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justlgbtthings · a day ago
LGBTQ+ flags color-picked from landscapes
part 4
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oriented aroace
part 1 / part 2 / part 3
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amatopunk · a day ago
Alloaros are so much more than the occasional positivity post. They're more than that group of aspec people you sometimes remember to include. They're more than the discourse people seem to constantly have around them, and the constant erasure that people push. They are people; they can be your friends, your family, your partners, your neighbors. Remember to not just include them, but appreciate them, and acknowledge their worth as a valuable part of the community, and of the world as a whole.
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aroacespirit · a day ago
Friendly Reminder Time:
1 - Asexuals can still have sex and even enjoy it
2 - Aromantics can still be in a romantic relationship and/or enjoy the concept of romance
3 - Not all aromantics are asexual and not all asexuals are aromantic
4 - Sexual and Romantic attraction are NOT the same thing nor are they the only types of attraction
5 - Stop assuming that all aroaces are lonely and/or don’t want friends
6 - Not all aroaces are straight, they can be gay, lesbian, pan, bi, etc
7 - Aro/Aces are lgbtqia+ whether you like it or not and are queer (queer doesn’t just mean gay and lesbian, not every aro/ace will/want to use the term ‘queer’ for themselves).
8 - Not all marriages are romantic or sexual, they can be also be platonic.
If there is anything I missed (which I probably did) just reblog or comment with your addons.
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lazykiy · a day ago
aroace person when they see someone aesthetically good looking be like : I can acknowledge your beautiful body but, I will just stare at you and appreciate you existence.
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the-grimmly-bank · 2 days ago
🔫 draw alto clef with an ace flag
love your fanart btw
THIS HAS BEEN IN OUR INBOX FOR SO LONG WA... we finally got our tablet SO behold
Tumblr media
ACE ALTO!! this was a lot of fun, look at him go!! plus !! aromantic alto and aroace alto because i can
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Alto Clef says that all aces, aros and aroaces are valid as fuck and if you say otherwise he will personally go to your house and bite off your kneecaps (Also thank you!!! :D we do our best)
if anyone would like any scp characters holding any flags, inbox is open ;)
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waterbenderkat · 2 days ago
It is my personal headcanon that Toph struggled with romantic relationships her entire life because she is aspec and nobody can take that from me.
Toph Beifong is an aspec queen.
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shmaroace · a day ago
i spent so long thinking i had to have a relationship that coming to the revelation i might not was fucking terrifying. the world spends so much time telling us how important romantic relationships are. telling us that we just can't be alone forever, because wouldn't that be so sad? telling us that relationships are the end all be all. that we have to have one to be fucking HAPPY.
so i spent a long time thinking i wouldn't be happy without one. thinking that if i got a s/o, maybe i would be happier, that it would solve my problems. and it didn't.
relationships are not the end all be all. feel free to have one. but it's not necessary for your happiness.
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urpurplehairedsage · a day ago
It's kinda crazy how I didn't realize how much sex negativity and alloarophobia there was in the aspec community... until I found myself on the very receiving end of it.
As someone who ID'ed as ace, I kind of "get it" but constantly seeing the "sex is gross and disgusting" comments (particularly on reddit) as someone who's already trying to undo and get rid of so much internalized sex negativity (that my very own religion has played a part in, might I add), it doesn't help.
Or the other day when I came across a post on Pinterest, in which (alloro)aces were talking about the merits of being ace. Cool, some ace positivity, right? Let's go aspecs, right~?
I kid you not, most of them were talking about how they could still "love their partner" and "atleast we won't cheat on you!", "we'll atleast love you for who you are!"
I'm sorry, but what the fuck.
Being alloaro won't all of a sudden make me an asshole, and being an O' so Holy alloace won't exempt you from possibly being a piece of shit. Alloaros don't cheat; shitty people in general just cheat, end of story.
Tumblr media
(Meme made by me. Feel free to save, use, etc.)
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(This may be very specific but what the hell) Ace culture is always being confused whether ace is short for asexual or aspec because some people say one thing and some the other and you yourself being aspec and wondering whether you should call yourself ace or not and—
Generally speaking if someone is ace = asexual spectrum, aspec = aromantic and/or asexual spectrum, aro = aromantic spectrum. So all ace and aro people are aspec, but most people (from what I've seen) who label themselves as aspec are both aro and ace. When it comes to community discussions aspec is generally used for stuff that applies to both asexuals and aromantics. I tag my stuff #aspec because while the account is called "ace culture" it's usually silly nonsense that's not exclusive to ace people.
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Yes, this is yet another culture-is blog. This one is for aromantic and arospec people who are romance-favourable and/or experience tertiary attraction.
This blog is operated by one person, Mod Crow. I use it/he pronouns (with a strong preference for it/its), and I am bi-oriented aroace and ambiamorous. I am romance-neutral, and I experience sensual, aesthetic, and alterous attraction to all genders.
This blog obviously runs on asks about aro yearning culture, but I am super down to answer questions that you may have about me!
LGBTQ+ exclusionist
anti-BLM/all lives matter
this blog was inspired by @orientedaroace-culture-is @aroacecultureis @aro-culture-is @romance-neutral-aro-culture @romo-aro-culture-is @alterous-attraction-culture-is @queer-nd-culture-is, @culture-is-blog-culture-is and other blogs like them
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aroaceconfessions · a day ago
Recently I have a thing going on with someone, we are just going at our own pace. I know I'm queer but cant identify myself with a label, and im still figuring it out. I also feel like I might be on the asexual spectrum, because whenever they talk about physical intimacy, I feel sort of uncomfortable. And also I feel bad because sometimes it feels like I'm not physically attracted towards them but rather towards how we make each other feel. Little instances like whenever they send me pics of them, I feel nothing, but I like being with them physically, holding hands, hugs and the space we share is good. And I just I dont want to hurt them, but i feel like i will. This lack of physical attraction scares me. Like I know they look good but thats all, nothing more than that. And I sort of feel selfish that my likings are selective. I've never been in a relationship like this before, so everything feels new and I dont wanna mess it up. There was a time where I thought I might be aroace, but I'm not sure. I feel so lost.
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neurotypical-karen · 2 days ago
Being aspec is going "well there's a shit ton of social biases in our society that make it very hard to exist, let alone be at peace with my identity and I wish more people took it seriously. But it's definitely a different experience than the overt discrimination other identities face" and then getting smacked in the face repeatedly with a frying pan like you're some type of Loony Toons character
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aroacespirit · 2 days ago
Me trying to explain why my favourite character is aroace
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acedthatnickname · 23 hours ago
When it's family dinner and someone asks you why you're still single:
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tumblfish · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tagged by @southside-forever, @can-i-go-with-him and @shameless-notashamed to make this picrew and I had so much fun! xo, gina
Tell me how you've already played @notherenj-nowherenj @marzgaperez @ms-moonlight-inn @sleepyfacetoughguy @gallavich-memes and @mickeymilkovichenthusiast
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arospike-culture-is · 2 days ago
arospike culture is getting a burst of romantic attraction, thinking you’re maybe not aro, getting into a relationship and feeling the attraction slip away soon afterwards
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okay to all my fellow aces out there (and I guess aros can answer this too, really just anyone who hasn’t/doesn’t feel sexual/romantic attraction)
what’s something you thought was normal but then an allo or someone explained what it actually means too you. Basically just a time you were just ace oblivious or didn’t understand allo stuff.
Here is an example of when I didn’t understand allo culture: 
When I was younger all my friends would talk about who they have a crush on and shit but I never knew how people got crushes or how it felt. So for the longest time I would just choose a random guy (based on how many other people had a crush on them, or on if they like me or not) and I would say that that was the guy i had a crush on. Because i genuinely thought, that people just got to choose who they had a crush on and it wasnt until i learned what asexuality was that i realized i was wrong. And to this day, it is so hard to imagine that you just look at a person and think you wanna fuck them or shit. 
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