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#assassination classroom

You thought that I’d let the first month of the year end without posting about these two cuties lol

A redraw of my favourite Horimiya scene but with high school timeline Chiba and Kaho because I love them so much😭💕

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Are you aware of Yusei Matsui’s new work ‘The Elusive Samurai’? I cannot promise you will like it but since it is from the same creator of 'Assassination Classroom’ it’s possible you will.

The first chapter is out so give it a try! (◠‿◕)

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Assassination Classroom oc casual clothing.

I really hate the shading on this.

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From just the cover the art style has moved away from assassination classroom into something way more refined and smoother.

I still 100% miss MTNN days art but hopefully that style comes out in the villains.

It looks stupidly detailed just from the panel i’ve seen. He breaks the fourth wall right out the gate im here for it.

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The reason Takaoka is such a shitty villain is because the tone of episode 13 comes out of fucking nowhere and has no place in Assassination Classroom.

Throughout the show, the kids are put through a lot; particularly in season 2. But this is built to so as not to create tonal whiplash. It’s legitimately hard to watch an episode like Takaoka’s because seeing a teacher physically abuse students is so far from the precedent AssClass set up in the twelve episodes before it that it’s legitimately baffling anyone thought this was a good idea.

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<b>HAYAMI:</b> Can you stay up all night? Fuck me 'til the daylight... 34 + 35 ~<p/><b>CHIBA, turns to her in shock:</b> A-Are you sure?<p/><b>HAYAMI, removes her earphones:</b> What? Rio made me listen to this English song and, surprisingly, it's catchy.<p/></p>
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⌦N.S X Black!Reader

⌦Reader: Gender-Neutral
⌦Word Count: 0.3k

⤳Nagisa S.


⤳A not so good day.

⤳Tis this cute


Today isn’t exactly what Nagisa would consider good.

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So uh, some prompts I had a while ago for fanfics cuz why not am I right?


- Reader Insert

-In which some volleyball players are invited to a prestigious, rigorous training camp over break, taught by a new coach from America. What they didn’t expect is to be coached by a 1st year, feisty, American who can’t play volleyball for their life, but understands how to utilize technique, skill, talent, experience, and strategies in the game.

And they might be the best coach the boys could ever ask for.

-Reader Insert [Oikawa x Reader]

-You initially met over a forgotten track jacket, and after a series of misfortunate events, you both keep meeting. You think this is fate, but he just thinks you always just bring trouble with you wherever you go. Is this how you let him go?

Boku No Hero Academia

-Reader Insert

-As a student in UA’s general studies course, nobody really pays attention to you. You’re practically invisible in the classroom.

That’s alright, though. As AFO’s successor, you’re not aiming to become a hero. You’re only here to obliterate UA and find All Might’s successor.

(Or: you are the UA traitor and the next bearer of AFO)

-Reader Insert

-In which you can see alternate timelines, and you entertain the thought of how society would be if they had come true.

(Or: you have the Quirk that can see alternate universes, and you scare the daylights out of everyone when you say how the world could potentially end if something tragic hadn’t happened.)

Assassination Classroom/Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc

-General Fanfiction

-16 students, 16 unique ultimates, and one crazy teacher.

Let the Game of Mutual Killing begin.

(Or: Nagisa is thrown into the craziest game by a yellow octopus blob dubbed their ‘teacher’, and no one can escape until they’re the last one standing. (What’s even more weird is that their teacher gives all of them tips on how to kill each other.))

Ouran High School Host Club

-Reader Insert

-You’re just an exchange student from America, and you thought this was Music Room 2. And now, you’re just here to laugh your ass off at the goofballs of the Host Club.

(Or: your nonexistent sense of direction leaves you dealing with the Host Club’s bullshit.)

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aa yay i was hoping i would get to redesign her! i rly love that shes an entomologist and i wanted to show that more here! :>


(also ty anon sjdnncn!🥺🥺💓💘❤️💗💖💝)

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synopsis: You as a person with a huge (and hidden) talent, and also a girl who really surprises your boyfriend.

# tags: scenarios; current relationships; romance; fluff; some PDA; sfw

  • includes: ken kaneki & nishiki nishio {tokyo ghoul} + yuuma isogai & itona horibe {assclass}

— KEN (ft. singing)

Your closest friends invited you to a popular karaoke bar on one Friday night to celebrate a successfully passed semester in college. Of course, you couldn’t forget about your lovely boyfriend, who was at the same university, but in a different field (i.e. Japanese literature) and always supported you with all his might, knowing how much you want to do your dream job in the future.

So you went to the meeting together, and on the way to the designated place you talked all the time about what the next year of study would bring you. As soon as you reached the room where your three closest besties and one male friend were waiting for you, you both greeted them warmly, immediately taking off your thick coats and taking your seats on a soft, leather couch next to a table filled with tasty-looking snacks and colorful drinks.

Long minutes of conversations between the six of you resulted in drunk plenty of alcohol and blushes on the faces. After drinking, you always got more talkative and more self-confident, so you suggested using the TV and the karaoke machine. Of course, you first offered your friends and Ken to sing something, but they all declined, saying that you should start as an initiator. One of the girls, blonde-haired Minami, smiled at you with a sparkle in her pretty golden eyes, adding that you are the best in this and you should show how to do it correctly. You chuckled in response, waving your hand at her to dismiss compliment.

Kaneki, on the other hand, frowned as he looked at the boy who was sitting on his right.

“… Oh, you don’t know? Y/N-san hasn’t yet praised herself to you that she has a wonderful voice? Huh, huh.” The black-haired boy shook his head, reaching for the glass filled with blue something again. “Hmmm, well. Normally Y/N’s very shy, but she always sings at trips when she’s drunk.” He chuckled while you picked one of your favorite songs in the meantime. So everyone looked at your standing figure, then heard the characteristic sounds from one of Selena Gomez’s songs coming from the gray speakers.

“My dear, I dedicate it to you~!” You looked with joy on your face towards the eighteen-year-old, giving him a quick wink, and then you started your little performance with ‘Love you like a love song’ from the above-mentioned artist.

Your friends didn’t seem surprised and instead started clapping to the beat of the music… but Ken’s eyes widened and he spat out his high-percentage drink, not knowing how to react to the fact that for nine, long months of your relationship, you concealed the fact that you could sing so well and so beautifully. Your voice was perfect for the song that was playing now, and you seemed to be having a great time – there was a huge smile on your lips, your eyelids were slightly closed and your hand was over your heart. If it weren’t for the fact that you were at a karaoke bar, everyone would definitely think you are playing a concert on the biggest stage in Tokyo city.

After the song was over, another girl got up to present a completely different choice, and you handed her the dark microphone, bowing in the process.

Kaneki still seemed speechless and as soon as you sat down next to him, he immediately kissed you on the warm forehead, asking you to sing more to him, especially when you two are going to be alone, because he probably fell in love with you once again and just wanted to experience that love every day thereafter.

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Would just like to briefly advertise the existence of a new manga, The Elusive Samurai, by Yusei Matsui, the author of Assassination Classroom!

A tale of redemption and revenge..

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Just read the first chapter of The Elusive Samurai.

First things first, Matsui’s art has really improved since his Neuro days. His flair for juxtaposing cute designs with monstrous visuals really shines here.

As for the plot, I don’t know a thing about Japanese history, which I guess works in my favor since I can’t be spoiled on the historical accuracy. Yeah, the mood whiplash is pretty evident, but I’m pretty sure feudal wartimes were fucking brutal, so it fits, doesn’t it?

For those of you (on Reddit) saying it’s fast-paced, yeah kinda it is, but I personally prefer it. It’s a staple for all of Matsui’s works. He doesn’t waste any panels when telling a story. I’m guessing this will start off more light-hearted and comedic before shit really hits the fan in later arcs.

Also, I dig that Tokiyuki’s “power” is basically plot armor lmao. Really looking forward to this one.

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in light of Karushuu week 2021 happening I have decided to talk a little bit of why Karushuu, well, will not work out. I am still a very avid Karushuu shipper HAHA not to worry friends I have not sunk the ship, I just figured it’d be fun to do this!

Firstly, both Gakushuu and Karma have bad lives at home with their families, which already serve to skew their perceptions of what should be a safe space. Gakushuu’s entire life is molded around competition, and he clings to it in a very toxic way (because of the principal). He brings that competition home. On the other side, Karma has neglectful absent parents and consequently a lack of role models as to how a happy loving household is supposed to be like. 

(And we actually learn a Lot from our parents/guardians. The statistic where every 1 in 3 victims become abusers is true not because victims think “I want to make xx’s life as miserable as mine was”, but because all the unhealthy coping behaviors become ingrained and we instinctively revert back to them when stressed.)

The point was that the both of them together have a set-up for a very stressful relationship on the basis that neither of them know anything but. They’re both considerably socially isolated, and neither of them have been exposed to healthy relationships, so it’s very likely that they would end up in unhealthy situations and think, “that’s what home is supposed to be like”. (This isn’t limited to them with each other - they could very well fall into such bad relationships with other people.)

Secondly, Karushuu is too confrontational and competitive of a ship that it borders on unhealthy. Yes, healthy competition does exist, but there’s a lack of boundary setting between what should constitute healthy competitiveness with the two (refer to point one).

The idea that they continuously challenge each other so their relationship is interesting/they will never get bored Is a good one, but think about it: is that sort of competitiveness really what they both need? Isn’t it exhausting to have to fight to come out on top at your workplace, only to go back home and start bickering with your spouse (even if it’s about a math problem)?

Compromise and conceding is going to be something that comes very hard to both of them - especially Gakushuu, because he was only ever shown familial affection in the form of toxic competition, from ages approximately 5 to 15 (and beyond). Karma has the slightly better end of the stick with his 3-E friends and a year of character development, but remember that his idea of conflict diffusion is a fistfight with his best friend in a forest. 

Thirdly, sometimes it’s just a lack of compatibility or diverging life paths. At the end of the canon time skip, Gakushuu migrates to America and Karma stays in Japan. They both have different goals in life and that’s okay. They might actually have a nice and amicable, passion filled relationship in high school. It’s short-lived and fun, where their competitions keep life interesting, and after that they drift apart because they just look towards different sides of the world.

Of course: none of these points are something that couldn’t be changed with time, effort, growth and commitment - which is what a relationship is all about, isn’t it? 

Where were we?

All that being said, I’m still a Karushuu shipper and I love them with my whole heart! I’m so excited for Karushuu week 2021, and you can follow my updates on my ao3 and tumbrl! (I promise to be better at updating my tumblr this time.).

(Also I figure I should explain myself lmao. I think that, with the exception of human rights and hate speech, interacting with opinions you disagree with is important. It’s not a good look for anyone to have bad blood over mundane things like shipping preferences, so we have to recognize that multiple interpretations of character(s) can and should exist. It shows you different perspectives you haven’t considered before and opens up cool discussion! Also, sometimes understanding counterpoints can help you formulate a better argument, or in this case, construct a more dynamic narrative. I hope I’m not sounding too preachy HAHA) 

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