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#asoiaf sandor
bighound-littlebird9 hours ago
Tumblr media
"Even a dog gets tired of being kicked. If this Young Wolf has the wits the gods gave a toad, he'll make me a lordling and beg me to enter his service. He needs me, though he may not know it yet. Maybe I'll even kill Gregor for him, he'd like that." - Arya IX, A Storm of Swords
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ladyvalour21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Valar Morghulis by Jenny Zhen
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melcerseia day ago
sansa be minding her business and here comes an adult projecting their trauma onto her
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dorisbanana2 days ago
Tumblr media
Hug my love.
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twogunrose2 days ago
Chapter 20 is now available.
It is a 鈥淕ood Morning鈥 and everything seems to be going well for Sansa and Sandor, but ...
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bighound-littlebird4 days ago
Sandor Closeup by Emmanation
Tumblr media
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twogunrose5 days ago
Chapter 19 is now available.
In which not much of consequence occurs, however, lots of foreshadowing and hints for subsequent chapters. Pay Attention!
Tywin learns the truth of Sansa鈥檚聽鈥渄ate鈥 with Joffrey, Varys and Sansa select some new staffing recruits, and Sansa sees her father off as he heads back to Winterfell.
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bighound-littlebird7 days ago
Leaving the Hound by mikebloodslaver
Tumblr media
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twogunrose8 days ago
Chapter 18 is now available.
In which Sansa gives her relationship with Sandor some serious consideration, and Ned Stark gives his daughter some much needed advice.
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I have a headcanon that Arya and Gendry had like four kids (sansa and Jon were probably like wtf) and they had three boys and then a girl. The oldest and youngest have the Baratheon look, while the middle kids have the Stark look.
I even tried coming up with names lmao so these are the names:
鈥 Robb
鈥 Eddard
鈥 Can鈥檛 think of a third boy name any ideas lmao
鈥 Shireen (because my girl needs to be honoured)
Shireen wants to work as a blacksmith like Gendry (I bet even though he鈥檚 now a lord he still sneaks away to be in the forge lol) so I can just imagine her as a little girl trying to join her dad in the forge.
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shittinggold9 days ago
Sightly random but I'm thinking about the parallels between Anne Bonny and Sandor Clegane. Angry unwashed killers in serious need of therapy who've made scowling in the corner into an art. Who loudly insist that they don't care about anyone even as they do some of the bravest things in their respective series. Who've cultivated this image of a vicious monster in response to awful trauma they experienced as a child, and don't really know who they are outside of that. Who turn immediately to violence when they experience something they can't handle. Who have exactly one (1) person that they allow to be soft with them (though Anne eventually doubles that number). Who even both have a scene where they hold a knife to their love interest's throat, and are eventually broken down by their tenderness and kindness.
And then I get annoyed at my predictability because of course I get attached to the sad murder one.
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the-she-bear11 days ago
a while back i asked sansan shippers for their best sansan fic because i always found myself disgusted by the ship and couldnt understand the appeal and many people were nice enough to actually send me the links to some genuinely well written fics. and the whole time whilst reading them i could only think to myself was聽鈥渄amn...this is really good...i just wished it wasnt sansan...鈥
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twogunrose11 days ago
Chapter 17 has now been uploaded.
In which Sansa explains her strange reaction to seeing Sandor for the first time. Sandor encourages her to seriously evaluate her feelings for him. Sansa almost hits and kills her doomsayer. Her day ends with an unwanted proposal.
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ladyvalour11 days ago
Tumblr media
A Triple Threat by sketchditto
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twogunrose14 days ago
In which Sansa finally sees the face of Sandor Clegane. Another intimate moment develops between them, but will it be their last?
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