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Welp, I successfully made my assignment (It was a thing where I have a supper power and i have to write at least a page of what I would do with it) a horror story, and added a part from one of my other horror stories to it as well *Copy and pastes the google doc*

My power is I can create a living object.

Testing my power, I decided to make a black bunny. I tried my hardest putting my hands out in front of me, thinking of the small animal.


I had never practiced how to do anything like this before so it was pretty hard figuring out where in the world I would start. My hands were shaky from how tense they were, I felt the skin on my palms ripping.


I pulled my hands back in distress. I looked down at my palms; murky blood dripped on the floor. My eyes widened taking in the sight of tearing skin, more tinted blood entering the picture as I stared in horror. I took a shaky breath.


It was coming out of the skin more rapidly, picking up pace as it oozed out from under. I screamed in pain, my foot holding loosened and tensed, my legs now in awkward directions. The blood clumped up on the floor, it started to swell; it stretched into a tall figure looming over my shaky stance. I looked up at it, white eyes with spider web resembling strings at the sides of them emerged from its “face”, they had a grey tinted glow to them as they looked down at me, it tilted its head with a more weighted effect at the end. Its arm swung at me, the thing wedged its fingers in my hair, slamming my head down onto the dirty splintered floor. The wood made unpleasant sounds as it split from under my head. 

“AGGHH- AGH- Agh-ah-ah..ah!!” 

My screams came and went as they turned into whimpers and cries. 

“P-ah-ple-ah please.. Ah-”

 Tears dripped on my gashes made by the split wood. It was like all different sizes of stakes jammed into my cheek. It pierced through the skin and bled onto the wood; some broke and splintered beneath the skin. The black figure melted into my skin, moving through and along the muscles, piercing through them causing internal bleeding throughout my body. Blood ran through the lines in the wood as it crawled deeper and deeper into me. I started to bleed out, everything started to turn black. The end.

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Corporate assignment in Morgate, London

During the initial email discussion with this nice new client, they wanted two headshot portrait options, one quite ‘formal’ and corporate for their website and another more relaxed, perhaps in situ; more of an environmental portrait around an office or in one of their rooms, for other uses. thats fine, ideas were discussed and examples sent across….

On the day of the shoot

Being a super professional photographer I arrived nice and early to their offices near Morgate in London. (actually too early, no one was there to let me in, eek)

I eventually got in and set up a studio to do a corporate portrait set up on a grey background. I played around with the light, lighting from the sides and from the top.

For the relaxed corporate portraits, I did some tests in the same large room. I played around with balancing the lovely soft daylight streaming through the windows with my lights to soften the shadows and to prepare for the daylight going behind clouds or (more likely) going in all together just as I am about the begin.

So, I would shoot a set of portraits in one style then quickly switch to the other set up for some more hotizonal relaxed portraits. I would be quite pushed for time but all would be fine.

Prior to the shoot we had discussed the idea of doing some portraits of the CEO in different locations, some profile portraits that could be used for publications or events that he was often asked to provide

. I was always up against the time with trying to do the two set ups so this did add to the pressure…then the head of communications suggested having a groupshot to, seen as everyone was together. No problem:-)

eek. These things always get tagged on, “since you are here”.

Needless to say, its was fraught at times, but all worked out a dream. Noone was super tense so everything feel into place necely. Heres a few of the results

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image
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Semoga siaplah, kalau tak… Kita tak submit yaaa… 😅

Nantikan blog ini dengan harapan dapat menarik seketul markah

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The brand that I’ve chosen for this assignment is Wendy’s. The Wendy’s Twitter account.

Currently the Wendy’s Twitter account is known as being anything but respectful and polite. They constantly roast or rag on their competitors and it is loved by customers. The most recent example I can find is Wendy’s saying “Here lies mediocrity. #EggRIPMuffin” with an image of a tombstone attached reading “RIP Egg McMuffin 1972-2020”. There are countless more examples where they’ve target direct competitors and unrelated ones as well. It appears they follow the mantra of any press is good press if you have a sassy remark and the final say. However, this is mostly how they speak to competitors. Their customer service skills on the same account, when they’re not roasting someone, are exceptional. The interact and engage with customers, they respond to any complaints asking for information and promising to escalate the issue until it is resolved, and use clean, clear proper language.

Based on this information, I believe that their target audience is majority focus on younger generations. The less than >30 age bracket and online communities all exhibit similar communication patterns and styles. It would hold that their audience is members who actively participate in online posting like Twitter etc. with roasting style dialogues. Their goals are to be relatable and fun while still marketing their brand and products. Their language is both informal and formal depending on their target. If it’s a competitor its clearly mocking in nature but for customers, its caring and thoughtful. They chose to write like this to assert they are better than their competitors and to assure customers they are valued.

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Goal for today achieved!!

Completed first 2 sections of essay and formatted all my references to APA as required. I might even have managed to keep within my wordcount by some miracle.

Now I get to rest and procrastinate finishing with Tumblr and Netflix and turning pictures of my friends into cartoons with procreate

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Assignment 3 — Information Design


  1. Learn the process of abstraction through simplification. 
  2. Learn the communicative properties in information graphics applied in abstracting images. 
  3. Understand and analyze the various signs/symbols. 
  4. Understand the need for abstraction and its purpose of doing so.

Assignment 3 was the most fun and enjoyable assignment to complete. While it was difficult coming up with everything (topic, color, information etc.), I still liked that I had control over everything. I chose the fun topic of bubble tea in Singapore as I wanted my infographic to be pastel and cute, involving something that everyone knew and liked. Hence, I added a portion introducing unique bubble teas in Singapore.

In the beginning, I wanted to include more information about bubble tea such as fun facts and the sugar content but it made my first draft of the infographic too cluttered and disjointed. Eventually, I chose to focus on making the infographic visually appealing with many illustrations of bubble tea.

I chose not to use photographs of the bubble tea as I wanted to control the size and color scheme of the bubble teas, and also because I wanted to make the illustrations cute to fit the theme. I instead used the bubble tea stores’ brands to differentiate each cup and chose different colors and styles (glass jelly for KOI, pink pearls for PlayMade).

For the timeline, I chose to make it a flow of bubble tea since I felt that a normal straight line would be too flat and added droplets to make the flow more dynamic. I tried making the droplets more “reflective” as well.

Throughout the infographic, I stuck to the chosen brown and cream color scheme as they were reminiscent of bubble tea and used a warm pink as titles. After the critique session, TA Zicheng and my classmates advised me to use a huge bubble tea to tie all the information together and to make the information more linked.

For example, I mentioned HEYTEA and Tiger Sugar in my introduction so I added them to the timeline. I also made the conscious choice of putting Gong Cha, despite it not having as many stores as the others, in the timeline along with LiHO and KOI as they are arguably the most well-known bubble tea store brands in Singapore.

Next, I changed from my initial plan to use the different bubble teas as the bars for the table (“Number of stores per brand”) as it was too chaotic with the different designs. I changed to just using one illustration and bars, of typical bubble teas, with the number at the end. I designed the different bubble teas but while some of the stores’ logos were available in PNG format online, some weren’t. I ended up having to free trace the logos in order to make them into PNG formats. It was also difficult to mimic the colors of the Tiger Sugar bubble tea and after my first try was deemed not recognizable by the class, I had to freehand the patches of colors and add a blur to make it better resemble the mixed texture of the Tiger Sugar bubble tea.

Lastly, I chose the font “Better Together” for its bubbliness as the title to draw attention. I also used Abril Fatface and Futura as they were Serif and Sans Serif fonts respectively. I wanted the thickness of Abril Fatface to make an impact as the headers and the straight lines of Futura to enable better readability.

Overall, the infographic is meant to have a cute, pastel aesthetic with accompanying illustrations. The infographic relays information easily and in a creative way, from the unique bubble tea concoctions to the timeline of bubble tea in Singapore.

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