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a thunderstorm began while the sky was still pink this evening 🌦️
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I've realized Yagami Yato has become quite a controversial figure these days, what with the p***philia claims and whatnot (not very up to date with that whole issue though, I just know it's related to that.)
If y'all want an alternative, may I present... Anigomi?
Anigomi is a group of voice actors that has done quite a few BNHA audios, and a few other animes. They don't do NSFW ones, though they definitely do quite a few comfort ones!
The acting is definitely much closer to the anime's (English) voice acting, for instance their Tamaki is definitely MUCH less wobbly than Yato's, and with less with a stammer: it's a more deflated, quiet voice, closer to that of the anime.
Here's a Tamaki audio I'm listening to right now.
They don't just have male VA's, so there's a few audios with female characters. (though males are definitely more common)
Check it out!
(P.S Even if you're a Yagami Yato fan and not wanting an alternative, check it out too! You might just find another channel you like.)
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save-the-pizza-girl · 19 days ago
This might be the best video on YouTube.
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Tumblr media
Kidnapped & Brainwashed By Your Therapist - Hypnosis Roleplay
Details: This is an Erotic Hypnosis Brainwashing roleplay video. The voices create a scenario in which a unethical therapist kidnaps and brainwashes a patient to be a obedient drone-like slave called "Empty". The brainwashing process includes taboo fetish material such as gaslighting, CNC, mental manipulation, and bondage. There is a process of temporary personality erasure & hypnotic amnesia. Not every expression of kink is right for everyone and many might find these particular kinks unpleasant, please do not engage with this video if you think that these subjects will trigger an adverse reaction for you. There is a Aftercare section at the end of the main video for those that feel they might need more help in returning to their fully awake and aware state but please note that this Aftercare section is not meant as a excuse for those that might have an adverse reaction to the video to watch. Please read each disclaimer carefully before moving forward with this video. This video is only a roleplay experience and not meant for real life application. Instructions: This video features ASMR like whispers along with more audible vocals and as such, wearing high quality noise canceling over the ear headphones are strongly advised. This video can also be played in 4k where available. You can adjust those settings via the gear icon on the bottom right of the video screen.
*Important Disclaimers* This video features:
• Male & Female voices
• Fractionation (Going In/Out of Trance)
• Temporary hypnotic amnesia
• Gaslighting
• Themes of BDSM like Dominance & submission
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cyb3rs1oth · a year ago
“s o u n d s   o f    r a i n”
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ig: thetypewriterdaily
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This aquarium allows kids to see the fish they drew inside it!!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ pacificminerals on insta
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Tumblr media
who’s gonna tell him? 🤨
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rainy day in the car - ASMR 🌧
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Yuzuru released his first mukbang video. Go check it out!
Tumblr media
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🍄🍑🍊🥭🍌 some satisfying color organization with my new little fruit wheels 🥝🫐🍇🍉🍒
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instant serotonin
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Rail me President Loki I’m ready and kinky for you credit to @tomhiddlestonsoundalike
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in light of the recent darker redacted audios, i'm going to start reposting my fluffier redacted fics on here! i hope you're all listening to echotober with care <3
la vie en rose (life in pink)
domestic, songfic, cooking together, slow dancing, falling in love
hold me close and hold me fast,
the magic spell you cast,
this is la vie en rose.
The smell of the kitchen wafted through the entire apartment, spices and steam carrying wonderful scents. Music played through the small speaker situated in the corner of the small kitchen, filling the space with the sounds of soft singing and jazzy tunes.
Sweetheart was sitting on the counter, wine glass in hand, watching Milo work his magic over the stove. His hands flitted from pot to pot, boiling pasta and seasoning sauces with confidence. Sweetheart was tossing together a small salad, mixing assorted vegetables and an unhealthy amount of cheese into the greens. Was there ever such a thing as too much cheese?
“How much longer until the spaghetti’s done?” Sweetheart asked, taking another sip of their wine. It had been Milo’s turn to pick the drink for the evening, and he settled on a lovely pink moscato. It was sweet on their tongue. Milo knew his wines.
The shifter turned around, mock disgust written across his features. He donned a black apron that was dusted in flour.
“Excuse me? Spaghetti?” Milo repeated, putting a hand on his chest in shock. “For the last time, Sweetheart, it’s called basta and sugu. My ma would give ya hell if she had heard that nonsense.”
Sweetheart and Milo both laughed. Hell was an understatement. When they had first started dating, Sweetheart had not the slightest clue how far Milo’s family leaned into the whole “Classic Italian Family” dynamic.
“Ah, of course. Basta and sugu,” Sweetheart mimicked, putting on their best impression of Milo’s accent. “My bad.”
Milo laughed again, pulling the salad bowl away from Sweetheart’s hands and placing it on the counter. He settled himself between their legs, hands rested comfortably on their thighs.
“Your bad for which part: the cultural insensitivity, or that terrible accent?” he asked with a smile pulling across his face. Sweetheart smacked his chest, faking an angry expression.
“Shut it, you,” Sweetheart retorted, leaning down to plant a kiss on Milo’s lips. Eyes falling shut, they let Milo cup their face in his hands and deepen the kiss.
when you kiss me heaven sighs,
and though i close my eyes,
i see la vie en rose.
The smell of dinner still lingered in the air as the two tidied up the meal. Sweetheart scrubbed the dishes as Milo packaged the food, the pair still sipping on wine and humming to the music.
“Your food was amazing,” Sweetheart commented, hands covered in soap suds. “Tell your mom that her homemade pesto was absolutely divine.”
Milo wrapped his hands around Sweetheart’s waist and rested his chin on their shoulders. “And would my food be anything but?”
Sweetheart laughed, turning off the water and drying their hands. They turned to face Milo, still encompassed in his arms. Sweetheart theirs around his neck, leaning in to hug him tightly. Milo pulled away from the counter and in the small space of their kitchen, he swayed them side to side.
Soft jazz was all that could be heard as the two danced together. Sweetheart rested their head against his chest, letting him balance his chin on the top of their head. Milo held them close, using his thumbs to rub small circles into their hips.
“I love you, Sweetheart,” Milo said softly, pressing a small kiss to the top of his mate’s head.
Sweetheart leaned closer into his embrace, feeling warmth spread over their body.
“I love you, too, Milo.”
Without warning, Milo pulled away from Sweetheart, reaching out to grab their hands. Sweetheart laughed, realizing he was trying to lead them into a dance. He rocked their arms side to side, making their body twist and turn to the rhythm of the music. They let Milo sway and spin them, giggling when they lost their balance and fell back into Milo’s embrace. Maybe a little too much wine for the evening, after all. Sweetheart was normally a better dancer.
Milo didn’t seem to care either way, continuing to dance with Sweetheart in their small apartment kitchen. It was simple and sweet, and it was all they needed to be happy together.
when you press me to your heart,
i'm in a world apart,
a world where roses bloom.
Tuckered out from dancing, Sweetheart flopped onto the couch, Milo not too far behind them. He settled onto the outside of the couch, trapping Sweetheart between his chest and the sofa cushions.
“You are so beautiful,” Milo whispered, gently swiping some stray hairs out of Sweetheart’s face. He reached down to stroke their cheek, then pulled them in for another slow, soft kiss.
Sweetheart couldn’t help but let their mind reminisce on the past. When they first met Milo while working that case, they never expected for their passing interest in him to create such a wonderful future. That them phasing into his home- their home, now as well- would have led to the best thing that had ever happened to them.
Sweetheart was so hopelessly in love.
And so they laid there together, exchanging soft touches and gentle kisses until they both drifted to sleep. It was simple but it was wonderful, and it was all that Sweetheart could have ever wanted.
and when you speak, angels sing from above,
everyday words seem to turn into love songs,
give your heart and soul to me,
and life will always be la vie en rose.
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Making a Wooden Bucket by marshallscheetz
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