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sweetapatheticbitch · 2 days ago
how empaths™ see personality disorders
cluster a: weird. i think it's just anxiety and autism to be honest. schizophrenia too with their delusions and stuff, i think they should probably be admitted to a hospital in my opinion? just to keep us safe :D
cluster b:
ASPD: absolutely evil, rotten to the core. thank god i'm such a good person with my empathy. absolute psychopaths and definite future serial killers and rapists, throw them all into jail. also my brother definitely is an ASPD psychopath cus he showers with socks on and puts the milk before the cereal
HPD: is this even a thing? i think it's just BPD or something, sounds just like attention-seeking celebrities
BPD: either abusive alcoholic edgy violent manipulators or soft crying uwu protect them babies, no in-between, depends on how ableist i feel today
NPD: abusive and evil, violent and disgusting and everything you need to avoid in a person. my exes were narcissists and so were my parents. anyway remind me to make a post about empath struggles because i think i'm such a good person by being able to assume the emotions of others, and healing from narcissistic abuse tonight. i also don't think it's a real disorder at all, it's just a way for our abusers to gain sympathy by faking a disability.
cluster c: anxiety and dependent and OCD or something i don't know lol
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ASPD havers, what symptom when you first discovered/were questioning ASPD did you think to yourself "I can't relate to that one I don't do that" only to later realize you absolutely do that? I'll go first:
I thought the failure to uphold responsibilities didn't really apply to me. Sure I was a drop-out and when in school I skipped constantly and barely turned in work at all. But that wasn't a failure to meet responsibility I could have easily met those responsibilities if I wanted to but I neither cared nor wanted to that's totally different! Turns out that was in fact failure to uphold responsibilities lol.
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clusterb-confessions · 2 days ago
when you try to tell your therapist about your homicidal ideation but she keeps saying that theyre intrusive thoughts and that i'm disgusted with them 🥴 i told you a bajillion times that they don't bother me, and that I feel incentivized by them. stop brushing off my symptoms and trying to categorize them into 'normal thinking' i stg
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Cluster B culture is having to scroll through all the "narc abuse" bullshit whenever you search for resources and informations on your disorder.
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i can't be the only person with cluster b disorders that finds it super easy to manipulate people? like, i can see every nook and cranny of these bitches and know exactly what they want to see from me, and then act accordingly. you want me to be cutesy baby soft uwu victim? bam i'm on it. you can look after me for as long as you want. you want me to be damaged, mysterious, distant? bam i can do it. but does anyone actually want me to be me?
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violentviolette · 2 days ago
Hello! Stupid question that my brain has been thinking about- Do people who suffer from ASPD/ NPD feel jealousy in a romantic relationship? If yes, is it different from the one of a neurotypical? Sorry if the question seems impertinent, anyway thanks in advance and sorry for my English.
no worries anon this was phrased well!
thats honestly a completely individual thing that will depend on that persons other factors like any other comorbid disorders, their environment, the specifics of their abuse, their individual feelings ect
while personality disorders will affect all areas of someones life and so for some ppl their jealousy will be influenced by their pd, aspd/npd doesnt inherently have anything to do with jealousy or cause someone to be overly jealous the way something like bpd does
personally Im not jealous to a fault when it comes to romantic relationships. ive been cheated on in every monogamous relationship Ive had cause I just never saw an issue when my partners got close to other people
I'm poly now and ive just never needed to be the Only person someone loves. as long as theyre loving me the way I want I have zero issues with them also liking others
for me I feel like my aspd actually contributes to my lack of jealousy because other peoples emotions and needs are a lot for me sometimes and so its nice when my partners have other ppl they can go to for those needs cause it takes the pressure off me
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hematomaa · a day ago
ppl with low / no empathy exist and everyone else decides that within 2 seconds of knowing them that they're some horrible "evil abuser" or whatever and immediately will view anything they do as malicious, even when its normal behavior.
and then y'all turn the fuck around and preach "no more ableism!! respect nd people!!" like what the fuck are we?? fuckin feral dogs?? seems like you think that, cause ya sure as hell treat us like em.
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npdsafe · 9 months ago
Things that don’t make you a bad person:
Displaying “scary” symptoms of mental illness
Being diagnosed with multiple disorders
Having one or various personality disorders
Being diagnosed with NPD, BPD, or ASPD
Having very low empathy, or no empathy
Having symptoms that cause anger, emptiness, or paranoia
Having triggers or “strange” personal boundaries
Needing extra help or accommodations
Having intrusive thoughts about upsetting or scary topics
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psychonarc · 15 days ago
it’s interesting to watch neurotypicals grapple with the concept of the anti psych movement.
like they think that this belief (which comes so innately to anyone who’s been forcefully institutionalized for long stretches, has a “scary” disorder, or has been cheated and abused by doctors) is inherently harmful for us.
they think we need groups of people with the power to strip us of our bodily autonomy for the crime of having uncontrollable symptoms. that’s genuinely their idea of good psychological care.
and it’s funny cause they’re usually self proclaimed leftists too
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disabled-positivity · 7 months ago
Shout out to people with heavily demonized mental illnesses and symptoms, you aren’t bad, you aren’t evil, you aren’t a burden. And I really hope you get support systems that work for you and uplift you.
People with ASPD, NPD, BPD HPD aren’t evil, abusive, or monsters.
People with psychosis aren’t violent or aggressive.
People with DID aren’t murderers.
People with little or no empathy aren’t cruel or evil.
You’re good people, people who deserve love, compassion, and care. People who deserve proper treatment and help from people who genuinely understand how these things effect you.
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sweetapatheticbitch · a month ago
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them harder, detached and insensitive.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them friendlier, more open and loud.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them paranoid and aggressive.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them kinder, softer and more sensitive.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them lose guilt, shame, or empathy.
giving love to trauma survivors whose trauma made them gain more guilt, shame, or empathy.
you are all valid.
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carnivorous-tomatoes · 2 days ago
The only thing I have to hold my violent impulses back is isolation, which works great with me for my cats. I love my cats and I take the best care of them I can but that doesn’t mean I don’t have violent impulses towards them. It even works well with my siblings or any younger kids left in my care too, but it always seems to backfire on me when dealing with grown people. If I have a situational violent impulse towards a cat or a child I simply walk away and come back when that situation has changed with the opportunity not directly there it fades from my mind. If I have a reactive violent impulse towards an animal or a child I walk away and once I’ve processed that emotion I remind myself that they don’t have bad intentions, if I want things to go my way with them I have to understand why they did the thing that made me react in such a way and try to offer them alternatives so it won’t happen again.
Grown people however, in my mind always have bad intentions. Walking away and waiting for the emotion to be processed doesn’t work because I have no doubt they’ll do it again and if I try to communicate or offer alternatives they’ll take the vulnerability in that and use it against me, the impulse remains. Even with situational impulses towards complete strangers even I can’t help but think maybe it would have been better off to act on it, one less “enemy” to have to deal with. Realistically this is an automatic thought and I know this isn’t true, most people do not have any intentions towards me at all. I try to challenge this with relationships I’m dedicated towards making an effort with and maintaining but most of the time I don’t bother to challenge it at all, after all it feels true and it’s better to be unknowingly wrong than proven right.
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clusterb-confessions · 2 days ago
I hate empaths. I hate empaths. I hate empaths. I wish all empaths a very get fucked. I just had some empath loser try and explain to me what narc abuse is and I want to fucking kill someone. Genuinely I have so much homicidal rage rn and I want to choke the shit out of soneine
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cluster-b-culture-is · 2 days ago
Cluster B culture is having to resist the urge to punch your friend in the face when they say something that implies people without empathy are serial killers
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i'm so tired of having to act societally normal. why can't i just stop masking? why can't i just be me? why can't i be myself? because i'm unpalatable? because i'm unempathetic and unpredictable? because i have a personality disorder? because it's not convenient for me to be myself?
well fuck that.
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unreasonable-suspicion · 3 months ago
I truly couldn't care less about if people use "sociopath" in a derogatory way. seriously.
yes, they shouldn't, but people with ASPD have much bigger issues than Olivia Rodrigo's new song. I haven't seen anyone constantly complaining about the word sociopath even mention the actual issues we face.
issues like:
involuntary hospitalization & poor treatment there
psychiatric abuse
the fact that prison is considered a legitimate treatment for the disorder by many psychiatrists
longer prison sentencing just for having the disorder
being given lifelong institutionalizations over misdemeanors
inability to work for many branches of the government
discrimination in the workplace
if you haven't mentioned any one of these things complaining about the word "sociopath" is entirely performative. actually give a shit about us and our issues, they go well beyond TikTok trends
prosocials reblog this pretty please 😊
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sickdelights · 10 months ago
I think being born with no empathy but having cognitive empathy can be compared to being born without the notion of what fear is.
People who are born without the capacity of feeling fear wouldn't be afraid of someone holding a knife against their neck, they don't know what the sensation of fear is. But even though they can't feel fear, they can recognize that that is a threatening situation. They can't feel fear as a motivation to run or to do something about it, but rationally they know that they should run or do something about it.
It's the same with empathy. I might not be able to actually feel what you feel, but rationally i can understand it, and i can choose to be a good person if i want to, cause even though i cannot feel, i can think, and i can make my decisions rationally.
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catgirlapologist · 17 days ago
no but y'all seriously gotta stop calling strangers schizo, psychotic and sociopath/psychopath during online arguments, especially bc of stupid internet discourse, cause y'all will actually call a schizophrenic person a schizo or a person w aspd a psycho bc u think it's just some random insult you can call people and not a derogatory term stemming from the ableist portrayals of schizophrenic people and ppl w aspd which literally contributes to the systemic oppression we face lmao
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godisahuman · a year ago
Every once in a while I think “why do I have all these mental disorders, surely my childhood wasn’t that bad” and then I have an interaction with my mother and I understand.
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