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asteristories · 8 days ago
June 3 Progress Update
Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve quiet when I comes to these progress updates and such! Life kept me busy y’know? But hey in the middle of all that I have been busy filing through the answers I received from the feedback survey and making the adjustments accordingly! Thank you all who sent them so far, they were very helpful for me and now have a more clearer vision of Nevermoore’s pacing and structure.
And also, I have some exciting(?) news to share! So a lot of people have expressed that chapter 2 can get infodumpy at times, and yeah I agree haha. But I got a bit of a epiphany and I think I have a way to fix that! I won’t get into the details but basically I’ll be merging many aspects and scenes of chapter 3 into chapter 2! I guess this means that the next update will have more content for you guys after all 🥰!
And finally, to give you all an idea of what I’m working on, here’s a snippet of my To-Do list! Some of these are already done though, and I will definitely be sharing a reworded version of this after the update goes live! Think of it like those patch notes you see from game developers (funny Sims 3 patch notes anyone?) 
Tumblr media
Thank you all everyone for your patience with me and your continuous support of this project! I means more to me than you know 💖
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asteristories · 14 days ago
I spend like 10 minutes trying to wrangle the tags on the post I reblogged from Mila and I already I come back to more clownery from people about Body Count...
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asteristories · 28 days ago
Yo everyone I have a feedback survey for the current demo ready if you guys want to give it a go!
This will help me figure out how much I need done for the patch update haha
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asteristories · a month ago
May 1st Progress Updates, announcements, and more!
Yes, I know it’s May 3rd but pls let me have this lol
Well April has come and gone, and the spring showers are coming in at full force where I live. There’s a lot of stuff I want to get through today, but since my head kinda hurts I hope you guys don’t mind me making a bullet point list to organize my thoughts instead 😅
1) For the asks still in my inbox, I see them all I swear. I promise I’ll get to them as soon as I can!
2) I’m slowly getting through the outline for chapter 3! I really want this to be the one where you really get to interact with the ROs haha, which is why this chapter is sort of going to be a more ‘chill/hang out’ chapter compared to what happens the rest of the story.
3) But also, I’m working on the content patch update for the current ch1 and ch2 where I’ll be adding more scenes/flavortexts/ and choices if possible. I need your help for this too if you can! I’ll most likely drop a Google forms feedback sheet soon so I know what I can do, but feel free to send me suggestions through Tumblr in the meantime! 
4) Knowing myself on how much I like to go back to fix things before moving onto the next chapter, my update schedule will probably look like this:
Chapter 1 and 2 patch -> Chapter 3 -> Chapter 2 and 3 patch -> Chapter 4 -> Chapter 3 and 4 patch -> Chapter 5...And so on and so forth.
5) And lastly, I would like to address the Nevermoore discord...
I will admit it, it’s pretty much dead at this point. It’s my fault, really. I haven’t been that active on it as I would have liked. Plus I just rushed into making the server without giving much thought in organizing the channels, having mods present right off the bat, etc. 
So what I will do is this: I’m going to delete the current Nevermoore server within 24 hours of this post. However, I will bring it back looking better than ever alongside the release of chapter 3. That way it’s set of be at least more active than when I first created the server 😅. I hope you guys understand!
And I believe that’s all folks! Thank you all for following the development of Nevermoore I really can’t express how grateful and happy I am for each and every one of you for sticking with me for this long! 
Please take care now and I wish you a great day! 🥰
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asteristories · a month ago
Quick Progress Update!
Hey guys, sorry I haven’t been very active lately other than reblogging stuff occasionally 😅. I’m feeling some burnout from writing and had decided to take a few days break to refresh my mind. (Playing Dragon Age Inquisition for the first time again in 3 years lol).
But don’t worry y’all, I should be back to the usual around Monday or Tuesday! There’s still a bunch of asks from that ask game which I will get to when I return. And then after that I will continue to work on a mini content patch update that will add a few more scenes/choices/etc for the current demo! 
Sorry again for the slowness in answering asks haha, and thank you all for your patiemce and constant support!💖
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asteristories · 2 months ago
As a helpful anon in the inbox pointed out, it seems that my answers on asks aren’t showing up on tumblr desktop...they’re visible on mobile thankfully, but yeah. If you can’t see my answers, switch over to tumblr mobile instead please!
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asteristories · 3 months ago
Oh no I found an Incorrect Quotes Generator...
Watch me spam a bunch of these based on MC and the ROs in the next couple of days lol
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asteristories · 3 months ago
Future IF Project Ideas?
Hi everyone! Sorry that I have to subjugate you to some late night ramblings. I just needed somewhere to put all my thoughts together.
First a quick update on Nevermoore...Chapter 2 is coming along nicely! At the rate I’m going I will aim for an update either by the end of February or around the first week of March! So please look forward to it 🥰.
Anyways as I was saying, I have so many ideas for other IFs in my head it’s ridiculous. I have high-fantasy, sci-fi...Brain why you do this to me?
It’s just the only difference is that I believe I will be putting any and all future interactive fiction WIPs into Twine instead of Choicescript! There’s simply a lot more I can do with Twine and I can even make the games itself looking much prettier. I’ve seen what some of my fellow IF friends have made with Twine and it always make me go “👀💖”.
I’m super excited to get started on them someday! But don’t worry, I’ll still have Nevermoore to be my top priority (and I don’t think it will be moved out of Choicescript because I’m already too far in and too lazy to switch haha). 
And so to close this post off, I’ll share 2 of the extremely loose ideas that I have come up with on my future WIPs! 
No plot, only concepts and vibes lol. 
- A story where the MC gets ‘isekaied into another world’. Except the world is from a high-fantasy novel that they wrote themselves. Said novel was never even completed either. MC meeting their original characters would have been interesting, if only they didn’t to give them all such tragic backstories. But perhaps that could be changed? They are technically this world’s ‘god’ after all...
- A sci-fi(?)/future setting IF that’s inspired by Horizon: Zero Dawn (but without the robots) and this show I used to watch as a kid called ‘Life After People’😅. Basically MC wakes up from a cryosleep after an experiment gone wrong and finds themselves 1000 or so years into the future after mankind had faced near-extinction. Nature has retaken the world, and the descendents of the surviving humans had created new societies. And now MC tries to survive in this new world while debating whether or not they should reveal when they're from due to the 'old world' now being seen as the stuff of myths and legends.
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asteristories · 3 months ago
Hi all just quickly dropping by to share this song because it’s giving me major vibes and inspiration for Sterling’s backstory.
If I had the time/talent I would probably make an animatic based on this haha
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asteristories · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Just a heads up everyone, I changed my tumblr icon to the one pictured above! 
This message is in case someone is still going to be looking out for the usual ‘tree drawing’ icon I’ve had before and thought that I had vanished because they couldn’t find it haha.  
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asteristories · 4 months ago
Quick Update to Demo
Hey guys I noticed that there was a choice during the library scene that didn’t trigger properly because I messed up in the variable amounts (It was when you can ask Genie if that’s actually her real name). It should be fixed now but yeah I just wanted to let you guys know!
And  while I’m at it, I also added choices for toggling the personality and flirt choice tags on/off during the beginning of the game. They can be accessed in the stats screen as well! 
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asteristories · 4 months ago
Hey guys! This is just a quick message post on how I’m going to handle my inbox from here on out! Don’t worry, I’m not trying to scare you away or anything haha.
Basically I’m going to try and be more active in answering asks, so feel So if you have questions, scenarios, bug report, or a comment on the recent update feel free to drop by my inbox! I can’t guarantee I’ll get to them right away, but I will do my best to answer all eventually! Maybe perhaps a do set number of asks a week?
And I know there are those who are wondering if I’m okay with NSFW asks. Short answer, yes but only to an extent. Implied or general spicy asks are alright. Though I won’t be answering anything that is too explicit, and if there are those that made me uncomfortable I will be sure to let ya’ll know.
On that note with NSFW asks, they will always be tagged with #nsfwmoore (Unless of course I somehow forget which in that case tell me asap!) and will be under a ‘read more’! And Minors, please DO NOT interact with such posts! If nothing else here then I only just request for that rule to be followed! 
Thank you all and I hope you guys understand 🥰
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asteristories · 4 months ago
1 Year Anniversary!
Checks calendar. What do you mean it’s been a year already since I posted the first update for Nevermoore?!
Ok but seriously guys, it has been such an incredible journey for me to have reached this far. Even with all the writer’s blocks, my initial doubts and insecurities on the project (oof those were some bad thoughts I don’t want to remember 😅), and uh...2020 in general, I honestly don’t regret a thing with what I started.
I genuinely do enjoy working on this little project of mine, and I loved meeting all of you guys through this! Your constant support and interest in this is what has been keeping me going! There’s honestly so much more I want to say but I’ll just be repeating myself on how awesome you guys are haha.
Heads up this post is going to be long because I have a bunch of announcements and other messages I need to share with you, so I’ll be putting them under a ‘read more’!
1) So first thing, the special anniversary art. I had already contacted and commissioned Red last week, but he’s still working on it. I don’t want to rush him so I don’t mind waiting a few extra days because I know it’s going to be great in the end.
I had a quick sneak peek of what it looked like so far, and I think you guys are going to enjoy it a lot! It has a very slice of life feel so look please forward to it soon! And of course, the RO versions that’ll be starring in the piece are the ones who won the poll.
2) The rewritten update is not going to be up today, I’m really sorry guys! There’s just a lot I need to fix up and need to go through several rounds of editing until I think it’s good enough to share. I am so so close however, and I decided to make the end of January my new goal!
3) Because the rewritten update is going to give Nevermoore a fresh new coat of paint, I’m going to update my policy in answering/receiving asks for 2021. Like whether or not I’ll be willing to answer NSFW questions, for example. I will post a more in-depth ‘ask rules’ when I actually update the game!
4) And speaking of asks, because of how much the story/setting/characters have been changed over the course of the year, a lot of the previous asks I’ve answered are now outdated (Ex: ROs reacting to-, Lore asks, etc). 
I’ll still keep those asks up for old times sake but yeah haha. After I post the rewrite, all future asks will be tagged with something new that’s not #nevermoore asks so you guys can differentiate asks between pre and post rewrite. You’re still more than welcome to send in a question that was asked before to see how much or how little the answers have changed! 
5) Keeping in line with ‘Nevermoore’s new start’, I am also aiming to edit and clean up the blog’s theme so it’s more presentable, adding character pages, and even create a proper intro masterpost that I’ve seen other IF authors do! 
And also, I really need to fix and update my tagging system whoops.
6) Lastly, remember that ‘good news’ I sort of teased a while back but didn’t say much because I needed a confirmation first? Well, that good news came through!
I won’t go into too much detail but basically now I’ll working on Nevermoore as a full-time project instead of just a side hobby that happens after classes! As of now, I only have this time until the end of April but hey, more writing for me! 😎
...Aaannnd I think that’s all what I need to say so far! I swear there’s something else I’m forgetting but that’s a problem for future me lol. 
Again, thank you all so much for you amazing support and interest in this little story of mine. Let’s see what new milestones we’ll reach for next year!
I hope to see you guys soon when the rewrite update rolls in! It’s going to be pretty awesome if I do say so myself 🥰.
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asteristories · 6 months ago
Rewrite Update
Wow it's been a while since I've done one of these, huh? 😅
Okay so, progress wise I think I'm doing pretty okay. I am slowly going through the drafts and making the necessary changes/additions if needed. I'd say that I'm around 3/4 done so yay!
But of course here are some sneak peeks of what you can expect in the rewrite, including a decently sized branching pathway that wasn't there originally!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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asteristories · 7 months ago
Important Announcement regarding the demo.
Okay I was supposed to say this during October 31st but shhh
Hey everyone, hope you all are doing well!
So I know you’re probably wondering when the first half of the chapter 2 update going to be, and why I’ve been mostly silent in the past month. Well school has been kicking my butt for one thing, I have a bunch of group assignments I need to be focusing on 😅.
As for the demo...Again don’t worry I’m not abandoning it haha. I’ve looking back at it and feel like it could have been much better than it is currently. I had first shared the demo back in January of this year and I believe that my writing has improved a lot (I hope lol) since then. 
So what I’m doing is this: I am rewriting everything that I have so far, which is the prologue and chapter 1, into something that’s far better and more comprehensible. I’ll be cleaning up the stats, adding extra scenes and flavor text, will try to improve on the spooky(tm) parts of the story, and much more since you guys deserve better than what I have right now.
I will still try to include a bit of chapter 2 when I do the huge rewrite update so at least you get something new with the story!  
I’m sorry if you were looking forward to seeing chapter 2 first, but I think this is the best course of action. But here, a sneak peak of what I have in my drafts of the newer prologue 👀
Tumblr media
Thank you everyone for your continuous support of this writing project of mine and I hope to see you all again soon! 🥰
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asteristories · 9 months ago
So it's been a several hours since I made (and now deleted) that vent post...
I...I just want to say how overwhelmed I was from all super kind and encouraging messages that I've gotten since then. Thank you so much, everyone. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
I know how incredibly sappy that sounded but I do mean it. My mind is in a much better state now than it was before. I really just need to keep telling myself that there are people out there who do care about what I create, and will continue to encourage me about it.
Every single one of you has my eternal gratitude 💖. (Even to the lurkers out there. I see you and I love you.)
Idk what else to say without repeating myself so...yeah. Thank you again, everyone. I assure you that if I ever get those intrusive/negative thoughts again I'm smacking my inner demons with a bat 😅.
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asteristories · 9 months ago
Hey just wanted to let you guys know that the inbox is always open for asks! Since the update is out, if you have any questions/comments about the story, MC, ROs, or even the other NPC characters, feel free to let me know! 😊
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asteristories · 10 months ago
Not much yet, but hey, drop by if you want to chat with me or other readers!
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asteristories · 10 months ago
Romero Poll Results!
Tumblr media
Thank you to everyone who voted! I can see that it's a close tie between 'either-or' and 'Cuba', so I have officially decided to change Romero's country of origin to be Cuba once again since that was to be my original plan.
This will be the last time I'm changing it, so this is going to be permanent from now on.
I'll also change the character profiles accordingly, and will answer any future Romero centric asks with this backstory in mind. And if you guys dig deep down in this blog, you'd find asks where I still refered to them as Haitian. Those won't be canon anymore now, sorry! 😅
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asteristories · 11 months ago
Progress Update (July 16, 2020)
Hello everyone! Sorry for being silent for the past couple of weeks but now I'm here again to present to you what I have done so far!
The upcoming update is 6000+ words now so far, which is a huge jump from the 2500 words in the previous progress update! And the total wordcount for Nevermoore right now is around 21,000 words! This is honestly the most I've ever written in any writing project that I did, and I'm pretty proud of myself 😊. (Before this WIP the most I wrote was only 10,000 words.)
What I finished so far:
*The playground scene + interactions with the teens you meet there.
*Updated the stat system. I've decided to go ahead and use the Mind, Body, Soul idea from the last Update post.
*The first enounters with the ROs! (Remember, it's encounters, not interactions. You unfortunately can't properly talk to them yet, let alone start flirting haha. Sorry 😅!)
What I still need to do:
*Heavy editing and fixes to the points above.
*The final scenes leading up to MC's death (That's not a spoiler btw), which closes off Chapter 1.
*The interlude that takes place between Chapter 1 and 2.
*(Low priority) Draw out the map of the town for you guys to use as a reference.
I really don’t have a set day for the update yet, but if I'm feeling optimistic I am hoping for it to be by the end of July/Early August.
Thank you again everyone for your patience and I hope to see you again next time!💖
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