenly stopped and he turned to you. “Why?”
“I don’t know. I just realized I never touched them before.” You tell him with a shrug. “I though it would be cool.”
“Y-Yes, my wings are very cool.” Mammon replied. Choosing to hear what he wanted out of your reasoning. “But they’re only for admiring. Like the rest of me. I’m a work of art [Y/N]. So look don’t touch.”
You frown at Mammon’s bravado and sip your own coffee. “What? Is it gonna hurt or something?”
The demon balked. “N-No…!” He insisted. “It wouldn’t hurt…..” His cheeks suddenly turned rather red. Before you had time to asking what that was about, Mammon suddenly changed into his demon form in the blink of an eye and shouted, “just get it over with!”
You almost don’t want to do it now. But, he had gone through the trouble of transforming for you. So you figured you might as well touch them since this seemed the only chance you’ll ever get it done.
Mammon seemed ridged as a board as you reached towards him. You’d never seen him so nervous. Your finger tips brush against the waxy material of his bat like wings. Almost skin like. You realize now, looking very closely at them, that they also changed color. Flecks of gold flicker up under your finger tips as they caress up to the wide spines at the top. It disappeared quickly, but you were fascinated by the shaped and patterns you could draw out.
“Ok! That’s enough!” Mammon snapped, along with snapping his fingers closed, and quickly shifted back. His face bright red now, and seeming to be breathing kind of heavy for someone who had just been standing there. “S-Satisfied??”
You blink once, then smirk at the other, as you realize what was going on. “Yeah. I’m satisfied.” You reply, before taking a step closer to whisper quietly to him, “do you want to head up to your room so you can be too?”
“Can I touch your wings?”
“Awwww….[Y/N]~! So kinky!”
Your face goes beet red at his response. Yes, it was Asmo, and he was always saying scandalous things to get a rise out of you. But you also feel like you had crossed some sort of demon privacy line. “F-Forget it!”
“What?! Wait [Y/N]! I was only kidding. You can touch them if you want.”
You feel like you’re being tricked into something (even though you asked for this). Asmo quickly shifted into his demon form. His wings almost curling into a heart behind his back before they fluttered out. “Don’t be shy!”
You suppose you had asked for this. So you might as well follow through.
The demon waited patiently with a smile as you reached out to touch his wings. You were surprised at the feel of them. Despite looking bat like from a distance they felt sort of like….velvet under your fingertips. Surprisingly soft and luxurious, although you shouldn’t be so surprised with it being Asmo.
Your hand snapped back when you heard Asmo moan. His eyes closed. Seeming to lean in a little too much to your touch. “That’s it I’m done.”
“Wait? What!” Asmo replied in alarm. Realizing you had not only stopped but were calling it quits. “Wait [Y/N]! Just a little longer. Having you touch my wings is an ecstasy I never thought possible. Come back [Y/N]!”
“Can I touch your wings?”
The question was so left field, that it even stopped Beel mid-chew. “Why would you want to touch them?” He asked after swallowing.
“I don’t know.” You answer honestly. “I just realized I never had before, and just wanted to.”
Beel seemed uncomfortable for a moment, and even sat his sandwich down. “I don’t….like my wings.”
It was your turn to be surprised. You’d never known that about Beel, and no one had ever mentioned it to you before. He was usually so confident about his body. It never occurred to you that he might not like something about it. “Why don’t you like them?”
“They’re ugly.” He responded immediately. “Lucifer and everyone have nice wings. They look cool. Or cute. Or strong. Mine look like an ugly bug. An ugly, disgusting bug.” He picked up his sandwich again and took another bite out of it, but didn’t seem to enjoy it at all.
You reached out and touched his shoulder. “I don’t think your wings are ugly.” You told him. “I think they’re unique. I only wanted to touch them because they’re apart of you. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I didn’t know you felt that way about them. I’m sorry.”
Beel turned away from you again towards his food. Only this time to pick at it. “You…think they’re unique?” His voice sounded hopeful.
The demon rolled his shoulders back as he shifted into his demon form. Taking the weight of his wings on his back. “If you want, you can touch ‘em.”
You almost don’t want to. Feeling like you had pressured Beel into this. But you were also afraid that if you didn’t touch them, that would just confirm his fears. Which were completely false.
Sure, they weren’t as traditionally beautiful as Lucifer’s or the others, but they were still beautiful. Being more insect like, they had a clear appearance through the dark veins of the wings. And when the light hit them, they looked like stained glass through a window. “I think your wings are very cool and beautiful Beel. Just like you.”
The red head turned back to you. His cheeks red, and his eyes looking uncharacteristically bright in the lighting.
Suddenly his arms were around you. Knocking you down off your seat on to the floor as he held you close. “B-B-Beel!”
“Thank you [Y/N].” He said against your ear. His wings flittering happily behind him for what you can only assume was the first time in a long time.
“Can I touch your wings?”
Diavolo looked at you for a moment, and you realize that maybe that was an inappropriate thing to ask. “Yeah sure.”
“R-Really?” You ask back. Not expecting such a quick response. “Are you ok with people touching your wings?
“I don’t know. No one has ever tried before.” Diavolo answered.
You suddenly realize that no one had probably tried before because he was the defacto Demon King. No one would dare ask to touch him in such a candid, casual way. Suddenly you feel very silly, and a little terrified, for making such a request.
Diavolo, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind at all.
“Here you go!” He announced cheerfully. Having shifted into his demon form while you were fretting. His hands on his hips, with his wings spread wide.
You took a step closer and carefully touch the garnet color on the interior of his wings. It felt mesh like. Like the skin of a string ray you’d touched once at the aquarium as a child. Except instead of being cold and smooth, this felt warm and tactical. “I never realized how big your wings were.” You remark, taking them in at full expanse for the first time.
“Yeah. I suppose they do have a wide berth for some people. But they get a lot of distance in flight. And they’re good for one other thing.” You squeal very loudly as Diavolo’s wings suddenly clamp around you. Incasing you in a personal cocoon, while his arms wrapped around you and the prince chuckled in amusement at your alarm. “They’re great for catching prey.”
You pout up at him. Not really angry, but annoyed at his trick. “So I’m your prey now?”
“I genuinely think it’s the other way around.” He replied. Using the privacy of his wings to full advantage while he had you.
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leviathism · 6 months ago
most to least likely to sneak into your bed at night
Mammon is the most likely to appear randomly in your bed at 3 in the morning.
He is a scaredy cat, through and through, so after watching a horror movie with the rest of the brothers, prepare yourself for an armful of demon.
He claims he comes in to protect you, but a second later at the sound of Lucifer’s footsteps outside your door, he’s immediately trying to crawl into your skin, even going as far as to shove his face into the back of your neck and jam his hands into your shirt for safety.
“Demons love snackin’ on fingers, didn’t ya know that already?!”
Other times when he’s not scared and doesn’t wake you up, you will always wake up and have white hair in your mouth. He’s so close to you that it’s impossible to escape for the next hour and a half.
Beelzebub enjoys sleeping next to you. He usually comes in when he’s had a stressful day, talking to you about it to unwind.
He also comes in when he’s lonely, craving something he doesn’t think he can go to Belphie for. He silently crawls in for these nights, eagerly pulling you into his embrace when he sees you’re awake. If you’re asleep, he lays a few inches away from you, letting you sleep without interruption.
He also likes to sleep with you because you are not opposed to holding him or him laying on you. He’s like a hot weighted blanket, how could you ever refuse?
Belphegor likes the excess warmth you give off when you sleep. It’s comforting how he can wrap his arms around you, his face smushed into your stomach, and have no complaints from you as you watch stupid videos on DevilTube.
It’s relaxing, he’ll explain, to hear the sounds from your D.D.D. and your soft breathing combined with the sleepy heat surrounding him.
But, he’s not picky, he’ll fall asleep any time, any position in your room. You want him to hang upside down from your bed? Fine, as long as he gets to stay. He will sleep for days if you don’t force him to leave your room.
Satan will come into your room late at night when he’s struggling to sleep. He usually stays out of your bed for the majority of the time he’s awake, instead sitting at your table with a few papers and a small book.
But sooner or later, he’ll come stumbling into your covers, too sleepy to be aware how noisy and how clumsy he’s being. You’ll wake up to a guilty Satan towering over you as he sits on his knees in your bed.
You’ll have to reassure him to stay and tug him down forcibly. It doesn’t take too long to convince him luckily.
Leviathan would rather be caught dead than be found in your room in the morning. It’s such a “normie” move that he’s come up with an entirely different scheme to end up in your bed.
Levi will fake falling asleep while gaming with you.
He’d planned out all the steps one random month and went through with it in the next. He’ll slowly lean against your shoulder, lower whatever he’s playing his game off, nod off and finally go limp into you.
You’ll have no choice but to be nice and put him to sleep in your bed, and you’ll of course sleep next to him. When it works perfectly the first time, he’s so ecstatic that he brags to his brothers. Unluckily for him, you had figured out his motives and simply decided to give in and to let him stay in your bed.
Lucifer isn’t one to sneak into your bed either. He usually directly asks to sleep with you or for you to come to his room to sleep with him. He has no qualms about anything about it, so there’s no late night scares of waking up to a red eyed monster in your bed.
But, he did sneak into your room once.
It wasn’t for any reason at all besides the fact that he missed your presence and wasn’t willing to wait until morning to see you. So, he entered your room quietly, peeled back your covers and settled in easily next you.
Asmodeus isn’t usually one for late night sneak attacks. In fact, he’s the least likely to end up breaking into your room. He rarely does it, and when he does, it’s his last resort to some sort of silly nightmare. He just uses them as an excuse for some affection, smiling happily when you stroke his cheek with the back of your hand.
He’ll sigh out dreamily and cuddle closer under the guise of being sleepy. But he’s wide awake and just wants to be a teensy bit closer.
He’s much more up for lounging in bed in the day hours, de-stressing after a long day of school.
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hanmas · a month ago
obey me boys when they expect a kiss from you as a greeting but you decide to tease them and “forget”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, satan, asmodeus, belphegor
notes: this is my first time writing for everyone except mammon so be nice SOBS
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐋𝐔𝐂𝐈𝐅𝐄𝐑 smiles as he plants a soft kiss to your forehead, patiently waiting for you to press one to his jaw in return like usual. he frowns a little when you seem to forget, skipping to happily rambling about your day as you lean your cheek against his arm and hug it. “luci, you’re not listening to me,” you pout, tugging gently at his hand and making him turn his attention to you. you fight back a grin at the sight of his lips curled into a frown—as close to a pout as you’ll get from someone like him. “i believe you’re forgetting something,” he mutters quietly, cheeks dusting over with a soft blush as he clears his throat. feigning innocence, you tilt your head, looking at him in faux confusion. “am i? is it important?” he huffs, glaring at you softly before gently tugging his arm free of your grasp, crossing his arms as he stares at you expectantly. “yes. it’s quite important, actually.” giggling, you lean in and press scattered kisses across his jaw and cheeks, making his face burn a darker shade as he rolls his eyes and grumbles. “if you wanted a kiss, you could’ve just asked, you know,” you tease. “for a human, you’re rather bold,” he glares, but his eyes are soft, and he lets you latch onto his arm once more as you continue speaking.
✰ 𝐌𝐀𝐌𝐌𝐎𝐍 grins as he sees you approaching, subtly turning his cheek and getting ready for your usual onslaught of kisses across his face—except you simply sit down next to him, mumbling a soft greeting before scrolling through your phone. pouting, he lets out a loud sigh, hoping you’ll notice, slumping and fighting back a whine when you don’t seem to. “ya know, i had a rough day today,” he mumbles, “worst ya could imagine. don’t know if i’ll make it.” you hum, fighting back a smirk as you glance at him with a sympathetic pout. “you poor thing. how awful.” finally, he whines, wrapping his arms around you and digging his face into your neck, pulling you close as he pouts deeper. “where’re my kisses? don’t tell me ya forgot, how could ya? no one forgets about me, ‘m too important. you gotta kiss me now or i’ll never have a good day again.” giggling, you pull his face away from the crook of your neck, cupping his cheeks and rubbing the skin with your thumb as you leave soft pecks along his jaw before meeting his lips in a slow, sweet kiss. “there, now you’ll never have a bad day again,” you murmur, planting small pecks across his cheeks as they flush a dark shade of red.
✰ 𝐒𝐀𝐓𝐀𝐍 is grumpy—which isn’t particularly new for him, but he’s grumpy with you, and that doesn’t happen very often. you bite your lip to keep from bursting out into giggles, poking his cheek as he (gently) swats your hand away and keeps reading—although he’s been rereading the same page for the last few minutes. “satan, what’s wrong,” you press, voice almost singing as he glares at you from the corner of his eyes. “well, if you can’t tell, then forget it,” he grunts, stiffening as you wrap your arms around him and tuck yourself against his side on the couch. “stop being a grouch and just tell me,” you giggle, reaching to pinch his cheek. with a deep sigh, he sets his book down, pulling away and crossing his arms to turn to look at you with a scowl. “think deeper,” he grumbles, “you forgot something.” you can’t help but smile at the way his lips are curled and his eyes linger on your own lips, clouded with doubt as he waits impatiently for what he wants. leaning in, you press a delicate kiss to the tip of his nose, making his cheeks flush and his breath hitch before you peck his lips. “don’t worry, i could never forget that,” you murmur, brushing a few loose strands of hair from his forehead and watching as the doubt fades from his features.
✰ 𝐀𝐒𝐌𝐎𝐃𝐄𝐔𝐒 pouts instantly when you skip the most important step—pressing a sweet kiss to his lips every time you see him. he gasps and tugs you back as you move to pull away from the hug, staring at you in shock. “you can’t let go before giving me a kiss. don’t you want to kiss me?” giggling, you lean in, pecking the corners of his mouth before kissing him briefly, pulling away and smoothing back his hair as you smile. “guess i forgot,” you tease, poking his lip as it juts out once more at your words. “forget? forget to kiss me? that should be the first thing on your mind,” he insists, making you shake your head in amusement. your fingers thread themselves into his locks, gently scratching at his scalp as you press a few more short pecks to his cheeks. “i’m joking, i could never forget giving you a kiss, it’s the best part of my day.” beaming, he nods in agreement, sighing in content as you continue to play with his soft strands, pulling you closer as his arms tighten their grasp on you. “of course it is. kissing someone this beautiful would be my favorite too,” he winks before pressing his own lips to your forehead with a smile, “this is the best part of my day too.”
✰ 𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐏𝐇𝐄𝐆𝐎𝐑 feels your body slide next to his under the covers, instantly wrapping an arm around you and pulling you flush against his chest. this should be the part where you press a firm kiss to his lips as you say good morning, maybe even his cheeks if you’re feeling extra affectionate, but there’s nothing. cracking an eye open, he frowns, staring at you as you tuck your head under his chin. “morning,” he mumbles, voice still sleep hazed as you hum in response. “morning, belphie.” he pouts to himself when your fingers thread through his hair—even though you still haven’t offered him a good morning kiss yet, making him grumble as he pulls away and stares at you with furrowed brows. “i said good morning,” he repeats, making you quirk a brow in amusement. “i’m pretty sure i said good morning back—” he cuts you off, huffing as he rolls away from you to lay at the edge of his mattress, making you chuckle quietly. “not properly,” he mutters. laughing, you roll over, moving to hover over him and plant kisses across his face before leaving a lingering peck to his lips and cupping his cheek softly. “there, that should be proper enough.”
Tumblr media
i love mammon i want to spoil him rotten thank you and goodnight
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garoujo · a month ago
Tumblr media
feat : mammon, lucifer, beelzebub, asmodeous, satan, leviathan + belphegor.
warnings : f. reader, breeding, some exhibitionism + minor marking in mammon’s, praise/teasing, pls bare with me w characterisation.
note : i’m not sure how i’m gonna do the layout of these but anyways enjoy, i forgot how many there are lmao help :,)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
— he’d take you anywhere, he was insatiable and obsessed with you. every little thing you done had him grabbing at your hips and waist, placing needy kisses along the dip of your shoulder while trying to pull you aside to push you into any position that’s comfortable aslong as he got to have you.
“how d’ya expect me to resist ya when ya l-look so good, everytime, fuck—“ mammon groans, his hands digging into your hips from where he’s lifted you onto one of the sinks in one of the many bathrooms in the house of lamentation, thats now filled with the sound of your boyfriends loud and clapping thrusts as he bounces his hips up into yours. his mouth moves against yours messily as he drinks up your moans, pushing his own name between your lips and kissing you like it’s the last thing he’ll ever do. “we could’ve j-just went to your room, mammon.” you gasp, feeling him pull away momentarily before he’s kissing up your neck, rolling the delicate skin between his teeth before smoothing his tongue over the reddening skin after and his cock twitches with each greedy pulse of your flexing cunt. “come on, baby. ya k-know better than to keep the mammon waitin’” he laughs but it breaks off into a hiss as he loses himself in the fluttering pull of your pussy, smearing wet, messy kisses along the blooming marks on your neck and jaw until a sudden hot rush of bliss moves across your skin and you cum, hearing mammon groan before trembling on top of you and spilling hot inside of you after. “goddamn, baby. ya really are s-somethin’ else, shit—“
— he loves the look of you bent over beneath him, whether it’s over his desk or balanced on your knees as he squeezes at your hips from behind you, the warm plane of his stomach against your ass and the hard curve of his cock pressing against your sensitive pussy.
“so beautiful like this, my love.” lucifer breathes, his large hands exploring the arching plane of your back as he leans over you—a low, guttural groan vibrating through his chest when he watches you stretch out under his touch, your thighs spreading to press your knees into the bed around where he kneels. his cock throbs as your walls squeeze down tight around him and he draws his hips back, fingers digging into your hips as grunts, rolling them into you before he begins a steady pace with another slow withdrawal as his balls softly tap your clit. “feel so good, sweetheart.” he hisses and the praise drips through your rocking body like honey as you whimper, lucifer’s hips jolting forward heavily—making your body clap against his and your tits and ass bounce each time as he drags his fingers over the hips with another wordless growl, before he leans over you, dipping his head towards you to place gentle kisses over your downed shoulders before his pace inevitably speeds up and he groans again. “j-just like that.”
— it was almost pure instinct the first time he pushed you into a mating press, something animalistic twisting in his stomach when he was able to stretch your cunt deeper, bullying his thick cock into your sensitive walls until you’re too full to form a thought never mind a sentence. 
“fuck—you feel good.” beel groans from his place over you, following his words up with a particularly sharp thrust as his pelvis grinds against your swollen clit with each roll of his hips—your thighs are folded against your chest, lashes thick with tears as you blink up at him while your cunt coats his heavy cock with cream each time he draws his hips back. “feels so good, beel.” you hiccup and he only grunts at your words before his fingers squeeze into the fat of your thighs, strong hands pushing them tighter against you as his heavy balls smack against your ass with each crushing thrust. the needy hug of your cunt makes something carnal boil in beel’s stomach and your body feels like it’s crumbling beneath him as the vibration of his groans echo somewhere deep in his chest, cock thickening inside of your soaked cunt before he grits his teeth, pace stuttering at the first milking compression of your walls as he cums with a surprised grunt, primitive instincts taking over while he continues to fuck into your messy, sensitive pussy until a mixture of your cum is smeared along your thighs.
— he loves you in missionary, loves crooning at you as you lay beneath him, always so adorable as he watches your reactions and coaxes you to look up at him through your lashes as dreamy whimpers fall from his lips how else will you admire him.
“are you that hungry for me? you’re so adorable—“ asmo hums, voice smooth as his hips rock into yours and you arch your back against the sheets—pressing your tits against his chest as your cunt flexes around his pretty cock when you feel him push deeper. your legs spread eagerly, your body ready for the pleasure you know he can give you as his hands smooth along the shape of your hips, appreciating every part of you before he thrusts again, smoothing his cock deliberately along all of your sweet spots as he leans over you more. “i know exactly what you like, i bet that feels good, right?” asmo smiles, pink cheeked and handsome before an airy whimper falls from his parted lips and his fingers curl into the pillow next to your head, a rush of warmth in his veins as he admires just how pretty you look when you’re lost in pleasure, the pleasure he gives you before his pace picks up, a little rougher as he mumbles a few praises between breathy groans of your name.
— he loves the power having you beneath him gives him, the power to watch the way your eyes roll back into your head when he hooks your leg over his shoulder and fucks into you with practiced precision, your wrists held tightly in one of his own as he looms over you.
“don’t hold back, l-let me hear you.” satan grunts, your wrists are snagged and pushed up by your head as he leans over you—the stretch in your hamstring as he cages it against his chest only making him feel bigger at this angle while he pins you beneath him. his hot breathe pant across your skin as his body rocks with yours, feeling his lips stretch into a grin along your skin when he deliberately glides them over the sensitive spots that make you quiver below him. “you’re doing so well.” the blonde above you growls, continuing to thrust and swirl his hips once more as his grip around your wrist tightens, you’re both groaning and gasping and every connection of his hips against yours leaves you both breathless as your cunt clenches around him tight, causing him to curse roughly while his trimmed pelvis grinds against your needy clit.
— he loves the sight of you above him, straddling his waist so he can admire every part of you he loves, his hands grabbing and groping at your tits and thighs as you bounce on his cock, pulling needy whimpers from his parted lips while he fucks up into you.
“ughhhh—that’s s-so good.” levi grunts from below you, one of his hands covering up the flush across his cheeks as you continue to grind down on his cock, your thighs on either side of his waist while his heart pounds against his rib cage. it almost feels surreal, you feel surreal when he reaches for you, his hand sliding forward to take a slow handful of your tits as they bounce with each jump of your hips, making you keen from above him when he pulls your nipple between his thumb and forefingers, pulling on it as his cock throbs and thickens when you whimper out his name. “s-sensitive..” he breathes, arching his back against his sheets when your tight walls squeeze around his sensitive cock as your hips quake, more sounds cracking from levi’s throat beneath you while his hands continue to grope and pinch at your breasts.
— it’s always comfortable the way you’re lay on your side, belphegor’s chest pressed tightly against your back as his hips roll into yours, pushing inside of you while also allowing you to hear each needy breath he muffles against the skin of your shoulder.
“hnghhh—that feels so good.” belphe breathes, a trembling undercurrent to his voice despite his usual low tone still being present after your nap when he draws his hips back, his hands wrapping around your waist tightly as he pulls you back into him— rolling them forward just as slowly as his lips part against the bare skin of your shoulder, muffling his grunts when your pussy flexes around him. you mumble something affirming back, your mind still slightly drowsy from your sleep, but still something that has a hissed curse falling from the youngest siblings lips before he begins a steady pace, it’s not fast but it’s enough to have you arching against him before he pulls you closer in the process— his dark, messy hair framing the flush on his cheeks. your eyes close in bliss for a moments before his hips stutter and he sucks in a breath, like he’s trying to gather himself and his arms around you squeeze your waist affectionately “want to w-wake up like this everyday.”
Tumblr media
© 2022 garoujo. please do not copy any of my layouts or writing and translate or repost onto any other sites.
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obeymefictionwriting · 15 days ago
Texts You’d Receive from Brothers & Undateables Part 6
Lucifer: Have I, by any chance, forgotten my tie in your room?... If this is so, I expect you to wear it in the evening. Only it, got it? Love you.
Mammon: I just dunno what to do with them! It’s like, I’M DOING MY BEST and MC still did not get any of my hints! Ugh will I ever be able to kiss them or nah? HELP MEEE
Levi: Wait, I thought we ordered the Ruri-chan special uniform set FOR YOU?
Satan: KItten, I’m exhausted. Will you come to my room and read a book out loud to me? Pleeeease I need some rest.
Asmodeus: I. FOUND. A. PIMPLE. ON. MY. CHEEK. Does this life make sense anymore? Like, what are all my efforts for????
Beelzebub: When I get back from my practice, I’ll take you to this place we were talking about okay? I also got a surprise for you - can’t wait. Love ya.
Belphegor: You think Lucifer will be mad about me hiding his favorite book? Rate his madness on a scale 0 - eternity.
Solomon: How do you boil water without magic?
Simeon: Hey, Asmo invited me for a few cocktail tonight - can you watch Luke for me please? He gets upset when I don’t spend nights in the dorm *sigh*
Luke: Can’t wait for our movie marathon tonight!! So excited!
Diavolo: Can pigeons swim?
Barbatos: In Devildom, we call them “lust flower-buds”, not hickeys. Anyway, glad you found the one I left on your wonderful body ;)
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