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Most of the internet: eternatus is super evil! It can probably possess people!!

Me: eternatus did nothing wrong ever, and I’m going to make so many AUs about this smol bean.

This is a scene from an AU idea I have. Maybe someday I’ll post a quick explanation of it.

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Fandom: Pokemon Sword and Shield
Note: I don’t know Bea and Gordie very well since I only have Shield so I apologize if I don’t get their personalities correct.
Warning: none(?)

“Let me get this straight. The bastard cheated on you with his ex?” 

You looked up at the furious eyes of Nessa, your best friend since childhood is angry, no, not angry, pissed

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Rambling Time! Pokemon SwSh!

A compilation of little details and headcanons I’ve recently made! Hope y'all enjoy.



PFFFF so that’s why Leon works out so much! So he use his cape!


In the picture board in Sonia’s room, you can spot some… Interesting photos…

First, the photo with three kids. Many interpret it by saying those kids are Leon, Sonia and Raihan, but I disagree, I say those kids are Leon, Sonia and Rose. Why, you may ask? Well…


Leon became the Champion, Sonia became a Professor and Rose became the villain.

SECOND AND MOST IMPORTANT PHOTOS are the one with the two people graduating and the one with the blond person facing away. I’m almost 99% sure these people are Sonia and Oleana, so please appreciate my doodles of them being high school besties


Blushie blushie crushie mess~!

ANYWAY you can also spot the Hatterene line and two Applins on the makeup desk! There is also this family photo… Are those Sonia’s parents? Man now I got sad.


Sir, what the actual fuck

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Aquaheartshipping headcanons

  • They were instant besties as gym challengers. They were both girly popular girls. But Nessa was more sporty and Sonia was nerdy. They just blended well together. 
  • Nessa gets very frustrated if she has the occasional losing streak. Sonia will bring her all her favorite foods and beauty products like face masks and candles to cheer her up and pamper her. Along with affirmations that she is a good gym leader and strong trainer.
  • Nessa keeps an eye out for pretty shells around hulberry or interesting things at the market to get Sonia. Her mom even helps her by keeping an eye out for things  Sonia might like. 
  • Nessa has talked Sonia into doing photoshoots with her on multiple occasions. Sonia is always hyped until she remembers how little modeling practice she has. She never knows what to do with her limbs or how to emote. Nessa and the photographer always try to guide her, but sometimes she feels like a ditto next to a swanna. Until she sees the photos and how well they turned out. Then shes all “I cant believe I almost forgot I was that bitch.”
  • Nessa has brought Sonia on family vacations before. Her grandma in Alola really likes Sonia and always asks when she can plan the wedding.
  • Professor Magnolia also adores Nessa. Shes always welcome to have dinner with them ever since she was a kid. Whenever theres news about water types or phenomena that can be used in battle (like dynamax or mega evolution) Magnolia always shows Nessa, who is fascinated everytime.
  • Before dating, Nessa always jokingly referred to Sonia as her mistress. Because she said it sounded classier than girlfriend or gal pal. 
  • Swap clothes all the time. Then have a moment Of “damn I have good tastes” when they see their clothes on the other.
  • They both have decided that Bea is their child. Shes always training to her limit or dealing with her parents, the poor girl needs some fun in her life. Thus Sonia and Nessa to the rescue. In Beas parents eyes, you have a professor and a gym leader, two respectable and responsible women to keep an eye on their daughter. Yes they are going to go train in the wild area, but not before some shopping and eating cake at the cafe.
  • Sonia is a terrible swimmer. Nessa has done her best to teach her. Sonia wont drown in a pool anytime soon, and Nessa is certain anything more than that is asking too much.
  • Sonia has a collection of every magazine Nessa has been in since she was teenager. Its honestly impressive, she has them all organized by year. 
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