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aukanemin · 2 days ago
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~Commissions are open!~
It would be absolutely delightful if you distribute this post or even want to support my projects and order something special for yourself;зз In addition, I recently changed prices so this information may be useful even to those who already saw previous price list;*** Below I have described in detail almost all the necessary information, but please do not hesitate to write and ask me for any reason in a private message or ask - it will be my pleasure to tell or show you more, and I am always glad to have pleasant acquaintances***
What can I do for you:
Design and illustration of your original character (based on references or text description)
Your portrait, a portrait of your loved one, a celebrity or a person you like (including historical figures)
A portrait of any artistic character - from any fandom, and although my work is closer to gothic fantasy, it is a great pleasure for me to work with new themes and develop myself. The fandoms I'm most familiar with are listed in tags;з
I like to design clothes on my own, interpret the appearance and style of characters, but I am always very attentive to the interests and desires of other people** I do portraits in three formats - bust, waist-length and full-length, and with three different stages of completion - line art, flat color and full shadow work. They can be completely different in style, and you should pay close attention to the difference in the execution of these formats - the busts are always more detailed in the character's features, the atmosphere is more consistent in waist-length paintings, and full-length drawings are well suited to demonstrate clothing design or depict a scene. On average, I complete the work within three to four days, but in case of various circumstances I leave myself up to a week, the lion's share of the time (usually the first day) is occupied by sketch and line art, as well as the background - depending on the complexity and its cost , and the duration of the work can vary greatly, but on average I do them in a day or two. I can make completely different backgrounds for you - for bust or chest-high portraits, graphics or bokeh with some elements of the environment are more suitable, for full-length portraits, you can perform both art nouveau design and full surroundings with a landscape or interior design.
What can I do and approximate prices:
- Bust of one character up to the chest.
Sketch: $ 35
Flat color: $ 40
Shadows & Color Treatment: $ 45
- Portrait of one or more characters up to the waist.
Sketch: $ 50
Flat color: $ 55
Shadows & Color Treatment: $ 60
For background + 5 $ minimum. For each new character + 10 $ - Character (or several) in full growth.
Sketch: $ 65
Flat color: $ 70
Shadows & Color Treatment: $ 75
For background + 10 $ minimum. For each new character + 15 $ I also accept tips - most often they are included in the cost of the background, which is done at the end, after the main character design. Whoa !! You’ve read almost everything! Thank you very much! Here, under the cut, I describe the whole process of work and how we pay. This is very useful information about most of the questions that you may have, if you want to purchase my work, I advise you to take a look too;)
How do we work on an order?
Please feel free to contact me via Tumblr or mail for any questions you may have! ~ If you have an interest in my work, and you want me to create something special for you - share this with me in a message, we can discuss all the details and cost of your painting**
After I discuss the content of the painting with the client and receive additional materials from him (a photo of the person I am drawing, or references that are close to what is expected of me), I start creating the first sketch.
In accordance with the request, I make a sketch of the future painting, which will contain all its important elements and an approximate color scheme (if any) that I will use. At this stage, you can freely make your amendments, and when the content suits you, I will ask you for an advance payment of half the cost of the work without price of background (through Paypal/Venmo).
After that, work on the portrait will begin. Its duration varies on several factors - to a greater extent on the volume and complexity of the work itself, as well as on my own workload with other orders. I will contact you at various stages of the work readiness to show its progress and make the necessary corrections.
After completing the portrait, I will send you its version in low quality- you familiarize yourself with it, and after you pay the rest of the amount, you will receive the final result of our work! ~
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alilbitlesbian · 2 days ago
MC, singing to the tune of I Kissed a Girl: I killed a guy, and I liked it- Portia, whispering: Should we call the exorcist? Asra, also singing: The taste of his cherry chapstick. Julian, appalled: Call the exorcist.
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morganalnazar · a day ago
A Work in progress!
Here’s a sketch I recently drew of Asra as the Magician tarot card, Morgan (My oc) as The Sun tarot card and both of them as The Lovers!
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I don’t normally post WIPs , but I had to share this one because i’m proud of it so far and i’m excited to get to the line art and coloring (:
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bastart13 · a month ago
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It turned out more ghostly than water, but I've always wanted to draw one of Asra's projections
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the-arcana-secret-files · 2 months ago
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Asra tale FULL CG + backgrounds and Gavin
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greyhands · 3 months ago
Tea break with Asra 💜
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arimesi · a year ago
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"Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream, make him the cutest that I've ever seen"
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fifthpilot · 2 months ago
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Asra in his multicolored floor length sleeveless coat, enormous rainbow feathered hat, and 17 hot pink scarves: stealth 👍
see more on my Instagram
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thearcanagame · 2 months ago
We surveyed our community and listened. You’ve waited long enough! A new Asra tale is now available on #TheArcana!
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aukanemin · 4 months ago
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Hellenic au
How delightful and pleasant is the feeling of completed work - but how unfamiliar it is to my anxiety, and how I yearn for it every one of all my attempts. Each series of drawings is a brother to each other, but in my eyes, like children, they are different in their tones, ideas, practices and abilities - and it is always difficult for me to compare them with each other.
But in the meantime, I completed my warmest, closest thought for this month! And Hellenic au was revealed - not fully, but close to my ardent and ragged thoughts and tones of my soul, changeable, like the characters of these drawings.
It all started with Asra - in them I saw the sacrament of sensuality, Eros - the chaos of darkness and night, an arrow of love in an exhausted, yearning heart. The reflection of the will of Hecate lives in them - in Asra I see the moon, the mystery of witchcraft, the lord of both magic and the underworld, and in the duality of their gentle hand they are the most beautiful of all.
Pavla is beautiful and crushingly tender, like a May thunderstorm, like a gentle summer rain - like Hebe, she is the embodiment of the purity and joys of youth, the cupbearer of the divine table - and like Euphrosyne, she is the embodiment of grace, sisterhood and beauty, the spark of Aphrodite, a sign of goodwill and the joys of life in the world.
Ilya struck me with the gloom and sensuality of his nature from the first day, all of him - like a kiss, like an open wound - and in him I see a vulnerable pain, and a nightmare, and the prevention of a cursed end - a nymph of the underworld Melinoya rises like a black mare at night. They are merciful, the gentle, sensitive hand of the guide of the underworld - and with Elia you are blind from love will step to hell, as if into a house of celebration and pleasure.
Lucio, full of morbidity and greedy predation, began to play with completely different colors - gorgeous and exhausted, like a misty sun, he dressed in scarlet clothes as Apollo, in him are both pleasure and adoration, and a holiday of every day. But there is still hidden dried blood in the mouths of hounds, and an endless, dishonest war - the statue of Ares was the embodiment then, and a man of heavy will holds a sword in a deceptively soft now, iron, like a vice, hand.
Nadia was powerful and gorgeous in each of her incarnations - in the guise of a Hera she stands above each of the heavens, and on the face of the goddess of a zealous and fierce are shadows of a heavy soul, and in her hand, rigid, ruling, a gilded blade, distorted by past battles, is expectantly clenched. It was a picture full of gravity and striking, and in this I see beauty amongst all women - like Boreas she rises like a heavy north wind, and like Ananka, Nadia is relentless.
Muriel avoided my hands for so long, and I turned to him with longing questioning - but a picture of light amid darkness and clarity appeared to me, and in it I saw a reflection of the most primary of my feelings, the very first and most familiar one. I had the idea to portray him as Dionysus - and in him I saw both nymphs, and naiads, and Pan, and Zephyr, but only after writing the Hermit Muriel was born in my hand - and who else but Hades, invisible, gloomy, eternal, compassionate in a gentle ruling hand, was given to become him?
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markantonys · 8 months ago
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starryjax0 · a month ago
“i dug until my fingers bled. all i could find was charred bone and ash.”
is literally the most painful line i have ever read and it’s from a ROMANCE STORY MOBILE GAME WHAT THE FRICK
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prayforthevoid · a month ago
Julian route
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bastart13 · 2 months ago
Based on your deadly sins post: imagine an AU of Fullmetal Alchemist with the main six as the homunculi, and the Devil as father
Tumblr media
Edit: Okay update because not everyone knows all my posts
Asra - Lust
Muriel - Sloth
Nadia - Pride
Portia - Envy
Julian - Wrath
Lucio - Gluttony
There is no appropriate character for greed, as the MC is unknown
I was tempted to draw them each as the homunculus in the manga/anime, but the aesthetics didn't quite match up. So, enjoy the new outfits and unique mark placements
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rimefucker · a month ago
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this is humiliating
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emerald-apprentice · 5 months ago
> Can we get a prompt with the Main 6? I was thinking about mc and their s/o not getting much time to spend together (maybe s/o is super busy lately?) and mc wants to surprise them when they get home one night, just to relax together and decompress. So they're wearing a lingerie (any kind you choose), spread out on the bed, waiting for them to come home for hours. S/o comes back and sees mc asleep in the lingerie, bc they waited too long. Rose petals and candles everywhere while they snooze.
this is so fucking cute!! i hope yall enjoy this soft spice with our arcana cuties! i went all out with this one and ended up making some scenarios, so (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑
Sleeping Lingerie Surprise - Late Arrival!
[light spice! minors, shoo! continued under the cut! ✧]
Tumblr media
- Asra was confused when he got no response after calling your name, returning from yet another long journey and now a windy night in Vesuvia. He's fumbling to get his large scarf and hat off, finally relieving himself of the baubles with a sigh as he puts them up on the coat rack. Finally able to see, he gazes around the shop, trying to listen for your movement; but all he hears is the roaring winds outside the door, and with curiosity peaking him, he ventures further into your shared abode.
- It's then that he notices bright candles all about the room, leading him from one to the next with the scent of honeysuckle drawing him in. Still stuck in survival mode from his travels, he can only hope a fire hasn't started if you've left home for the night... But that thought creeps away when he notices the rose petals spread on the floor like a carpet, guiding him right to you.
- And there you are. Sleeping peacefully in a sea of cushions on the bed, you're wearing a lingerie piece with a magenta to indigo gradient—the mesh fabric is much like the night sky, with detailed sparkling swirls making it seem animated. You look absolutely stunning, and Asra's face quickly flushes at the sight, his heart throbbing at the way it fits you so perfectly, how romantic this setup was... Emphasis on the "was."
- He feels awful for having missed this. The candlelight has nearly died, and the petals are already becoming dry. He's worried over how long you've been waiting for him, nevermind it being long enough for you to have fallen asleep... He knows he's been more occupied lately, hardly getting to even say good morning or check in on your day, overwhelmed by the number of quests he has to venture on. But now he's going to try and make it up to you. All he can hope for is that you don't smack him for waking you from your cat nap, but even then, a smile tugs at his lips at the thought. He likes it when you're playfully feisty with him.
- Asra bites his lip and walks carefully to you, then slides down and into the pillows to lay down by your side. He leans his head into his hand, his arm keeping it propped up with his other palm resting against the mattress. He wants to wake you up, but it's tough when you look so at soothed like this... He's always loved your energy and determination, but he has a soft spot for seeing you finally take a break. It's like watching tigers sunbathe.
- Slowly, you blink your eyes open, having sensed a presence beside you as you mumble yourself awake. You can see the blur of pearl-white hair in front of you, eyes like purple diamonds hiding behind it. "... Asra...?" You hush, yawning sweetly before straightening your lingerie, a bit embarrassed that you fell asleep in the middle of your surprise... "You're back... Safe and sound." You bring your hand to his chest, moving beneath his shirt to feel the warmth of his heartbeat, the magic between you momentarily sparking.
- He grins at the sound of your sleepy voice, scooching closer. "I am. I'm glad you're here," he says, caressing your cheek.
- You snort playfully, though don't pull away from the touch, "I've been here. You kept me waiting, you know."
- "The chance isn't over, is it?" He chuckles.
- You brush away a curl of hair from his face, admiring the affectionate look in his eye. "Only if you don't take it." You say testingly, greeted with a smirk. He seems to have gotten the hint as he brings you to him, the both of you laughing softly into a kiss that lingers.
- It's hardly a moment before Asra moves the both of you, shifting you onto your back and getting on top of you. He caresses your cheek in one hand, the other gripping and lightly pulling the fabrics beside your head, essentially pinning you down. Your hips lock together with your partner between your legs, your breath hitching at the feeling, the kiss becoming hotter as your bodies move in tandem. Sensing your excitement, Asra pauses to let you both catch some air, parting while looming above you. He's eyeing the careful bruises on your lips, a soft pant leaving him as his arousal heightens just by the sight of you. "You're incredible like this..." he purrs, petting your cheek lovingly, "I can't believe you did all this for me."
- "I missed you. I wanted to do something special for the both of us, Asra." You whisper back, gulping some air as your chest rises and falls, "... I don't mean to interrupt the moment, but, I do really miss you." It's been a good while since you've both talked... Aware of how important communication is, you know you need to bring this up before it gets lost after a long night together. "You've been busy is all."
- Asra looks endeared. "I'm happy you noticed. I was getting afraid you were enjoying all your time away from me, you know."
- You trade a look of loving disbelief, your smile still present though your eyebrows scrunch in concern. "Of course I noticed! And alone time is great, but I miss being with you, dummy, I want to be with you. I thought you might be back earlier today so I set some things up, but..."
- "I know," he says, smile fading as his regret reappears. "I'm sorry for being gone so much, and for getting home this late. I miss you too, and... I just hope you know that."
- You tuck some hair behind his ear, your hand gracing over his jaw. "Thank you," you say. "You know you can count on me to help you, though... Make life a little easier. We're a team. I want to be around you, whether it's fighting off demons or... This."
- He snickers, "Especially this." He moves to kiss you again, though this time shorter as he has more of his mind to speak. "... Alright," he starts, "If you're really sure you—"
- "Yes." You interrupt. "Always. To the moons and back, always."
- That familiar smirk draws on his lips, your partner's hands pinning you from either side of your head. "We can get started right now then, but I'll warn you... You might not feel your legs after."
- You lift your legs up in the slightest, just until you have enough momentum to wrap them around Asra's hips. He groans in response, leaning down to meet you with a soft grind of his hips, resting your foreheads together. You hush your voice, breathless and flushed from the friction that sparks between you. "Prove it to me."
Tumblr media
- She hated doing this to you. Aside from gifts, quality time is one of Nadia's primary love languages, and it bothers her greatly each time she's interrupted and taken away from getting to see you. She would catch you in the hallways, desperate to check in on you and spend time with you, only to be escorted away by some other heads of the court.
- You could see her distress whenever she turned to look back at you, her eyebrows furrowed as the distance grew. She missed you, and you missed her too. With your work at the shop and her work as Countess, this time of year made it difficult to find open opportunities to spend time together. She was busy planning events, making amends, tying new city-state alliances, fixing up broken down districts, ensuring the protection of the city and its surrounding regions, building fair rules, traveling to meet with other officials, need I go on?
- It was getting to the both of you, being apart this long. She missed your touch, and you missed her kind words, your shared admiration giving you both peace whenever you had time to revel in one another's affections. So when you found an opening in Nadia's schedule, you made a plan.
- You kindly asked the court tailor to make an outfit for you (as Nadia insists for you to not be shy with wanting anything), and you arrange shopkeeping with Asra to allow you a day off. Soon, everything falls into place, and you find yourself scattering light pink petals all across the bedroom you share with your Countess. The candles are lit, the gentle scent of vanilla, jasmine, and rose filling the room as you don your new lingerie: sheer fabrics of cotton candy purple and fuschia, laced with rose gold and soft white sparkles. It matches your sweetheart, and as you lay in bed awaiting her arrival, you think about how excited she will be to see you in such beautiful attire.
- That is, until you fell asleep after waiting too long. Nadia had what was a considerably longer day than expected, and her exhaustion was clear as she passed through the halls. The servants took note of her tired expression, downtrodden from the separation you've both had over the last month. She was weary, lonely, and miserable having been away from you for so long. She was just thankful that the tasks had slowed, and that she might see you tomorrow morning if she can manage...
- These thoughts waver as she pinches the bridge of her nose in frustration, her mind cloudy with a headache from stress. Her eyes are closed as she pushes her bedroom door open, stepping inside, only to be met with the romantic scent of flowers and vanilla. Confused, she hums and peers up, then noticing the candles all about the room. This couldn't have been the servants as she'd asked them to all retire for the night so she may have some peace... But as she examines the room, her gaze lands on the blossoms scattered along the floor, leading her to the bed where your blissful figure waits.
- Her eyes widen in surprise, striding over to the bedside as she takes in your anticipated gift. She's captivated by your beauty, her gaze falling soft as she admires you like a masterpiece... How long had you been planning such a romantic gesture?
- Nadia lovingly caresses your cheek, then pets through your hair as she tries to gently stir you awake. You lean into her hand as she sits carefully beside you, your subconscious recognizing the touch, desiring it for so long... Feeling the slight shifting of the mattress, you slowly awaken, blinking softly at your surroundings before you notice a familiar belle watching over you. "... Nadia," you whisper with all the love in your heart, "You're home..."
- "At last." She responds softly, "I have missed you greatly... I'm so terribly sorry for arriving late, my dear, the carriage had stalled and I--"
- "Nadi," you interrupt, sitting up slowly as you reach for her hands, "You're here now, and that's what's most important to me. I'm just happy to see you again..." You smile, pressing a kiss to her cheek. She blooms red in response, her soft laugh resonating in your chest as she runs her thumbs over your hands.
- "You are a beacon of light in a dark night, my love... I am so thankful to be here with you as well." She hums, leaning forward to shut her eyes softly and press your foreheads together. Your magic dances with hers, sparking softly and bringing clarity to your minds, relieving your stress and weariness instantly. Nadia sighs gratefully, then peering down at your clothes. "You look marvelous, my darling... Have you truly done this just for me?"
- You laugh quietly at her praise. "Just for you. Do you like it?"
- "More than that," she says, her hands moving to your waist. "I love it. Nearly as much as I love you..." She leans you back, pressing her lips to yours to share a moment you've been waiting for for weeks. You respond to her touch so smoothly, a dance of passion you've both shared since you first got together. Eventually, you've flipped positions, with Nadia sunk into the soft mattress and pillows below, your hands pinned on either side of her head.
- When you separate, the familiar glow of affection warms you, catching the candlelight that shines in the maroon of her eye. She's staring up at you expectantly, excitedly, and you can hardly contain the happy sigh that leaves you. She's absolutely beautiful. She grins wider at the response, hand moving to cup your cheek. "You are my treasure, my spirit, my love... I have awaited this moment since last we parted." Her confession is loving, sincerity in her voice while she tugs the strap of your sleeve down. "Please... Won't you spoil me now?" ✧✧✧
- ✧✧✧ Never forgetting that night, Nadia makes it her priority to balance her work and recreation. She's a hardworking woman, especially after Lucio left her with nothing but Vesuvia's greatest weight on her shoulders. Should it not be for you, she'd get lost in her troubles, pouring herself till there's nothing left. But you... You remind her to enjoy life. You remind her that she is human, that she can and should take care of herself.
- Nadia will always be grateful for how good you are to her. If she ever finds you tired from a long day's end, you need only give her a moment before you stumble upon amethyst candles burning in the moonlight, with lavenders and violets laid carefully across the floor. Your best surprise, however, awaits you in bed, greeting you with tantalizing whispers. "Welcome home, my love."
Tumblr media
- No one ever said being a doctor was easy, and Julian's unfathomably busy schedule was proof of it. The man had been working day and night on a cure for a disease spreading from the port of Milova, with Vesuvians fearing contact given their trading of spices. With multitudes growing ill, including Milovan doctors, Julian is one of the last few medical staff in the region willing and able to help.
- Eventually, Nadia suggests that Julian comes to the palace where he can study in his old office, full of records that he can peruse as well as have easier communication with other research professionals over a vaccine. Being in the palace is good for him, as he's taken care of, but living at work doesn't necessarily make him feel at peace. He feels like a machine, never pausing to eat, always burning the midnight oil, getting perhaps 2 hours of sleep per night at most. His whole day is nothing but study and testing, not even getting to talk to Portia whenever she delivers food to make sure he's getting some nutrition.
- When you ask her how Ilya is doing, you grow worried at her answer. You're proud of his dedication, but you understand how the stress is getting to him, that he needs to break away from the mess to feel human again. And you just might have the right plan for it.
- Very close to the right plan, had it not been for Portia's estimate, but you can't exactly blame her. She said Julian would be back home in the south end around 10 PM on Saturday, and, well... 3 AM came.
- Feeling cold, you subconsciously tugged blankets over yourself in your sleep, only your head peeking out as you bundled into the sheets. Julian is completely unaware of what's waiting for him under the covers, his tired expression painting a smile when he walks over to your shared bed. He's so tired, he can't even be bothered to change into sleepwear, so his instinct is to just pull up the covers to slide in behind you and—
- Any bit of fatigue he had was just thrown out the window as he flushes over the lace scarcely covering you. Those are not your regular pajamas, he would know. Not that he's a pervert! Just, uh, those—that piece is definitely not covering your thighs all the way and they look so fucking good on you, and—
- The frigid air hits you, and you squirm at the feeling, trying to reach for the covers to tug them back down for warmth. When the blanket resists against you, you grumble in confusion, blinking and turning to look at the cause.
- And there's your cause, dropping the cover to dive-grab a nearby pillow and hold it over his crotch. His hair is a mess and his eyes are blown wide open, like a horny deer in headlights as he stutters out a panicked, "Good afternoon!"
- Oh, he's stupid, but he's your stupid. "Jules? Mmh..." You mumble and shove the duvet off, trying to rock your sleepiness away as you flip over to look at your lover. He has the full view of your "surprise" now, and by the Gods, he can't help but ogle your legs. If he'd gotten ahold of himself, he'd be spreading them by now, but here he is trying to excuse him and the definitely not-knife in his pocket.
- "I—I was just—I—You—" He stammers, his stare catching up to him as it glides over the amount of skin you're showing. He's taking it in, completely forgetting how to talk when he lands on the crimson and black roses weaved into your lingerie. Your exposure is making his jaw drop, and he can hardly think to gather himself before you take notice of this.
- "Oh, do you like what you see, doctor?" You purr, watching his Adam's apple bob in his throat at the nickname. You shuffle your legs, reclaiming the seductive position you'd originally been in before you fell asleep, lying across the bedsheets like human sin.
- "I..." Julian gulps, throat going dry as he drinks in your form. He can't think properly like this, and with his last horny brain cell at full power, he whispers out, "You're... Breathtaking..."
- You flush at his sincerity. It's so fun pushing his buttons, but sometimes he just catches you off guard with his affections. You swoon just a bit, only to snap back into seduction mode, reminding yourself you need to be assertive. If you don't, you'd both end up sweet-talking for the next 8 hours (which isn't bad in the slightest but let's face it, you're both ready to get it on). "Dr. Devorak," you say, "If it's air you need, I'll happily give it to you."
- You scooch yourself to the side of the bed, making room for him. But when he comes closer, he brings you back to the center, kneeling against the mattress until he's on top of you and can comfortably pin you down. "Please," he says, gazing into your eyes with a desperate need. "Give it to me."
- It takes no hesitance for you to cup his cheek, enticing him to crash his lips into yours as you share an intimate kiss.
- ... After the first few rounds, neither of you can remember how long it's been since you started. You can only imagine you're somewhere between the third and fourth go, idly kissing and praising one another, with you on top of Julian as he relaxes on the mattress. He's whining pathetically, trying to grind up against you before you silence him with a passionate kiss. He looks like such a little whore beneath you, pale skin burning red in the moonlight as his chest rises and falls with each ebb of lust. As he catches his breath, he tries to hail you between smooches. "Thank—Thank you, my darling, I—I don't—Deserve—"
- You run your fingers through his hair and meet his lips, bruising them just slightly as he moans against you. When you part, you stare into his eyes, panting, "You know you do... You work so hard, Julian."
- "Do I?" He says, that familiar look of sadness washing through him if only for a moment. It's heartbreaking how quickly his desolation can get a grip on him, but that's where you come in.
- "Yes, Julian." You say, attention drifting between each of his grey eyes, unbothered by the red sclera of his right. You press your foreheads together, looking deeply into him. "Do you know why I did this?" You let a pause run through as he listens, letting you catch a breath of air. "Because I wanted to help you relax, and because I wanted to treat you for all the efforts you've been making... You can call yourself pathetic and horrible all you want, but that's not who you are."
- His expression is running warm as you continue. He's fallen completely silent, at the mercy of your kindness, a saving grace to his depressed soul. He lets you continue, and as you comfortingly run your fingers over his chest, you say, "You're brilliant, Ilya. In so many different ways... I love you, and you do deserve to enjoy yourself... So please... Let me treat you."
- Julian is overwhelmed by your affections. You can see the tears running through the corner of his eyes, and before you can tease him, he tugs you forward with both hands on the sides of your head, pulling you into a tender and deep kiss. He takes his time, only pulling away when you need a breather, and when you do, he cries happily, "I love you, my dearest. I love you so very much. Please... Treat me however you wish."
- The evening is filled with nothing but passion and yearning. The doctor's many stresses are worked away just with your touch, and when he must head back to work, you can imagine the clarity he holds as he completes his research. If anything, he works harder just so he can come back home to you, the angel that saved this condemned man. And secretly, he hopes you wear that lingerie piece again when he returns.
- If you ever worry about whether Julian really did enjoy your "surprise" or not, you need only ask the neighbors. Believe me, they heard... Everything.
- Please let him wear the lingerie.
Tumblr media
- The forest had grown more challenging to defend ever since the Heart's passing... Without a guardian keeping the territory safe, Muriel had to take charge and protect it himself. Though he was glad to keep the Kokhuri tradition alive by making the forest safer and friendlier than before, it is a tough job. Try as you might with helping him, it's still a big responsibility, and he will carry the heavy burden on his shoulders. Nadia had offered to set up defenses around the perimeters, but Muriel declined, knowing the wildlife would be affected by more human influence.
- You've hardly seen him at all over the last month. The only real communication you've gotten with him is through Inanna, and even then, it's a bit tough when all you've got to work with is "Aroo-woo!" followed by soft chuffs. But there were signs that he's definitely alive and fine, such as occasional letters on the tables.
- These notes would have little updates, crude handwriting saying how he misses you, that he feels lonely not getting to see your face, and always telling you to stay safe and be careful. Your schedules just don't line up right now, and it's getting to the both of you. You're each other's lifeline, and it's difficult being apart for this long.
- So you arrange a plan. You visit a boutique in the middle of town, buying a teal-colored piece of lingerie with thin golden detailing along the borders, made of mesh and silk fabric (perfectly revealing). You bought jasmine blossoms and some small candles with the scent of cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. With all of your possible jobs at the shop finished for the week, and with Asra covering you for work (like the wingpal he is), you're finally able to set up a little "alone" time at the hut for your gentle giant.
- You can imagine the guilt on Muriel's face when he stumbled into his hut, tired and weary without your company, only to find you'd been planning something for him. And that he didn't make it back home in time to receive his gift.
- Before Muriel can shy away, not wanting to wake you up, Inanna bounds to you; she's barking excitedly to get you to wake up as her paws land by your side, hopping on the bed just a bit to get you up. Muriel tries to urge her to get down, but it's too late as he watches you stir from your slumber. The mesh fabric of your lingerie manages not to tear under Inanna's paw even as you shuffle to blink awake and see her big cute face. "Hey Inanna..." you hum, moving to scratch and pet the side of her head, which she happily accepts. Somehow understanding the situation though, she moves out of your touch after a bit, letting you see your sweetheart lingering over the bed as he was trying to hide from behind the wolf. He's trying his hardest to be respectful by looking away from your body, but the blush across his face doesn't hide how much he enjoys the new outfit on you.
- You prop yourself up on your elbows, then your hands to get a better look at the view. "Hello to you too, cutie. Like what you see?" You tease. You've thought nothing of his tardiness, knowing there's a reason behind it—not just any reason, but a noble, heroic reason that he would never admit to. Besides... Your heart does somersaults just seeing him again. Muriel says nothing for a moment, his eyes fixated on the way the fabric fits on you, barely covering your skin. Your poor mountain man does a nervous half-gulp half-cough as he tries to ease himself, but it doesn't go down that easily as his gaze keeps falling down your body.
- He wants nothing more than to "spend time" with you right now, but feeling guilty as much as he is, he has to address it. "I... Ruined a surprise, didn't I?" He says, looking to the wall behind you as his guilty conscience takes over.
- You frown at his response. You are a little sad that the surprise wasn't as timely, but there's no harm done now that he's here. "... Come." You beckon, patting the bed to urge him to sit next to you. You offer a reassuring smile, gentle and understanding, which encourages him to come closer rather than slink away. Reluctantly, he comes to you, the guilt still spiraling in his mind.
- You shuffle onto your knees, reaching to hold his hands and guide him to sit down. He follows your lead, but his eyes remain elsewhere, his sadness showing as a chip on his shoulder. You cup his cheek, running your thumb over his scarred face as he sighs into the touch, relaxing a little more as you comfort his anxiety. "Muriel, I did this because I want to spend more time with you, but I'm not blaming you for "ruining the surprise" when you didn't even know there'd be one," you say. "You're here now. I'm here now... I want to be here together."
- Muriel shuffles uncomfortably, the proximity of your almost bare body to his only stirring his desires. You take a quick glance down, now knowing why you thought you saw something move. Oh. You smirk knowingly, leaning up to him. "I don't think I'm alone in wanting that, am I?"
- His eyes dart away from you like an arrow, wide and bewildered as his cheeks glow garnet-red. He's sweating just a bit, his throat already drying at the sight of you, and when he can't take it anymore... He opens up, cautiously, squeezing your hand to show he's listening. Timidly, he looks to your thighs, hardly covered in the lingerie's fabric. "You... Look really nice is all." He compliments, nervousness growing stiffer. "... I'm sorry I made you wait this long. 'm sorry I made you wait at all."
- You squeeze his hand back. "You will always be worth the wait." The man can barely contain his smile, enamored by your kindness. He'll never understand why you're so nice to him, but he's willing to learn to accept it. Muriel leans in, bringing you closer and pressing your lips to his as a sign of his appreciation. You kiss him back as he holds one side of your head in his large hand, tilting it as you both linger in one another's touch. You're the only one that could ever teach him this: to not hesitate when the feeling's right.
- A minute goes by, and neither of you has pulled away, nor want to as the kiss becomes more heated. Whenever one parts, the other quickly returns, lips crashing as you begin to crawl into Muriel's lap. He fully embraces this, palms resting on your thighs to keep you steady as you push him back and against the bed, soon on top of him and chest-to-chest as he quietly moans into the kiss. His arousal is obvious as his hands wander along your body, feeling every mountain and valley as he suddenly pulls you in to grind you against the tent in his pants.
- You gasp eagerly as your bodies meet, not expecting him to take such sudden control. He's just as surprised himself, letting go and staring up at you in bewilderment. "S-Sorry, I—! I shouldn't have—"
- Finally catching some air, you're panting above him, an excited look in your eye. "Please... That felt... So good..." You huff, pressing closer as you coyly push a strand of hair out of his face, "Muri... I want you so badly."
- Needless to say, your sweetheart is more than happy to fulfill your desire. The night is long, though loving, as the hut is filled with cries of "I love you," "I missed you so much," and "thank you."
Tumblr media
- Portia isn't normally the type to feel down in the dumps, but she found herself growing more tired and lonely the busier she got. Her job is fitting for her social needs, sure, but it doesn't fill the void as much as when she's with you. Being unable to see you for this many weeks... It's really gotten to her. She does, however, try to keep in mind that if she keeps up at work, she can save some money to treat you both on vacation.
- It's all just a way to keep her head in the game, though. She misses Ilya, she misses getting to sit down and relax with Pepi, and of course, she misses you the most.
- It's been a string of days working nonstop to prepare for the upcoming holidays. Portia takes pride in knowing no one else but her can handle it, but it weighs heavy on her shoulders when she overworks herself; and taking this into consideration, you knew just the right way to convince her to take a break.
- The minute she enters her cottage and sees the semi-lit candles and rose petals scattered everywhere, Portia's eyes shine like stars once she recognizes the gesture. She gasps quietly and sets her basket down carefully, picking up a blossom from the floor to examine it. Everything has already clicked for her, and after she takes a full sniff of the flower, she skips to the bedroom, knowing exactly what awaits her. It's what she would've done for you if the roles were reversed.
- Just as she suspected, there you are, dozing with a peaceful grin in the middle of several blankets and pillows. The light breeze from the window nearby draws in the scent of mint from the shrubs outside, tickling your nose although nearly putting out the candles in the room. Some petals on the floor skirt past Portia's feet, and she sighs, knowing she's finally back home with you.
- She pauses for a moment, analyzing the scene, and smiles warmly to herself. You’re wearing a sunset-colored lingerie piece made of sheer fabric and silk, barely reaching the top of your thighs which are currently tangled over themselves as you sleep away in her comfy bed. Pepi is happily curled up as the little spoon in your cuddle, but her head perks when she senses Portia. She meows sweetly, a little "you're finally here!" before getting up and stretching a bit, then moving to the edge of the bed. Portia makes a "shh" motion, putting a finger to her lips before scratching behind Pepi's ears. The cat purrs happily, and surprisingly understands as she hops down from the mattress and leaves the room, giving Portia a moment to gaze at your sleeping beauty.
- She’s so endeared by the surprise, seeing the trouble you went through to have a romantic night together after weeks of Portia being particularly busy at the palace... She hopes you aren’t too sleepy, ‘cause she’s gonna wake you up to smother you immediately.
- Portia crawls onto the bed, not bothering to get into something comfier as she becomes desperate to hear the sweet yet sleepy voice she loves so much. She quickly finds your ticklish spot, having discovered it ages ago even before you two got together, and starts going to town.
- Her wiggling fingers send you, jumping slightly as you groggily wake up, blinking to regain your sight as you look towards the end of the bed. Portia is leaning over you now, biting her lip playfully while sitting on top of you. “Morning, buttercup. How long’ve you been sleeping?”
- “Portia?” you hum with exhaustion, though interest that is slowly matching hers the faster you awaken. “You’re home... That makes me so happy.”
- “Me too,” she grins, a finger reaching to your hair to play with it, twisting it around her digit, “You know what makes me really happy though? Seeing what you were planning for me.”
- You blink sweetly, looking down at your clothes beneath Portia’s body that pins you. “Oh yeah...” You hum, “You’re a little late for the show, miss. It started at 9 PM, and it's currently...” You look at the clock on the opposite side of the room. "... 2:03 AM."
- Portia pouts lovingly, a glint of something in her eye. “Oh, are you sure...? I wanted to see the entertainment so badly tonight, you have to understand...” she plays along, reaching her hands back to her ponytail to take out her hair bands, “Can’t I do something to change your mind?”
- “Like what?” You begin to sit up, but Portia uses her hands to pin your shoulders down firmly.
- “How about I show you first?” She smirks, her hands coming down to either side of your hips as she shuffles down to your need... ✧✧✧
- ✧✧✧ ... When it's all said and done, Portia is laying beside you, panting heavily with her breasts rising and falling, a soft blush like a strawberry over her face and body. Her forearm is over her eyes, but her grin is obvious as she tries to catch her breath, completely spent and at ease. You, despite being just as elated, still have something to address...
- "Portia," you start, puffing as you cool down, "I... I'm so relieved to see you're OK."
- She giggles a bit and looks at you curiously, "Of course I'm OK... Sex won't kill me, you know. But if it did, I would hope you'd kiss me back to life. Make me into a Snow White kind of girl."
- You laugh, "I prefer kissing you when you're alive!" She follows your lips with her own, the both of you chuckling before planting a smooch on one another. As you separate, your voice lowers, your expression turning slightly serious. "But I want to talk about how we've been apart lately. You're not in trouble, I just... I miss you. A lot."
- Portia's eyebrows crunch in worry, but she listens attentively with a smile. She flips onto her stomach, propping herself onto her forearms with her hair blanketing her as she adjusts. "I miss you too. And I want to talk about it with you." A soft hand greets yours, her thumb running over your skin lovingly, comfortingly. "My work schedule sucks... I didn't know if I had the confidence to ask the Countess if it could be rearranged... I think I'm ready now, though. I'm exhausted." She whines, plopping down onto the bed dramatically.
- "I'm glad. I want to spend time with you, duh, but I also want to know you're taking some time off and not working yourself to the bone. I know how you get when you're on duty."
- "I'm a boss when I'm on duty," she says proudly, looking up to you through coils of amber hair. "But I like the feeling I get when I'm with you even more. And I'm really happy I have a partner that's caring enough to worry about me the way you do... I just love you so much. Thank you... For this." That's enough for you to move onto your side, Portia following suit as she rests her hands on your chest, the two of you sharing a sweet kiss as you embrace her. It had been weeks since you two shared this type of closeness, and now that she's here, you never want to let her go; and if she were honest, she never wants to leave your arms either.
- "... Hey," your girlfriend whispers, a familiar playfulness in her undertones. "What do you say to round two? I've got a lot of stress to work out... And you're exactly what I need."
Tumblr media
- It's surprisingly easy to please your man when you know half his thought process is controlled by his crotch, which is equally controlled by the amount of skin you show on a regular basis. When Lucio gets in his "I'm-so-fucking-sleep-deprived-and-everyone-should-get-out-of-my-way-or-I'll-get-you-beheaded" mood like right now, noted by the number of times you've heard him screaming at someone down the hall for no reason, you knew there was one solution: some "physical therapy."
- This man. This one right here? Yeah, he doesn't give you even a second left of sleep, because when he spots booty, he TAKES booty. The supposed fatigue he had a second ago is gone. Lucio's frantically shaking off every last accessory he's got on, throwing aside his cape, fussing with his suit when he can't get it off faster than he'd like. He's rushing to meet your body like he's losing oxygen every second he isn't pinning you to the bed.
- He ends up getting ahead of himself, already halfway on top of you while complaining about his "stupid coat" before you're awoken by all the commotion. You moan in confusion as you stir, blinking to soften the rude awakening. Feeling a body on top of yours, blonde hair curtailing the corner of your eye, you can tell your beloved has already got his eyes on his territory. "Luci?" you mutter, shuffling onto your backside, "Easy there, I'm not running off... I was waiting for you."
- "Oh I got that message loud and clear," he says cheekily, now topless in only his suit pants, kicking his shoes off from behind him. "I knew you couldn't resist me, not even when I'm away."
- "Of course I can't. But you make it difficult to stay that way sometimes," you reply playfully, hands moving to glide along his chiseled pecs. "Especially when you've been avoiding me for the last few weeks."
- "Avoiding? Babe, no, I can't avoid a cute thing like you," your lover gripes, clearly offended yet always on defense, "Not when you're in my bed all dressed up for me. You are dressed up for me, right?"
- "Who else would it be for?" You tease, curling part of his hair around your finger before letting it fall messily in front of his eyes. He blows up with his mouth to get it out of the way, only for it to fall right back into place. He couldn't care less about that now, though. The white silk of your lingerie, the gold and black marks silhouetting the borders... It's absolutely hypnotizing on your figure, and his eyes are completely glued to it. It matches him perfectly, and he knows it.
- "Well then... Do I get to unwrap my present?" He chuckles, leaning down to your chest to start sloppily kissing away. Before he has the chance though, you grip him by his hair, causing him to make a startled and confused grunt as you bring him back up.
- "Not so fast," you say bluntly. Lucio sneers at you in displeasure, but you go on. "I want you to promise me you're not gonna go running off again when we're done. I don't like when you just up and go without filling me in on what you're doing, Luci, it—... It seriously hurts when you leave me out of your life and stop talking to me for weeks on end. I want to be a part of it and I don't feel like you're letting me... I want to feel like I'm connecting right with you. I don't want to feel clueless about someone I want to have confidence in, especially when I want to help take some weight off your shoulders. I want to help you. But I need communication from you first."
- For once in his life, Lucio seems to think carefully about his words... He's tempted by the Gods to just ravish you now, but he knows you're serious, and he does care and love you deeply. It's just difficult for him to lock in on those softer feelings, especially when he has a habit of thinking with his dick.
- He looks you over, seeing the sincerity in your eyes. His pout softens, and he glances to the side, not wanting to meet your gaze as he shows his more vulnerable side. "... I don't mean to avoid you, hot stuff. I swear on that with all my life, alright? But, you... You're right," he says begrudgingly, "I need to keep in touch more. I don't want some bastard shoving his way into you, you know what I mean?"
- "That's exactly what you did when you met me." You reply, idly running your thumb over his jaw.
- He grins confidently, "Yeah, because only I can pull it off and reel in the babes." ... But he pauses, getting serious once again. "... I don't want some schmuck coming in and taking that title though."
- "No one will," you say. "But I want the schmuck I have now to keep me in on his life. I want to know about it, I want to be there for it, and I want you to be there for mine. Can we do that? Together?"
- "... I think I can get that arranged... Just for you, sugar." Lucio's familiar smug grin kicks in with a wink, leaning in to give you a quick peck. When you separate, he barely takes a second before asking, "Can we bang now?"
- You roll your eyes, throwing your arms over his shoulders. "Yeah. So Finish what we started and do me." That's all the confirmation he needed to tuck his way into your neck, hands roaming your body as he starts leaving his signature hickeys along your skin.
- He's so lost in your grace that he hadn't even noticed he threw his clothes over a still-lit candle. "... Luci... Why do I smell smoke?" "What?" "I smell smoke." "I don't smell anyth... OH FUCK! MY COAT--!"
author's note: lucio's scenarios aren't exactly about him being "busy" because he's the one making everyone else exhausted out their gd minds; also it is currently 5 am at the time im scheduling this post so i will most definitely find mistakes and end up going back to fix things here KFDHJK
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drew an asra for the serotonin boost
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lynmay-arcana · 10 months ago
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To celebrate 300 followers over on Instagram I made these colour palettes for the Main 6. I did have my own but these are better and more neat versions of them. Feel free to use! And these images are all available download on Gumroad if you want. Link in bio.
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Happy birthday to our dear Magician !! I know I'm very late but eh, better late than never, right ? 😅 (The pose is inspired by an artwork I saw in an artbook about the game Toki no Kizuna).
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