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artusisiwingkit3 days ago
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I got these in 21 pulls, pull yours now maybe you'll get lucky~
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kinwebspace6 days ago
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Pink Asmodeus Icons! (300 x 300)
I hope you like them! I had a lot of fun making these! If there is anything you would like me to change, feel free to ask!
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lightningbug-198 days ago
So I鈥檝e been playing this game for a while and I鈥檝e decided I also want to write them
Obey me! shall we date requests are open!
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potatominnie10 days ago
How Obey Me! Brothers react to MC wearing their clothes.
Lucifer: You look so beautiful... Take off the pants.
Satan: Wear these cat ears to top it off.
Levi: Now wear Ruri-chan's clothes next!
Beel: Wow... My shirt looks like it ate you, I guess I'll be joining it now.
Mammon: Yey! Now we match!
Belphie: You look so adorable MC, lay down with me.
Asmo: I still look prettier wearing my own clothes lol.
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sinnamonrolle10 days ago
[ the little moments] 鈾 Asmodeus
[ It鈥檚 the little moments 聽 鈾÷ 聽Asmodeus]
鉂 聽gender neutral reader 聽鉂
Asmo hummed as he opened a drawer, browsing through his huge selection of high quality nail polish. From where you鈥檙e sitting on his bed, you could barely see into it. You noticed that they鈥檙e organized by color.聽
鈥淗mm, what color should I pick?鈥 he asked and turned to look at you, eyes squinting just the slightest bit as he tapped his lips in thought.
You smiled the best you could, criss-crossing your legs, and responded, 鈥淚 trust your choices, Asmo. You鈥檙e the expert here, not me.鈥澛
He smiled back at you, lips curling sweetly around the edges, and he returned to the selection before him.
鈥淚鈥檓 glad you trust me, darling! Your nails will be so beautiful after I鈥檓 done, just you wait! It'll cheer you right up!鈥 Asmo said, spinning around to wink at you as he bumped the drawer with his hips.
It slid shut, and he showed you the four bottles in his hands. One of them wasn't nail polish but an assortment of small charms, the same ones that decorated his nails.
"Does my master approve?" Asmo asked. "I wanted something that will match well with anything you decide to wear, but what matters is if you like it."
You were too upset to really care about the color at the moment, so you hummed noncommittally and said, "Yeah, it's fine."
Asmo lowered the nail polishes in his hands and set them to the side, the glass bottles clinking as they're pushed aside. He kneeled in front of you and took your face between his hands, his palms warm with his natural body heat.
"My love," he said, and for once, his tone wasn't as flamoyant as it used to be, but it was so soft, so gentle with love that you couldn't help but follow his words. "Look at me."
You looked at him. He's looking at you, and all you could see was his beautiful orange eyes with the barest hint of yellow around the edges. All you could see was the brown lashes that fluttered out as he blinked. All you could see was the way his neat eyebrows furrowed in concern.
"I understand that you are upset about the test. You've been so stressed that your skin has gotten rough, and the lack of sleep made it even worse," he started off, but not in an unkind way, and gently swiped the skin under your eye with a thumb. "Lucifer may have high expectations for you, but that is under the conditions that you are alive, healthy, and happy. Remember鈥攁live, healthy, and happy."
"But this was an important test," you said sourly, lips curling into a frown. All of the stress from taking the test, the frustrations from studying the topics, the hopeless sensation after you recieved the score鈥攖hey all seemed to crumble from the weight on your shoulders and revealed themselves in the form of your rapidly blurring eyes. "It was a really important test that could pull my grade up, but I screwed up. I bombed it. I failed."
Asmo's hands fell from your face to hold your hands in his and said, "My love, you know we didn't bring you here only for you to worry about tests and school. After the school year is over, what use will be your grades?" He chuckled then, interwining his fingers with yours, and added on, "Five months from now, you'll be shopping with me, picking out some new clothes from Majolish. Ten months from now, we'll be drunk on alcohol and watching movies together with my brothers. A year from now, you won't be thinking about this bad test score that you got today."
You looked down to your interwined hands and didn't speak. You knew that one number wouldn't matter later on in your life, you knew that. But it was the fact that you spent so much time studying, that you put in 110% of yourself yet still received bad results, that you tried so hard yet still failed鈥攜ou sighed and released one of Asmo's hand to rub at your eye, the rough heel of it digging into your slightly wet eyelids. You were really, really upset at yourself. There was the underlying insecurity that came with being not good enough, and while usually, you tend to push it out of your mind, today, you couldn't. Today, you felt so small.
"Darling," Asmo murmured and stood up to wrap you into his arms, his warmth welcoming as it enveloped you. You felt his arms across your back, the flat of his palm pressed firmly against your spine, and all of your senses were invaded by Asmo. The smell of him, the sight of him, the feel of him. He smelled faintly of honey and lavender.
With his chin resting on the top of your head, you were completely buried into his arms. Your hands gripped onto the sides of his jacket.
"Darling," Asmo said again, but this time, his voice is just a bit warmer, just a bit softer, just a bit fonder. "Let me treat you to your hard work. It doesn't matter if you didn't do well, but it matters, especially to me, that your efforts are acknowledged. Today, it might not be so good, but it can only get better from here. We all have these days. One time, I went to a party with this tuft of hair sticking out the back of my head, and no one told me! Can you believe that? I dolled myself up so well, but that one tuft of bedhair鈥!"
You snickered softly into his jacket, but he heard you anyway and gave you a gentle squeeze.
"Let me take care of you today, my love," Asmo said, pulling just enough from you so that he could see your face. He smiled and kissed your forehead, purposely making a loud "smooch!" sound before he faced you again. "Pretty please? Will you let me take care of you? I've already planned the whole day out! See, I'll do your nails first, and then we'll get some masks on. After that, we'll strip and soak in the bath together! I've already decided on the essential oils we'll be using, but I need your help choosing which soap to use because they're all just so good! We can spend our evening online shopping, and then, perhaps, maybe you might be interested in some very fun nightly activities?" He sent you a wink.
You went back into his embrace, face buried in his scarf. "Of course, Asmo. Thank you so much. I really appreciate you," you said with every inch of your being.
If it was a regular day, Asmo might have commented on how happy he was that you were so willing to jump into his arms, but today鈥攖oday, he only laughed, a sound that warmed your heart from the bottom up, a sound that you will cherish forever, a sound only for your ears.
"Anything for you, my love. You deserve only the best," he said as you pulled away from the hug, not as upset as you were before Asmo called you into his room. He beamed at you, his eyes curling into lovely crescents and his lips stretching into a beautiful smile.
You smiled back. It didn't hurt as much anymore. You were still dismayed by the test score, but the reality of it wasn't as crushing. It felt like the fog lifted from your head.
"I like the color you chose," you said then.
Amso blinked in momentary surprise before huffing proudly, "Of course you do!"
He was reaching for the nail polish sitting to the side, picking up the base coat, when you spoke again.
"It reminds me of you."
Asmo whipped his head to you, eyes wide, lips slightly parted, and a light flush to his cheeks.
What a lovely sight.
This moment might have been an insignificant one in all of the moments that Asmo has experienced in his lengthy life, but you won't ever forget the feeling of love lingering on your skin鈥攈is love.
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mcthefamilytherapist18 days ago
500 Follower Event!
Thank you guys so much for 500 followers! 馃槶
I鈥檓 happy you guys like my content and I hope for your support in the future
I love you all馃グ馃槝
(Info about the event below the cut. Btw, it鈥檚 matchups馃憖)
Tumblr media
For the event, I鈥檒l be doing matchups!
They can be from
- Bnha (My Hero Academia)
- Obey Me!
- Haikyuu
Here are the rules:
You can pick more than one fandom, but the results will be shorter since there are more
Tell me things about yourself
Here鈥檚 what I鈥檇 like, these make it easier for me to write
- General appearance
- Personality
- Preference in male, female, or no preference
- Hobbies
- Likes and Dislikes
- Anything else you want to add!
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c4-weeb20 days ago
Tw: Population control (plz dont get offended of the joke)
Mc: *sitting in the living room surrounded by the boys, just starring off into space*
The brothers: *casually chatting amongst themselves*
Mc: ever just wonder how many kids Asmo has and he doesnt know about?
The brothers: *instantly shuts up*
Asmo: huh?! I have kids? *is innocently confused*
Mammon: Yeah when did this happen?!
Mc: I mean think of it, Asmo is the avatar of lust right? And you guys fell a long time before condoms where made, like in the AD era or at least way back before the 1800's?
Lucifer: what exactly are you getting at here mc...?
Mc: I dont know, but like, isnt it so mind boggling thinking of that?! Like just HOW MANY are there? Do you know how many times hes had unprotected sex? Probably more than any of us can count. *falls back onto the couch waving their phones around in the air, starring at the ceiling*
Mc: Like I love you and respect you asmo. Dont get me wrong, and I'm not shaming you but just- think of it.
Mammon: IS THAT WHY DIAVOLO CREATED POPULATION CONTROL!?! *practically falls to the floor laughing*馃槀馃槀
Asmo: Heyyyy! Dont be so mean you worthless scumbag.... *kicks Mammon in the head*
Leviathan: ROFOLOLOLOLOLOL He probably did! IM SO POSTING THAT! 'Diavolo created population control cause asmo had too much fun with the humans, this is why normies suck rofolololol!!! 馃槀馃ぃ' annnnnnnnddd done!
Lucifer: Is it too late to disown you all...? *sigh* 馃様馃槖
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phumio21 days ago
I'm so tempted to drawing Asmo but then again I can see me struggling to get the hair right so can I draw him bald or smth
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moekaneko25 days ago
Tumblr media
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potatominnie25 days ago
How the Obey Me! Brothers would react to "Don't judge a book by its cover"
Lucifer: Make sure to read before judging.
Leviathan: If the content is great then the cover shouldn't be shitty.
Satan: True it applies to all of us except Lucifer.
Mammon: That quote describes me. I may look rich and hot but actually I'm broke as hell.
Belphegor: Judging the cover is easier and instead of wasting time reading, use it for sleeping.
Beelzebub: Yup, we are all a little different but in a good way. It's best to get to know that person before judging.
Asmodeus: Well, if you don't like to be judged then stop looking like that.
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kaelicius26 days ago
Fuuuuuuuuuuck im so mad. I just lost my Obey Me! Account due to phone problem. I lost all my 150 hr investment.
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